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Fox and Friends First 03/12/18 4AM | March 12, 2018 Breaking News

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If you want to email us come, at us media, buzz at,, set, your DVRs if you're gonna miss the show because you've got a wife on Sunday morning, but we'll be back here next Sunday 11:00, Eastern with, the latest buzz. Or. Ever done for this country and I respect, that now. We still, don't know where, this meeting, would take place, nothing. Has been ruled out but a White House spokesman says that it is highly unlikely that the location, would be Pyongyang. Heather, yeah highly unlikely but I like he said tempered optimism, that's a good way to move forward thank, you so much appreciate it thank Senate well, the president's, national security team, in the meantime making it clear that the White House is not, taking, Kim jong-un at his word alone as Senator, Ron Johnson chairman. Of the Senate Homeland Security, Committee says. The only way President Trump can stop the threat of a nuclear North Korea is to, learn from the mistakes of previous administrations. President, Trump has have been engaged, in the maximum pressure campaign, and I joined in a letter with five other my Republican, Senate colleagues encouraging, President, Trump to make sure to maintain that. Maximum, pressure until. We find C, complete, verifiable, and irreversible, denuclearization. Within. North. Korea so what, we can't what we can't do is we can't do what we did with Iran, and let off the pressure and then just watch the behavior go. In the wrong direction you have that history let's, not be snookered again let's not be Charlie. Brown to North Korea's Lucy, we've. Seen this movies before that's why we've called on President Trump to make sure that we maintain the maximum pressure campaign, if anything I would continue to ratchet up sanctions until. They again. Have complete. Verifiable. And irreversible. Denuclearization. And. Just. A couple of things in 1994, North Korea promised, to end their nuclear program, under the Clinton administration but. They were found in violation and, then, former president george w bush failed again in 2005, when, North Korea agreed, to give up their nuclear program. But, started, up again the, next year a Russia. Claims it successfully, tested a missile capable, of traveling at 10 times the speed of sound some. Brand-new video shows the weapon being launched from a fighter jet Russia. Already claiming to have a missile that cannot be intercepted, and a nuclear submarine a drone, nuclear submarine drone capable. Coastlines. We've, already we've, also just learned that Vladimir Putin ordered, a plane carrying. More than 100, passengers to, be shot down this. Was claimed in a Russian documentary, where Putin says he was told a man on the plane had a bomb and was targeting, the 2014, Winter Olympics he called it off after, finding out it was a false alarm. We're. Back at home the White House unveiling, its plan to prevent deadly school, shootings, and puts Education, Secretary Betsy, DeVos in charge Kelly.

Wright Is here with the outrage and what, students have planned next good morning Kelly good, morning to you as well Heather education secretary Betsy DeVos is, going to chair a new, school safety commission, she says no, student, I'm quoting her no student, or family should, ever have to live the horror of parkland, or Sandy. Hook ever, again now, the boss made the case for the Trump administration's, goal to arm teachers as part, of its plan to improve school safety. It. Should be an option for, states and communities to consider for those who are who, are capable this, is one solution that can and should be considered but. No, one-size-fits-all, every. State and every, community is, going, to address this, this. Issue in, a different way the, Trump administration plan, also, includes. Strengthening criminal. Background, checks and empowering. States to train school personnel, it does, not include, increasing. The minimum age for purchasing, a rifle to 21. Even, though President Trump advocated. For it critics, say the president, caved in to the NRA Senate. Minority Leader Chuck. Schumer saying this the, White House has taken tiny baby, steps designed not to upset the NRA when, the gun violence epidemic in this country demands. The giant, steps be taken the. Florida just passed its bill which includes raising, the age limit, to buy a rifle 221. Several, parents of the parklands, shooting victims support, the bill. We. Were in up in Tallahassee and, what's. Historic, is we, were able to get the left and the right to come together put. Away put aside all political. A difference. And focuses. On what the American people want and what, we all want, there's our kids safe in school and students. Are keeping up the pressure their, Valley to plant another nationwide walkout on Wednesday. Heather, all right Kelly right live for us this morning thank you Kelly appreciate, it. Let's. Switch gears for, this moment talk about some sports what is start to the NASCAR season for Kevin Harvick the driver of the number four car racing, into Victory Lane yet again Sunday, in Phoenix. Well. Harvick winning, his third consecutive Cup, Series race and keep in mind the season is only, four weeks old so he's doing pretty well and Tiger. Woods is finally, back. Really. Was amazing to watch one of the greatest to ever step on the links coming up just short in, the Valspar championship tiger, finished tied for second, one stroke behind first, despite. That incredible. 44. Foot birdie, putt they just saw there it was his best finish in nearly five years he's, got the Masters coming up in just three weeks so we'll see how, he does, well. The time now it's about 11 minutes after the top of the hour and he's illegal. And the suspect, in. A deadly hit and run but thanks to a sanctuary city he's, walking, free the major communication. Error that is sparking an urgent, manhunt, and, keeping, America great president, Trump unveiling, or revealing his, new rally cry for 2020, as he rally supporters, ahead of the crucial Pennsylvania's. Special election, is this, the Minter momentum, that the GOP needs will debate it up next. I'd. Love to beat Oprah I know her weakness. And. Oprah. May not be running in 2020, but she does have some advice for anyone who does decide, to take, on president, Trump. Welcome. Back president, Trump hitting the campaign trail ahead, of tomorrow's hidden, special election, in Pennsylvania, where he announced, a new, rally cry for 2020, a. New. Slogan. When. We start running in can. You believe it two years from now is going. To be Keep. America, great. Exclamation. Point keep, America, great. Well. The president is now gearing up to take that message on an all-out midterm. Blitz, so, will his will. This be the momentum that Republicans, may need, to clinch several key races here now to debate is contributor. At the hill Kristen Tate and liberal analyst Kathy Ruth thank you both for joining us this morning appreciate. It so. History shows that the party in power loses. Seats during the midterm so do you think that will happen this time around Kristen you know it might but, I do think Trump is in his element and he's out his best when he's campaigning, so he'll definitely give the GOP, at least some, momentum.

At This point the Republican, Party is Trump's, party he is the heart and the soul of the party and the people love him he's got an 85 percent approval, rating among Republicans. So he can keep that base mobilized, but at the same time the left is extremely. Mobilized, right now so this will come down to which. Side can get most the most voters to the polls and, what, do you think Cathy I think, there are it's gonna be a disaster, in Pennsylvania, for Trump so I think the GOP does need the push but, the push is not going to come from Trump I think he's gonna be very disappointed. It, is a Trump country as they said but people are didn't, think the race would be so close and it's very close so Democrats are excited, and the candidate, is smart, he's witty he's saying all the right things so. It should have been this close and it is so, if this is a disaster. Mm. It is interesting that it is so close because another thing I voters tend to vote, with their pocketbooks and. We can take a look at the economy some of the economic, numbers right now doing, really well I mean in jobs three hundred and thirteen thousand, jobs have been added the, Dow is up the Nasdaq, is at record highs so, on that front that would seem to favor Republicans oh absolutely. Republicans, have a lot to, brag about right. But, the Democrat in this race Connor Lam he can mobilize, former. Blue Dog Democrats, who may have voted for Trump in 2016 he's kind of a different, Democrat, he's a moderate, who's, distanced, himself from the extreme, leadership. Of his party he's even called for Nancy, Pelosi to, step down so if he wins this special, election it, won't be a good sign for Republicans, but it also won't be a good sign for Nancy, Pelosi because it signals to other Democrats, that her leadership is toxic and being. Associated with, her could hurt more may be an indication, one of what Democrats, need to do moving, forward in terms of some other races he. Definitely does, know his area and he does know what resonates, and he's bringing an invite in he, knows they need that kind of a guy and he, knows that the voters aren't exactly. In the area agreeing, with the Trump message so, he's bringing them bite and he's talking about look this mining, it's not working, what Trump is saying isn't working for our economy, so I think that's why it's working so well he's really focusing, on his, area not the overall Trump, and it's not just Democrats that. Maybe have some. Disagreements. With the president president. Trump and his fans. Also. Senator, Jeff Flake he's, talking about somebody, running against President Trump in 2020, listen what he had to say.

Do. You think he needs to be challenged, from somebody, who, espouses your views yes, I do okay, I do I mean it would be a tough go in a Republican, primary the Republican Party, has. Is the, Trump party right now but. That's not to say it will stay that way yeah. But not not the Jeff Flake party though Cathy I. Mean. I think he's saying that guy is me, I think flake is getting ready to say I'm gonna be the challenger he has, nothing to lose Trump, they're not friends, they do not get along they don't see eye-to-eye so. I think we're getting ready for a run in 2020, yeah. That. And the 2016. Primary Trump, stomped, out 16, candidates, all of whom the media told us had a better shot at the nomination he won without any support, from the media with little support from leaders in his own party because the voters supported, him they do to this day and if just lake or any of his colleagues tried to run against Trump they will end up defeated, and he so, did Jeff Flake I say good, luck yeah go, for it all. Right thank you both for joining us this morning appreciate, it thank you have you with us well, the time now it's about 19 minutes out to the top of the hour so did he do it that is the question everyone, wants, an answer to you this morning I. Remember. I grabbed a knife I do remember. That portion taking the knife from Charlie and, to be honest, after. That I remember, Oh Jay, Simpsons laugh filled. Hypothetical. Murder, confessions. Working a huge reaction online. By. God's grace has, pulled. The. Betsy. And. Louis. Farrakhan known for hateful, racist remarks. But one magazine is defending, his, newfound relationship, with. Democrats, Carly, Shimkus is here with the outrage online. I. Will. Fight, every. Day until, he, is a beast. Maxine. Waters renewing. Her calls for President Trump to be removed from office now the California congresswoman, vowing. Someone. If not Congress, will eventually, quote get. Him and this says billionaire democratic, activist Tom Steyer is kicking off a national impeach, Trump toured this week in Ohio it's, all part of his 20 million dollar campaign to, unseat the. President, well. Oprah confirming, yet again that she will not be campaigning, for your vote in 2020, but, she is offering some advice for, those who, will I. Am. Not running for office I will say to whoever is, going, to run, for.

Office Do. Not give your energy, to the other side, do. Not spend, all your time talking. About your opponents, do, not give your energy to that, which you really don't believe in do, not spend an ounce of your time on that a Winfrey. Said it was a humbling, experience when, people first urged her to run. Anti-semitic. Nation. Of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Known for hateful, racist, rhetoric, and. Farrakhan. By, God's grace has. A. Betsy. Now. One magazine is, defending. His newfound relationship with, Democrats, a correlation, kiss with Fox news headlines 24/7. Sirius, XM 115 it's here with the outrage online. Good morning good morning Heather the Atlantic, coming out with an article explaining why, women's, March leader Tameka. Mallory didn't condemn Louis Farrakhan after attending attending one. Of his controversial, rallies, and facing backlash for, it now the peace talks about how some african-american. Leaders turn, a blind, eye to Farah, Khan's anti-semitic, comments because, of the Nation of Islam's. Helpful. Presence, consistent. Helpful presence, in, african-american. Communities now here's a direct quote from that, article because, of the Nation of Islam's ongoing, presence in many poor and working-class black, communities, time, and again Farrakhan, is able to threaten the mainstream, political ambitions. Of black, public figures, who for good reason and bad choose, to deal with him despite, this reasoning many on social media now calling for all to, condemn, Farrakhan, take a look at this tweet from a person, who identifies himself as, American, proud saying Louis Farrakhan, is part, of the reason America is divided, he's part of the problem not the solution, united. We stand divided, we fall John on Twitter also says there's no excuse, or justification, why. Anyone, would. Have anything to do with Louis Farrakhan all, right not really a newfound, relationship as, I said but. We'll see what happens moving forward senator, Elizabeth Warren she's, saying no to a presidential run yeah that's right well she, answered some questions on, her past and future on Fox News Sunday talking. About her feelings, on a 2020, presidential, run and whether or not she'll take take a DNA test to, prove, her native-american. Ancestry, take a listen I. Am. NOT running for president in 2020, I have, an election right now in 2018. Here in Massachusetts. I know who I am because. What my mother and my father told me it's a part of who I am and no one's ever going to take that away so, that was a no. To the DNA test by the way Donald Trump jr. on Twitter says why not simply identify. As Native American, problem solved, and olive. On Twitter, also says if Elizabeth, Warren were to run Trump. Is a shoo-in, in 2020. So there you have it reaction, there so, a Joe Biden took his granddaughter. To the movie and what he did outside the movie theaters becoming viral yeah that's right so Joe Biden he he this, picture that we have of him talking, to a homeless person. On, outside. Of a movie theater is going viral there we have it right there that's. Joe Biden and that's a homeless man outside a movie theater in Washington, DC a bystander, snapped, the picture posted it to Facebook saying, character.

Is About what you do when no one is watching that picture has gone viral with over a hundred thousand, likes, on Facebook very, nice not great yes thank you so much Carly appreciate it thanks a lot happy Monday happy, Monday week. The. Time now it's about half, past the top of the hour almost and an, eye for an eye President Trump says that drug dealers should get the death penalty too harsh or step in the right direction to. Help stop the growing opioid, epidemic our legal panel will debate it coming up. We. Are building the wall. And. Forget. Mexico. And taxpayer, money the border wall could actually pay, for itself, if we. Cut welfare to, illegal immigrants, by our next guest president, of the National Border Patrol Council says that this is a no brainer. Welcome, back pucks and prints first ice on the hunt right now for an illegal immigrant tied to this deadly, crash after. The sanctuary, city of Denver let. Him walk free a Denver, police releasing. Ivan, zahramay. Pas Castaneda. On a. $2,500. Bond now the Sheriff's Office says that they're issuing an internal. Review as to why officers, released in nearly two hours, before. Notifying. The feds he's. Facing, vehicular, homicide charges. Well. The jury selection process for the wife of the bolt nightclub gunman or Coleman is expected, to be completed today at, the pool of 56, people will be narrowed down to 12 jurors and six alternates, by, an Orlando judge a Solomon, is accused of aiding and encouraging, her husband Omar Mateen to, carry out the June 2016. Shooting, that killed 49, people as well, as lying to, the FBI. Jim. Can prison. The owner of an illegal daycare, sentenced, to 21 years behind bars after giving 7 children sleeping. Aids so, she could go do CrossFit and tan a January. Netherland feeding guilty last months of several counts including criminal mistreatment a police, arrested the 32 year old last year after, finding the drugged up children, some just six months old abandoned. At the oregon daycare, the. White House in the meantime doubling, down on president, Trump's tariffs vowing, that they will fix the trade deficit, national trade council, director, Peter. Navarro says, he isn't concerned about threats of retaliation from, other countries, he, says that they will understand, the u.s. is simply looking for fair deals and stronger. National security. You, can't have a country, as the, president, said without those industry, so from, a purely national security, point of view that's why we're acting, on, steel.

And Aluminum, well. Navarro also echoing, the president's call that China's, theft of intellectual property, will be addressed, soon and. White House chief of staff John Kelly losing, patience, with VA secretary, David Shulkin Axia is reporting, that kelly warren Shulkin, to quit creating, drama in his agency, and the president Trump is close to firing him Shulkin, reportedly, has not spoken to some of his staffers in weeks and publicly, claims political, appointees, are trying to undermine him Kelley, is urging him to just get back to work fixing the VA. President. Trump continuing, to push for one of his biggest campaign, promises. We. Are building the wall. But. As the president fights for funding a brand new report shows that the wall could. Pay for itself by eliminating, the need for welfare, and other taxpayer-funded. Benefits given, to illegal, immigrants, here now to react, is the president of the National Border Patrol Council Brandon, Judd thank you very much for joining us this morning really appreciate it another. Good morning so I'd like to begin here with some of the points that you made about certain, magnets, that actually draw people, to, cross the border illegally to begin with what are some of those well. If you if you look at when we arrest, people we, interview, them and we ask them why are you coming to the United States the. Vast majority of those individuals, that we arrest they, tell us they're coming here for jobs are telling us that they're coming here for the social programs, and they're telling us that they're coming here because they know that they're going to be released if they claim asylum and when, they talk about the social programs, you're, talking about the billions of dollars the federal and state governments, spend on. Health. Care on. Schooling. In all of these different costs. That illegal aliens cost on, taxpayers. And so, when, you look at what a wall will do in. Allowing. Us to apprehend. The vast majority of those individuals, that are coming across the border it will cut down on. How much the. Taxpayer, burden will be which will then, go straight into funding, the wall so it is it's a brilliant, it's brilliant way to go about it and that's the business strategy, the present Trump brings to. The American people and as we continue to discuss that let's take a look we can bring this up for people at home this report from the Center for Immigration Studies that shows that this border wall would prevent 200,000, the illegal crossings, at our southern border saving. As you were just talking about the u.s. 64 billion in expenses, like welfare, public.

Education, A refundable, tax credits, along with some other benefits, and then there are a lot of other estimates, that some other organizations, have as well right, well. There's there's a lot of estimates, that organizations, have come out and said that if we were cut to cut down on the number of illegal, aliens that are here in the United States we, would save billions of dollars and, then. The President, himself is, touring, the border wall prototypes, tomorrow, what, is next on that front can't, tell us anything geez yeah. He's gonna go look at the at the, port. Of the prototypes, and he's gonna discuss, the pros and the cons of, each individual. Prototype, from, there he'll he'll, go and he'll choose which, prototype, is gonna be best, to. Go along the border and if you look at this what, I'm please up from a Border Patrol agent, standpoint. What I'm pleased about is if you look at all of the fences, that, we currently, have on the border none, of them went through the research, and development that, these current prototypes, have gone through and so, they've been those. Fences, have been defeated, in one way or another these. Current, prototypes, the. US forces they tested, those prototypes and they weren't able to defeat them in the same manners that they were able to defeat the fences and so you look at this and you have to say we're, going about this the right way we're finally, getting, a. Wall. In in strategic, locations, that, are finally, going to be effective, yeah and that's a good point I mean I constantly remember, this video that, we show it really went viral everybody, showed it these two people, that crossed, over the border wall they, were running on the other side they were caught then, they ran back, skilled right back up the wall it was so easy for them to actually go back up it yeah. As an agent. Working. In Arizona, I've, played, this game where people will cross the border illegally they will run into United States a couple hundred yards and all, they'll do is is get my attention run, back south to the to. The border climb the wall again, and while, I'm chasing, them they'll just run another group right behind me the the area that I vacated, so when, we get rid of this of these games that these smugglers are going to be able to play with us we're, gonna be a lot more effective and that's what those walls and strategic, locations, are going to do spending.

Money On things that actually work, is always a good thing to do Brandon. Thank you so much for joining us we appreciate your, expertise, as always, thank. You appreciate your time have a good day well, the time now is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour and you inmates have the right to vote well apparently they do in, Chicago Twitter. Exploding, over the Windy City's new program, and traveling. To Mars Elon, Musk says it, is going to happen but there's a catch and happy. You J the PC police taking on a whole new project making, Mother's, Day more. Inclusive. Wow.

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