FNN: Trump golfs with Coast Guard members, NYC fire update

FNN: Trump golfs with Coast Guard members, NYC fire update

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Hi. Everybody good morning and welcome to Fox News now you are taking a live look at the White House in Washington DC but. We are waiting, for a picture in New. York City for, the confetti, test for, New, Year's, Eve hopefully. A good way to start your Friday morning and put, you in the. Holiday. Weekend mindset. Thanks so much for watching Fox, News now please, share our stream so your friends, family and co-workers can, too. You. Good. Morning, everybody and welcome to Fox News now this is pilar arias with you on this beautiful Friday, morning you were taking a live look at the White House where just saw a crane doing something, in the background not quite sure exactly, what, they were moving but, we are waiting for the. Live picture, of the confetti, test in Times Square for New Year's Eve so, feel free to if, you're a first timer hit that subscribe button so you can be alerted anytime, we go live and if. You're not a first timer you can still help us out by sharing our streams so your friends family and co-workers can, watch too thanks so much. You. Good, morning everybody welcome to Fox News now thanks so much for being with us we see some confetti, blowing, in the air not quite sure if we miss the big test here but we just got our live picture back from New York City so we are going to hold on to this for a little while until we see what happens. You. All, right everybody we lost, that, picture. From the confetti, test if it comes back up we will certainly bring it back up for you in the meantime you are taking. A live look at Times, Square where all the action is going to happen Sunday night feel free to let us know what your plans are for the New Year's do you celebrate on New Year's Eve do you celebrate on New Year's Day do, you do both hey, let us know and thanks for watching Fox News Now. You. Those. Of you just joining fox news now thank you for being with us this morning we did have a live picture of the confetti test in New York City but we lost it so now you're taking a live look at Times Square where all the actions going to happen Sunday. Night I just want to let you all know we're. Going to hold on to this shop for a little bit to see if the confetti tests will come back and if not we will start airing one of the top streams of 2017. Thanks, so much for being with us. You. Just, had a good reminder on the YouTube, chat that today is the last day of stock, trading for 2017. So I'll go ahead and bring that up for you as well. You. You. You. All, right everybody good morning I'm going to air one of our top streams, from this year with you it is President Trump and British prime minister Theresa. May press conference, back in January. Now, this had, eight hundred twenty-one thousand. Views close to eight hundred twenty two I'm gonna pull that up for you now. You. I. Am. Honored to. Have, Prime. Minister. Theresa. May here. For a first official, visit. From. A foreign leader this, is our first, visit. So. Great. Honor. The. Special, relationship between our two countries, has.

Been One of the great forces, in history, for. Justice, and for peace and by. The way my mother was born in Scotland, stornoway. Which. Is Syria Scotland. Today. The United States renews, our deep bond with. Britain. Military. Financial. Cultural, and, political. We. Have one of the great bonds. We. Pledge our lasting support to, this most special. Relationship. Together. America. And the United Kingdom are, a beacon, for prosperity. And the. Rule of law that, is. Why the United, States respects. The sovereignty of. The British people and their right of, self-determination. A free. And independent Britain, is a blessing, to the world and our, relationship. Has, never been stronger. Both. America, and Britain understand, that governments, must be responsive. To everyday. Working, people that. Governments. Must, represent, their. Own citizens. Madam. Prime Minister. We. Look forward to working closely with you as we. Strengthen, our mutual. Ties and commerce business and foreign affairs, great. Days lie ahead for, our two peoples and our. Two countries, on. Behalf of our nation, I thank, you for. Joining us here today it's a really. Great, honor thank you very much. Thank. You very much mr., president and can I start. By saying that, I'm so pleased that I've, been able to be here today and thank you for him fighting me so soon after your inauguration, and. May and I'm. Delighted to be able to congratulate, you on what was a stunning election, victory. And. As, you say the, invitation. Is an indication, of the strength and, importance. Of the special relationship that exists. Between our two countries a relationship. Based on the bonds of history, of family, kinship. And common, interests, and in. A further sign of the importance, of that relationship, I have today being able to convey Her Majesty the Queen's hope the, President Trump and the first lady would, pay a state visit to the United Kingdom later this year and I'm delighted that the president has accepted, that invitation, now. Today we're discussing a number of topics and there's much on which we agree. The, president has mentioned foreign, policy, we're discussing how we can work, even more closely together in order, to take on and defeat daesh and the ideology of Islamist extremism, wherever, its found our. Two nations are already leading. Efforts to, face up to this challenge and we're making progress with -, losing territory and fighters, that we need to redouble our efforts and, today, we're discussing how, we can do this by, deepening intelligence. And security cooperation and, critically. By stepping, up our efforts to counter - in cyberspace. Because. We know we will not eradicate, this threat until we defeat the idea the. Ideology, that lies behind it, our. Talks will be continuing, later I'm sure we'll discuss. Other topics Syria. And Russia on, defense. And security cooperation we're. United. In our recognition of NATO as the, bulwark of our collective defence and today we've, reaffirmed, our unshakeable, commitment to this alliance mr., president I think you said you confirmed that you're 100% behind, NATO, but. We're also discussing, the importance, of NATO continuing. To, ensure it is as equipped, to fight terrorism, and cyber warfare as, it is to fight more conventional, forms of war and, I've. Agreed to continue my efforts to encourage my fellow European. Leaders to deliver on their commitments, to spend 2 percent of their GDP on defense so.

That The burden is more fairly shared it's, only by investing, properly, in our defence that we can ensure we're properly equipped to, face our shared challenges together, and finally. The president and I have. Mentioned. Future economic, cooperation and, trade, trade. Between our two countries is, already worth over 150 billion pounds, a year the. U.s. is a single, biggest source of inward investment to the UK and together, we've around 1 trillion, dollars, invested, in each other's economies and. The UK u.s. defense relationship is, the, broadest deepest, and most advanced. Of any two countries sharing. Military, hardware and expertise, and I, think President and I are ambitious, to, build on this relationship, in order to grow our. Respective, economies provide. The high skilled high paid jobs of the, future for, working people across, America, and across the UK and so. We, are discussing how we can establish, trade. Negotiation. Agreement take forward immediate, high-level, talks lay the groundwork for a UK US trade agreement, and. Identify the practical, steps we can take now in, order to enable companies in both countries to trade and do business with one another more, easily and I'm convinced. That a trade deal between the US and the UK is in the national interest of both countries and, will, cement the crucial relationship that exists, between us, particularly. As the UK leaves the European Union and reaches, out to the world. Today's. Talks I think are a significant, moment for president, Trump and I to build our relationship, and I look forward to continuing, to work with you as we, deliver on the promises, of freedom, and prosperity for. All the people of our respective, countries thank, you. Very. Nicely stated, Steve, Holland. Steve. Steve yes. Thank. You you're going to be speaking tomorrow with the Russian president what. Message would you like to convey to help any significant. Things some of the sanctions imposed on, Russia over its Ukraine, incursion. What would you expect in return and, Prime Minister May do, you foresee any changes, in British attitudes, towards sanctions, on Russia. Well. I hear a call was set up Steve and we'll see what happens as far as the sanctions, very early to be talking about that, but. We look to have a great relationship with, all, countries, ideally, that, won't necessarily happen. Unfortunately. Probably. Won't with many countries but if, we can have as we do with Prime. Minister may and the relationship, that we've all developed and even in the short relationship that. We've just developed just, by being with each other who can have lunch and we've, really had some. Very interesting talks. And very productive talks but. If we can have a great relationship with, Russia, and with, China and, with all countries I'm all for that that would be a tremendous, asset no guarantees, but if, we can that, would be a positive not a negative okay.

We. Have as, far as the UK is concerned on. Sanctions, for Russia in relation, to their, activities in the Ukraine we, have been very clear that we want to see the Minsk agreement, fully implemented, we believe the sanctions should continue, until. We see that Minsk, agreement fully implemented, and we've been continuing to argue that inside, the European Union. Laura. And. Thank. You very much prime minister Laura Coons Burke BBC News and prime, minister you've talked about where you agree, but, you have also said you would be frank where you disagree, with the president, can you tell us where in our talks you did disagree, and do, you think that the president listened, to what you had to say and mr.. President you see. We'll. See what she says. Mr.. President you said before that torture. Works you've, praised, Russia, you, said you want to ban some Muslims for coming from coming to America you've suggested there should be punishment, for, abortion, for. Many people in Britain those. Sound like, alarming. Beliefs, what do you say to our viewers at home who are worried about some of your views and worried about you becoming the leader of the free world this. Was your choice of a question. There. Goes that relationship. You. Raised with me Laura can I confirm that the. President I've been listening to the president and the president has been listening to me that's the point of having a conversation, and a dialogue and. We have been discussing, a number of topics we'll carry on after. This press conference meeting. And discussing, a number of other topics and there will be times when we disagree in issues on which we disagree the, point of the special relationship is, that, we are able to have that open and frank discussion. So. That we are able to make, that clear when it happens but, I'm clear also that there are many issues on, which the United Kingdom in the United States stand, alongside one, another many. Issues on which we agree and I think as I said yesterday in my speech that, we are at a moment now when we can build an even stronger special, relationship, which will be in the interest not just of the UK and the United States but. Actually in the interest of the wider world as well. We. Have a great general who has just, been appointed. Secretary. Of Defense. General. James. Madison, and. He. Has. Stated publicly, that he. Does, not, necessarily. Believe in torture or. Waterboarding. Or however you want to define it enhanced. Interrogation I, guess would be a word that a lot of words that a lot of people would like. To use I. Don't. Necessarily agree, but I would tell you that he will override, because, I'm giving him that power he's, an. Expert, he's highly respected he's the generals general. Got. Through the Senate very very quickly which in this country is not easy I will tell you and. So. I'm going to rely on him I happen. To feel that it does work I've been open about that for a long period of time but. I am going with our, leaders. And we're. Going to we're. Going to win with. Or without what. I do disagree as. Far as again. The Putin and Russia I don't, say good bad or indifferent, I. Don't, know the gentlemen I hope. We have a fantastic, relationship, that's, possible, and it's also possible that we won't, we. Will see what happens I will be representing, the American, people very. Very strongly, very, forcefully, and if. We have a great. Relationship with, Russia, and other countries and, if, we go after Isis, together which. Has to be stopped that's an evil that has to be stopped I will, consider that a good thing not, a bad thing how, the relationship. Works, out I won't. Be able to tell you that later I've had many times where I thought I'd get along with people and I. Don't like them at all, and. I've had some where I didn't think I was going to have much of a relationship and it, turned out to be a great relationship. So. Teresa, we'd never know about those things still we but I will, tell you one thing I'll be representing, the American, people. Very strongly thank. You. How. About John Roberts Fox. Mr.. President thank you so much madam Prime Minister it's. My understanding mr., president, that you had an hour-long phone call this morning with. President Enrique Pena Nieto of, Mexico. Could, we get an update on where the relationship, is further, to that what do you say to your critics who. Claim that you have already soured, a relationship, with a very. Important, US ally and men and Prime Minister if I may ask you as well are you concerned about the, state of relations between the United States and Mexico. Well. I think the Prime Minister first of all has other things that she's much more worried about than, Mexico, in the United States, relationship. But, I will say that we had a very good call, I. Have. Been very strong on Mexico, a great respect for Mexico, I love the Mexican people I.

Work. With the Mexican people all the time great. Relationships. But, as you know Mexico, with. The United States has out-negotiated. Us and beat us to a pulp through. Our past leaders, they've. Made us look foolish, we, have a trade deficit, of 60. Billion, dollars. With, Mexico, on, top of that the border is soft and weak drugs are pouring in and I'm. Not going to let that happen and general Kelly is going, to do a fantastic, job at, homeland security as you know we swore. Him in yesterday. We, have a really. I think a very good relationship, the, President, and I and, we. Had a talk that lasted for about an hour this, morning and we. Are going to be working on a. Fair. Relationship. In a new relationship. But. The United States cannot, continue, to lose, vast. Amounts of business, vast amounts, of companies, and millions. And millions of people losing. Their jobs that won't happen with, me when no log are going to be the. Country, that doesn't know what it's doing and so. We are going to renegotiate. Our trade. Deals and we're going to renegotiate. Other. Aspects, of our relationship with, Mexico and in. The end I think it'll be good for both countries. But, it was a very very friendly call I think you'll hear that from the. President, and I think you'll hear that from the people of Mexico that, really. Represent, him and represent, him very well and. I look forward to over the coming months we'll. Be negotiating. And we'll, see what happens but I'm. Representing. The, people of the United States and I'm, going to represent them, as somebody. Should represent them, not how, they've been represented. In the, past where we lose to every, single, country. As. The President himself has said the, relationship, of the United States with Mexico, is a matter for the United States and, Mexico. Tom. So. Help us with a brexit trade deal you've said you. Said you'd help us a brexit trade deal you said you'd stand.

By Us with NATO but how can the British prime minister believe. You because you have been known in the past to change your position on things and also, mayor's a question to both of you people, are fascinated, to know how you're going to get on with each other you're so different the, the hard-working torture, for vicar, the brash TV, extroverts. Have. You found anything in common personally, yet actually, I'm not as brash, as you might think. And. I can tell you that I think we're going to get along very well, you know it's interesting, because I am a people person I think you are also Theresa and I. Can. Often, tell how I get along with somebody very early, and I believe we're gonna have a fantastic relationship. Brexit. And, I really don't change my position very much if. You go back and you look my position, on trade has been solid for many many years since I was a very young person. Talking. About how. We were getting ripped off by the rest of the world and I never knew I'd be in this position well we can actually do something about it but, we. Will. Be, talking to, your. Folks about brexit, brexit was an. Example, of what was to come and I happen to be in Scotland at. Turnberry, cutting, a ribbon when. Brexit happened and we. Had a vast amount of press, there, and, I. Said brexit. This was the day before you, probably remember I said brexit, is going to happen and I. Was scorned, in the press for making that prediction I was, scorned, and I. Said I believe it's going to happen because people want to know who's coming into their. You. Hi. Everybody good morning and thanks so much for sticking with Fox News now I'm preparing, to kick off extra, here at 10 o'clock so less than seven, minutes again. Preparing, to kick off extra, that's, channel, 45, if you have a digital antenna or rabbit, ears or a cable channel 9 so I'm just getting everything ready I'll be back with you soon thanks, so much for watching fox news now. You. All, right everybody this is a, sound test for Ron hoon out in the field Ron can you hear me. You. Again, this is a sound test for Ron hoon Ron, are you with me at the st. Mary's Food Bank 1, 2 3 4, 5 pound, test for Ron hoon 1, 2. 3, 4, 5. You. This, is a soundcheck for Ron hoon out in the field at the st. Mary's Food Bank 1, 2 3 4 5 Mic. Check sound, check. For Ron hoon 1 2 3 4 5. You. All, right I can see you guys if you can hear me please give me another thumbs up. Great. News guys can't, wait to have you here on News now in less than three minutes it looks exciting, out there. You. All. Right, hey. Ron I can hear you glad to see that you can hear me you are on YouTube just a heads up thanks so much you are on YouTube and we'll start here in about two minutes. We're. About two minutes is that right, that's. Right we're two minutes out. Okay. I have a really, hard time hearing you so would you. Really. Obviously, okay, Ron take it away, will. Do I'll say something extremely, loud for you. All. Right Ron about 30 seconds, out 3-0, 30, seconds, out. Get. Ready we're gonna go live in just a second. Where. Is president, Cal say again. You. Good, morning, everybody and welcome to Fox News now, you are taking a live, look at st. Mary's Food Bank where, our own Ron, hoon, is during, volunteer. Day Ron, please take, it away and let us know what's going on out there. Hey. Thanks, very much, Pilar, I am out here at st. Mary's Food Bank and, there is the coolest, event going on oh and by the way it includes the famous world-famous Harry the Husky and. President. Of the University, Annamarie, Cal, se is here as well. So. We. Are out here at st. Mary's Food Bank for, a really great event by the way I'm gonna have as as, president, Cal say joins us for just a second here yeah and we get ready for tomorrow's game I'm gonna actually show you all the Penn State fans that are here yes, it's true I'm a husky, right class of 79 and, we. Let's. Hear that again you guys. That's. What I'm talking, about all, right so I just want to get a quick explanation as. We're, live on YouTube. Around the world and, on, fox10 extra, and. Folks are watching us online etc as, to what exactly is going on president Cal say this is a phenomenal. Event for both fan bases absolutely.

Absolutely Two great public universities, working, together for the public good can't beat that, matter. Of fact I think they said we're gonna have somewhere. In the range of 30,000, food boxes all packed up by the end of today's efforts absolutely. And you know we're here this is a community, that we both care about and, we're trying to give back yeah I did not know this until just today you guys but as Harry fans himself, over here one come on over, Penn. State is six and O in the Fiesta, Bowl the Huskies, is amazing, as they have been over the years have never been to the Fiesta Bowl until tomorrow so, here's. One here's one matchup. To keep an eye on say, Quan Barclay the amazing, running back for the Penn State Nittany Lions. Trying. To run into, the defensive, line of Washington, we have a man who is actually a house his. Name is Vito veía he, is, 355. Pounds I believe what's that, yeah. Exactly. And. He's. Amazing both of these guys will be first-round draft picks in the NFL that husky, defense, that amazing, running back what, a bowl game it's going to be but, we have something special lined up for you guys right now this is really great so we have the cheerleaders, here let's hear it for the husky cheer squad. Guys. Just a real quick story so a few, years ago my, wife and I are back at Soldier, Field Chicago. The Huskies are playing the University of Illinois and they. Beat them and it was really exciting, we're walking back to the parking, lot and, somebody. We, actually, run into the Husky cheer, band here, underneath. A freeway underpass, and. All. Of a sudden they break into, this. Amazing husky, song that, we have sort of co-opted, as our own Louie Louie you're. Gonna hear them play that in a minute and it is so fun to watch them, do it and listen, and, we got the great cheer squad here as well so I'm gonna get out of the way ones going to show you the cheer that these guys have all set and ready to go and then after. We after. We see the cheer squad we'll, walk right in and show you the band you guys, take. It away. Wow. We're on not quite sure how well you can hear me but those guys know, how to throw a party and get down, I mean, it reminds me of my college days, poor. Are. They amazing the 70,000, people who are going to be in that Stadium tomorrow are gonna be treated to an all-day, event it's gonna be amazing football, I mean. Harry. Little, lower on the Left little. Lower on the Left perfect, it's gonna be amazing football. We've. Got the cheer, squads from both teams we've, got the bands it's gonna be amazing, Pilar, I saved, the best for last by the way check, out the Husky slippers these things you. Guys let's hear it for the husky slippers, right. Those. Things don't make it out of the closet very often, usually it's for the bowl game or the Apple, Cup which by the way we're doing very well in in recent years I got a good feeling about the ball game tomorrow hey Pilar let me just tell you this is such a great effort can I also one, more time let me just show you what's going on here we have, literally. Dozens. And dozens and, dozens of, fans from both now. By the way when I talk about the Washington, fans. That are up here that are participating. In this that's folks from right here in the valley there are a lot of Huskies in the desert and it's many fans that have come down from Seattle, to be a part of the festival, activities and then look at the commitment, of these Penn State folks these, guys in many cases, have come all the way from cold. Snowy. Pennsylvania. Do we have do. We have anybody. In, the group actually. From Erie, PA, or, anybody. In that group are you from. Hey. I bet they're happy to be out of the snow it's, central, but my sister's there and she called and said six. Feet of snow that's. Feet. Of snow and over, here this gal was. Okay. And this gal was telling me your husband's from there. There. You go it's a one-two combination anyway. They're having a great time, they're packing all these food boxes let's see what's in there here's why we love st. Mary's, you, realize, that this is a story that began in the 1960s, with, a very first food bank anywhere in the world and it has grown to such a, massive. Operation. Now it's so great matter of fact jerry is here with, the with, the food bank jerry, by the end of the day what's, gonna have happened here bill, more than two thousand food boxes we have more than 120, volunteers, here today we, tried to mix them up but sometimes they try to kind. Of move back to their groups but, we've, got. Over. 2,000. Of these food boxes, today so three to four days supply of food for a family of four we distribute, 45,000, of those every month here in Arizona, fantastic.

I Mean you. Know any time you probably have donated or, maybe even volunteered. At st. Mary's Food Bank what they do Pilar. Is such. A, it's. Such an asset to our community, by the way this food line seems to be these boxes, seem to be moving faster, and faster as we go I don't want an I Love Lucy scenario. Here. Ron. What a way to start a Friday morning fox10 extra, thank you so, much out there everybody, we say hi from the Fox 10 Phoenix videos, Pilar. Absolutely. Ok, and we'll leave you with the band and the cheer one more time as they take off to great, heights here representing. The Fiesta, Bowl and, the, Huskies. 2017. Fiesta bowl tomorrow. Well. I could listen to those guys all, day and watch them - it certainly takes me back to my college days again Ron hoon thank you so much couldn't, have asked for a better way, to start, extra. Today on this Friday right before New Year's but we do have some serious news we need to get to overnight, in the Bronx in New York City at least, 12, people died, in a fire they, held a press conference this morning to update us with the latest let's. Take a listen. That. No sir, okay. Let me just say that last night's tragic, fire. Other. Than 911 was the worst loss of life from fire in our city in almost 28, years. The. Happy land fire which occurred in 1990. So. We're. In the midst right now of the, worst month. For, loss of life in our city for fire in the, past 10 years, 12. People tragically, died here us. Seven, women five men five, children. And seven adults, for. Other people remain hospitalized. With. Critical injuries and are seriously, fighting for their lives right now so. This fire is uh I said. Last night historic, it certainly is in our city to have a loss. Of life like this. Fire. Marshals have been here all night. Trying. To determine the cause and, they have determined it and we. Found that this fire started in the kitchen on the first floor it. Started, from. A young, boy three and a half years old playing. With the burners on the stove, the, fire got started the, mother was not aware, of it was alerted, by the young man, screaming. She. Exited, her apartment, with. These her, two-year-old and three-year-old and left. The door open so. This, fire quickly spread up, the stairs. Fire. Travels, up the stairway, acted like a chimney it. Took the fire so quickly, upstairs that people had very little time to react they, couldn't get back down the stairs those that tried a few of them perished. Others. Escaped. Were helped out onto. The fire escapes were taken down by our members so. Although. Our members, got here in a, little. Over three minutes and bravely. Entered, the building and did everything they could and. Did. Save a number of residents this. Loss, is. Unprecedented. It. Is the. Time of year where people celebrate, and certainly here we have people, have lost their lives lost their homes lost their, lost. Everything and we. We. Grieve with them as, everyone, in this city should and does at. This terrible time. Again. The lessons here of you, know children left unattended, the mother was in the apartment but certainly not with in, close, proximity to this young boy, how. Dangerous this can be and also, you've seen the ads you've seen the ads close, the door close the door close the door if unfortunately, you. Do have a fire in your apartment you must, close the door when you exit, because, the. Results, if you don't or, what happened, here last night, and. It's. Just. It, saddens, our entire department this time of year that. Our members. Are. Carrying, out folks and, including. Young children so. That's. The message we have this morning. Well. I'm. Sure they all had them installed whether they were all working at the time we're, still determining. That so I'm we don't know. Still. I, still, don't have that information, about the smoke alarms. I don't. Know where the call came from. How. Long was the I, don't, understand the question. Response, time was a little over three minutes from, the time of the call to the time our units arrived at the scene. At. That time, I was 1851, to under control 21 times after. We got here was a few hours before it was put under control but. You. Know most the deaths occurred very early in. The in the operation, some of them before we even arrived. Well. Fire spreads. Up the open stairway, that certainly. Happens. There's. Nothing structurally, about, the building that's unusual, that, would contribute to what other than the fact that like, I say the the stairway, if fire enters a hall stairs, open. Stairs act as chimneys, fire, seeks, air people, open their windows to get out onto the fire escapes and it, creates this this. Condition where it brings.

The Fire up the stairs and into their apartments. Some. Of them did many of there was as many as 20 people on out, on the fire escape when, our units arrived but, some of them there were five people pronounced. Dead in this building some of them did not get. Out of the building. I can. Tell you that of the five, people that were, pronounced. Dead in the building, that never were, transported, to the hospital one. Of them was, a young child that's, that. I can tell you. That. We don't have information on, yet but. We. Were told the boy had a history. Of playing with the burners and turning them on and. Before. Before. The mother knew it this, fire had gotten a good, hold in the kitchen she said it was a lot of fire a lot of smoke grabbed the children and ran out. Well. As as the fire travels, up the stairs. That would be people's first inclination, would be generally. To leave the way they come in, some. People came. Out of their apartment, and were faced with this fire others. Had. To go back in seek another way out maybe were overcome, by smoke was, a combination, of smoke. That killed people and. I. Believe. There were 25, apartments, in the building I don't, know the number of residents were. Not still searching, the building the searches, were completed, last night everyone. Has. Been accounted for thank you. Chill. Children. Starting fires is not rare the, department has a program. To educate. Children and, we get 75. To 100 referrals, a year about children, that have issues with, playing. With fire being fascinated, by fire so it's. Not particularly, unusual but, very sad thank you. Okay. Everybody. Wants some other questions. You. Those. Of you with us on YouTube we will be right back we're gonna have another live report for. You thanks for watching fox news now. You. You. Good, morning everyone and welcome back to Fox News now you are, taking a live. Look at. Aerials, in the Bronx again this is the New York City area, where, the apartment fire claimed, the lives of 12. People. We, actually just learned that one of those was a young, child and authorities, are saying that both smoke, and, flames. Claimed. The lives of those lost in that apartment fire again we are told this was a very old building it was a five-story, building, with about 25. Apartments, in it and as, you just heard during that press briefing, they asked that, if you're evacuating, from a fire that you closed the, door behind you they, say that could have saved lives in this instance, because it would have stopped the spire from spreading so, quickly already. It looks like the their, version of sky fox out there might be leaving the scene. Thanks. So much for being with Fox News Now or buddy peel our areas here with you on this beautiful Friday, morning, ahead of New, Year's Eve and New Year's celebrations. Thanks so much for watching Fox, News now I am actually going to. Give. You some of the day's top headlines right, now. You. New York City hit with its deadliest, fire in decades. With wind fueled flames, ripping through a five-story, apartment, building in the Bronx built, back in 1916. This. Is. The. Worst fire tragedy. We. Have seen in this city in, at. Least a quarter century people was screaming by a hell fire hell we know it was troubled, it's horrible, report, that twelve of dead are dead, already we may lose others, as well among. The dead a one-year-old. Child others. Injured, were left fighting for their lives in a department, that's certainly.

No Stranger to tragedy, were. Shocked by. This loss, people. Died, on various, floors, fire officials say, their first call came in just before 7:00 p.m. Thursday and fire, crews arrived within three minutes fire. Started, on the first floor quickly spread upstairs, they started to get everybody out while people were on a fire escape already, trying to get down when they home that's, how fast it was moving at least twelve, people were rescued, and will. Survive. Facing, temperatures, in the teens and wind chill making it feel like below, zero by. Around 10 p.m., more than 160. Firefighters. Had the fire under control. Excluding. September, 11th this marks the worst New York City fire since a social, club blaze killed, 87. People in 1990. Alicia. Cunha, Fox News, certainly. Some sad news out, of the Bronx, but at least some people were able to be saved in, that fire, well we will continue to stick with New, York City news they are gearing up for their big New, Year's Eve celebration. We will be much the public will see and much the public will not see tighter, New Year's Eve security, than ever before, that's what New York City police are promising, as they prepare for more than a million people to ring in 2018. In Times Square there are no credible. And specific threats, against New York City at this point in time this year will include more officers, and explosive. Sniffing dogs than ever Plus, an unprecedented. Number of police, snipers, we're, also putting out more observation, teams with the sniper counter-sniper capabilities. And for the first time detectives, will be stationed, inside every, hotel, along, 7th Avenue in each hotel I'm, going to have uniform, uniformed. Officers working in each hotel and we'll, have multiple. Emergency, service and critical response command Response Teams located. Throughout the venue the added dogs come after a failed suicide bomb, attack in a tunnel near a major city bus terminal, this month and the extra snipers, are in the wake of October's. Mass shooting, in Las Vegas one. Challenge for police, the frigid, cold predicted, this year will mean crowds are bundled, up hard, to identify wearing.

Bulky Coats, that could make it harder to identify suspicious. Items underneath people. Gonna be wearing heavy, clothing, but at each checkpoint we have heavy weapons teams - inside, the secure Times Square trash, cans will be removed, bags will be banned and to get in people will have to pass by dogs go, through metal, detectors and, then, repeat, those steps more. Than 120. Parking, garages in the Times Square area are also, being, emptied, and sealed, Loren, Blanchard Fox News. Well. President Donald Trump saying that illegal, immigration, is going to be one of the main things he tackles, next, year, for. Decades now u.s. immigration, rules have been based on an outdated, system, a system the president wants to overhaul, next year a new report prepared, by the conservative-leaning. Center, for Immigration Studies, based. On census, data promises. To help shape that debate everybody, wants to come to the United States and quite frankly of the United States can be choosy about who it admits the report shows in 2016. An estimated, 1.8 million legal, and ill immigrants, settled, in the u.s. the, most ever in a single year and 53%. Higher than. Just five, years ago so, the, real debate, now is what. Should, legal. Immigration, look, like and I'll. Make you a prediction in about five or six weeks we're. Gonna have to deal with that as you, start to face the daca, expiration. Reasons cited by the report, for the jump in President, Obama's last year more, guest workers, and foreign students, virtually. No interior, or worksite, enforcement, a surge, in Central, American women and children and for the first time spouses. Of visa holders, were allowed to work encouraging. Those still overseas to, join new immigrants, already here family immigration has a huge multiplier effect, seventy. Percent of all immigrants, core to the White House in the last decade, have entered through, family based visas, and we're, seeing the effects of it today this graph shows where. Immigrants, are coming from comparing. 2005. To 2015, Mexican. Immigration is cut in half from, 400, to under 200,000. Central, Americans, up by 100,000. Asian. Immigration almost. Doubled, and twice, as many immigrants, from Africa and the Middle East from. Europe that immigration, was flat what you really need to do is understand. What. Is the undocumented, population and, how we fix that problem and then. Reach over to those who are coming in legally and say. How, do you maximize. The, benefit, to your new home country, the, United States the drop in Mexican, immigration was dramatic. However it also means the u.s. is deporting, fewer Mexicans, Wednesday, the Mexican interior ministry said president. Trump removed 26. Percent fewer, Mexicans, than, Obama in 2016. The, report doesn't take a political position but, with the economy growing and the birth rate slowing, Congress, may be more, concerned, about who emigrates, in the US and, how many in Los Angeles Wayne Lajeunesse Fox, News, well another Republican, congressman, is calling. For a quote, purge, of the nation's, top law enforcement, agency letter, obtained, exclusively, by Fox News chairman, of the house permanent Select Committee on Intelligence congressman. Devin Nunez excoriated. The FBI in doj, for, failing to produce documents related, to subpoenas, issued over four months ago concerning. The Trump dossier, noonas, telling deputy AG rod Rosenstein, quote at this point it seems the DOJ, and FBI need. To be investigating, themselves I would like to see the the directors, of those agencies purge it Florida Republican, congressman Francis Rooney was inescapably. Clear he, wants to see the FBI and Justice Department, clean. House we've, got a lot of great agents, a lot of great lawyers here those are the people that I want the American people to see and know the good works being done not these people who are kind, of the deep State Rooney, the latest, to join the GOP chorus of attacks on the FBI and DOJ including. Suggestions, by some lawmakers that, each has acted, as tools of the so-called deep, state engaged. In a de facto coup, d'etat are, corrupt, and as Rooney put it in need, of a purge, president.

Trump's Made no secret of his frustration, at the bureau's, handling, of both the Clinton and Russia investigations. Unleashing. A barrage of tweets including, one just two days ago suggesting, that the bureau had been quote tainted. It's a shame what's happened, with the FBI but. Change. Is taking, place the, FBI's general counsel James Baker has been reassigned, deputy. Director Andrew McCabe expected, to retire early next year agent. Peter struck who helped to run the Clinton's server investigation. Has been removed from the Russia probe after anti-trump. Techs were discovered, in correspondence with his alleged mistress and, fellow agent, Lisa Paige and former. Associate, deputy AG Bruce Orr has been demoted at justice for, concealing meetings with fusion GPS the company behind the anti-trump. Dossier, the problem is in the swamp of Washington, DC the, biggest alligator is, a politicized, FBI, and Department of Justice and that's why we're fighting hard to make sure that we've got a fair, and equal opportunity. For all sides to be heard but critics wonder if some of the changes notably, Baker's reassignment, are the result of mounting, political, pressure from the Trump White House and Republican, lawmakers on Capitol, Hill former. FBI director, Jim Comey tweeting. Sadly, we're now at a point in our political life when, anyone, can be attacked for partisan. Gain, credit to my colleague John Roberts, for obtaining the letter that you saw there at the top of that piece one, other note chairman. Nunez says the DOJ and the FBI now have until the 3rd of January, to produce all relevant records, and documents, related to that original subpoena, which, they received actually back in August, that is a new date now the 3rd of January we'll be keeping a very, close eye on in, Washington. I'm Kevin cork Fox, News. All. Right Kevin thanks so much for that report well, we've been hearing that 98%. Of, the territory that Isis, once, held they, have lost but as Lucas Tomlinson reports. The terror group still remains, a threat despite. Isis being nearly destroyed, its remnants now pose a new threat, to thousands, of US troops still, on the ground they seem to be moving with impunity through, regime, held at territory, some, of the remaining fighters seen by US drones fleeing, West to land controlled by Syrian President, Bashar al-assad but. A general leading the coalition says, coalition, Jets will not pursue Isis fighters in parts, of Syria controlled, by the regime and Russian. Forces the Syrian regime has failed to demonstrate its, ability to prevent the resurgence, of Isis on their. Own soil it's just one of a host of challenges left in the wake of Isis's downfall, Russia cited the ISIS threat when, it deployed dozens, of fighter jets and thousands. Of troops to Syria in the fall of 2015, then. President Obama predicted, a quagmire head, for Moscow and Iran, serious, other backer but, were the two years later there are no signs of the Russians leaving Russia's, defense minister says his country's two bases in Syria are now permanent, in. Isis both, Iran and the u.s. found a common enemy with, that threat now on its heels some Iran impact forces in Iraq are now turning their attention to, the US by threatening the more than 5,000 US troops in Iraq and 2000. And a Burin Syria in, a candid admission, the CIA director put Iran's goods force commander on notice reaching. Out to him personally what we were communicating, to him in that letter was that we will hold he. And Iran accountable for. Any attacks on American interests in Iraq by, forces, that are under their control the consequences. Of a diminished Isis and embolden Iran could, pose a threat to a key American ally in the region at about 80 percent of Assad's, fighters, or Iranian. Proxies in Syria to. Establish, this kind of land bridge over. Over. Into the Mediterranean, and so. What we face is the prospect of Iran having a proxy. Army on the borders of Israel another challenge post Isis is rebuilding, Mosul Iraq's, second largest city, that, was all but destroyed the. UN estimates forty thousand homes need to be rebuilt keeping, millions languishing. In refugee, camps the, kind of desperation, that, led to the rise of Isis in the first place even if we defeated Isis. As a name. We. Have to remember that we are fighting an ideology. Not, just an organization, the Iraqi government, estimates it's gonna take a hundred billion dollars to rebuild but right now it's, not clear who's, gonna foot the bill tonight. There's more than three million Iraqis, sleeping, in refugee, camps at, the, Pentagon Lucas Tomlinson Fox.

News Well. Senate. Win official. In Alabama, but not without one. More. Fight, from his Republican opponent, Roy Moore, despite. A last-minute, effort by Roy Moore to contest the Alabama, Senate, race results, the state has certified, Doug Jones as the official, winner. The. Special election for now Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Senate seat was over two weeks ago but, still Republican. Roy Moore is refusing, to officially. Concede, the race to, Democrat, Doug Jones, filing a lawsuit today to delay, certification. Of the results, and call for another, special, election in the state citing. Rumors of voter fraud a circuit. Judge denied. The request and, Alabama's, secretary of state says, they've looked into the claims I would, be very very happy to, show them where, we have fully investigated. Jones defeated Moore by more than 20,000, votes a difference, of 1.6, percent the. More campaign, saying in a statement election. Fraud experts across, the country have agreed that this, was a fraudulent. Election, senator elect Jones saying, in a statement following the certification. Quote as I, said on election, night our victory, marks a new, chapter four our state and the nation despite. Calls by the more campaign, and his supporters, to not certify, Jones the winner the state proceeded, to make it official, hardly. Any of them that, have been introduced, to Meany have offered a reason, for, non certification. Except for the fact that they're disappointed, in the results senator. Elect Jones will be sworn in in the capital just after the new year on January 3rd he, will become the first Democratic, senator in Alabama in 25. Years in Washington. Lauren blanchard fox news. All righty those of you with us on YouTube we are doing an audio check, for. Our Danielle. Miller who is out in the field Danielle. Can you hear us, Danielle, can you hear us. You. Again, this is an audio check for Danielle Miller Danielle will you please give me a thumbs up if you can hear me. All, right can we please check your mic as well. I'm not getting anything from you nothing at all Danielle. Still. Can't hear ya. You. Danyelle if you can hear me I cannot, hear you and we're less than a minute out Danielle if you can hear me I cannot hear you. You. Still, can't hear you Danielle can you please check your mics we're about 30 seconds away 30 seconds, away. You. Alright. Danielle I got you thanks so much. Okay. She says she has us. Miraculously. You. Hi everybody welcome back to Fox News now you were taking a live look at beautiful, Phoenix. Arizona but, we have our own Danielle, Miller, on standby. Here she has a Army. National Guard, story for us hi Danielle. Hey. Pilar yeah we're actually here at the Arizona, Army, National Guard, Readiness, Center where a dozens, of people are making their way into the building here for a send-off, ceremony that ceremonies, getting started right around 11 o'clock, this. Morning here. And you, can see a lot of people, gathering. Out here to to send-off these guys and, gals just. The way they should be now the a hundred, or 850th. Military police battalion, will be deploying to Guantanamo, Bay in support. Of Operation. Enduring Freedom now, this unit is said to be deployed for about nine months, or so and this. Is actually, this units second, deployment in the last ten, years there's about four. Dozen soldiers, in, this, unit now as I mentioned Pilar this event is getting started right around eleven o'clock this, morning we, will be going inside, we're going to be hearing from a lot of people out here today, exactly, what's going on they will be filling in all the details for us but you can see here people just getting, ready to to. Head in here this morning and as I mentioned.

Send These, these, guys and gals off for. This send-off, ceremony, all. Right Danielle thank you so much we'll check in with you guys later. Alright everybody we are taking a live, look at, Time Square in New. York City where they are preparing. To get ready for, New, Year's Eve, celebrations. Pilar areas here with you on this Friday morning ahead a New. Year's Eve in New Year's Day hope you're having, a great holiday, break if you are on break but we do have some other news to catch up with including, a church, attack in Egypt there, was another attack on Christians, in Egypt this time around the holiday period two, gunmen, rode up on a motorcycle with, assault, rifles ammunition, Cossack, explosives, they opened fire in front of a Christian. Church in a southern, neighborhood. Of Cairo. Police were on the spot and killed one chased, and arrested, another hang. On people were, killed, by the latest account at, least one was, a policeman, plus, board the first injured. Included, women has, been no claim of responsibility so. Far but at least one of the gunmen was, said to be a known jihadist. The, egyptian, branch of Isis, has claimed responsibility for. Such, attacks in the past two, people were also killed in a nearby, Christian. Run store this. Is a major blow to Egyptian, president al-sisi he, has made counterterrorism. A major policy of his administration, President, Trump is a strong supporter, of al Sisi but. In fact since he took power in 2013. And cracked down on opposition, and dissidents terrorism. In Egypt has grown, some. 100. Christians, have been killed in a number of attacks in recent months, Coptic. Christians are the biggest religious, minority, in Egypt, 10%. Of the population, Muslims. Have also been attacked in mosque nearly all these attacks claimed, by that Isis branch mostly. Active in the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula but also in Cairo Alexandria, and, elsewhere plans. Had already been drawn up to step up security around, the Coptic, Christian Christmas, which is on January 7th now you, can imagine security. Will be doubled, up in London, grape alcott Fox, News all. Right well what about your Friday business. Briefs let's get an update from tracee Carrasco. Good. Morning it's the last trading, day of this record-breaking. Year on Wall Street Stocks, edged higher on Thursday regaining, some momentum, all three major markets, closed in positive, territory, Apple. Finally, apologizing. For its controversial, move to slow down older, phones saying it never, intentionally. Would shorten the life of any Apple product or degrade the user experience, to drive customer, upgrades, Apple. Also said it's taking $50, off the out of warranty battery. Replacements. For next year bringing that cost down to $29. For anyone with an iPhone starting. In late January, and a new software update will, also hit early next year that should help with the battery life the, holiday deals aren't over just yet today, is digital day on amazon.com, this, is the second annual day of digital deals amazon. Is offering savings, on thousands, of downloads like, movies, apps ebooks and, TV shows and it's, a chance for Amazon, to cash in on all the people who got new gadgets, over the holidays, that's, business for, more log on to Fox Business comm in New York I'm tracee carrasco, all, right Tracy thanks so much for that update on the business news while the wine country in California, continuing. To rebuild following. Some devastating, fires, while, the Thomas Fire in Southern California is at its in and its largest in state history the most destructive fires, are still the, fires have broke out here in Northern California back, in October, destroying nearly, 9,000. Structures many of them homes we actually stood here at Cigna, reloj winery, behind me a beautiful scenery but to my left this is what's left of the winery today it's been cleared and they hope to rebuild and have the new tasting, room open in two years check, out this scene as compared, to when we were here October, 9th the day are the morning after the fire burned, through parts of Napa you can see that, the rubble, from, Signorelli, winery, was extensive. The entire building, was completely, destroyed, but when you take into account that in Napa and Sonoma County, there are nearly 700, wineries, and only 22, were either damaged, or destroyed it gives, you the idea that wine, country is not in a desperate situation when, it comes to its locations, it's actually, in becoming a little more desperate situation when it comes to its tourism because, the tourist dollar obviously, pushes. The economy, here and there are a lot of people that haven't come to wine country after two weeks of solid, coverage of the fires back in October, now locals, say they need to come back and they do enjoy wine I couldn't because they wouldn't even really notice where the fire damage was located most people are very surprised.

They're Expecting, to see, charred. Areas burnt areas and. There. They're few and far between. Wineries. Like Dariush on Napa's, silver on a trail are reaching out to visitors try to encourage them to come back also up the hill where Signorelli burned they, can obviously not taste wine here for the next couple of years but what they can do is go to people's homes and taste wine reaching, out doing, the wide experience at home trying to do what they can to keep their market up as, they, recover there was also concerned about the rebuilding process here in wine country and how maybe government, might get in the way so far we're being told that has been streamlined for, example a winery, from concept to completion used, to be about six years narrow being told in Napa it's two, years to rebuild in Napa. California Adam, Housley Fox News all, right Adam thanks so much for that story out of wine country in California well one woman gives, unwavering. Support, to the Denver folk Police Department and they, support, her as well. For. A woman who has given a lot in her life today. Was, a day of receiving that, I like to learn her, name is Marsha burger, and she's, been on the Denver Police Department's, most-wanted list for, a long time I'm, out on the road and. We, mean that in the best, possible way, a guardian. Angel a, for-real. Guardian. Angel, for, us that's. The, best way I could put it believe it or not Berger's relationship. With Denver Police started, out as a complaint. I went, into the, then Captain. Whitman's office, in district 6 very, soon after it was charted, and. Complain. About. It really hot after, a while she noticed all the good and unsung. Things, police, do she. Slowly but, surely became. The Denver Police Department's. Number, one fan she, really lights up a room she she, gives us. You. Know more. Support than than. Anybody can burgers, boys in, blue knew she didn't have much money and put, the word out to fellow cops to, help their, guardian, angel classical. Music a GoFundMe. Account was, created an, when, Big Mike Naughton forward caught wind of burgers situation, well. Fast. Forward to today she's. A queen bee man, she's. The best, she. Really is it's. Humbling. It, I can't. Come. Up with the words it's. Overwhelming. In it's such a beautiful, way Marsha, Berger will tell you she doesn't have any family out there and that's, true, if you, don't count the 1,400, officers, of the Denver Police Department, Dan Daru Fox, 31. You. Hey, those of you watching Fox News now on YouTube, thanks so much for being with us this Friday, morning feel. Free to let us know what you're up to not just today but for the holiday. Weekend, we're, about to welcome in 2018. You. You. Welcome. Back to Fox News now you are taking a live, look at, the White, House in our nation's capital, Washington, DC. Certainly. Looks a little, chilly you can see the American flag waving, they're kind. Of on top of the White House pretty high up there you. Can see some traffic in the background and you can see the flags around the other monument, right behind the White House it, looks like a calm. Winter. Morning, there though. Hi. Everybody Pilar arias here with you thanks so much for joining us again well senator Al Franken yesterday. Gave, his goodbye, to supporters. And friends. In Minnesota, because, he, won't be in office much longer. Milano. Thank. You Alana. She. Left me with nothing. Nothing. To say. What, an amazing experience working with mallanna and. It's great to be here with you all. Serving. The people of Minnesota, in, the, United States Senate has been. The honor of my, life. And. I'm, here tonight to, say thank you. Many. Of you have, heard me. Talk about what it was like to. For. Me to grow up here, in Minnesota. My, dad was a printing salesman, my, mom. Sold, real estate part, time my. Brother and I grew up in a two-bedroom, one-bath house, and in st., Louis Park we studied hard in school and played. A lot of baseball and. A. Dinner. In front of, the. TV um. Good. Dinners these were not TV dinners mom is a great cook, but. We watched the TV news every, night what watch Walter Cronkite, and. I, felt like the luckiest, kid in the world. Because. I was I. Have. Spent my whole life. Feeling. Lucky and and grateful. They've. Grown up middle class in st.. Louis Park Minnesota, they've. Grown up feeling secure. To. Have grown up feeling that I could take a chance on, myself. That. I. Could go off to college I, could go, into comedy. That. I could write a book or start. A radio show. Saying. Things that I thought needed to be said, and. Later. On in life I could ask the people of Minnesota, to. Take a chance on me when. I. First thought about running. For office I, knew that our state and our country, faced, enormous challenges. I knew, that for far too many families.

That, Dream. Of a pure middle-class. Life was. Slipping further, and, further out of reach I knew that the, values, that my parents, taught me while. We ate dinner and watched, the. News. Justice. Compassion. And. Integrity has, seemingly. Begun. To. Vanish, from our, politics, and I. Hope that I could make a difference. But. I wasn't a professional politician. I'd, never done anything like, this before I, didn't. Know what to expect and of course the either did Minnesotans. People. Knew that I was passionate about the, issues. But. They didn't know if I was serious about the work. They. Knew what I believed, in but they didn't know whether they, could, believe in, in me. All. These years later I am, deeply proud of, the work that I've been able to do on Minnesotans. Behalf. Helping. Helping. Tens of thousands. Of Minnesotans. Gain access to health care. Right. Riding. The energy title, in the farm bill getting, funding, to rebuild. The. Bug Oh Ganesha. High School on Leech, Lake. And. And. So much more but. I'm. Also deeply humbled. Because. I know that. None. Of this work would have been possible, without so, many people. So. Many people have worked for me or supported, my campaigns, or organized, around the fights that I've taken on or just given me a chance to earn their trust. There. Are a lot of people here tonight that I, want to thank but. I have to start with, Frannie. Huh. Politics. Is a hard job I. Don't. Know how anyone manages, to do it without being married to someone who. Is so loyal so. Selfless. So. Tough, so. Caring. Frankly, I don't know how anyone manages, to, do it without being married to Frannie I. Know. That. I know. That I couldn't, have Frannie, has, been. By my side during, every step of this journey, just. As she has been throughout. Our. 42, years of marriage frankly. For a, lot. Of Minnesotan that's the only reason they were willing to. Hear me out in the first place. Was. That they met her and. Thought. Anyone. Who's, you. Know been, willing to stay married. That. Long. If. Annie's been willing to be married to for that long mutt he must have something going, for him. Whatever. It is that we do next. We. Will do it together and while. I can, ever thank her, enough. For. Loving. Sport. I'm. Willing to spend, the rest of my life trying honey. Frannie's. Here tonight with our kids.

Thomasin. And Joe. And, our. Son-in-law. Brody. Stephanie's. With some, of the kids. I. Love. Them all so much and, I. Know many of you have come to love them as well and. I. Hope you'll join me in giving them a huge hand. Oh. Over. The years I've I've, leaned hard on my family. But. I've also leaned on a. Group of people who have become, a lot like family to us and, that. Is my staff, as, a. Parent. There is nothing more gratifying than. Having. Someone tell, you how great your kids are and as a senator, I hear, all the time all. The time about. How great my staff, is. How. Hard, these men, and women work and how much they do for the people that we serve I. Am. Constantly, amazed, by their brilliance, their dedication, their Incred. Incredible. Creativity. Their, integrity and, more. Than occasionally, their sense of humor. More. Than occasionally. A. Little. More. And. I'm especially proud that so. Many of them have been with, me for so long like, Alana like Alana Peterson, the. Leader of my team. The, leader. Leader. Of my team in the state from day one, who. Knows more, about Minnesota. Has done more for Minnesota, than just about anyone. Alive except, Walter. Mondale Alana. Told. Me to say that. Good. Staff work. Good. -. Alana, and to everyone, who's worked for me either on a campaign, or in my offices in DC, and, in Minnesota let me say this one. Of. The hardest things about leaving, this job will be not getting to work alongside, you. Every. Day. But. I cannot, wait to see what you'll do next I will always be proud of you I'll. Always be grateful to, you, and, I. Will never ever stop bragging. About you. I. Also. Want to. Say. Thank you to my senior senator. Amy. Klobuchar. Hi. I could. Not have asked for a better mentor, in, the. United, States thank. You thank, you. And. Part of the People Power grassroots. Those, of you still with us on YouTube you have asked for an update on the trench collapse out of Ohio yesterday so I will get that for you. I. Met. Countless. Activists. Who. Have been pouring their energy, and for the important works work, of grassroots. Organizing. For. Years and sometimes even, for. Decades, a lot. Of those folks would, laugh if. You, describe them as political power, players. But. I have seen firsthand how much power there is in organizing. A phone bank. Or. Marching, in a parade or throwing, a bean feed and after. All when you win your first race by, 312. Votes. It. Really drives home how big, a difference. One. Person's, work, can can. Make. Over. The last few. Weeks I've heard from a lot of DFL, errs around the state. You. You. Welcome, back to Fox News now you are taking a live look at Times Square in New, York City or, they are preparing, for the big crystal. Ball drop this Sunday, night they. Actually did a confetti, test this, morning. They, are doing everything that they can to make sure that they are prepared. And. Security. Is going, to be unprecedented. As what they're calling it they're going to be very strict with security. Out there, he'll. Our areas here with you this Friday morning well yesterday we, actually covered a trench, collapse that happened, in Ohio, I'll, have an update for you. Here's. Video that we showed you they, were live aerials, yesterday, on Fox News now, because, we have live, streams, across, the nation even across the world so. We have found out this wasn't morrow Ohio, a construction. Worker was killed yesterday when, a trench collapsed.

Now That was according to Warren County, officials, the, coroner, has identified the. Victim as 25. Year-old Zachary. Hass. Of. Mason. The. Inci

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