Fox and Friends Saturday 01/06/18 6AM | January 06, 2018 Breaking News

Fox and Friends Saturday 01/06/18 6AM | January 06, 2018 Breaking News

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They, are now reportedly, at least four official, inquiries involving former presidential, candidate, and Secretary, of State Hillary Clinton there may have been acts that occurred at the State Department as a consequence, of bribes paid to the Clinton Foundation which. Are creating an ongoing security. Concern for the United States of America senior Senate Republicans Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham referred, the former British spy Christopher, Steele who, compiled the trump dossier to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution present. Heads to Camp David on, the day a tell-all, book on, his administration, hits store shelves wolf admits, parts, of the book are merely his recollections. Of events and conversation. Style pumps, making, America, great again and candidly nobody, really cares about what's, being done in fact Jose Garcia's, errata was sentenced, to time served for. His conviction on felony gun possession now his case moves to federal, court markets closed out the day at an all-time high. Again, stock, market, is up very very big today, we've. Set new records, and I think they'll be continued, to set. You, know that little TV, that's what we needed. Where is Shania Twain it's a good question I feel like she had a big hot. Come. To us on the couch Lisa Marie, booth as she's known on Twitter he, knows. Of. Twitter it's, sure you know I think I was Lisa booth was taken yep but my name is Lisa Marie booth so I love it. It's. Very popular and she was tweeting about me line dancing on New Year's Eve for, which hundreds. Of Twitter followers, of hers want, me to do that which is not gonna happen I think, we signed ourselves, up for some. Friends. At. but, we have a few on. This important, so join. Us this entire four hours we've got a lot coming at you including this we'll start with the president, getting down to business at Camp David this weekend despite all the noise surrounding. A new tell-all, book the, president, along with members of his cabinet and top congressional, league leaders, working, on a busy legislative, agenda.

But. Fortunately Garrett tinnie is live in DC with the details, and he knows what's going on good morning Garrett hey, good morning yellow, GOP, leaders are planning to cover a lot of ground during, this retreat including, setting, their legislative. Priorities, for the coming year you can see some of those meetings that took place yesterday in, these pics and we're told much of the discussion focused, on the landscape, for the 2018, midterm, elections, Republicans, are hoping to keep their majorities, in both the House and the Senate are expected, to face some, particularly. Tough battles to do so in the house so leaders. Have suggested, the midterms, will certainly play a role in what their plans are over the next several months with. That in mind they also plan to focus on their successful, passage, of the gops, tax bill which, the president talked about yesterday is he to part of the White House for Camp David. We've. Set new records, and I think they'll be continued, to say the. Tax cuts are, really kicking. In far beyond what anyone thought, and. Today we're told the discussions, will shift to a number of policy, issues the GOP, is hoping to tackle this year including, infrastructure, national, security, tax policy, next, year's budget and daca, the, meetings will start with a working breakfast, around 8:30 a.m. Eastern, and then pick up again around 11 to talk more about their policy plans for the year ahead including. Avoiding. A government shutdown that's, set to kick in January, 19th, if a new budget hasn't passed back, to you a lot what's going on there thanks Garrett for sure I mean I think there's there's so much noise and we're gonna get to the noise here in the program you've been hearing a lot about it the main so-called, mainstream media, is obsessing, about it I think there's a book there, might be a book. Underneath. It all is an administration, laser focused, on doubling down on the accomplishments they've already made and anti. Showdown with Democrats who want this daca deal who want amnesty for dreamers but, don't want to give anything for it except they don't control, any levers of power so. The question is how does the the government in power this president, stare. Them down get, a wall get, each end a chain migration get, an end of the Visa Lottery system, in exchange, for a deal on daca and and. By the way does the government shut down in the process Washington. Hates that the, folks have voted for President Trump probably don't care if the government gets shut down he's got to make that calculus, and he's got a chance to do some big thought and president Trump has tweeted previously, no wall no deal on daca and it's gonna be interesting to see what a Democrats, do because they've got a lot of heat for, the fact that Senator, Chuck. Schumer caved. On daca because they really wanted her, immigration, activist, really wanted Chuck Schumer to hold the line to not vote for a spending bill if it didn't include daca and he did it because they didn't want to be responsible for a government shutdown so they do the same on Jerry night and January, 9th a third or what a Democrats, listen just president Trump hold the line and say no, deal in daca unless I get the, wall I'm the reporter usually, doing Garrett tinny's job for Fox & Friends all week long I want to talk about daca infrastructure. The proposal, by the administration, 18, billion over ten years to build the wall whether we have a government shutdown that's important, but look you cannot ignore this book okay, this is a tell-all book that came out very early and, the, president, who is clearly this, book is about the gossiping, and the infighting, and the interesting. Battles. Going on in the early years. Of months, of this administration, but it's now coming on the heels of the, tax reform the biggest accomplishment, in 31 years on tax reform in the president at Camp David now, trying to move on these issues but, yet the president also is not, gonna let this go can. We put ask you a question okay. So on this book do you think if something as salacious, which we've had even reporters.

Like Maggie, Haberman of the New York Times say that parts of it are disputed, do. You think this would get the same amount of attention if the book was about President Obama well. Listen, you know honestly the. Honest. Answer no I don't because. The, takeaway from this book is that it was the, justification. That the president's, critics and those that truly hate him in the media now they have it they've got the the smoking gun that proves that. He is somehow, unfit. But Haberman and some others are saying that's, really not there here's, the thing though this, book did, do. What, perhaps Michael, Wolfe one of the intended consequences, which is he knew president. Trump would not let it go particularly, when the sales make, such disparaging. Remarks from his chief, strategist, even and against, him and his family and this, is the tweet that I've want to get to the, new tweet today for viewers to see Michael. Wolfe is a total, loser who, made up stories in order to sell this really boring, an untruthful, book he used sloppy. Steve Annan who cried when he got fired and begged, for his job now sloppy, Steve has been dumped like a dog by almost everybody too, bad a little bit of news there actually I have not heard anywhere that, sloppy. Steve as he's now known cried, when he got fired well and the left is sort of fawning, over this because they want this palace intrigue they want Steve man and president Trump shooting, at each other and, it's amazing I can't even believe I'm gonna do this but I'm gonna cite the New York Times or the failing New York Times as. Evidence. Angie it pains, me as evidence. Of the fact that maybe, everything, in this book isn't quite as true as you might think this is Maggie Haberman who's usually making things up about the president here's what she had to say about this book listen. He. Creates a narrative that is notionally, true, the, conceptually, true, the details are often wrong and I can I can see, several places in the book that are wrong he gets basic, details, wrong, he has a history of telling. People they're off the record and disregarding. So, the details, are really important, details are what quotes are made of or, what phrases, are made of whether it's treasonous. Or you, know dumb. As a box of rocks or whatever phrases, you want to use inside the book if you're, if you're misquoting, someone, you're mischaracterizing. The entire intention, of that particular, conversation. So what, what what can you believe and a couple of things too I mean in the book and it alleges that President, Trump didn't know who former. Speaker John Boehner was yet, back in 2013, they went golfing so of course he knew and he referred to him on the campaign trail multiple talk and also seen, a couple people bring this up on Twitter and it's a great point of which which one is it is it President Trump you, know as dumb as a box of rocks didn't, want to win didn't, think he was going to win that's see, this treasonist. You, know guy who's been colluding with Russia. And, has you know smartly, swayed the election, because of that yeah it's like which narrative, is it it's like the media can't decide and I think when you have just basic facts like. The John Boehner thing wrong. You've got reporters. Like the New York Times which fundamentally hate, President Trump I mean look at every article that has ever been published yeah in the New York Times saying, that look this guy has a history of getting things wrong there's parts in this and I I know myself Maggie, Haberman saying, is wrong, then how can you take the, entire book at face value well you know the media's do it I'll tell you Lisa you raised perhaps, the most important question I heard, about this. You. Asked me do you like you know would you have been taking. The. Book, about. President Obama but but if I turn your question just a little bit that is had, President, Obama in his first year accomplished, tax reform that hadn't been done in three decades and these other things the, president has done his, agenda would, he have gotten the, the the. Disc that he's gotten from the mainstream media the lack of coverage and you know Roger stone and. Wiser early on longtime comm talked about the agenda a little bit let me play this up real quick. None. Of this is going to change. Anything the Trump core constituency. Will remain strongly, behind the president as long as he continues to keep faith with them on the platform that got him elected we, have a record, stock, market, we have unemployment, at, historic, lows a boom in the housing, market, a solid, conservative, on the Supreme Court Donald, Trump's making, America, great again and candidly nobody, really cares about what, Steve man and things no listen I'm a fantasy man and I think he's a smart guy he's done a lot of great things but the reality is this is not about Steve man and this is about the country this is about what President Trump is doing and so if those, two things come in conflict then, of course the voters that voted for President Trump were going to say what, is his agenda and how is he accomplishing, it and a tell-all book and, giving access and, and and, one person's agenda, isn't, going ever going to Trump to.

Use A phrase what this president, is actually accomplishing, that is the bigger narrative and that's exactly right also, think that this the intention, is to not cover those things and that's where the ideas focus is because they don't want to cover you. Know tax reform in 30 years and where in 40 years I individual. Mandate all right but we've got a turn oh you're right to some more headlines there's. Other stuff going on yes okay all, right well we began with extreme, weather millions, across the country bracing, for dangers reffered, bracing, cold we feel it even here sub-zero. Wind chills expected, from North Carolina, to Maine, the powerful system already flooding, streets in Massachusetts. Cars, paralyzed, and under several feet of icy water and in, New Jersey firefighters. Battling, fierce winds fuelling a house fire newer the. Violent storm blamed for at least 12, deaths. Two, planes colliding, on the ground overnight passengers. Panicking as, they watch flames, erupted, through the wing of the other plane. And. Those passengers, inside, a West jet flight that had just landed at Toronto's, Pearson International. Airport, from, Cancun the, stationary, plane struck by an empty Sun winged aircraft, moving, back from the gate passengers, evacuated by, sliding down emergency, slides thankfully. Nobody was hurt and one. Person is, 450, million dollars richer after a single jackpot, winning, Mega Millions, ticket was sold in Florida the winning numbers in Friday's drawing or 28:30. 3959, 70 and Mega Ball 10 there's. Still no there's. Still no word who, bought the ticket and where in Florida I wish that was me so what. If I mama key, please. But. There's still another massive, jackpot, up for grabs tonight's Powerball, drawing. Is at 750, a million bucks I'm looking at your mom earth champion for 575. I, mean you may eventually moved to 750. After no one wins I played on Wednesday I didn't win but I talked to my 85 year old mother in Florida and she said I'm gonna play Mega Millions what, am i love it alright keep. Playing folks maybe you. Alright. He was suspended for his botched report, on the Russian investigation, now Brian Ross is returning to ABC News but, with a demotion the, details coming up plus the Russian collusion, narrative and impeachment, attempts while they're not working so, the left is trying a new talking point the president well he's unstable did, Americans be concerned, about the president's mental, fitness none of this normal none of this acceptable, none, of this frankly stable, thanks. Jake Tapper, well David Webb says this, is destined, to fail he, joins us next. Welcome. Back well the left has pushed the Russian collusion, narrative and talked about impeachment but, with neither working the, left while they have a new talking point. Should. Americans, be concerned, about the president's mental, fitness that he appears to be speaking, so lightly about.

Threats, Regarding a nuclear fight none. Of this normal, none of this acceptable, none, of this frankly stable, behavior isn't it remarkable that were talking. About the president's, mental state and asking honest questions about his mental state you also have members in Congress, meeting. With, psychiatrists. To, talk about the 25th, amendment, but. Will all this talk about the president's, mental health actually backfire, on Democrats, Fox, News contributor David Webb joins us right now to react, I mean I think, you just wind you up in. The. Last, part talking. To psychiatrists, about first of all no credible psychiatrist. Who would ever issue something, on a patient, unless they've actually met with the patient so it's ridiculous, this is about a narrative, that the Democrats, need they failed on impeachment it was a farce it didn't fall under anything there has to be a chargeable crime they, now need a narrative, because they fear what's coming, they're watching all of these investigations, the resistance, movement and everything be, both ineffective. And unraveling. The unraveling. Of this, whole mess, around fusion, GPS, the, Mueller investigation. Fruit of the poison tree the term that lead that's a legal application. Of, that was, it the poison tree with the dossier, who paid for it was it used as James Comey admitted. That. He gave it to his Columbia law professor, friend and leaked at which by the way is also, a violation of, law under federal code because. Those documents, and anything whether he did it on his laptop or not are still, within presidential. Privilege in that but not that permission, wasn't, given to him that unravels, Andrew, McCabe, Weissman. You've, got Peter. Struck and Lisa page and the, big one in this and I want Americans to pay attention the coming name in this Bruce. And Nellie or Bruce, or who resigned, from DOJ and, his wife Nellie who worked for fusion GPS, add to, that that something was very smart, Devon Nunez, didn't. Give, up his subpoena, power, there was that false ethics, charges are cleared that, subpoena, power mattered, because then nobody Republican. Democrat, or bureaucrat. Could, stop him from subpoena, now we have the unredacted, documents and, that's, key, not redacted, unredacted, which, are due by the 11th, of next week but this whole this whole narrative that the president is unfit how insulting is that to voters, of President Trump or those who see, him as the disruptive, leader that they want well if he's unfit then you vote it I mean it's this whole the, left has to say you're crazy he's crazy not, maybe there's a strategy here they're driving it to their base the fact is that when you go to the the rest of the country, the people that support President, Trump are not going to buy that narrative so who are they driving it to they're driving it to an ever dwindling, base we've watched the Democrat Party essentially. Not be a national party anymore and, some Democrats, are concerned but they're not in charge Nancy. Pelosi Chuck Schumer keith Ellison, Tom, Perez, the, other people. Who telson, yes, ante for Keith Allison who holds up the ante for Manuel as a way to resist, fascism. I mean, these guys they have nothing else by the way where's the bill they've presented where's their policy, or garden, nothing prediction we gotta go yes or no will this boost or hurt, the president all this talk about the emperor, has no clothes it'll. Do nothing, it will do nothing to again because he's got a coordinated. Effort and. Eyes and a strong base that supports event success, from tax policy, V Webb thank you very much ended Twitter account, well. Thanks a lot appreciate it well, Joe Biden he's fueling the 20/20, rumors by slamming, President Trump in a new interview but, is the former VP ignoring, his own many. Questionable. Decisions, how history may haunt Uncle, Joe next, plus wanna watch this while you work out one Jim just decided to pull the plug on all cable news wait till you hear why. Welcome. Back a couple of quick headlines for you amid years of damaging, leaks NSA. Director Admiral, Mike Rogers, is expected, to retire within, months this is according to multiple reports in, an internal letter Rodgers told staff he'll be leaving in the spring President, Trump is expected to nominate his replacement, this, month Stan look out for that and Democratic, congressman Earl bloom an hour is boycotting.

President, Trump's nice bowtie first-ever. State of the Union address. The outspoken, anti, Trump resistor, representative, from Oregon who, did not of course attend Trump's inauguration, says, instead, of being at the address he'll be working at home the, address is slated, for January. 30th, Griff down to you be, thank you former, Vice President Joe Biden back, in the spotlight, in slamming. President, Trump. What. I worry about is, about. Fundamental. Miscalculation this, is not a business deal, CEOs. Saying. We're going to grow we're gonna raise wages and they. Are saying we're so glad not to have new regulations, at it on did your administration, go too far those same CEOs, you know much, larger. And. Deeper poll, that was done also, have grave doubt about his judgment his. Criticism, fueling speculation, that he's all in on a 2020 presidential, run but is Biden ignoring his own questionable. Decisions, while in office here, to debate it the president of security studies Jim, Hanson and president of Washington Strategy, Group Joel, Rubin, gentlemen. Good, morning how are you Jim. Let's start with you to react to Vice President Biden. Last. Time I checked he's not in control but he certainly has a lot of advice to, our armchair, offer what, are your thoughts you. Know I would like to jump on board the Joe Biden 2020. Bandwagon. Right now, I wholeheartedly, support. Crazy. Uncle Joe getting in the ring he's, got nothing, but bad decisions. And bad policies. In his background. And I, think the only thing that could be better for Republicans, and the only better way to guarantee Trump's. Win would be for Hillary to run again but I'm afraid she might have to get a work release from her federal, prison, where her email. And Clinton, Foundation. Corruption, scandals, are catching up for so we'll settle for Joe okay Jimmy hold, the politics for one second, Joel I want you to respond because you're a former Deputy Secretary of State what, is it that President, Biden and President. Obama, and Vice President Biden did you know that would have been a better, response. To what's happening right now with clearly, an escalated. Rhetoric from the rogue regime in North Korea, well. Well it's great to see a strong. Leader coming back to Washington who has real bipartisan. Credibility, and leadership. Chops and Vice. President Biden his, popularity, sky-high, it's. 57%. Americans, like him they like what he's done on Veterans, his fight against cancer and on North Korea to your question, frankly. He is making, a clear point that we, should be tough on North Korea have aggressive, sanctions and diplomacy but. Not be threatening nuclear war not be trying to create a dynamic where, we make, an unhinged, leader more unhinged, as we've, seen over the past year where North Korea has made more progress in the last year on its program than it did in the previous decade so it's, good to have someone back in Washington, who can really speak, for a broad sector of America real quick Jim let me respond to that let, you respond to that because Joel's saying that this whole tweet from President Trump about the button in the tip Ted with Kim, jong-un is it, bringing, us as Vice President Biden says closer. To, nuclear war. Last. Time I checked the North, Koreans, called South Korea and opened. A diplomatic, hotline, hours, after that happened that they hadn't been using I think president, Trump's bringing him to the table you know I mean Joe Biden, was, wrong, about Iraq, he was for the Iraq war then against the surge which, helped us win it then he helped President Obama cut, and run from Iraq which opened the vacuum, that Isis, and Iran moved, into he. Helped bring the Iran deal into effect, sent. Pallets, of cash to the Iranian government which. They're now using to buy bullets, to shoot the protesters, again, after. He and Obama ignored, the 2009. Green Revolution there, he, hasn't got any foreign, policy success, to stand on so I think running. Would, be a godsend, to, the Republican, Party let me tell you what else you can't ignore Jim, and Joel on when she respond to this Howard Dean saying that Joe Biden is just simply too, old run.

Well. I'm not gonna judge whether he's too old or not he's about the same age as President, Trump so if that's the case and neither should really be, contemplating, running in 2020, but in terms of his foreign policy acumen, the, fight against Isis that were winning was a fight that was structured, and organized by Joe Biden is Vice President. And and, and the. Iran nuclear agreement which. Has prevented Iran verifiably. From getting a nuclear weapon was. As a result of tough negotiations and, sanctions led, by the administration. The, Obama administration. That the Trump administration is, potentially, going to unravel and leave us exposed, to an Iranian, nuclear program without, constraints. So I wouldn't, exactly say that those, are failures all right Joel Rubin thank you very much Jim Hansen thank you for taking time I guess we'll find out whether or not Vice President, Biden, was correct when he said he could take. Howard. Dean we'll leave that for another day thanks for joining us guys pleasure. Griff all. Right remember when defense, secretary James Madison. This. What. Keeps you awake at night nothing. I keep other people awake, good night wait. Until you hear Mad Dogs newest, message, for our enemies, in the, first congressional calls, for a criminal investigation into. The author of that anti-trump. Dossier, former. Congressman jason Chaffetz has, called that dossier, bogus. From the beginning he is here next. Stop. The leaks give us the documents answer. Our questions, attorney general sessions asked him and the witness when, he was witness in the Judiciary, Committee I asked him I said look did you pay Christopher, steel did you pay the author of the dossier the person that senator Grassley and Senator. Graham are talking about today did, the FBI pay, him at the same time the Clinton campaign was paying him and we. Need a second special counsel, even Lindsey Graham and a host of members are calling for that second special counsel to examine, all this so those are the four key points if there's movement on those fine that's what I hope happens but, if there's not then, there should be a new attorney general that.

Was Jim Jordan on the channel, previously, we're gonna bring in Jason Chaffetz Fox, News contributor and a former colleague of Jim Jordan as well so, you heard that sound congressman, he also joined in an op-ed with Mark meadows basically. Saying you know it's time for a new Attorney General he's not doing enough. What's your take on, unfortunately. And I've said this before I do think it is time for the Attorney General to go he has recused, himself of, some of the most important, issues that are going on at the Department of Justice their, major systemic problems, within the Department, of Justice your. Jim Jordan was right I think mark Meadows is right now you have Chris Stewart out of Utah who's also on the Intel committee you have judiciary, members that are frustrated, that the Attorney General is not answering, basic questions, I just, think he's in over his head and you, don't need all these special counsels, if you have a Attorney, General, who can actually do his job and, I don't see attorney, General Sessions is able to do the basic requirements, of what he was hired to do staying. On the Department. Of Justice, so now they're looking in to potential, pay to play with the Clinton Foundation, you've raised concerns, all the way back in 2015. Over. Uranium one, from, your perspective, and what you've seen as the former chairman of Oversight, Committee what. Should they be looking at and what do you hope that they drill down on yeah, I was back in June of, 2015. With. Ron de santis who was my subcommittee, chairman, we, sent a seven-page. Letter, outlining. The details and, the companies, that we had serious. Transactional. Issues with this, went to Jack Lew who was at. The time the Treasury Secretary was sent it to the Department of Defense uranium. Is critical, to what we're doing with our nuclear arsenal. And. You know you it part you could chalk it up to all right the deep state and maybe maybe. It's the Obama administration. But, finally, I'm just glad now, if these reports are true that the Department of Justice is finally, starting to look. At this and you know peel it back but it's, taken to get, to that point beyond, uranium one or yeah. Specifically, a very concerned about well you're anyone is what one of the factors but we list out in this letter several, of the companies and organizations and. Questioning. The flow of money and at the surface for, those that aren't as familiar with this we, have a very finite, resource, in uranium why, would. Our government why, is it in the best interest the United States to, allow anybody, other. Than the United States access, to that uranium and now we find out that not, only was it involved with Canada but going to Asia and to your hey let. Me ask you though because there's. All these calls for sessions, to step. Down to replace them but at the same time you have as you just said in a minute this, long overdue and a formal investigation into Hillary Clinton they're looking at the pay-for-play scheme, with Clinton Foundation they're looking at the emails what, emails you know ended up where, in so. There's movement on that but now we have in, my question to you is how significant, is this that. The, Department, of Justice is, unveiling. The Trump dossier ultimately, possibly, giving the public view a look at what may have been the, motivation, and impetus, for, the entire Moeller investigation, to begin with again, I don't understand, particularly, under a trumpet administration, why, when, the when the chairman. Of the Intel, committee Devon Nunez trey, Gowdy Tom. Rooney, all, these people are wanting this document, the issue is subpoena in August, they, shouldn't have to negotiate anything, in my book but now they're finally getting in and took the Speaker of the House to sit down with the senior people the Department of Justice saying, you have to give us this and remember, on the Clinton email scandal. That, was supposedly a closed case sure so, there's, no excuse, for not turning over information when, it's a closed, case the, big issue though is going, to be the Inspector, General Michael. Horowitz, it doesn't get talked about because he doesn't leak things he has 450. Employees at the Department of Justice. Looking under the hood and by the time we get to the end of March I think you'll have a report, that will be I think the single most definitive, what's, under the hood what's, under that well in luck he's independent he was Obama, appointee, trey. Gowdy and myself has spent years working, with him we believe in him we trust him and I think he will do a very, fuckable job.

That Will get a novel, concept not, leaking. Oh. My gosh you're actually doing your job one last question so two prominent, senators, chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham have referred criminal, requests. For criminal investigation, or prosecution into. The author of the dossier, Christopher, Steele what, might day nut what are they what, do they have to know in order to make this kind of recommendation, it's a pretty big pretty big news so, if you have concerns in Congress you maybe send a letter you maybe talk to the legislative, liaison then, you can ratchet up a little bit maybe send a subpoena when, you get to the point when you actually make a criminal, referral then. You're saying to the Department, of Justice we have seen the information we have seen the evidence we believe there, is more than a probable, cause to prosecute, this crime, and so. That, is a whole other level and you've got you know attorneys. You. Know in a very seasoned, attorney in Lindsey Graham you got the chairman of Judiciary, Committee. Chuck, Grassley and they've seen classified, information that none of us have seen that's, a whole nother level it's very rare no one is just partisan, bomb throwers, I mean that's ultimate power of these communities, it's very, rare to do that and it, should be a signal that they've seen a lot of information that is yet to come out interesting, we'll see where it goes all right thank. You. All. Right we're turning now to a few additional, headlines the u.s. putting Iran's, regime, on notice during an emergency UN, Security Council meeting over. The country's crackdown, on protests, several. People are dead after a week of violent demonstrations, fueled. In part by unhappiness, over the country's economy with, the price of basic, necessities, like food. Skyrocketing. The price of freedom also quite high in the Islamic Republic of Iran as well US, ambassador, to the UN nikki Haley says, the regime must stop trying to silence protein. Subterranean, people, should, be her it is a spontaneous expression. Of fundamental. Human rights. Well. The Iranian ambassador to the UN claims the issue falls, outside the, scope of US, control. Plus. ABC, News is Brian Roswell he's returning to work on Monday, but with a different job you know just shuffling him around the chief investigative, correspondent was, handled handed a four week unpaid, suspension last, month after, this Fox, report, on Mike Flynn, he. Is prepared to testify that President, Trump as a candidate, Donald Trump ordered. Him to recommend, to make contact with the Russians which contradicts, all. At. This point Ross, will now work at ABC, News outside. Productionhouse, to work on long-term, project. It's kind of like where's my stapler, he, will keep his title as a chief investigative, correspondent but, will no longer be seen on ABC, with live reports, that's a demotion and a, national, fitness chain, now banning, cable news networks, from its gym TV screens, lifetime. Fitness of which I am a member posting, on Twitter the decision to pull 24-hour, cabe cable news on all of its 128, locations, because, they quote consistently. Negative or politically, charged content, doesn't, mesh with the company's quote healthy. Way of life philosophy, the gym says member, requests, were, also a factor I noticed, this when I was in the elliptical the other day it's maddening. But now the gyms got to be a safe space too finally. Secretary, of Defense James Madison, is known for his tough talking leadership, so it's no surprise to hear him say this to. A room full of reporters at the Pentagon. What's. Your biggest military concern, for this year.

I Don't. Think I have any I don't have concerns, I create. That. Is outstanding this, isn't his first time instilling, fear, into. America's, enemies listen, what. Keeps you awake at night nothing. I keep other people awake, at night a walking. Quote mattis, tells reporters the, Pentagon will release its national, defense strategy later. This, month and those. That. Was quite a grab bag of headlines maybe you should have defense, secretary Mendes talk to Lifetime Fitness and, straighten out that. You. Got CNN, you got MSNBC, you got Fox News Channel you can workout wherever you want watch whatever you want thanks are you working out and they made that policy maybe, I'd. Like to trigger people whenever I can. All right we're moving on the illegal immigrant acquitted, of murder murder and Kate Steinle just, got saved by the courts again the. Son of our next, guest was also killed by an illegal alien he joins us to react to the sentence next, and, it's happening again an ESPN, host attacking, President Trump and not, mincing, her words her. Punishment well it'll have you crying foul. The. Trump always does this and his thing so. The. Illegal immigrant, in seven-time, felon who is found not guilty of the murder of Kate Steinle was. Sentenced to time served for, felony possession of a firearm time, served. Jose Ennis Garcia Zarate who had been deported five. Times before the deadly 2015. Shooting on a San Francisco pier will, remain in custody to, face federal, charges all, this opens up deep wounds for our next guest who's, 17, year-old son was killed, by an illegal immigrant, in Los Angeles in 2008. Jamila. Shah senior joins us now with his reaction, hi, sir, first. Of all my. Heart breaks - I'm so so sorry for your loss or, you, tell us a little bit about your son. Yeah. He was a regular. American kid you know he. Actually thought he could walk down the street in the city you know you could imagine him in he thought he's, walking down the street and someone, walked up to him with a gun and shot him in the stomach and. Then shot him in the head but, he actually thought he had the right to walk down the streets in America you, know he felt protected, he was three houses from. His own house you know I always wondered man why he didn't run you. Know but you. Know he was doing everything right he was never in any trouble, you know suspensions. No jail no criminal, and nothing he's just kind, of be a regular kid go to school sir. I mean it. Kate. Steinle family. I'm sure feels the same way and. We know they do yet the verdict, coming down in this case is time, served, so you've, got you've got a dead, legal, American, killed by an illegal who's been deported multiple, times and has felony charges does, it feel like justice, to you when, you see a verdict, of time served. No. There's no no justice, you know this San, Francisco, and California they're, just trying to pay bad Trump, they, probably stacked. The. Prosecution. Would end up lawyers. And you know if I had a jury you know that's how they do it they they. Sit there and they make you think they're on your side and they, want you to do they want him to get off you know they don't give you a good case in our case the. Guy is on death row but we have to get rid of to prosecutors. Just. To get a fair trial because everyone. Was trying to get me to stop talking about illegal migrations, and they were trying to score after me instead, of the criminal, you know they had just got on his third illegal, alien with three gun charges, and then you see the Liberals complaining, about guns, and stuff like that and then they're protecting, the legal with three gun charges, this, guy killed. Somebody on the pier come on this is San Francisco on, the pier you came up on the pier and get shot to death minded legal and then they give him let him get off in this case. So. Why is that why do they have that slant, toward favoritism. Toward. Illegals as opposed to a justice system that benefits our, own citizens. Well. They don't like America, you can just tell they're like America, they, want a dismount of America, they they, don't like me because I thought speak up you should see my phones in my email everyone is asking me to be, quiet you're, being used by the white man Trump is. Anything. But you, know you're fighting for your son you know I'm pissed off my son is dead I haven't got over it he'll be dead ten, years in March and I, can't even get people to understand. What I'm fighting, so you have to ignore them you have to fight what you believe in and screw. Those and they say are they anti-american. Powerful. Words Jamil shaunt senior thank you for your speaking.

Truth And for your son's legacy which lives on through you thank, you sir. Thank. You you got the good work you got it well, president Trump speaking to minority, voters during, the election he said this. What. Do, you have to. Lose by, trying something. New. Like. Trump, well. New numbers, show he, may have a lot to gain Charles. Payne breaks it all down for us next stay tuned. Welcome. Back back in 2016. Candidate, Donald Trump made a plea to african-american. Voters. Look. How much. African-american. Communities, have suffered under. Democratic. Control. To. Those I say, the. Following. What. Do, you have to. Lose by. Trying something. New. Like, Trump. What. Do you have to lose well. So far so good as December 6.8%. Unemployment. Rate among black Americans is, the lowest since 1972. Here, to break down the numbers as host of making money on Fox Business Charles, pain hey Charles good morning happy new normal President Trump got a lot, of criticism when, he was on the campaign trail and he had made those, comments but we're seeing with the unemployment numbers drop dropping, particularly, in the African. American community, why. Are we seeing those numbers change well. What we're seeing is the, manifestation or, the realization, that the same tide lifts all ships in other words but, the numbers have come down for all, racial. Demographics, but they've come down sharper. The unemployment number for black folks in the last year and a half and I got to tell you something, it's. Really amazing because they're not coming down for, artificial, reasons it's not like people are leaving the job forms year over year more. Black people have entered the labor force participation rate, is up the labor force is up and the unemployment number is down sharply so. I just, think it's the overall, economy which is absolutely, on fire as witnessed, by the stock, market but the underpinnings, of our economy have come to life big-time, and it's benefiting everyone now Charles we were told time and time again there are jobs that Americans won't do that. Illegals will do is part, of this a case that we're getting our arms around illegal, immigration, and jobs, that maybe weren't available for are now available I don't, think we've gotten to that point yet I just think that what, you had was you know if you guys remember there was a big controversy about, businesses, being people like this the United Citizen anything, I say that they're not people but they're organisms, they want to grow they want to strive and they want to get larger they didn't do that for eight years they went to a bunker they went to a foxhole what, we've seen is the unleashing of the American, sort of DNA, whether, it's individuals that can hey I have an opportunity, now or business, is saying now I will invest in this country and that cannot be understated, so here's my question if you're a black American, that didn't vote for Donald Trump but now you're feeling job, security. Or you got a loan or things have gotten better for you what's. Your message to them how sustainable. Is it will it last, well I think it will last but there are other issues right now economically you, feel much better president Trump is delivering for all Americans, but if you're black specifically, you want to see this you also want to see something on housing you want to see a crime and other issues as well you know law and order it's true Charles famous thank you, all. Right coming up the president's critics want him banned from Twitter, ah but. This morning. Twitter has a response, that will make them hashtag, sad. Plus. DNC, deputy chair keith Ellison appearing. Up not appearing to praise praising, Antipa, in this Twitter picture, did. He do Republicans a big old favor.

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