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FOX & Friends 01/26/18 6AM | January 26, 2018 Breaking News

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Watching, it all unfold on, this surveillance, video on her phone how frightening, the crooks left before police arrived, thankfully. Nobody was hurt that, is something Majan, being that mother yeah finally the ugly a two-year-old, this isn't ugly climbing, over not one but, two safety, gates look at the kid in the background her dad watching, in amazement. That's, awesome kid his daughter scaled the single gate in the bedroom, he was forth to put up another but the sneaky girl outsmarted. Her dad and pulled, it off that's amazing, have, a good weekend we'll see you later. We. Now have before, us the Trump administration is long-awaited framework. On docket, it provides a path to citizenship, for nearly 2 million dreamers, it also provides, 25 billion dollars, for border security including the wall you have the start of something potentially big, New York Times reporting, that President Trump ordered special, councilor fire. Justice. Inspector General has now recovered thousands. Of text messages referring, to their upcoming interview. With, candidate, Clinton he, drove their, next president the last, thing you need that's. Going in they're loaded, for bear I find these things to be absolutely. Stunning the world is beginning to see the possibility. Of massive, economic growth it's just a real tribute to the, momentum, that, you've created in the global economy you know if you're not a cheerleader for your company or for your country. No, matter what happens it's not gonna work and that's, what I've been and that's what my whole group is been. Live, from New York City it's Friday January 26, 2018. Brian. Kilmeade has taken the day off he's got, some stuff to do in, his place Pete, hagseth, who the Brian Kilmeade phone rang and I just picked it up it day Brian's, out there doing some book stuff yeah yes now would you, prevail. Upon us I can't I could exhibit. The lining. Of this I got, a new suit Jockamo at Booker Taylor hooked me up and he hooked me up with a little flag. America, can you beat that you can't awesome, though rocking, it today I like that yeah, they do a nice job Booker Taylor you order it you put all your things in yeah they'll send you soon okay pretty cool they are they've, been on the show before they have they, brought us those skinny suits that we've been wearing, meanwhile. Let's take a look at the cover of the New York Times up there in the corner Ted this corner over here oh there's a big story that apparently. The president, United States last June, wanted. To fire Robert, mauler because. The president felt that he had a bunch of conflicts, of interest could, not, adequately.

Be The special counsel that's, right and so the the actual put the president in Davos which we're gonna bring some of that sound today he. Doesn't think the story was all, that true maybe call her fake take a listen the president. So. Speaking of typical New York Times you look in the first paragraph all of this reporting, based on for, people who are told, of the matter right it also screams, of a leak from the special counsel because we did know a little bit about this we heard back in June that there, were talks, of the president, wasn't happy with Bob Mahler what would he do right but some new details that may or may not actually be true all right well the president says it's fake news that happened last june d you, know it's, something we have to tell you about because it is a headline The New York Times what do you think about that do you even care something you probably do care about is immigration and. Congress. Is working on a plan the White House says they're going to release it next week just ahead of a few days ahead of the another. Possible, government shutdown when, they have to fund the government, you know because they've kicked the can down the road but, White House immigration. Clewd some, things that you probably do care about including, allowing as many as 1.8, million young immigrants, to become citizens and, that's daca these are the dreamers they have to meet certain work, and education requirements. And Congress, is going to spell that out it would take about 10 to 12 years for those folks to earn their citizenship, then in addition the, number 2 item on that list is what the president, has been campaigning, on 25. Billion dollars for border, security that's, the wall and more, it, would eliminate the visa lottery program that brings something like 50,000. People in the country every year and it, would curb chain migration. In other words if you wind up with a green card in this country you, can't bring everybody you ever met who's in your family tree it might be just one or two people it just. Can't. Bring parents, can't bring the whole family the announcement came out six o'clock yesterday and you got immediate, reaction from all sides of spectrum, because the, White House put out a template for a deal neither.

Side Is gonna get exactly what they want rather it's pathway. To citizenship, as a buzz word a lot of conservatives don't want to hear we, thought it was $800,000. Recipients, now we're looking at 1.8, million and the wall funding what's key there is that it they put it in a trust fund which means right you can't strip the funding away in the future the walls gonna get built what's interesting about the numbers though is when, you think 1.8. Million. Okay. We thought it was 800,000, so maybe they made, it really big so that they can whittle that down same, thing for the wall, we've heard the walls gonna take 18, billion dollars why, is it 25, more. Negotiation. Yeah Democrats, really wanted this daca plan and the president saying you know what we'll throw in actually, more immigrants, and allow more people to become citizens but that's still not good enough for the Democrats senator, Elizabeth Warren she, she tweeted this out said by ending daca Donald, Trump's objected 800,000. Dreamers to deportation, now he wants, to hold them hostage to. Steve miller's anti-immigrant. Wishlist, it's, insulting, we already have a bipartisan, solution to the trump creating crisis it's called the DREAM Act hashtag, DREAM, Act now, secure, your border is insulting, that's right and the DREAM Act you know what that's code for we get all that we want but, President, Trump gets nothing, here's the thing the, dreamers were. Given status by the president, in United States last president, didn't, go through Congress hadn't, gone through Congress, then and passed at point we wouldn't be where we are right now but the Democrats is saying look they've. Got status, they, have status, that the that was you, know he had a pen and he had a phone and that's where it came up from I mean while you've got Joe Crowley he's a Democrat, from New York State and the. Democratic. Caucus, leader he said this, isn't an immigration, proposal, it's a ransom note it's interesting on the cover of the. Okay. So you got the Trump ordered molar fired, but then the White, House lawyer said I'll quit over it and then down here you've got a story about people. Who came to the country legally, it, talks, about a fella, from I believe. Vietnam. Who, did it legally and he steamed, that, there could be people who came into the country illegally, and then they wind up getting a pathway, to citizenship. Because then, that will encourage more people to come early so many people that have done it the right way they're, furious about this but, you know I think we oughta, mericans. Try to be fair and try you know they can understand both sides of the story, Democrats. Want one thing Republicans, want something else this is called negotiating but, what it looks like to me when you hear Nancy Pelosi here you hear these Democrats, they're whining about the crumbs these bonuses, or crumbs they're sticking they're saying well these bonus, checks are getting taxed, well guess what that's because you all like the taxes, and you've. Implemented, all these taxes but it's extra, money for Americans, that are hurting that need to pay bills that are in debt and so they're whining about that they're whining about this it's, called negotiation. It's called art of the deal Democrats. Get something Republicans, get something else and everyone. Should be happy that's true it's gonna be sticky though when you hear pathway, to citizenship, and you're gonna hear words like Amnesty and a lot of the president's supporters are going to be frustrated if that becomes part, of a deal so to your point but there is a give-and-take in this process and so some, of the president's. Supporters are gonna have to say okay you got the wall but I had to do this so you know it's a little of this a little bit meanwhile, it's all about business on Capitol Hill and the president United States just about two hours from right now we'll, be addressing the World Economic Forum, he's gonna do a 15 minute speech we.

Have Been. We've gotten from the White House some of the broad themes, for. Instance apparently, the, president's going to talk about how America is open for business. America's. Engagement with, the world will continue and the, president will issue calls, to the international, community to help the United States with things like Isis, and the nuclear threat that is growing from North Korea any time the president talks over Davos we're gonna bring it to you live that big speech is at eight o'clock but if he talks before that will of course bring it to you live too why do I think you're going to hear some typically. Trump blunt talk to the International. Globalist, elites who may not want to hear what he has to say about borders. And taxes. And fair. Trade in addition to free trade it's going to be a very interesting speech you're not gonna want to miss it that's, what mainstream media wants you to believe but everywhere, he goes the leaders are just touting, right behind him they're excited to see him there this is what Americans, are attracted, to that leadership, the president says what America does well the rest of the world does well that's right and during the speech in about two hours that's, when some. People had said you know what we're gonna protest we're gonna just get up and walk out will, that happen stay tuned that did not happen last night in, Switzerland when the president, hosted a supper. With a whole bunch of international, CEOs. They. Liked. The fact that America is open for business and they really like the CEO in, chief, who's also our, president, listen to this. Since. You have been no scientist over the tax reform we, decided, to develop the next generation gas, turbines, in. The units today will cost 50,000 people in the United States we just opened a fully automated. Shoe manufacturing, plant in the state of Georgia, and we have a market cap of around. 250. Billion dollars. Commitment, to to the US what else we are just deciding, to invest the three billion dollars in petrochemicals. In, Texas we invest about fourteen billion dollars every year into the United States and we just announced last year program, through, 2022. Billion, dollar investment not, facilities, it's. Just real, tribute to, the momentum that. You've created in the global economies, I love, the transition glasses. Looks, like a cool, singer, but when you have people saying we're decided to invest three, billion dollars, in Texas, and that's just one of the multitude, I love. That phrase global momentum. Sure not because of global, policies, but because of American, economic vitality, it. Draws, people in. For. The business community the president has said all along you got to do something about regulations, he's been cutting them left and right and then there was a big corporate tax cut, that's. Really impacted the United States and ripple, effect you see what you want about tariffs but, the reality is we're not gonna take things laying down anymore he signaled that as well we're gonna insist, the trade latest company to announce bonuses, Home Depot, all right let's get it over Jillian who has some headline source could be before tired but I love like when you walk in Home Depot the smells like all the lumber and stuff do you it's you, know it's very very strange. But I love, it it's like a good lumberyard I. Don't know where anything is I've gone there. Anyway. All right news you don't need to know let's get you caught up news you do need to know starting with this fox news alert a search, underway. Suspects, connected to a deadly shooting of a Colorado sheriff's, deputy police, believe they already have the man who fired the gun killing, 31 year old Heath Gumm the, five year veteran of the force shot in the chest while chasing an assault suspect the. Community, mourning the loss remembering. Gum as a husband, who loved his job serving. His community and also loved playing hockey Gump, came from a family of first responders, president. Trump doubling down on threats to take aid away, from the Palestinian, Authority, if leadership. Refuses, to engage in peace talks the comments, coming while sitting beside, Israeli, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at, the World Economic Forum.

We. Give them hundreds. Of millions of, dollars in aid and support, that money is on the table and that money is not going to them unless. They sit down and, negotiate peace. The. State Department confirming, that all aid to the Palestinians, is being reviewed, the, person who sent that fake missile, alert in Hawaii is refusing, to cooperate with, investigators an FCC, official, telling a Senate committee wise emergency, management. Agency has been helpful but, that they're disappointed, with the employee behind it the scare it, took nearly 40, terrifying, minutes for the state to correct, that false alarm, Melania. Trump visiting, the Holocaust Memorial Museum in, DC a head of international Holocaust Remembrance Day, which is tomorrow the, first lady touring, the museum taking, a moment of silence, to pay respect, to the millions of Jews who died at the hands of Nazi persecution, Melania. Calling it a quote powerful, and moving tour, guys. All, right Julian, thank you very much I can never forget that for sure well. The president giving us a glimpse of his immigration plan, is it enough the National Border Patrol council vice-president is, here live to tell us that opinion next, plus a joking, woman thought she was about to die until, a sheriff's, deputy, saved, the day, incredible. Moment on. Check. This. Framework will, fulfill the four agreed-upon pillars. Securing. The border and closing, legal loopholes, ending. Extended, family chain migration, cancelling, the Visa Lottery and, providing, a permanent, solution on, daca, after. Decades of inaction. By Congress it's, time we work together to solve this issue once, and for all the White House yesterday released, a sweeping immigration plan, offering, a pathway to citizenship. For. Dreamers, and big money for the border wall here for reaction, national Border Patrol Council vice president Arturo. Del Cueto, joins us today from Tucson, art good morning to you good, morning, how are you doing I'm doing okay what do you think of the White House framework on immigration you. Know, a lot, was done in aerica, of 86 the immigration reform, act that. It. Opened up an amnesty but. They didn't cover the proper loopholes, when it came to border security and now, it's, fantastic. To see a president, that has seen the mistakes of the past and is, correcting, those issues. By, putting, border security at the forefront uh-huh, what do you think about the, 25 billion dollars for. The trust fund for the border, security presumably. That, would be used to build a wall or, we. Don't know how much of the wall and other. Stuff too. You. Know I think any. Deterrent, is better than no deterrent, the, one thing that we. Know that, they're listening to us and taking. Into consideration is, the, retention of the agents, and the experience, that we have right now working, everything. Sounds great but, with the one thing that needs to be the focus on of course is retaining, the agents that we already have here absolutely. It's. Also going to end under, this proposal and the visa lottery system, that. I think currently something, like 50,000, people come. Into the United, States from countries. That don't, have a lot of immigration, into. The US what, do you think about that I, mean. It goes back to my original statement, the. Big issue and and, the fantastic. Thing about this president is that he has seen the mistakes, of the past and he's, doing everything that he can to, rectum moving. Forward he's trying not to make those same mistakes, obviously. Putting border security at the front right, art, how frustrating. Has it been for the men and women on the front line at Border Patrol for. Instance during the last administration we'd, heard some stories about how you. Know there, was not a lot of enforcement, of that. Border if people got across and, well arrest, you we'll give you a ticket go. Ahead come, back to court in three months and you never saw him again, you. Know it was very frustrating, slowly, things are changing, I think this president is doing a fantastic job, to, affect, that change unfortunately. In some areas we still have some of the Obama holdovers, that. Are you know sit, it in there and then and they don't want to allow, some of this change to happen but I think with this new administration and with President Trump at the forefront there's, changes, that are being made that it weren't very necessary and we're very grateful for that there, you go well the president has told Mitch McConnell, if he can get that bill through he would sign it let's see what happens arturo del cuarto we thank you very much for joining us today from tucson, thank.

You You bet all, right so what do you think about that email us friends at, meanwhile. You remember this guy he's an illegal and an admitted, cop killer who says he, wants to kill more and, you know what he's not done his latest court outburst, coming up Plus Democrats like Bernie Sanders love, to praise Canada's, single-payer, health care system so what's. So good about waiting, 22 weeks to see a doctor hmm. Let's. Talk to dr. Nicole sapphire she's making a house call. Welcome. Back a couple of quick headlines for you not for me those. Three words now shutting, down rumors of a 20/20, Oprah presidential, run Winfrey. On the cover of marches InStyle magazine saying, quote I don't, have the DNA for it I've always felt very secure and confident with myself and knowing what I could do and what I could not and so, it's not something that interests, me so there goes that one and Mitt Romney could soon be putting those US Senate run, rumors, to rest sources. Close to him saying he may make an official announcement next. Week to replace, retiring Utah, senator, Orrin Hatch's seat. So we'll see where that one goes Ainsley, over you thank you so much Pete well senator Bernie Sanders and other Democrats, continue to praise. Single-payer. Health care and how it has been implemented. In countries like Canada, listen. One. Of the examples, of a. Single-payer, system that is working well that, is popular, is the Canadian, system providing. Quality. Care to all of their people in a far more cost-effective, way than, we do but. A new report from Canada's Fraser, Institute shows, that long waits for surgery, and medical treatment cost Canadians. 1.7. Billion in, lost wages and time at least last year so, what, are Democrats, missing, here radiologist, dr. nicole sapphire has the answer for us so doctor sapphire for our folks that are watching at home they want to make sure that America, is going to take care of them in their old age are we, on the right path to. Be honest the answer's no right, now and as you alluded already Canada. This recent survey that came out admittedly, the way that they get, some of their results does introduce some bias however, you cannot deny the fact that the wait times Canadians, are seeing are appalling. Average. They're about 21, weeks just to see a specialist, and that's not if you have a complex disease needing spine surgery, orthopedic, surgery or in rural Canada they're waiting up to, 42. Weeks some over a year to see a specialist, survey just dealt with the cost not it doesn't mention how many people actually die while they're waiting to get in for treatment that is absolutely true and what we're missing is when you're waiting to see the specialist, you're potentially, debilitated, you're not working, you're missing out so not only are you out on that revenue but your employer is as well and now, you have a potentially, reversible disease, which maybe is now permanent, because you have waited so long now, what in the United States and a similar, survey from 2017. Showed the maximum, wait time that we saw was. Less than six weeks and what, concerns me is that's actually up 30 percent since.

The Implementation of the Affordable Care Act now six. Weeks is not one day the twenty-minute, is on correct but we are going in the wrong direction and something, that's even more astonishing, for the first time in over a decade our medical. School applications, have decreased, that means fewer, people are, applying, to medical school so our wait times are up and people, aren't going, into medical schools they're not making as much money it's not something. That could be part of it reimbursements. Are absolutely, down but it's not just reimbursements, are down work, hours are up the administrative. And bureaucratic burden, put, on physicians and, healthcare providers is astonishing. Okay so if the president's watching if Congress watching what do they need to do to make sure we don't go down the wrong path listen for everyone our doctors spend seeing patients they do two hours of paperwork that, needs to go we need to stop and remove some of these barriers between the physician and a patient we, already have Alex Azar's comitting, saying I'm gonna tackle drug prices and you know what he has the experience to do that we also need to improve the way Medicare and Medicaid are delivered we need some patient accountability, and patient, education we. Also need, to make. Sure that the HSA, is are adequately, funded so people and so people are aware of what they're paying for if they're using their money and their HSA, accounts they're, not over, utilizing, the system because now they're a little bit more aware and we need direct access to primary care and preventive, medicine what do we need to do as the patient how can we be held accountable because it's a lot of this is on us too we need to not, drink as much not smoke as much better, choices we, need to take responsibility for our own health the world the government our. Physicians are not necessarily going to take care of me the far majority of diseases are preventable, most. There number one and number two cause. Of death in the United States are cardiovascular. Disease and cancer and, the far majority of those can be prevented, by good choices or most people not going to the doctor because they can't afford it or they're too scared a little, bit of both a little both you need good access, to primary care doctors, for primary care medicine you should be seeing a doctor when you're healthy to make sure that you're on the right path before it gets worse, be proactive all, right thanks so much thank you doctor sapphire great to see you and.

Happy Birthday thank, you. All. Right could this photo of President Obama, and the Nation of Islam's, leader have, changed, the course of history some. Say it could have so why are we just seeing it now the man who took it next, and president, Trump set to take stage a little more than an hour to defend his America first agenda, in front of the world to leave Stuart. Varney says it'll, be the most important speech of his presidency, he's, going to tell us why he thinks that coming up next. A. Lot. Of money billions, and billions of dollars is coming into the US and, people. Are very happy with what we've done not only on the tax bill but also cutting of regulations, and. I think also being a cheerleader, for our countries you know you're not a cheerleader for your company or for your country, no. Matter what happens it's not gonna work there, you got the president in the United States and a big dinner with CEOs, international, CEOs, last night the. Kind of people Stuart Varney talks to on his program, ancient every day. Big. Show I don't do CEO interviews, you never get anything out of them is pointless really, well then why is he having dinner with them well he's, getting something out of them believe me, look. The president is about to make what I think is the most important, economic policy. Speech of his presidency, thus, far he's, going to talk to the assembled, bigwigs, in Davos, he's going to say yeah, free trades good but, fair trade is what we're after he's, gonna say this, is how you do growth this, is how we grow, the economy in America learn, something, and by the way at 8:30, this morning Eastern, two hours from now we're going to get the latest numbers on the economy, I'm pretty sure it's going to show another quarter. Of 3 percent growth and, we've got all these companies laying out these bonuses, so I think we're going to get closer to four percent growth as we go through the year and the president's gonna lay it on fixed, you are put it into perspective so, you've got four. Quarters of three percent growth that's, that sounds pretty good to people but put in their perspective, compared. To the Obama years you had eight years of, 2%, growth, under, the under the in the Obama years now. You've started out the first year in the Trump years with, 3%, growth and as I said I think you're gonna get closer to 4% by, the end of this calendar year 2018. And that is spectacular. When, you think of all the new jobs coming. On stream when you think of all the extra, money going, to the Treasury and our taxes, from a growing economy when, you think of prosperity. And prosperity, is more than just numbers prosperity. Is a feeling of a feeling of scope, and positive, thinking for the future you go in somewhere you're expanding, you're growing you're part of it capitalism, works does. That feel, which we haven't had for ten years I think it's coming back absolutely, part of the speech they say will be a differentiation. Between globalization. And globalism, globalism, is a view that borders are open belittle. Ization is a recognition that sure we live in a global world with trade with the president by giving us a competitive advantage yes. Puts us ahead in a globalized well this is an example of where the president is not preaching, to the choir because, the choir in this instance, is globalization. Global. People that's who they are their, income inequality. Whiners, they are climate, warriors, and the president is none of the above he's, preaching to him we, want growth we'll give you prosperity look, at us you mentioned whiners, and, you mentioned bonuses. Here. Are the Democrat. All. Right so that's Nancy Pelosi talking, about the bonuses, are just crumbs and the elephants, and the mouse and the cheese remember. She did the scapegoat, once what, Nancy. Pelosi is very wealthy, she. And her husband own vineyards. Stocks. I think. Their wealth is in the neighborhood forty million dollars Wow so yeah I mean to her $1,000. Is a crumb, but, you tell that to the people at work at Home Depot or, at, Walmart. They're, getting thousand, dollar bonuses, there are two hundred and forty-one big, companies, which have issued bonuses, payable. Now and there's, a lot more still to come three, million, Americans are getting bonuses, and/or wage increases, and that's an understatement there's, gonna be far more than that but that is not a crumb, if you're, on the receiving end, of a thousand bucks, get real don't, think about it there's also this idea that imagine if a Democrat, had passed a tax. Reform and these bonuses were coming up and Republicans, were dismissing, it as it's, just a thousand, dollars it's the demagoguery, that would come from the left you don't understand, people how much money a thousand. Dollars means it's so disingenuous I just can't imagine it, the.

Situation Will reverse I just can't imagine it well let's talk a little bit about this something, near and dear to your heart you immigrated. To the United States legally Richard. The system it took field very long time the, president, and, the White House on yesterday. Put out a framework, for the. Immigration, debate going forward in Congress officially going to be revealed. On Monday. What it says is 25, billion dollars for the wall, pathway. To citizenship, for the 1.8, million, young. People in this country brought to the country illegally. Eliminates. The Visa Lottery curbs, chain migration Stuart, it's interesting because apparently, up on Capitol Hill they say this is dead on arrival because, the Democrats say 25. Billion that is to a higher price we might give you a 10 billion and all that other stuff absolutely, not, let the negotiating, begin because that's what's starting now looks, to me like the basics, of a deal. Which would bring moderates, of both sides of the aisle into, that deal border. Security wall, chain, migration lottery, gone, 1.8. Million dreamers, on a path to citizenship, that's a big deal that's a big compromise that's why the president started with such a big number or Congress, has 1.8, million illegal. Immigrants because we've originally set 800,000. It's all negotiating, to negotiate right you see the deal taking, shape border. Security yes change, the immigration system yes, let's some of the dreamers. Some of the illegals stay that's the Nexus, of a deal which I think we'll go through it's like as a legal immigrant any concern that it was 800 dreamers, now it's 1.8. Million dreamers, and the pathway to citizenship, which a lot of people say is, amnesty no there's got to be give-and-take, here and America is a very big a generous, country, and I felt that generosity, extend. It 1.8. Million people let, them stay it's the, if that if you get a deal if you secure, that border in, return, for those people staying that's a deal on tape that's right and they'll let them they'll make sure that they have the, right education or, they're they're. Improving. America. And. It's gonna take about 10 to 12 years how many years did it take you well. I, arrived, 40, odd years ago I'm, afraid I did not become a citizen until two years ago that's my fault too nobody else's fault just hedging your bets but to get here in the first place that was at, least six months and my wife was an American which obviously, helps my girl so all right Stuart thank you very much he's gonna be doing his show 9 to noon over at Fox Business he does not talk to big shots just a bunch of nobodies. Alright, time for news at twenty minutes before the top view that's right good Friday morning to you guys to you at home let's get you caught up on some of your headlines. This, picture of then-senator, Barack Obama, with the Nation, of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan. In 2005, was, not released until now, well that's because some believe it would have quote made a difference, to the former president's, political career, the photographer, who took the picture says he was sworn, to secrecy by, the black caucus I, think. As, people considered, the ambitions. The. Thought was Minister. Farrakhan and, his, reputation would hurt someone trying. To win, acceptance. Farrakhan. Is known for embracing, radically, anti-semitic. And anti, white views an illegal. Immigrant who attempted, to admitted. To murdering two cops now, banned from his own trial after cursing, out the judge but, Louis Park amante's, didn't stop there going, off on the jury the murder cops and their, families, you, may remember his previous, court outburst. The. 37, year old was arrested and deported several, times before allegedly, killing two sacramento, officers, he, will finish the rest of his trial from a video of feet in a holding cell a former. VA database, manager, accused of trying to sell personal, information, of veterans, their families and, his VA coworkers. Police, say Phillip Hill offered the data to an undercover cop including. Social, Security numbers, for. $100,000. Officers. Recovering, a VA computer, from his Arkansas, home arresting. Him before the transaction he, now faces several charges and, will appear in federal court in March, in. The right place at the right time this.

Is The incredible, video of the moment, an Oregon sheriff's deputy steps in to save a choking, woman the deputy, was at the deli to, review, surveillance footage of a hit and run when, the employee who was helping him began, to choke on a chip. He, saved my life he. Did that in I was able to take my first breath he's a hero like, he, saved me mmm. The woman calling it a miracle the deputy was there let's look at your headlines send it back to you guys, in. The right place at the right time but also knew what to do a lot, of people they're. Joking how, do you do that if. You don't know how to either. Take a class or watch one of the videos I need to take a class Janice. You know as a mom it's our biggest fear we have that when, your children are super super little you could chop everything, up I know. You know what we should have a segment we think I'm like me sure I would watch that all right right I like your dress thank, you. Because. There is no spring right now taking. A look at it 26, in New York 40 in Chicago, 44, in Memphis the really cold air is still up in Canada, so that's the good news we, are gonna watch the, radar because we do have a cold front moving through the central US and that's going to bring the potential for heavy rain for the most part across, the East Coast Saturday, and Sunday so if you're traveling just make sure you're you, know keeping track of all of your flight delays and that kind of thing because it will mainly be a rain event from the Gulf Coast up towards northeast the Northwest, you have got snow in your forecast and rain along the coast there's the precipitation, not a whole bot lot but we will see the potential for a bit of snow across northern, New England and there are your temperatures today nice-looking. Day across the central US will bump up those temperatures, this weekend, across the Northeast but then we'll get back to sort of winter winter on Monday, and Tuesday all right, thank. You very much. All. Right meanwhile, coming up on this Friday if you thought New York City's mayor boycotting. The White House over, sanctuary, cities was bad now, New York's governor wants, to give dreamers free college tuition what. Do you think about that and, who's gonna pay for it.

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I trust our President to not allow violent criminals to remain our neighbors and that his immigration policy will guide them to work as hard as we American born Citizens do.  SADLY, THE DEMOCRATS ARE NOT WORK OR RESULT ORIENTED & ARE NOT ACCUSTOMED TO POSITIVE CONTRIBUTIONS TO OUR SOCIETY-  THAT HAS TO CHANGE MR. PRESIDENT.  THANK YOU!

The illegal cop killer should be execute . The cops in Cali. should cooperate with ICE to take out the bad illegal. Sanctuary state is a joke. Bad Dem. senators destroyed us citizens over stupid illegals. Voters are all they need to get in the office. Corruptions and greedy. badddd...

I had a 6-month wait to see Endocrinologist, for Thyroiditis. I live in North Carolina.

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