Fox and Friends Saturday 12/16/17 6AM | December 16, 2017 Breaking News

Fox and Friends Saturday 12/16/17 6AM | December 16, 2017 Breaking News

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P-people I'm glad we have them but, they don't need a tax break its average middle-class people, and people struggling to get to the middle class who. Who. Need, those breaks, the. Business tax cuts would be permanent. But reductions, for individuals, would expire in 2026. Saving, some money to comply with the Senate budget rules and that's, it in a nutshell guys, next. Week cowboy I appreciate the details lot thank you not quite, the postcard, that that Kevin, Brady and a lot of people talked about but still a big man on campus I would say that Paul. Ryan it's absolutely right the bill the final bill is better than. The individual, House bill was then, the individual, Senate bill I really think they did really. Take the best of both and put, it there nobody's, gonna be happy, look tax reform is hard if it was easy it wouldn't take 30 years to do it to your point you're heard Chuck Schumer there say this. Is not gonna help the middle class at all well guess what Marco Rubio pushed hard in the, final negotiations to. Get a child tax credit, move, bumped, up to fourteen, hundred dollars a year for, not the rich lower, to middle class families who don't pay any taxes at all and we're not going to get that credit because they were not paying, taxes they don't make enough to pay taxes now they're gonna get a credit that's true let's not mince words though this is a huge win for the GOP and President, Trump that could knock it out of their own way lowering, of the court when you set a red line at 20 percent actually. Get it 21, percent in Washington. That's amazing, and then the repeal of individual mandate for our those, true believers out there it's, about time and I'm glad they didn't fumble that football at the last minute they're unraveling, that law as well so for the do wentao had its, 69th. Record, close of this, year I bet they're gonna beat that early.

Next Week and. Not if the, economy takes off in part because of this remember. Not a single, Democrat has voted for a really good point and I think Republican, campaign ads might remind them of that and, by the way Democrats. Would have killed, to have this economy and it's only gonna get better for a bigger a lot of people believe well there's been a big conversation a lot of revelations this week at the FBI inside. The special counsel. Frustrations. That there appears, to be a lot of evidence of bias atop. The former FBI under under Barack Obama well the President had some things to say on the South Lawn yesterday, about that before, going to talk to new recruits, at the, FBI some say, he had different messages other think differently take a listen. It's. A shame what's happened, with the FBI but. We're. Gonna rebuild the FBI it'll be bigger and better than ever but it is very sad when you look at those documents, when you look at what's going on with the FBI and with the Justice, Department, people. Are very very, angry, with me as your, president. America's. Police will. Have a true, friend or loyal, than. Anyone, else, can. Be the President of the United States has. Your, back, 100%. I, will fight for you and I. Will never ever let. You down, ever. And. Right there he's talking to the folks who are gonna be the new FBI agents, coming up we're, gonna be on the front lines of fighting whether it's organized crime dealing. With all kinds of crime all across the United States not, just these kind of high-profile, investigations. In Washington. And you can split it out and you could say look I'm behind the people are actually fighting to, make America, safer. Counterterrorism. For example, a big. One clearly, for the FBI but still criticize the leadership, and the senior people who, look like they were rigging, the investigation. In favor of Hillary Clinton, yeah and remember it's probably, the boots that, were alerting. Or. Whistleblowing. About. The political. Activity, going on with, the suits at the top that's right, and some people are saying that he's talking out of both sides of his mouth I think it's the exact opposite, right you rank-and-file, want to know that when they pass that intelligence, or those investigations, up it's gonna be treated in a a political, way and, so if you can drain the swamp at the top you're empowering the agents at the bottom I think that's very much another what are the agents, themselves actually, saying well Sarah Carter, first, great journalist, has been talking to them here's what she says. Talking. To field agents, today a number, of field agents, and retired, FBI agents. And they, have the same sentiment, as President Trump remember people, want to criticize, President, Trump but what we've seen on the seventh floor it's some, that we've never seen before and people have said this over and over again never.

Seen This type of behavior within, the FBI which. Is so blatant, and you know Shawn what, was even more interesting to me was they were telling me they were at an event all. Of these field agents, and some military officials, were there and they said everybody. Was worried about Russia. Collusion, with Trump, instead. What we're seeing is FBI, seventh-floor. Collusion. With Clinton's. And that's, how they're feeling, speaking. Of seventh-floor collusion, at the FBI James, called me the former director has, cryptically. For many and many times taken, to Twitter this. Is what he tweeted yesterday he. Said the citizens, safety lies in the prosecutor, who serves the law and not factional. Purposes, Robert, H Jackson, former attorney general Supreme Court justice you know I tweeted, I don't yesterday he hasn't been, doing. But. How, can you say this is about the law serve, the law, 24. Hours mr. Comey after, it was revealed all of those edits, to, his statement, exonerating Hillary. Clinton by the way he's pre exonerations, drafted, a couple months before Hillary Clinton was even interviewed, and. Basically, Peter, struck we learned I mean this is important, development. This week not just the anti-trump. Text. From Peter struck who, was the FBI agent basically. Leading the Hillary Clinton investigation, Pro Clinton text messages as well not, just anti Trump but he was the guy changing. James James. Comey statement, to make it seem more innocuous, and let, a nominee, liminal for Hillary Clinton and now James Comey is out there saying we need to follow the law this isn't the first tweet I mean he's been sending these weird cryptic. Seems. Have a lot of time. To, get out there and he's worried about what's what's, unraveling, what is coming with the information, that is coming to light which by the way would never have come to light had Hillary been elected very very true doesn't he feel like that friend that you're debating and he's losing the debate so he starts going to weird quotes and esoteric, thoughts make. Him sound smart, and he's above the whole thing but you're actually you're actually just getting creamed on the merits I mean like somebody, who writes like failing on the top of the New York Times.

Speaking. Of Hillary Clinton the longest, book tour ever the longest book to her ever has apparently come to an end I wasn't tracking, its longevity. Maybe, I get, updates on my phone here's a tweet from Hillary Clinton yesterday she, said returning. Home after the final week of the book, tour for 2017. This was the last copy of what, happened that I signed at our final signing in Seattle. With her peeps a a, terrific, journey that, this has been so far thank you to all who came out and told, me your story she said so far it's something that might mean the tour will keep going what is that mean well let's take a look at some, of her greatest hits. There. Was this really. Perfect. Storm you had it, and we will get to this the, enormous. Impact, of the. Russian, theft of emails the, release, of them by WikiLeaks, you're still blaming others, more than yourself, I don't blame others the determining. Factor, was, the, intervention. By Comey on October 28th lesson, is you can get away. With. Attacking America, as president, and administration are. Not going to hold, you accountable he was willing to play let's not forget. Islamophobic. Politics. Homophobic. Politics. Sexist. Politics. What are you gonna be for Halloween I think I will maybe. Come, as the president, we've got to get to the bottom of what happened in 2016. If I had been President or on earth to where where. I am I would, have an independent commission. Wow. That was the tool that never ended and it's finally gone so much denial in, that I mean it's really amazing the lack of introspection. That she's, had over this book. Tour right the, best, part of the clip was. That one journalist from Britain say so, you're blaming others, that. Sums, up the tork it's, true you know the best part of the clip is she's not president, and instead some real tax cuts are gonna be passed on Capitol Hill that right so we really dodged the bullet just saying all right is super excited we're gonna go yes we've, heard the, names Bruce or Peter, struck and Andrew McCabe but, who are they and what are their roles in the Russia probe former, CIA officer buck. Sexton breaks, down the key players you're not gonna want to miss next. And are you having the Christmas party a lot of people doing that this weekend don't bring Santa a Christmas tree or even wrap presents one college says it's. Not appropriate, here. -, my heart holds, bad, oh really, bad guys. Good, morning and welcome back to Fox and Friends with all of this talk of investigations. It's, difficult to keep track of who's who so, we're breaking down the key players you need to know in the FBI and DOJ is presidential. Russia, a probe that it's turned back toward. Clinton ties here to investigate the investigators. That's important sometimes you have to investigate the investigators, former, CIA officer buck, Sexton buck thanks for joining us this morning so. If you're like the rest of America you're hearing about the Russia probe but you're also hearing about how these Clinton ties are very troubling, and talk, about bias so you've got bob muller atop, the special counsel you've got James Comey cryptically, tweeting is the former FBI director, who's leaking, of certain information triggered, the Bob Muller probe but we've got a lot of other names that have become household names but can get lost in the mix breakdown, for us the FBI and the DOJ and some of the ties to the Clinton team first of all we should understand, that we're talking about a whole bunch of Democrats here, at, least eight that are involved.

Here In the investigation. And really in the various investigations, who are established, Democrats, ties to the, Clintons, ties to Democrat, political. Activities, and so, that's a necessary context, for all the rest of the discussions absolutely not of that encompassed, in the anonymous folks here in Muller's t but let's start with Andrew McCabe Andrew, McCabe is somebody who is believed to be involved. With fusion, of I'm sorry involved, with the handling. Of the fusion GPS contact, but, we don't know the full story there just yet we also know that his wife, was running for office has. Ties to Terry McAuliffe a lot of money came in from Democrats there and he. Has been involved in the Hillary Clinton email investigation. He's been involved now, with the, Moller probe so he is an important, node of contact, for all of these different individuals, that were seeing and when you say potentially, referred to we believe he's referred to in those text messages as the. One who may be a part of how the reverse engineer, hurting, Trump were he - wow this is critical what is he because of all of the motor stuff damaging. Text, messages from Peter struck and this was the big bombshell from this week the ones that referenced. A possible, insurance. Plan also against. Trump's election and this is the individual by the way who wrote, profane. Things about the president he also said that he thinks the president is, an, imbecile, I forget what the specific words were but. He mentioned, Andy's office and a conversation, in Andy's office about an insurance policy if the president, won we, think the Andy was the aunty mccade that we just showed you who would have been at the very top, of the, FBI absolutely, he also led the criminal probe and Clinton server it was also central to some of the changes to the statement. Of James Comey made about Clinton's culpability. With her email server as well now let's move over to the DOJ the name Andrew Weissman, now, Weissman, is interesting, mostly, because he. Seems to be another politicized. Very senior figure on the on the DOJ, side specifically, instead of being an FBI investigator. And he praised Sally Yates, yeah who did that act of grandstanding. You I know you were present, everywhere right deciding, that it was up to her whether, or not she should do her job as Acting Attorney General with regard to the travel ban he sent her an email saying that he was so proud of her so pretty. Clear. Democrat. Left bias coming, out of Andrew, Weissman and again what I mentioned Democrat. Donations, that's really, what the only things that's in common with almost, all these different individuals Democrat donations, or connection acts out donor we're gonna go finally to Bruce or also connected, to his wife Nellie here Bruce, or Fusion GPS, he's the individual, that was demoted, they're saying reassigned, which is a nice way in bureaucratic circles, to say demoted, because he met with Fusion GPS which may have been the basis, for the entire Russia Cluj investigation. That, is a big problem if you're looking for an honest as. Much as you clarified, this for me buck I'm still confused the web is so wide and deep that, this is why there's so many questions about whether, or not this can be an unbiased investigation but this chart people should get used to this is like a deep state family tree, in action here keep it on deep, state family tree buck sex and stick around we might do this again all, right well, did Republicans, in Congress deliver, on their tax promise former, carson jason Chaffetz weighs in on what his colleagues came up with just ahead and, in just a few hours wreaths will be placed on thousands, of veterans graves, across America, including, at the Arlington National Cemetery you, helped make it possible. How you can still help this morning about next. Some. Quick headlines for you an isis-inspired, killer, gets the death penalty for beheading. His coworker room but that was a grandmother, Alton. Nolen attacked, his coworker at an Oklahoma food processing, plant in, 2014. The 33, year old told police he believed his actions followed the Quran investigators. Are finding an Isis flag or found, an Isis flag in Nolan's car and a, computer, search history, of Isis, beheadings, and. Hundreds. Of passengers, are sick for my stomach virus on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Doctors, aboard, the five night trip slated, to return to Fort Lauderdale this morning are treating them with over-the-counter. Medication. The, cruise line saying it's currently working on intense, cleaning.

Procedures. That's, always been my fear. Wow. And President, Trump calls John McCain's wife to check in on the Arizona senator who was back in the hospital McCain. Is dealing with complications from his cancer treatment the Republican, senator was diagnosed, earlier, this year with. Glioblastoma an, aggressive. Form, of brain. Cancer we. Wish him the best absolutely. Well. Today marks the 26th. Year of, wreaths across America, that when they will pay tribute to US veterans, at Arlington, National Cemetery. The wreath-laying ceremonies. Will be held at over 1,200 additional. Locations, all, across America, all states placing. Around listen, to this one, and a half million wreaths at the graves of our fallen heroes but they can't do it alone they need your help so joining us now to discuss its, corporate development, and community, relations, director for wreaths across America, Bree Kingsbury, good morning Bree it's so remarkable, what you do the, relationship, we've had with you here. At Fox News we first want to salute you but, we won't want you to also talk a little bit before we get, into what our viewers can still, do before, Christmas. Comes to help what, have you already been doing. Well. Thank you so much for having me this morning, you know a day that we can honor our veterans and gold star families is always a great day for us and we're fired up this morning, your. Viewers have been so wonderful, you. Know Fox and Friends and Fox News have really. Stepped up for us you know again this year so we really want to thank you for, all that, you all have done for us this year we we truly couldn't have done it without you and you pushed us over the edge again this year what, is the what is the true symbolism, and meaning of what you do why does it matter so much to remember these men and women who have left us well. For gold star families, we know that Memorial, Day is just not one weekend you know in May Memorial. Day is every day for those precious families, and the, holidays are an especially difficult time for them so, we want to come out to. Arlington and our other participating, locations and. You. Know it's, a celebration of life you know today we're going to come out and. Say, the names of our fallen when we place that wreath we, say the name of that person because you, know we believe that. You. Know when, a service member you, know when he when he or she dies that, is really the first death and the second death is the last time someone speaks their name so, we, believe that you should go and you, know it's not a marathon we're you know we're not trying to hurry and get, this finished this morning we want to really take, our time place, the wreath say the name out loud and really, you.

Know Our, mission is to remember, honor and teach and it's so important, that we earn their sacrifice, every single day Bri if people want to volunteer on, is it too late I know you're doing this today but I believe there's also another, opportunity. Which, is the removal, of the wreaths yeah, absolutely so this morning you know if anyone in the DC metro area wants, to volunteer, Arlington we'd love to have you gates open at 8:30 but. We also have, locations, throughout the country you, know we have a little over 1,400, locations, this year so, if anyone is interested in volunteering it's, certainly not too late you don't need to sign up it's free you. Know it's a great way to teach, your children about service, and sacrifice so then you think you, can go to our website at Wreaths Across America org, to find a location near you so, if you're waking up in your bathrobe, this morning you're not waking up in your bathrobe but you're watching you, can still go on Wreaths Across America org, find out a local site in your community and go out and lay wreaths this morning absolutely. I got my I've got my hoodie on I got my boots on I'm ready to go everyone come out and join me this morning and if you can't volunteer you can certainly donate. To the organization, yes it's. 1992. With 5,000, wreaths now they're hundreds, of thousands, Bri Kingsbury's, we salute you and thank you for letting us help, in a small any small way we could thank you so much thank you so much a Merry Christmas Merry, Christmas thank. You many Americans, are brushing off the botched terror, attack, in New York City this week but was it a dry run for. Something much larger a former CIA station chief says, it looks a lot like the build-up, to, 9/11. We'll have that plus, Republicans. Pushing, for a second, special counsel to look into the FBI DOJ, Clinton collusion, but, Attorney General Staff session says he's, not so sure. Does, jason chaffetz agree with that we're gonna ask him next. Turn. Around. Consider, such a special, well. That responsibility. And it's clear is to provide the highest, possible. Professional. Standards, of law. Enforcement that, we can provide to the American people so we're. Going to take seriously, the concerns that have been expressed, Rosen, Stein is testified, before the Congress. Again. Just. Yesterday. And, we. Want to be open, with them so. Is he for it or against it I'm not sure I can figure that out right there jason Chaffetz a seasoned. Veteran who might help us sort it out what is the deal with the Attorney General I mean the evidence is out there of all, kinds, of problems at the FBI and the Justice Department and he seems to be hesitating on the idea of a second Special Counsel I got, to tell you and it pains me to say this a little bit but I don't think, the Attorney, General is up to the job that he's doing he's absent, from this the reason there's a special counsels because he had to recuse himself from everything and I, just, my own personal opinion I think it's time for the Attorney General to go because you need leadership, there's some deep systemic problems. There now, I don't think there should be a special counsel I mean how's the first one working out right that that's. Not going so well I put a lot of weight on Michael, Horowitz the Inspector General, they have, 450. Employees for. Working for the inspector general they've been working on this for a year and a half you haven't heard leaks and I, think they will come up with the most definitive report in the january/february, challenges.

That Last, part I hear. What you're saying open to the last part these, inspectors general various departments, as you know they. Play stall ball I mean a year and a half look. At Peter struck with the text messages, how does he still have a job at. The FBI forget, about a Special Counsel why, isn't the Attorney General or the Inspector General said we got to put this guy out inspector, general can't fire them but they can provide the information and, it looks like that happened in the June July timeframe and, again, it goes back to the Attorney General the only. At the Department of Justice can a person with this you, know battle record go, into, human. Resources I mean that's assembly, so he Brousseau the Attorney. General recused himself from the Russia investigation. Why would he have to recuse himself from an investigation, into the investigators, I don't. Know but I with the Attorney General while I was still in Congress and I spent more than an hour we went through everything they won't provide fast and furious documents, they, wouldn't prosecute, Bryan. Pagliano for. He, didn't even show up I issued, a subpoena for him to testify before Congress. And he. Didn't show up and we wanted him to be prosecuting. The Attorney General looked me in the eye and said we're not going to do that. I. Mean I got a laundry, list of things that. The Attorney General will not pursue. And he, can't run the department, an agency, I just think it's I think people are scratching their heads I've actually heard I think on Lou Dobbs saying he thinks the deep state must have something on him because it makes no sense why he hasn't, acted, in, these cases that seems so obvious to, the American people that there is corruption and they need to be investment to push back on your attorney on your inspector, general I I've had work, with Michael Horowitz through the years myself trey, Gowdy until. We believed in their organization.

You Don't hear the leaks and when they come out with their report soup-to-nuts. Everything from the tarmac meeting with director Comey to his firing everything in between they're, the ones that unearth the, documents. Are the 10,000, text, messages, that all became because of the in the inspector what are they going to I hear you but are they gonna do anything alone there, is a conflict, because once, you Strine light on this you, have to have the Department of Justice. Prosecuted. And, you need a strong Attorney, General to do that and I don't know that we have one right now maybe the end of the day for that for sure now there's a lot of other things happening a a big. Big, revelation, yesterday the conference committee has come out with their report of, what the tax bill will be in the house in the Senate as. A conservative, what's your take away of what the Republicans, are gonna going to look to pass here oh look I think that's a huge win for the United States of America, that a lot, of back and forth a very open process, and. Democrats, are in a terrible position right, they haven't, forbid, that the American, people be able to keep their own money in their own pockets I, think. They will unanimously, vote against it but hats off and applause, to Kevin Brady and and orrin, hatch the two leaders in the two bodies it. Is a compromise, I'm sure there's certain parts that people would want to change there's certain things I would want to change but, the reality, is more, than a trillion, dollars, will be saved and put to the American people's pockets, and that's going to be a huge we've been in the house a long time talk, to us a little bit about what this means for Paul Ryan I mean I think people really underestimate how. Much brain power and, years, of brain power have gone into this tax plan. And into, this win for the GOP Paul. Ryan is the policy, wonk he's always wanted, to attack. The. Structural, reform, needed to get this country moving into, a growth format, this. Has got to be a huge, positive moment, for Paul Ryan hats off to him because. He, always wanted to be the chairman of ways and means so he could do this we. Didn't let him do that very long we promoted, him right up to the speaker and fight when he finally was the chairman of ways and means and and. I think he should take a good, victory lap on this it's. Got to make the vote happen, but you know by the time we get to Wednesday then. Look out because by the end of the week it's really ugly, for the house and the Senate because funding the government is not going to be quite so easy for word if this really helps the economy take, off you, have not a single Democrat in either body who voted for they secretly worried I mean to Ed's point okay yeah, I mean look what, are the Democrats stand for at this point right they have Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer they, don't have a national, leader they.

Don't, They're opposed, to allowing people to keep their own money in their own pockets what, do you run on if you're a Democrat, I don't. Think I don't know that they have a message against. The president, with a zooming. Economy, people's. Paychecks going, up their company, they're working for is going to be doing better they're, gonna repatriate. Billions, of dollars back in the United States which will get invested, the. President's, doing what he said he was gonna do and he's doing it in record time well you make a great point when people feel good and have money in their pockets it's, good for whatever I've already made that dust, off the old are you better off now than you were four years ago that's right that's, right we even say Merry Christmas now, so we got the full package well, Merry Christmas you know thank. You turning. Now to your headlines US. Secretary, of State Rex Tillerson telling, North Korea the country must stop the silt testing and return, to negotiations. North, Korea must turn its way back to, the table, the. Pressure can campaign. Must and will, continue until, denuclearization. Is, achieved. The. U.s. coming face to face with the rogue nation, at UN, Security, Council meeting Tillerson. Adding, that the United States does not want, war but, we are prepared to defend ourselves an. NFL. Team is now investigating its, owner for. Alleged workplace, misconduct the, Carolina Panthers, acknowledging. That founder, Jerry Richardson is, facing accusations the. Nature of the allegations however have, not been revealed the, league is declining, to comment. Decking. The halls with, nothing. A group, of University, of Minnesota. Pushing. For students, and the faculty, to make this holiday season, around campus more inclusive. In a, memo and a memo the group is warning against decorations. Of Santa, Christmas, trees wrap gifts, and the color red, and green claiming. They're not appropriate a spokesperson, for the school calling the memo a quote. Conversation. Piece to facilitate, dialogue. It's. Minnesota. And so what is mr. Pete gonna say. Listen. Would. They do the same thing for Ramadan this is an honest question would they offend Muslim students by saying don't display, what, you're proud of and your room is holiday why against Christians on Santa. A Christmas. Tree what would the other ones I can't even remember. I've. Been triggered not even green and red no we can't do it all right Rick, is the me he's wearing a red one more time he's enough. I. Forgot. My green suit today, all, right this is the color really that we're afraid of this is that really cold air that's up across Canada getting, very close here down towards the border right, now I think it's gonna retreat, this week a little bit towards the north that's, good news we're gonna see a bit of a warm-up it's been so cold at least around the Northeast and the Great Lakes currently, it's obviously still really chilly we had snow move across parts, of the mid-atlantic to the Northeast yesterday now we have another little clipper, system we talked about that last week beat a clipper, system coming down across, parts, of the Great Lakes gonna bring a little bit more snow and some lake effect snow throughout, the day today.

We're Also gonna see some rain moving across East Texas and out across the West fire, conditions, get worse again this weekend winds kick up unfortunately those fires still going out there and the windy conditions are gonna be pretty extreme, feeling. A little rasping, us in your voices this is much better than it was I had been sick for a week and then two days ago I started feeling fine but the voice the, voice just went I don't know it gets raspy, and. There. Are some downsides you know let us know emails and friends at what would you recommend to Rick. Yes. Thank. You appreciate it all right well many Americans are brushing, off the Box terror attack in New York City this week but, was it a dry run for a larger plot a former, CIA station chief says it looks a lot like, the lead-up to 9/11. Interesting, take he joins us next you won't want to miss that and this World War two vet is getting in the Christmas and birthday, spirit, one, dance move at a time the viral, video that will have you smiling, all morning. Long stop, freedom I think that shirt says got freedom he's a way better dance for the new piece. The damage, from the attempted, attack on, New York City's Port Authority bus terminal this, week may, have been minimal but, the threat still looms big, time and while many Americans brush, off the botched area attack our next guest warns it resembles, some of the dry runs used by terrorists, in the past and. Joining us now is the former CIA station chief who served in Moscow Iraq, and Pakistan Daniel. Hoffman Dale you're. Such an important, person for us to talk to to this morning because it's remarkable, to me in, a good way that just, a few days after this attempted a terror, attack Rachel it seems like most, Americans, including myself I frankly. Forgot that this just happened a few days ago I had already moved on from it in a way that can be good that we're not sitting. Here in fear, but on the other hand are, we taking this a little lightly. Yeah. Well you know my first thoughts after this botched. Attempt, by okay a doula, was. Back, to 1993. When ramzi yousef targeted. The World Trade Center unsuccessfully. Yeah and then. Of course we saw 8 years later that al-qaeda went back to the same target I mean New York is at the epicenter, for terrorists. For al-qaeda and for Isis, as a key target for them and while, the, means of delivery might be a little bit different we've seen some changes, over the. Past 10 years in, terms of command and control in the use of cyberspace, you know they're they keep going back to the same target and that's of concern to me Daniel. We've. Seen recently with Isis that they've been giving messages that they're targeting, Christians they're targeting, Christmas, markets at targeting, churches I'm here, in New York for the weekend I love to go to Saint Patrick's Cathedral it's one of my favorite things to do I'm here should I be worried. Well. One of the ways we defend ourselves is, by all of our citizens being, really vigilant you know there's there's probably, three things that we need to be doing one. Is collecting, intelligence from overseas, so that we ensure that those those overseas threats aren't visited on our shores, secondly.

Our State and local law enforcement need, to penetrate the networks here, and also be aware of when individuals, travel back to places with rising levels of Islamic, extremism, Allah. Was in Bangladesh, in September, and it's it's, unclear at this time whether he was being radicalized, there or planning, this. And then of course our citizens, need to be aware of things and if they see something they need to say something what should I look for let's say I'm in the crowded somewhere or I'm at Mass and st., Patrick's Cathedral what am I looking for yeah. I think you, know it's almost like it, will it's. A very expansive list of things that could cause a new concern, and I think all of us should trust, our instincts, really that. If you see something that doesn't look quite right and and sometimes, people who are who, are caring in this case Allah was carrying a pipe bomb you know that might be some pieces. Of that may be visible, at, the end of the day it's just important, to be looking around you and and being aware of what's going on Daniel. I got 15 seconds the president let's bring him into this in the campaign he promised, to really, take the fight to Isis he seems to be following through on that and what we're left with are these. Terrorists. Who are basically just going to YouTube to try to learn how to do this and. Then the, bomb doesn't, work thankfully, basically, is. That what is that a result, in part of what the president is doing in terms of taking the fight to them well. The president, has effectively, taken the fight to Isis and and. Absolutely. Eliminated. There their, physical, geographical. Uncovering. Space and that's important, but one of the differences between yesterday. And today is that now al, Qaeda and Isis they're no longer seeking to direct, attacks as much as they're seeking to inspire, them through. Cyberspace, and, so that makes it extremely challenging for us to detect these attacks it does put the onus more, on our state and local law enforcement as well as our citizens, to be aware of the. Potential for attacks well Daniel Hoffman merry Christmas to you and we appreciate you in with this important same, to you we, we know people are divided when it comes to politics, meanwhile but what about being a proud American not. Everyone, apparently is so proud we've got the numbers and they're gonna study frankly, and Christmas, is nine days away still, need a gift for Dad well Curt the cyber guy has some ideas like, that Star Wars strong. Feel. Like santa claus this, comment. He's. Making, a list and, checking it. Twice gonna. Find.

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