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Good morning, guys from another video here in Jordan at the moment but by the end of this video, we're going to be in a completely new country which is going to be my 46th country, and it is Pakistan. So I’m here with my buddy Harry. What's up guys? And we're going to be taking a flight here from Amman, Jordan. We just got into an Uber. It’s about like 30 minutes or so or no 45 minutes, I guess from Amman right now during the day about 18 JOD. So maybe 23, 24 dollars to get us from Amman down to the airport in which we will connect in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. Basically it's right near Dubai, and then

we will take a flight and land into Karachi, Pakistan around like 2:30 a.m. So if you guys know me pretty well, I hate arriving to new places in the middle of the night but sometimes money talks, and the price was so good to fly later, and the connection times weren't as long. So we're going to do it. We're gonna send it, and yeah we'll see you guys once we get over to the airport.

So guys we as always, it seems like these days just booked our accommodation for when we arrived in Karachi right on our way to the airport. Last time actually when I arrived at Jordan, it was when I was in line already in Jordan at the customs area, and then I booked my first hotel. So sometimes you gotta do it last minute but I got this recommendation from this area of the recommendation where we're staying at for my buddy Luke Damant. You guys probably know him quite well if you're a Pakistan audience, and so Harry found this place, and we're paying about 285 dollars for five nights there. So with quick math, I’d say that's roughly

just over fifty dollars per night with all cleaning fees, and service fees included. And so split two ways about twenty five dollars per person for a two bedroom place, and so make sure you guys stick around to the end of this video because we're going to be doing a quick tour once we arrive there at 2:30 a.m. And yeah, I’m excited to get to Karachi. So yallah, let's go.

Alright, and here we go. We got our bags. Whoa. Oh echo, it's like echoing hello. This is actually kinda crazy. I did not notice it echoes so much. Shukran [Thank you] brother.

We’ll see you next time. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. So we just got to the airport here guys, and it's time to check in. And as we echo here, I think everyone in the entire airport can hear us talking at the moment. Yeah, we're here to the airport about three hours early. And as you can see, the line is already very

long. So if you don't wanna wait in line probably like four or five hours before, and this is just to our flight to Sharjah. So I guess, we'll see. We're hoping we could online check in but not here apparently probably because they wanna check the Covid tests. So guys as usual, we are running into our classic travel story issues, classic issues with traveling and specifically it's with Pakistan. So, we are waiting here. Harry and I both got

our e-visas which was quite a process for me. I’ll maybe explain that in another video but in general, it's a hard time for me to get the visa, and after I finally did after a couple weeks. Perfect. They give you an e1, and then once you they give you an e-like grant and then once you arrive there you are able to get like an official visa in your passport. You just have to have that like document with you. So all that you need a Covid test. You need a vaccine. You need you know however many other things in the current moment, as we're traveling there. And so, we get there, we get checked in, and we have been waiting for like over an hour. So they can call the embassy and

make sure our visas I guess are real or we're actually able to get into the country. It doesn't make any sense but we'll see if we make it because it is 207. So now we have 57 minutes to still go through security get to the gate, get on which to be honest if we were approved in the next 20 minutes, it's not an issue. So I guess, we'll see if we're gonna Pakistan or if the Jordan journey continues or if we're just sending it to another country. The joys of traveling, I’ll tell you that. Alright, guys so after this entire process we've got about like 45 minutes left until we are going to have the flight depart. So we're heading over shouldn't have too much of a problem if

the customs lines aren't too long. So we gotta go through customs, then security and obviously if our bags get through, and don't have any checks then, we shouldn't have a problem. But it was just like if you're coming if you're flying from like to Pakistan get there so early to the airport because I don't know if this is actually a process but if it is then, yeah you wanna get there as early as possible. Oh and finally guys, we just

made it in but the hiccups continued. Harry got stopped for having a drone, and they took down all his info but since we're leaving the country, there's not too much they can do. But yeah, so now we are heading over to the flight which was likely delayed a little bit for the first time ever. I’m happy that it was delayed and from there, we're gonna be taking the flight over to Sharjah, then Sharjah to Karachi. So fun days traveling, this is what you get.

I feel like every single experience I have these days, there's always some sort of hiccup but it adds to the suspense. It adds to the excitement, and it makes it that much more worth it once we arrive to the next destination. So here we go. As you guys can see, the Amman airport is pretty magnificent though. It’s quite massive, easy to get around and there we are Sharjah for the first stop, and people are still waiting. So maybe, we do have time to get something to eat real quick. So we found a little spot to get some food here. I think- I think we're gonna have to go with the manoushe. Zane [Good]

manoushes. Yeah perfect, perfect. Wahid jibneh manousha. Oh let’s go with a chocolate cookie too, wahid mai [Water] Shukran [Thank you]. And one cookie. Oh yeah, that's gonna be delicious. Start with dessert first. Oh alright, guys much needed a little bite. We're gonna start out with dessert first.

I almost needed sugar, that's what we call a delicious manousha there. That’s gonna be “g double o d” And let's try it out. Let's dig right in guys. I must say, I’ve never been happier for a flight delay because we can chow down, and we're gonna make it InshaAllah. Oh yeah. Jordan, you make good manoushas too. Lebanon's still number one but this is quite good. I’m gonna eat this like there's no tomorrow.

One thing, I do wanna mention guys that I just realized, I didn't earlier when we had to go through like the whole process after we got our boarding passes, the crew from Arabia were really nice because even though I don't know what the process was, it's hard to tell. It seems like they may have just never seen like the type of approval document we had or they told us it was the process, and maybe it is but it's just odd that we wouldn't know in advance that we needed to come like five hours in advance of the flight to not have any issues. So assuming that this isn't actually some specific process. They were really nice, like they brought us through an expedited line of security to get through much quicker, and that way we didn't have to wait like an extra 30 minutes for the customs line and the security line. So the fact that they like made sure, we were gonna get through and not miss the flight, I give them a lot of respect for it. Alright, take two

walking over to the gate. We've got food in our bellies, thank goodness and it looks like from afar we're starting to board. So here we go. Shukran [Thank you]. Alright, that's a good sign here. It looks like we're gonna be making it

on bro. It’s nice being the first one on the plane. You get to have all of the overhead bins, open just choose where you wanna set down the luggage. It's gonna be like a two-hour flight, I wanna say and they hooked us up. They put Harry and I next to each other without having to pay for seats, so it's at least good news. Looks like I’m aisle and Harry what are you middle? Please switch your mobiles off when instructed by our cabin crew. Thank you. Should you have any questions about this

flight- This is home for the next couple hours? Yes And we're off. Yallabina bro. Yallabina, fast flights. Guys as you can see we are on the flight here while everyone else is relaxing. We got Harry over here, getting a vlog going nonstop.

We got a vlog going right here, it's never ending but I will tell you when you look out to the right, we got a nice sunset right above the clouds here. So it's pretty good. It looks like we got a couple snacks coming. Yes, yalabina. I’m hungry boys.

Alright, what a guy. Harry, the man, the savior, the legend. Bye, thank you so much. You guys are so nice, thank you, bye.

Bye. Alright, guys we have just made it over here to Sharjah. So that's step one of two complete, and now we're hopping on a bus, and it's on to the next flight. Alright, now we are going back into the main terminal, and then going to hopefully hang out the lounge for a little bit. Harry and I can grind a bit more, and then we'll be heading over to Karachi. So yallah, let's

do it. Everyone rushes and Harry's let's see if he's got the strength to get through there. Georgia airport. Alright, guys we've made a quick stop over here for some coffee. We

weren't able to make it to the lounge I guess if you're transferring flights, it's like before security. So we asked like the police officer can we go to the lounge to hang out for a couple hours before our flight, and he's like no, it's not allowed. So, we're at this Cafe Coson with probably the only outlets that we could find anywhere. So thank goodness because all of my electronics have died. So we're gonna hang out here for about two more hours, and then head to Karachi. Alright, guys and this is the last leg of the flight. We're heading to Karachi, so here it is. We’re leaving in just a couple

minutes here, waiting for a little something- some to download. So we are gonna be probably the last ones on the plane, so here we go. And here's the bus that we will be taken to the plane. Yalabina Harry. Karachi baby. Karachi let's do it. Alright, we're cruising here to the

plane. We're on the last bus as you can see here, there's pretty much nobody on here. It's about six of us, so we'll see how busy the plane is, and here we are the Karachi plane, Karachi express. Salaam. Yeah, I’m excited to see it. Here we go guys, we are heading to Karachi with a bro here. How are we doing? There we go, got a good one. InshaAllah. Just kidding, it is a very

empty flight today, there's maybe 20 people on the entire flight. So hello, Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you]. Alright, we have made it on to the flight next stop Karachi. Very, very empty. I thought it was gonna be much more

full than that but apparently not. Yeah, welcome to Karachi bro. We have arrived. We have arrived. Hello, Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you]. Oh yeah, we got a nice long jet bridge, and then we're gonna get through customs, and we'll see on the other side. It's about 3 a.m. Karachi time. So three hours ahead of Amman, Jordan. So honestly it doesn't feel that late but we probably won't get to the Airbnb until maybe 4 a.m. So let's go, and we're arriving guys. It’s nice and busy at the airport even

at 3 a.m. Alright, guys and we have made it to Karachi, and a funny story here, the- the customs agent actually recognized me from Luke’s videos because Luke Damant, you've probably seen him in my other videos, the Australian guy. He's very well known in Pakistan from all of his videos, and I obviously was in a bunch of videos in Lebanon with them. So, it was funny that the customs guy is like are you a YouTuber. I was like yeah, yeah. He's like I’ve seen you somewhere, and so I got a new subscriber, the

customs agent. Yeah, so it's pretty sweet. I’m excited to be here. We are going to locate a cab now, it's actually pretty low-key at the airport. I figured it might be like a bit of a hustle and bustle

but it's actually kinda quiet. I mean it is like 3 a.m. so it's not that busy but yeah, let's do this. I’m absolutely jacked to be here. Alright, guys we were trying to grab an Uber, and there

were no cars available, and same with Kareem. So we just pulled some cash out of the ATM quick, and easy, and the good news is- is now we have. I don't know what the name of the currency is, Pakistani it's pks, right. Rs. 1, Pakistani rupee, rupee. Alright so, Harry's pulling some out now too. We're going to take a good old-fashioned cab. So hopefully, we get a

good price on it. We'll talk to a couple car taxi stands before we make the decision but it might not be a bad idea to try out something from the bakery, see what we got here, gotta try the first Pakistani sweet. Hello. Oh, they've got some good looking stuff in here. What’s the best one my friend? Yeah. The best one, good one. Yes. Oh, let me try one of those please. Yeah. Just one, yeah. Which is the best? Honey. Hey.

Please. Two of them. Two. One for me. So we're getting some bakery sweets here. I was gonna look for a cheese paratha because Luke's been telling us that's what we gotta try here but for now, we'll just do a little bakery sweet.

Yeah, the good stuff. Very good. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] Oh yeah. Honey and nuts. Oh yeah, that thing's fully loaded. Okay. Perfect, perfect. Oh, we're weighing them too. So, we're gonna get them exactly right, so what that's 146 bones. Alright, okay with a 500? Oh yeah, that is gonna be good, that is gonna be really good.

These are- these are delicious, try one out. Alright, you don't eat them just like this, yeah. So should we finish this thing off in one bite. Here we go. We took such big bites, we've been walking for like three minutes, and we're still chewing.

We need a good taxi ride my friend, a taxi ride. Who’s gonna give us the best price? Best price wins. Amman, Jordan. Jordan. We want the local price. We've gotta go to let's find the name. If you'd like to go somewhere, I will drop you. You're gonna have- who's yeah

who's got the best price here my friend? Oh, I’ll give you honestly best place. The best price. Alright, how much to go here? Who’s gonna give us the best price? We're going here. You know where he is? Which place you want to go, can you tell me? This is the official one, yeah I think we gotta go with our official man. We need to go here my friend.

Mr. Norman here. This is him, should I call? So guys, the good news is everyone here speaks English. So, it's easy to communicate. He's gonna help us get a taxi ride over to our man, Mr. Norman.

There’s the contact number there, it should be. Is there our guy? Alright, hello what's your name? Say Daniel, Daniel Ali. Nice to meet you, Daniel Ali. Alright, welcome to Karachi. Thank you. From Jordan, just flew in from Jordan.

I’m speaking Russian language also. Oh Russian too. Yeah mazel tov. So we are talking about, I’ll give you a good price. Thank you. Thank you We’re already taken. We’re already taken, brother. So, if you'd like to go maybe tomorrow, I could give you a nice-- Thank you, thank you. Oh yeah, we're getting warm welcomings here but we figured you know since, we're still figuring out the area, we're gonna go with more of the official taxi companies than you know just hop in some random guy's car. Sometimes you send it but you know, it is 3:30 in the morning so better safe than sorry, right. This is the one; two, four, zero. Alright, perfect.

Thank you. Can I go in the front? InshaAllah. Shukriya [Thank you] Your name? Muhammad Illyas Khan. And there's the sign guys for Karachi city. Perfect so, we're going 20 minutes away, and then we'll be in Clifton, the part of Karachi where we're gonna be staying. It was recommended to us. I think I told

you guys earlier in the video by Luke, great area to stay. So I’m excited to arrive, tonight check into our place once we get over there, give you guys a quick tour, and then yeah in the next couple of videos, we're really gonna start doing some serious touring here in Karachi. Looks like we got a guy cruising on the motorbike right here. We've got traffic, we're flying by. We are making some good speeds here, some good timing. We pulled out the GPS because I don't

think our driver fully knows where to go, and he doesn't speak English. So we're gonna find a way together. Wow if you're driving really fast, all these people driving motorcycles right now are wearing black, and they don't have their lights on. So it's like if you're- if you're not paying attention, and there's no street lights you could easily miss them because I was looking like maybe a quarter of a kilometer up, I was like those three bikes up there, it was crazy. Welcome to Pakistan. So you guys might have missed that one but it said Karachi the cricket city. So,

they must play a fair amount of cricket out here. I would guess if they're calling it the cricket city, it's like the 10th sign in the last 15 minutes of driving that I’ve seen the cricket city. So I’m sure we'll play some. I’ve never actually played in my entire life but Harry is actually a master at cricket. So we shall see his skills soon. Alright, guys I think we may have found it. We're another one minute away 450

meters, and I think we'll have found Mr. Norman, our host. Well guys, the good news is we can hear barking on the phone, and we can hear barking outside. So we've gotta be pretty close, and there's a couple perritos, couple dogs. Hello Mr. Norman.

There's Mr. Norman. Perfect, we see you. Thank you. Alright, this is good news. So the side street. Oh, that's a nice truck, they got seats in the back. Hello Mr. Norman, Good and you? How are you? Fine, yeah very

good. Alright, looks like we have found our location, and how much do we owe you boss? 1500. 1500. 1500 bones right there, Shukran [Thank you] my friend. Alright. Good night. Hello Mr. Norman. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you]. Okay, thank you. Thank you very much, good bye.

Very nice people. Alright, and here we are. Main gate, we've made it safely in here. Oh there we go. We've got some light. Thank you. Thank you very much, and this is our place. Sweet, sweet. Oh it looks like a nice place Mr. Norman.

Oh a nice big bed, perfect with a bathroom, Wi-Fi. Yes. Awesome. Alright, we've got a good-sized bathroom in here guys, looks like the shower is up here. Very nice, and these are yeah I think that's almost like a king size, maybe no queen size bed.

A lot of storage in here, and just a very large area overall. They’ve got some fruits for us, some water. That's really nice, and we got bedroom number two right over here. Alright, looks like Harry has claimed his roots here. He's got a bathroom in here. Oh yeah, he's got the old squatter there, with a shower and everything. Sweet place. If we need to message you, Airbnb. Yes. Okay awesome. Thank you Mr.

Norman. Thank you. Okay, nice to meet you. Thank you very much. Thank you. Okay, okay. Okay great. Oh perfect. Thank you, Mr. Norman. Thank you. Oh they even have toothpaste and toothbrush for us. So, it's a nice design in here. We've got fans here, kick in. Oh,

leather couches. It’s honestly such a big place. It’s nice having a little space. We’ve got a kitchen over here. No, I’m not a good cook but we've got options. We've got a stove top, we've got plates, knives, a little bit of everything, a refrigerator over here. It’s like brand new, there's plastic still on it. We've got a couple half drink, water bottles. Very nice. You see my toilet, okay. It's Harry's first squatter. You know how to use those bro? I have

used it in Thailand but it's just not what I was expecting. Yeah, yeah. You got the good old squatter. You’re gonna get stuck in boys. You know that's- that's what happens I think. Wait I wonder if I have one.

Oh yeah, I’ve got a normal one. That's what happens when you select the bathroom for the place first here. I was gracious enough to give you the- the one. Oh, what a good guy. What a nice guy. What a nice guy. Yeah we got full on

storage here too. Toss her open like that. What do we got going on? Yeah, that might be hiding people in there. Yeah. Well it's a pretty sweet place guys. So yeah very spacious, you could easily fit like four or five people, and there were two people in each bed, and then we got a couple couches or one couch I guess and a couple big chairs. So that is

pretty sweet, and like I said earlier in the video if you guys forgot, it's about 50 US dollars per night plus like some fees and taxes, so about maybe 55 dollars per night. And so per person, it's like 27 to have a place down in this area which is a really cool area from what we're being told, and we're definitely gonna find out when we start exploring it tomorrow, the Clifton area. So yeah guys, that's where I’m gonna go ahead, and end this video. It's a bit of a journey to get here. We had a couple speed bumps but I could not be more excited to be here in Pakistan. I’ve heard so many great things, so many of you guys that are already following me from Pakistan have been asking me to come, and visit for a while and I have finally arrived. So I’m gonna make so much content over the next four weeks or so, and so is my buddy Harry. So if you wanna check out his channel, I’ll drop a link in the

description below. And so thank you guys so much for watching. As always and if you wanna see more videos both here in Pakistan as well as all around the world, make sure you guys hit that subscribe button below, and if you've enjoyed this one, smash that like button, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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