FOX & Friends 02/06/18 7AM | February 06, 2018 Breaking News

FOX & Friends 02/06/18 7AM | February 06, 2018 Breaking News

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Wall. Street's had a rough, few, days but in Ohio president, Trump pointed, to a rosier, big, picture you are among more than three million Americans, who have received, a tax cut bonus, for your paychecks, are going way up your, taxes, are going way down in, the stock market is. Really not that important, to mainstream America what is important, is rising wages, mimmo battle, is on the House Intelligence Committee. Voting, unanimously, to. Release the Democrats rebuttal, I think it's gonna be very hard for the White House like this part for Republicans on the committee to, block release of this värnamo, just listed facts and. Their memo people will see they, actually come to conclusions, and have personal, attacks on myself and chairman Gowdy as an American, citizen to see this stuff going on to, try to subvert democracy this. Way that, is scary and everywhere, I go I love to hear what people plan to do with the money I will be trying. To save up money to, start a family both of my kids Katie Matthew will be going to college so we'll be using that money so, Nancy Pelosi again, said that's crumbs this is not a good day. Financing. Yeah, if you're in that Florida Georgia line and by the way if you're in Nashville watching, us I think it's required in Nashville to. Watch Fox and France that's it's it's, passed down by the governor and I think the country, and. I think the oh mighty but, I will say this FGL, house right, off Broadway. Is the coolest, place oh yeah. They. Got their own place and every. Floor has a different, theme, I want, to go road. Trip to Nashville hey what are the bottom, theme with the velvet ropes was, very, Saturday. Night feverish, okay the middle theme seemed very new country, and upstairs. Steamed, relatively. I guess, y2k. Unserious, so. And I think or a prime country, and to, me the middle floor seemed. Very. New. Countries. You. Fought a new. Country I'm new to come. Here. Well yeah. Sports. Bar too so you can sit there and hang out oh there's beer that's why you went all. Right we have a top, story that we want to tell you about the Battle of the dueling, memos, by, the House Intelligence Committee voting, unanimously to, release the Democratic, rebuttal, now it's up to the president whether or not to make it public. Kevin cork live at the White House with breaking details good morning to you Kevin Ainsley. Steve BK, you're right the president and the press. Secretary, Sarah Sanders wants the American people to know something very important, yes, in fact the White House has received, that memorandum I have a statement from her this morning and I think you'll find this one very interesting it rates the White House has received a memorandum, from the minority members of the House Select permanent, Committee on Intelligence as stated. Many times I, love how she adds that because it's true the, administration, will follow the same process, and procedure with, this memorandum, from the minority, as it, did last week, when it received the memorandum, from the majority now yesterday we saw the president tell a gathering, in the great state of Ohio plain. And simple the memo that Devon Nunez put out proved, his, political opponents. Got caught, misusing. The system, to spy on Americans. Did. We catch them in the act or what you know what I'm done oh did, we catch them in the act, they, are very embarrassed. They. Never thought they were to get caught, caught a lot so much fun, we're like the. Great sleuth. But, Democratic, Leader Nancy Pelosi, is also, out with a statement she says look the President must now put, our national security and intelligence first, and expeditiously. Release the Democratic, memo after review and appropriate. Redaction, of sources and methods by, law enforcement officials, bottom, line when's, it gonna come out we.

Don't Know but, we do know the president, has it he'll, decide whether or not a dust back to you all right Kevin Cork alive, in the North Lawn of the White House pretty, chic, sky over the Treasury Department back there once the FBI and DOJ tell, him what needs to be redacted for, safety reasons I'm sure he will release it so that America can see both you, can make comparisons and, you can make up your own mind and the way I understand there's two things that are gonna stand out that Democrats got to make clear there was a footnote. At the bottom saying, that says that, the information, from the dossier was politically motivated and, Andy, McCabe was taken out of context, when he said without the dossier we wouldn't got the FISA warrant, that's the two focuses, that takes ten pages well there's also a second, so you know about the first dossier which was used reportedly. To, get, the FISA warrant to watch Carter, page and ultimately, spy on all the Trump people well now there's news that, it looks like there's a second dossier and Charles. Grassley and Lindsey. Graham had, written a note to. Congress, asking, about a steal memo from. 2016. Which. Apparently referred, to in the, the government, got Intel, from a foreign subsys. Who was a foreign substance with. Christopher, Steele here's, how it worked Cody Shearer who, is longtime friend and ally, of Bill. Clinton and Hillary. Rodham Clinton had, worked with Steele he gathered, more dirt right then, he gave it to this fella who is currently working at the State Department and it looks like he's noon as his next target his name is Jonathan Winer. He. Got the information then he passed it on to, steel and sealed and put it in the memo which, was the, second memo was gonna back up the first memo if they needed it so in layman's terms Hillary, are to sum it all up Hillary, Clinton and Bill Clinton's friends, were giving information to Christopher, Steele to right the dirty dossier right and the dossier that's the one that's 35 pages that BuzzFeed, let out well we just told you is new and Christopher, Steele we don't know how we acquired this information we know the bill was about 10 million dollars but, we also don't know if he was getting it from Russians, Russian, sources was, he just walking around with a magnifying, glass sounds like it was coming from Hillary, Clinton's, allies, so let's, think, so. We do know that in the first dossier well that stuff, unverified. Right essentially. Mazey what, about the second stuff think about it if you are in the midst of a political campaign and you receive a bunch of stuff from Hillary's friends do you think it's gonna make Donald Trump look good I don't think so well let's, add one other thing then you get that information and you meet with friends in the media and they relay, that information to. Us and we're doing 21 not necessarily anchors but, everyday people, that are doing 20 million things at the same time you go wow look at this Yahoo Mother, Jones New. York Times that's the same story it must be true but the thing about the Yahoo story, which, was revealed by, the memo, we got on Friday was Christopher, Steele was fired by the FBI, right because, he was talking to the press, so he goes and he talked to the Michael Isikoff and, he tells him this story then, Michael, Isikoff prints, it and then, the FISA Court uses.

That Story, as rationale, to spy on Chris. Carter. Paige. Unbelievable. Well that first memo the one that was released on Friday by the president, we just had Judge Andrew Napolitano on onset with us and he, had this to say about that memo. Three. Words in the, republican, memo the, FBI and the DOJ begged. Congressman. Nunez, to. Remove, and he and the Republican, majority chose not to the, references, to Chris steel the, author of the infamous, dossier. Referred. To in the Republican, memo as longtime. FBI. Asset. It's, like the judge was just here. Seconds. Ago so, Christopher, Steele is all over this now you wonder why senator Grassley and Senator Graham got together and I essentially, want to talk to him again they would they actually want to bring up criminal charges about chrissteele, for not telling the truth among, other things but ultimately in, the past we've heard that they've, been the, Republican, investigators. Have been going after people in the FBI and. In the Department of Justice now it is clear they are taking, on President. Obama's, State Department, to see what role they had in the collection, and dissemination, of. Anti-trump. Information. That ultimately, wind up rounded up in front of the FISA Court headed by John Kerry who, was rumored to have just told the Palestinian, leader don't worry Trump is gonna be out of here and there like a year well we're in year two so he's very a little bit off but why would he say that although it's been unverified, it seems very specific, so, is he in there Mark Levin was hit on his show yesterday was saying that look out this is getting to President Obama we also had a guest on earlier who's talking about how the the, stock market went down yesterday Wall, Street she said might have had a down day but this is great news for Main Street because people. Are getting more money in their pocket books when they look at their paycheck, President Trump went to Ohio yesterday. And he was talking to folks there and he was in a factory, we interviewed the guy who owns the factory yesterday he, gave out thousand, dollar bonuses, to all of his employees this, is the president, talking about the, Democrats, when he was at that factory yesterday in Ohio.

Believe. It or not Nancy, Pelosi when, those in Congress who want, to, raise your taxes, they. Want to raise your taxes, they don't want to give the money to the military, where we need it you. Know without the military we might not be here. Or. We might not be here for long believe, believe. Us all. Nancy. Pelosi, what she's doing to this country. And. She's gone so far left and Schumer's. Gone so far left oh. I. Look forward to running against, them he. Went on to say that that might be the best weapon for us in the midterms put Nancy Pelosi out there as this could be your speaker and a lot of people think including many Democrats, that, is not an easy thing to overcome. Particularly. If, you take a look at her. Soundbite. Archived, through, the years Nancy. Pelosi, especially. The Republicans, would you have, to just say do. You want this person to be speaker again, well, so we always, listen. Well we. Always sit on this couch when we talk about her. How, she compares, certain things and she she, just has some really funny sound, bites and so one time I think it was during a commercial break it might have been on air you said we should put all of her sound bites together but but have we done that that stuff Nancy, Pelosi is there a chance for us to do that I think they heard your request and, they did it for you Brian for example, listen. Diversion. Subterfuge. Benghazi. Benghazi Benghazi, we have to confer with the Qataris who, have told me over and over again that Hamas is a humanitarian organization. State. Senator Tina Turner doesn't, she turn on, scapegoats. You know what a scapegoat is that means an in, a community, where, people want, to absolve, themselves of, guilt they, get a goat and they heap all of, the ills onto the goat and then they run the goat out of town health care the debate on health care is life death this, is, Armageddon. Than anybody's, familiar with Frankenstein. Knows that it was a creation, a monster, that was created in terms of the bonus. That corporate, America received. Versus. The, crumbs. That they are giving, to, workers, to kind of but the schmoozing is so, pathetic. Right. With the full circle, we. End with crumbs, but I'm sure it's not the overall end there'll be other great great. Phrases I think, the most damaging thing she said in that whole thing was crumbs, crumbs.

Anyway. That's. A look back at what Nancy Pelosi has brought to America, that's right meanwhile, it's 7-eleven here in New York City on this Tuesday, still ahead liberals. Like Al Franken, Elizabeth, Warren and conservative, Ben Shapiro all. Invited, to speak on a college, campus I, don't think he's a liberal but guess which one is getting the runaround by, the school we're going to talk about that plus, the. Left in many cases, in full panic mode in a, way gleeful, perhaps, of the stock market drop. Waves. Do crash and it happens from time to time on Wall Street the White House is finding that out very, clearly it was the biggest point drop in the history, of the, stock market. Where Barney says this, guy is not falling, and he has morning, pillow he gave him about four minutes. Wasn't. Really a market, crash. It. Was more like a market. Drunken. Veering, into a ditch, and that ditch was icy and it couldn't get out and I had to call a tow truck and erasing, a lot of our retirement, savings the president, was right all along we, set a new all-time record. Only it was the biggest point drop in the history, of the, stock market so. Yeah what happened yesterday was, a drunken, crash in a ditch or something like that Stuart, Varney yesterday. The the market dropped yep four point six percent up down a thousand. One hundred down, at one point for sixteen hundred yeah it, was a bad day was a big sell-off but let me tell you this right from the get-go a the. Sky is not, falling be. There, is no economic, catastrophe on, the horizon, see, the left is spinning, this because they really, want to associate, President Trump with anything, negative. D-did. You hear that bit about all your retirement savings have been erased nonsense. Your. Retirement savings, are still up about one-third. Since. The election of Donaldson this takes us back to December, numbers yes we've lost the gains of 2018. Still. Got all the gains of 2017. Very much in place look, there are two reasons why we got this big sell-off on our house number, one we would do the. Market has gone straight up ever since the election of Donald Trump that natural, nothing goes up straight, up forever all, markets. Correct, period you've gone from 18,000. To 26,000.

Okay So now you've corrected, to 24,000. That's what's happened be, the, economy, is doing extremely well, and, when the economy does well interest, rates tend to rise rising. Interest rates are not good news for the stock market hence. This sell-off yesterday, and you'll get more selling at the opening, bell today is going to be an up-and-down day, extreme. Anxiety today, how, it closes I don't know but it probably will open lows so the fundamentals, of the economy are, sound yeah, so do you think the president, will for an hour and have a different approach to when the stock market goes up again to maybe not get behind it because presidents, in the past have stayed away from the market because of its volatility, I think the president was right to, tout the Trump, stock market rally because, it was his policies, which created, the Trump stock market rally I don't, think you should say anything about this current sell-off, present, shouldn't stick this stick into that, that kind of sell-off on a day, to day basis, steer, clear of that please mr. president but, by all means take, credit for the rally that you've seen so far okay so I, was reading The Wall Street Journal today and said there. Was no obvious catalyst. It could have been related to the possibility. Of inflation. But Stuart explained this it, also said it, could have been machine driven you know they've got all of these algorithms, and, things like that when something, happens how do these machines, take over at these big Wall Street firms, okay you don't have actual, human, beings who press a button buy or sell, you've, got a computer driven, program, as you say the algorithm. Which, listen which looks at key, movements. In individual. Stock prices, it hits a certain price and boom algorithm. Kicks in you buy yourself. So it's machine algorithm. That the. The algorithm. Erik mid-afternoon yesterday. I was watching the tape and it went from a minus 600, to a -. 1600. In the space of just a few minute how can that be well, that's the algorithm kicking, the machine how was a moment to panic, I think, you're right to say it was an algorithmic. Panic. If you like to use it as your show today I thank you very much actually I just thought there was electronic, things had kicked in because. We learned something about the market overheating, she went when's the cutoff when, everything, shuts down well there are such things as collars, so, if it drops a by a certain amount there's a pause in, the trading, and that they need a pause well. What, do. We do, we really want, to let the market function, you're, gonna have a lot of people moving in today bargain. Hunting absolutely, the stock price of some companies, come so far down people, saying that's a bargain yeah buy it I saw anything with coupons before a. Coupon. Girl, some people say coupon, some, say coupon, I. Say bitcoins a mess. A little. Bit we're gonna be watching Stewart over Fox Business starting, in about two hours thanks for not just President Trump giving a shout-out to one worker while, he was touring a plant handing out those tax cut bonuses in Ohio, well, discuss it later, we will yes, we, will. Good. Tuesday morning we're back with the Fox News Alert the US military's, show a force intensifying. Against the Taliban in Afghanistan record. Number of airstrikes just, dropped on a training camp taking, out terrorist, fighters the, b-52, bomber is also destroying several stolen afghan, national army, vehicles, that, were in the process of being converted into explosive.

Devices Also. Breaking right now a heartbroken, community, lining, the streets to honor a sheriff's, deputy, killed in the line of duty officer. Mike Affleck gunned down in Colorado Springs. Two. Other deputies and the police officer, shot by a suspect responding. To reports of, a stolen vehicle that suspect, also shot and killed deputy. Flick lives behind a wife and seven-year-old twins he's remembered, as an outstanding, detective. Passing, away on his 11th anniversary as, a cop flick, is the third Colorado, officer, killed in the last five weeks Ainsley. Thank. You Gillian president. Trump was in Ohio yesterday, he was touring one of the plants that was giving out those tax, cut bonuses, before, rallying, with those lucky, employees. Deena. She. Joined Scheffer come. On up Deena in, 2012. As a customer, service rep and has. Climbed her way all the way up to become a manager Deena's, looking, at a tax cut of. $1,500. And that's. On top of her. $1,000. That Chef is already giving it and. Now, through the magic of, television that's, the person, Pete hexa is checking, in with at Holly's home cooking in West Carrollton, Ohio. Pete. She just got a bonus. She. Sure did get a bonus she got a bonus for the tax cut in addition to a bonus given by Shepherd corporation we're joined by Dennis Spalletti, this morning the customer service manager you were a rep now your manager of that department as well I have to asked you first off though what's it like to get pulled up on stage by, the president United States it was pretty exciting we didn't know until the night before that we were actually gonna go up and speak to the president, we. Just thought he was gonna kind of shout out our names and talk about what that meant to us but he thought it would be more personal if we came and told from, our own mouths what it meant to us in our families nerve-racked, know a little bit honestly I had a lot of people praying for me and I really felt peace when I was up there. As. Well. Thanks for joining us tell, me what does that through. The tax cut you're gonna get $1,500, back in your paycheck, this, year I'm what does that mean to you honestly. Like I mentioned I've got two kids that'll be in college this year so, it's, just gonna make it a little bit easier to afford. Their tuition bills, and, have. A little extra at the end of the month you know in addition to you we talked to a few of your fellow employees at Scheffer as well on the plant floor they had similar things to say tickle is.

The. Tax reform he's doing is it it's helping me anytime, I can get a little more money in my pocket, and I, know, our company seems to be doing a lot better as a whole we're really, busy right now so I mean those are all good things a thousand dollar bonus that some Democrats have called bread crumbs what, are you gonna spend it on bills. Getting. Caught up starting. A year off ahead rather than behind for. So. Dena it's a double whammy what they were talking about is not just the tax savings that will come in your paycheck but also the voluntary, $1,000, trombonist. That your CEO gave out but, that some Democrats have described that as bread crumbs what do you say to that idea $2,000, doesn't matter well Miami University, would not have taken bread crumbs from me if I use that today my daughter's tuition I can tell you that so it made a difference one her tuition bill was due but. Where does that mentality come from this idea that you, know that. Kind of tax saving or that kind of bonus given out with you generosity, is insignificant, I just, think people who live in a different income. Level just don't realize, what it is for the average American worker that does make a big difference we, heard a lot of stories from, our employees of that just, mean very timely, and it made a real big difference to a lot of people Norris. Has said he's, never received the kind of feedback he he got from that bonus the Board approved it but. The left will say they're gonna the CEOs are gonna hoard all this money to themselves what do you say to the idea that actually people are a lot more generous than you think you, know I think we just need to look for the good in people and feature, people like Jeff Norris who are willing to give back and show, that they're not the exception, absolutely. Well Dena you're gonna because you got a thousand dollars you're paying for breakfast for everybody. Back. To you hope you spend your breadcrumbs wisely, exactly. Right all right Pete and Dena I love hearing those stories teller congratulations, Pete no kidding she's now a local celebrity all right one minute before the bottom of the hour chilling new threat from Isis, targeting, Airlines, the urgent warning from the Homeland Security Chairman. Next and first, his country made its national, anthem, gender, neutral now Canadian, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has, a new target in his PC, crusade, listen, to this. Love. That's going to change the future of mankind so, we'd, like you to look what we like to say people kind not necessarily, mankind, is, more inclusive. University. Of Toronto professor, Jordan. Number. One book, right now he's, here to react to that by the way he's a Canadian right. Back. New. Attitude I think it's the same attitude here in New York look, at that shot, that. Is our city. Right. Great that's New York City it's, a beacon of freedom. Around the world perhaps freedom, to walk into the Empire State Building and let's. Talk a little bit about Canada, with Canada's own Jordan B Peterson, he's the author of this book it's. Called 12 rules for life and antidote to chaos when, the book came out he, was our number one in Amazon he was on our couch but, we wanted dr. Peterson to join us today.

First, Off dr. Peterson you put together this book after hearing. From the people that talk, to you after, attending your lectures right. Yes. Well and, before that as well I have been writing it for about five years, so. The. Whole idea of 12 rules for life is what. Well. People, need guidelines in their life and what, I've done is to try to write, a sequence, of rules that are, witty, and sometimes. Obvious, as well I suppose, but to try to go deep down inside of them and to find, out why it is that we need principles. To live by and also to point out that we do in fact need principles, to live by to. Guide us towards a meaningful and productive life, and one. That helps, us deal, with the tragedy, and malevolence. Of existence. Well. Well I'll have to go pick that book up congratulations. On it making it to number one you've been on our show quite a few times and you are just so. Smart so I think. Your advice is something that other people need to pick up and, read, through the pages thank you so much for also. Weighing in and some other topics affecting, your, area Canada you're in Toronto right now and Justin Trudeau he interrupts, a woman at a town hall she's asking you a question and he didn't like one of the words that she used listen. To the soundbite and then we'll get your reaction all. Right, so. That's why we came here today to ask you to also look into the policies, that religious. Charitable organizations. Have in our legislation, so that it, can also be changed because maternal. Love is the, love that's going to change the future of mankind. So, we'd like you to look we like to say people kind not necessarily, mankind, is more inclusive. And. The. Crowd roars. Yeah. Well. It's. Quite the it's, quite the performance, I mean I'm, afraid that our Prime Minister is only, capable of running his, ideas, on a few very narrow ideological, tracks, we. Saw the first evidence of that when he put his cabinet, together he, insisted upon making, it fifty percent women despite, the fact that only about 22 percent of the elected MPs were. Women and it, was easier for him to do that than it was for him to screen people for the sort of competence, that would actually be necessary to be cabinet, members so, we've seen a fair bit of this behavior but that was the most egregious. Example. I suppose dr., Peterson I recall, you taking. Some heat because you said, you would refuse, to use these gender-neutral. Pronouns. Why. Was that. Well. I actually said that I would refuse to use the pronouns that were mandated by law because, they were mandated, by law I, feel that it's. Completely. Inappropriate of, the government, to decide what language, the citizenry, should speak there's never been an example of that in British common law history and I believe, that that, was a very very bad precedent, I didn't want to use language that I thought was generated, by radical, leftist, propagandists. And so, I said I wouldn't do it I saw one tweet this morning that said Neil Armstrong, should have said one small step for people kind. Yeah. Well you know Trudeau. Was listening to an earnest, woman try to discuss, something important, and he, interjected a ideological. Statement. In the middle of the dialogue and that indicates I think precisely the way he thinks and I don't think he does think I think he runs an ideologies in his head and accepts. The output without question, and I, think we're really going to pay for it in Canada in ways that we can't yet imagine well. We're gonna find out because you believe it's coming to us here, in America and you've been to both countries frequently. Now, let's talk about something else that builds on your premise, this whole father-daughter, dance, that are being canceled around country because, of gender guidelines, even Donald, Trump, jr. weighed in with this quote the father-daughter, dances, inherently, leave people out not, just because of transgender, status just, life in general these can be really uncomfortable triggering, events that according to Jared Fox in New York City Department, of Education, so that's their response, to cancel, the dance because there's, a lot of people that can't go is there a problem with that, well.

The Problem with that is self-evident, but it's part of this, absolute. Onslaught, by the radical, leftists, on the fundamental, normative, structures, of our culture, and if. You're going to cancel everything that's triggering, to everyone, then you're going to cancel everything altogether because. There isn't a single thing that anyone can ever say or do that isn't going to offend someone and the, idea that this is being done so that certain, people's feelings won't be hurt I think is absolutely absurd it's not compassion. And care that's driving this is the, desire to put forward a very pernicious, ideology. And it's being very. Very successful in its application, but, dr., Peterson that they say that, they're doing that to make things more inclusive. Yeah. Well they say all sorts of things and they, are a very small noisy. Dangerous, minority and it's really appalling that we're bending over backwards, to, to. To, do, their bidding without, question, you know the name of compassion a lot, of my friends have been posting pictures of the daddy-daughter dance recently. I think the pictures are so cute our, little girl's gonna miss out on on this on a memory. Well. Yes. For sure. And the thing is that even your terminology, when, you're talking about little girls is something that's going to be increasingly, forbidden, as we demolish. The, classic. Gender ideas and no, one's going to benefit from that and people 30 a real catastrophe I mean people are even talk about deciding, on what gender they there'd, want to be as youngsters. Yeah. Well that's happening all over it's it's, an absolute epidemic and, we've decided that children as young as 3 or 4 can now decide what, gender they are and then undergo. The appropriate, surgical and, biological, alterations, to bring their, morphology, in keeping with that and it's. A mistake of epic, proportions, and we're going to pay for in a big way we do hear of that but how often does that happen, it. Happens increasingly, like in in, Britain in 2015. There were I think 57. Kids in. The, gender dysphoria clinics, and last year there were 2,000 all. Right he's, got a great, book, out there great number. Wise right now number one in Amazon, it's called 12 rules for life dr. Jordan and Peterson thank you very much for joining us today from Canada thank you thanks very much for the invitation yeah, thanks for wearing the gel. Looks. Good. There. You go all right. All. Right we're gonna make it weird here Gillian. The. Father-daughter, dances, I want. More. Not, anymore anyway I'm too old for that though besides that let's, talk about this the threat of Isis, bombing a passenger, plane packed, with Americans, well that threat is very real. House, Homeland Security Committee Chairman, congressman, Michael McCaul issuing. The alarming, warning calling for immediate action to shore up security at airports.

Most. Disturbing. And. Quite. Frankly kind. Of what keeps you up at night question, the crown jewels aviation, and they're. Still seeking to blow up airplanes, even though they may not build a high jacket. That. Threat is very real. Congressman. McCaul says the US must deploy more next-generation, airport, security, scanners but, can't because they're caught up in bureaucratic, red tape Democrats. Elizabeth Warren and Al Franken both spoke there but the University, of Minnesota is allegedly. Trying to silence conservative. Speaker ben shapiro according. To a spokesperson from, the young America's, Foundation the. School claimed there was a scheduling, conflict, despite no other requests, made for the same time instead. Offering a small room several miles away from the main campus the. Winner of a 560. Million, dollar Powerball jackpot. Is suing, the state that, made her rich the, woman calling herself Jane Doe filed, a complaint against, New Hampshire's Lottery Commission to. Keep her name anonymous she. Says she didn't mean to sign her name on the back of the ticket allowing, it to be made public the, Commission has denied a request to. Have a trustee, Rhee sign the ticket instead, football. Season is now over so to cheer you up a little bit here's the brand new bad lip-reading, video from the season. Yeah. You always say you'll get us a helicopter he got it zero times. What. You're gonna do decorate. Decorate. Prince. Harry. The. Popular, parody video has already been viewed about, 4 million, times. Harry. Sorry. I just famed, is he gonna start next year to. Be determined, he has ACL, MCL tear let's see how long that takes to come back from but I sit, here and say he's he's the guy going forward everyone's already like what's gonna hey everyone. Be, ready at the start though alright it's got a heal yep alright 18 minutes people at the top of the hour more than football news but this is disturbing, news a drunk, driver accused of killing an NFL player is an, illegal immigrant, he was reported. Not, once but twice, how. Does this keep happening and. President. Trump giving a special shout-out, to one Ohio, lawmaker. Brad. Wenstrup couldn't. Be here he's army. Reserve duty that's okay right that's. A good excuse that's the only excuse, word except he's not only a congressman. V he's, also an Iraqi war veteran congressman. Wenstrup, he's. Also a doctor who rushed to stay save, Steve Scalise, and help victims of last week's Amtrak, crash he's. Quite a hero he's gonna join us next. Hi. President Trump give me a special shout-out to a specific, Ohio lawmaker, while, speaking to voters in Cincinnati, yesterday. Brad. Wenstrup couldn't. Be here he's Army. Reserve duty that's okay right that's. A good excuse, that's the only excuse, wouldn't accept that's. Congressman, that. Congressman, Brad Wenstrup is also an army doctor and spent the afternoon serving, at Walter Reed and joins, us right now congressman, it's kind of an interesting shout out right, yeah, well has I appreciated, it though well I mean it's just shows you that what kind of year have you've had being, there during the shooting at the field the. Train and then the president mentioned you while you're training a while, you're back end Reserve. Training yeah. I appreciated. That you know it's been an, interesting, year to say the least but whenever you have the opportunity, to do something to, help others you should take it and I certainly, have been put in that position, by, the grace of God I guess and, I thank, God for the opportunity to serve others so. Very. True and of course there were people that showed up the fields of this tax plan is helping the people of Ohio that one firmly for the president where.

You Are so you're on the Intel committee and you know about the controversy, now with the Democrat says I have my 10 page memo passed. You guys voted for Democrats, didn't vote for yours it goes to the president do you hope the president just releases. It well. I think it needs to be vetted I mean one of the points that they were making about ours when they didn't want ours released, as saying we didn't vet it when in fact we had vetted, it by the FBI. And, by a couple of the analysts, and legal team they, were actually, part of the FISA application. And one who was in on the McCabe interview, where, he basically, said it would not have gone through with, if not for the steel dossier, there's needs to be vetted I can tell you the one we voted on to move forward to the White House certainly. Needs vetting and a lot of redaction, of things that would compromise methods, and and. Also there's personal insults. In there in attacks that I don't think need to be there what do you mean. There's. Some there's some people. Republicans. Named, and I, don't think that that was appropriate so, they went after Congress without chairman Nunez. Yeah I think that we, will see that they, went after a couple of key figures on the Intelligence, Committee personally. So, there's two things they say you mischaracterized. There was a footnote at the bottom said, the dossier was a politically, motivated. Dossier. And they said that Andy McCabe was taken out of context. When he said that we wouldn't have gotten the FISA warrant, without the without. The dossier what do you what do you say to that well. Again going back to what I was just mentioning is, that the. Legal. Experts from. The FBI. Was. Present, at the interview, and was part of the FISA application. And said everything that we put out was was factual, so, that kind of contradicts, that and besides as. Far as it being politically. Motivated that, right there should have been enough to withhold. It and not, make it part of what you're seeking to get a warrant for but, even worse what, was withheld as it was paid for the Democratic. National Committee, and the FBI now, we find out there's a second dossier this comes out maybe not as thick but, it involves michael steele maybe the state department, and members. Of the clinton camp wait a second, I thought, Chris Steele said he didn't know who was paying him he just thought he was hired by future GPS to get background information on Donald Trump does that blow that whole story up, well. There is a lot more that needs to come forward and I expect, that we are going to do everything we can to be the oversight, for. The American, people and be as transparent as we can for the American people I think Christopher, Rea and for, that matter Roderick, Rosenstein. Have a great opportunity to, lead, their agencies, to a better day by working, with Congress, and bringing forward, everything. That's involved in that there was some wrongdoing, that. It be rectified, they have that opportunity we. Know there's a lot of good people in DOJ, and in, the FBI they go with the work every day and do a great job yeah let them disseminate, instead of saying how dare you just say okay I do have a problem with these people that wouldn't happen again and I'm gonna clean up my FBI thanks. So much congressman. And, thanks your service, you bet Thanks all right straight ahead a drunk driver accused of killing an NFL players an illegal immigrant deported, twice but, that's just the beginning Rob Schmidt has the details that story next. By. The suspected, drunk driver who killed an NFL player in his uber driver should, have never been in this country, police, say and it will an illegal. Immigrant, with a criminal record is responsible. For the. The. Innocent, I mean the incident. That happened in Indiana Fox, and Friends first, co-host Rob Smith joins us right now with more on this awful, story Rob yeah guys and for Republicans. And for the president it's a prime example of why the country, needs a secure border a twice. Deported, illegal immigrant from Guatemala managed. To get back into the country a third time and police say he got drunk Saturday, night and ran over an Indianapolis, Colts linebacker, and his, uber driver very early in the morning on Super Bowl Sunday and both were killed 26. Year old linebacker, Edwin Jackson was a passenger, in an uber being driven by 54, year old Jeffrey Munroe police say the driver pulled. Over to the shoulder after Jackson, apparently got sick, in the back of the car and that's when 37.

Year Old Manuel, Ragosa, vallah who, had been deported from, the now sanctuary. City of San Francisco back in 2007. And then again in 2009. Smashed. Into both men while driving a Ford pickup truck drunk, it, appears one or both men were outside, of that uber when, they were hit by Subala who then fled the scene on foot but, was found a short time later by police subala gave police a fake name he. Was driving, without a license, with a blood alcohol level, of, 0.23. 9 according, to police that is about three times the, legal limit very, intoxicated. Vice-president. Of course former governor, of Indiana Mike Pence tweeted out on my, way to a last guy I was very saddened to hear of the passing of, Indianapolis, Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson this, was a senseless, and avoidable, tragedy this. Is a great loss for the entire Indiana. Community, my prayers are with his, family in their time of grief and here, is Indiana, congressman, Todd R Okita on the matter. Can't. Have a secure, nation you can't have a sovereign nation unless. You're able to control, who. Comes in and out it obviously, we should have kept this guy out. Lavalla. Is awaiting charges for this crime and there's also an immigration, hold on him as well from ice. Publicans in the president argue it doesn't matter if you deport, criminal illegals, if we have this porous border to our south they will just come right back in we had a guest on just this morning very similar situation, a woman whose son was trying to become a police officer was, killed by a guy who only spent 35 days in jail he was a deported, illegal immigrant only spent 35 days in jail after killing her son he was deported twice he should read been deported, he was not there was a different standard and that's the thing you send them back and then they find a way to come back they know how to get in because that's what it is right Rob it's you guys all.

Right Coming, up next to our amongst, our guests Jim Jordan don't, miss it.

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