FOX & Friends 01/05/18 6AM | January 05, 2018 Breaking News

FOX & Friends 01/05/18 6AM | January 05, 2018 Breaking News

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New Jersey, his first ever public office, how awesome, is that the Republican one after. Passing out, 7,500. Campaign, I went through two pair of shoes while doing that so next the bad vandals defacing a Christopher, Columbus statue yet, again the Houston monument seems splattered, with bright green and purple paint in August, red paint was tossed on that very same statue and. Finally the ugly police in the UK being blasted for posting photos of their hot breakfast, vegans. Saying that the photos are of, meat are offensive, and thoughtless. That's. That they rolled back at some point you got to draw a line under it then that is just ridiculous, have a good weekend bye. The. East Coast bracing for round, two, of the below freezing temperatures, coming, just hours after the powerful system, unleashed. Havoc, look at the forecast wind, chills I mean, bone-chilling dangerous. Temperatures the Justice, Department, has opened a new inquiry, into the Clinton Foundation, the bureau focusing. On whether the Clinton, Foundation, engaged in paid to play politics. While, Hillary, Clinton was Secretary of, State's Hillary's, gonna find out the, answer to her own question, what difference. Does it make the, president, finally responded. On camera, the comments, attributed by his former chief strategist. Obviously. Change in pretty quick I'm not gonna waste my time the country's time going, page by page talking. About a book that's complete. Fantasy. President, Trump met with six Republican, senators, to discuss immigration, we need a physical war we're. Going to have a wall, remember. That the, Dow has, another, record, day on Wall Street closing. Above, the 25 thousand mark for, the first time ever. I. Never. Hum this, Jason. Carillo now as. You look outside you can see what a difference 24 hours makes yesterday, a blizzard, was bearing, down on New York City it has come it has gone, for the most part and here, in an hour - they're gonna open one of the big airports, been, closed all time. It's. Really warmed up I think it's 9:00 it's, such. A beautiful shot I walked in this morning I tweeted about it I said I'm still pinch myself it's Friday I love, my job love you guys thank you, so much for waking up with us it's gonna be a great weekend, yesterday. The snow was poor you know you looked out the window here in New York you saw so much snow and that's true of most places, along the east coast and then you walked outside and we, were all no, one wanted to but. When, I walked out it was so peaceful there, weren't a lot of cars on the road. Everybody's. Teeth right. I. Think most people can handle the cold it's the wind agree. With that I cannot. Handle the cold I I quit. Two. Minutes Alan see in this spring, about. A, series. Of things that we have to get through that all are extremely important, I could arguably, the most important, a final. Exam finally, there's gonna be a legal. Examination. To the Clinton Foundation and, was there indeed a play, for pay operation. During the years in which she. Was Secretary, of State and he was a former President Reagan in big dollars so what they're apparently, looking at and apparently, The Wall Street Journal and other news outlets have discovered, that apparently there, have been FBI, in. Investigations. In Little, Rock Arkansas, which of course is, the home of the presidential. Library. And foundation, of Bill Clinton, and Brian you're absolutely right there what they apparently are looking, into is when, she was Secretary.

Of State did the Clintons promise something to get something in return and also. Did, the Clintons comply, with tax laws in other words were, things. Supposedly. Tax exempt but used for personal, purposes well that would this morning when I was hearing this I thought okay, well every doesn't, anyway who donates to a campaign, they're, doing it because they want something in return for the most part foreign governments do that individuals, do that but what they're also investigating, here is the Clinton Foundation. Which obviously is a nonprofit organization it's, like a church they don't have to pay taxes, so if you gave millions. Of dollars to this organization, to this foundation were, they using that for, political gain promising. Individuals, promising, foreign governments, will do this for you while, Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State under the Obama administration, so Sarah Carter is doing this investigation knew. About it ahead of time and now, it's been formalized, here she is. Not. Only with regard to the uranium one scandal but all we have to do is look at what happened with the Clinton Foundation, we, know that that actual. Investigation, was never thoroughly, shut, down it never officially. Closed so, this is very important, and there are a lot of senior FBI agents, a lot of people not just in Little Rock but in New York and in Florida and in other places, where, they have been investigating, the Clinton Foundation, who are breathing, a breath, of fresh air right now and are really taking heart to what's going on in Little Rock and I'm sure there's going to be a lot more information, coming out in the couple in the next few months well here's the thing they better hurry because the statute of limitations, when it comes to most federal felonies, is five, years Hillary, Clinton left, federal, office yeah. Five, years ago let's, see 2013. We're now at 2018, so it's got to be done this year if they're gonna do it at all all right also the DOJ, Department of Justice there they're really busy they're working on that investigation, also they have agreed to hand over all of the documents, that were associated with the dossier House, Intelligence Committee who, was chaired by Devin Nunez has been requesting, this for months told wall that's right now, he had the deadline was Wednesday and and.

DOJ Has said okay we'll release all the documents, now and we're gonna release all the interviews, that we had with people that were affiliated with us right so this is pretty amazing because for the most part we're going to get a look at the upper echelon of the FBI and how they do their operations, including. Peter struck, miss. Paige as, well as as, well as possibly the the or couple, that. That, Bruce, or Brooke you say Bobby or with the hockey player but he is not it there's so much ice right and, these both, these people had all their teeth unlike bother you I do miss a couple eight, people if the FBI there they're gonna release they interviewed them so now they're gonna release that information is just gonna be it's gonna be fascinating to see how this whole how, this whole thing went down they're also gonna release all those text messages between, between. Lisa page and, struck. When it's first name Peter struck and of all the people they're going to be talking to the FBI people and. The unredacted, witness. Testimony, as well is, they're, looking at all these people regarding the dossier because it looks like they're at the FBI and yet they have a political bias which you cannot, have that so you know the FBI is not used to this kind of scrutiny of, the people who work up on the seventh floor but you know now Devon Nunez as of next week's gonna have all the stuff he's needed to look to see whether or not there was political bias going, on in, the decision, whether or not to, essentially. For this government just fine the Trump's keep your eye on this a federal judge has said fusion, gps has to expose the financials, to find out who is paying whom now, juvy using, GPS who wants transparency. But cut a deal to go behind closed doors right now it's those transcripts, out so senator Grassley thinks that's relatively laughable, now fusion. GPS is suing, to, get, excuse. Me just a feeling, stop. The release of that financials, to find out if this Christopher, steel was getting paid by the Russians, and getting, paid by fusion this guy just said nowhere so. They're being subpoenaed it's fusing GPS to release all their financial documents they were they're, appealing it because the judge said no you have to release all this meanwhile, President, Trump was tweeting, last night and he, was slamming Michael Wolf's new book and giving. Steve Bannon a new nickname indeed, here's the tweet if you missed it this is from the president he tweeted i authorized. Zero, access, to White House actually turned him, down many, times mister, wolf for, author of phony book I never spoke to him for, book full, of lies misrepresentations. And. Sources. That don't exist, look, at this guy's past, and watch, what happens to him and sloppy, Steve of course sloppy Steve is not nope. He's, referring to Steve, Bannon, and I was watching on Twitter this, morning. People think of his nicknames that he has dubbed, of people, that, is a very effective with, a little, stick within minutes it went to the top trending list as. You know the problem is he's. Been on the inside for the longest time so if anyone wants to marginalize, and say well there's another Trump hater writing, a book and what do you want they're, just they're surprised because Steve Benton publicly prior to this book being released which he fully cooperated, with it seems has. Been in Trump's corner and said as late as yesterday, that. He's still gonna fight for the Trump agenda and think Donald Trump is a great man but a problem is he gave hours. Of interviews, many of which is taped right so a lot of people come out and say they were misquoted they. Have to know too that if they did walk across the street to the hay-adams and talk to Michael Wolfe that he taped those stories. Absolutely. Those interviews ultimately, though the president United States probably, sold, a lot of books for Michael, Wolfe because his, lawyer came out yesterday and said you know cease. And desist you got to stop that we're thinking about suing that guy right there and now, Michael. Wolf's publisher, said, as of yesterday you know what we're gonna put it on sale as of midnight last night so you can go out and buy it today, and you probably didn't know this I didn't know this until I got into the book business all books drop on Tuesdays that's why this book was gonna drop next to a Friday great have now pushed it earlier they're gonna drop it today because they're planning on it being such a success, Inc will still be wet so watch your fingers rush, limbaugh on the leaks on Bannen and the damage to trump listen.

You. Know what I'm just gonna tell you what I'm gonna I'm gonna tell you everything that I heard, all. About. Valens. Time and the wider I'm just gonna understand its it it's some. Of its real some of it you might call gossip, the. Thing that. I think everybody. Believes. And, that everybody, knows is that most, of the leaking, that was coming out of the Trump White House with Steve Manon. Over. Half of it and that's. What Don, junior, and Jared well Don Junior's comments primarily that's what they're referring to and I. Have that on, almost. Unassailable, authority. And then. He went to a commercial, I recognize, that music I think what the president. Has learned with this book coming out is, in, Washington, DC you hire, some of the professional, people who've, been in Washington, for years there is absolutely zero. Loyalty. Somebody who is loyal load to this president is Sarah Huckabee Sanders she's the press secretary she will be with us at 7:30, speaking, of numbers did you miss this yesterday, the Dow Jones Industrial, Average closed, above. 25,000. For the first time. More. Jobs about. 55,000. More jobs than they thought, unemployment. Claims are down as low as they've been I think since, 1990. All, indications, are that this, economy is going to continue to grow like this and even, the Washington Post today, writes. About all the cataclysmic. Predictions. For the Trump for. The trumpet. Of. His because. Of some of the policies, and how he was viewed yet, the world has responded, the international. Markets are doing doing great and our, economy, is roaring, yeah all those all those doom and gloom errs so far are 100% wrong well in this book everywhere I went yesterday people were saying that's a distraction, distraction too to take away from what's really happening if you're retiring any time soon your, 401k, looks really, really good, you know the 401k, is now we're like a 601, K, they. Say the next stop will, be 30,000. Nothing stopping well so don't retire yet I watched, Fox and Friends first this morning are you retiring Gillian or do they have you made so much been considering, it right you know you're tiring just a little early that's a little early okay, Good Friday morning guys to you to at home as well let's get straight to this. The, East Coast bracing, for round two brutal pasting in cold air is moving in and fast, we're, talking as low as 40, degrees below zero, the below freezing temperatures, coming just hours after the powerful system, unleashed havoc, leaving, major cities, paralyzed, the violent storm blamed for at least four deaths and left Boston drowning. In historic, 15 feet icy flood, waters intense. Winds and whiteout conditions, forcing the world's largest passenger, debt, jet, to land at one of New York's tiniest, airports, the Airbus a380. Was on its way from Germany, to JFK Airport when, it was diverted, to Stuart Airport because the runways at JFK had been shut down just, crazy art natalja Fox News Alert for the first time in more than two years North, and South Korea will sit down for formal talks on Tuesday the rogue regime accepting, the South's offer after, reopening the border hotline the, rivals will discuss the Winter Olympics, and how to improve their strained relationship. This comes as the US announced, it will delay annual, military exercises. With South Korea, until, after the Olympics next month the. Popular, game show Jeopardy now, on hold as if popular, and longtime host, Alex Trebek recovers. From brain surgery I. Had. A slight, medical, problem. Subdural. Hematoma. Blood, clots on the brain caused by a fall, I, endured. About, two months ago, surgery. Was performed the, prognosis is excellent and I, expect to be back in the studio taping, more jeopardy programs, very. Very soon, Trebek. Thanking his fans for support the show's production company Sony says, there are plenty of finished episodes, prepared, to air and the schedule won't be affected much but we certainly wish, him well. Thank, you so, in 13 minutes after the hour straight, ahead president Trump just took a huge step towards delivering on his promise of energy dominance, the, former president, and CEO of Gulf oil explains, and we'll go over some of the blowback to his declaration, Plus as tensions are rising with North Korea the CDC, wants to make sure you are prepared for nuclear. War yes we, don't. But. You say. This, executive order. Starts. The process of opening, offshore, areas, to job-creating. Energy. Exploration. That. Was an April, of last year President, Trump signed an executive order, encouraging. More drilling rights, in federal waters to help the u.s. achieve energy, dominance.

Well Now the administration. Is announcing its five-year, drilling. Plan that will allow oil and, gas drilling in, nearly all US, coastal, waters so what would that mean for our economy. And what about the environment, joining us right now is former president, and CEO of Gulf oil Joe Petroski, he joins us from Naples down in Florida joke morning to you, good. Morning you've, been waiting for a president, to say this haven't yet oh, absolutely. I, mean you just have to look at history of the importance, of energy not, only to, our economic, well-being, but, to our national, security I, mean. Most. Great, wars have been started, over. The fight for energy whether it was Japan bombing, us shortly after we embargoed, oil. In 1941. Or there were other Germans, moving into the Polish and Romanian. Energy, fields, in World War two okay, and, the fact of the matter is it's, great for our national, security and, great for our economy okay, so it's good Joe for our national security it's good for our economy what. About our environment, because there are a number of even, Republicans. For, instance Rick Scott from the state you're sitting in right now down in Florida he opposes the plan he, said this I have already asked, to, immediately, speak to secretary, Zinke interior secretary to, discuss the concerns I have with this plan and the crucial need to remove Florida, from consideration, my top, priority is to ensure that Florida's. Natural resources. Are protected, he doesn't want an oil spill you know everybody thinks about the Deepwater Horizon or, back in the 70s, with the spill out in California, they don't want that to happen in their state. I'll. Listen I I fully, agree with that as a resident, of Naples. Florida but, our. Current resident, Naples Florida but the fact of the matter is I'll, point, out two things most. Oil. Occurred, transporting. In the oil not, drilling, for it I mean obviously. Deepwater. Horizon was, a, terrific. And, tragic. Exception. To that right the fact of the matter is. We're. Going to have drilling, it off sea or, offshore. Places. I know. Both China and Saudi Arabia have approached, the US about drilling in our waters, and I would much rather have a US, company. Drilled. Because, they're subject, to US tort as long as we have tort lawyers in this country I think. That's better than any regulation. And the fact that BP. Cost them almost 100. Billion, dollars, yeah both the market value, penalty. Great, point. Everybody. Would be very safe if they didn't wind up with one of the leases Joe you would know you used to run a big oil company we thank you very much for joining us from down, in Naples where it's 42 degrees right now thank you sir right.

Thank. You all right have a good day and a good weekend meanwhile think every vote doesn't count think, again this bowl was just used to pick Virginia's newest, state representative. Who won the Democrat or the Republican, stay. Tuned. We. Have some quick headlines Republicans. Still control, the Virginia, State House thanks, to the luck of the draw literally, the names of the two candidates who landed in a tie dumped. Into a ceramic, bowl swirled, around, and then the name was drawn Republican. David Yancy's, name was pulled out meaning he gets to keep the seat Virginia, state law calls, for tight elections, to be decided, by a drawing, but it hasn't been used since 1971. The, Democratic, candidate Shelley Simas, has not yet conceded, and this, politician, also winning in a stroke of luck Tom Nelson sworn, in as the mayor of Laurel Montana after, the mayor elect didn't show up to the ceremony Dave, Wagner won, November's election, against. Nelson but never quit his other job to take the office the City Council then forced to appoint Nelson. Bryan alright on. Wednesday the Missouri State Legislature, kicked off their 2018. Session, like many but, not without controversy during, the Pledge of Allegiance this, Democrat, Bruce Frank's jr. chose to raise his fist in an act of protest claiming. To reporters, he prefers to pledge allegiance to the people, and dont. And, dont and. Dont acts, of defiance like this actually hurt and divided the community some would say or. Do they bring it together is that why he was elected with us right now to weigh in Fox News contributor Kevin Jackson Kevin, he, says that, he was making a statement because. There's. A lot of things that happened to his people that. He wanted to speak out about yeah. A lot of things happening to his people Brian are things. That he's allowing to happen I was looking at the statistics. And if you were to look at st. Louis in comparison, to Chicago, in terms. Of size and population st., Louis would have had about 1700. Murders this, year had it been Chicago, they topped, over 200, murders in that, city it's, been a city that's been economically. Depressed, for, decades. Now they've gone from 25, fortune. One, of fortune 500, companies in the state of Missouri down to 12 and the. City's in triage it's, gone from a population, of over 800,000. In the mid-1950s. To. 318,000. Today and this, guy wants, to raise his fist in solidarity. Of what in solidarity. Of democrat, rule over, a city that is has. Absolutely. Created, problems, beyond belief well he also has. A bit of a past he shouldn't really be a surprise we. Know that he was, Pro Ted we. Know that he was protesting on Black Friday it. Was he. Also is a rapper, it talked about shooting snitches, and dismembering, murder victims, so. This, is all you have to do is google them yeah, his, rap name is oops and, I think that that they could say that that's the the. Proper, name for him as in terms of how he got elected, look these guys that are living on this circa 2016. Muscle memory of Barack. Obama's, presidency, and thinking. That this Kaepernick type thing of holding up the fist is is going to mean something they need to look forward, and they need to look at the policies, that are going to move. Black folks forward in all these cities and they can start by, stop focusing on these racial things, that are dividing, the country and start looking at you know the policies quite frankly of what, Donald Trump's doing st. Louis is poised to do some very very good things if they get rid of these these clowns. Like, this guy that that, seems to want to continue, this you, know pretend, that the economic, problems that are plaguing black folks are have, to do with you know solidarity. I would, have to say after year one I'm disappointed, the president has not put forward anything publicly, any type of urban, revitalization. 'he's. Going, forward with ben Carson is doing you know what they might be working on the inner city I'm a little surprised we haven't heard much from on. The president, from the President on that are you well. No I'm not Brian look we've got, jobs. That are finally. Becoming available, in the inner cities because of the low level the, the unemployment level we've, got you know and I don't like focusing on the stock market but look at what's going on with, this the, economic, boom that's occurring, under President, Trump the fact that all these different corporations, are coming back Barack, Obama said Manufacturing, wouldn't come back to America he lost 17,000. Manufacturing. Jobs in the last year of his presidency, President, Trump has gained one hundred and seventy one thousand, so the jobs are coming back in you've got Quinn's the unemployment, is going down I'm just saying the president could be more forward on. That, and he could maybe pushes, and push Ben Carson to do something.

Publicly. Alright yeah. Yeah I think he will eventually he'll get there thanks, Kevin Kevin Jackson thanks so much hi Brian more trouble for Hillary Clinton a brand new FBI investigation. Coming our direction, congressman, Ron De Santis knows the details he'll unveil it next plus how, does this happen the teen dangling from a ski lift how. This one ended, next. That, is a great, song for our next guest especially let's. Bring in the Republican, congressman, Ron de Santos from the great state of Florida is a member of House Judiciary Committee, and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee good, morning to you congressman, good. Morning you want to give the folks down in Florida something to talk about, tell us your big announcement. Well. As you remember a few weeks ago the president tweeted, support, for me as a candidate. For governor of Florida, so today we're going to be. Filing the paperwork to, begin that effort. And as somebody who's a military. Officer Iraq veteran, a proven, conservative and then with the support of the president, you know I'm in a position to exercise the leadership, that can build on the great work that Governor, Rick Scott has done to, advance economic opportunity. Reform. Education, and drain, the swamp and tell a see which needs to be drained just like Washington, and people, can go to my website at Rhonda scientists calm if they want to take a look well, I did. Read down, in the Florida Press, mr.. DeSantis, said apparently you've got your own leadership team some, prominent. Americans who have signed up to help you they include a, couple of billionaires, Sheldon, Adelson is on your team Rebecca Mercer's, on your team foster freezes, on your team why. Are they on your team. Well. I think a lot of it is because I've been somebody. Who has a proven track record of leading. In the Congress, you had mentioned some of the investigations, into. The foundation. Into, uranium one what, we're doing to hold people. Like Peter struck in the FBI accountable. And then some of the legislative, initiatives, from helping, with the tax bill to doing, things to, hold Iran accountable so. I think it's if you if you work hard and you do good things I think people tend to notice that right, and you know any willing to take action and, go, front and center and talk about it meanwhile the, FBI has done something you've been calling for for a while they're finally looking into the Clinton Foundation, they're doing an investigation to find out if, essentially, that nonprofit, that charity, a charitable organization, was, actually a pay for play a week and a nod for, the Clintons to, get the president, possibly, huge speaking, fees for influence, for the Secretary, of State and they suppose it heir-apparent for the nomination for president itíd States in Hillary, Clinton what do you think they'll find.

Well. This has been an issue that's really lingered, for years Brian finally, last. Year I and, a couple others in the Congress, with the revelation. That there was a confidential, informant who. Was involved, in the Russian racketeering, underlying, the uranium one deal that he wanted to come forward we. Brought him forward, we started an investigation, but, if you look at what happened, around that time the chairman, of uranium, one gave, 2.3. Million dollars to the Clinton Foundation in. 2009-2010. While, this deal was pending, and yes there are other people on this epheus, board but clearly if the Secretary of State objected, to that deal that would probably be fatal, and, that was never really, vetted and investigated. And so I think the, efforts we started, in the Congress and we're going to continue I think the FBI had, to take a look at it and I do think that they are talking to this informant, and are gonna get all the facts along with the Congress, good, also. There's a report out with, The Daily Beast they're suggesting that the Department of Justice is looking into reopening. Hillary, Clinton's email, server, case, as well, because and and this goes to the larger issue about, as. You, know it was just a couple of days ago that Devin, Nunez got, the information to all of the redacted. FBI. Interviews. And stuff like that so they can finally figure, out whether or not there's a political, bias at the FBI because that troubles all Americans, well. Think about it you have a former. Sailor in federal prison because he took a picture of a submarine, inside, you're not supposed to do that I mean it's wrong but, Hillary, had this server set up where, there was all kinds, of classified, information, transferring, on that all, the time whom, I had it access. Anthony, Weiner ended up with this stuff on his computer, yet nobody was held accountable and now we know what the Peter struck text messages, this is a guy that hated, Donald Trump he wanted Hillary be president he's responsible, for changing, gross negligence, and Comey statement, which is criminal to extreme, carelessness, he, was also involved in downgrading. The FBI's, assessment. That her server was very likely hacked, right by foreign agents, to which James Comey says, exactly.

So Everything. That was done that was questionable. Dovetailed. With them, trying basically, to bend over backwards not to make the case against her and it's a big contrast, to, how they're doing the Muller investigation. Where they're trying to scorch the earth and do whatever they can find the stick and I think of Americans look at that they say should should we have equal, application of, the wall or should some people get the easy way and others really get the screws to them hey, before. You go I've got one question for you Ron, regarding. A segment we did two segments, ago and that is how the federal government and the president now opening up lands, off our rather. Offshore. Drilling, leases so, that people would be able to drill off the east coast including, Florida off California. Rick. Scott who is the current governor there doesn't, like the idea what do you think about it I, agree. With Governor Scott you in Florida our coastline, is so important, to our economy it's. Important, to property, values it's important, to tourism and we. Need to protect our coastline, I am for energy exploration I. Was for Anwar, I'm and that there's other states that have different calculations. And they want to do offshore, that's fine but I'm gonna be fighting with Governor, Scott to protect Florida's, coastlines, you know what I think this is just a draft proposal and. I think that the White House Walton, Mele be with us and I think we will be able to work it out so, that Florida's beaches are protect so we want to make sure you're coming down. He. Also talks about energy independence right, so yeah. Well I think we can do that I mean if you look look at the Permian, Basin this, is pretty cheap again look at the Anwar, look at some other states that may want to do offshore, they may not be as sensitive as Florida is but I think we've had a long history of wanting. To have protections, for our coastline, and and, guys like me are gonna fight to continue, that and I think we'll get that done all right well congressman thank you first for serving our country thanks, also for serving in Washington, could, become the next governor Florida, he announced this morning he's gonna be running because Rick Scott has served two consecutive terms so he has to step down we, wish you all the best, thanks. Guys thank you. All right Jillian has some headlines for us this morning hey Joe that's right Good Friday morning let's get you caught up on some of your needs at the starting with this FCC, Chairman, Ajit PI forced, to cancel an upcoming appearance, at the annual Consumer, Electronics. Show in Las Vegas because. Of death threats sources. Tell Reuters multiple, security agencies, are investigating the threats which come after the FCC, voted to scrap Obama Aaron net neutrality rules the, hostility. Isn't new to pi who joined, us in late November when protesters, were leaving nasty, signs at his house. It. Certainly crosses a line with me understand, that people are passionate about policy, but the one thing in America that should remain sacred is that families.

Wives, And kids should remain. Out of it, the. Exact nature of the most recent, threats remains unclear, as North, Korea hosts threats against, Americans, US officials, are now preparing, for nuclear, war the centers for disease control holding, a briefing later this month to make sure Americans. Know what to do if we're attacked that includes sheltering, in place for at least 24, hours and paying, attention to directions from state and local governments this, week dictator Kim jong-un warned, he had a nuclear button on his desk president, Trump though says his button is bigger, terrifying. Moments for a young skier caught upside-down on, a chairlift, some 20 feet above the ground the girl's stuck for several minutes at California's, Monmouth, mountain before rescuers, were able to catch her. Wow. Skiers, mother says the chair safety bar was down as the family tried to get on the lift somehow, the teens leg got caught she, was not hurt look, at your headlines. Worried. About with the dismount from the cherry indeed. All right Julian thank you Miss Carrie all right turning now to extreme, weather the East Coast now digging, out from that bomb, cyclone. And bracing for another deep freeze I just, can't believe the names you people in the weather weather, business come up with but even the blizzard couldn't stop the New England Patriots the, defending Super Bowl champions, running, through the snow and wind to get to practice on time they're, right here getting around much more effective, than this. There they go I. Hear. Let's wait the. Mercedes. Convertible with. Its top down getting stuck in the snow in. Rhode Island the driver claims he was on his way to get the roof Oh, No. So, the snow has stopped what happens, today let's turn to Janice, Dean who, Janice, she got this dorm right yesterday well you know it was a it was a group, effort we all got, the storm right I think certainly. A lot of snow for a lot of folks Long Island over a foot of snow parts in Massachusetts, and Rhode Island over, a foot of snow the, system, is out of here which is great news but we still have strong, wind gusts as that low pressure moves into Canada and that, means it's, going to feel colder than it really is with wind chills Oh in the -4. Degree range in New York City and DC yeah it's cold outside minus, 19 in Detroit minus 16 in Chicago, it's going to get even colder unfortunately, as we head into Saturday and Sunday windchill advisories, for. Millions of folks here and as I mentioned as far south, as South Florida. Steve freeze, advisories, in effect and at some point during the show I want to address the fact that Brian. Kilmeade has brought him bought himself a full-body suit combat, the cold right, what. That, now, I have no time to explain myself I said, instead of long johns i, won Under, Armour has a full body suit okay and. This, was gonna be spanked right there, it does like this space full-body, Spanx I don't know what they are it's supposed to keep me warm, and keep, me flexible, right. We. Need more time Janice I know who inspire your unit all that Dad, a unitard, that damn girls. Sure the daddy dance, yeah. Wants, to dance to all the single ladies you. Can't see my thighs. Okay. Take, a picture please. Janice thanks rose that King really.

Appreciate, It you never covered on radio again. Alright, jazz on TV right now Jeff. Sessions, blocking, the path for states to legalize, marijuana. And some, Republicans. Are not happy I will. Be putting today a hold, on every single nomination, from the Department of Justice. Until. Attorney, General Jeff Sessions lives, up to the commitment that he made to me but. Our next guest a former drug czar says, that the Attorney General is on the right side of history he's going to join us next yeah Republicans, mad at the Jeff, Sessions Plus Nancy Pelosi called the president's tax plan Armageddon. Our two thousand, dollar bonuses really the end of the world beat the CEO who's handing out the whole the cold hard cash to. His employees, thanks. To the president's plan. US. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, stunning move yesterday rolling, back a policy. That cleared, the way for legal. Marijuana and while some on the left are outraged, and some, on the right are outraged I should say the new policy, has even Republicans, like Cory, Gardner, upset. Of Colorado, I. Will. Be putting today a hold, on every single nomination, from the Department of Justice. Until. Attorney, General Jeff Sessions lives, up to the commitment, that he made to me in my confirmation, in my, pre confirmation, meeting with him the, conversation, we had that, was specifically, about this issue of states, rights in Colorado. Our. Next guest says it is a fight worth fighting the former drug czar an executive, vice president of the Hudson Institute John, Walters, joins us now to weigh in on this good morning T John thank you for joining us good, to be with you so we're all wondering you know this is not like the Republicans, to allow legalized marijuana why did Jeff Sessions, why is he allowing us well. He's, what, he did is he changed the decision, to not enforce federal, law which wasn't. Changed by changing the law that, the Obama, administration put red lines in no, no, spread, to youth no spread outside of the states no, haven. For crime all that is all, those red lines have been crossed the, Obama administration, looked the other way Jeff. Sessions going back enforcing a lot I think there are millions of American, families and employers today that are saying hallelujah thank, you right but here yet about eight states has said marijuana, illegal used for medical, marijuana and then recreational, marijuana like, California, January.

First Said okay you can do that the, federal government never legalized, marijuana there, just been watching Jeff, Sessions now jumped, in and in senator Corey gardeners not pro pot but, he's saying my state voted, this in even the Democratic, governor didn't want it but, now it's there now, you're asking law enforcement, to do the impossible aren't, you well. Look nobody's, saying that law enforcement is going to stop this overnight what, they're now able to do is they're able to enforce the law in the most egregious cases that's, what the federal government does in enforcing, federal law and what's happened in his state if you look at the reports, from there is huge. Problems, with young people in education huge. Problems, with employment, and sober, work for huge, problems, with the cost of this not being as sold to voters voters, got a raw, deal and in states where you can look at this without the loud shouting on the left without the marijuana. Industry the, dope industrial, dope shouting, everybody down where you see the real cost look we're losing, tens of thousands, of people every year to overdose death President, Trump and Jeff Sessions are keeping the promise of stopping. This carnage you can't stop it if you continue to make people addicted which is what's happening here I just. Sections he sent out a memo to the US Attorney's he said in deciding, which marijuana activities, to prosecute, under these laws with, the department's finite resources, prosecutors. Should follow the well-established principles. That govern all federal, prosecutions. Well. It's just use, resources. For the biggest threats this, is now becoming a bigger threaten again we're, losing, more people, to overdose, deaths in this country than. Everybody who died in Vietnam over, towards you I agree with you but there's some very level-headed, people, who also are anti. Legalization. Of marijuana, who are in impossible spot, now the people in their states voted, for it shouldn't have been a more organized, way to approach it well.

Look They can I think, we're now going to see an effort to really look seriously, at what's. Being sold and what the consequences are even, the FDA has said where people have claimed marijuana is medicine ok you got to prove that we have a situation. We, don't just have people sell snake oil they have to demonstrate so. On the recreational, side and on the medical side we're now going to use real, real debate we look at real self-government. Not the President President Obama unilaterally. Writing law John Walters thanks so much. Coming. Up straight ahead Nancy. Pelosi called the tax cut Armageddon. Is it we'll explain. Dozens. Of US companies are gifting, employees, bonuses. In in, the wake of the president's, tax reform, joining us now is one of those generous, CEOs, mr., Bob funk he is the head of express, Employment Professionals and, he is giving out, $2,000. Bonuses. To, more than 200. Workers that is so nice of you mr. funk thank you so much for joining us, Happy. New Year. Happy. New Year's to the working, employees of America well it's just wonderful we've been reporting these stories, and you know we all have worked so hard and then, at that point as many Americans are where you live and paycheck to paycheck so 2,000 dollars in a bonus check is going to make a lot of your employees very happy why did you decide to do that, well. We decided to do that because I believe that our best employ, our best, assets, of the company are our employees, and. They deserve the support and the help that they need on a continuing. Basis as wages, rise as, their wages rise and we of course also. Give. A, full, childcare. To our employees, and and a hundred percent of their health care I believe, that our employees, are our treasures. Of, tomorrow so the middle, class that, get the tax increases. And and, Trump's, tax, cut benefits is, extremely. Important, to our company, that's just great I know you're making them so happy because these are non executives, they probably don't. Make a lot of money tell us about your company what you do and how many people you do employ.

Well. We have about 800, franchises. Across North America including. Canada, and South Africa, and we employ, this year about five hundred and forty thousand. Temporaries. In, the staffing industry we. Have about a hundred thousand employees daily, on our payroll and, we'd. Love to try and find a way to give some of this tax cut back, to those temporary employees, those five hundred thousand, that are out there working every day working, hard to, support not only our economy but their community, as well real quickly what's what's the reaction from some of these employees as you're passing out the checks the. Reaction was unbelievable. They were totally, ecstatic, I had, about a hundred to, 125. Of them come by my door the, next morning and gave me many stories. To help their lives and, help their families, of, course pay the bills for, Christmas and and, fix. Some of the issues in their lives that needed, fixing just because of the extra funds that is wonderful I'm sure some of them were crying tears, of joy thank, you so much they were crying, oh well, that's so nice of you god bless you thank you for helping your employees and contributing, to our great country, save. Do you. - president. Trump issuing a new nickname - Steve ban and VAT and White House press secretary Sarah, Huckabee Sanders in the next hour.

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