Four Weddings

Four Weddings

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We're. Sure you supposed to put the sixpence in. Said, Lego statue till. Three o clock. Solution. Turns, out that. If. You take them yourself first then you can take care of everybody else I can't take care of anybody in this outfit. I'm. Just saying for the rest of your life. I. Don't. Night weddings, as. A. Concept, I find. Weddings. Difficult. I. Know. They were big ask. You. Know somebody invites you to their wedding and you, kind of like I've got a like, pay, for two train tickets I've. Got to like find us some accommodation. You. Know I never expected, everyone to just get so excited about, it. The. First time I met Mike we, were at. A gig, we. Were discussing what the best thing was the threat of a hotel window. From. That first time that we met he, just had this ability to make it feel like it was just us in the room. Life. Hasn't kind, of gone the way that I thought it would go you. Know lots of careful's, basically. And. That. Was, the already the case before cancer happened. I. Always. Figured I would get married, have. I always wanted. To get married now. That. Was very much, like I want adventure and, I would have go out and do all this stuff and I don't know why in the back of my head I didn't think that I could do that with somebody else. I. Was. 19 and I couldn't afford university so, I decided. Hey what better place to see the world so, I joined the Air Force I. Really. Wanted a career in the military I. Should. Have just been more careful really. Got. Out of the military in 2006. They. Politely asked me if I would leave. Became. A civilian contractor, and did the exact same job. Ended. Up going to Iraq. And Afghanistan, and, that. Was when the summer fling happened. 40. Bhanumati she's, persisted, tell me I could be a. Criminal. No congressman, Tremont ish son. Streaker. Special, mark Ezra cool actually. Ah. Conde. De Valence internal. Franta. Eccolo. Syndrome. Combust ring. John. Vander Meza deep orange, the. Casa the, lock the. Nostril. Preetam. Subtle. Bravest, comes. Espanol annoying calls the right in. Cold, day there, were many me not seasick. Pendrick. I john cupula read item, chris good item. Um. Please. Come. I. Am. Really nervous like, I haven't, slept for a, week no I. Hope. Everything, goes, smoothly and I don't mess up. We. Are six siblings and, we. Are direct, descendants, from Marana, Shakti, Singh ji I, am, the twenty first generation. Of the most pampered one, I will. Say that. My. Parents wanted, to have. A wedding, you know faced out and I. Was. Quite stubborn I, wanted. My wedding to happen here. Yeah. It's. I'm. Going, through a mixed, feeling right now I. Feel. Like I'm okayed here. And. Suddenly. I am going to be your daughter-in-law I. Am. Really attached to this place. You. Noticed my turn out brunette. Cocky, kablooey he's, really hard to describe, tall. Blonde strong, he's, kind of got wandering spirit, in Aries a touring, musician he, gets really nervous that's, something that I have noticed, comes. España. Tina. Zamora Saldana. We. Don't have anything in common, very. Different like opposite, he, sees. Something. Different and may then what I say. I'm character. Oh Susie catch a lot I'm very emotional so, I work on emotional, energy, and he's more practical, so I'm up in the clouds all, the time I I will, make us see it it's. A huge part of our relationship just. Working that balance it's. Going to be hard for him to handle, he's my home world yeah. Yeah. She. Beat me to it. We. Always kind of said that we'd quite let's have a big party, that, as.

An, Idea really kind agree with me. Leer. Amplication no Franta, no, no yeah, she. Madison, - no laughs, all I. Remember. My hands were shivering when, we met for the first time. We. Were alone on this little kind, of Cove and I hunted around for a shell that had a hole in it big enough that I thought might fit over his finger I. Just. Kind of remember her face and her. Voice how it started to shake. We, spoke for half an hour and after that we decided just. Go further, with it. See. Eccolo eccolo Matata, surprise okay, to emails, de Flores. Para. El. Sapos. Ingenuity. And I, just, have asked. Him. I believe. In arranged marriages. Yes. We were introduced through, family. But, really. We got the time to talk to each other, we. Talk a lot. But. We always had the option that if, any one of us want, to back out we can do that. When. It comes to traditional. Values. There, is a need to have a balance, you. Can't follow whatever used, to happen 100 years back. Somebody. Needs to grab George. Did. You put lipstick on my face. Here. Just fix your ring does it go on the front end. I. Gotcha. Okay. Say stand here I always, said no for, more folk just go I. Always. Said no formal, photograph. Quite. Different. I. Couldn't. Hear. Mike's. Up next. Amazing. And incredible. Mos and, as, said, we complement, each other perfectly but. In many ways were very different people. But. We just fit just like that and, wait. It's, absolutely. Totally. Genuine when I say it's, bit of a cliche but we are the best of friends I. Was. Diagnosed with breast cancer in, 2013. Through. All of that there was no question that I wouldn't be cured and, then. The, end of 2014. I went to, the, hospital for her just a regular, checkup. I, remember. Her kind of feeling. Around my. Clavicle. It. Was quite tender, so. She sent, me for a couple of scans, to just double-check and. Basically. It came back that I had cancer. In, my lungs, and my liver and my bones. It's. Not, curable. Treatable. Not. Perfect. Day for us we've. Got the nicest the best most special people in our lives all together please, this, evening just all. Just have a good old piss up. Everybody. Said you know you should hide it you should hide it. Having. To look over your shoulder for 9 years you. Know it kind, of messes. With you a little bit. So, my my. Discharge papers. They, say homosexual, conduct on it. Obviously. I wouldn't change anything now I. Deployed. I met Lindsay. That. Could be myself. It. Was always just. Natural. I. Know. I can depend upon my family, more, than I can depend on myself. I'm. Sad, because I'm going to leave, this place. I've. Grown up here and then, suddenly I have to go. But. I'm happy that I'm. Going to be a part of a very, warm and welcoming family. Familia. A party, important open turn oil caddy, ostentatious. For, Momo Familia. Entron. Fellow, faker. Mo. Treasured. Item, yet. Community. Um no, steam x axis and a reserve of a total or cumulative. You. Know if life, gives you lemons then, you make lemonade don't you which.

Is Why, michael, are doing some of the things that we are, doing because we have to plan for a, future, I. Don't. Want to kind of figure out, what. The future will hold I want. To just figure it out as it goes. From. Tomorrow it's going to change. Everything. Is going to change. You.

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So heart touching and thought provoking documentary guardian.

Oh wow am fost in Breb acum doi ani si chiar nu stiam ca exista un loc atat de frumos in Romania

So the Indian lady spoke to her husband-to-be for 30 minutes and decided they were compatible and ready for marriage? WTH!

That is just a small example, India have a lot of shitty things.

Gotta admit those elephants were cool though

What’s the name of the track at the end?

‘Alive’ by Jess jones and Tim Morrish. All of the music was composed and recorded for the film.


Thank you!


Hard to believe the communists at the gaurdian can ever be honest.

Those flowers in her hair. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE

where can we hear the whole song at the end?

Arranged marriage in India (which happens in 80-90% of cases) is often considered a business transaction between the two families. Having said that though, Indian marriages are generally stable and centered on strong family values. Caring for one's children doesn't stop even if they're grown up.

Quiero conocer amigos

Quiero conocer amigos que me aoepten

That's the foundation and basis of marriage, marriage was created to join families (and their wealth) together

If the Koran says says women and Men are equal....why are men bullying you....cut off their balls when they sleep! Rid the whole of evil. Abort male babies!

You poor stupid woman!

Look at the men they are evil!

This is of Satan!


Logan Bothwell Idiot...

Beautiful documentary as always the Guardian, I really enjoy your work. On the side I didn't know that you'll be penalised or discharge for being homosexual in the US army. That's what I concluded from ESMERALDA and her partner story.

+Sairam Subramani women are abused a lot because the in laws expect the new wife to carry the load of the family financially & domestically.

The white Nazis the fuardian of Nazism should know that the Orientalist overtones for the Indian rajput wedding are insulting to them....The rajputs and north Indians shoot anyone insulting their honour...The guardian should apologize and name the white Nazis responsible for this racist pic

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