Flat Earth Goes Wild At The Excel Energy Center

Flat Earth Goes Wild At The Excel Energy Center

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Well. There she is folks your place of worship for Sunday. But. He comes in here and, reads. The Bible, of. Sporting. Events. Hope. Everybody's, doing well out there it is definitely, refrigerator, weather outside just stick your stuff. Out. In your trunk or in your garage and you'll keep it plenty cold. Have. A couple cold ones from the Minnesota Wild, hosting. The. Detroit Red Wings. Minnesota. A while to have the best. Record. At home. Twenty. Two and five in, the NHL, here. At. The Xcel Energy Center where, energy is clearly, not free, as. Prescribed. Earlier. Today by your gold Buster's. Their. Plaintiff Detroit Redwings. Who. Are two games below, 500. Your. Minnesota wild are. Currently. In the playoff hunt. With. 17. Games left in a season. They. Were to play them in playoffs right now they'd be playing Vegas. I don't know if you know there's been Las Vegas it all, right how you guys doing, got. A little schmutz on the camera. There so hang. On a second, good. To see everybody out there. That. Cleared up. Got. Our Minnesota garb on today. How's. Everybody doing Joey. Platter. The vegans good to see a fluffy, toque. So. Yeah we're we're live on, location, per. Usual. For. Authentic. Intent, I'm Joshua, Swift. Your. Host salted. Cedar, hello. Chat good to see you. So. We're. Gonna hang out here as. People. File, in to. Their. Place of worship and. Then. We'll go in ourselves, because. We got tickets to, troll. It's. A bit windy out so, I don't. Plan on being outside too long I didn't. Cause the rookie mistake on my way here. But. If. I want to gotten here, when I did I won't have free parking. So. You, know you. Get what you pay for I guess. So, I saved twenty bucks but I, don't. Have my 128. Gigabyte. SD card, just. In case the Wi-Fi. Inside. Or. My, signal, doesn't work, so. I'll probably only be able to stream inside for like an hour. On. My memory card. That. I currently have. Or. Maybe we'll be lucky we'll be able to stream inside. Regardless. We're here for the duration to, watch everybody. Worship. Their sports and. Overpaid. Athletic. Actors. When. They get injured they're faking it most likely. They're. Told what to do and. Everybody, here, needs. To wake up so. We're. Here to meet them where they're at folks. That's. What you got to do, they're. Not gonna go on YouTube and, Google. Flatterers that's the last thing they're ever gonna think about doing. So. If. You remember the last time we were here we were here for the WNBA, playoffs. Where. The Minnesota Lynx. Played. Some team can't. Remember there's. A nice little chemtrail. Up. In the sky. Check. That bad boy out I saw a couple on the way here. So. We got a simple sign right here really hit them in the mouth right away. Research. Flat Earth. In. The. Other side. How. Do you know that you're spinning. On. A circular. Spherical. Ball. So. The, other rookie mistake I did is I forgot my. Lanyard. To, hold. My. Signage, so. That sucks. But. What do you want from me. So. Yeah, that guy's laughing already cuz he's he's, uninformed. And ignorant. And. He, loves his government. He. Loves being lied to and you're gonna pay your taxes, too right sir I hope. So. Guys. Enjoy your game, research. Flattered tell your teacher that the earth is flat okay. Hey. Guys doing I'll. Be in there in a minute roll, everybody so hang, on it's. Gonna be a smooth. Flat, ride. How's. Everybody doing, right. On the earth is flat research. It. You. Don't live on a spinning, ball in outer space okay. You've been lied to you. Live on a flat motionless, plane. You. Never been on the moon and satellites. Don't exist. Most. Likely when your professional. Athletes get injured they're faking it so good luck with that idea. Sir. Do you believe we landed on the moon because. We didn't. Just. To lighten the sky man wake up. Yeah. Wake up dude. Cellphones. We'll be doing that in a minute, putting. Our cell phone in a proper banner for TSA. I'll. Minnesota. Wild Game how's. It going guys. Good. Research Flat Earth men we don't live on a spinning ball in outer space okay, wake, up, stop. Going to sporting. Events and, research flattered for once, you. Might learn something, look, at all these people just, hurting. Themselves in, like cattle. Research. Flat Earth man wake, your family up stop. Lying to them I. Wish. I had a, my. Selfie, stick but, that. Weapon--. How's. It going guys yeah. We never landed in the moon sir. Never. Landed on the moon outer, space is fake. Satellites. Don't exist. Wake. Up guys. You're. Being lied to by your government about outer space. The. Earth is flat man. It's. A really shiny coat though. Really. Shiny coat. How's. It going guys yep. The earth is flat man wake up outer, space is fake Star Wars isn't real. Star. Wars is fake. It's. Not a real representation, of, outer space because. We've never been there before, hey, kids wake up okay you're at the splat not a ball, all. Right. The, earth is not a spinning, ball man.

Yeah. It's funny until you look at it. Mock. And ridicule all, you want man send my first rodeo check, it out. All. Right. So. This is where we're at. Xcel. Energy Center, Northwest. Entrance good, to see everybody. Flat. Stuff Earth NASA. CGI, hyenas. Pincott, good to see ya. Yeah. She's a little nippy out. Little. Nippy oh. I. Don't need her tickets man need. You to wake up so he can rise up against these, fools. Running. Our country. Hey. Guys research, Flat Earth okay go home Google, Flat, Earth and. Wake up we never landed on the moon. Hey. Guys we never landed on the moon okay in, outer, space is fate. Yeah. CGI. How's. It going everybody enjoy the game. Yeah. Outer, space is CGI man. Yep. Sit on that CGI finger, and spin then the earth, is flat folks not, a ball like we're taught in school. It. Sounds funny till your research yeah we never learned it on the moon man. Wake. Up. Red. Wings all right now yeah. Yeah. Well, we never land on the moon either so. Both. Are false. Hey. Guys doing we never landed on the moon okay guys, yeah. Wake. Up the. Earth is flat and not a ball, in. Outer, space you've, never seen the, earth, from. That vantage point. She's. Googling Flat Earth right now. Because. Outer space is not real, it's, CGI'd. There's. Laughs man are. You doing guys. I. Fellas. Doing while. You're in there and while they're blowing out Detroit Research Flat Earth okay. We. Never land on the moon and outer space is CGI, there you've, never seen the Earth from space. Hey. Laugh all you want man it's true. The. Earth is flat folks just. Like the ice rink your wild play on, the. Earth is flat and smooth. Just. Like that Zamboni, makes the ice during, intermissions. So. Research. Flattered, you've. Never seen the Earth from outer space. No. You haven't cause it's CGI man. So. You don't even know where you live. Good. Luck with that research, Flat Earth. Hey. Tell your teachers the earth is flat and see if it gets you kicked out of school. Because. It probably, probably. Will you know. This. Is a public school might. Get away with it. Hey. Guys doing, good. Good research flat earth while Detroit is bullying out your wild team okay. Research. Flat Earth kids, the. Earth is not a ball in outer space. It's. CGI. Smoke. Free. That. Sucks. Ruin. My night. Hey, kids yeah yeah, the earth is flat okay is. That a ball like you're taught. Hey. You guys doing terrific. Hey you've, never seen the Earth from outer space. Yeah. It is sir certainly. Isn't a ball. Hey. Guys doing we never landed on the moon okay ladies and. The. Earth is a level, motionless, plane. Yeah. Laugh all you want. Hey. Guys how you doing good. Good good yeah research Flat Earth while the while they're blowing up Detroit okay. Have. You guys seen, 200. Proofs the earth is not a spinning ball I. Don't. Need it man thanks. Have a nice day the. Earth is not a ball in outer space. You've. Been lied to so. If I but I woke up and. Hey. There's another plane. Spraying. Chemtrails, on us. Hey. Guys doing a there's no smoking in the facility, Serge thank you I. Know. I just heard the announcement five times so you know and. The earth is not a spinning ball in outer space, have a nice afternoon. Hey. Guys we never landed on the moon and outer space is CGI'd. You've. Never seen the Earth from space because. It's a CGI image. Yeah. You. Can say Oh God all you want and I hope that that's what you talk to about him you know later on today. Instead. Of worshipping your, sports. Please. Have, your tickets. We. Are waking up good to see you hey ladies Hey, research yeah. Check it out no it's not flattering the, earth is literally, a level, motionless, plane, yeah. No not like Kyrie yeah. Hey. Guys doing research. Flat Earth okay at your school we don't live on a ball in outer space. Evolution. Isn't real either dinosaurs. Don't exist, and. We never land on the moon. How. You guys doing. Hey. Folks, how you doing good. Yeah, the earth there's a level motionless. Plane and not a ball. You've. Never seen it from outer space. Yeah. Well prove it okay, prove. It to yourself. About. That. Prove. That we landed on the moon, to. Yourself. You. Might not think that it matters but it does. Yeah. We never land on the moon man and star wars is fake. It's. Not a real representation, of, outer, space. Hey. Guys while the while they're blowing out Detroit Research Flat Earth. To Center you guys absolutely destroyed. The central division right absolutely, destroyed. Hope. Everybody's doing well out there good to see you.

There. We are, whoo. Are. You guys doing a terrific. Research, Flat Earth okay, yep. We, don't live on a ball. We. Don't play, ball how do you know we live on a ball right. Hybrid. Healing good to see you joy. We're. Just trying to you know slowly wake people up guys how do you know you live on a spinning ball. Yeah. I know right, research, it okay man you've been lied to. I'm. Selling, knowledge man. Do. You believe we land on the moon. Maybe. What. Evidence you have to tell most people what's that not to knows not. To eat yellow snow, yeah I shouldn't eat yellow snow. I have every year probably shouldn't eat any snow cause it's got chemicals like, aluminum. And Barry a minute from the chem from. How. About do you know what that streak. Of, cloud. In the sky is. Chem. Trail. They're. Spraying us with chemicals, sir that makes you laugh it's okay to be sprayed with chemicals. Yeah. So. Again can. You show me how they prove that the earth is spinning. Right. Yeah. The. Globetrotters. Like. When you. Like. If you fall off a ladder Oh. Gravity. That's. A theory that's. Like me telling you that rhinoceroses. Used, to be unicorns, that's a theory, well, it's a theory right it's. Not true though gravity. Isn't real it's a theory. It's. Really buoyancy, so. We're. Outside here still, got probably like another I, don't. Know 30 minutes or so before I'll go inside. Yeah. I mean I'm kind of you know angry oh well. Do you like being lied to sir I. Know. Right so what do you do about it you just kind of be. A typical Minnesotan, and just sit, on your hands. Yeah. Well. I mean if that's what you think is gonna solve a problem then. That. True I might not save the world either but I got somebody that, I'm held accountable to and that's God, so. If, I don't do what I'm being led to do and. I just sit at home and watch, sports, and drink, all day I, don't. Want to have a conversation with God about that. Hey.

That's Cool man play. Basketball on the Xbox, No. Yeah, right. Well. Hey. Are. You athletic i watch. Yeah. No. I. Know yeah I hear, you man. Tickets. Are cheap here for a minnesota wild game their. Boat I got. A good deal. Fifty. Bucks plus. $10 service fees right they just got to add them so. It. Was like just about sixty dollars for upper, level. Basically. Nosebleeds. Low. Level. Hundred. Bucks. Typical. Walter. Williams good to see you all is one. Flat. Accord newzik, good. To see you cyan globe Buster's. Earlier hey, guys how do you know you live on a spinning, ball. Well. Exactly. Yeah. That has nothing to do with them and the stars in the Sun are moving not you. Hi. Honey yeah. Okay. Men. Hey. Guys we never land out of the moon okay and, outer space is CGI. You've. Never seen the Earth from space. It's. All CGI. Just. Like your ISS. Hey. Ma'am how are you doing good. Research flattering okay. Hey. Guys going good. Yeah we don't live on a spinning ball and Star Wars is not a real representation, of outer space. So. Wake up okay. Hope. You guys are warm. Drinking. A hot cup of hot chocolate or, coffee. Kicking. Back and join the. Show. Out here on location. Downtown. St. Paul Xcel. Energy. Center. Once. It kind of tones down I think I'll. Go inside hey. Wesley good to see you Oh. Assets. Alright if, you want to. Come. On down to the state capital next week I'll text, you and I'll let you know what day I'm gonna go but. I go during the day so I hope you're available during the day. So. Yeah we're outside we're actually going to go inside so I don't know if you would. Have wanted to buy a ticket. Right. On okay, good. To see Hale sure good to see ya. Angel. Raven. Happy. Sunday to you. Hope. Everybody is doing well out there. Wonder. If we'll be able to hook up to the Wi-Fi inside here, you, see if they're cool I can even hook up to it. And. Once it gets dark outside. So. Hope y'all can see.

Thanks. Angel. Walter. Williams, good to see you more key. What's. That I can. Do whatever I want man this is public property did. You know that your cell phone that has a selfie, did. You know that your cell phone videotapes you. The. CIA and the government, videotape, you on your laptop, with a camera, on it. There's. Videos out there that, show you how they do that and they openly. Admit it to, say. They're. Building a case against, you sir. Because. They can. Doesn't. Matter how many. While. They're building an algorithm, in, a supercomputer, nation. You might not be familiar with. So. You don't think that there's a supercomputer, that's able to duplicate, your personality. In your voice. Let's. Go man how do you know you live on a spinning ball in, outer space. Okay. Can you show me the curve of the earth. Okay. Sure. And then, so with like, p900, that, has a. Super. High-powered, zoom, lens you wouldn't be able to zoom that ship, back, into the focus after. 15, miles like that's impossible then right. Of. The observer okay. Let's say six feet. You. Know what Mehta bunk is. Have. You ever done this before or seen anybody do this. Bring. Back an object back into focus after what you said 15 miles is after. This quote curve of the earth oh. You. Have okay personally, with your own house no no okay, okay and so, when, you say curve, of the earth does that mean in front of you or also to the left in the right. You. Really believe that right. So, why is it that you can see the moon in the Sun out at the same time next to each other. No. It doesn't sir can. You prove that to me for this okay, how can you prove it. No. I want, you to prove it yeah. I want you to show me you. Don't you don't have to, okay. Yeah. Sure man yeah I actually got a YouTube channel and I'm streaming live right now on YouTube. Yeah. And so. Yeah. I hope you do and so, do, you believe that there's a car in outer space right now a Tesla. Car. Yeah. Okay, how, hot does it get when you're facing. The Sun in outer space. You. Don't have to be it's just common knowledge. 500. Degrees. No. It's not it's actually about 500, degrees. When. You're on the surface of the Moon or anywhere, else where the Sun is being lit, you. Are about 500, degrees or, 260. Celsius. No. No. Because there's a vacuum they tell us that there's a vacuum so it shouldn't matter you're scientists, and you're mainstream, media. There's. Not a vacuum in outer space. When it's farther away from the Sun you're three, that. Doesn't, even make any sense now. We. Have seasons why is there four seasons. No. It doesn't know. It doesn't do, you know how far the Sun is from the earth, hey. There you go how, did do how did we measure that how. Did we measure that do you know. Yeah. I mean, human beings I'm saying us as human beings in mainstream media. It's. Closer to the Sun no. It's closer to the Sun how. Is it closer to the Sun when the when the earth is all the same diameter and. Circumference, I. Know. This is new information for you and so, on no. You're not because the Sun is significantly, closer than you think it is that's. Why we have asked Euler Ray's. He. Said 93 million miles I, didn't. Say he was right I said that's what they tell us is true your. Scientists. Your. Mainstream, media your school books. Your. School books tell you that yeah. Okay. And so how far is the Sun from Earth. Yeah. I do. It's. Closer I don't know because I have known I've never measured it what are your people tell you. It, could be a, hundred miles it could be three thousand or. Three. Thousand. Nine or. So. Why is it that the sun's rays. Aren't. All 90-degree. Angles, when they hit the earth. No. That's why we have per puss Keeler arrays that. Means that the sun's rays come. Out from 45-degree. Angles, into a. 90 degree angle straight, up and down, so. That can show you that the earth is, closer to the Sun than what we're being told. And. So. As the earth and. So, as the Sun, circles. Around the. Earth the flat motionless, plane it. Comes. Closer, and further, away from. The. North Pole. Because. The Sun is closer. To. Where. That is in Phoenix than. Minnesota right now so. If you. So, let me give you an idea of what a model of the flat earth looks like like. A pizza, for, example, and. So, so. You have the crust which may or may not be Antarctica. Okay. And then you have the center of the pizza which. Is the North Pole and. You, have the Sun, circling. Around inside. The. Pizza why doesn't it make sense because. How. Do you know that. But. How do you know that. Okay. And so it happens only on full moons no. Okay. So. It happens on new moons -. Okay. So how but how can you prove that that's the moon doing that. Okay. And so. How is it. How. Do you why, do they have to be more smart than us.

Just. So that you have to go to school to. Learn this stuff where you just can't observe this stuff on your own, because. You just told me that you observed this on your own. Others. Have. To have its excessive. Knowledge. Like. What kind of knowledge you know like, math. Is. Math, a language. Is. Math a language. Okay. So do you think math could be manipulated, to give you certain, readings. Okay. Okay. So so, with, the ISS, app. You. Don't know that above the ISS International. This. Is public property actually technically, right now is not it. Is technically, private property. Okay. Sure. Yes so show me where private. And public property meet about. Because. Okay. Okay. Sure so if you can get an officer to show, that then that'd be great because I do have a Minnesota, statute, 66. 8.02. Before. Before. This has been public property. Before. This has the property. Why, did you put this why did you put the gates up. Okay. Is, so, he has to be on the other side of the game right. Okay. Okay, so I had that on camera so you're saying that he's okay inside, the gate where, he has to be but. He doesn't, have to be outside the gate because he's come on yeah. I'm a while ticket holder to actually, I'm gonna be inside in about 30 minutes on. My phone. Other, people of your. Show. Me where the, proper. Little private property is you. Told me Kenny I want you to show me do, I need to have a copy. Yes. Sir then we can show me where public property is all. Right cuz before, I've been here this hasn't been a problem. Let's. Go man good. How do you know we live on a spinning ball I don't, know you don't know that okay all. Right do you know that we lay, it on the moon or not. Give. You an Internet interruptions. Now I'm, gonna have to reset. The stream, so. Yeah you, know we have no problem talking to police officers. And. Whatnot you, know cuz then at least I'll know whether it's public, property or not. Not. A big deal. There's. The establishment. For. City of st. Paul so apparently if you're a police officer you can just drive all you want. It's. Old man's like won't you just leave. Look. At that the old man says I can be out here what. A surprise. So, they can sell tickets though. Right. How, about that folks, that. Guy that older gentleman, earlier he's, standing where I'm at selling, tickets. That's. Okay. And. I'm a ticket holder too he, ain't like that he's like yeah let me see when you see the ticket okay. Here you go, boom. Probably. Gonna go inside here soon anyways. And. Then we'll probably get kicked out inside because we're filming. We'll, have to go on the opposite side of the stadium. He's. Upset let it got it I can stand here. How's. It going man. Great, huh hey. Guys the earth is flat okay not a ball like we're taught in school wake. Up. Hey. Kids when you're at school research, Flat Earth okay, type. In Flat Earth. Dinosaurs. Aren't real. You. Know Santa, Claus isn't real either. Yeah. How, about you tell them before they start. Balling their eyes out. Stop. Lying to your damn kids crying, out loud. That's. Why the country is the way it is. You. Guys want to come out here and threaten me and tell me to move I'm gonna tell kids Santa. Claus ain't real then you. Got, ticket you got people selling tickets that's okay, right. You. Have a license. Yeah. I do, too, it's, called being a Minnesota. Citizen, on public property I. Got. A license - it's called an American citizen, on public property I. Know. I'm. Just saying it out loud so, these. Gentlemen, can hear I. Don't. Know what country these guys think we live in but. I. Do. It sir it's. Not the beard you got. You. Believe we live on a spinning ball in outer space. Yeah. Ninety-two. Man yeah you, didn't know that in the Bible it talks about an immovable motionless. Plane oh. You. Do. So. In like Jove what 38, or job 39. Or. Talks about him stretching out the, earth. What. About the four corners does that do anything for you does a ball have four corners. No. So. Could that kind of give you an idea that we might live on a level notion, this plane. No. You. Still want to believe science, right. Okay. So, how do you know we. Live on a ball in outer space then, sir. Because. In our word of god it's talks about the earth being motionless. And immovable, and how. Joshua, stop the Sun. King. James. Okay. Those, are all corrupt sir okay.

They, Are. Yeah. The King James is the authorized, version of the Holy Bible. No. The NIV actually, takes away the blood of Jesus Christ in it had multiple times it. Removes, the word blood. Of Jesus Christ yeah. It does please. Do a comparison, between the King James and the NIV. That's. Great you can have all the wisdom God man that's. Wisdom. Yeah. And the foolishness of man I don't have to move on actually this, is public property. Okay. Kurt, compare. The NIV in the King James Version, tonight, sir I dare ya pray. About it okay. Okay. So you're swearing now you're getting angry this. Is the Holy Spirit this. Is your Holy Spirit yes okay. So, compare, the NIV when, I get there but you need to stop talking to me about God what you understand, me why do you understand. The water come out of my mouth stand on it the words coming out here you're, retarded okay I. Am, too sir I believe, that Jesus Christ is the only way to God and, I believe that the King James Version, is the authorized word, God not the NIV. You. Brought it up not me man. Sure. It's just a one stop okay. Oh. Sure. Yeah I can just walk, down there yeah, nope ready, to work Hey right on then appreciate it god bless you. Hey. Just. Sayin KJV. Verses, NIV, dude. You. Got a nice mustache though, it's. About all you got going for you. All. Right. Hey. Everybody. No. Preaching. But. Spread to hurt I know I did does it even make any sense. All. Right so let's. Just go inside we'll, get kicked out. I'm. Gonna go to my seats first. Check. It out maybe. Watch the rest of the period relax. Kind. Of warm up a little, bit. Good. To see everybody out there. Yeah. That guy got rowdy he wasn't he. Didn't like that I told him the NIV was a. Corrupt. Version. Of the Bible. Which. It is. Hey. There's the police that never talked to me what is. There. The police that I told them to, get. To come talk to me and they never did. What. A coincidence, right. I'm. Gonna put you in my pocket for a minute so hang on. Alright. So. I'm. Gonna go inside and see what happens I. Got. To get my tickets out. All. Right. We're, in like a dirty shirt. We. Are in. All, right. Got. Our seats, bigger. Notes. How's, the signal let me know how the signal, is. I got, a good. Four. Bars of, my, service. So. Hopefully you. Find a staircase or something. These. Are folks, by. Your. $10. Beer. Well, it looks good on my end I mean I got full bars. It's, gonna adjust you. Alright. Yeah. I got I. Got. Full bars on my end so. It. Should be good. Yeah. I'm on my way to my seats right now I can't, find a. Elevator. Need, to find an elevator. I'll. Probably lose you guys no we'll take the stairs. Wish. We had this. Sweet. Get, my exercise. Hmm. All. Right. Uh-huh. I don't, mind huh that's. Funny ginger, I. Don't. Monetize, my videos anyways. We're, here. Scuse me guys. We're here. Minnesota. Have a 16 sticker. Yep. Elmo. It is. Right, now your. Minnesota. While they're losing. One. To zero. Just. Under six minutes to go in the period.

Her. I don't, know. Might. Get a copyright for showing. Too much of the game. We'll, share some information with these people a, little. Yeah. 60. Bucks for these tickets. We. Got. Don't, be shy you're only on YouTube. So. But. Some. DVDs. And. Some cards. No. Yeah, that's pretty good turnout, it was probably. 16. Of the 20,000, people here I. Think. This stadium fits about 20. Okay, so I'd love to uh I'd, love to share something with you I. Have. Some DVDs, for, you it. Talks about the most controversial. Subject. On the Internet right now. Flat. Earth. Biers is not a spinning, ball in outer space. Our spaces Gigi. Have, you ever seen here. Pictures. Right. There's, is not. I share this with everybody so, my YouTube. So. I. Mean. If you're not interested, that's fine but. It also talks, about the Fed Reserve and how we're being illegally, taxed, by our United States government. It's. Against the law, so. I hope, you're ready to you know be informed, and have an alternative. Yeah. I paid $60. To come and just do this actually. So. I have, subscribers, that help pay for my ticket. Hey. Gentlemen are you from Detroit. Originally. From Michigan. Heh. Here if not being a spinning ball in outer space so it is we, have pictures you, have faked dr. picture and. They're, admitted, to be pictures. On, a computer. No. Okay. Well are, you interested in at least looking at the information, yeah. They. Make no sense because that's what we're taught to school. But. It's never been measured, that it's spinning. You. Can see, somewhere. Yeah. Yeah, so you have to start this you, can start the pendulum, to move sir. Yeah. So just. So. You admit to me that you have to move it to make it more right but. If the area teammates but, if the earth was moving you wouldn't have to start it. If. Something's, are moving, one you have one, assistant. Rather. The spirit sir. But, it's a theory it's an idea. Oh. That's. Buoyancy, and density. Minute, names the, DVDs, the DVDs, way more than the air around. But. You just admitted to me that you have to force something to move if the earth was already moving. Momentum. That. Is illegal said sir. I. Did. Pay for a ticket. You. Know what paid for a hockey game I didn't pay for, I. Know. That's. That's why I come here so I can meet people where they're at. Engineer. Yeah we're all scientists it makes zero. Sense, zero. Do. You know what the equation is to prove that we live in a ball. What's. The creepateria nation. Why. Do I know it. Have. You ever been to the edge of space. Wait. Cause it's infinite right. It. Just weighs it, just weighs more, than the air around it sir. Yeah. We, don't live on a spinning ball okay ma'am. Hey. That's cumin I. Am. Grown up that's why I'm here, you, should grow up you're wearing somebody else's name, on your shirt. So. Alright. Guys well have a good afternoon and have a good safe trip home alright, and Santa Claus isn't real okay. In. Time I will, dead you understand. Me here on camera sir. Lie. To your kids some more do. Not lie, to your kids some more don't. Touch my property, sir that's, assault, I. Have. You on camera sir, you're not gonna get security yeah, I will ok do it here oh yeah. He just touched my property, yeah well turn it off there you bein complain so please throw the rifle I'm gonna have to get security a security okay. Yeah. Lie to your kids some more man. That's. That's the trump card right there. That's. The trump card talk. To kids about. You. Know the. Earth gravity. All, that's fun and games but. Then you say Santa Claus isn't real then they get pissed because. You got to continue, the line. Look. At all these people, we're in somebody else's Jersey. These. Are grownups. I was, waiting to say that the whole time I was talking to - he. Wants to call me call. Me a name. I'll. Wake his kids up how do you think about that but. Hey. A minute summit of nice, no. I'm. Not Minnesota, nice and that guys from Iowa. So. That tells you how much he knows. Yeah, it's very important, you lie to your kids. You'll. Never have anybody go on TV, on. National, television and. Say. Santa Claus isn't real. You'll. Never have anybody go on national TV and. Say. Dinosaurs, aren't real. Because. They got to perpetuate, the lie. We're. Gonna take the elevator this time. And, we're gonna walk around with our sign. So. We get kicked out. Pop : for sale. $10. Popcorn. The. Probably walk down the stairs quicker. Than this. Well. I hope you all entertained. Yeah, there are allows on, these, people. Wearing other people's names, on their shirts. Like. They're adults. You're, pitching a pageant a minute.

Oh. It's. All. Right. Out. Of the elevator, we're gonna. Share, a mission shoes. Sugarbush. Says he can't carry a sign. Near. Niagara, Falls but, the parks. Police said t-shirts, are okay. Yeah. There's a lot of places that you can't carry signs or. Have. Selfie, sticks. They're. Trying to crack down they don't want anybody have any independent thought, carrying. A sign because a sign. Signifies. A, protest. And they don't like that, so. We got like a 10-minute. Intermission. Look. At all these people we're. In other people's shirts for, 80 bucks. This. Is why our country is the way it is. We. Got children. Known, as adults. Wearing. Other people's jerseys. Starting. It to a front atrium is kind of cool though that I'm able to continue. To live stream. Try, to set up shop. Up. Here. Yeah. Get, our signage, out here for. Gate. 3 the. Stand on front of gate 3, seems. Appropriate. So, we'll set up shop. Just. Out here. All right so I pulled. Pull. The sign out. Yeah. Right now. I'm probably not gonna go back to my seats I just wanted to sit there for a minute. So, we'll just walk around. And. That just, broke. The phone. Bummer. You. Bummer. You. So. We got our satellites. Don't exist signage. So, we go satellites, don't exist, sign, or. Research. Flat Earth. You. Tell me which. Sign, which. Sign that should we do. Oh. Research. Water. Yeah, right, they. Know me by now I'm sure. They, gotta know me by now. And. We'll be at the Target Center. Pretty. Soon too. I'll hold a sign with my other hand. So. Basically. They were said. Basically. He sounded like the security, guard from earlier. Sounded. Like as long as I keep walking. That's, all we need to do. Because. If I stand then I'm preaching. Flat. Earth then research. It. Come. On man. But. Santa Claus was real at one time right. The. Earth isn't flat but, Santa Claus was once real. So, you've, been lied to about that what. Else you being lied to vote, give. Me a break. I. Should. Buy something, and then just stand at the corner here and eat it and, hold. My sign. What. Do you think cuz. Then I can stand. Because. Then I can stand somewhere because. I'm eating. Seven. Dollars for a. Brownie. Kidding. Me seven. Bucks for a brownie. So. I think I'm gonna do that I'm gonna grab something to eat. I wish. I forgot. My lanyard. Remember. Back in the Minnesota, Vikings. Game. Those, those guys gave me that lanyard, so that that could hold my sign. So. Rookie mistake I forgot it at home. Research. Flat Earth men. We're. Certainly not going to buy popcorn that's for sure. I hope, the brownies medicated, to what's, seven. Bucks for that brownie King Morgan. Ellis. Thanks. A lot holy buckets look at this line for. GMO. Food are, you kidding me. Unbelievable. I'm. Good. For. Shed a pizza you can buy a whole pizza for the one slice you get. People. Getting rowdy. I could, say I'm standing in line. Let's. See here how much is food. Seven. Bucks for, a slice of pizza. We. Never land on the moon guys. What. We, never landed on the moon it's, possible, yeah okay, at, least you're open to it but have, you ever seen the Earth from space before. No. Neither. Bye so, how do you know we live on a ball. Come. On hey, I. Understand. Your sarcasm, okay, what, who, said there's an edge. I. Mean, space, is infinite right how did they know that. Changes. Your entire, complex. Of all you look at things but I have some 3d printer guys yeah, and they told me they, said it. Listen never go to Mars and I said well how you going is well we're gonna put a speech. And. I don't want to be on this video all right well that's all right man you already have been so have. A nice afternoon. At. Least he was open to it. So, let's get a. Pretzel. And, a beer, for $18. Sounds. Like a plan. Or, chicken. Fingers. Fries. In, a souvenir. Soda. For 20, bucks. Oh my. Goodness. Deep-fried, cheese curds, that's gut rot right there. All right for all you vegans, out there hope you close your eyes because I'm not getting anything, that. Would constitute as. Not. Eating flesh split. That way. What. Should we get chicken tenders. Walleye. Basket. Cheeseburger. Cheese. Curds. Just. French fries. They're. Eyeballing, me. They're. Trying to act like they don't they're not looking but they're looking. They, believe they live on a spinning ball. He's. Like cover, to like image. The. Topic. Well. I gotta get something so I can stand and. Not. Act then not sound like I'm preaching. I could, get a pretzel. What, a pretzel be more, because. This appearance, later. Much. Is oppressive. Eight, bucks. Think, we'll do pretzels. Misalign. How's, it going all, right good terrific thanks. Yeah. You. Know we live on a spinning ball in outer space like. Guaranteed. You. Know. Yeah. You, know something, because you're already there you're already like spinning ball I'm, here yeah flatter. Yeah. But, when you actually do. Consider. It it changes. Your entire worldview, of how you live your life actually so.

Just, You. Know because. Then when you watch like Star Wars and stuff and you realize that's not a real representation, of outer space, you. Just still watch that anymore. Yeah. Yeah. Hey that's cool man That's Entertainment as, long as you know it's peak yeah and we will never go to outer space and. There's. Not a car in outer space as. Long as you get to that point. Then. You can you know you. Know what what. Year they discovered, dinosaur bones. Now. Both mid, to, late 1800s. So. Are. You telling me that they didn't find any dinosaur, bones like hundreds of years before. So. Well. Just something to think about you know, maybe. Dinosaurs are, just a hoax to. Perpetuate. Evolution. Do. You believe in evolution or got. A. Cool, did. You know that in the Bible it talks about an immovable motionless. Plain multiple. Times. Okay. What. About four corners does that do anything for you I'm. Jeremiah, yeah yeah, I. Think it's I think that might be pulling scripture, a little bit of context, okay. In, Daniel it talks about a tree that can be seen from all corners of the earth now. A tree is typically, signifies. A nation, but. Do you think that if that tree could literally be seen from all corners of the earth because it's flat. Something. To think about you, know I mean when. Joshua stopped the Sun how. Did he stop the Sun. If. It's spinning around. Us. Or, we're spinning around him you. Know, things, to think about you. Know what if what if Christ really is standing, above us above, a firmament right now and. Not an infinite space. That's. Why I'm here man I come to meet people where they're at it you know. Most. People won't come to YouTube. And research flatters. Age. As long as you believe in Jesus Christ that's all that matters. Let's. Go. Get. Rowdy. What. My pretzel. Get. A pretzel and a draught beer for $18. It's funny tell you research it man. I mean, now that I acknowledge you that you notice, my sign. Okay. Yeah. I know right it's funny that you believe we live on a spinning ball with Hill proof. What. Full call pendulum. How. Is there proof sir because you tell, me. What's. Your proof. Yeah. There's no curve it's never been measured. It's. Never been measured that the earth is spinning right now unless. You drink four of those. Of. Course they get in a line that hey. But where's least we're talking people. What's going on then. Yeah. But. You believe we live in a bowl right. If. You want to be a rebel man. Flat. Earth men. You. Literally do that's not a computer screen right. On. A computer, screen, on. A computer, screen right. Literally. With your own eyes you have Superman vision. What. About those gyroscopes.

That Our mechanical, eye airplanes that show it to level motionless, plane I. Know. It's hilarious, and you believed on starts are real too so, yeah. I have a life that's why I'm here. Hey. -, its - cool. Austerity. There we go you just swore against resolvers. Good. Physic bags yeah. You. Know this America so thank you. This, registry, allows you girl. If, you go down that we can help you, I serve, all the same stuff. Well, I'm alive, like tennis. So. I think you'd serve, me and then pay for the registered, somewhere else, like. Right there I mean there's no one was waiting down there so you're literally, going to be the first one. This, one pull it now. Yeah, we're, trying to order. Buddy. Don't. Get. Out of the rain. We. Don't serve your kind around here you don't follow the. Company. Of mine I'm. Talking to my friends on YouTube here yeah. I'm. Saying that they won't serve. They. Won't serve me because I believe the earth is flat. Yeah. Well, maybe they got to change there's. Just. Kind of going along with everybody else, like. A lemming. Kind. Of walk. Off like. An. Will not like a lemming walk off the edge of the earth. So. I was standing, in line the whole time and that register was closed because. Those people were getting rowdy, I. Mean. You laugh but you've never actually looked into it. Yeah. Do. You take your vet you, take that off of. What edge what. Edge. Who. Says who says that there's an edge though what if there's infinite, land. So. You know what a pity poor Schmo how do I get there you know what a Pete's it looks like, you. Don't know what a pizza looks like a. Circular. Pizza. Hey. Man you can ma called a man but until you actually look into it good night you know. Hey. Then could I get a pretzel please yeah. Yeah. Laughter. Mockery, scoffers, and, the. End days. That's. What you will experience. Whenever. That, fake, alien invasion wants to happen that'd be great. So. We can get off this hey. Dad good to see you. Joy. People, love to mock without doing in a research thanks you, too. All, right so now we can officially stand, around, and. Hold our sign, because. We got a massive pretzel. For, eight bucks. So, we're just gonna stand here and eat our frets so we're not bothering anybody. Give. You this. So. There you go look, at the size of that thing. So. I try to give you a, reference. Here's. My license. There's. The size of, the pretzel. With. A little ramekin of cheese. So. Yeah we'll just hang out here. Eat. Our pretzel. Tell. People the earth is flat. And. Not, a ball. We, open it. He's, talking about me whisper, whisper whisper. It says research Flat Earth. It. Means that we. Don't live on a spinning, ball in outer space that, you, don't know what the earth looks like and. We've, never been to the moon. Does. That make sense. Sounds. Kind of crazy right. But. Do you believe that we landed on the moon. We. Were taught that right yeah and so. What if there was more evidence to show that they, used harnesses. Inside. Of a studio. You. Would be. Okay. Well then I actually bring. Paraphernalia. With me like a DVD, for. You to just easily go home and check. It out I got, a YouTube channel I'm live right now actually. Yeah. So. Because. Most likely you're probably not going to type in Flat Earth on a computer. Right, why. Would you right so. What, I do is, I, have, contributors. Help. Me pay for a ticket to. Come to sporting events and, meet. People where they're at and talk, to them about. I'm. Not either I just felt like being lied to, how. Did you feel when you found out Santa Claus wasn't real I. Know. All right but, I'm sure you might have been devastated, maybe. Eight nine years old. It's. Not a big deal now right. I don't, either actually. But. I do remember knowing. That Santa Claus is real I remember, that but. Yeah I mean I don't because, it's like one of those things where you, block it out of your memory because it might have been so devastating. I. Have. You have you ever taught you have you ever typed in parents. Tell their kids Santa, Claus isn't real. Yeah. They're. They're out there and some, of these kids get pretty, rowdy. Yeah. So, if it's even half of their experience. That's. Kind of how I feel finding, out that we don't live on a ball in outer space. Why. Do i well. Because. That's. Like. An interesting. Observation. So. Thanks, ladies have a nice afternoon drive, home safe. We're. Just eating our pretzel, no big deal. Yep. Yeppers. Yeppers. Just. Hanging out eating a pretzel no big deal. It's. Much warmer in here than it is outside that's for sure. And. The, beer that they give you here. I'm. So happy the wildest, score made my night. A lot, of salt on these pretzels. Timm, truth good to see you. Satan. Is real, 100%. He. Is the ruler of this world. 1st, Corinthians 4:4.

So, We're just hanging out here eating our pretzel, not causing any problems. In. 11 when people ask you what your sign says - because. Then they're asking for it. So, if you're new to. What's. Going on we are live at, the. You. Alright Minnesota. Yeah, you're wearing somebody else's shirt, for. 80 bucks. Good. For you. We're. At the Minnesota Wild game, they. Are reversing. The. Detroit Red Wings I think. They just tied it up it's one to one I. Think. We're in the middle of the second period right now. NASA, CGI snakes good to see you. We're. Live on location. At. The Minnesota Wild Game. Just. Eating our pretzels. And. While. We hold our pretzel in one. Hand. In. Our other hand. Ginger. Sugar bush is gonna make a bunch of sock accounts and lay low. So. Hopefully, they'll be. Attention-grabbing. Sock. Accounts, I. Saw. A couple sock accounts. The. Other day. Somebody. Mirrored. My. Live stream at the State Capitol and. I'm. Gonna have a visitor, the. Next time I go to the State Capitol. That's. What was said in the chat room in that, particular. Live stream. Illegally. Streaming. My content, so that, they can mock and ridicule. So. Let's, look forward to that because I'm gonna be at the State Capitol this, coming week, you're. Not gonna scare me. From. Openly, talking. All. My goodness they just scored again. I'm missing, it. They're, gonna go. It's so excited. I don't, I don't think so. Tim, chief I think I. Mean. Light be. It. Was a socket own soul. I'm gonna go post up at another corner. Change. Up the scenery. They're. At the midway point of, the, game right now. Nine. Minutes to go. Second. Period the wild, just scored. It's. Currently two-to-one wild, good. For them. As. I said earlier the. Minnesota Wild have the best, home. Record, in. The. NHL. Twenty. Two and five. They're. Twenty two and five. Let's. Go post up next - this. Is. Like a Wheel of Fortune game, for Treasure Island. Which. Is your local gambling, spot in. Minnesota. Got. A beer here. Tell. You what I'm gonna do I'm gonna reset. All. Right we're live we're back, we. Still got full bars inside. Of this establishment. So. That's pretty cool. So, I just. Wish I could carry a selfie, stick because. That's. So much better. Whatever. So. We're just hanging out oh. My. God mini donut. Three. Minnesota Wild hoodies. Let's. Find out what. We have to do to get a free Minnesota Wild hoodie, see. What kind of information. I have to give out. Hey, how's it going. How's. It going. I mean, you're giving up free stuff what do I have to do okay, so. I. Live, in like yeah I live within let's.

Say Oh yeah. Sunday. Paper plus whole digital axis and then. For. Trying them out for 20 bucks even for trying them out you get a video or blanket I see, that's where you get me. I. See I don't read okay. Yeah I do you to think no. But. I do do I do YouTube I get all my information from, you too how did you get here I. Drove. Did, you read any signs no. No I actually I've lived them in a sort of my whole life I just know how to get to the Xcel Energy Center okay. Well. Yeah but. I do have something absolutely, free, for you guys I. Have. A YouTube channel and I'm streaming live right now so. I'd love for you guys to just come by say. Hi, check. Out my content, and. Hopefully. It'll help inform, you a little bit more about, our. Reality. So. I know their visitor fault it's not a circus fear. It's, not a skier how. Do you know that. I'm sure I don't know scientifically, they say it's like. Right. Like, an old blade spear, yeah. Kind, of kind of like natus yeah but like squish, down do you think it's flatter wise I think. That it's not a ball in outer space okay. Yeah, I think. That it is a level motionless, plane and. Now we're not spinning, okay. Because it's never been measured. This. The movement, of the earth do you know how fast were spinning right now like how, fast they tell us we are well. At the equator they tell us that we're spinning at about a thousand, miles and, 1,000. 60 miles. Yep. 1,000. 60 miles. 1080. Yeah. And. Then. With. That being said we're. Also traveling, around the, Sun right and then. The Sun is also moving our whole solar system is moving to at above, 500, million miles an hour. Yeah. So with, that being said over, the past yeah. So. With, 6,000, years, of history in my opinion, I don't. Think that you know the earth is any older than six or seven thousand years old. Okay. How, is it that we still see the same constellations. If we're traveling at 500,000. Miles an hour. Let's. See that's where they get you that's. Why they saves my guests sure and, that's how they're able to get you to believe that. When the earth is spinning. We. Can't feel it because we're inside of a car right. Okay. So let's see later, yeah, I, place this. Hoodie there sure and then I walk twenty four thousand nine hundred ninety, miles yeah and, then I'll son the hoodies there again right how did I get back around to that, okay well that's an interesting observation, and, that's what, they teach us right in school that the earth is a ball but. For example let's just say it's not 100% this, is just an idea let's. Say that the outer ring, of this, is, the, edge of, Antarctica. Okay. Hold, them all the water in. Okay. Sorry. There's a link does that make sense I know. It. Okay so just, look at this observation here so, this, right here is Antarctica, holding. The water in let's. Say it's like a 200, foot wall. Okay. So all the water's being contained, in, the. Center here this yellow this yellow star, is the. North Pole, so. If this is America. Here, and this. Is Africa. All. We have to do is just fly here, and here and, all. We would have to do to circumnavigate, the earth, would. Be like oh here, here. Here, and here. Does. That make sense. It does what you're trying to. Write. Are you sure that they're not trying to cheat with us with, our educational, system. Hey. I'm, glad good, yeah what I. Just, think it's like when. People put. Months, in which, our volunteer Sally yeah. No. I'd have none okay and if somebody had a cell phone yep, had dedicated. Their life to it what and then paper in us out while you think. Sure. Seems, likely, they. Would most likely use the Stars to navigate themselves. Yeah. Because, what the stars are is they are used as a means, to help us direct, our path here, on earth the, Sun is used for, daylight and the moon is used for our mothers you can use magnetic.

Sure. Yeah you could use a compass yeah a gyroscope. Yeah, right and so, with, that being said. Here's. Us like this this lighter part could be the ocean, so. Why couldn't we start right here come down like from our the land come, down and then. Just go around like. This using. A compass, as our, navigation. Because. It's always gonna point north right. Okay. Yeah so if we're familiar with how a compass would work and it's, pointing north we. Could circumnavigate. The earth, going. That route and since. Water always finds, its level. How. Is it that we would be spinning going, around on a ball but it seems like you're talking two-dimensional. Instead of. Where. Do you get a three-dimensional idea, where, do your ideas of. Earth in outer space come, from or, go back to and I put the hoodie on the ground and then I walk in a circle that way and, I stay in the same climate and, then if I come back to the hoodie and I see the buddy and I'm like great alright guys now I'm gonna go this way and I'm gonna. Pull. But. Who's to say you're just not doing this and, going, around like, this why. Are you but why do you think that you're going over a curve on a ball. Just circumnavigate, the earth well, then how come Australia, has the opposite weather. 365. Days of years minutes so it surely, kitty-corner, a part of the earth that's that's a good answer that's a good question and so, with, this being in the middle okay, let's. Say for example this o is. The. Sun. Okay. Follow, me so. The Sun is inside, of our atmosphere it's. Closer than what we're taught 93. Million miles away let's. Say that it's a couple hundred miles. And, it works like a spotlight, and so. As the Sun. Circumnavigates. Itself, around the earth it. Gets closer to the North Pole giving. Minnesota, warmer, temperatures, during the summer and during the. Wintertime it, slowly. Makes its way outside. Over. Australia. So. You think the Sun and. Gets, older. Yeah. Well. In terms of luck they tell us that the Sun and the moon are 400, times in, distance. Away from each other right how is it that they're coincidentally, the same size, the. Sun and the moon are the, same size but. Right. But, it's, cool. But. Both already the word is the same size as Russia okay. So. But what I'm saying is is if the Sun is. Significant. Like massive. Right like, you just said how. Is it that it is the same size, from. Our viewing vantage. Point on earth as. Pluto. Or Russia or whatever you mean you. Think that's a coincidence. Okay. So the. Sun and the moon. No. No no you said that the moon was the same size as Pluto. Okay. So. Let's start over okay because I think I think you're getting confused, with I'm, good. Yeah. That's all right but uh but. Yeah I hope that you gonna check out, watch. The videos have an open mind you know I guess so alright, was your name Joshua, yeah. Back I have a good one empty. Poor. Girl hey. Guys doing, good. The. Guy was confusing, himself, but. What. Do you want from him. So, we're just going to stand here with our sign. So, all the people who hate the AE map. Are. Get. A boycott my channel No. Unsub. Unsub, he. Talked about the ad map. Spinning. Ball. Uh-huh. Certainly. A.m.. Until. I get kicked out. We're. Gonna stay here. No, I don't think that you do need a map but I, think. That it helps. Give. People. Who think we live on a ball a good, you, know kind, of example. Of. What, a level emotionless plane looks like I. Wish. We had a model I wish there was a way, that we could. You. Don't share that with. Other people but. You. Know the reality of it is is they don't have a working model themselves. You. Know everybody, believes that they live on a spinning ball. Probably. Got like a couple minutes to go. Hey. Watch, out Josh Gibson, might. Make a video yelling, at you. Sad. Day. You. Know what's great about this country is. You're. Entitled to your opinion. The. Other, great. Part about America, is you. Don't have to listen to those opinions you can always just walk. Away. Change. The channel.

Cover. Your ears and. The. First Amendment, is amazing. Because I'm. Entitled to say whatever I want whether, it's true or not. Because. Mainstream, media, is. Openly. Legally. Allowed. To lie to us with propaganda. Type. In George, Bush propaganda. Where. He gets asked questions, regarding, news. Propaganda. To promote their stories, they. Can literally lie, to you and tell you. False information on, the news. It's. Legal, so. I don't. Know why there's not a working model why isn't there a working model of the ball. You tell me that, why. Hasn't the spin, of the earth ever been measured. Why. Hasn't the curve of. The, earth ever been measured without, being CGI'd, onto a bridge. So. That's, the great part about America, is, I. Can. Share, my. Views and opinions. Regardless. Of whether or not people agree with them. I'm. Just gonna. Eat, my pretzel. Like, guys calling the sign. Hey. How you doing. That's. Right. It's, a good thing I need salt in my diet because this thing is loaded with. Salt. Been. Out of the game a while I'm, out a phone don't know how to answer. Idolizing. Their heroes. Hey, we're back, yeah. 80 bucks just, to put, somebody else's name on the back of their shirts I bought. My shirt at the truth story. Just. Talking, talking, to people, challenging. Their minds. No. Big deal right. Not. A big deal. We're. Just eating our pretzel. There, is a working, model for, the current belief well what current belief are you talking about there autumn mechanics, because you're. In the wrong chat room I. Don't. Know the current belief you're talking about. Those. Are awfully close to my pretzel. How're you guys doing a, research. Flat earth okay. Asians. Couple. Things here I don't know what, the sign means that you're holding up with what you're videoing but during, the wild game they don't you can't video just, the constant video during the wild you oh I'm not videotaping, the NHL game though right no but you're you're videotape, with other people you're videotaping people here you're videotaping people outside, of Game three yeah people are uncomfortable with that and don't like that okay is this public or private property this is public, okay no, this is a private building oh we can do anything we want sure and I can ask you not to do that and if you refuse I can just ask you to leave the chat server sure so might, might might but, the building managers on the way but I'm gonna tell you right now you cannot do this any longer you can't even II cannot assigns do, it okay I'm just seeing my pretzel though okay so holding, up a sign that could be something like some, kind of anything. That you're holding it that you cannot have a sign like that here well that's whether it's religious, I don't even know what this means and you own that video okay he says he can video this is a private but I didn't say I could video I asked. If it was public, or private property okay, and so but, you were outside the gate three making people uncomfortable these, people here I know but I let this let me talk your, video on them at for whatever reason, and they're very honest they don't want you to video then Oh building. Managers, oh. Yeah, and so, with being outside I, was, told it is public property that. I could be outside long, as you're moving yeah, that should be told you should. Be removing and, sure. Okay. Okay, okay. Yeah I'll just shut. It off eat my pretzel and I'll be on my way you're good thanks a lot I just put the sign up. They. Don't. Yeah, we're going side here in a minute. I. Know. Right they they. They. Have a history on me. These. People had Treasure Island lock me out. So. Standing. Next to the gambling center. Get, a hoodie and burn it. He. Says he doesn't know what the sign means. Yeah, again alright. But. We. The. Wild tickets though are so expensive. It's. Way cheaper to. Go to a Timberwolf game. They constant, good to see you Elliott Hall. No. Exactly. Got. Take a break anyways. They, only had cheese, and. I can only get one. You. Probably had to pay for more. So. We're, gonna go back outside. Too, bad too because. It's, unfortunate. That I chose to stop here because those people knocked out on me. Because. It would be nice if I could stay here. And. Then get kicked out you know in, the, middle of the third period so, it's closer to the end. But. You. Know take a break. I. Know. Right. Grappling, Jule. Yeah, it's too bad. I wasn't, even filming, them on purpose today. Oh you, guys got way more cheese, than I did and that's no fair. I know, right you can't have a sign rooting for your team. He's. Yeah. There's a police officer, and. The. Two security guards are to my right, still.

So, We'll just catch people as they come outside. Is. It still two-to-one or, is it three to one. So. People are gonna stay probably to watch the rest in the game. You, know they. Are I wish I can pick up my camera and show you but they probably, freak. Out. Yeah, there's still three of them the same guys over there. The, initial, security, guard that talked to me and, then, the guy that just talked to me a minute ago. Yet, spring roll ups. Santa, claus is for kids. I really. Yeah, we're not going, not. Gonna let it ruin our night. It's. Gonna hang out here stay, warm a little bit. I'm. Going to wait until the period starts, and then start, walking outside. And. Then the people will start coming out. Yeah. Of, course the there. Rent-a-cops. You, know so. Of course they. Of. Course they get a joy out of pushing. People around when they can I got. Asked to leave I. Got. Asked to leave if I'm gonna continue, to film and hold, the sign, otherwise. I can sit here and hang out I can go watch the game in my. Seat I can. Go sit in the seats and make those people feel uncomfortable again I can. Still go back to my seats you, know watch. The third period. Ha. Yeah. Right. Yeah, the destroyed engineer, from Iowa. While. You drink excit while. He keeps drinking with his two kids. Keep, drinking with your kids. No. Not yet, Jordan, no. Seth laws are worse yeah. Yeah. Who's driving those kids home. They. Got no problem, with parents. Drinking. Five. Ten dollar beers. So. I'm gonna put you guys in my pocket you guys are gonna have to talk amongst yourselves. Hey. We're back. We. Made it. All, right. Now. My live timer is counting backwards. It's. At 41, minutes 39. 38. Whatever. That means. All. Right so. I'm. Gonna hang outside here for a bit. Welcome. Back Xbox, is e good to see you good. To see you David sticking, around, Lynn, Skywatch you'll, yo, geocentric. Love. Could. Go to the bar, hang. Out there. Weather. Is a bit nippy. 41. Degrees or. Six. Degrees Celsius for. Your, Europeans. No. We're gonna hang out here. We've, probably got a weight. Fry. 8:30 is when the. People. Are gonna start heading out.

So. We're outside. Good. Luck what. What. My. Buddies I got buddies um YouTube, right now no. I'm on YouTube, yeah. I'm I'm actually, here to there. Any proof, any. Proof that you can provide that it's of all the satellites. Satellites. Okay. So. You. Mean you mean this that's a satellite. Well. I'm trying to get at this is a CGI, image, of a satellite in outer space, all. Of your all of your satellites, are CGI. It. Was sort of Planet it's a plane. Yeah. Like a level motionless, plane like a tabletop, you. Know what a tabletop is right. A ramp, and then a flattop. That's. Our friend is I think. That the earth is a level, motionless, playing yeah. Well. I'm sorry that you feel that you've been indoctrinated by, our school system, to believe that we live under a ball, and you. Haven't provided me any evidence of a curve. No. I'm you, I'm asking, you though you're taking somebody else's word for it so, that's faith. My. Observations. Of level, horizon. Were than - well. No. Because it's a horizon, it's level it sounds like you. Yeah there's no curve though man. There's. No curve it's it's straight, right across, you. Know because. I've taken, pictures. No. So. No, you don't you don't need to observe the horizon, with a thousand, times telescope, man. Your. Eyes can, see that the water. Is level. Probably. Like. Naturally, three. To five miles yeah. Well. Then you can zoom that boat that you saw go over the horizon, back into focus. No. It didn't because let water is level it did it water is level man you see it okay. Yeah. You're, you're inebriated aren't, you. You. Haven't had any beer today did you see it roll over the side no it didn't. Because. World is wrong no because water is level, that's why you didn't see it you just you, just contradicted yourself. You're. On camera and you contradicted. Yourself. Did you see it roll over the side with your telescope no, because you brought it back into focus and you can see it again your. Telescope. Yeah. You brought that boat back into focus, no. No you didn't. I. Just, showed you picture, of a fake satellite, that's it that's, it. This. Is a satellite in outer space. What. Is that this is your official pictures, of satellites, in outer space so you don't think we landed on the moon not, at all man are you kidding me you don't know. Do you yeah I do what. Evidence do you have I have. No. Science. Bro dude that's a classic, meme and I love it thanks. Science. Bro he says. There's. There's more. Yeah. Run. Away from truth, man because, you know you're in a lie. We. Don't we lead another good dude didn't running away cuz that's science, bro he actually said that science bro. That's. Great. So. If this is your first rodeo folks, I.

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The biggest proof is the compass. A magnet has two poles, but our compasses only point North. Why are there no south pointing compasses. We know that when we have a magnet, we can turn it the other way to the points join. So, why can't we do that with the compasses and create compasses that are attracted south. The truth is that the North pole is the only pole. There is something incredibly strong pulling the compasses north and nothing at all to pull it south or in the direction of the ice wall.

flat moon..far out flat headers

Love from MN. #itsflat

I enjoy your courage in spreading the FE, but I don't understand why you feel the need to include Santa Claus. I get the argument that its lying to your kids, but parents should have the right to decide this for themselves, given we live in a current state where families coming together is becoming increasingly rare. Would you tell a child who just lost their mom she might be going to hell? You need to be have more empathy for people and their children. It makes you seem villianous and therefore tarnishes the FE. Just a thought :)

Authentic Intent well I truly appreciate your intention and experimentation to gauge the best result, and I do agree that Santa Claus is a conspired lie, but we can often do this to protect children or for other reasons like Santa which imo is cute and harmless. The hell thing was just an analogy where lying can be a positive. I just think this isn't the best approach to visibility anger people and make the FE movement look cruel, despite your intentions this is how most would perceive it. I apologize if you took my comment as rude, I really do admire you brave actions and hope you find a barometer that is equally effective and positive. Much respect

Going to hell for not believing in Jesus Christ and santa claus are 2 completely different topics and should be kept separate, your argument isn't a good start. As for santa claus, it can help a person understand that since their birth, they are born into a lying construct. If a person can comprehend that their own family can conspire together and lie to said child, it may open a thought that their own governments, school and main stream media is also full of holes. You really don't possess the knowledge on how to communicate, to strangers, in person about FE until you leave the internets (youtube) and do it yourself at least a dozen times. By then, you may have a better idea on how to open the minds of these Americans and sharpen your own skills and ideals regarding the flat earth. I appreciate your comment but I also am trying a different approach not used before. I will continue to do it until I feel I have a good barometer on the public and move to another way to approach the masses. Cheers




I enjoy this.

Matching Twin Towers 6:35 Josh: Start with what they are interested in and when they know more about the globe they will know more about how ridiculous it is. First the earth rotates, then orbits the sun, which orbits the milky way, which is rotating and orbiting something else. Ask them to calculate the total speed and watch your hand signs and they will fall over in a giddy spell. Then ask is it flat down there.

Luv the vids josh keep on annoying them sheeple lmao ♡♡♡ peace

awesome video Josh, I worry about you in the cold, maybe going out too soon? Man that dude in the seat next to you turned from zero to 100 when u mentioned santa claus :D You haven't seen the earth or God but you believe in God, is that not hypocritical?

Who said I had to see God with my physical eyes? I've seen Him with my heart and spirit :) I know in whom I have believed 2 Timothy 1:12

Some might think he is Rude...But thats where we are..people need a ..RUDE... Awakening !!

Yes. At the current rate of decay and lack of awareness by almost everyone, America will be gone before anyone says anything.

I wish millions of Americans could see this. It is a good study of human nature and how far society has fallen. No deep thought allowed.

I believe most if not all of the ISS is done in a studio with augmented virtual reality technology. They probably don't use the vomit comet anymore.

Hardcore red pilling

Just another nice person - Wife and I both love you brother! Thank you.


I WISH MORE PEOPLE HAD YOUR ZEAL FOR THE "WORD" AI! What I was blessed to see was *BRILLIANT* my Brother in Christ! (Galatians 4:16)_"Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?" Keep "sowing the seed" †

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!

Geeeez .. lot of grumpy punks in your town.. Even before you said anything, most of these people dont look like they are having a good day.

joy4118 smart and parrot are 2 diff things

People like him are too smart for their own good and it will be his folly the moment he dies and learns ALL truth. How terrifying that day will be more billions of people.

Detroit Red Wings fan from Iowa is an engineer but can't grasp basic problems with globe. Flat earth makes "zero" sense to him. Not too bright. I wonder if my opinion of engineers and scientists can get any lower.

They are probably butt hurt because the past 2 weeks it's been above freezing with the snow being just about gone, and tomorrow we will have a blizzard with expected snow fall of 10 inches, HAHAHA

Your kinda a badass

Authentic Intent Mirrored Reality

The people make me this way, it's not my fault. #blamesharing #donttakeresponsibility

Awesome Josh, God Bless!

I love it man !!! i subbed instantly for courage you have to sideswipe with a bitch slap of a challenge to critically think...what percentage do you think actually had a little bit of your poo fling stick on them ???

Thanks for the support. I definitely need and appreciate the watch. Let's keep pressing in on the zit called the globe and pop it :D

Once on mount Rubidoux I was nearly attacked by a guy who flipped his lid and wanted to call the police lol I told him to back off or I will have placed under citizens arrest. Sad he lost it in front of his kids and wife

Check out my uploaded videos doing hillside flatearth graffiti and freeways

Bro I been out in the streets too so I know how you felt . it's a learning process turned into a work of art at times

We are allowed to watch and hear about anything science approved, but No challenge of the professional 'status quo' will be tolerated - no critical thinking or speech is to go without ridicule/prosecution.

Much respect to you for doing this! Glad you’re in my area!!

Wutup man, I'm from St. Paul. Good effort. The random normals don't get it, and if they do they can't handle it. I know, it sucks.

these people should be pumped for flat earth .... for the ice ya know.


Hope to see you at the meet up https://youtu.be/CMFB1sD0d3Y

This guy is a fucking idiot

Thumbs UP! Great work! Thank you Joshua!

I live in Brooklyn Park, MN I'd love to meet up with you and discuss flat earth. Never did that before.

I really want to thank you for being a huge turn-off to the Flat Earth. If you were controlled opposition you could not do it any better. Not only have you made sure that the people you approach and harass will never research the Flat Earth, but anytime they hear it mentioned, they will be sure to talk about how utterly stupid and annoying Flat Earthers are. 100% approve. Excellent work!

Vince Fowler so you've sucked his cock?

joy4118 arrrrrrr you must be a dumb cunt too go for you.

Ace Mcloud nar probably don't want a meth head talking shit and filming them you stupid retard.

54:30 -100.00 that is some of the best activism ever...it shows exactly what real truth seekers are up against. The mans son watched his dads globe religion being challenged and debunked and the kid knew it, then his father got angry. In addition to that, the other sheeple herded together to defend the angry sheep. Santa claus isn't real hahahahhahaa. Keep up the good work.

Why condemn people having fun playing sports? Jesus was a carpenter, I’m sure he had “fun” in his shop. Nothing wrong with having fun as a Christian. I mean these people could be at a strip club but instead they’re at a hockey game. That seems like clean fun to me. Too legalistic man

The Dilly Dilly guy was the smartest of all them sheep.

Silly Dilly

Now we just need one of you on every street corner, maybe then people will realize it’s not a joke. Well done brother, it was a pleasure to watch. Respect.

Damn dude, I am really enjoying your content! I wish I had more time to watch all of it. I am just stuck in the ol matrix trying to survive so I really admire your dedication. I would love to hang out with you for one of these!!

Thanks Brian that means alot coming from a local Minnesotan. We gots this by the Baal

So I've really been enjoying your videos, even commenting quite a bit. I love your level of spiritual maturity and I find it really refreshing. I do wonder why you chose not to belong to a congregation of the Lords church. I've heard you say before that they can't save you and I agree we all as individuals have to give an account but what about the edification and fellowship you're missing out on and teaching and learning among like-minded people? What about communing on the first day of the week and giving a portion of what you've laid by and stored for the support and work of the church, following the pattern of the first century church? Just curious...

Authentic Intent I certainly understand what you mean about some Christians and their worldly tendencies, especially seeing as how they come from the world. I appreciate your response, I just thought I'd ask. You seem like you'd fit in well in the church of Christ. Anyway nice talking to ya and please keep the videos coming you're doing a good job.

I cannot go to a typical church anymore. I have tried over the past 2 years and "christians" are no different than the mockery you see from sport fans. This is my missions field now. I am refreshed by a few local flat earthers who know both Truths.

You need a new camera, your video quality got worse. I enjoy your content though.

Authentic Josh, power to your articulation. Perhaps you could also indicate the term 'curved horizon' seems like the definitive oxymoron...

Haha, yes, it should be pointed out to them

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