Florida Republican gubernatorial debate

Florida Republican gubernatorial debate

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Tonight, an election. 2018. Special. Braun. DeSantis, and Adam Putnam are battling, for the support, of GOP, voters across. Florida, President. Trump calls Ron de Santos an absolute. Warrior I fought. Hard to elect President, Trump and, I'm supporting, Adam Putnam for governor now, in only their second debate the, two faced off on issues, that matter to you like. Gun control health. Care and protecting. Florida's, environment. From. WJXT. Channel. 4 the, local, station, this, is the Republican governors, debate live, from the campus of Jacksonville, University. And. Good evening and welcome to our, 2018. Debate, in the Republican primary. For the office of Gorda, Florida Vener. In the state of Florida we are so pleased that, you are with us tonight you know in less than three weeks August, 28 GOP, voters will. Go to the voting, booths and they will decide who their nominee is going to be for, governor in this race it's the battle to replace Governor Rick Scott so for the next hour those of you watching at home on Channel four and across a statewide, network. Of stations here in Florida and our, audience, here live in Jacksonville, University's, Terry Concert, Hall you're, going to hear from all of the frontrunners in the race they are in alphabetical, order Ron. De santis and Adam, Putnam first, I want you to hear from our host president. Of Ju mr. Tim cost, good. Evening on, behalf of all of us here at Jacksonville, University and, our Public Policy Institute we'd. Like to say welcome to our campus and to this important, debate tonight we'd, like to thank our great partners, at WJXT. Channel, 4 who've, done so many great debates with us we're excited about tonight we'd, also like to welcome and, thank our esteemed. Guests for joining us for this discussion, we're. An 84 year old university. That, right now has students from 50 states and 51 foreign countries, and now. We're stressing placing, a high premium on them for, civil, discourse, assess. The difficult, issues have, a discussion, possibly. A debate show, each other respect, there's, never been a more in time important. Time than this for that and, we're very excited about tonight, so on behalf of all of us enjoy the debate and welcome, to Jacksonville, University. And so, in just a moment the candidates, will make opening statements first though we want to lay out the ground rules for tonight's debate and what you can expect we invited candidates, who had qualified, for the office of Governor on the Republican primary, side who. Were at 5% or higher in the, Real Clear Politics, average of, polls in the governor's race in the past month that result, of us inviting, these two candidates here tonight, the first candidates, who answer, each question will have 60 seconds the other candidate will have 90 seconds. And then the first candidate will get an additional, 30, seconds, we want this to be fair tonight at. Any time I as the moderator can ask follow-up questions and I can limit the time for those responses, during, this debate we're gonna let the candidates know how much time they, have left with. Some colored paddles, at 30 seconds, left 15, seconds, left and then, when their time is up so just a few hours ago we selected.

In Random, order who was going to be. Able to have, the first opening, statement answer. The question, first and speak, first during the closing statements, each candidate, is going to have 90 seconds, for their opening statement and because, of how, we did that earlier with, a coin flip we begin with Adam Putnam mr. Putnam Thank. You Kent and thank you Jacksonville, University for hosting us I'm, Adam Putnam I'm a fifth generation Floridian, from, the big city of Bartow a farmer a small business owner and proud to serve as your agriculture commissioner elections. Are about choices and this. Election, is a choice between, the Washington, way and putting, Florida first my. Florida first agenda will put vocational, and technical training back, into our middle schools and back into our high schools and stop treating community colleges, and vote X like. Second-class, citizens my. Florida first agenda puts families, first my. Florida first agenda will, put Florida's, public safety, first and I'm honored, to have the support, of 49. Of Florida's 66, elected sheriff's Attorney, General Pam Bondi, the police chiefs the firefighters. The, Fraternal, Order of Police and the Police Benevolent Association, because, they know that I, will always have their back and I, will always protect, Floridians. Lately. However it, has. Felt a lot like I'm running, against the Seinfeld candidate. The, campaigns, being run out of a studio they. Have a smattering of, celebrity, guest appearances, and at, the end of the day it's. All about nothing. But. Unlike Seinfeld, it's not funny and, Floridians. Deserve better than to have a candidate, who makes it all about themselves and not. About the future of Florida I will. Always put Florida, first and that's. What Floridians, deserve thank, you very much thank, you very bottom mr. DeSantis your opening comments please, well thanks to Channel four thanks to Jacksonville, for hosting and I want to thank my favorite Channel four alum my wife Casey who's in the crowd appreciate, her support. This. Is a great a great, event, I'm. A navy veteran I served down the road in Naval Station Mayport I'm a proven, principled. Conservative leader, and, I am endorsed, by President Donald, Trump, now I started off making $6, an hour nobody handed, me anything. But I worked hard and the fact that I'm on this stage today is, a testament, to this great state in our great country and the fact that I can now offer leadership, helped, guide our state into the future is something that, I think is an enormous opportunity we. Have a great opportunity to. Build off the success that we've enjoyed under, Governor Rick Scott's leadership we, can have an economy, that is the envy of the country, if we keep taxes, low if we keep regulations. Reasonable, and if we rein in our out-of-control, litigation. Climate, we can reform education by, ending Common Core expanding. Parental choice and getting, the US Constitution. Back in the classroom in a very big way I have. The looking, forward to being able to end judicial, activism, by appointing solid, constitutionalist. To our state courts, we can fight illegal, immigration, by enacting e-verify. In stopping. Sanctuary, cities and we, can protect, Florida's, environment, by stopping these toxic, discharges. That we see in the southern part of our state I'm, ready to lead with purpose and conviction, and I ask for your vote on August 28th, Thank, You mr. DeSantis so, by, virtue of that coin flip earlier mr. DeSantis is going to get to answer this question first again 60 seconds, 90 seconds, and then 30 seconds, so we get to it we're, to start right, here on one of the tough issues gun control, after the tragedy the massacre, and parkland, back in February we're seventeen, died many others injured, Governor, Scott pushed legislation and, pushed through some legislation, fairly, quickly within about three, weeks that, legislation eventually, became law the, act is really the first gun control, process.

Or Reform in Florida in about 20, years among. Those gun control efforts it, raised the minimum age from 18, to 21 to purchase guns it created a three day waiting period for. Buyers, connected. To background checks it banned, bump stocks so again, first were mr. DeSantis Democrats. Say that this legislation, didn't go far enough to make schools safe, do. You support or agree with the legislation, as it's been written or would you go farther on those so. What I think we need to do is secure, our schools, the school should not even be a target, if you have adequate security then. They won't be I think we should harness, our retired military and law enforcement to. Be a part of a program so that the schools are taken off the table I'm working, with Andrew Pollack who's a daughter, meadow was tragically, killed in parkland, he's, on a mission to fix it and as governor I'm gonna work with him and we're gonna fix it but I don't think this was something that had to do with the Second Amendment the fact of the matter is, law-abiding. Gun owners are, not. The problem with that and so to do a blanket, ban on firearms, I think some mistake I think it probably infringes. On the Second Amendment will probably, be caught, up in the courts so at the end of the day my approach to firearms so, I'm gonna stand rock-solid. Behind, our Second, Amendment rights our, constitutional. Freedoms and I will focus the attention of law enforcement on, individuals. Convicted. Felons, people who are mentally ill or dangerous to society and worry about denying them firearms. But not worry about denying, you firearms, Thank. You visitor center mr. puttan well. As you said in your question it's no surprise that the Democrats are advocating. Even more gun controls, they are hostile, to the Second Amendment a lot like the left-wing media as the. Father of four school-aged children three, of whom will be starting, in high school, next week school. Safety is of paramount importance.

To Me so. Is protecting, our Second Amendment and the, two are not mutually exclusive. You can protect the rights of law-abiding citizens, without. Putting. School, safety at risk I'm. Proud to have worked with the law enforcement officials who have endorsed me and are supporting, my campaign and, I stand, with, them when the Democrats, are holding a sit-in and flying, in Reverend. Al Sharpton to, protest, our support, of the Second Amendment here in Florida I supported. The sheriff in that instance my, opponent, did not I will. Protect, your. Right to, defend yourself to defend your family to defend your business, to. Raise your children to safely and responsibly hunt. And shoot and collect firearms that. Is a commitment, to our Constitution. And a, commitment to our law enforcement officers the, men and women who run into situations that, everyone else is running away from I, will. Have your back, thank. You sir mr. DeSantis 30 seconds on a responsive, Democrats, like Gilliam, and Greene they would impose upon Floridians, a duty to retrieve, when, they are being attacked I think, that that's totally unacceptable, I think that that puts, the scales in favor of the criminal element I believe, that we have a right to stand our ground I think it's a good law but I also think it should be applied with, an objective standard, and I've been joined by a lot of people in the state legislature, on the Republican, side we wrote that so we, will defend, The Stand Your Ground law, 100%, but I don't want some of these instances that really don't involve that to, be put in and end up being fodder for criticism, it's an important law and it's a way to protect our freedoms thank you so let me invoke, I guess moderators, privilege here let me focus this back to the question is on the school safety, bill, that. Was just passed here, in March and some. Of those gun, regulations. For instance and so just 30 seconds for each of you on this mr. DeSantis, would you ban assault weapons high-capacity. Gun magazines, to make schools, and the public safety I don't, think that that wouldn't necessarily, affect. I mean we need to focus on the schools I want to make the school safe and the, idea that this or that that fire are first of all when they say that they really mean banning, a huge swath of firearms, in this state and that would I think infringe upon the Second Amendment so I think when you do it by being smart about school security, that bill on the security, side I think was a very good first step I think there's more we need to do and I'm gonna be working with folks so that all these schools are secured, and and, these deranged.

People Are not going to have an ability to go, into a school thank you thirty Seconds mr. Putnam specific, times disagree, I disagree with, their attempts to ban entire classes, of weapons particularly when they can't even define them I disagree. With the fact that if you're 19 or 20 and you're old enough to protect our freedoms and our liberties overseas. You're not old enough apparently, to, go down the street to the gun shop and buy a shotgun to go to a local dub soup I disagree, with that the. Unfinished business is to, continue, to make sure that we're tearing down the silos where, local law enforcement doesn't. Know that a child has been expelled, for a weapons violation there's, three dozen visits to the child's home one. Visit from Department of Children and Families, and two, phone calls to the FBI hotline, he. Was a walking red flag thank, you sir I'd like to talk about jobs and, the, economy here, in Florida pretty important topic I would say couple of big topics here let's start with. Jobs, and ports, there are 15 seaports, in the state with a multi-billion. Dollar impact, Jack's, port the third largest in the state one of the largest in the country but, ports all along the east coast of the United States are being deepened, to be more competitive for international, trade that, way they can handle the bigger ships, changes. And improvements in the Panama Canal made increased, trade from the East possible, so mr. Putnam first to you as governor, would you support state funding to deepen, Jack's board and the other ports in Florida, and how would you pay for it I have. Supported, our infrastructure. Investments, in our airports in our, seaports, in our rail facilities, and of, course judging, by all of the road construction going, on here in Jacksonville, and throughout the state also, in our Surface. Transportation our, highways, that's. The Florida way we. Have cut taxes, every year, cut. Debt by 10 billion dollars in the last seven and a half years created, a million and a half new jobs and our credit rating has never been stronger while we've invest, in infrastructure. And, given. Money back to the people, the Florida way is very, different, than the Washington. Way we, ought to be exporting. More of what we're doing here in Florida, not. Importing. The dysfunction. That's going on in Washington that's, what I'm committed to do, investing. In our infrastructure, and yes deepening. Deepening. Jack's ports so that we can one day accommodate. A carrier. And, also. Supporting, our other ports not just Jack sport you got Fernandina, Beach just up the highway and they, also had deserve an opportunity to be a part of our economic success, in the state of Florida thank you sir 90, seconds mr. DeSantis as governor would you support state funny to deepen the ports, obviously. That is a critical. Investment for. Economic, vitality and. Not just in Northeast Florida when you're talking about Jack's port but throughout the state I have, made, sure to work to help include, support. For Jack's port and, some of the water legislation. We've, done in the Congress and I think it's very very important, and I think that's one of the ways where, we can really be the envy of the country economically. International. Trade I think also if you look at financial services, technology, manufacturing. We have an opportunity, to diversify the economy here. In the state of Florida we're always going to be good at tourism, Roy's gonna have agricultural, kind of construction, but, the broader, you have I think the more high-paying, jobs you'll have across a variety of industries and then when the economy does, go through downturns, which which happens, you're. Built for the long haul whether than have all your eggs in one basket the, way you're able to afford some of the investments, in the ports is to, focus on growing the economy I mean governor Scott has, focused, like a laser on, job, creation but, what that has done is more people get put back to work and the economy hums he, then has more money to be able to do things that are important to Florida, so the answer is certainly not what the Democrats, would do which, is tax and spend tax and spend the state's throughout our country who have done that never, have enough money Florida. Has actually done it the right way under governor Scott's leadership and now, we've had the opportunity to do some things and I think we can do more to. Help invest, in this state Thank You mr. Putnam 30 seconds of the, tools that we've used to make those things happen or enterprise, Florida one, of the ways that we're going to diversify, our economy is, to put workforce, training in career, technical. Education back. Into our middle schools and back into our high schools and no, you can't assume, you can't be complacent and just take for granted that we'll always have, tourism, and agriculture.

And Construction you. Need a governor, who will fight to make those pillars, of our economy, even stronger, as we, continue, to diversify around. The jobs magnets, that are our ports thank, you very much so you mentioned, a key word there I'd like, to expand on let's talk on, the topic of growing jobs in Florida, about. Visit Florida and Enterprise for a year ago we saw a big battle between the governor's office and the Speaker of the House in Florida over Enterprise, Florida and visit Florida in specifics, to some of the money visit. Florida receives government money to market Florida, for tourism which as you know a hundred, and twelve billion, dollar industry last year for the state Enterprise. Florida recruits, a new business to the state provides, incentives. And it cuts business deals to expand jobs, it's the taxpayer-funded. Economic, development arm so mr. DeSantis first to you do you support funding these partnerships, these, public-private. Partnerships, using, incentives to bring jobs to Florida and again. How else would you grow jobs well, I'll use whatever tools are there and. A lot of obviously there's been controversy in the legislature, when you're providing different, incentives to come I think those need to be available on an equal basis to everybody I think when you get into this what you're going to do just find one business, and then exclude the others that's, picking winners and losers there's a mixed track record and doing that I think you have to be smart about it but, you also have to understand I mean you know something like visit Florida about marketing. The state you know we have a huge ecological. Crisis, right now in. The Caloosahatchee and, st. Lucie rivers you're, discharging, water polluted. Water out of Lake Okeechobee it's, leading these massive, toxic, algae blooms, it's hurting fishing it's hurting tourism, it's hurting property values when people see that that that's going on in our state that's, a big big problem I, worked, with the white house to get the southern reservoir, component, from, the federal side in, the water bill we've got to start cleaning the water sending, it south we cannot, keep sending, it east and west and creating, this type of disaster Thank, You mr. Santos mr. puttan well for the record I support enterprise Florida and I support visit Florida, it's your mom-and-pop hotels. And restaurants and, places like Flagler, Beach and, in your secondary. Markets, all across Florida who depend on those things and when you have a Zika outbreak or when you have a hurricane hit don't you want to be able to tell the world that, we're back open for business if you, believe that tourism is a key industry, for our state if, you have the opportunity, to make Iten a manufacturing. Corridor, to bring more aviation, and aerospace jobs, to Northeast Florida don't, you want the tools the governor Scott had in your quiver to be able to create new higher paying jobs in Florida I look, forward to talking to you about the water issue and I'm pretty sure you're a smart. Guy and have that in. In the queue of questions, because. I think that you can take everything that my opponent, knows about water and put it on your sticky note and still, have room left over for your grocery list I am, committed, to protecting Florida's. Water supply it, is our golden. Goose, protecting. Our water quality, protecting. Our water quantity is making, sure that we have a plane that we can close the gap for. The hundred million gallon, today shortfall, that we face by 2030, a third of that shortfall being, in the Central Florida area, completing. The work and getting the feds if we were waiting on Washington, we'd never have any of this done 20. Years ago 20. Years ago the land was purchased for the c43, of c-44 reservoir, under, jeb Bush's leadership still, no reservoir, waiting on the Corps of Engineers as anyone, in this room knows they move in geologic, time we. Need of course we need storage north, of the lake and we're gonna finish the reservoir that the legislature, paid for south of the lake mr.. DeSantis you have 30 seconds, to respond yeah, look I mean you know Adam, is, basically. The errand boy for us sugar I mean he is gonna stand with them. Give. Them everything they want they've pumped millions, of dollars directly, and indirectly into, his campaign, they've spent five plus million attacking, me with fake news through, a secretive, PAC so that's just where he's coming from you got to be willing to stand up to all the power brokers, and do what's right for the state of Florida I will stand with the citizens, of Southwest, Florida, I will stand with the citizens, of the Treasure Coast thank, you. We're. To have more questions, to, ask our candidates and that's coming up our election, 2018.

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Trump's Impact and influence on, the Florida. Republican primary. Cindy graves is a past leader of Florida Federation, of Republican, Women she sent a letter just a week or so ago saying I'm very disappointed, and disillusioned in, President. Trump as a Floridian his, unwelcome, and uninformed. Meddling, in our Florida given tutorial primary is dangerous. And self-serving. Nancy. McGowan, is here tonight says she disagrees, in rote saying, President, Trump lives in Florida and has a right to his opinion as, the most influential, Floridian. And state politics, mr., Putnam to you first should the president's, endorsement separate. Either of you in the voters mind or should, the president as miss graves pointed, out stay, out of the Florida election, look. I support the President's agenda I'm glad he's fighting, to support. American, workers and Florida farmers, by renegotiating. Trade agreements, in a better way I'm glad, that Floridians, paid less in taxes, this year but. Look at all the unfinished business that President Trump would like to accomplish that. Congress, still hasn't delivered on, there's. A very different, approach that's, being taken between the success, that President, Trump had in winning his election and the. Campaign that we're seeing run here, the Seinfeld, approach. President. Trump ran. On a plan, you. Knew exactly what, you were gonna get you, were gonna get border security it, hadn't been delivered by the Congress, you were gonna get better trade agreement, you were gonna get lower taxes, you were gonna get a pro-business climate you knew what you were getting he ran on a plan, you're. Running on an endorsement it. Takes more than that to serve, 21, million people in the, third largest state you. Have to know, and share with the people so, that they can judge, what. It is that you hope to accomplish if you're, so fortunate, to be elected governor thank you mr. Putnam 90 seconds mr. DeSantis. Well look I'm proud to have the president's support I mean he's identified, me as a future, leader for the party and it's a great rally we had and we're gonna continue to press forward but here's, the thing you know we have huge differences in our agenda in, terms of illegal immigration you know we had a chance in Florida to do a verified which would have done. Probably more than anything to stop illegal immigration, it, would have restored the rule of law it would have led to higher wages for, Floridians blue-collar. Floridians, Adam, Putnam opposed, that when it was in the state Senate twisted. Arms we lost by two votes Donald, Trump supports he verify, I support. A verify, when Adam was in the Congress he doesn't like to talk about that he spent 10 years in, Washington, he was the only Republican. In Florida, to join with Nancy Pelosi and vote against, allowing troops, on our southern border one, of the reasons the border isn't secures because people like Putnam have stood for cheap foreign, labor rather. Than the rights of American, citizens and so there's a big difference in this campaign, I will sign e-verify, as governor, he's, already helped to kill it you also look at some of the other issues that we're talking about in terms of the courts we, have an opportunity, the next governor in all likelihood can appoint three solid. Constitutionalist. To the state Supreme Court replacing. Three liberal, jurists remember when Charlie Chris was governor he had four appointments, and he appointed two liberal, judicial activists, I will, get those appointments, right we, will have judges in the mold of Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, and we will end judicial, activism, in Florida for a generation, mr. paadam you have 37, on your appointments. They're. Not your appointment. Their. Governor, Scott's appointments. Unless, you're taking the position along, with Al Sharpton now, taking the legal position of the League of Women Voters their.

Governor Scott's their governor's excuse, me their governor Scott's appointments, mr., lieutenant. Governor I would think a harvard-yale trained, Attorney would know that the Lieutenant Governor would have sent to the governor's role. Now. I'm. Just a gator but. I'm proud to have the support of 49 sheriff's our Attorney General, and the police chief's because they know that my position on law enforcement is, the strongest, of anyone on this stage thank. You we're, gonna follow up here so 30-second, responses. From each of you mr. Putnam you'll start here so. Both of you are saying you support, many of the president's, policies, is there, any policy you disagree, with President Trump about mr. Putnam 30 seconds, and then mr. DeSantis. Well obviously the most obvious one is I wish he hadn't put his thumb on the scale of Florida's, campaigns, because. As, someone, who supports his agenda I believe. That I'm best suited and, and know Florida, best and we'll put Florida first so. That every day I'm not having to call the White House switchboard to get my instructions, for the day president. President. Trump's got plenty to do he's, a busy, man, he's got lots to do without being responsible, for everything that's going on in Florida as well having. The trump card is the only card you have and it's a big one but it still means you're not playing with a full deck thank. You sir mr. DeSantis you got 30, seconds, here. This. Is a guy who when, we were trying to beat Hillary Clinton said, Trump was vile obscene dishonorable. Never, showed up at a single, rally he could have put his picture on a milk carton no one know where he was during the campaign, and now, he acts, like he's, this big supporter, look there were people that didn't support him I'm happy that there are folks who got on board but this is in authentic. This is a career, politician trying. To tell you what you want to see. And. It's not coming from the heart that's, what he has to do he's already proven he will say and do anything in. Terms of millions of dollars in fake ads to, get elected it's not working, but that's what he's willing to do and that's time mr. president respond, to that 30-second, you've run for three offices, in three years that's a career politician with, a DD.

Mr.. DeSantis final, word we're gonna move on he, got elected at 22, he's never had a career outside of being elected official, you know I've served the country in Iraq I've, done things that are outside of politics, that I'm proud of including being a federal prosecutor, here in Jacksonville, and, so those experiences, helped inform me and I've been in Washington a lot longer than you were and boy let me tell you when he was in Washington his, career was a doozy voting, to bail out the Wall Street banks voting for cash for clunkers Obama's, boondoggle. Program voting, to bail out Fannie, Mae and Freddie Mac that. Is not what we need in Florida, that record, and so I'm proud of my record I'm proud to have the president's, support thank you sir. We're to move on to something that we, kind of tiptoed around in the last segment so let's get right at it would talk an environment, there's a couple of big issues there one of them is about algae, bloom many, voters have said that they want to hear from you on this algae bloom red tide an annual, problem, in Florida, and rivers and on the coast but particularly, of concern this, year they can cause sickness in humans death in marine life critics, like the Northeast Florida Sierra, Club saying Governor Scott is responsible for this that he slashed, over 700 million dollars in funding for the state's water management districts, critics, also say the governor Scott's slashed the Department of Environmental Protection's, budget, and eliminated. The DEP, s ability to enforce their protection, mandates, mr., DeSantis we get to answer first on this would you increase, funding, for the DEP, to, restore, regular, mandatory. Inspections, of septic tanks to solve that algae bloom problem, well, I don't, think the septic, tanks are the core issue I know there's been stuff put out on that I think that was funded by industry sources to, me the problem is is that you're putting all this phosphorus, in the Lake Okeechobee when, the lake rises they have the Army Corps will discharge and they're discharging, it into the estuaries, the same Lucie in the Caloosahatchee that, is what is causing the, problem and so the ultimate solution is, a reservoir, south of the lake where you can clean the water and send, itself, when. You get in I'm gonna be open to any approach, where, we can mitigate or stop this damage, because I do think it's an emergency, I've. Worked with the White House to make sure that, in this year's water bill federally, we, get the federal match to, what the state of Florida has already put up I think it's very very important, but this problem needs to be solved, once and for all it's an economic, problem but it's, an ecological problem, but it's also an economic problem and those communities, down in Southwest Florida the Treasure Coast are hurting, right now mr..

Putnam On the funding for the DEP, you. Haven't even fought to help the st. Johns River in your own backyard. Florida's. Water issues are statewide from, Apalachicola. Bay and the collapse of our oyster industry to the st. John's which is the key to Jacksonville, to River City as well. As our 43, first magnitude Springs the, feds are way behind what the state commitment has been in South Florida Lake. Okeechobee is the beating heart and we. Have to have more, storage, and more water farming north of the lake as commissioner. Of agriculture we funded the protection, of 50,000, acres purchasing, the development, rights there we need to finish the two reservoirs east and west that have been 20 years in the making thanks, to the Corps of Engineers and of, course we're gonna build the state reservoir, south but. You couldn't find Pahokee, and Bill Glade and South in South, Bay on a map what, about those people what, about those communities, do they not have a voice in this or is it only the, people from the big cities that get to dictate this why. Is it why. Is it that you're denying the fact that 21. Million people on a peninsula that used, to be 60% wetlands. Is not, playing a role in addition. To industry, and in addition, to agriculture. The, septic tank research, came, out of the University, of Florida and Florida Atlantic, University. And it said that the majority of the nutrient, loading going. Into the Indian River Lagoon was, coming from failed septic, systems, there's, no, unicorn. And rainbow, pixie. Dust solution, to this it will require that we treat water resources, like. Infrastructure. And work the plan with local government, with industry, with homeowners, -, for once and for all have a long-term, strategy to, deal with protecting. Our Golden Goose his water mr., DeSantis 30 seconds on this topic Mulla commissioner putnam he's, gonna his argument, to Southwest. Florida and the, Treasure Coast is effectively, going to be pounced, and because, he will not do anything, that, offends, us, sugar, who, is his main supporter, he's gonna let them do what they need to do and all these other things, I'm not saying some of them aren't worthwhile but at the end of the day if you let one company, call the shots we're, gonna continue to end up having the problem nobody, should get special treatment, and, of course you deal with those communities, there but I don't think I think you can have good agriculture. Without destroying, our water in our natural resources, you can do both if you plant your mind to it you would know that they reduced their nutrient, load by 70% south, of the lake but, you have me for the second sir you, but those are the talking points I'm familiar with the talking points I know it's not research, it's, called facts, so let me rein it in and I'm gonna move to a slightly related, topic as you've mentioned it each a couple of times. And. I believe that our question here is starting. With us or Putnam so, this is one of most expensive Republican primaries, campaigns. In history and each of you has criticized, the other about where the money comes from we just saw it a moment ago so, in broad numbers mr. putnams received more than half a million dollars from the sugar industry directly, to the campaign mr., DeSantis received, more than half a million dollars from the Adel scens who own casinos, out of state so. Again, mr. Putnam first and then mr. DeSantis what do you say to viewers or voters who worry that you're going to be influenced. By those special, interests and their big-money contributions. Over, 90%. Of my, campaign, support, has, come from real Floridians, farmers. Linemen. Small. Business owners working. Families, teachers. Retirees. Over 90%, has, come from real Floridians. My. Opponents, contributions, have come from casino, owners and pornographers. Who are on the west coast in California I, have, over, 12,000.

Donors To my campaign, so, I stand, with the families and the working men and women who, pay taxes, here in Florida who put their kids here, in our schools who sit in our congestion. And demand, a solution, I stand. With the working men and women of Florida, who, are real Floridians. And they're, supporting, me, because. They know that I've been in their community, I don't need a GPS to get around the state as governor I know, these, communities, I've been in their homes and on their Main Street and I will always put Florida, first that's, very, different than the Washington, way thank, you so I just gave mr. Putnam 60 seconds I'd like to give you 60 seconds and then we'll move on 60 so the important thing to look at his it's, not just the direct contributions. From big sugar its indirect, and there was a graphic put out that totalled and traced all them through all these various packs they move money everywhere and it was close to, ten million. Dollars. In this cycle, alone that, is an enormous, I'm out and if you look at what he's done with this with this special interest money he's, been running millions, of dollars of ads attacking me with fake, news things that are verifiably, false and actually, have caused some of his supporters to come support me sugar. Funded, a PAC for 5.1, million. Dollars, running, ads against me since April I've had more negative, ads against, me than every other candidate, running for governor on either side of the aisle combined. Probably. By a factor, of five and. But there's a reason for that is because I'm willing to stand up I'm going to make tough decisions that, is not going to sit well with entrenched. Interests but at the end of the day you got to be willing to take the fire if you're gonna be governor and you got to stand with the taxpayers, of this state and that's exactly what I'll do. 2014. Florida constitutional, amendment, one so just a few years ago. 75%. Of the voters in Florida said yes on one a measure to protect the state's endangered lands, through land and water conservation so. Ron. Number 4.2, million people in Florida said let's do this yes widely. Been reported though that the state has kind of betrayed, the intent of the Florida voters on that matter the, summer, this, summer a trial judge ruled that the money must be used for land acquisition and preservation, not for other priorities mr..

DeSantis You get to begin on this there's, about twelve billion dollars in expenditures, on the line in the current lawsuit, would you use this funding for land acquisition and preservation, as required, look. That I think we have to follow the intent of the voters on this stuff whether, it's this whether it's other initiatives, that have passed you, know the way I view the environment, in Florida is one I think Republicans have, a great opportunity to really claim this as our mantle the Democrats, they're worried about global warming they want to do carbon taxes they want to do all that that's gonna cause pain for middle-income, families, because they think somehow, through that they can stop the sea levels from rising not going to happen from Tallahassee what, we can do is really, protect, the environment, that Floridians, actually, enjoy that it courses our waterways of course it's some of our precious natural, lands, and so I think we need to use that consistent. With the intent of the voters you, know there's a lot of money that gets thrown around in these things and sometimes when you need certain spending, like they did for the for. The parkland in the aftermath you know they've swept some of this thing from time to time but, I think if you do the environment, right you're, setting a solid foundation for, Florida, to grow economically. More. So than, than even we have in the past and that's very very important, thank you mr. DeSantis 90 seconds mr. Putnam I take a back seat to no one on my commitment, to conservation in, the environment, under, my leadership we've, protected 50,000. Acres of land from from, development, forever we. Signed contracts. With landowners, to store water so that that water gets cleaned up I created Operation outdoor freedom, for our disabled, veterans to be able to use, our, award-winning. State parks, in our state forests, and our public lands, so, that they can not only rehabilitate. Themselves but, they can enjoy the wonders of Florida's, natural resources. As, a fifth-generation, Floridian, I am committed, to protecting the, things that make Florida, Florida now. A lots been said about the attack ads but you forgot to mention that. They're true you, did you did support. A 23%. National. Sales tax that, would be a tax on groceries, a tax, on medical services. A tax, on prescription, drugs a tax. On, houses. Now. All. Right for the automation. That. May sound good in the, parlors, of Washington, DC, but, it's bad it's uniquely, bad for Floridians because. Seniors, would. Be the biggest losers, the. Community, like knockety, where. You're gonna have a 23%, sales, tax on a new home but, no 23% sales tax on existing home stocks. Seniors. In the villages, are going, to have to pay 23%. On medical services, when they've been paying income tax, their whole life and to, pay for it you've got to make it less regressive you have to have a six hundred billion dollar prebate, program, that's, bad, for Florida, so, mr. DeSantis this, question is about environment. And the, funding amendment one but. You've. Got 30 seconds, here I'd like your response he's. Lying about the FairTax now the FairTax is something they it's rid of every federal tax, and imposes.

A Consumption, tax vice-president, pence vice president pence when, he was in the House of Representatives, co-sponsored. HR 25, you know who else endorsed HR 25, the. Republican, controlled Florida, Legislature, in, 2014. They sent Senate memorial 118, to Washington, and the instructions. Were we, urged the Congress of the United States as the official, policy of the state of Florida to abolish, all federal taxes, institute. HR 25, it would be good for Florida, that's our own Republican. Legislature. Said it and now he's, lying about and that that's time so mr. Putnam 30. Seconds, here. We. Got into talking fair tax here mr., DeSantis is saying that's not right the way you characterize, it as a 23%. Tax it. Is an objective, fact that, it's a 23%. Tax on services, with, no exemptions. It, does call for the elimination of the income tax but it doesn't repeal the constitutional. Amendment, the 16th amendment that makes the income tax possible, do you really think that a future Democratic. Congress wouldn't, rush to. Bring an income tax on top of the 23% sales tax it, may sound good in a Harvard, economics, classroom, but it is bad for seniors. It is, bad for Florida's real estate market, it is bad for Florida, and it's bad policy, 30, seconds, and then we move on is actually. The lefties, at Harvard would hate the FairTax you know why because, it totally, puts the lobbying, class out of business there's, no more tax code there's no more any of that stuff now look in Florida this isn't this is something the governor is not going to deal with either way but, I do think it's important, if he's, willing to misrepresent. Something that, many conservatives have supported, for years the fair tax by spending millions of dollars in commercials, and fake, advertising. What, makes you think as governor, that, he would actually level, with you and tell, the truth. Thank you very much, out. Of time for this segment I appreciate, the conversation he, will have more conversation. Stay with us as we continue more, conversation. And questions, for the candidates on our election 2018, special, when we come back. I'm, a busy, Jacksonville, mom and I'm ready for back to school I've set the alarm clocks picked, out birthdays cool outfits and pack the lunches now. My morning routine the, morning show on channel 4 we know your mornings are crazy but the morning show is here to help every morning moms everywhere, get breaking news alerts the weather Authority track severe weather in your neighborhood, and consumer, and traffic alerts help keep your family safe on every, screen in your life yeah. It's back-to-school time in the morning show on channel 4 makes mornings happen. I'm. John. Morgan, if you, have an insurance dispute. Call, pound, law from, your cell phone Morgan. And Morgan pound. Law that's, all. Starter, engines, that fee Verte 500, is here this month Beaver Toyota is, attempting to sell 500, vehicles that, means rock-bottom prices on all cars trucks and SUVs, check, it out Honda's, Ford's Nissan's, is low at 79, 88, like this focus hundreds, of Toyotas as low as 59 88, like this Prius Plus 2018. Certified, Camrys 417 988, for this Corolla 415, 988. The beaver 500, is here st. Johns County don't, wait for the checkered flag fill-ins, August 31st the, Democratic, candidates, for governor in their last chance to tell you where they stand on the issues important, to you moderated. By News 4 jacks anchor Kent Justice, that Democratic. Governor, forum, Thursday. At 8:00 on Channel four. Accidents. Can happen at any time and, when, you've been injured you want answers right, away you. Can call heroin Harrell 24, hours a day seven. Days a week we. Will answer those questions, start, the process, and help you get your life back together. Chat. With us at heroin Harold calm, or, call, us to.

Five One one one one one. Any time Harrell, and Harrell don't, settle for less than you deserve. When. News breaks the, news for Jack's team, comes, together. Really. And. The outlying, areas were deeply entrenched we're, gonna give you the perspective that you're not going to get anywhere else News four checks your place for breaking, news alerts. And. Welcome back to our election 2018, special, the Republican, Governors debate here in the campus of Jacksonville, University more, questions now for our two candidates Ron DeSantis and Adam, Putnam our next question will begin with mr. Putnam stock, health care we often hear that there are 800,000. People in Florida, without a health care, 660. Thousand, uninsured adults, eligible, for government insurance the program for the poor Medicaid. Expansion of the Affordable Care Act that would have expanded coverage for most of those residents, most, of that funding would have come from the federal government, the Democratic, National Committee just last week said Democrats believe health care is a right for all not a privilege for the wealthy few, mr. Putnam first to you do, you believe health care is a right for all and what's your plan to cover the uninsured in, Florida look. I believe that health care in Florida, ought, to be patient-centered, it, ought to be market, driven and, it ought to be transparent. So that you know what you're gonna have to pay I'm. Glad that Florida made the right decision, for our kids and our grandkids by not, swallowing. What Obamacare, was trying to push down Florida's, throats thanks. To Obamacare. There are 40, counties, in Florida that. Only have one provider, how's. That working out for people Health. And Human Services is 42. Percent of the state budget it's the Packman of our state budget goes, up every year it's way past what, we spend on education in, fact Medicaid, alone is. $28. That we spend in Florida so. Taking. What the feds were trying to put on us was not the right move it would have bankrupted our state and taken us backwards, we're, moving in the right direction in Florida because Florida is a model, for the nation we're, creating new jobs we're, cutting taxes, were able to support health care were, able to reimburse our hospitals, in our emergency rooms that's, what a thriving, economy does people don't aspire, to be on Medicaid, thank you of course the Democrats, would want that mr., DeSantis 90 seconds we need to make health care more affordable, in the state of Florida, part, of the problem, as Adam I think was correctly said is Obamacare. Has driven up the cost of insurance you have families, that are paying these insurance, premiums on these lackluster, plans it's eating up huge, portions, of their family budget I want, to seek a waiver from Obamacare, so that we can actually have patient-centered. Market-based, insurance. And protect people with pre-existing conditions we can do it but, we got to be reform minded we also got a look at the hospitals, and I know there's gonna be a lot of reforms, that are proposed in the House of Representatives, in Florida that, is a way to get some of the cost under control and you see some of the outrageous. Charges. That are made in, terms of Medicaid expansion understand. What the Democrats want to do they want to put childless. Able-bodied. Adults, working-age, on a welfare. Program that is meant to service, elderly. Disabled. People who can't help themselves and, not only that but. The government is going to actually prefer, the able-bodied people and give a better deal to that that. Is not good for Florida, we, already, have health, care as the biggest line item in the budget if you do that you're gonna it's going to get more and more expensive the federal government is not going to match this in the future and what that means is that share, of the budget is going to grow more and more we're gonna have less money to invest. In infrastructure, less money to cut cut taxes, give people tax cuts less money to protect our beaches and our water so, you don't, want the budget that top-heavy, that's exactly, what the Democrats, will do and they will need massive, tax, increases, to have any chance of it all working thank you 30 seconds mr. puttan okay. That sounded an awful lot like my plan roughly.

Two-thirds Of babies born in Florida are already Medicaid babies roughly. 3/4, of nursing home nights paid for in Florida are already, Medicaid, nights so, the decision, to. Reject the, expansion, of Medicaid was, absolutely. The right one and on top of that I, believe. That, able-bodied, people who, are on public assistance ought, to, have to, work to, earn the public assistance that they're on, Healthcare, is swallowing. Our state budget and we, have to make sure that we don't go the big government single payor higher tax way that the Democrats who are running for governor are advocating, thank you so gentlemen, just a yes or no unless you answered the second half of the question the first part, do you believe health care is a right for all mr., Putman yes or no if you believe that we're, does it stop, where, does they stop is so that is that no is. Healthcare or right for all it is not a right for a. Right. To do is pursue. The type of health care you want Obamacare. Infringes. On your freedom to be able to do is it a right for all its I think people should have the right to pursue the type of health care that they want but that's different than what the Democrats, are saying that, there's a bureaucratic. Right we're going to create bureaucracies. Thank, you I appreciate it you mentioned that. The. Large. Consuming, part of a federal budget is healthcare in the state of Florida the largest part of the budget, healthcare. Second. Largest education, let's talk about that briefly mr. DeSantis if you'd answer first here many, people believe one of the keys in creating jobs is education. So I want to discuss policy there House bill 70 69 in Florida last year was a sweeping, controversial. Piece of legislation, includes. Funding for charter, schools and incentive, pay charter, schools public schools by definition but they're privately, owned and managed, so mr. DeSantis do, you support those provisions in House bills 70-69, the provisions relating, to charter, schools yes, I do I think charter schools are one, tool where, we can give parents the ability to control, their child's, education, occasional, choices, we've had some good success I mean you look at some of these charter, schools in Miami, or ranked nationally, and. So I think the more were empowering parents the better but understand, charter. Schools are public schools they're just not managed by the district, so, the management is different but I think when you do that type of management, I think the touch is lighter I think parents have an ability to influence. What goes on to that school more I mean for example Andrew. Pollack whose daughter got. Killed in parkland he's on a mission for school safety he has he can get initiatives, into the charter schools very easily he tries to go the Broward County School District it's like layers and layers and layers of bureaucracy so. I believe in parental choice I believe in the whole shebang district. Manage schools public, charter schools home schooling and I'm a big supporter of the private, tuition, tax, credits, which I think has been a huge success here in Florida and every single Democrat running for governor would, take those scholarships, away from, some of the most neediest families in Florida that is wrong thank you sir mr. Putnam do you support those provisions relating to charter schools, most certainly do this is a huge difference between. The two of us on this stage and the folks will be on this stage tomorrow night we. Believe that, parents, ought to make the right decision, for their children's education they. Believe that teachers unions, should and that's, who they're gonna put back in charge if we let this slip away from us charter. Schools are public schools and I support school, choice and I support. Charters I support, putting career, academies, back into our traditional, public schools as well, as allowing those to be charters I have, a plan in my family's first agenda that, would support those 60,000. Some odd students, who choose to home-school that's.

The, Beauty, of what. We as conservatives. Believe about empowering. Parents. To make the right decision, you can't, have a cookie, cutter approach to education you, have some of the largest school districts in the country in, Duval. And Hillsborough and Broward and miami-dade and yet. Not too far from here in Union County you've, got three schools one. Elementary one middle one high school in. Hamilton County you've got two schools in the whole county do you think a cookie cutter approach is, this good for Hamilton as it is for Hillsborough of course, not and here's. The other part we. Have to put vocational. And technical, training back, into those middle schools and back, into those high schools so. That all of our students, have the opportunity, to get skills to be successful, rather. Than what we're doing now which is telling a hundred percent of our students, that if they don't go into student loan debt it's to get a degree, that they may not want may not be able to use they're gonna be a failure in life that's, flat, wrong and it'll change when I'm governor thank you 30 seconds if you'd like it sir yeah. Look I think I agree with that among vocational, I think that's been a great part of this campaign, the, end of the day a four-year, brick and Ivy University, is one, way that people can get advanced knowledge and skills but it's certainly not the only way and if you look we have a large number of students, across the country including in Florida, who end up with the four-year degree and then end up in a job they could have had at a high school so I want, to focus on concrete skills skilled. Trades but also science, and technology, and computers, because, I think they'll be able to get skills and be immediately, employable. Without, having to go deep and dead that is a good thing and if we're going to grade schools. And they're doing good with industry certification, and doing good vocational, I think the schools should be able to grade higher as a result of focusing on vote tech all right there's a lot we wanted to get to and we're running out of time so if you would just give me 15 second, answers on this it'll, start with you mr. Putnam, Florida, teacher pay forty. Fifth in the nation on average, pay do you support increased, wages for educators, how do you pay for it we spend seventy four hundred dollars per pupil right now on our students, and it, is a decision, for the counties to, make as to what their teachers are paid Hamilton. County may have a different pay scale in Hillsborough County we don't want to hijack the local control thank, you sir yeah, I think I agree with Adam it's generally local but I do support, the, best and brightest program which is allowed some, pretty significant, bonuses, for.

Teachers Who have done well I mean a lot of teachers qualified, in varying levels up to, $7,000. So we want to be able to provide that option for teachers that, is a way you can retain, some of the really good teachers thank you so much it's time now for candidates, to make closing statements, you'll have one minute each as determined. By that random. Coin flip earlier mr.. Putnam will go first thank, you very much and thank you for hosting, I'm. Adam Putnam a, fifth-generation, Floridian, and this. Is a choice about. The Washington, way or, putting Florida, first I can't. Imagine a, world where you could run for governor from the third largest state and never, offer, any, ideas. No plans no specifics, no agenda, for. What you're going to do in fact it's been a stated, goal that. They're playing hide the ball until if. They win the primary, they get to the general election what, kind of a plan is that I have, a plan to put our, jobs first putting. Vocational, training back in there rooting, out the opioid crisis, working with our men and women in law enforcement including the 49 sheriff's who've endorsed me along with Attorney General Pam Bondi I have, a plan to put our families, first to protect and defend life to, put the office of faith-based initiatives. Back into the governor's office and support. Parents making, the right decision, for what their children have. As their best educational, option I'm. Asking, for, your support to. Be the next governor of the greatest state in the, greatest nation. That the world has ever known thank you very much thank, you mr. DeSantis one minute for closing. I'm. Ron de Santos I'm an Iraq vet I'm a proven conservative, leader, and, I'm endorsed by the President, of the United States we, have an option to we have an opportunity, to take Florida, to the next level in terms of economic, growth and opportunity in, terms of education, reform and opportunities. For our students, in terms of fixing, our out-of-control court system protecting. Our environment and natural resources, and stopping, illegal, immigration by, doing Iver Fi and stopping, sanctuary, cities but in order to achieve that we, can't go back to the days of Charlie Crist where, the good old boys and the insiders, in Tallahassee. Run the show what we need to have is governor, whoever wins will be given the title as governor I think it's important that that person is a leader and if you look at my track record from athletics, from military, from, fighting to drain the swamp in Washington, I've demonstrated the, ability to lead and I'm willing to lead knowing.

That You got to spend capital, no you're gonna take heat but I think all that's worth it to be able to deliver for the people of Florida, thank you God bless you and I asked for your vote on August 28. Election, 48. Republican. Governors debate remember to vote in Republican primary, you must already be registered, as a Republican, tomorrow. Night at 8:00 we'll hear from the Democrats in the race for governor in our forum, here at J you I'll, sit down with each of the top five candidates, one-on-one, conversations. About the issues on the minds of many of you you'll be able to watch that on channel, 4 and on most of our partners stations. And statewide as, well as streaming live on news for Jax comm again, the primary August. 28th, early, voting starts in some counties this Monday August 13th, and starts. Statewide August. 18th, I'm Ken justice goodnight.

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