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In this episode, of follow Japan, for challengers, from Japan we'll work together to try to win. $10,000. In cash prize, money, but. Will they be able to survive our challenges, will. They beat their American, rivals and who will make a very, special appearance in the middle of the show stay. Tuned because here. Comes. Follows. Hello. Everyone my name is Steve and I am your host for this very first episode of follow, Japan, Gear live in Little, Tokyo allow, me to introduce you to my special. Assistant very. Cute guest Toby, Dean. Can. You believe that this is our very first episode of follow, Japan, here, in Little Tokyo and we've, assembled a great, great cast of people who came all the way from Japan can, you help me introduce us to Team. Japan. He. Came all the way from Japan. He's a famous comedian, in Japan and. Now. He has. More than half a. Second. I saw David. He's. An activist been in Hollywood movies and also artists Keanu Reeves, Gail's. Are those commercials, and TV series. Mom. Will take coach oh this gosh I forgot a dick about. It. Tracy and chicken they. Have been one of the most famous TV shows on Netflix they. Also have a happy couple YouTube, channel, changer, parenting appoints were provided, by a downtown, LA local, fashion gun project, Angeles. Who. You but kudos on zeros Lynette. I. Destroy, to resolve you to Tokyo tastes oh my gosh II know it. Sounds. You're gonna an election oddity Colangelo, name on this little. Tokyo was founded in the late 18th, century as a thriving, community, of Japanese, businessmen, and craftsmen, the, original inhabitants had a tremendous, impact on the Los Angeles economy, throughout the 1920s, and, 30s until, the bombing of Pearl Harbor which. Led to the incarceration, of all japanese-americans. Little. Tokyo has survived much hardship, over the years yet, it remains as the most iconic destination. For Japanese, culture, and history in Los Angeles. Allow. Me to explain the rules of this very first follow Japan challenge, there will be three games in total in, each game your goal will be to earn as many points as, possible the, first game will be a bit of a warm-up the second game will be Genting for the guys and the, last and third game will be for the ladies only at, the end of the three games we will tally up all the points you have earned and apply, them toward time to, complete the, final follow Japan challenge, if you, complete, the final Japan challenge, you will have a chance, to take home.

Thousand. Dollars, in cash. $10,000. Jocko. KU hye-sun Oh challenge Oh so. I'd. Like to start by thanking the Japanese, American, National Museum for, allowing us the use of its plasma for this follow Japan, challenge, the. Japanese, American, National Museum, or. Janam is, the largest museum, in the United States dedicated, to sharing the experiences, of Japanese, Americans, the, museum's, mission is to promote understanding and, appreciation, of America's, ethnic and cultural diversity by. Sharing the Japanese American experience, there, is always lots of interesting, events as well, as special exhibitions. Going on at janam, now. Let me explain our rules, our first event today is called silent kimono, money you. Will compete together in pairs you, can see I have arranged, for decks. Of cards here, on the table each, deck represents, a different category. Occupations. Movies. Animals. And sports, after. Choosing a category, one of the members of your pair will flip the top card over, and show it to your partner your, partner now, has two silent, mono money or, silently, act out what's written on the card, and you will have to guess what that card says, if, your teammate gets the right answer you, will switch positions, and continue, with the next card if you cannot figure it out you can pass and move on to the next card you, will have exactly one minute to try and guess as many as you can each card will be worth ten points and, you all play two rounds, stop, doubting, a second each other masks are high. Nice, touch cockles and ozone. Okay. A first, chuckle, tyshee, let's, choose your categories. We have animals. We. Have sports. We. Have occupation. Movies. Scotto. Dornish Moscow. Occupations. Occupation. Are. You ready for the one-minute silent, mono money challenge here. We. Three. To. Tie. Him up with his name. Okay. Next up we have. Which. One we choose sports. Sports, animal. Animals. Or. Movie. Movie, which, one will you go with go, to Moscow. Are. You guys ready for the one minute silence muddle money challenge, here, we go yo. Two. Categories. Remaining, movies, and, sports. Movie. Movies. It, is this. Is round two silent, moan Omani challenge and you have chosen movies. Already. A one minute here we go, y'all. All. Right up next is round two with two, and. Final. Minutes are you ready. Yeah. Points. Go. Let's go ah soon as it is. So. You know challenging, Optimus, you okay, house you talked us on me only I got Iman sorry but I'm walking to my life I'm on the right Iman what. We're. Calling our team us Leonor there yeah so. It's, like but you're high. You. Don't smash oh. Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Okay. You. Didn't, think you got. Where's. Your boy. At, Coachella. I. Do. Olin, gonji, gonji no. There is no ganja. Hold. One gene. For. Mr.. Tokyo. Ah super. Yeah. Yeah. Oh. Okay. Yeah. Indiscernible. Dominic. Monsieur. Japanese-american. Community, center. No nada. The home tear named. Round. Two will be held at the Japanese, American, cultural, and community center, also known as J. ACCC. Their. Mission is to bring the community as well as professionals, together to appreciate, traditional, and contemporary Japanese.

Culture, In Southern California and, the world beyond, people. Come from all over the world to see the traditional, Japanese, garden hidden. Away within the confines, of the property. Kanazawa. Our high, saying Chateau a painter. Like a mouthful please, welcome, team, u.s.. Buta, see pasar and Rio motto, keep. Those fun flocks and challenges, on YouTube and makes hilarious videos, with his girlfriend, Mariah. Carey. Macaque Parana, has more than 1 million followers on Instagram, and YouTube, she. Does life style and beauty videos, on the channel and, has a lot of fans. Garret. Dinner he's, super good at skateboarding his. Channel has a lot of great skateboard. Tricks, Team. USA's, uniform, was provided, by brief another, la fashion, event they, made a specialty mural painting of our first, episode. Here's, who your challenge may this is Team Japan came all the way from here take a look at him pick a good let's chase them up size them up do you think we can handle this group oh yeah. So. Kutari Antonio Kaka, nice taking my soul as, you, can see this challenge is for the guy is only you, have a table here set up with three different types of food there, are spicy ramen there. Are rice balls called, onigiri and Japanese, and finally, there are dried. Bugs. Insects. For you to eat you. Need to completely finish everything, on your, plate you, need to swallow everything in your mouth and you need to show me your empty, palate before, I will, guide to tell you to come back and pick up your next plate to challenge this will be a three minute, challenge you, will have to complete this and when, time expires if, there is any food left on, your plates or in your mouth they will not count you will lose those, points. Are you, ready, Papapa song hi but checking on aquatic toka solely on air I love ramen than, the rice bowls. How. We feelin man you're ready for the challenge, ready he. Is ready, I love everything, over there you're, ready to go baby, Kashi sighs oh, no. This guy toast. You I yes hold you get all this rule, we didn't think in my store so. Now you're gonna meet up meet you Jane there I'm, very hard just I got a very nice guy. All. Right guys are you ready here, we go round two of the follow Japan food challenge, three minutes, are you ready guys here we go. I. Thought. Americans can eat faster than that guys come on represent, baby, going. Up there in the sky. Mother, Scott okay. Then. You. Guys gotta finish every last. Good. Baby. One more buddy hey. Tammy, we're, mugger in guys half way through. Another. Is so much easier my way through, what's. Your top started easy is alright how. We looking, cos he's not gonna. Well. Done, gentlemen, well, done. Takako sang, super. Ashida snare.

Donkey. Some caitanya. A nice guy, the humor stopped three times a, day on air ron lee haesu's x @ o almost. Leone, Guinea show an EGD Wow, talk. At all boys very, well done very good. Very. 8:1 right spot and 15, place October. Baseball. Europe. East, 35. Points for one raised or attitude spicy wrong. Amazing. Here. You see anybody. Whatever. It is. Send. Me my Sam, Venus. I'll hear noise screeches I get myself a show car. Attention. Everyone attention please. Special, guests that all tolls all this with great pleasure, I would like to introduce you all to Instagram, sensation. And super star then, lean Barack. For. A first episode of Paulo Japan, a special, guest is Celine for us, she's, a young superhot, singer, and model recently, popular, in Japan she brought the challengers, who favor a socket for their lunch break. Go. Ahead, and try it. Very. Smooth, what do you think yeah it was a say it's really very smooth a little a little sweet a little bit yeah I like it a lot. And I can. See. And live. It's sweet it's. It's. Easy to drink. Soda. Boys, go. Take out your blindfolds. And, go, ahead and put it on the ladies. The. Female members entice you got blindfolded. Where. Are they taking them is. Even swinging, up to something. Everybody. Take off your eye masks, please ladies, remove, your eye mask hei, you, put it on the table in front of you please, thank. You we, are now in a private, room at fuga, one, of the best, Japanese, restaurants, in all of Little Tokyo if, you want to experience the finest, Japanese dining. With a wide variety of menu options fuga. Is the perfect, place for you. As. You may have noticed round three has already begun ladies, do you remember the sake that's leaned toward for you during lunch remember. What you drink. Selene. Will now pour you three, different kinds of sake what, you will need to do is guess which, one of those sake of the three new ones was, the same that you drank during lunch if, you choose correctly you will receive 25. Points each. Let's, get your mass spect on mekakushi, let's get the grass on air sorry. De huaah iki, basho follow. Japan, Kiki. Saki challenge. This. Coconutty, flavor at the end which I see, but when you said coconuts. Low. Calorie. He's. Got three beads one. Seed. Saline, our, beautiful hostess has your. Correct answer which she will now present, to you. This. Is a hakuto Jim McKeen Joe this is fruity, rag flowery aroma well balanced and very smooth, slightly, dried. Baby's. General. Do. You remember these, cups that Celine and I have in our hands, they. Were the cups I believe you drank from it lunch today is that correct, the. Next key key challenge, is buttery our. Challengers, must guess which one of these three parties we made but the same artists, who made the little cups they used this.

Is Quite a challenge. They. Were Satsuki. Ma show photo, Japan Kiki, Toki Dora - okay. Like. To discuss any further yourselves. Hours. Will. It be a. B. Or. C. Celine. What, is our answer please. Career, lasted a game that arica, in disgust of the sunless. Care. About, she, was man 2, keepo, nice Africa, hosted, a economic, society. Shaka. - no, all your, stuff cheap for you to say that kind of subunit of choice. Are. And, everybody let's review, our scores, at the end of this round we have 25. Points. Reena. 25, points. Congratulations. Well done, and, Mariah, 25. Points, we've done well well. Well, done, everybody. A. Mustache. So. Freakin, fun and, watching guys. See. You again. What. Committees, theater company, club. If they take you two to be declared, Japanese, the committee. In the doughnuts the deal that he wants, to take you to be like a club. Sigh. Yo, yo yo Japan, lastest, Asia after, my Okaka de I don't know this. Is. Joey, that's dated like the Challenger, ah ha. The. Last challenge will require the, full team's effort, the, first team member will throw a ping pong ball, into a machine that will blast that ball up into the air the. Second team member must catch the ball in the bowl mount it on top of his helmet once. He has the ball he must manipulate the, obstacle, course they. Will repeat this three times as the. Third and fourth team members receive the ping pong balls, they, will use the numbers written on them to try to open the three-digit, combination to, the glass box containing. $10,000. And grand prize, cash. Money. Sigh. So no round today Neha Cooney's you point to 20, bucks a net tiny. Rounded 8 not as you go point top die surrounded Aimee's, you go point though. So. This your name how much. You. Need sweetie. When, I was whole. Alrighty, guys are, you. Little. Tokyo final, challenge. Though. Follow. Japan, little. Tokyo final. Challenge, here we go, you're. Right. Yes. We. Give us. Numbers. Zero. Zero okay. I got it. I've. Got a menu about dinner. Oh. Boy. Ah. Sorry. Yeah. Coordinate, oh okay. See. Ya what other. Oh. Awesome. Yoku, - hi. Hi. What. A fun day thank. You so much for coming I hope you guys had a great time boys. Tennouji. Channel. Mean asam I need. Know. Thank. You so much for watching follow, Japan, if. You like our video please like and subscribe to, our channel check. Out our challengers, Inspiron, YouTube channels as well links. Are in the description, below, thank, you, and yah.

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Hello! :) The History of premodern Japan. We made free teaching material movies. Could you please watch this material in your classroom or homework? The course aims to provide students with an overview of the history of premodern Japan, from the oldest traces of civilization on the Japanese archipelago to the founding of the Tokugawa Bakufu at the start of the seventeenth century. Thank you!

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