Ford Holiday River Parade 2017 - San Antonio

Ford Holiday River Parade 2017 - San Antonio

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The. Foreign, holiday river parade and landing ceremony, is brought, to you by Ford. And your South Texas Ford dealers, Ford is, the best, in Texas the. Parade is presented, by visit, San Antonio thrilled, that you've chosen this unforgettable, San Antonio experience, as part, of your holiday celebration. And presented. By Santa. Coates entertainment, be, a part, of the legacy and brought. To you by the San, Antonio Riverwalk, Association. Visit. The San Antonio Riverwalk calm. Good. Evening happy, holidays, and welcome, to, beautiful scenic. Historic, downtown. San Antonio Texas. The Alamo, City on, what has to be one of the best weather nights we've ever had for this event here we welcome you into 2017. Ford. Holiday, river parade along the water here in the artisan river theater I am Ernie Zuniga and I've d'Alene Matthew Happy Holidays everyone, and welcome, to the beautiful San Antonio Riverwalk, honestly. We could not have asked for better weather it is, absolutely. Gorgeous there's no when the floats won't be drift. Right, I'll be right on schedule, and you know this year our theme is Christmas, at the movies so what is your favorite Christmas movie, that's tough the. Grinch. Yes. You, will have a chance to play at home more than two dozen floats, with the Christmas movies will come along so hopefully yours will will be there as well we have an amazing grand marshal as well and jolly, ol Saint Nick might make an appearance too so a lot to get to over the next hour but first we must take care of business right, across the way over there with, the third member of our team and our good friend Sean, Stevens well. Welcome everybody to the world-famous San, Antonio, Riverwalk for, the 2017. Ford. Holiday. River parade and lighting, ceremony, and speaking of lighting ceremony, we're, about ready to light, up the San Antonio Riverwalk and officially kick off to 2017. Holiday. Season, and to help us light and then throw the switches and light the Riverwalk we have a few representatives. From some of our sponsors Adam, Tidwell representing, the Ford Motor company representing. Santikos theaters, david, holmes and representing. Visit san antonio, andres, Munez, and, representing. The San Antonio River, a so I walk Association. We have Lawrence Satterlee and Maggie, Thompson. We're, also. We're. Also joined tonight's, by the San Antonio mayor, Juan. Nierenberg and his son, and wife, and before we flipped that switch like to the vice mayor Newburgh to sheriffy. Happy. Holidays Merry Christmas San, Antonio. Welcome. To the 36th. Annual lighting. Of the Riverwalk one of the most beautiful, places in the nation so, if you're here thank, you for coming out to celebrate with us if, you're watching at home look. At the beautiful lights come down to the San Antonio Riverwalk and enjoy all the great festivities, that, we get to show off to our entire community in the nation and, if. That's not enough don't, forget, that, we're also celebrating, the seventh annual light. Up downtown contest. So, tonight when we light up these, lights from the Riverwalk there will be businesses, all across downtown. Showing. Their festive spirit as well and you, at home get to decide who's the best by, going to light up downtown And you can vote online starting. Tonight so, happy holidays Merry Christmas thank. You for being here and we, also want to thank all the city, of San Antonio crews, that slip, that put all these lights up to celebrate our tradition so let's get underway and get, this holiday, tradition, kicked off. Alright ladies and gentlemen man your switches. And. I'm gonna need a little participation. From our audience we're going to do the countdown starting. At 10 let's. Go ten. Never. Disappoints. Doesn't matter how many times you're down here along the Riverwalk and, we, counted the lane and I counted before tonight it's a hundred twenty two thousand. Lights I expected. More to be honest I think about it all the trees lining, the Riverwalk nonetheless, it, is an absolutely. Gorgeous, stunning. Night for this and how, magical, is that seeing all the trees just weakling, with lights it's, gonna be a wonderful show and when we come back we're, gonna begin the parade. And. Welcome. Back to the 2017. Ford, holiday river parade in beautiful. Downtown San. Antonio along. The Riverwalk and we begin with their very first float. The grand marshal representing. Our first Christmas movie Santa Paws to the.

Santa, Pups is this year's parade, grand marshal, Cheryl. Ladd recognize. Her, along, with some adorable puppies now. For the older people like myself out there you, might remember her for her most famous role as one of the original Charlie's. Angels, in the, famous television series, but, again, as we've heard earlier she played mrs. Claus in the 2012, Disney movie Santa Paws to the. Santa pups featuring, four adorable, puppies who, saved Christmas around, the world she looks fantastic, and. Like. A true angel, right absolutely she's joined on the float by her husband, Brian Russell daughter, Jordan Ladd and, fellow las casas Foundation, board members as well Cheryl is an avid, supporter of the Las Casas scholarship program which provides more, than $100,000. A year to, young performing. Artists and you had a feeling there would be pups or puppies on the float and indeed there. Are there are so there hope there they are our little four-legged friends are out there. Could, you watch great. Way to start our parade tonight. Crowd, loves it too. So, again if you're just joining us moments ago they lit all of the cypress trees here with about 120, mm, lights and Elaine mentioned the. Weather issues in the past not, a worry tonight. It. Is absolutely, stunning tonight traders, village here. Comes our second load their theme white. Christmas, of course. 1954. Famous, film starring, Bing Crosby, and Rosemary, Clooney traders, village is the largest weekly flea markets and family, entertainment complex, in the city of San Antonio every. Year the markets 1 million guests have to discover the treasures, of a lifetime, now that's a suit right there. Traders. Village is spread, over 100, acres on Southwest loot for 10 and old Piersall Road here in San Antonio shoppers. From around the world come, for the bargain hunting the theme, park rides and the family festivals, year-round. And. It's not Bing Crosby but we, have white Christmas on the phone here. Beautiful. Enjoyment. Of, the theme park rides and bride all day. All right on to our third flow here and they just popped the confetti, here as they come under Rosita's, bridge here riding on the Christmas movie, favorite Scrooged.

San. Antonio riverwalk association. 2017. Riverwalk, royalty. Courts, and. There. They are we, have the Queen Claudia, girl follow King. Michael girl follow the princess Christian, Vasquez, Prince Spurs, Jesus, Duke. Ruben Valdez and Duchess Nicole Galindo, and count Brian, Wood and, of course if you don't know who the Spurs Jesus, is it is our number one fan our one Spurs band for the San Antonio Spurs of course now, the scene antonio riverwalk association. Puts on this fabulous annual. Parade they do such a wonderful job and over, 25 events, throughout, the entire year they also put out the monthly publication, rio magazine, right. There dedicated, to promote protect and preserve the number one tourist attraction in texas the, San Antonio Riverwalk, so thankfully the Spurs were not playing tonight and Spurs Jesus was able to be here. All. Right. They're themed it's, a wonderful, life. I'll. Spare you my Jimmy sword impression, tonight but instead of Bedford Falls it represents, a wonderful life here in San Antonio, welcoming. You to San Antonio and other than our wonderful mayor the Honorable Ron, Nierenberg and, council members representing, all ten council, districts, who improve the quality of life for the more than 1.4, million, San. Antonio residents. Now. You may notice the 300. On, the sides of some of these floats now in, 2018. San, Antonio is celebrating, its tri centennial, we're. Gonna be 300 years old, it's awesome a year-long celebration of, over 400, events is going on so, for more information all you have to do is head to their website the, San Antonio Riverwalk comm to find out a little bit more about all those events but over 12 million of these folks visit the beautiful San Antonio Riverwalk making, it the number one destination in, the entire state and you even notice on the barges which by the way this is the first time in the parade we are seeing these particular. Larges, there, they have the 300, they're engraved. At the sides of these water parties, all. Right. Parade. This. Float is sponsored. By our gracious Prince boxers we mentioned for now Ford is dedicated, to building great, products, and, to strengthening, their business, to the benefits, of the communities, this is the foundation, or fort success, which helped Ford become a global, automotive, industry leader on six.

Continents With a hundred ninety five thousand, employees across. Sixty five plants, all over, the world the, South Texas port dealers are honored to join together and bring this event to you and hope you and your family have a happy, holiday. Season that's. The only snowman you're gonna see here in San Antonio oh these. Are awesome dancers, and, I saw the warming up and I'm just impressed, by how. Flexible, they. Will. Watch them as we go to break here as we come back much more the 2017, Ford holiday River Perez. And, we are back in. The artisan river theater along the beautiful San Antonio Riverwalk for the Ford holiday, River, parade and that is the artisan River theater packed not an empty seat in the house no sold-out, crowd tonight 50,000. People here. In the artists in River Theatre of course and then it just winds all the way through the Riverwalk as we watch our next float come in Santikos entertainment, their theme Star. Wars coming. From a galaxy far far away we, have the Santikos entertainment, Star, Wars float, the force is strong with this one Ernie it looks as if the battle is raging, on, the planet. For. This year's theme Christmas. At the movies of course. Fanboy here, okay. The, last Jedi blasted Santikos theaters, here in December so, you, can keep that in mind of course though founded, in 1911, in, 2015. Santikos entertainment, became the only theater in the company, company. In the country I should say it's operate as a social enterprise this, year they plan to serve their mission of giving back and distributing, twenty six million dollars, to various San Antonio area charities, through, the John L Santikos, Charitable. Foundation that's, a fun of the San Antonio area foundation. And. Coming. Up under the bridge now lanterns. Chart house salt, grass rain forests their, theme a Christmas, story celebrate, a Christmas story by dining, at Landry's, collection. Of iconic restaurants, they're so, good at land receive food house taste. Of Texas Gulf. Coast Legend. And indulge, in the best regional seafood, along. The Riverwalk rainforest, cafe you've been there taking your kiddos of course takes you on an unforgettable adventure complete. With waterfalls. Lush, vegetation and. Of. Course creatures. That. Come to life it is a wild place to shop and an awesome, place to eat you. Can take dining and entertainment to the sky with the revolving, Chart House restaurant, observation. Deck and forty theater that 750. Feet in, the air above, the Tower, of the Americas set. The tree frog right there, yes. From rainforest cafe 25. Years of perfection, salt grass steakhouse is to cut above the rest, offering, Certified, Angus beef steaks the finest in the world alongside. Ribs, burgers. Fresh, seafood and more are you hungry yet, yeah. But no frog legs, not. Tonight not, tonight all right Jerry Plaza Riverwalk. He's, our next float tonight they're themed. Muppets. Christmas from. 1992. Now. Located, on San Antonio's, historic, Riverwalk, this, place opened up its, doors within the beautifully, restored Alamo, a National, Bank building in. 2007. And of course what. Is more fun a Muppet, Christmas sponsored. By the San Antonio jury, Plaza Riverwalk, the official, hotel for. The 2017. Ford. Holiday. River parade and, actually, it's not very far. Hotels. Boast. Nine properties in San Antonio with just over 130. Hotels, throughout, the, United, States. And. Else the elf is their theme. Who. Is also a Texan, and just, as Buddy the elf always. Knows what to say to spread holiday cheer the, elves at Eva's heroes know. How to make Christmas magical. Every year, for teenagers and young adults with intellectual, special, needs IBAs Heroes participates, live. In. The Alamo City where they participate, in community, activities summer. Enrichment programs, and si sibs, that, are unique and enriching. And we might just see them in a little bit, all. Right as we take a look at San, Antonio all lit, up and tweet the lights we're gonna take a break, we'll be right back.

All. Right moving right along here our tenth float this evening as we welcome you back to the 2017, Ford Holiday River parade we, all love toys from this next float here Santa's workshop. Also. Sponsored, by Eva's heroes and si. Si. Sims is one of eva hero Eva's heroes amazing, programs, for siblings who. Have a brother or a sister with intellectual. Special, needs Eva's, Heroes does so much for somebody people in our community when, they're not busy making toy's in Santa's workshop though, Eva's, Heroes is creating opportunities for siblings to meet for coffee. Participate. In all kinds of different activities. Tonight. Right now holiday. Remove frayed. Some. Kids are looking at like what is snow, you're, in South Texas you're not used to seeing snow but. National. Lampoon's, Christmas vacation is. That Kimberly and, Esteban. Oh. David. Buster's there we go all right Nightmare Before Christmas it's. A right to imagine a spooky Christmas, but Nightmare, Before Christmas was. Actually a big holiday hit Ernie the, floater sponsored by David Buster's River Center and features wonderful, Christmas operation. Yeah. You, could say that Dave and Buster's River Center is proud to celebrate the holiday season downtown, there's always something, new at Dave & Buster's the only place. To eat drink play and watch sports all under, one roof it's, a fun place, absolutely. Visit, one of their two great San Antonio locations, today happy, holidays from the Dave & Buster's team. -. All. Right Sinclair Broadcast eh now, is that Kimberly or Esteban, it. Is for. The Christmas rush oh yes, no I think it's Kimberly and Esteban well, the Sinclair San Antonio broadcast, stations provide award-winning, local news and lifestyle programming, as, well as entertainment, programming, on, NBC. Fox and the CW network's. No cousin Eddie on this float here but the station's take an active role in the community working with dozens of nonprofit, groups to, improve the lives of, San. Antonio's, and. I got to give a shout out to our friend, Xavier. Spinning, the vinyl, they're all the ones in truth yes, I say here one of these one of the best DJs. In our. List, all. Right. Whataburger. Coming, in next. Recognize. Those characters, isn't, that your favorite yeah they're British alright here's mr., Grinch, around. The corner sponsored, by what a burger but wait I. Like. That Whataburger, beep. I just had a water burger that's why they're, always looking for ways to bring more joy and cheer to our community, and customers, not just during the holidays but, year round as. We immerse the riverwalk in lights you can join Whataburger, in carrying some of that magic, and lights throughout, the year. Kids. Like that one. Alright. And we have extra. Grinch entertainment. On the stage here as we watch this we'll toss it over to Sean Stevens well, of course the holiday river parade would not be impossible without the Ford Motor Company and representing Ford Motor Company Adam, did well here joining us in Adam, Ford's. Been with us for a long time how long has for been part of the River parade and what, keeps you guys so evolved and coming back yeah, so we've been doing this now for 15, years the, South Texas Ford dealers just enjoy bring some holiday magic to you and your families through, the Ford holiday river parade, I mean, this is a st. Antonio tradition, and we're. Just proud to be part of it I mean we like to think of ourselves as Santa's little fruit elves this time of year just bringing some holiday cheer at. Ford obviously we go further to. Make our vehicles better our family our employees happier and. Planned. A little bit a better place to live in so from, all of us at Ford just want to say have a safe and happy holidays, and we're just we're just blessed to be here so thank you again thanks, for bringing, hell to the parade for us and forever folks home.

Watching. It and beautiful, evening for it let's take it back we're gonna be back here just bit swim see Santa so obviously there's a whole lot more to come here from the floor holiday river program. And. Hello, again everyone, walks us back to downtown San Antonio and. The beautiful Riverwalk, what a gorgeous evening right so far so good hey, it's about as good as I could ever recall. Well. Shawn's our meteorologist, here so he's getting a lot of love for the weather tonight but delaying, Matthew or nazuna get here with 50,000, of our friends, friends, yeah of them all having a great time wait for Santa Santa's, coming though a. Little. Bit but first though gotta. Hear from Charlie, Brown and I hurt media, here and who, doesn't love to Charlie Brown a little. Piano. Song here this float is sponsored by iheartmedia and, cue 101 9 at San Antonio's Christmas, radio station, for, nearly 20 years cue, 101 9 has been San Antonio's official Christmas station, play, nothing but, Christmas, music, all season, long yeah whether it's white, Christmas, last. Christmas, celebrate. Me ho no, place like home the holidays Feliz, Navidad or, happy. Holidays the greatest Christmas favorites -, the latest greatest, holiday, renditions, played all day long every single day right there cue, 101.9. Can you see some of our friends from the San Antonio Humane, Society, on the float as well so you get in the holiday spirit with Murphy, Sam and Jody in the morning J James and Robin Rock while you work and nights with 2. San. Antonio's, Christmas. Station. Okay. Do you remember this fun song of, dancing. Movie, snags let's, all go to the lobby folks, at home can't, smell it but. A wonderful popcorn, scent from since air is, coming from this float I'm gonna just you go ahead and snip. Go ahead so, writing is delicious, movie snacks are the UTSA, Confucius, Institute, Sunday, Chinese, school teachers, students, and parents this. School provides year-round Chinese, language programs in Chinese culture programs, to Street preschool, to high school-age students as well. As adults, the school has more, than 160, students from, three years to 65. Years old I'm smelling that is smell anything yet to you. I'm. Working on it I'm trying I wouldn't. Programs. Chinese. Chen style Tai Chi dragons, dance here I mean just amazing amazing, performances. I don't, on the home alone, the. Original, Miley because they've made like five home Alone's this is original, and. Writing on the float our central ambassadors, and winners from the only in San Antonio Final. Four sweepstakes, with. Central you're never alone in the heart of the city their ambassador, team and bright yellow shirts help 1 million plus visitors, and residents every, year navigate. San Antonio's beautiful historic, downtown, yeah their team is dedicated to making your experience, extraordinary. Now. Join Centro every, Tuesday December 8th travis park for, free holiday, movies. All right on to the Texas Cavaliers, here in King Antonio, ninety-fifth. Michael. Casillas and his family and friends are riding on the Texas Cavaliers holiday float since, 1926. The, Cavaliers, have been part of San Antonio's, culture, and, Fiesta, yeah. Today it's an organization, of 600. Business, civic, and community leaders, who dedicate, their time and talents supporting, San Antonio area nonprofits. Through the Texas cavalier charitable foundation. Over. The past 26 years at Texas Cavaliers, charitable foundation is given over, 5 million, dollars, to local children's, charities in. San, Antonio that, is, a gorgeous float, I love, it regal, alright let's send things over to shot now Keyshawn, hey, it's a beautiful evening you'd mentioned that earlier I'm, having a blast down here right along the Riverwalk and join the floats join, me right now with visit, San Antonio, as Andres munis, and we've.

Been Seeing tonight's a fantastic. Reason why folks should come and visit San Antonio specially during the holiday season but you. Know and I know that there's a whole lot more to see and do in San Antonio especially. With the big year coming up in 2018, yeah Shawn so 36, million visitors, a year cannot, be wrong it is a perfect, city to come and visit and today we celebrated the lighting of the river but, there's so much as you said the, Alamo no the world heritage designated. Missions, the parts are open year-long we, have so many museums natural. Arts museums, sama, we have so many great museums, out there in the city that, it's a great city to come for, every age and for every occasion and next, year is a huge, celebration, we're, turning 300, that's. A great happy birthday right, those. Dozen don't come on often, and we're gonna celebrate it all year long. Years of history and the only thing that people have to do is to go to visit San Antonio comm and there, you were gonna find all the specials all the information, about what goes on in the city for the 300th, celebration, oh I'm, looking forward to that and I hope that everybody watching at home can come out and visit us about 300 celebration, andres thanks so much for joining us all, right Ernie d'Alene take you back to you all. Right Shawn thank you very much and right, there sitter stage look at this group right now these are members, of the Northeast school of the arts Lisa they, are gifted, or talented, as a magnet, school for students with creative, abilities and it. Is pretty, phenomenal when you listen to them they can see they could dance they complete instruments, I mean they're really talented kids, all of the performers, you've seen tonight on the stage come, from. Anissa, here, and they've, been around since, 1997. So 20, years and. They. Have stuff going on all the time they've celebrated, their 20th anniversary last. Year with an exciting production, of The Phantom of the Opera and, we're listening to the young. Man they're tickling the ivories on, the piano here he's been great to me yeah, 400, students they work in seven different seven, different art majors, so. That includes cinema creative.

Writing. Instrumental. Music, musical. Theater technical. Theater visual. Arts so basically if, you're in San Antonio you have a kid who wants to act sing dance you. Send them right, there, alright, well they're gonna play us to break hearing we'll be right back with a whole lot more from the Ford holiday, River parade. Still. Waiting for Santa, here to make an appearance in the 2017, Ford holiday river parade but plenty, of other familiar faces to see before he arrived. The flying in from the North Pole is the next holiday classic, sponsored, by SeaWorld, San. Antonio. I. Want. To teach my dogs how to do that alright, seven, point nine nine, nine nine nine or eight million Christmas, lights plus Rudolph's famous red nose but like the way this Christmas, at the SeaWorld, San Antonio, yeah you heard d'Alene right see. Wells Christmas celebration, features eight million. Twinkling. Lights plus festive shows like what you're seeing here a little taste of pizza high features. All, rescued. Animals like the ones you see there how difficult, is it the jump rope and a movement barge, with. The dog with a dog so. You can make your plans to visit SeaWorld. Throughout the holidays and they're eight million. Twinkling. Lights that's, awesome. Pretty. Cool. And. See what San Antonio is just an awesome place to go any time of year but can you imagine the entire park lit up it. Is beautiful. They're Christmas. Trees everywhere, lots, to do yeah, great photo-op photo op by the way if you're looking for a great photo op for you and the kids - it's beautiful. Very. Curious, alright. Bah. Humbug a, Looney, Tunes, Christmas. Here this, is sponsored, by the San Antonio gardenia. Club were. Founded in 1960. To, further the interests in the fine arts and promote, friendship, within, the membership the. Organization. Awards scholarships, to deserving fine. Arts students, who graduate, from within bear County High School's and stay. In San Antonio to attend. College so they really love it when you learn. Here, your entire school, career is, in San Antonio and, members participate, in a monthly gathering where scholarship, recipients, perform as well I see, the Tasmanian, Devil and, I think Yosemite. Sam and, some. Other familiar faces there from Looney. Tunes family. Love. It ok this was another really really great, film you remember this one gremlins, if, some people forgetting it's a Christmas film. Christmastime. At Christmas there was a huge blockbuster. Hit wasn't it officially known as Rafe a o7t, Kent, Flores is the people's King for Fiesta. 2008. On board the gremlins. Since, 1947. More than six billion dollars has been raised or awarded, to. More, than 5,000. Students, by the raphe of scholarship, foundation also. Writing on the float is Ken's daughter Ariana Flores reina, de la Vidya the less FLOTUS who raised a record-breaking. $75,000. For the Tom Sandoval. LULAC, parent-child. Scholarship. That's pretty good rate FeO 70 and lorena visit local schools right. Before Fiesta spreading their message of, education. Through exploration. To, encourage thousands, of thousands of young people to. Stay in school and, pursue, higher. Expression. I. Get a little lump in my mouth a little, bit clamped I wasn't gonna say it. This is sponsored by transcendence. It's a new organization. In San Antonio for. Special, needs children to help them achieve beyond. The limits in society. Labels for them how about that young man there the micros. Get. Rid, of visa here. At San Antonio now it's up to you to them to establish those limits for they themselves, dare to dream, the main focus is to encourage that that, same kind of confidence within each and every one of these awesome kids and as much as they, develop a warrior attitude, mentality, rather than what, as a victim, the. Board is made up of military, veterans, still, seeking to serve their community so how about that. All. Right coming. In with round of applause. University. Of the Incarnate Word this, year the University being / networks float is inspired by a Christmas, carol, the. Classic holiday story that, wishes. That. Wishes. A Merry Christmas to all and God bless us, every, single one so. We want to welcome the Cardinals at the internet word here downtown, tonight UIW, student and miss San Antonio Ashley Sneed shows. That Cardinal holiday spirit doesn't she she sure does for more than 135. Years UIW. Has been educating, students hearts and minds today, the private, Catholic University, offers more than 90 undergraduate, programs, as, well as graduate doctoral. And professional programs, the, UIW also invites you to join them for light, the way. If. You look at the Cardinals here we'll send it one more time over to Sean Stevens, well, yeah it's amazing evening with all the floats beautiful, floats I'm sitting here with David.

Holmes From Santikos, entertainment. Which is commenting, on just how beautiful. The floats is how wonderful the evening is and well, we all know the Santikos entertainment, so involved with the community very, generous, and generous and all the donations and but we're just very happy that you're part of the for Holiday River parade what got you all onboard and hopefully. You'll be coming back well, thank you so much we found the need to celebrate so, this, year Santikos entertainment, is going to give back to, the city of San Antonio there. Our partnership, with the San Antonio area Foundation, a total, of 26, million dollars, so, we felt like that was cause for celebration and when, we learned that the theme of the parade was Christmas. At the movies, we, can't pass that up so that, was the main genesis of it yeah. It fits scent equals so perfectly, if you have a favorite float so far tonight David you know I'm gonna have to say ours which was Star Wars right because we're what ten days out from, the opening of Star Wars and we got to pick a theme float, and when I saw Star Wars I said hey everybody. Loves Star Wars it's now what, five generations, that it's fans so. We had to put our stamp, of approval on that one yeah I must admit that was a good one well thanks so much David and thanks for to Santikos entertainment. For being a part of the, for Holly River parade tonight back to Ernie and delay all. Right well, thank you very much Sean and, let's listen into some more nisa they're so talented I love it this guy the piano, let's see what he can do. Did. You ever take piano lessons. I. Did. Briefly it lasted, a week. And, rather the plot yeah we have a piano in our house but, I can barely even do chopsticks, I think Mary huh yeah, they're much better for sure. Even. The Ducks love him we'll be right back the artisan river theater. Movies. Holidays. It's. A holiday favorite The Nutcracker performed, by the Alamo City Performing, Arts Association, plastic. Holidays, story about a young girl named Clara who. Is given a gift of a nutcracker. On Christmas Eve under, the direction of scott conway, their 25th, annual december production will feature the, Alamo City Dance Company as well as 80 plus dancers, from, around San Antonio with proceeds benefiting local, children's. Adoption. And charities, yeah the Alamo City Performing, Arts Association's, mission is, to prepare perpetuate. The arts to patrons, of all socioeconomic, status. Of, course providing anyone an opportunity. To perform anistar, and their chosen artistic. Discipline, whatever it may be wouldn't. Be the holidays without the Nutcracker of course. City. Dance company.

Very. Elegant Valentino's. Alright. Next under the bridge here under Rosita's, bridge we've seen. Them before and here they are again UTSA. Confucius, Institute. And their, movie the theme Kung Fu Panda very, appropriate. It is co-sponsored. By both, UTSA, and the hanbeon, the. Headquarters, of Confucius, Institute, in China now the mission of the Confucius, Institute is. To promote Chinese culture, awareness, and Chinese, language learning. UTSA. Confucius, Institute, will host Chinese, camp on the UTSA, main campus, this summer and, they invite you to come and explore China the program is offered to students of all, ages. Riding. On the float are favoring. Dr., Jude Valdez. Dr.. Rene Centeno. And dr.. Wang, Zhang Yao. Again the UT UTSA. Confucius. Institute. Yeah very zen night. Floats. Great. Job. And. Next up performing. On the float is the Beethoven, kinder. Tour with. Kinder Corps which, is a non-profit, volunteer organization. Dedicated to the preservation of, German heritage here, in San Antonio which. Is a lot a lot of that yes they're the singing of traditional, German songs while. Frosty, the Snowman is. Not a German, story the children, are singing the English and German versions, of Frosty, the Snowman saw, Oh never. Heard the German version alright the kinder corps is one of three German choirs at practice and sing at the Beethoven. Hall located in, the King William district of San Antonio those choirs are the kinder corps the diamond, core and the manor core which, is the founding, choral choir and I should say choir of the group yeah the core god, of the group trying to say that right right now this year the manticore celebrated, its 150th, anniversary. Making it oldest, urban societies. Oh. The. Lattice Lucas, typically. It's a pretty simple year. That's. A different kind of Christmas classic, tape sponsored. By. 1996. Mad dog has. Its roots to the British crown colony. Of Hong Kong, where the restaurant says lavish. Helpings, of British food, adult. Beverages, lots of those and fun, to, visiting tourists, and naval. Personnel is, that pit bull on the float yeah. They. Actually have an amazing, beautiful waterside. Terrace on the Riverwalk there so, check. Out Mad Dogs here when you're along the Riverwalk and as you can see they, know how to have a good time. Raising. The roof yes they are. And. On to our next float here right would college, and more. From Mesa, they're on this stage, we. Need what we have a little Christmas here with Miracle, on 34th Street. This year the Brightwood college family is excited to pay tribute to the classic holiday film the, film emphasized the power of belief and how it changes lives for the better, Brightwood, college students know that if they believe in themselves and take the right steps they, can make their own dreams come true, now. Some students and faculty, members are on board that vote today to remind you about the bright opportunities. That are possible, when you train for a new career with associate's. Degrees and, diploma. Programs, in, healthcare fields fields like Medical, Assisting dental assistant. Nursing, and Bohr some, programs. To. Complete. That's. Pretty quick they have day and evening classes financial. Aid available career. Placement assistance, and tutoring at no, cost they also provide special assistance, to military veterans, for, transitioning. To civilian life and of course we had plenty of those here in San Antonio and you are, looking at northeast School of the Arts visa members. Performing, right now doing a fantastic job, yes they are and Shawn will somehow try to top that right now hey Shawn well I don't know if I can top it but I got a lot of friends here gathered, with me I think, we're done right that's it for the parade have we seen everything. Well. I think he's coming are you all ready for it. Young. Lady do you know what you want Santa to bring you for Christmas. Oh. Real. Live not just a toy a real, live one you can ride I, would. Like one of those how about you you know what you want Santa a, little, my own little recording, Center a nice, little recording set I think Santa could handle that and I like your your.

Lights Those are beautiful well, we're definitely excited, for Santa ride, all. Right well he's coming up we're gonna be here front row make. Sure Santa it does get here on time I'm sure he will be back to you all right thank. You very much arty what do you want Santa to bring you oh goodness. Gracious. They. Card it could be anything because. III think he's here. Sit. Up straight I want diver don't think about that diamonds oh goodness. I, know I wrote that on my list somewhere maybe a new vehicle, is. Okay. Huntin, play car. Would. Welcome. Back to the artisan River Theatre in beautiful downtown San, Antonio you've, been patient. You've, been good so. Without further ado you. Better watch out you. Better not cry. Santa, Claus is in town and this, last float the, movie Santa Claus presented, by visit San Antonio, celebrates. The start of the holiday season with the help of a very special, guest, this. Is see the TV works every single dollars, to, make visits, like this one. Somewhere. He's gonna just poke, his head out surprise it's all you. Know they we provide so many special things, to tourists, and even. Us the people who live here the. Holiday season in San Antonio is especially magical. Type of this, Barrios. And it's, nice to see him riding along the Riverwalk here it is one of the most visited locales. In the country and this time of year as you see it. Becomes a colorful vibrant celebration. Of the holidays, in San, Antonio. And, this, year we celebrate the tourism industry that anyone, who sees more, than 34, million visitors come to San Antonio resulting. In more than 13 billion. People. Exactly. Three. Centuries after its, founding San Antonio remains a city of bold flavors exciting. Attractions and, distinctive, culture it was recently named a UNESCO creative. City of risk astronomy. The second in the US and the first in Texas, this, designation is. In addition to San Antonio's Spanish, missions, being named a UNESCO World, Heritage Site, the only one in Texas, so. We invite you to join the experience, colorful festivals, family. Fun activities, and special exhibitions. Part of the year-long try. Centennial. Celebration. In. 2018. 300. Years old, 300. Years. Tonio, has been just. Such a center point of this state we're. So proud we're. Proud of this. Celebration we're. Proud of of, this production, that we're able to bring you every, single year it, is really. Truly a magical, time in San Antonio if you've not been here yet now. Is the time to come you. Can see and again, the, high-definition. Cameras. Probably don't do it all justice, here but, you got to get down here as quickly as you can and if not in your 2018, we have the final four coming coming down and Sony it's already big enough as it is but just think it's supersize in 2018, when you're celebrating, the Tri centennial you know what I think if Santa got me that diamond and I think your.

Vehicle, May be waiting in the wings somewhere, I'll, go check in the parking lot here in this a little bit and how about these kids tonight with the North East School of the Arts Nissa all, the singers and the dancers, playing, the instruments, the musicians, they, have been so great, from. The national anthem when they started this this evening yeah I hope they come back next, year because. Their, performances, have, been right on point and that's so proud of them to to showcase, them for, you if you've never seen them before or, any of this come, back and come, for yourself, come, see San Antonio for yourself it's been a great night here for Sean Stevens and Elaine Matthew I'm Ernie Zuniga happy, holidays and thanks for joining us again we'll. See you next year for the for Holiday River parade. The. Ford holiday river parade and lining ceremony, was, brought to you by Ford. And yourself. Texas, Ford dealers, Ford, is the best in Texas and presented. By visit, San Antonio find. More holiday events, in the city's hidden gems at visit San Antonio dot-com, and presented. By Santikos. Entertainment, be a part, of the legacy and, brought. To you by the San, Antonio Riverwalk, Association. Visit. These San Antonio Riverwalk calm.

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