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FOX & Friends 01/12/18 7AM | January 12, 2018 Breaking News

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There, has been no, deal reached yet on the future of Dhaka in the Senate talks getting sidetracked when the president became frustrated president. Said quote why, are we having all these people from blank. Whole countries. Come here I'm not going to defend his language, but I will defend his frustration. If there has got to be a wall we had one of the highest tax rates in the world we taxed on worldwide income we've changed that workers, and their families will receive larger. Paychecks. Starting, in February. Crumbs. That they are giving, to, workers, is so pathetic. Think about how elitist, that is, crumbs. President. Trump making the case that FBI agent. Peter Strahm had, plotted to undermine. Mr.. Trump's presidency, that is a treasonous, act the president said I think it's deeply troubling when the state is weaponized, against, a political, opponent we have serious, issues, thank God from Virginia's, slid, the entire length of his driveway on black guys walked, away unscathed he's, coming to Fox and French. Tell, me we're not going to be dancing to this we, don't see. It right now we just had dinner, we. Were dancing he was sliding we did this picture yesterday that is Tim vesica. Of Loudoun. County Virginia and. As, it turns out, Brian. We were surmising, who posted, this video initially. His daughter put the video on Facebook and. Then his wife did and now, this video has been seen by 50. Million people around the world so I wouldn't what is the right thing to do, when you find yourself sliding, down your driveway to panic. To, try, to get your grip but what a mistake he made is trying. To walk well. It looked like he was surfing almost, died it was kind of cool but I think we're gonna talk to him later I'm gonna see what was going, on in his mind. About. What was going on yesterday everything, a very intense FISA debate, the president getting, off to a rocky start then, correcting, course Pfizer's. In play is gonna be debated now in the Senate now as we excuse. Me in the house and then, as we move forward excuse me in the Senate but, as we move forward then the president was looking forward to getting a bipartisan. Push. To. See what this bipartisan, plan was they've been working on for a free months to, see if they had a way forward with the spending, bill to begin, the process of comprehensive, immigration needless. To say he. Was not happy. With, dick Durbin, and Lindsey Graham gave, to him and Republicans, as well they brought in this this, plan, that, was not a good deal for the Republicans, and so the president, sent them back to the drawing board at least that's what Griff Jenkins, who's down in Washington, is about to report right grip that's, right guys no dice the White House just keep working, as the Senate's bipartisan, gang of six including, Republicans. Graham flaking Gardner in Democrats, Durbin, Bennett and Menendez announced, they had come up with the deal before next Friday's deadline but the plan failed to get any traction and senators, cotton, Grassley, and Perdue issuing. A statement saying, there has been no deal reached yet on the future of daca in the Senate some of our colleagues have floated a potential plan that, simply, put isn't, serious the, widespread, rejection, coming, because it failed to address all four pillars, required ending, chain migration. The visa lottery increasing. Border security and fixing. Daca and talks. Also got sidetracked yesterday. When the president became, frustrated in an oval office meeting using. Foul language to, lash out at immigrants coming from African, countries in Haiti saying, quote why, are all why are we having all these people from blank, whole countries, come, here suggesting. The US should be focused on bringing more immigrants from countries like Norway, instead, the, white, house issuing a statement saying, certain, Washington, politicians, choose to, fight for foreign countries the President Trump will always fight for the American people adding, that the president, is focused on, a merit-based, immigration.

System In those, comments by the president giving quite a reaction guys to. Include the human UN. Human Rights office calling it shameful, racist. And potentially, damaging, and disrupting, two people's lives alright Grif thank you very much, so, to, recap, the president, is tweeting right now and it is regarding. The daca deal and we're gonna tell you he's got a dot dot dot at the end of this current message we'll bring, you up to date but first let's talk a little bit about the. Comment, that the president made keep in mind this was behind closed doors, somebody. Leaked it to the Washington Post obviously. Trying to, damage. The president, ultimately, though it's what everybody's talking about and they're not talking about the actual issue the reason they all got together was to try to work out a deal with, the wall and daca and because, the deal was so bad for the president, the president said you, guys gotta be kidding me get back to the drawing board cuz this I'm not gonna sign well, and not just that for the president I've spoken to several. House, members, who said this was a no deal for them either so I think, it's important for people to know that this was not a leadership, appointed group this, was a self-appointed, group that came in I guess. They thought it was just gonna be them and the president and the president had invited a few, other, border. Security, Hots, to the beating those folks were not happy, about those lawmakers that came in to the original meeting, so. I think look, at the, early part of the week there was a lot of hope I think, about a deal coming through the 55 minute meeting, that was televised, looked. Like they, could find common ground I think what the Democrats have done they've latched on to these sort. Of colorful, remarks, from the president and I, think it's their excuse, to racialize, this which is a safe space for Democrats, they don't want to talk about the actual deal or finding, a solution well number one present. Made a mistake in making those comments no question, god he's, upset the people are the refugees, here supposed to be temporary after the Haitian disaster, and the El Salvador earthquake, they're able to stay and the Democrats. Say yeah let's just let him stay said no we should not let them stay we, have you know and he said things. About Haiti and El. Salvador that. And we should have more people from Norway not, positive, not going to move the story forward I think he should walk it back that's not, gonna but let's maybe, he does maybe. Maybe, this will be the time he does because he wants to get things done he walked back his, Pfizer comments, in the mornings he'll make it to clarify, what. Exactly he, wants done and debated in the once fives had kept up he just wanted to make sure the, FBI wasn't abusing it so today I, just. Think there's a couple of things to keep in mind January. 19th suspending, bill if, they can't get a deal they just normally have a CR that kidlets, them to keep spending for a couple of weeks there's a sense that Democrats, won't do that so the funding of the government will stop, so, they threw the Democrat through daca in the present says I'll do that if you come, back and give me something like the end of lottery and, to chain migration and, you begin to build the wall so, the president tweeted this out moments ago the so-called bipartisan. Daca deal presented. Yesterday there was six people there roll. The prompter to myself and a group of Republican, senators and congressmen. Was. A big step backwards, wall was not properly funded only 1.8 billion dollars, Shana and lottery were made worse and USA, will be forced to take large numbers of people from high-crime, and we imagined another tweets coming there is one so let's talk a little bit about what, he is talking.

About There and we'll unpack it what, this deal that has been rejected from the White House would, do is it would give dreamers, a path to citizenship. I believe, in something, like 10 to 12 year path to citizenship. It. Would give their parents a three year work, permit, to be in the United States keep in mind the president, wanted close to 20 billion dollars for the wall this would give him up less than 10% of, it 1.6. Billion dollars with new restrictions, it would end the diversity, lottery program also. Regarding, chain migration there, would be small limits. On the ability of citizens and, green card holders to sponsor, relatives, so, in other words it's. It's, not even close to what the president, was asking, for but the Democrats were gonna get everything they were get everything they wanted and this is the president, who wrote the art of the deal and I think he was in that meeting he was really frustrated I think he had high, hopes after the, meeting. Earlier this week that they could come together and. He, sees this deal and he's like no, way this is on well the problem is not even the president the president's not going to be able to pass that through the Senate and, the house that's not going to get there but maybe it's an initial, step then they'll go back to it and I don't have no problem, with self-appointed, groups coming together in a bipartisan, way because, so far we've been looking to leadership for the last 15 20 years and leadership, does nothing, except to try to keep their power base well so I like when they go beyond leaders unfortunately. Because, the deal was so moderate. So in mushy in the middle, there wasn't you know you're not going to be able to get the conservatives, on board the Democrats would love it because it gives the dreamers. Of path to citizenship, when, we get the second half to the president's suite we will bring it to you in the meantime let's talk a little bit about this this. Also, is, distracting, from the president's message that business, is booming and because.

Of The, president's, tax cuts another. Big company was announcing, chrysler-plymouth, was, announcing that because of the. Tax cut, they're, going to be moving a plant, from Mexico, to Michigan, Warren, Michigan they're, gonna build the RAM heavy-duty, truck starting, in 2020, they're going to update the plant to the tune of a billion dollars, and it. Looks like they're, also going to give something like 60,000. Employees, non-management. People 60,000, rank-and-file. Bonuses. Of a thousand or two thousand dollars and you're adding. 2,500. Jobs I mean this is huge and again the president promised that the tax reform bill would be a jobs, bill we're, seeing that happen we're seeing just. Incredible, economic news a renaissance. In, manufacturing. In America and that's. What the Democrats don't want to talk about the results, the, ikan the real economic, results, for on the country and so it's much easier for them, to go to identity, politics, Walmart, for example yesterday decided they gotta raise their minimum wage and increased benefits for workers and then you have that plus eighty other companies doing various things and the, woman. That wants to be Speaker come, 2018. Nancy Pelosi again I should say, said. This about the economic, upturn. In. Terms of the bonus. That corporate, America received. Versus. The, crumbs. That, they are giving, to workers. To kind of put the schmoozer one is so, pathetic. Ask. You what you clouded and we got plenty of comments all right, Carol. On Facebook says maybe, these bonuses, are crumbs, to you with your millions but to the average worker every. Dime is helpful, and. Alice. Emailed I live paycheck to paycheck and the crumbs, are, very welcome to my world this shows how out of touch Pelosi, is with Americans, the, president just 35, seconds ago finished his tweet actually, it's a middle, T tweet because it ends. With. So. The first one was this the so-called bipartisan, Dhaka Deal presented, yesterday to myself and a group of Republican, senators and Congressman was a big step backwards, wall, was not properly funded chain and lottery were made worse and USA, would be forced to take large numbers of people from high-crime, countries. Which are doing badly I want, a merit-based system, of immigration and people, who will help, take our country to the next level I want safety and security for our people I want to stop the massive inflow, of drugs, I want, to fund our military do. Not, do a Dem, defund. Dot. Dot dot there's another one coming, stand. By folks you know in the Wall Street Journal interview earlier, he had a different tone or, a more clarified, tone when, he said you know we need workers, in for these jobs that I'm bringing back of all different, types so he's talking to The Wall Street Journal reporters, earlier but. Then he met with the bipartisan, group later, and he got ticked off he's looking for a skilled labor if you're gonna invite, somebody into the country he wants skilled labor and that's what he that's why he's been talking about a merit-based, immigration.

System That works for America great Steve, just to clarify he just says I need egos, need labor like we eat all workers, he, was saying to the Wall Street Journal, and, then he says well now we need also we should pick the people that are coming here meanwhile. Seven twelve here in New York City all, right now coming up next is Rick Scott president, Trump expanding, offshore drilling, from the Atlantic to Arctic, in hopes to give, the nation energy independence, but Florida. Governor Rick Scott told, them not, on our shores, of Florida, why, he won that battle he'll explain Plus, don't agree with the president, just clock on at least that's what one Democrat thanks. Listen. This guy got myspace you want to get in my face I've, always said Chris you punch me I'm gonna punch you back twice as hard it, wouldn't be hard to do it. And. He wasn't done. President. Has tasked me to, develop. A energy. Policy, offshore, but. Also taking consideration, the, local. And state interest the decision, is that we are going to take the. New oil platforms. New oil gas, platforms. Off the table. Coastlines. All, right the Trump administration opening. Up America's, waters for expanded, offshore drilling bought one state that will be spared is Florida. And the one man responsible for that is Florida Governor Rick Scott who lobbied the administration, quickly, to, spare the state and they answered quickly and they decided, to hear with more about that decision as Governor Rick Scott governor, we want to be energy independent you, have oil off your shore, why shouldn't we drill there. Brian. I mean I've been clear last, year I spoke with sectors in qiyam variety, times met with him that, for Florida we have to remember we're a tourism state one. Out of every six jobs in our state is tied to tourism so, I oppose officer, shore drilling I was clear, on top of that we have 20 military bases many, of these bases do a lot of. Training. And the eastern Gulf it would impact our military bases so I've, been clear that we didn't want the offshore drilling and I want to thank the Trump administration for. Being responsive, I wanna, thank Sector Z key for coming down and meet with me and we, got this resolved quickly so, a lot of other states say hey we don't want drilling off our coasts where do I sign up for that waiver what. Do you say to those other states I, think. Every governor should be doing what I'm doing they should represent their state they. Should represent the best interest but when you have a state that's tied to tourism like we are we'll have a hundred and twenty plus million tourists this year when, you have a state that has military bases, tied to training, exercises, in eastern Gulf you've, got to be very adamant, that you have to oppose offshore, drilling on top of that I care about this environment we, put unbel itll effort into making sure that we have the most pristine environment, in the world and so, every, governor's got decide what's in the best interest of their state I know what's is in the best interest of mine and you're just worried about this. In an accident, happening, correct, because. There's truly can be done with, no problems, you don't have to sacrifice anything. Well. I'm very concerned, that, we have any you know anything, that happened that would impact our beaches, because. It would have an impact on jobs in our state but. We, we. Come here we move to Florida we visit Florida because, of our pristine environment, our beaches people, love our beaches all right governor I know you've got a big personal decision you know decide you gonna run for the Senate shortly so we'll have you back on that well, I want to get you on immigration you, just tell me there's a hundred thousand, people. Who move to you have moved to your state on an annual basis right. We. Have about a hundred thousand people moving from other countries to Florida year right we're the best melting, pot and we have 250, languages spoken and we're a 46, year lower crime rate it works, in Florida so, the President of the United States made some statement Jesse he's trying hard to get our immigration, system fixed, at.

Which Time he made a statement saying why, are we having so many of these people from these s whole countries, come here, and said, we have enough from Haiti enough from El Salvador a lot of people are running with those comments you know the president. What. Do you think it should do now. Well. If the reports are true you know he. Should he should take them back I disagree, with them completely you, know we love people come into our state they're part of the fabric fabric. Of our state it's part of how we're building this great economy, where we're growing, way faster, than the rest of the country so, we, have very good legal immigration in our state I know that they have to figure out an immigration, policy that works secure, the borders take, care of the kids got, you governor go to Rick Scott thanks so much, makes, probably have a good you to me loss straight ahead see nearly the Super Bowl Sunday did what are you gonna do about it well don't. Turn away from your TV Johnny. Joey Jones fought, for our country wants, to weigh in. All. Right time now for news by the numbers first number, one that that's where enlisted, military members land on the list of most, stressful, jobs, that's, according to a survey by jobs website career, cast rounding, out the top three firefighters airline. Pilots, for their physical, demands, in risk of death or injuries, next. 173. Million now too many Americans, could be drinking, radioactive. Water exclamation. Point the shocking new report from environmental, working group revealing. More than half of Americans are exposed to radium, in their drinking water radium, could increase the risk of cancer and finally 0, Switzerland. Is denying citizenship, to refugees, living off welfare unless. They pay it back the, new regulations, apply to asylum seekers and migrants, who have collected benefits, over the last three years previously. They just needed to be on welfare at the time they, apply not to be able or fair should say they've got a different approach than we do meanwhile. If. NFL, players kneel for the national anthem at the Super Bowl you're, gonna see it on TV because the game's executive. Producer says the protests, are a big story and if anyone meals it will be broadcast for the world to see and this, weekend a mass kneeling, is planned. Outside as the Minnesota Vikings host, the New Orleans Saints, in Minneapolis, home, of this, year's Super Bowl so.

Welcome. Joey. Joey. Jones is here with his reaction, a retired, Marine Corps bomb technician, who lost his legs, in a blast in Afghanistan, has been a spokesman, and, thanks. So much for joining us know thank you for having me this morning I appreciate it so what do you make of the fact that the. Biggest, game of the year yeah in football, and it sounds like the NFL's okay if somebody meals because they're gonna show it on TV hey listen I'm a big foul conspan that was there last year and it felt like they knelt for the whole fourth quarter so. An, ailing fan anymore but I've put myself in the middle of this back last year with a tweet that went viral that wasn't, really meaning. For it to come out even the way it sounded what you said I said dear, Colin Kapernick I may not have legs but if you're gonna kneel, I'll stand with enough pride for both of us and it wasn't really hit against him that was just this is if you're gonna express how you feel this, is how I feel so what would you say to the NBC executives, that made this decision oh you, could sit in front of that absolutely. I explained. Your decision why are you showing them kneeling are you showing them kneeling so we can all record say okay that's who is, disrespecting, our anthem right now okay I know who that is but listen you don't know a lot of men FL players I've spent the last year traveling speaking with NFL teams about teamwork and leadership and most, of the guys in that locker room are hungry, for a leader and for an influencer and for someone to help them make these big decisions and keep their mind right there, are a lot of men standing, on the sidelines, that's who we need to show a couple of things NBC's doing the right thing that's the story if you're avoiding it you're avoiding this story and it looks like you're covering a Louisville number two I like, what they're doing before the game if Colin, Kaepernick, has a point whatever his point of view is I just say just don't do it on the national anthem if you feel, that way go. Do it before the game just let us agree that we love the country, and stand, for the anthem so I like what they're doing in Minnesota say all that sound the way I got through losing my legs was just simply a matter of perspective all the facts and situation, was the same but I decided I didn't lose my legs I got a second chance at life when we talk about the anthem the flag it's a matter of perspective right, does that flag stand for the things you disagree, with or the fact you can vocalize. That and, we get up in the morning in this country and say how do we change and make it better that's, what the flag stands for it's what the national anthem stands for well, we've gotten, to know you a bit over, the last year and this. Is the, way you can get to know him, it's called blown away the story of Joey. Jones Johnny, Joey Jones and it, is a coloring, book yes, why is it a coloring book why did you want to tell your story via, crayons.

Well I was in the United States Marine Corps so I'll say seals make movies, Rangers, write memoirs and, Marines we make color in jokes, well. I mean listen we were just talking, Steve and I with you in the green room I mean coloring, is, relaxing. For all ages, this a great one just stay inside the lock well. You know but how does it tell your story well exactly so the book basically tells a portion, of my story my service in Afghanistan getting. Injured and in my recovery which, includes things like a trip to the White House meeting, President Bush as well getting, carried off the battlefield so, it's a way for parents it's, a book for all ages so it's a way for parents to address some of these things that these, kids are gonna see more robot legs than anyone to, address these things with the kids in a fun way break, the ice and get them done it's. Very hard these, days as a mom to find patriotic. Material, like this that's educational. And fun and you don't you don't shy away from the gore either I mean it's kind of interesting the kind of pictures, you have here you look pretty buff in here. Do. You want when people see you you, know they obviously see, their legs what is the right thing for people to do when they when they see you listen, sometimes I wear those big Beats headphones when. I go into the, airport because people say everything to me but, you know I appreciate thank, you for your service or hey, you know is this from war I don't mind those conversations, I don't shy away I'd, rather them ask questions and, learn then, look at me from afar because if you stare for a split second I'll see you we don't come talk to you what, do people say a lot. Of times they'll say things like if, people are just trying to qualify themselves. Talking, to me so say things like man I have both my knees replaced and I feel. Where. Did we get these I, didn't know we got them. And. I get where they're coming from and I always use it as an opportunity to educate where's, the money go for here so all the proceeds that make off this coloring book which are pretty much all the proceeds go to camp southern ground which is actually where I work it's Zach, Browns 400, acre state of the art camp primarily, for kids in the autism spectrum the show them that they have a lot of gifts and talents they're not limited there thank you so much for coming by and I hope everybody gets blown away because I was blown away by it myself. You. Tweet, from the president on his immigration, comments, but he's not the only one getting criticized, Nancy, Pelosi feeling, the heat for saying this about, the lawmakers, working on the deal, the. Five white guys that call them. New. Cortez a former, member of the president's, Hispanic, Advisory, Council and I'm, a big fan of his and he, weighs in next okay remember the psychotic commercials Cindy Crawford, is recreating it and she's doing it soon a sneak peak coming up. Well. The, president, has sent, out a fourth tweet in the last half hour and this actually, goes to what. Everybody is talking about it seems like on all the other channels because we've talked about all the news as well and. It regards his comments, about.

A Certain. Inappropriate. Word that we're not going to use on this program but here he is the president just tweeted out the, language used by me at the daka meeting was tough but. This was not the language used, this. Was not the language used what was really tough was the outlandish proposal, made a big. Setback for, daca let's bring in Steve Cortez Fox News contributor and former Trump Hispanic, advisory council member he joins us from Chicago so. Steve it seems like you, know the other channels we, were just monitoring they're saying that the president's, a racist for what he said he, now says that this was not the language used. Although. I believe the Washington Post is standing by these two anonymous. Sources. Right. Well I would point out first of all anonymous sources and the Washington Post in, the past have been a recipe for dishonesty, so I take, the president at his word if he says he didn't use those terms but he did no, we're. Just trying to interpret the tweet sure. And but look here I think here's the bigger point he acknowledges that he talked tough among these countries I think he spoke in two ways by, the way which any American. Would who, speaks plainly who doesn't speak in a lawyerly, or political, manner about, these countries are their troubled, countries, in the world of course, and doose's citizens, of those countries want, to come to America of, course they do and that's a wonderful thing and I say that by the way as a son of an immigrant from Latin America and by the way he came from a place that was troubled, and corrupt, and dangerous. And poor and he found the opposite, in America, and thank God he did and we should always be that refuge, for. Those people and we have the right as a people to determine who. Will make the best Americans, who brings the drive the, skills the love of our values in our Constitution, that will make America better that's, not racist, that's being sensible, absolutely. Steve you and I both are very much fans of what the president, is doing economically, we know under the Obama administration, Hispanics, fell into poverty, by the millions, we, know they're the most entrepreneurial. Demographic, and the deregulation, is really, helping, our economy we have the lowest unemployment we've, ever had for the Hispanic community right, now under the Trump economy do comments, like that make it harder for those of us who are supporting, the economic agenda to. Make the case for the president, you. Know I mean I don't think so I think the mainstream media would like us to believe that but I think Rachel, most folks are not terribly, political, right they're living their lives they're worried about paying, their bills about good schools for their children about.

Their Health care they're not necessarily fixated, on every tweet from the President or every unsourced. Or anonymous, rumor out of the Washington, press corps and I think you point out that, lived reality, of Hispanics, is that unemployment. At an all-time low and by the way it's not just Hispanics, it's working-class Americans. As well we see people. Without a high school diploma workers, without a high school diploma unemployment. Just hit a low unseen, since the year 2000. So Americans. Are seeing their lives get more prosperous, more secure, better and I think when Hispanics, in particulars see that and when, they see the president show compassion, on daca which he's already shown in granting an extension, I do believe we're gonna reach a deal it's not easy but we're going to get there and I believe that once we reach a show compassion on daca and continued. Economic acceleration. Or Hispanics, this president is going to win the Hispanic vote in 2020, well he. Got more than Mitt Romney did well we'll see where it goes sometimes. You just gotta get out of his own way and he creates some problems for himself they. Did not walk it back last night, in. A formal, treat from, there from the press from. The press secretary, but well, let's move on and talk about something really disturbing the Nancy Pelosi said everybody, saw that that, meeting the president hadn't decided to televise 55 minutes of it Steny, Hoyer was the highest-ranking, guy there and I guess Nancy, Pelosi thought it was significant, that the people at the meeting were, all white, not what they tried to accomplish him what they said listen, to what she said. The. Five white guys that call them you know. I thought, they can open up hamburger, stand next door what, what. Does that even mean, but, among the people that were upset Minority. Whip Steny Hoyer, himself, Democrat, that, comment, is offensive. He said I am, committed to ensuring dreamers, are protected and I will welcome everyone, to the table who wants, to get this done. Madhu. The best day I mean they don't get along but, he's trying to do the best he can to say are you kidding, me what does that have to do with anything, right. Well and by the way as if so if she were there or that somehow changed, the pigment, of the, room I don't think so as far as I know Nancy's fairly white as. Well but look this fixation, with identity politics, is really ruining, the Democratic, Party as a partisan, I do have to say I think some Glee in that but as an American, I don't because it's corrosive for, our culture politically nancy pelosi by the way she's been a real hit parade lately of absurd. Comments, yesterday she also made a comment regarding the bonuses that are being paid by a lot of companies thousand. Two thousand dollar bonuses she called them quote crumbs, right and she said they were pathetic well you know maybe in her private, jet san, francisco world $1,000. Bonus doesn't, mean a lot but to most americans, a thousand dollars means a real, lot and it can change or their month and their plan and it can mean doing, something special for their children or taking a trip they wouldn't have taken or going out to dinner or paying a bill that they've been putting off so her, condescension. Toward, regular people toward working americans, i think is really offensive. As, was this comment certainly and her fixation on as if white, guys can't, come up with the right deal on immigration deep, I think the crumbs she wants to offer are the crumbs off the government table, which, is the lifestyle. Dependency. That her party I think is trying to. Push. On. Minority, I think you're exactly right I think, you're exactly right you know and, I always say this about Democrats, you know they, care about us about Hispanics, they care about minorities, about people of color when, it comes to voting they don't care very much other than that they're very happy to take your vote and then have you live a life of dependency.

And, That's not that's not real, freedom that's not what America is about and we're better than that all right Steve Cortes joining us today from Chicago. Steve thank you very much have a good weekend thanks Steve thank. You all, right 19 minutes now before the top the hour and Jillian's, got some more headlines that's, right I don't know if you guys this yesterday, you probably did but how about this Time magazine, lighting. President, Trump's hair on fire to, mark his one-year, anniversary, the cover artist says it's a reference to Michael Wolf's new book fire and Puri which, has been highly criticized, by the White House the, flames also meant to reflect the president's threatening, comments to North Korea in 2016. The same artist made this cover a venn candidate, Trump having, a literal meltdown, a shocking. Report revealing Veteran, Affairs hospitals, could be putting patients and visitors at, risk a government, watchdog group detailing. Failures, in VA Security, saying hospitals, and clinics aren't adjusting, security, measures based, on different, threat levels their findings were sent to congressional, committees at the VA secretary and, homeland security the, VA says if looking into it and will update security, policies, accordingly, take. A look terrifying moments on a Texas highway after a semi-truck veers off an overpass plunging. Into a car below you, can see that small white car crushed, like a tin can under, the truck that's flipped completely upside, down somehow. The big rig driver crawled, out from a window no, one was seriously hurt police say the truck driver was trying to avoid an accident when he jackknifed, and drove off the roads scary, scenes there you. Remember this iconic, Super Bowl Pepsi commercial from 1992. I. Know. You're saying how could we forget, well now Cindy Crawford, is returning, to her Pepsi past 26. Years later the, 51 year old model will debut a recreation. Of the unforgettable. Added this year's Super Bowl on February, 4th it's called this is the Pepsi and it, will feature her 18 year old son Presley, Gerber it is part of the company's Pepsi, generation campaign.

Honoring, The brands of 120, year history. I don't. Know she, looks amazing, you. Know, wow. That's. A moisturizer. Found. The youth is Pepsi I think that. Meanwhile. We told you about this Nancy, Pelosi downplaying. Americans, getting bonuses. Crumbs. That they are giving, to workers. To kind of put, the schmoozer one is so, pathetic. Is. $1000. Crumbs, to, you grover norquist weighs in on that next, and it's the video that all of us cracking up yesterday it's been seeing 50 million times maybe you'll want them this man. To. His mailbox and American cake get out of it and we'll talk to him, the. Trivia, question of the day born on this date in 1954. Which. Radio, and TV personality once, released an album under the name unclean. Fever be, the first to email us at friends. At Braganza. Welcome, back more than two million Americans are now seeing bonuses. Thanks, to the Republican, tax bill, so, why is Nancy Pelosi calling, it pathetic. In. Terms of the bonus. That corporate, America received. Versus. The, crumbs. That they are giving, to, workers, to kind of put, the schmooze on is so, pathetic, it's, so pathetic, here. To react as the founder and president of Americans, for Tax Reform Grover. Norquist. Grover good morning to you good, morning good, to be with you okay so she says the Republicans, are just trying to put the schmooze on these people by giving them the crumbs right. Well. Cut her some slack what, what, else is she gonna say that. She told us it would be the end of the world and it's now been about 12 days in the world hasn't ended as. A result, of the taxes Armageddon's. Armageddon. Yeah that's, sort. Of associated, with the end of the world. And. So what does she say now and she comes up with this idea that. For, two million Americans companies, have announced that they're giving bonuses. And, more money and IRAs, and some pay increases and all sorts of injured Walmart. Is now giving $5,000 to families that it adopted. In terms of adoption, costs, we're, seeing companies begin to. Increase. Pay right, and again, we're just this. Has just begun. At Americans for Tax Reform we actually have the list of all the known companies, that are doing this a TR org, and you can flip through we, are looking for more a lot of small companies are calling and to tell people about it so this is not a complete, list that's two million, people. Who've received its group a bonus says it's there, are people out there got it we don't have those yet they're more if you're Nancy Pelosi you said it would hurt the economy the.

Stock Market's going up you've told people they'd lose their jobs that's not happening so you say, that $1,000. Pay. Increase, is, pathetic, because she spends that in an evening at dinner in San Francisco, yeah unfortunately, it, does seem awfully like, an elitist comment. Grover. You joined us before the, tax cut, bill was passed and you were forecasting what it would do to the economy and how. Companies. Would react but I don't remember you ever seen and there's a possibility that, millions. Of Americans would get bonuses, I mean this is this, is gravy this is extra it, is and I think, you're saying it's company is going we know we want to do more we don't know we got to make decisions but, we can do this to start with this pre stages, more, pay increases in the future people, will benefit because their taxes, will be lower because, they're going to get higher, pay because, they're the value of their life savings in a 401, or an IRA is, going, up and then the people that get additional jobs so there are many, ways in which Americans, lives are made better by this tax cut this is the first one to show up this is the spring flowering arriving. Sure and Grover, I remember, in the run-up to the passage. People, like Nancy Pelosi were saying this is just a giveaway to rich people and and big corporations, but now we're finding that 2 million Americans. So far sounds, like are getting a thousand, two thousand bucks that's not a giveaway to the rich no. And in point of fact when the government doesn't take your wallet it didn't give you your wallet right okay when, you pass a mugger on the street unmolested he, didn't give you your wallet when, it when it when the politicians don't take money, out of your wallet that is not a favor, from them right when, they raise taxes, that's a pay cut when they cut taxes, it's a pay increase for Americans, all right and Grover once again if people would like more information about the companies that have given. The bonuses out or would like to add, their names to it the, website, 80-yard. Org, but. Companies. Let us know who's who, in your neighborhood, is making, these commitments and we'll get them up a TR, dot org is that is the list of everyone, that's doing it okay, very good Grover thank you so much all right have a good weekend meanwhile, straight ahead did fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson. Try, casting doubt on the FBI investigation. Into Hillary Clinton's emails Peter Schweitzer the author of Clinton cache sure, thinks so he's going to join us next hour plus, it's a video that was cracking up yesterday it's been seen 50 million times that. Man, who. Surf in his driveway, joins. Us live to tell the tale on, how he did not break, his neck. Forget. The bomb cyclone, this, winter wipeout has taken the internet by storm. Yep the video was viewed more than 50 million times not counting what happened today shows, one man's epic, attempt not to fall and hit himself on his mailbox, on black ice on his house and to. Prove that he made it unscathed. Jim the, sucker joins us from Washington DC they, Tim, morning. So, first. Of all your wife when you came inside after falling falling the first thing she said was, let's. Look at that video right. On the security, cam so, correct not how am I guess yeah check the video and she should have been worried because you came in your recovery with dirt and snow, and, you probably were looking for sympathy and she's just thinking. About the surveillance video. Exactly. Forced. Him. You. Know just heading to work. Beginning. A new year was going to hit him with the hind and next. Thing I know I'm doing a split and.

Sliding. Down the driveway was. There a fear that you were going to go into traffic I didn't. Even see that car I. Was. Just focused on the grass yeah, why do you think so many people are enjoying watching, this video I mean 50 million views and growing, it's. Just funny. It. Is funny and so you're I understand, your daughter posted at first and then your wife posted, it online and it is taken off Tim. And saying it is now I understand, you kind of become a folk hero when you go into meetings, now what happens, I, got. A round of applause yesterday, I went, to work it's. Just yeah it's surreal I don't even know how to describe this what do you do. I'm, in IT sales okay. You didn't break anything falling, down did you fortunately. No good. Was there a part of you that you were embarrassed, and we're hoping no one would see it or were you just all in on this I just. Think thankful, that for once one of these got on video this is not. Something, that's unusual in my world after. This happened, how many advil, did you have to take after that because I'd say three. No. Advils. I was, I don't know I don't know how I didn't it was fine, well you're the man all right I love that people are watching and saying hey I had a bad day but, I watched this and it put a smile on my face and so maybe it's worth it right at least I'm there to 100%, that's, it you know the people reaching out to my wife and myself saying, it made their day that's that's. Been the best part of it Tim, basically. Thank you very much for joining us today, good. Luck all, right, go. Get him - meanwhile another company putting money back in employees pockets, and the American economy thanks to the president's tax plan we'll bring you the latest ben shapiro joining.

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