FOX & Friends 01/23/18 7AM | January 23, 2018 Breaking News

FOX & Friends 01/23/18 7AM | January 23, 2018 Breaking News

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Millions. Of Americans, under tsunami warnings, right now after, a powerful 7.9. Earthquake rocked Alaska, we don't know how high the waves are going to be but people, are urged to move to higher ground the, shutdown is effectively, over because Democrats, cave, I think that Democrats, realized. That, the position, that they had taken frankly, was indefensible there are over. 50,000. Text messages, between Trump hating FBI agent, Peter struck and his FBI lawyer mistress, Lisa page well now the Attorney General says that's, not right he said I'm gonna leave no stone unturned to. Confirm with certainty why these text messages are, not now available, to be produced these Republicans, are now moving to, begin, the process to release that four-page, memo that is at the center of these allegations, that, top Obama, officials, were conducting, surveillance of top trump officials. Evacuate. Parts. Of Alaska we start with the Fox News Alert tsunami. Watches, and warnings up, and down the west coast of America right. Now after a powerful 7.9. Earthquake, rocked, Alaska. Near Kodiak, just about 90, minutes ago got emergency crews they are telling everyone to get to higher, ground for, example, oh right. Now it's time to go to higher ground at least a hundred feet above you have your home's to. Get your family and, be, safe, Kodiak, and, this brand-new video showing people trying to get out of Kodiak as, police, there confirmed water has started to recede from the harbor that's, the biggest warning, that a tsunami could be approaching, and more. New video showing over, 600, people evacuated. Their homes and, then went to a nearby high school gym, one, of the safest spaces, in the town of Kodiak it's on high ground Janice Dean is here with breaking details, okay Janet, so we understand, there are warnings, and watches all, around Alaska, right down through the west coast and the, waves have started to recede, in parts, that means what well, that typically, means that we do have the potential for tsunami to come inland, especially, around the Kodiak area and you mentioned that police are now saying that the water is starting to recede that, would be a first indication that a tsunami is on its way but again we can't tell you what high the, waves are going to be what I can tell you is we did get off the phone with seismologists. That are saying that while this could be a big, danger, to the coastline of Alaska, it would have to be a little bit more northward. Towards Anchorage to have its biggest impact so not, saying, that we can't take this seriously we, have to especially when we have tsunami warnings, all the way down the coastline to British Columbia and then watches, towards, Southern California. But again the information is coming in and we had a report of a buoy and the, the heights the wave heights or the rise of water being about 32, feet what. We're also getting. More data that the buoys around the epicenter, are not as high so that's also good news again, people need to be on high alert listen, to your local officials, we will certainly keep you updated for here back to you Steve Ainsley, and Brian Wow thanks so much Janice, we'll find out where, this is going we'll be monitoring it meanwhile three minutes out to the top the era let's bring in Fox's, senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano just, watch on the repeat of Martha show.

Great. What the present United States just sent out a tweet about your first topic so let's read that you just tweeted out in one of the biggest stories in a long time the FBI now, says it is missing five months, worth of lovers, struck, and page text perhaps, 50,000. And all, in prime, time wow. This. Is obviously. Very troubling, Jeff, Sessions addressed, it directly yesterday, his phrase we will leave no stone unturned to, find these now. There's more there than meets the eye if he, has asked the Inspector, General of the Justice Department, to look for these that's standard, operating procedure. There's a file missing let's find it it happens to be fifty thousand files if. He's having FBI, agents. Directly, investigate, this they only look, for crimes. And, breaches. Of national, security so, there might be a little bit more here than meets the eye who. Is doing the investigation sure. But if the I, mean FBI it's in the same department, essentially, it's like hey guys can you figure out where they went I mean who else would he ask, well. The inspector general, and investigates. When FBI agents, break FBI, rules not. When they break criminal. Laws. FBI. Agents. Investigate, other FBI agents, when they're accused of breaking criminal, laws so we don't know exactly. What. Jeff Sessions is pursuing, he's doing the right thing by trying to find these things this can open up a can of worms when's, the last time, 50,000. Texts or emails were, lost, Benghazi judges. Climb to mind I was gonna say yes with mrs. Clinton's 72,000. Email or pages, of emails were recovered, remember that yeah couldn't find them they were able to recover them will we be able to recover well look that this this is a mobile, device that's issued by the government, in, the case that we're looking at Lincoln's issued by Fox so, the, government, owns the mobile device the government, owns the information. And the data that's on it did, destroy, or hide. Government. That this is the same allegation, that they they, let, mrs. Clinton off the hook they. Lost all these text messages because of Miss configuration. Issues related, to rollouts, what, does that even mean if, I knew what that meant. I would, say I'm extremely, skeptical. This, is a very, very, tenuous, time. Period, in the FBI history, which, covers, the firing, of Jim Comey and the appointment, of Bob Moya it's that time I Corinne correct, all this happens, in the first five, months, of Donald Trump's presidency. The loss of these 50,000. Taxpayer then they get it the day that Muller's hired they get the text messages back here's, what the Attorney General says we'll leave no stone unturned to, confirm as. I let's just imagine the practice rolling forward to. Certainly why these text messages are now not, available to be produced and will use every technology available to determine whether, the missing messages, are recoverable. From another, source and there's like three separate, sources bleach, pit people were asked about this three, separate companies say this and there's things you can do the question is we've, we're still trying to find the hard drives from Lois Lerner it turns out they were all dented in damage it. Just seems too hard to recover this stuff you, know I mean there's got to be a willingness there and what do you feel about Christopher. Rea saying. If you push me to fire Andrew McCabe I quit, what, is there some resentment from this investigation, from the new head of the FBI yes whose hands are clean on this I'm, not I don't know if his hands are clean on this he. Just started, because, Chris, Rea has, been involved in other cases in which I phones. Have, been missing Chris Rea was Governor Chris Christie's, lawyer during Bridgegate when they couldn't find the, governor's cell phone suddenly. After his said 200 links were convicted they found the cell phone where was it in the, in the vault of the law firm representing, him who was his lawyer Chris Rea nobody, wants to go there if the FBI has a history, and a pattern of destroying. Inconvenient. Evidence or evidence that points, at it this has to be found the American public the president the United States have to have confidence that the, FBI, is neutral. Politically, and enforcing, the laws as they've been not, as they want them judge it looks like these Democrats just want to hide everything, you had congressman.

Adam Schiff Democrat, from California. One saying this on why Americans. Shouldn't, be able to see the FISA memo listen. The. American people unfortunately don't have the underlying materials, and, therefore they can't see how, distorted, and. Misleading, this document, is it's just designed to attack the FBI. And Bob Muller it's a disservice to the country so what is what. Is this memo okay this memo, is a summary. Of evidence, which has been viewed by members, of the House, Intelligence Committee, of which congressman. Schiff is the ranking, Democrat. Which. In the opinion of the prepares of the memo shows. Such, violation. Of the Civil Liberties of Americans by. Intelligence. Forces, in our government, NSA, and FBI. That. If this was revealed people, would lose their jobs one of the Republicans. Has characterized, this is more like the KGB than, the enemyís congressman. Schiff is basically saying look this is a summary of underlying data unless, you see the underlying data you want you won't understand, the summary he's also saying, the, American people won't understand, it now that is insulting, the American, people are entitled to know what, has been done, in our name what, people to whom we have given her our Obama, admitted what, people to whom we have given power have done, with that power we, have an absolute, right to know that it's only four pages yes we didn't understand it that's why we have experts like you they want to tell us I haven't seen it I'm dying to see it we're all dying to see if here's the other thing the, Intelligence, Committee sat. On this while. The Congress, reauthorized. And expanded, FISA the rest, of the Congress had a should. Have been informed, about what was in here so there could have been a meaningful, debate are we giving more power to the same people that have abused that power in the past is a naysayer you. Say skunk at the garden party. Basically. Devin Nunez wrote this so how do we know it's true that's, what Democrats are saying that is Adam shifts our argument that in order to know if it's true you have to see the underlying data, that, it relies, on we, should be able to see that as well well now that the government has, and a reopen, this morning they can get to work on releasing now there are a lot of Republicans I think that I think this is going to be out by the end of the week and I think he'll. Will be. Picturing. The skunk at the garden party. Phrase. Whenever, I used it. What's. Going over to Jillian right, now with some headlines that's right and we are starting with the Fox News Alert we're following a number of breaking news stories this morning new. Video as the US Air Force is using a-10, Thunderbolt, Jets in Afghanistan, for the first time in more than three years they'll, support American, and Afghan troops. It's the latest sign of escalating, military operations, and involvement against, the Taliban, under, the trump administration, also. Breaking right now a frantic, search, underway, for five people missing, after a series, of fiery, wheel, rig explosions. The blast going off in Oklahoma shooting, flames and black smoke into, the air it took hours to put the fire out 17.

Employees Were rescued, one rushed to the hospital the, site has been shut down pending, an investigation a, desperate. Search underway to find a woman missing at sea officials, say the 44, year old was seen going overboard while. The Triumph, Carnival cruise ship was in the Gulf of Mexico it was on its way to Cozumel from New Orleans this comes days after another, woman fell to her death on board a different, Carnival ship neither, victim has been identified. He. Dazzled millions, on New Year's Eve performing, one of his classic, hits now we're learning it may be one, of Neil Diamond's last, times, on stage. Sweet. Caroline. Two, times never, sees, a, girl. The. Rock and Roll Hall of Famer announcing, he's retiring from touring, after being diagnosed, with Parkinson's, disease the 76, year old was midway through his fiftieth anniversary tour, he, hopes to continue writing and recording music, guys. That. Is so sad what a voice. Alright, thank. You very much say a prayer for him thanks, Julian well Democrats say a deal too in the showdown or the shutdown, I should say was done without president, Trump's help but isn't, the deal exactly. What the president wanted Laura. Trump is here to react to that coming up and Pete except having breakfast with friends in Illinois, he. Is. Right there there's that guy took the mic away from him he's coming up next. And, lost control. Well. The last time we saw a Pete hagseth about 20 minutes ago out and Illinois, said you know we've run out of time we can't talk to that guy back in the Korean veteran I think, he's, gonna be talking to him now there. He is. That's, exactly right we, ran out of time but we would never shortchange, a Korean War veteran this is Willard he's also a Baptist, preacher as well, as a school teacher where you came back home Willard Oh your title in Korea is what's best what did you do nation expert, demolition. Expert, do not mess with Willard, Willard. So you're a trump supporter you're, seeing what's happening on Capitol Hill right now what, do you make of the showdown over the shutdown and the way forward I think that Trump is right on and they should have fired. Sherman. They, should have fired Schumer yeah well. Your your senator here dick Durbin is on that team too and. Dick. Durbin ought to be out. What. Do you hope that happens next as it pertains to what's. Happening in Washington I just hope they can get this thing done and. Get, back to business and, recognize, people, and. When. It comes to North Korea we were talking about Kim. Jong-un to stare down there do you like the president's tough, talk I do and, I think you ought to get tougher ought to get tougher you bet you meaning Nene.

Send. The troops over there and let's get it done let's, go back and do the job that we should have finished when I was over there Wow, no strong words and someone who would know it from having been at you and most, veterans, of Korea and know that that was a fact, we've lost too many men and, people. Over there in that war, and. They still call it a. Forgotten. War yep. Police. Action, well, wouldn't you be in fired at and killed it's not a c-section, Willard, thank you for service for your time and your candor Marilyn, as a trump supporter as well here this morning what do you make of the, whole show to shut down and how it came out well. Of. Course I think that was a Schumer shutdown showdown, and. Yes, I think that they they felt that they had to cave in and give, in because they knew that they lost the negotiations. With. President, Trump who is just, you know an expert at it so they lost at their own game I. Do, have a little bit of a concern because I know that excuse. Me the. Whole. Plan is to get a clean attacker, plan yeah because that's what their bases are the illegals. And so. My. Concern is that they said they agreed with McConnell, that if they don't reach a settlement. Or by. February, 8th then, they would agree to bring up the daca that's. All so, my concern is what's the incentive to get an agreement so. Now, then that forces the hand to now they're gonna get what they want back on the table not a decision. So. Your point is as a trump supporter of making sure that when we move past the budget we're moving into a territory where a deal includes, the promises, that were made in the campaign trail building a wall ending chain vibration, in exchange for the dacha side. Migration. And the lottery, system because. What, is the point of, you. Know just make, it a plan for the back and stuff and then we're just gonna keep. It's. A lot of common sense here let me tell you guys so I've been shortchanging, I've been trying not to shortchange guests, all morning see this gentleman to my right this, is my father's, brother this is uncle Todd he's very deplorable, he. You. May have some stories about me as well from my background so we're not gonna talk to him right now I'll let him save his best story and bring it to you next hour on fox and friends so don't there's a tease again Todd. I'm, not gonna even give you the microphone right now but, he's he's, we're coming to you next with, Todd hexif, on the other side of the break guys so, Robbie, New Yorkers at the Riverview died yeah we want to hear some stories about you growing up feet somebody, from the family tree. Now we're in 40 minutes left all right thanks, Peter thank you Peters do you or Pete you're used to say invader I'm Peter just to bother him all right ten minutes people at the bottom of the hour Democrats, say they want to protect dreamers but it turns out there, are criminal, dreamers, walking, free that's, not a dream that's a nightmare you won't believe how many exclamation, point, and, you heard us talk about it with the judge a couple of minutes ago pressure continues, to be. Pressed, upon Congress, to release that FISA abuse, memo, all four pages but what's. It gonna take to happen we're gonna talk to former congressmen and House Oversight Chair jason, Chaffetz, next. Change. That the chains only bring me. 7:24. Here in New York City time for some news by the numbers first 30%. That's how much imported, solar panels, will soon be taxed. 30%. President Trump making good on his campaign promise to help American. Manufacturers. According, to the oregon-based. Company solar, world the tariffs could create, up to. 45,000. Jobs Wow. Next. Over 30 that's how many environmental, rules the Trump administration waived. To, speed up construction of, president Trump's border, wall in New, Mexico, the. Department of Homeland Security saying the waiver will allow them to begin replacing, vehicle, barriers with bollard.

Walls Along. A 20-mile. Stretch of the. US border and. 592, thousand, dollars that's. How much the State Department is dishing out to explore. Gender identities. In. The country of Kenya the. Proposal, blames Kenya's. Patriarchal. Society. Of tough. Heterosexual. Men, for. Problems, in the, developing, country, all right 25. Minutes to the hour the pressure from Republican, lawmakers is mounting. To release the mammoth apparently, details, abuses. By the FBI and DOJ under, the Obama administration. Right now all House members, can, go and read this memo and it is getting a lot of reaction from congressmen Joyce yesterday, on Fox and Friends listen to this. 25. Years I've been in law enforcement before I got here in, 2013. And I can tell you that I read, it twice just to make sure I read properly, and it, was deeply disturbing, as anybody. Who's been in law enforcement in any American will find out once they have the opportunity, to review it okay. So what. Would it take to release the memo Fox News contributor, former chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and former, Republican. Congressman, from. Utah jason Chaffetz joins us right now from Utah Jason. Good morning to you good morning we've, heard so much about this memo, I know you have not seen it because you're not a city. Member of Congress right now but, what's it going to take for Congress, to say okay let's release it. Chairman. Nunez can do a couple things he can take a vote within the to release it give them the classified, nature there probably need to redact some things you don't want to ever give up sources. And methods is sort of the art, term of art that they use if you're revealing one of those they shouldn't, release it but they can do a redacted, version they can also share the information with the Inspector General for the intelligence, community you, can share it within the inspector. General, for the Department of Justice Michael Horowitz he has some 450.

People Working. For him and he can also make a referral, a criminal. Referral to, the Attorney General himself for. Action, and my, guess is all, of those things are already in motion have, you talked to anyone I know they can't give you details but, have you talked to any of your friends that serve our country that say this. Stuff is really bad, what are they saying. Yes. Look in, particular I get to a trey, gowdy as, one of my closest friends there in Congress you know 20-plus, years as a prosecutor, loves, and cares, for law enforcement as, much as anybody, I've ever met and this, is as disturbing, as anything, he's ever seen John Radcliffe, a serious. Of former federal prosecutor from. Texas, you haven't heard from him as much but you, know he sent out it's, a little bit of a different. Situation but, when, he's looking at the text messages, and he tells you that he's reading quote secret. Society. And quote you got to take that very seriously, the guy used to on behalf of the United States government, prosecute. Terrorism, cases, he has an impeccable impeccable. Background. And those. Two gentlemen, one from judiciary, one from oversight, they're, pursuing, anything that's non Russia related, but the Intel, committee data, releases, so you're talking about which, is mentioned to the day after the election, I believe Donald, Trump one if my memory serves me correct there's. Talk of a secret society of, officials. Within the FBI they apparently met that day after the election they assumed to plot against, the president-elect, this, is like a bad, plot, for a novel let. Alone now all of a sudden we find out soon after all the text message disappeared for five months, into the day Robert Muller is appointed. A special, prosecutor, that's, not a coincidence. If you sitting, there where, do you go from here. Look. It makes it highly suspicious, the idea that these text messages are, missing, within up until, within, hours that, director Muller is is put into place that. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense so look, you need a very strong Attorney, General to pursue this and get, after it you also have an inspector general and I think in March he's going to come up with the most. Thorough. Of, reports. When he comes before the Oversight Committee, I think that's gonna gonna be one of the most explosive hearings, we've we've seen today yeah, you. Don't think they're really missing do you I. I. Don't I listen that. Doesn't make any sense they try to pull this trick with, us on and the Hillary. Clinton emails they tried to pull this trick with us and Lois Lerner in the IRS and now suddenly they're missing, come on this is this, is the FBI. Well. Look there is it true there is a deep state I'm telling you it's very real, when I went into Congress I was skeptical, of it but there are a hundred and ten thousand, people there most of them are good hard-working patriotic, people, but there is sort of this deep state that protects itself and we've already seen I think enough evidence, from the upper echelon of the FBI to. Make this highly suspicious it's just there's no way we should believe this on the surface well we all see the memo do you think it'll be released I. Think. A version of it will there is some classification. Issues out there but I think the pressure is mounting and, when also the Democrats can't answer to is why is it when you when you go into the bowels, of the of the the, Capitol, you go in you sign a piece of paper, then, you can read it can't take notes can't take a picture can't do anything but that is a public record and last number I heard like something like a hundred and seventy Republicans, had reviewed it but only one Democrat, had actually bothered to go down and read it and.

That's Just that's unbelievable. To me politics, all right congressman, thank you very much for joining us today from Utah thank you thank. You good morning good, morning good morning, it's 7:30 here, in New York City and coming up Senator Rand Paul's 9-1-1. Call for help after being attacked by his next-door neighbor just has, been released and we have got the recording you're gonna wanna hear Plus Hollywood. Keeping up the attacks on Melania, Trump during the award season I. Think. My first initiative. As first lady will be. Cyberbullying. Because I, have. Yet to see, any progress, made, on that problem quite yet so why is it okay for the left to keep going after conservative, women Laura Trump is here to react, next. Come on over lar. That, is the perfect song to introduce this, lovely lady Laura Trump the president, president Trump's, daughter-in-law, married to Eric they just had a baby little Lou it was precious we were gonna talk about him coming up but first we wanted to talk to you about the the government, shutting down because the Democrats are blaming your, father-in-law, for this and saying that he that he wasn't helpful in all of this well. I think that's first, of all totally, ridiculous if you, look at the numbers 269. Republicans, voted, to keep the government funded, 230. Democrats voted to, shut it down so just, starting there that that's that's all you need to know but on top of that I think it shows something more I think it shows how nervous, the Democrats, are because. Donald Trump is winning for this country, and they. Know that going into the midterms coming up to 2020, there are going to have such, an uphill battle and I think this is just a distraction technique. It's all they have to do what's interesting Larry is a lot of moderate, Democrats are upset with their leadership for not letting them vote for, the tax reform because, they see what is put it's put the economy on turbo, right well and and if you look back at what they said they lied to everybody, and they said this isn't gonna help the, average person it's going to give more, money to 80 percent of Americans, and there's no hiding that that's the thing they figure it out now and a couple of weeks people are gonna get more money in their paychecks and it's going to the, economy is already booming it's gonna make it even better and I think they know that now why, don't what do you make about all these celebrity, women that, are going after, Milani after, your mother-in-law, said, we have Kristen Bell you, have cher you have Chelsea Handler, going after your father-in-law, the president, United States women. Are supposed to stick together even Hillary Clinton said that right and you have all these women that are saying, such negative, things about Melania, yeah and she didn't decide to run she's not she's not the president Melania, is incredible, and and she has taken. Everything with such grace in class and honestly. I give her so much credit but the reality is when it comes to the left when it comes to Democrats they, are okay with all women as long as you have their same opinion, on things and and it's very evident here and you know I was so disappointed to, see the women's March wasn't. Just about women it was more of a hateful anti, Trump protest. Which, i think is really sad because this president has so much for women he, has a woman as the head of Department of Homeland Security, education. He had the first woman run a successful presidential. Campaign with Kelli Ann women's. Unemployment, is at a 17-year, low right, now, and yet these these women out there are so anti-trump, and I don't think in think they know why they just think that's the thing to do so.

You Were busy over the weekend you were standing in for the you, and Eric we're standing in for the president, and the first lady they were in Washington, because of the government shutdown and instead. You hosted, the, $100,000. Ahead fundraiser. For the Republican, Party yes well, I don't know that we were a. Substitute. For the president cuz I would never try and do that but we, had a great time and so many great supporters, and people, who loved the president and loved this country there it was it was really special and while you were down at mar-a-lago in Palm Beach, did somebody wind up getting a haircut yes Luke, our son got his first haircut yeah, we took just a little off the back not the the, unicorn, horn as I. Know. He was great he had a great time as you can see he's laughing there yeah, he, loved it he had an awesome time he looks a lot like Eric well everyone, says that what kind of tip did he leave oh you, know what that's between him and the Harris, okay. You. Save the receipt or did you get a gift certificate I don't I have that I left the hair down there in Florida but they have it for me in an envelope so I'm gonna get it next time I go down here, yeah. But my mom, taped. A little lock of mine and the baby book you got a hold on I know I'll get my purpose that's the best part about being a mom oh my gosh there's so much great about where do you begin right I know it's the best I love it what's his personality he's. So happy he laughs all the time now he just found his feet so he's holding them all the time it's, really he's sleeping through the night yet 12 hours not gonna work we're we're, very much yeah, baby, yeah I, know so look at that picture what was going on there oh he's, sunglasses. Yeah, well and we were in Florida so he had to wear sunglasses down, there and then, there he's there with our dog Charlie okay put, this in perspective because people say when you have dogs and I know your dogs are the loves of your lives, at least until looks here now we have three kids that's, the, dogs are first - this is our third and, everybody honestly, gets along so well and love, each other and we're just so blessed thank you very much, you, look incredibly. Busy. First year right yep meanwhile. Here's talking about busy Jillian's, busy still celebrating, the Eagles victory oh yes, busy, in that aspect and also we are following a number of breaking news stories this morning so let's get straight to this Fox News Alert moments. Ago this naughty watches, and warnings up and down the west coast were, just canceled it comes after a powerful 7.9. Earthquake, rocks have at last near Kodiak in the middle of the night police, they're urging people to get to higher ground all, morning long but again all tsunami. Warnings, have been canceled, a plea. Deal now in the works for the neighbor accused, of attacking Senator. Rand Paul prosecutors. Pushing, for Renee Boucher to spend 21 months, behind bars the, tip nothing, to do with politics, instead of her yard maintenance that boiled over we're, also hearing the Kentucky, lawmakers 9-1-1, call for the first time after that alleged. Assaulted. By. The. Alleged assault leaving Senator Rand Paul with several broken ribs how. About this story talk about a case oh the. Blues about 100, people coming out for a candlelight, vigil to. Remember a Taco Bell that. Burned down the event started on Facebook and spread like fire sauce, across, Montgomery Alabama nobody. Was hurt in the blaze but the building was destroyed the.

Owners Say they plan to rebuild. You. Guys not appreciating, how the writer scripted, that. Beautiful. Okay. So. Thanks. Joey over, the break, hey straight, ahead the government is funded for three weeks fantastic. Can Democrats Republicans work together and get a long-term solution on immigration and funding, we're gonna ask Tom cotton he will answer Plus. This young Patriot thanked a soldier, for his service and a basketball, game then he got a huge surprise in return that boy joins us live to tell us all about it just to have. Back. In business president, Trump signing a deal to end the shutdown last, night and keep, government funded, for three weeks after 3, days the president tweeting. Big win for Republicans as, Democrats cave. On shutdown now I want a big win for everyone. Including Republicans. Democrats and, daca, but, especially for our great military and border security should. Be able to get there, see, you at the negotiating. Table but will the Democrats be able to negotiate and, work with Republicans, and vice-versa GOP. Senator Tom cotton sits on the Senate Budget Committee joins, us right now in strong opinions, about immigration. Senator, I know what you want when. It comes to immigration where. Do you think the compromise, is to get 60, votes. Brian. I think the compromise is pretty obvious it's what the president has said all along we want to be generous and humane towards, the people who are brought here through no fault of their own as children, but. At the same time we have to do that responsibly and, control the side effects of it that's why we need more, money and legal authorities to build a wall and secure. Our southern border and why we have to end chain migration that's. The kind of that's the context, for compromise, I know the president has already been meeting with Republicans, and Democrats alike, we, have a few more weeks to get this done now and I'm confident we can but, we have to be responsible, about it well speaking, of responsible, senator. What, was the point of the Democrats shutting, down the government because, they didn't get anything. They, want it, it's. Mystifying to me Steve I think, what we learned is that the American people don't want to have the government shutdown for, illegal, immigration. You, know we're. Now on the backside of this shutdown thankfully. But. What we've seen is, that the Democrats obsession, over amnesty. For illegal, immigrants simply is not popular, and I think that's significantly, strengthened our hand going into these immigration, negotiations. To, have a responsible. Responsible. Bill for, the daca population, while also controlling for those side effects building a wall securing, our border and ending chain migration the. Democrats badly overplayed their hand here they ought not to have done it I'm glad the shutdown is over and that people can get back to work and the government serving the American people senator, was hard not to see that this growing bipartisan, meeting, that took place in senator Susan Collins known, as a moderate Republican, help, move this story forward it's almost as if they, got you guys won't pass the leadership, to get this done will.

You Look to combine, with whom to. Get, something, done in terms of a compromise, on daca because leadership seems, stuck in the mud almost on both sides. Yes. Brian I'm happy to sit down with any Republican, or Democrat on any issue to include this, immigration, issue and hopefully we'll have a bill, that is generous, and humane can you throw out some new throw. Out some names did you think you can work with on the other side, well. I've, tried to sit down with Senator Durbin in the past and her Durbin hasn't moved very far in the past so I'm happy to work with people like say. Joe Manchin or Doug Jones or, any of the other Democrats, who voted against the shutdown, on Friday or who helped over the weekend talk some sense into Senator, Schumer and the Democratic, leaders because, most people want to solve this problem they, want to be generous and humane for the daka population, but, we have to do that responsibly by building the walls securing, the border and ending chain migration right. Senator. I can hear that there's a lot, of noise there, in the capital because people are coming back to work today it's. Interesting before the shutdown, every. Pundit, on television, was saying you know regardless. Of who brings it on the Republicans, are going to get blamed for it this time you're not getting blamed for it because. Schumer, shut down trended, higher than, Trump shut down and ultimately. The Democrats lost that a little game, of politics. That's. Right I mean, the American people very clearly saw that the Senate Democrats shut down our government because, they didn't get the kind of amnesty with no strings attached for illegal immigrants that they wanted I could, have said I could have predicted that wasn't very popular in fact I think I did predict that last week I'm glad that it only lasted three days that. They came to their senses the, government can go back to work serving the American people and we could get on with the serious business of negotiating. A generous. But responsible. Immigration, bill when Senator Schumer who hopped behind the microphone to say it's over, he just took shot after shot at the president he says he's been missing this entire time the, happened because the president wasn't involved that's, the reason why this what is the reality between the president's, role in these, talks along, the way. Well. First the, president's position has not shifted and it has not been hidden the president's position has been clear all along with, Senator Schumer and Senator Durbin main, when they say it shifted, where he hasn't revealed it is they don't like his position, and, second, all these senators are running around attacking, White, House staffers, it's really beneath the dignity of a senator. Advisers. Advise presidents. Decide, and to say anything else is to impune, the president all, right Tom, cotton joining us today back, to work today sir, thank you very much thank. Y'all, it's. 7:50. Now here in New York City coming up you've heard of the deep state well now new, text messages, from these FBI agent. Lovebirds, reveal there could be a secret, society. That was discovered the day after President Trump was elected, the going after, mr. Trump CR Carter has been covering the story from the start she joins us straight ahead plus his young Patriot thanked a soldier for his service at a basketball game then he, got a huge surprise in return, that boy joins us live to tell us all about it. An, incredible. Act of kindness from, a hero serving, our country, ten-year-old Wyatt, ambras, was, in the in the stands of a Minnesota Timberwolves game, last week when he spotted a soldier, that was wearing his uniform so, we went up to him and he thanked him for his service and in return the, soldier thanked, him by, giving Wyatt, a Timberwolves, Jersey that was presented to him by the team as part of a ceremony honoring, servicemembers, Wyatt, joins us now with his dad Rodney, Andrew thank you both for being with us great. To see you why white, I'll start with you why don't you do this you saw this this man in uniform and you walked up to him and what did you say and why did you do it. Well. My cousin spotted, him I I just they're. They've been so through. So much and they, just serve thank, you so. Nice of you and dad what do you think when you heard that your I know he he, was there with his uncle and his cousin and his older brother you, weren't at the game but when you heard what your son did what. Was your reaction I. Was. Very proud. You. Know it's very nice to see that he, just went up there unprovoked. And did, something kind get. Wyatt sorry, thanks um yep, no. I'm just saying they would see no it's nice that, you. Know people still serving in the Timberwolves organization, did that and then he took a time out of his you, know other game just to say say something nice to him yeah it's great why you're only 10 years old, you know most most, of us learn later in life what, our what, our men and women are doing in the military to serve our country at 10 years old that's pretty impressive where, did you learn this.

Well. I. My. Dad on. Veterans. Day my mom says, to. Thank your dad for your service, and to think. Other veterans, and so, that's where I kind of got it from it's, beautiful we have a great mom and clearly a great dad Ronnie you served our country I. Did. Yes what. Did you do in the in, the army I was in the army yep well we thank you for this and we're looking at the pictures right now of. First. We were looking at the pictures of the soldier that was honored, there on the field or there on the court what. She what did you think Wyatt, when you saw him being honored on the court after you'd already gone up and talked to him cuz you didn't know he was gonna be honored right. Yeah. I didn't, know at all were. You like that's the guy that's the guy I talked to you. Yeah. I was like oh my gosh Connor look, kid that's the guy, so, then he comes up to you he found you in the crowd and gave you a the Jersey that he was presented. Yes. Tell. Me about that. Well. He. When, I asked, him after we were done he asked me where's that so I point to where is that and then when he went down he. Got done he walked up and I, said nice, job then he says here I thank. You for coming up to me I'm thanking me that's what gives me the Jersey I know, you tried to give the jersey back to him because you felt felt, bad badly, or felt bad for taking it and he said no I want you to have it right. Yeah. Ronnie. Wyatt thank you so much and Ronnie thank you for serving our country and raising such a great kid have. A great day thank, you still ahead we have Sarah Carter we have Ben Shapiro White, House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders they're all going to join us live.

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