Fox News @ Night 01/04/18 11PM | January 04, 2018 Breaking News

Fox News @ Night 01/04/18 11PM | January 04, 2018 Breaking News

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Before. We go the president, reacting, just minutes ago to the latest revelations, from Michael Wolf's book specifically. What we talked about just a few minutes ago the idea that wolf had kind, of unfettered, access to the president's, staff Trump, tweeting I authorized. Zero, access, to white hat the White House actually turned. Him down many times for, author a phony book I never spoke to him for book full, of lies misrepresentations and. Sources. That don't exist, look at this guy's past and watch, what happens to him and sloppy, Steve well. Sloppy. Steve well, let me just say he did you. Know according to multiple reports and, Wolf himself he, sat in the West Wing on that couch as people walked back and forth and was, given access as it has been reported by I. Think, ho picks thriller, really she said gave, the green light for various people at the White House to speak with him and that's, the information that we have the president did not give him an interview that is correct, but, he was cleared, into the White House checked into the hay-adams hotel, and spent some time there well. We will see as this develops, and we'll be there every step of the way for you to analyze it, always follow me on Twitter and Facebook check, out billionaire, at the barricades, a lot of barricades to clear now that's, all the time I have tonight shannon, bream takes it from here miss Shannon thank you so much Laura here's what we have coming up tonight. Define. Threats of legal action publishers. Rush to release Michael Wolf's explosive. Book about the Trump White House this. His mistake after mistake after, mistake from, Sean Spicer to other former White House officials, many raising questions over its credibility will, investigate, plus I'm asking for a set time the gentleman I would say looks like is, not enough basis, to a part of Special Counsel tensions, between attorney general Jeff Sessions and some House Republicans, reaching a boiling point, congressman. Mark Meadows is here live to explain why he thinks it's time for the Attorney General to go and have follow-up on a story you saw first here, on Fox News at nights you. Know potentially dozens of criminal cases that that languished, we'll talk to a former DEA agent, who was in the middle of those investigations. And, says the Obama administration. Undermined a critical, task force that targeted Hezbollah, as the president, pursued a nuclear deal with Iran. Hello, and welcome to fox news at night i'm shannon bream in washington, new tonight foxnews confirming, that the justice department has opened a new inquiry, into the clinton foundation, FBI, agents, based in Little Rock Arkansas taking the lead the, bureau focusing. On whether the Clinton, Foundation. Engaged in pay to play politics. Or other illegal activities, while, Hillary Clinton, was Secretary of, State, Fox, News has also learned investigators are looking into whether the Clinton, Foundation, violated, tax laws also, new details tonight on Special Counsel Robert, Muller's inquiry, into president, Trump's firing, a former.

FBI Director, James Comey the, New York Times reports, that former chief of staff Reince Priebus kept. Handwritten notes about how President, Trump called Comey to urge him to say publicly, he was not under investigation, it. Also went to lengths to prevent Attorney, General Jeff sessions from recusing. Himself we'll. Have much more with congressman Mark meadows who was calling on sessions to resign amid a growing number of leaks like the ones that appeared the New York Times is once again gotten, and more. News tonight on the book fire and fury featuring, explosive, statements by President trumps former chief strategists. Steve Bennett in it, Bannon talking about running for president himself and, much more it, appears to be just too much for many of his allies tonight, one king-size GOP, donor and influencer, appears to be breaking, with the one-time star of the anti establishment GOP, White. House correspondent, Kevin cork is working late into the night to bring us the very latest hi Kevin always great to be with you my friend now yesterday. The President had this four paragraph, statement, and in it he basically said, that Steve Benton had. Lost his job and, lost, his mind when he was assured off the White House team while today he, had decidedly, fewer, words for his former chief strategist, who is frequently, quoted in the book we've all been talking about you see right here fire, and fury inside, the Trump White House which certainly. Has generated a storm, of controversy because. Of a number of allegations including, a few real eye opener Shannon. From Bannon himself, including, a suggestion, that Bannon. Wanted to run or wants to run for president in. 2020. I'm, not kidding, well, today for the very first time since the book controversy. Really erupted, the president, finally responded. On camera, to comments, attributed by his former chief strategist. Me. A great man last night so you know he obviously changed, his tune pretty quick. That's, just a misnomer thank, you. Alright, so, what. Gives well why isn't the president talking to Bannon well maybe because, of some of the things he, apparently, has said in his book like calling. The president's, daughter Ivanka quote. Dumb. As a brick he. Also apparently. Said that the president, eats McDonald's. Food because he fears being poisoned, he also opined, that there's, a 33%. Chance that, the president, would either be impeached, resign. Or limp to the end of his term now for his part Bannon, also seemed to be downplaying, the possible, rift with the president, saying, that well, in a radio interview today, that he's still 100%, behind the commander-in-chief. Don't. Worry there'd be no daylight. Between the agenda, Donald Trump within the folks at Breitbart and this, show in the website the president, the. President states is a great man you know I support him day, in and day out whether, going through the country given the Trump miracle speech or on the show on the website so I don't think you have to worry about that ah yes. But for all the olive, branch extending. By Bannen well he was actually kid today Shannon with a cease and desist letter presidents. Lawyers accusing, him of repeatedly. Violating, the terms of his separation including, comments attributed, to him indeed now-infamous. Book, and clearly. The patience, of White House officials my friend, well, after fielding so many questions, about this book well it's getting pretty threadbare. I'm. Less concerned with my exhaustion. As I am with the people of this country who, frankly probably could care less about a book full of lies and would really like to hear more about the, booming economy the. Crushing of Isis all of the great things that are happening in this country or all, of the big problems, that we're focused on tackling, and. The, blowback continues, even late this evening, as tonight we have learned that van ins major, benefactors. Financial, backers, are, actually, now beginning to back away from him and that is a major, deal we can also tell you that the president.

Chanin It's finally tweeting, about this one this one actually just happening about less, than 10 minutes ago he tweeted this i authorized. Zero, access, to the white house actually turned him down many, times for author of phony, book I never spoke to him for the book full, of lies misrepresentations, and. Sources, that don't exist. Look at this guy's past, and watch what happens to him and sloppy. Steve. That. Kind of night for Steve Bannon and even worse for the author although, if you're looking about books sales well if they're expected to go on sale tomorrow and, given, the controversy shannon, i think it's a pretty good bet he will sell more than just a few thank. You all right Kevin quark again great to have you with us tonight thank you anytime as we. Mentioned at the top of the show FoxNews confirming, the FBI office in Little Rock Arkansas, is investigating. The Clinton Foundation, possible, pay to play on the radar, joining, us now FoxNews politics editor Chris, Steiner wall great to see you tonight sir daddy ma'am what, do you make of this because a lot of people think this stuff is all died out any, talk of investigating. The Clintons or Hillary Clinton is just cover for what's going on with Trump and it's not gonna go anywhere well, both, things can be true. We, have you, would know this counselor we have probably 98. 97. Districts. Federal, district courts in the United States each, of them has a United. States Attorney and, the one in the Eastern District of Arkansas has, been a hotbed of, this kind of stuff for decades because we're the Clintons, have been and we're the Clintons have gone, controversy. And scandal has, always followed, the. US, Attorney out there I believe is a named Cody Highland I believe. His name is but. He is a Mike, Huckabee veteran, he was working for Mike Huckabee back in the days when the Clinton machine was trying to take Huckabee out as governor this. Is some old blood, feud stuff man this is some deep down Arkansas.

Delta, Business and, what. You see is this, US, Attorney's Office this FBI field office has the, opportunity. But. If this prosecutor, out in Little Rock wants to take a good look at what the Clintons were doing and what was going on I don't, think there's probably much to stop it okay so do you think it goes anywhere because we've been told before that this is just a rabbit trail there's. I think to it it's all been fully investigated and, there's, no smoke there's no fire well if you love America and I am told reliably, that you do as do you even though you beat me at trivia, today. Still. Smarting hashtags but. Look, it is reasonable, to want complete, answers, about. What's, going up what went on with the Trump campaign and also, complete answers about how the Clinton machine the, operation, Clinton Inc how. It operated, what, it did what all was going on where favors paid for there was we remember Peter, Schweitzer's, book that, that what we reported on to the New York Times reported, on and others reported, on that had a lot of stinky stuff in it it seemed inappropriate and if people were or, even thought they were paying for favors, from the Secretary of State when, she was in office that's, something we ought to want to know about and we should be able to hold those two thoughts in our mind concurrently, all right The Daily Beast is also reporting, the DOJ, they have information is reopening, a look into Hillary Clinton's emails we've, seen an Judicial Watch reported today I think that they they. Have pressed and pressed for information that they've now uncovered there were more classified, information, classified, documents, emails on Anthony. Weiner's laptop, that his wife Huma Abedin a close confidant of the Clintons apparently, that, had got mixed up somewhere so, it sounds like there may be some interest in reopening, whether or not she mishandled, classified information. Maybe but we've, been down now this if there's a rabbit trail here this this has more this has more thicket, around it than maybe the other one this questions been explored, obviously, people think that James Comey did it wrong people think the FBI did it wrong we've had we have two or three investigations, into the investigation of the investigation. Presumably. We. Will get to some clarity, on this but that will come as one unit not some specific, pull aside about Huma Abedin or something like that okay, now I want to talk about the the Bannen quotes and, the speculation, within, the Michael Wolf book, it's, got really ugly between Bannon. And the president they were once, is very very tight although. The, president seems to be downplaying that at this point. Michael Wolfe is, the author of this he tweets here we go you can buy it and read it tomorrow Thank You mr. president saying listen you can threaten us with all these letters and lawsuits everything else but you're actually drawing more attention to it but something we thought was interesting today in, the copy of that we've gotten is that Bannon. Apparently, was telling people in. This book it says Bannon was telling people something else he Steve Bannon, was going to run for president in 2020, the look the, location. If I were president was turning into when. I, am president because he talked about he thought the president was either gonna get impeached resign or just barely make it through one term as much, as it pains me to spend any any, other syllable, of my life discussing, Steve, Steve, Manon's theses, about, power, and the application, thereof he was talking in that sense if Trump didn't run or wasn't running he wasn't gonna challenge Trump the, banning stuff here is basically. A comeuppance for a guy who overplay. Overstated, hyped, his own game with by the way the help of the press who loved to make him into the Svengali who was behind Trump and controlling, Trump and doing all these because there had to be more to it it couldn't just be red hats and rallies, and mega mega mega there, needed to be some intellectual.

And Ban an audition for that part and was, granted it in large measure by the press and now he goes kablooey the stuff that's interesting in this book and the stuff that will last and is important in this book isn't about Steve Bannon what's interesting in this book is about how that White House allegedly, worked in the opening, months and what, that means about John Kelly what that means about going forward what it means about the level of confidence that the staff has in the president and the president has an ax staff and I will say one thing after. All the allegations in this book Donald Trump needs to give a real interview or, hold a real press conference, or do something soon to demonstrate to voters that the allegations, in this book that he is dottie or senile or incompetent. Or untrue, he needs to get out and lay those to rest quickly or it'll stick well, there is always an open, invitation for him to confirm an interview with us at. Night yes. It can happen. Chris. Good to see you you bet all right well you may not have heard but there's actually some good economic news happening, on president Trump's watch on wall, and Main streets the Dow Jones Industrial. Average hitting, its seventh 1,000. Point milestone, since President Trump was elected, closing. Above 25,000. For the first time, this, bull run began. President, Obama was elected but it's now accelerated. Quickly since President Trump took office and a new report says private-sector, job, creation surged. Last, month more, companies today announcing, they will give workers bonuses. Pay raises and increase 401 contributions, to share savings from the 1.5, trillion dollar GOP, tax cut bill President. Trump weighing in on Twitter just moments ago saying this the fake news media barely, mentions the fact that the stock market just hit another new, record and the, business in the u.s. is booming but the people know can, you imagine if ou was, president and had these numbers would, be biggest, story, on earth down. Now over, 25,000. Well. Four days into the new year and there are new show downs brewing, in Washington, big, battle looming over immigration reform, as Democrats, continue, to insist on a daca, deal before funding, the government past, January, 19th, and today, the Trump administration opening. Up to new political, battle fronts with, plans to expand offshore drilling, and to. Ramp up enforcement of federal marijuana, laws mackelway. Is following these story lines for us tonight hi Doug good to see you shanty no with its rapid pace of initiatives, and controversies. The Trump administration is, keeping, all lawmakers, on their toes while, ensuring the Democrats, and even a few Republicans, are downright angry first. Up as you said legislatively. Is daca, mr., Trump invited a handful of Republicans, John Cornyn of Texas Tom, cotton of Arkansas, and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina to the White House today to help craft an immigration, policy one, that has these. Non-negotiable. Ingredients. Any. Legislation. On daca must, secure the border with the wall it must. Give our immigration. Officers, the resources. They need to stop illegal. Immigration, and, also. To stop, visa. Overstays. And crucially, the legislation. Must end chain. Migration, but. Many Democrats, say they can't support such an immigration, bill both the House and the Senate though we'll need some Democrat, votes before they can get this thing across the finish line separately. Today the Department of Interior announced, plans to open up 90% of the u.s. outer continental shelf to, oil and gas leases, it's meeting with obvious Democratic, resistance but also most, of the Florida congressional, delegation, including Republicans, another, Atlantic, state law makers are deeply, opposed fearing, what could happen to tourism if an accident happens Florida, Republican Brian masse tweeted the plan is quote extremely. Alarming, and unacceptable, another. Hot-button issue today Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinding, Obama era marijuana, enforcement. Guidelines session. Sessions, is leaving it up to federal prosecutors, in states, that allow legal pot sales whether, to crack down on the marijuana trade advocates. Who've witnessed the, benefits, of medical marijuana and states.

Rights Conservatives. Are livid, at this decision Colorado, Republican senator Cory Gardner said, sessions promised, him during his confirmation hearings, he would not interfere with these state decisions. I believe. What happened today was, a trampling of Colorado's, rights, its. Voters and that's why I will be putting today a hold, on every single nomination, from the Department of Justice. Until. Attorney, General Jeff Sessions lives, up to the commitment, that he made to me in my confirmation, in my, pre confirmation, meeting with him. Sessions. Is also catching flack from conservatives, on a different issue Republican, mark meadows and Jim Jordan write that sessions quote has no, control, at all over. The premier, law enforcement, agency in the world and that the time for a new Attorney General is now, Shannon. Back to you alright that, mackelway thank you very much, Republicans. Will, control house, the House of Delegates in Virginia, and they've got the luck of the draw to thank for it literally it, all came down to a single contested. Statehouse race which had flip-flopped, back and forth after a recount and razor-thin margin, well a three-judge. Panel refused. To hear Democrat candidate, Shelley Simmons argument, over single, contested, ballots last, month so that left it in a tie well the State Board of Elections met, today to choose the winner based, on a 1705. Law you see it there they, pulled the name out of a bull Republican. Incumbent David Yancey was declared the winner after his name was, selected, Simmons, says she is not ruling out seeking, another recount, in courts, well, we'll hear from congressman, mark, meadows in a moment on his call for the Attorney General to resign, plus president. Trump's fitness for office according. To Politico lawmakers, briefed by a psychiatrist, who. Claims he's falling apart. Gallagher brings us details on the diagnosis, and later, remember, that bombshell political. Report alleging the Obama administration. Sabotage, the DEA s investigations. Into the terror group Hezbollah, tonight. We, have an exclusive interview, with the former DEA, special, agent who was right in the middle of the controversy, he will be here live two, separate fact from fiction. Republican. Senator Cory Gardner blasting. Attorney General Jeff Sessions today, threatening, to block all of the, president's, nominees for the Justice Department and it's all over the administration's, decision to end an Obama era policy, called the Cole memo which allows state legalization. Of marijuana to thrive despite, a federal law that bans, the substance senator. Gardner who once opposed the legalization, of marijuana has since supported the decision made by Colorado, voters and, he now points to the economic, benefits, a legalizing. Marijuana listen. To this clip from a segment about marijuana businesses, in Seattle Washington facing. The new reality, of California. Legalization. 2018. Brought the goldens stayed in the line with other West Coast states for marijuana retail, shops and products, that even, playing field may, expand, the number of people who want to buy but, could undercut, any attempt to make Seattle a special destination, for pot tourism, Vala, owner Erin green says it just takes a shift in the sell make. A pot shop visit part of the Seattle experience, so an add-on rather, than the main attraction, a lot of their convention. Participants. Want a cannabis, tour of some sort to be part of their. Seattle, visit, they. Have multiple state options but a diverse group of critics are worried about so-called marijuana, normalization, just, like you heard and. The praising sessions for allowing the feds to enforce federal law, despite, the states who decided to buck the feds and do their own thing a former. Obama, administration, drug policy, adviser says do J's move will stop the massive, infusion, of money going, to fund pot candies, cookies. Ice creams, and other kid-friendly, pot edibles a mom, who lost her daughter to a driver high on pot says that all too often marijuana, is seen as benign, I hope those days are now over, and a former Democrat, congressman says the Cole memo had been waved around by money-hungry pot executives, for years searching. For legitimacy, among investors, and banks it's time we put public health over, profits today, Republicans, seem divided, on normalizing, and legalizing, marijuana boiling. Down to states rights versus, doing what they believe to be the right thing joining us now GOP, congressman, mark meadows chairman of the house freedom caucus we. Have many things to talk to you about tonight but we'll start here great to have you with us great to be with you Shannon what, do you make of this because I want to read a little bit more of a statement that we got from Senator Gardner's offices while he says reports, that the Justice Department will rescind, their current policy on legal marijuana enforcement.

Are Extremely, alarming, in 2016. President Trump said marijuana legalization should be left up to the states and I agree, you. Know here's, what we have have to, really, look at is is a federal, law and this, president has been consistent, he said if there's a law in the books let's, make sure that we do it just like we're having to deal with daca because. We had President, Obama overreaching. On on the docket the deferred action he, says it's time for Congress to, act I think on this one it really is for, Congress to rescind the federal law not an executive, agency and, and, in Cory's a good, friend I understand, he's representing, his state but there there comes a point where. You allow states, to affect, federal policy, instead of the other way around and, I think that that's troubling so I support. Attorney. General sessions, in this move, it. Really, kicks it back to Congress and now's, the time for us to active if we want to to, address this particular issue so. You support the Attorney General on that but I. Criticisms. That you have of him your. Fellow House member Jim Jordan the two of you wrote a piece and. You say listen, you're tired of the leaks that are happening that there's been no evidence of collusion and yet there are leaks all the time to places like New York Times we have another piece out tonight where they say cite, multiple, anonymous, sources with all kinds of inside information from the Muller investigation, they say it came from people who were either inside the White House or briefed on things that happen at the White House or the investigation. You, say it's time for the leaks to stop you say in this piece today if sessions, can't address this issue immediately then we have one final question needing, an answer when, is it time for a new Attorney General sadly it seems the answer is now he found it to crack down these leaks and to hold people responsible well. But but no one's lost their job yet and and, you know the FBI and DOJ leaked, more than a 60, year old wooden johnboat I mean every.

Single Day we have more and more leaks that are coming out and so, it's critical, and critically, important that we address that but not just that. The Attorney General needs to do his job you know when he recused himself where, does his recusal, start, and stop. There's. A big. Frustration on, Capitol Hill that here, we have investigated. This Russian, collusion. For 16, months, there is no collusion there, is no evidence of collusion and so yet, here we here we are in a situation where we. Know that there are leaks are happening, we know that based on these reports, that. They've used a dossier, in an inappropriate, manner but, yet we can't even get the very documents. To, have proper oversight so. We're tired of the stonewalling, I talked to chairman Nunez, this evening, he's, going to get some documents, tomorrow. That's a good step in the right direction but. We've, seen this before listen, I've been on oversight for over five years what, happens they promise you that they're going to get it to you they give it to you fully redacted, so a page. Of just blacked out lines it is, time that we get to the bottom of this and it's time that we hold the FBI and DOJ, accountable. To the standard. That they should be held against you thinking we have talked about this do you think that this is a quote-unquote, deep state problem do you think that there are people within the administration maybe, holdovers, others who are never Trump errs opponents. Of the president who, are keeping, you from getting the information that Congress is legally entitled to well I mean we we don't have to look much further than, the text messages, between Peter. Struck and and Lisa page to, obviously. See some. Type of bias now whether that carries over into, the investigation we. Need to look at all the text messages we need to fully. Look, at that but yes I mean in my conversations. With others are there people within the, high ranks, of DOJ. And the FBI that. Certainly. Are. Not. Wanting, to come, forward with some of this information I believe that that's the case I'm not a conspiracy, guy but at the same time give, us the documents we've requested some fifteen thousand pages of documents, it's time that we start to review with all these things in mind the obstruction, the stonewalling, the leaks are you calling, on the Attorney General to resign, I'm calling, on him to do his job and, and, if if he will do his job immediately, and right away and quit, making excuses you, knew you hadn't in, part of the lead up to this you had attorney, general session saying well it's not time for a special prosecutor well, when we see the the text, messages, and the emails that we've already visited. There, seems, to be some at least of appearance. Of impropriety it's, time that we actually get to the bottom of it and so he's. Got a very short fuse from, my standpoint but, if, he can do his job more, power to him we would, welcome, the information, to come before all, right congressman mark meadow is always great to have you happen, to be with you all, right some congressional lawmakers are questioning president, Trump's mental, health, we're, gonna tell you what one psychiatrist who came to Capitol Hill to brief them had to say and we're, gonna tell you who met with her next plus, president, Trump's tweets blamed for unrest, in Iran while. Vice President Penn says Europe and the UN are not doing, enough to help the people there stay, tuned former UN Ambassador John, Bolton joins, us live. More. Than a dozen lawmakers, reportedly, 11, Democrats and, at least one Republican met. With Yale University, professor, dr. bandy. Lee in closed-door, briefings, to, discuss the president's, mental Fitness choice. Gallagher has details on the diagnosis.

That Lawmakers heard and what these secret doctor visits to Capitol Hill might mean for the presidency, hey trace. Hey. Shannon when dr. bandy Lee finished up more than 16 hours of private meetings with those 12 lawmakers, you mentioned she apparently, convinced, some that, it was time to invoke the 25th amendment. Saying, the president, was mentally. Unfit to fulfill the duties of the office though. She also indicated that getting Republicans, to sign on would be a lot trickier dr.. Lee acknowledges. That it's unethical for, a psychiatrist, to diagnose, from afar, but, she believes, it's her duty to warn the public about their leaders psychological. Instability which. Is why she and 26, of her liberal colleagues, wrote the book the dangerous, case of Donald Trump where the president, is compared, to an American, Hitler capable. Of staging, a fake terrorist, attack and showing signs of impulsivity. Recklessness. And paranoia, here's, dr. Lee on. MSNBC. Watch, when. Silence. Contributes. To harm to the public health then. We. Do have a duty to speak out and, the. Duty to warn and the duty to protect is, pervasive. In, our, practice. But. Not all mental health experts, feel that same sense of duty in fact some say the dangerous, case of Donald Trump is nothing but infatuate. Tawdry, tabloid, psychiatry. And Fox's. Dr. Keith Ablow points, out that when you acquire billions. Of dollars through, complicated, real estate transactions. Then go on to become phenomenally. Successful in, television, and pull, off an astonishing. Run for the White House it is highly unlikely that you are not, mentally, unstable, ablow says dr. ben Deeley is either a political opportunist. Or a fool though he makes it clear he has not diagnosed, her finally. It should be noted the stock market, hates uncertainty. And instability. Today. The Dow crossed. 25, thousand, Jena so, it did trace, Gallagher thank you very much. Joining. Me now Columnist. And radio host derek hunter and syndicated. Radio host Leslie Marshall also a Fox News contributor, good.

Evening To both of y'all good evening thanks for having me good evening okay, so assuming, that we are all mentally healthy enough to have this debate I'm going to talk about a little bit more about this this, is a little bit more of what that doctor had to say dr. bandy Lee who admits she has not met, the president anything, like that she says we, feel that the rush of tweeting is an indication of his falling, apart, under stress Trump, is going to get worse and will become uncontainable, within the pressures, of the presidency. Derrick, it seems like he's been the same guy that we've seen and we've known brash, and bold and, you. Know off-the-cuff, do. You think he's changed no he hasn't changed, I've been following, it I've been a fan of The Apprentice since, The Apprentice it's, it's, a weird thing in Washington DC that nobody ever speaks their mind so when somebody does it's, considered, a mental disorder I got to give dr. Lee a lot of credit for her willingness to willingly. And knowingly and, admittedly violate. The ethics of her profession, in order to sell books we'll see if it works out but I think. A book could be written about the violation, of ethics for a profession, in this case well, it's interesting that she came here to Capitol Hill and briefed people over two day period on this, very real discussion, about what would happen now there's been this discussion Leslie, you know about. The 25th amendment which provides, a way for the vice president majorities, of the majorities. Of the, cabinet members to step, in if they think the president is unavailable. Unable. Incapacitated. Can't get his duties done but. To that discussion Harvard, Law Professor Alan. Dershowitz who. Has not been a conservative in an ever says. This to Politico the 25th, amendment would require from mental incapacity. A major, psychotic. Break this is hope of a reality, if we don't like someone's politics we rail against, him we campaign against and we don't use the psychiatric system, against him that's just dangerous what do you think. Well. Actually do you think it's dangerous to sound like you're making a diagnosis. When you haven't actually seen, a patient, in any area. Of Medicine, but, I do think it's important, for the American people to. Be aware of what, is going on with their Lee I think and support for this or any leader, to, have proper, medical, treatment for Congress, to be briefed by somebody who hasn't seen him to. Me is is not ethical and quite frankly even though I'm a Democrat I've said it before Shannon, you've heard me, this, is not how if the, removal of Donald Trump ever happens, this is not how it's going to come about because you don't have the, vice-president you don't have the cabinet you don't have the Republicans.

In. In, lockstep with the Democrats, on this issue even the one Republican, that, sat down for this meeting so I really just think this quite frankly is a waste of time because, this individual, has not seen him having said that though he, does have some tweets that are very similar to North Korea the, North Korean leader who many of us do think is, quite, the wing nut so so. I think it needs to stop some of that behavior and then that maybe these conversations, were talking. About but. We know he's not gonna change his behavior I mean anybody who's followed him for five, minutes five years five decades know this he's not gonna change his behavior along, with that baby right and and he feels like by, cutting through and using Twitter or that kind of thing you, know that's why he won do you think even the, left knowing that is highly, improbable that any of this could happen the 25th amendment etc, do. You think it just makes them feel better to talk about it Derek this is for their base this is you've got members like Jamie Raskin and, Zoe Lofgren Jimmy, Raskin usually looks like he slept in a bag of potato chips, coming. Out and talking about how the president, seems unhinged, from afar through, somebody who admits that they're violating the ethics of their profession, what really is crazy is advocating. For policies that have failed the world over look at the UK they've, canceled, in their national health system all. Non-emergency. Procedures, through the end of the month because their system can't handle it yet there are many members who met with dr., Lee who, advocate, to bring that sort of system here I'd take 180, characters, of crazy at a time over a nationwide. Policy over, one-sixth of the US economy any, day of the week let's. See what do you make of Derek's. Assessment. That a lot of people just are not used to plain, spoken straight, talking people in DC it's true everybody here is a spin doctor they very carefully craft their speeches this president doesn't do that do you think it's such a shock to the system that people think well, he's got to be crazy. No. But, I do think that when an individual, talks about the ability to start a nuclear war which. Could kill people. Anyone. It's, also not a secret that the president. Nobody. If somebody. If somebody says and threatens, if you will on Twitter that my buttons bigger than yours and I can press it and it's right here that's dangerous. Talk when you're dealing with a very dangerous and unstable leader, overseas. Like we have in kim jeong-hoon, and and, that is the type of behavior i think that people on my side of the aisle question. The stability, of with regard to the president it's those specific, types of tweets all right we got to leave it there Derick and Leslie in. Our sanity, we will close this debate thank you very much all. Right as the death toll rises in, Iran president Trump's tweets are being blamed for the unrest, in the streets of Tehran and other, cities. There and North Korea testing more missiles will tell you where to get the very latest reaction, for former UN Ambassador John, Bolton when. We return. New. Tonight from the standoff on the Korean Peninsula officials, from North and, South Korea will meet in neutral pen moon job next, Tuesday to discuss the possibility, of North Korean athletes participating. In next month's Winter Olympic, Games outside, Seoul as South, Korean president, moon jae-in sees a groundbreaking, chance, to, improve relations, we'll keep you updated on that Iran's. Leaders now blaming president Trump and his Twitter habits, for those deadly, protests. And they aren't the only ones meanwhile. Vice president Penn's pending a scathing piece slamming, our European, allies and the UN for failing to stand up for Iranian protesters and, US, ambassador to the United Nations nikki. Haley a short while ago requesting a Security, Council meeting on Iran, former, US ambassador to the UN and Fox News contributor John Bolton joins us live good to have you ambassador glad to be here okay so let's talk about this meeting that ambassador Haley's call for tomorrow dog and pony show what happens well I think it's important, to continue the discussion.

About Why, the people, of Iran are rising against, the regime I think that's quite. Significant, I don't expect any substantive, action out of the UN. I think Russia and China would block any meaningful, new sanctions and honestly, I have to say that our friends in Europe have been exactly stood, up on. This issue so the. Discussion, will go ahead but I don't, see anything coming out of it in, a piece by the vice president today in Washington. Post he said this the, United States, has spoken clearly and, unequivocally. Unfortunately. Many of our European partners as, well as the United Nations have thus far failed to forcefully speak, out on the growing crisis in Iran it's time for, them to stand up who are we calling out well, I think the. European, Union in particular but, Germany. France and, Great, Britain unfortunately. Partners. In the deal, with Iran, on the nuclear question. And, it just shows that the, Iranian, strategy, the Obama strategy worked they sucked, us in the Europeans, into, being, able to trade, and invest with Iran Europe. Sees the possibility, of profits, and they're blind to what's happening in the streets of run so I didn't, write. That article for Mike Pence but I wish I had because it's exactly the right point to Meg okay, what about Pakistan, we also got word today from the State Department there we're gonna be freezing substantial. Security assistance that we give to that country not saying it's going away forever but we're, using it for now as, there's a lot of tough talk about from, this administration, about the fact that they haven't been reliable partners in the fight against terrorism yeah look I remember, george w bush very well after 9/11. When he said with respect to terrorism you're either with us or against. Us and people at the time said oh that's terrible you shouldn't hold, nations to account I think it was the right thing to say then and I think President. Trump is really going back to that so freezing. This, assistance, I think is an incredibly important, signal to Pakistan, the one thing we've got to remember is that, in this unstable, political, environment, the civilian, government not, being, all that strong the military, in Pakistan increasingly. Infiltrated. By, radicals, that they are a nuclear, weapons state so if you push them all the way over, to the other side you risk having those nuclear weapons being dispersed, to terrorists who could take them anywhere in the world that's something, we've got to focus on as well but leaning on Pakistan, it's about time and looking back to the last administration we're, getting word tonight confirmation. That there is an investigation looking, into the Clinton Foundation, whether, there was pay to play there whether there were favors that were done for countries and in. Any connection, with Bill or Hillary Clinton in benefitting, the foundation, anyway your reaction look I think these questions need to be answered and I'm very, disturbed. As a Justice Department alumnus. Myself, of the politicization. Of law enforcement the, politicization, of intelligence, of. Investigations. Being cut off that should, have been allowed to go forward i I believe this, investigation. Which is being conducted by the US Attorney's, Office for Arkansas, is exactly, the right way to do it you don't need a special counsel to do it this is I trust the career prosecutors, and I think we ought to let it go ahead there's there's, so many things. About the foundation, that look, like Tammany, Hall is Walter Russell Mead once compared it to so, let's see what it looks like we will see all right a master great to have you with us at. A massive, snowstorm pummeling. The East Coast from blizzard, conditions and, bitter winds to coastal, flooding in some parts a bomb. Cyclone. Update, coming your way but, first an exclusive, interview with a former senior, DEA official, at the heart of politico's bombshell.

Report That. The Obama administration derailed. Investigations. Into the terror group Hezbollah's, drug operations. He's, next. A, bombshell. Report by Politico, alleging the Obama administration. Interfered, with a federal investigation, into how Iran back terror group Hezbollah, turned, profits on illegal drugs and weapons trafficking according, to the report the previous administration, didn't want anything to get in the way of a nuclear deal with Tehran now, you'll remember we spoke with the investigative, reporter who broke the story. Federal. Investigators, were watching, and gathering evidence of Hezbollah sort. Of transforming, itself from a from a political power and a terrorist, organization. To, one that was trafficking in drugs and they documented. Was that they were doing it to raise money to help, rebuild after the Israel war and to, help an expansion, that they were doing globally, so they gathered evidence they, designated. About a couple of dozen super, facilitators. As, people that were connected to the conspiracy but when they really tried to delve deeply into these people they got shut down tonight. We are bringing you an exclusive interview with Derrick malts he's the former special agent in charge of the DEA Special Operations, Division quoted. Extensively in, that Politico reports, great to have you with us tonight Thank You Shannon I want to read a little bit of what you said there you said there's no doubt in my mind now that the focus was this a Ron deal and our initiative, was kind of like a fly in the soup we were the train that went off the tracks at what, point did you realize all, this Intel, you had gathered about the millions, that Hezbollah, was laundering, even through this country and making around the globe wasn't, gonna be prosecuted, well, I found it very very odd that, in, our backyards, all over America, they were sending, used. Cars back. Into West Africa to sell and the, profits, of these used cars and all this drug trafficking, money was going back to support Hezbollah at the tune of 200 million dollars a month in businesses. Throughout our country so I found it kind of odd that we didn't have a unity. Of effort to. Actually shut it down I found it odd that we didn't have leadership in, the administration, it would actually enforce, and hold people accountable to. Bring the agencies, together to, ensure that we can protect the American public it, was very strange you were in a meeting at, least one meeting that I know of with Attorney General Eric Holder who, seemed to be interested in this you you were told there would be a follow up that they would be getting back to you what happened, well Eric Holder was very supportive of the Special Operations Division I was very fortunate to be in charge it after almost ten and almost every operation, he, actually approved and was supportive, well in this particular case we, briefed I recalled he was very alarmed, by the findings. Of this particular investigation, and the magnitude, of money and drugs, that were moving around in the world so, Eric Holder, was pretty you know serious, about having, follow-up. Meetings with national security team members and the. Briefing, never happened so it was very strange for me sitting. There listening, to the Attorney General the United States directing. His people, to have a meeting, to get more information from. The DEA and our interagency partners, about, this global trade based money-laundering, scheme and they, weren't interested it never happened, I can't, explain it in the meantime the, administration, was also working on a deal with Iran over its nuclear.

And. Others and came, to this idea that it's possible that's what this was all about they didn't want to go heavy on Hezbollah, because, they wanted to get that nuke deal done is that your impression well. Look I don't have any information on, what was going on behind the scenes on the Iran nuke deal honestly. From, my perspective, if you have this magnitude. Of money and drugs moving, through our country, and the banks in our country, that should. Have been something that our government, enforced. Full accountability, on all the agencies to work together and shut it down but it didn't happen it didn't happen we had some, significant. Successes we, had tremendous, you. Know response. From the US Attorney's Office, in Southern District of New York we, did a four hundred eighty million dollar civil seizure, on. The bank and 30 businesses, but you know what said Shannon we. Put, 30 businesses, in this action, but there were actually hundreds, of businesses that are still operating today today. Today in this country, there are cars moving going, to West Africa the car parks, are lined up and they're booming if, you look at the Wall Street Journal, article at the end of 2016. They, talked about how these car parks are exploding not just in Benin but, all over West Africa, and they're coming from our backyards, right here in our country and you're saying this is how the money is being laundered the money is being haunted it's supporting, Hezbollah, they're buying weapons they're coming up with their logistics, you see you, know criminals, are turning, a terrorist. Attorney to criminal networks, they're funding state, sponsorship, is down they need funding, to operate they, need funding, to corrupt government officials drug. Trafficking, other criminal. Activity, around the world is helping to generate hundreds. Of millions of thousands the UN estimated, that, drug trafficking, a few years ago is generating, 400 billion dollars a year around, the world the, terrorists, are taking advantage of this opportunity. Financially. Financially, yes they need the money to operate I want to let you reply, to a couple of Obama administration, officials who have, had it. Shot down when you said first of all Marie harf who used to be with the State Department will play her you. Know. The politicos story this narrative, in it is just false and there's, no evidence, in this story to back up their allegations, they quote a couple of low-level, ideological. Sources who clearly don't like the Iran deal low. Level eidelons low level, sources, I was the head of the Special Operations Division for. Over 10 years 30, different agencies three countries, the NYPD. To protect this country that, lady didn't. Work on the operation, she worked as a bureaucrat, in Washington talking, about, you, know policy. And stuff but she wasn't involved day-to-day, in the operation, she didn't see.

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