FOX & Friends 02/06/18 8AM | February 06, 2018 Breaking News

FOX & Friends 02/06/18 8AM | February 06, 2018 Breaking News

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The, stock market went down yesterday, Wall Street might have had a down day but in Ohio president, Trump pointed to the rosier, big, picture three million Americans, who have received, a tax cut bonus your paychecks, are going way up your, taxes, are going way down the, sky is not falling the. Left is spinning, this because they really, want to associate, present, Trump with anything, negative. Memo battle, is on the House Intelligence Committee. Voting, unanimously, to. Release the Democrats rebuttal, I think it's gonna be very hard for the White House like it was hard for the Republicans on the committee to, block release of this darman look just listed facts and. Their memo people will see they, actually come to conclusions, and have personal attacks on myself and chairman Gowdy as an American, citizen to see this stuff going on to, try to subvert democracy this. Way that, is scary it everywhere I go I love to hear what people plan, to do with the money I will be trying. To save up money to start a family both of my kids Katie Matthew will be going to college so we'll be using that money so, Nancy Pelosi again, said, that's crumbs this is not a good day to. Nancy. Pelosi. That. Is up Montgomery Gentry that the do all that for, 20 years was together and just you know nothing, but success in the country music world but, today is going to be Eddie, Montgomery performing. Solo. For, Gentry unfortunately. Lost his life in a helicopter crash not, too long ago in New Jersey they. Were scheduled, I believe to perform in New Jersey that's, right lost, his life and so he. Will be joining us they actually sang that song on this program yeah yeah so Eddie Montgomery's gonna join us and this is his first interview I believe since, he lost his his brandon's partner indeed, we've got a busy final hour and there they are right, there in the legends all, right meanwhile, let's talk about our top, story right now it's the Battle of the dueling, memos. The House Intelligence Committee, voting, unanimously to, release the Democrats. Rebuttal. Now it is up to the president whether or not it's gonna be made public right people. Expect him to make it public will there be any reactions Kevin cork is at the White House with, the breaking details hey Kevin hey, guys good morning so we, do know the memos here will you ever get to see it well that we don't know but we do know this White, House press secretary Sarah. Sanders says that memo is right here at the White House here's her statement, this morning here at in Fox News she says look the White House has received a memorandum, from the minority members of the House Select permanent, Committee on Intelligence as stated, many times, administration.

Will Follow the same process and procedure with this memorandum, from the minority, as it. Did last week and when it received the memorandum, from the majority fair balance, right sort of sounds like a network I know now. That memo as you know alleges. Foreign intelligence surveillance, court abuses, by some at the DOJ and FBI who. Which believed used a Clinton, campaign, funded, bony dossier, to form the basis, for spying, on the Trump campaign. This. Is what the FBI used to cooperate, the dossier which. Is very very dangerous to take political dirt, that. Was paid for by the Hillary campaign and, use, it against your political opponents yeah, I use it and open up an investigation. But. While the White House considers, the fate of that Democratic. Memo this is what's very interesting we. Don't know how soon the president, will ultimately, decide, to release that memo but I can tell you this the. Of that memo wants, it released and shown to the American, people as soon as possible. In. Our memo in terms of sources and methods we. Want to make sure that those, that are in the best position to bet that have the opportunity to do so we want to make sure the White House. Congressman. Adam chef from california, the man the president calls little, adams chef by the way the president has five days to decide in what form that memo could come out but, one thing we can certainly tell you it will need to be scrubbed of anything, that could release classified, information our sources, and methods in the meantime my, partner, John Robertson I'll be watching it very carefully for you but for now back to you Kevin are you hear anything and hearing, anything in Washington about him releasing that you think he will I. Don't, think there's any doubt that the inclination would be to get that out there especially if there's nothing that you feel like is untrue. Meaning, the debates fine had the debate but you can't deny that, something, happened, and when, we heard Devon Nunez say that this memo, that the GOP put out was the first of many to come I can. Guarantee you my sources say that is the case and I can't wait to see more of those all right thank you very much a New, York Times by the way one thanks Kevin New, York Times once on the whole Pfizer application. This would be a first since 1978, when the FISA Court started, they want the whole application, exposed. And they're, they're asking the court for that and that would wipe out any of the editorial, aspects of this all the transcripts, for each of the four visits. So, we. Did hear Andrew, McCabe said the they. Never the FBI never would have fought a FISA warrant without the, dossier, right well, turns. Out there is a, second, dossier and this one also had. Christopher, Steele the man screaming, right right there but, this time it, looks as if it is linked, to people in Barack Obama's. State Department, they've already gone after the Republicans, have people, in the Department of Justice and the FBI and, now they're looking into whether, or not Barack. Obama's, State. Department. Was. Involved, in the collection and dissemination, of.

Anti-trump. Stuff whether it was true or not to. This new, he'll dossier, yeah Sarah Carter was on with Sean Hannity last night you know she's the investigative, reporter, and she, has been digging deep into all of this and she says that, she, has this to say about that second dust if the second dossier, or the second memo this is the senate's memo listen to what sarah has to say, what. We know now is that Christopher, Steele was in contact, with, Friends. Of Hillary Clinton, and persons, at the State Department that. He was being fed. Allegations. On President Trump through, these Associates, of Clinton and that he put together a second, dossier this, is stunning, because not only did he include some. Of that information from the second dossier, in the, dossier that was used, to, obtain the FISA application. But we know now that some, of these allegations, actually. Came from, people close, to Hillary, Clinton, this, was very political, so. They, would come from Hillary Clinton, Christopher. Steele would meet with that get additional information and, Christopher Steele would actually go to the press and get the word out that way and some of that press information reportedly. Was used in putting the application, to the FISA Court which, approves almost everything anyway to, make sure that they get the permission, to spy on Carter, page and who, know who knows who else that's unbelievable, this is the the, second, dossier according, to Sarah she she, says that Clinton's, friends, Clinton's allies were feeding Christopher, steel information. And allegations, while. He was compiling that dirty dossier, so telling, him information, these are Hillary's friends keep in mind Hillary is running, against, the man who this dirty dossier is written about and one of the guys is still at the Department of Justice working. In. The Trump administration so, you got to figure, one. Of newness, is next, targets would be this fella by the name of Jonathan winter. Who, worked, under Hillary, Clinton he's a special envoy for Libya, so. To. Recap you've, got these two dossiers. Right that's with the anti-trump, stuff in it then you've got the two memos one was released on Friday, by the Republicans, and as, chemical work just said now the Democratic, version it looks like it's going to be removed but, last week the Democrats, were a hundred, percent against. The, transparency, they didn't want it revealed, and neither did the FBI, why, the. Judge Napolitano, just, explained that. Three. Words in the, Republican, memo the, FBI and the DOJ begged. Congressman. Nunez to. Remove, and he and the Republican, majority chose not to the, references, to Chris steel the, author of the infamous, dossier. Referred. To in the Republican, memo as long. Time, FBI. Asset, so. This, is this, whole thing leads to what, happened, last month there I've actually two or three weeks ago when, Lindsey Graham and Chuck Grassley on. The Senate Judiciary Committee. They said based on what we know Christopher, Seale lied to us when he was here Christopher, steel lied about what he's done with the FBI and contacts, with the media so there's a criminal referral there, and now it makes a lot more sense today, as Devin, Nunez starts on phase two, of unveiling. What's going on behind the scenes so. Stay tuned, Christopher, Steele was supposed to I show up at a deposition, yesterday. In London that, big BuzzFeed. Lawsuit. You know they published. The dossier. Show. Up doesn't want to talk Congressman. Jim Jordan is, gonna be on with us in just a little while we're gonna ask him about this story but first we're gonna hand it over to Gillian who has some headlines for us that's right and we are starting with breaking news guys so let's get right to this Fox News Alert the US military's, show a force intensifying.

Against Taliban. A record. Number of airstrikes just dropped on a training camp taking, out terrorist, fighters, the, b-52, bombers, also destroying, several stolen, Afghan National Army vehicles that were in the process of being converted into explosive. Devices, also, breaking right now a heartbroken. Community, lining, the streets to honor a sheriff's, deputy, killed in the line of duty officer. Michael Fleck gunned down in Colorado Springs. Two. Other deputies and a police officer shot by a suspect responding. To reports of a stolen vehicle that suspect, also shot and killed deputy, flake leaves behind a wife and seven-year-old. Twins he's, remembered, as an outstanding detective. Passing, away on his 11th anniversary as, a cop flick, is the third Colorado, officer, killed in the last five weeks in just. A few hours the house will vote on an interim spending, bill to avoid another government, shutdown on Thursday, it comes after the White House rejected, a bipartisan, plan by senators, John McCain and Chris Coons, the protected, dreamers, but did not include border, wall funding the president reinstating. His priorities. Tweeting in part quote any deal, on daca that does not include strong, border security and the desperately, needed wall is a total, waste of time, well. The Superbowl champion, Philadelphia Eagles, getting a hero's welcome home in the City of Brotherly Love. Of. Course fans cheering, for the team as they got off the plane from Minneapolis. And you, can bet they're going to be cheering even louder during the team's very first, Super, Bowl championship, parade on Thursday, the city now making preparations, even closing, schools meantime. Quarterback, Nick Foles got, his own parade, in Disney, World after. Winning Super Bowl MVP. I actually know someone who's down in Disney. Right now and Tom, they, didn't plan on being down there at the same time and they worked out it falls at the parade and that's pretty cool it reminds me when Jeff Hostetler won, the Super Bowl for the Giants, because Phil Simms got hurt right middle of the year and then, you start the next year you say I have one super but I have two Super Bowl winning quarterbacks, how do I do and when's, his case he's was up for MVP I know I still, think going forward he's the man but he's got to get healthy, some, rights, will be the starting quarterback aventure, probably not at the beginning of the season if I'm a betting person which I'm not but MCL, ACL tear you know I mean it is forever to come back around I'm, just betting you're, gonna wind up at the parade somehow on Thursday.

All. Right still ahead on this Tuesday Hillary Clinton is still trying to explain what happened. But. If you who've read my, my. Book about what happened, know that I think that, misogyny. And sexism was, part of that campaign, hmm and Henry, covered her campaign, he joins us live to react straight ahead. Another. To, be declassified. Documents set. To shake up Congress in this time it's the Democrats turn, as they their. Counter, memo their rebuttal heads to the President's desk after the house Intel, committee voted to make it public yesterday GOP, Congressman, Jim Jordan was, one of those lawmakers pushing to, release the GOP, memo he joins us now to react, Thank You congressman for being with that here's what's interesting when you look at who, sits on the House Intelligence. Wanted. That first memo out the Doom's did not so why didn't the Democrats on the house Intel committee like, the Republicans, why didn't they want transparency yeah, a good. Question, we all want transparency on the Republican, side shoot, I asked Christopher Rea eight, weeks ago in the Judiciary Committee hearing to, release the application, so we can all see the application, itself and redact what you have to redact but let us see what they actually took to the court so, transparency, is a good thing I'm all for the Democrat memo coming out and following the same process that the Republican, memo followed last week how much of the, Democrat, 10 page rebuttal, memo do you think would have to be redacted, because there's secrets in there yeah I think there's some you. Know I'll leave that up to the experts to figure out but it, needs to go through the exact same process and that's what the committee is doing I appreciate. The way chairman Nunez has handled this so, to go through the same process and then we'll get public and the American people can look at it which is which is what we want to have them happen congressman, the second dossier, that we're just learning about through, these through the Senate through, Lindsey Graham and Chuck Grassley what's. The most alarming thing to you when you learn about the details, well. It's it's it's the names we keep hearing are Sidney, Blumenthal and Cody Shearer people have been around the Clintons forever as being. A part of this but I also think it's kind of interesting because what it looks like is they, paid steel to put together the dossier then, they told him what to put in it talked about rigging the game and putting together a document that's going to serve your purposes, as an opposition research, document that's what it looks like the Clinton team did and then, when you see names like Sidney Blumenthal coming, up I mean this is the same guy we deposed this guy during. The Benghazi committee. Hearings, this, guy has been around the Clintons forever he was he was knee-deep in the whole Libya Benghazi, story particularly, the story where they didn't, they weren't square with the American people about what was the actual cab list of that attack and they tried to blame it on a video so I find, that all interesting, particularly, that they told they they hire steel to produce the dossier and then they're actually telling him what to put in the dossier and then they're leaking that to the press I mean come on that's the mail station that there was rush inclusion, on his part meanwhile, they're, the ones that are sending this this, British, spy into Russia to pull information, exactly. Hasn't, been proven and that final. Work product this is where we come right back to the memo last week that final work product that dossier, was taken, to a secret court to get a secret warrant to spy on a fellow citizen and they weren't clear with the court who paid for it what was involved with it and the fact that they'd already fired, chrissteele from any type of relationship, with the FBI because he broke a fundamental, trust he went to the press and told him he was working with the FBI and yet they still used his work product this dossier that's, what's so ridiculous about how.

They Handled this and why that memo last week from the Republicans, was so important, that the American people see congressman, it sounds like you would like to have the transcripts, or whatever records act yes from. The fysop proceedings, released, I know Devon Nunez would like to I haven't, heard from any Democrats, saying yeah let's release that stuff yet though yeah, well you'd have to ask them but I think the American people would like to see remember this is a secret court and and there's been thousands, and thousands, and thousands of applications go to this court over the years very few were ever rejected, so let's find out exactly what is given to that court let's use this, one as the example, to see that I think that'd be good for the American people three, of those eleven judges were appointed by the Clintons, by Bill Clinton and all it takes is one judge, right to make the decision, when. It got when that when that application is put in front of the court there's one judge there making the decision that's right and, there's subsequent, times that they have to get renewed there could be different judges but it's one judge at the time well if they could it would be great to see the transcripts, to see what went down all, right Jim Jordan thank you very much thank you you bet thanks guys all right 820 here in New York remember, the judge who president Trump called out for being biased against, him well now the fate of the long-promised. Border, wall could end up, in, his court, we're gonna explain that coming up last Pete access having breakfast with friends this morning is in Ohio after the president, was there yesterday he's gonna be chatting with folks, them were there and I heard the president speak mmm. Polly's home good good. All. Right quick headlines right now moments, ago vice president pence landing in Tokyo on his way to they went through Olympics, he's not competing he's watching, tomorrow he'll meet with the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo, Abe a focus, about maintaining pressure on North Korea he, has not ruled out meeting with officials from that rogue nation. At the Olympics in South Korea but not likely to happen and defense, secretary James Madison. Congress on the national defense strategy today, the. Plan revealed last month will be expanded, on today focusing. On dealing with Russia and China as, main adversaries, Iran, next then North Korea lawmakers. Could also questioned, him about next year's defense budget evidently, we're missing 700. Million dollars that's not good meanwhile, President Trump in Ohio yesterday, Tory, and one of the plants that is now giving tax cut bonuses. To their employees, before, touting, tax cuts and the economy, at a rally in Cincinnati so. What are the people of Ohio saying, on this Tuesday morning that's a great question Steve let's ask Pete hagseth he's been talking to them live from Hollies home cooking it's in West Carrollton Ohio, and he joins us now hey Pete. Hey. Good morning guys the fried mushes really good too I didn't know about it but now I do what a great crowd here we're talking to them about the impact fried, Bush Steve I'm gonna bring some to you you're gonna I didn't know it was the thing it's basically fried grits. You're, gonna love it anyway we learned something on the road all the time we were at Shepherd corporation we took the same tour the president did yesterday.

And The CEO Jeff Norris took us behind the scenes take a watch. Does. It surprise you to see, the amount of, obstruction. He faces, just institutional. Resistance, to, the policies, that seem like common sense the guys on the ground yes. It's, very frustrating when we turn. On the news and listen to the politicians, and honestly. It's like a bunch of fifth graders and. Like I said if we did that here at our company we'd be shut down in a heartbeat he's just a breath of fresh air. He's not connected to the body and, he's. Just doing what he thinks is right and he wants to make, it right for the worker. And he wants to make a right for the owners. Well. We're back here so that was yesterday now today we're in West Carrollton here, at Holly's, home cooking great food and great people I'm here with Ken can, you are a custom, builder countertop, company sure, form here in town you've, been there for 28 years you said it's been a number of years almost 10 since you've seen a wage increase but, your employer just issued, you a wage, increase and told you why why have your wages going up oh well. The, the, Trump tax cut plan you, know, simple. As that. More. Money in the employees pockets so your your company feels like they're gonna make more so they will pass that down as an, increase and what does it feel like when there's more money in your pocket in the form of wages every week cause everything you, know tank, a gas here you know you take your grandkids, out for a movie and you, know whatever. And you still haven't even seen impact, impact of the tax cuts which will come as well oh that's true that's that's another raise. Yeah. Just just more breadcrumbs, Linda's a healthcare worker Nancy, Pelosi says this kind of money is just bread crumbs absolutely. Not there is no way if you get 40 more dollars it's 40 more dollars than you had and I'll take any, crime I can get but, it's more like someone, said fine dining well when, you get that kind of what would you spend that money on additional. Just to save it to have it in a savings account to build up your savings even absolutely. Todd you're a recent small-business owner, helping, people make their companies more efficient, what, is what is this trip tax cut in the real economy, done for your business it sparked a lot of activity. And growth new construction, and renovation and, owners are willing to put more money back in their business so, that could help it grow just like overture, form and so you do you feel like this president as a businessman, understands, what the, real economy is getting money back in people's pockets, is what actually delivers exactly right because he came from that world very. Much so Todd, Linda, and Ken a great crew here so great folks behind us as well we're just we might just stay here camp, out and use everyone's, breadcrumbs to pay for breakfast and, more mush Steve, I'm telling you you're gonna like it it sounds delicious I, love the idea of fried anything. Thank You Pete fried anything with lots of butter on it you really can't go wrong but cheese in there cheat fried cheese grits and a stick of just, a piece of bacon that's.

Breakfast Thank You Pete all right two minutes before the bottom of the hour still ahead Hillary, Clinton still tried to explain what, happened, two years ago many. Of you who've read my, my. Book about what happened know that I think that, misogyny. And sexism was, part of that campaign uh her. Brand-new blame game just, ahead was two years ago you're right and and, all, Reid is on his way to the couch he's, going to sit with us we got a lot to chew about this. Oh. But. Did we catch them in the act or what you know what I'm Joe did. We catch them in the act. They, are very embarrassed. They. Never thought they were we to get caught we caught them. Hey. We caught a lot so much fun, for like the. Great sleuth. The. Great ed Henry, that's right now Fox Lewis chief national correspondent, don't. You make it the president right they're talking about how we caught, them keep in mind had Hillary won we wouldn't be where we are I think that's what you hear a lot of Republicans saying that Devon Nunez has stood strong, despite, all the attacks and, has gotten a lot of this information out there and they keep saying there's more coming we shall see but, I think something, that Brian got from congressman, winstram. Earlier, from Ohio was, fascinating, because he was saying that the Democratic memo that we're all talking about has, things, that will be redacted not just Intel, issues, but, insults. Of Republicans. Like Devon Nunez why, I find that interesting is, that's. What the Democratic, line has been is, to attack, attack. Devon Nunez in the, memo on TV, but, they're not disputing. The basic, facts that. The FISA judge was, not told, that this, dirt was McCain or by the Democrat, they. Can't dispute that fact in fact I'm told by, people who have seen the Democratic, memo that the president will now review over the next few days in, there they also admit, that the. Judge the FISA judge was, not told, about the, DNC. Clinton, tie the judge was told that, there was a political motivation, that someone who didn't like but in a foot in general, right but. Even, the Democratic memo admits, that a key fact right maybe the most important fact was, not told to the so some people say well he'll the FISA memo I think 98, percent, of all the FISA requests. Get granted, what's, the big deal what's your answer what my answer to that is this is a secretive, Court and so I keep seeing on social media well this number and that number and, frankly I don't think anybody really knows how, the fire or very, few people know, how the FISA Court. Really works and that's, why I think you're seeing this push to, get beyond the Republican, version of facts the Democratic, version of facts let's, see the underlying, application. Now obviously, as a, reporter for a long time I understand, that, the dozens of dozens of pages in this application, is going to have very sensitive just. Dump all that out but redacted, and give us the facts not the Democratic, Republic what do you know about the FISA Court. That. There's a rotating, group of judges they're selected, by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, so they're their judges, who are federal judges who are sitting on other courts, who were highly respected, some have been nominated, by democratic, others, by Republican. Presidents and, they go in there and they they get these and and what I knew, from covering the Bush administration, for example was. That it was Dana Perino and I've been talking about this is a very high bar to. Get surveillance, through a visor whoever, the judges that's making the decision if they're gonna allow the spying, would say all right do. You have exactly, we need some evidence and, traditionally. We've talked about it from the foreign side which is in the Bush administration there, was all these questions, about whether. Americans, are on the other end of the call with al-qaeda and whether we're spying on Americans, but it was we have probable, cause or, if somebody's plotting, something right so listen, FISA, judge we've, got to listen in because we want to know what's the next stage in the front and if that's something that almost everybody could agree as long as proper, procedures, are held, go, for it and we want to stop the attack and then they mean is, because over the 35,000. Applications. That have been granted only, a dozen, through, the many years were, ever rejected. So, you've got to figure it. Is for the most part a rubber stamp and is that what happened in this case right did the judge push it through and we don't know we haven't we don't because, it's a secretive Court we don't know which judge there, have been reports, that.

It Was actually a rope a judge. Nominated. By a Republican, president I don't know but we don't know that for sure I don't have the name you don't have the name so a lot of people are doing this by supposition but I go back to the point that Adams ship and Schiff and others are going, with the insults, yeah and this is partisan, and this is that let's, actually go to the facts how about the FBI is gonna have a chance to look at it to something else happen while. We focus on the Super Bowl Indianapolis. Colts twenty six-year-old lineman lost his life he's. In that he got SIA felt sick they pulled over to the side of the road in his uber car he, gets run over by, a drunk, driver who happens to have been deported twice yeah you, know what it made me think first, of all in offices here whether it's an illegal immigrant. Or not. It's. An awful tragedy we, can all agree on that and it mate reminded, me of the State of the Union when, the president, pointed out these, two, wonderful. Couples who had lost children, because. Of illegal immigrants, and and ms-13 killing, their, children right and what, did we hear the next day we heard all, the president just always makes, immigrants. Out to be these awful, people and, he's put a giving us the worst stories, and then. This happens and he say was. He taken out of context, or is this actually happening not. Just to average Americans like he pointed out they, were sitting up there with the first lady that family in the one of the fathers was crying his eyes out he's, still grieving his daughter and the president was attacked over that he's, pointing, out realities pointing out what's really happening America now we see it and I bet you because it's the NFL more. People are gonna hear about this thing maybe. The president was right yeah, parents who have lost their loved ones to illegal immigrants they say you, know it might not have been in the forefront of their mind until it had to be until they lost their kids and all they have left and now we get more attention their ashes 28, seconds ago the president sent out the, second of two tweets the first one says so, disgraceful that a person illegally, in our country killed Colts. Linebacker, Edwin Jackson this is just one of them such preventable. Tragedies, we must get the Dems to, get tough on the border and with. Illegal, immigration fast, and then he, just tweeted my, prayers and best wishes are with the family of Edwin Jackson a wonderful, young man whose life was so senselessly, taken. At Cole's, yeah and think. About it how much time the Democrats spent Chuck Schumer and others about how the, whole budget battles about daca and we've got to get this deal we've got these deadlines coming up and we're about to run out of the government is about to run out of money at the end of the week again they. Haven't sat at the table to negotiate an, immigration, bill that, would include border security as. Well as doctor and so where are we on this yeah they always wait till the last minute both sides yeah something's coming out of the house I think that's kind of fun defense of course the Senate the Senate will strip it out totally different version we're back to zero Eady, very much everyday on the castle, alright, Gillian's over there she has some headlines for us hey Gillian that's alright good morning good Tuesday morning to you guys to you at home as well as getting caught up on some of your headlines starting, with this data. Recorders, now recovered, from the Amtrak, train that slammed, head-on into a parked freight train in South Carolina, two, people were killed more than 100. Injured in that crash, NTSB.

Officials Are, hoping the black boxes, will provide answers as to why a lock, switch operated. By the freight company sent. The Amtrak, onto a side rail we're also learning that Amtrak, engineer, applied an emergency, brake in the seconds, before the crash a federal. Judge who's been criticized, by President, Trump may decide the fate of the southern border wall judge, Gonzalo, Curiel is expected, to hear a case this week regarding. The administration's, ability to waive environmental. Laws to construct the wall in 2016, and then candidate, Trump said, kurios Mexican, descent created, a conflict, of interest, in his ruling in, a case involving Trump, University. Hillary. Clinton, once again blaming, misogyny, and sexism in, America, for her crushing, 2016. Loss to president Trump. Many. Of you who read my, my. Book about what happened know that I think that, misogyny. And sexism was, part of that campaign, it, was one of the contributing, factors and, some of it was. Old-fashioned. Sexism the, former. Secretary of State appearing, at an awards ceremony at, Georgetown, University Clinton. Also criticized, women, who did not vote but. Supported, the women's March let's, look at your headlines guys this morning thank, you all, right meanwhile. Rather, than look at us look, live a couple, of miles south of where we are that, is the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Market, set to open just, in about, 40. Minutes after. Record drop yesterday but our next guest says don't. Panic. And Montgomery, Gentry a country music icons, but the music world was turned upside down when Troy Gentry was killed in a helicopter crash, last, year maginot, Eddie Montgomery feels, he's talking about the loss and it's now solo, tour something, he says Troy would have wanted he, will join us live we got him up at 4 o'clock in the morning to work on his instruments, and he's got to be playing them soon. Alright, we got a fox business alert here the stock market plunging, Monday, the Dow overall, lost, over 1,100, points in the worst day of stocks since 2011 but. We're still up 33 percent from election, day 27. 2016, so, is this a reason, for concern or just part of the ebbs and flows of the market here the way we've been all AB and very little flow until, recently he's, the assistant editor the Wall Street Journal editorial page boxers, contributed, James Freeman James, first off on the markets and we're going to talk about FISA yeah you talk about both will you what, is your assessment of why we lost so much well, it's basically a reading, on on the. Economy, people think the economy, is better than they thought it would be so, they think the Federal Reserve is gonna raise rates interest, rates faster, than we expected, and that's what triggered, this sell-off so, it. Happens as you mentioned, it's. Been an amazing, run up since Election, Day 2016, all this does is basically put. Us back to the levels of late, 2017, is it is it a panic is there, some fear, and yet Freeman. Sell and kill me it's gotta sell and Joe Kopp pimps gotta sell well, I think their. Fear, does get into it and in. Terms of the middle of the day when you saw these declines yesterday, that's a time, when there's not a lot of trading going on so you can have more volatility, but and, you, know you could have a bad day today. You could have a bad week but long term what we're seeing is the American, economy getting stronger and. Stocks. They, they, haven't been cheap lately but S&P. 500. Trading at about 17, times expected, earnings since that's not a crazy number I saw a billionaire, like Mark Cuban's say this is a buy opportunity. For me we'll see how everybody else feels I want to talk about your op-ed and you talked about you really don't believe the Obama administration's, reputation, can and the FISA courts, reputation, can survive this type of examination what, do you mean well we have a problem because based.

On The Republican, memo and we'll learn more from Democrats, and I would love to hear from the FISA judge at some point but but, based on what we know so far the, bar was so low to, issue a warrant, to. Spy. On the opposition, political party, that, it suggests. Either it was used by the Obama administration, or the FISA Court really, needs to be changed because we think of a person, in a black robe, carefully. Weighing the evidence and what we see in that memo is uncorroborated. Politically. Motivated. Really. Rumors, being, used to issue a warrant so what you're saying is this if there is a footnote, at the bottom of this dossier, hey hey judge take my dossier here, it says there's a problem with Carter page okay take a look at this right fine, well where'd, you get this from well we got it from a politically, active group, or put it the motivated, group okay, that's, fine it's okay that's done if that's not good enough based. On what we know so far this, would not be enough to convince, my editor at The Wall Street Journal to run a story it would not be enough to convince you to have me on the program so I think, we need to learn more but it looks like the bar was way too low James Freeman thanks so much we set the bar high for you and you reached it you scale that drag is er thanks so much meanwhile, Eddie Eddie, and Troy of Montgomery, Gentry are country music, icons and Troy Gentry's, tragic, passing in a helicopter crash shattered. The music room now Eddie Montgomery is talking about that loss in a solo tour something, he says Troy would have wanted him to go on in, a matter of moments yes. Where. Montgomery. Gentry producing. Hit and hit, records, one right after another after the over the last 20 years but, just days after the duo completed, their new, album, Troy Gentry was tragically, killed in a helicopter crash, in New Jersey Eddie. And Troy had planned a tour in 2018, to mark their 20th, anniversary and.

Now Lady Montgomery, is touring solo something, he says Troy, would have wanted him to do. Now, as the group's eighth studio album is out it's here to you it's out with its debuted, number one on the iTunes Country. Chart this week. That's got to be bittersweet for you though right ah you know it is that tear old man uh you know we was together over, 30 years and so I was used to looking to my left you know and yeah, that horrific, crash. That day, tell, you what our whole lives changed. Man oh man the guys in the band and I. Tell. You we was thought about what was doing a CD and stuff that's like my now her, gonna, put the CD out and. I remember me and him having a conversation a few years back and we, was talking about he's like you know if either one of us go down man we want to we, want the other one to carry on the Montgomery Gentry tradition, how did you find out the news I was, I was there you. Were in you were in the helicopter no I wouldn't inhale God but I was every whenever flying so. He. Was flying in for the, first show that right. Yeah they come to us and I said we, have helicopter, rides if you want to go so. Well how's. This family doing you. Know as best as I can you know his. Wife and kids bana Angie, and I'll tell you just you. Know something. You don't ever get over yeah, how, do you sing because you have to tap into a motion to sing is, it hard to get through this ah you know it's been tough man, the guys you know a little bit we've done our first Grand Ole Opry appearance. So good night and, it's. Been been, very emotional we've, actually done a couple shows we've, put under a belt and I. Take. It was I was nervous now now guys. The show, must go on right that's what he wants course oh yeah yeah tiro a man you know he was always a pressure he always had that big wood spoon. He was always stirred stuff so. Any what are you gonna perform for us today are, they song off the new album here see you it's called king of the world and so. It's just a laid-back kind of tune and we're, ready know we. Like rock alright, guys thanks so much here's to we go oh. Yeah. Train, posing. And had a folder. Full. Of manners in the front row whole. Box. Full of cold wine dry chicken, liver today all. What. My uncle. The, girl dictators. In south Louisiana, my, neighbors, and a small peg. Fly shoo fly, salamander. The problem, around. Trampled. By Santa, again. Please dinner gala now. Take. The good. Ladies. Ever be. Same holds hanging, out a 4-door wondered, bug if all the matters in the front row. Box full of Reason cold fried chicken, livers a day on the rivers what I live for. You.

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