Fox News @ Night 01/09/18 11PM | January 09, 2018 Breaking News

Fox News @ Night 01/09/18 11PM | January 09, 2018 Breaking News

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In. Forcing. The president, to, reinstitute, the, terms of daca the administration. History. Return, the terms of daca as a renegotiating. Daca this is judicial, activism, at its, finest we'll report more on this tomorrow and I'll also do it on radio now. Shannon. Bream and the fox news at night team are up to take it from here miss Shannon yeah we're gonna pick up on that new court ruling as well Dora thank you very much here's what else we have coming up tonight, deadly. Dossier, a lawyer for one of the founders, of the firm behind the so called dirty dossier, claims. Someone was killed because of its publication, while, lawmakers continue fighting for answers the, Attorney General and the FBI director, and they won't give us straight answers we may need the President of the United States to declassify, this, information, plus a top Senate Democrat releases, closed-door. Testimony, for one of the founders of fusion, GPS the, firm that helped produce the dossier as, Republicans, raise new questions about, leaks from inside, the agencies, now, investigating. And this should be a bipartisan, finish it, whoa. President Trump brings Democrats, to the table over immigration will talk to congresswoman, martha mcsalley who was inside, that White House meeting and Steve, Bannon leaves rye parts for his fire and fury quotes a colossal, miscalculation. Will. Debate. Hello, and welcome to fox news at night i'm shannon bream in washington. New, tonight on the investigation, into suspected, Russian interference in the 2016, election, the, top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, unilaterally. Releasing, the nearly 300, page transcript. Of the interview, with, Fusion GPS co-founder, Glenn Simpson, Fusion, GPS is the research firm that commissioned the so-called dirty dossier, about, alleged activity, in Russia by Donald Trump or Associates of his before he was president, in that, interview Simpson, details meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia, vessel, Mnet's kaya as far back as 27.

2014. A lawyer, known to have close ties to Russian, President Vladimir Putin, and the same, lawyer who held that infamous meeting with Donald Trump jr. at Trump Tower ostensibly, to discuss dirt on Hillary, Clinton, Simpson. Was asked in the Senate interview whether fusion, has ever been paid by that Russian, lawyer his answer yes, but, I don't think the money came from her. Meanwhile. President, Trump's attorney Michael Cohen is filing a pair of defamation. Lawsuits tonight one, in New York state court against the web site BuzzFeed, and the other in federal court against fusion GPS the, lawsuits paint a picture of alleged Russian collaboration. With fusion GPS an alleged, fusion GPS collaboration, with Democrats, and the, Republican, Party chief, national correspondent. Ed Henry joins us now with all these late-breaking, developments, good evening and that's right breaking this hour President Trump and his legal team striking. Back at what his allies, call that dirty dossier, that was unverified. And now they say defamatory. As, well, the, president's, longtime, attorney and friend Michael Kohn tweeting. Just a few moments ago that, quote enough, is enough he's, filed a federal suit against, fusion GPS and that co-founder, Glenn Simpson Plus as you noted a state suit in New York against BuzzFeed, for publishing parts, of the dossier officials, at the web site tonight insist. It was in the public interest, to publish it and they will aggressively defend their, First Amendment rights, Simpson. Already, under scrutiny after Diane Feinstein, did, release more than 300, pages of his private testimony, last, summer to the Senate Judiciary panel. Feinstein. Trying to justify, that by claiming Republicans. Are beating up on fusion to, distract from the Russian collusion, story except allies of the president, tonight say there's, no evidence of collusion and this, transcript, actually raises new questions about. Fusion, and its allies like former British spy, Christopher, Seale he helped gather this unverified. Dirt on the president, last week Republican. Charles Grassley sent. A criminal, referral for Steele to the Justice Department suggesting. He lied to federal, officials in his, testimony, Simpson, meanwhile said, Steele went to the FBI in July 2016. The same month that the FBI started, its Russia probe and suggested. The FBI had a human source inside. Trump world to back up some of the claims in the dossier Simpson. Testifying the. FBI, believe Chris's, information, might, be credible, because they had other Intel, that indicated, the same thing and one of those pieces of Intel was a human, source from inside the Trump Organization except. Tonight Simpson. Is back peddling a source, close to him telling the hill newspaper he, misspoke, about the FBI and Steele and then it was just Trump campaign official, George, papadopolis, meeting, with an Australian ambassador big. Difference Simpsons, lawyer testified that at least one person wound, up dead when, some media organizations published. That information from the dossier the lawyer saying quote Simpson, wants to be very careful, to protect, his sources somebody's. Already been killed, as a result of the publication.

Of This dossier and no harm should come to anybody, related. To this honest work that puts more pressure on the media organizations, who publish, this information and, explains why FBI director, Christopher Rae has, been very cautious. House. Intelligence Committee has requested, documents, from you and other government, officials from the so called steel dossier. Why have you failed to produce these documents. In many instances, we are dealing with very very dicey questions, of sources, and methods which is the lifeblood of foreign. Intelligence and, for our liaison. Relationships. With our foreign partners now. Simpson and a colleague recently wrote a New York Times op-ed headline the Republicans, fake investigations. Saying, that they were all about transparency yet. This new transcript, show Simpson, declined. To answer questions, about how, fusion was paid in the, months since the last summer's testimony, Republicans. Have gotten their hands on bank records showing Hillary Clinton's presidential, camp. And the DNC paid. For some of this dirt through, Democratic, Attorney Mark Elias, yet, when Simpson was pressed on whether fusion GPS was, a democratic, link firmed he. Responded, he would not agree with, that description Shannon, all, right ed Henry with the very latest live for us tonight Thank You ed. And. This is the Fox News Alert on the so-called dreamer a program for those hundreds, of thousands, of young immigrants, whose legal status right now is up in the air the, Trump administration suspended. The daca program last, September, gave lawmakers, until March to, try to store it out their status it was what they were negotiating over at the White House today, now, tonight, just minutes ago we get from a federal judge in San Francisco, weighing, in now with a pretrial, injunction. The judge ruling, that the daca program remember, this was done by executive order under the Obama administration it, must. Remain in place while, litigation, over President Trump's decision to rescind the daca program now, works, its way through the courts so as part, of the ruling the judge says the government does not have to process new daca, applications.

For People who had never before received the protection, under. The program but. For now it stops the president from doing what he was gonna do come March if they hadn't worked something out so, interesting, that on the day they're negotiating this at the White House a San Francisco federal judge, jumps. In with this ruling we'll have more on that as we get through that and get it to you as soon as possible and in case you missed it an extraordinary. Bit of television today involving, the President, and key members of both parties debating, what to do about illegal immigration, reaction. Tonight to what's been called an extraordinary, move is extraordinary, itself, with praise and criticism coming, from quarters you normally, wouldn't expect to see with this president Peter Doocy is here with more on how this attempt at bipartisanship, is going down with the ref the left-right and the, media Peter, Shannon nobody really knew what kind of progress Democrats. And Republicans, had been making on a daca deal behind closed, doors, but now we know because, President, Trump opened. Up the doors. Now. You have put it up there that. That you, want 18 million dollars, for a while or else there will be no cars is that still, your position I, can build it for less by, the way it. Went on like that for 55. Minutes, in the president's, command of immigration. Policy from start to finish appeared, to quiet some of his critics in the chattering, class. This. Is a president, who I think is pointedly, behaving. Not, as Michael, Wolff would have him portrayed. In his book but, is somebody who is sitting around with people and is in charge here, but. Some of the president's other critics, are upset now because they feel a daca deal is being rushed to avoid a government shutdown, Jen, Rubin in the Washington, Post writes, quote if Republicans. Are going to continue to play a cruel, game with the lives of hundreds of thousands of immigrants the Democrats shouldn't, give them their votes to make up for defections. From hardline, freedom, caucus members, who resist. Funding the government under. Any realistic, scenario, conservative. Immigration, hawks also, upset tonight that the president, indicated the border wall doesn't, have to be 2,000, miles long because it would be hard to build anything on top of a river or a mountain. That covers, parts of the border with Mexico. When. Kevin McCarthy. Is the hardliner. On immigration, in the room I think we can call this the lowest day in the Trump presidency I mean, it was clearly trying to, overcome. The bad press of this Michael wolf by showing oh he's in command but. In fact what he did was fulfill, every. Description. Of him in the Michael Wolf book this, was just a negotiation. Though early stages and the president, says he wants two phases, of immigration. Fixes. First daca, and the border wall and then, a, comprehensive. Look at things like chain, migration and visa, overstays.

Shannon, All right Peter do you see live for us tonight in Washington thank you very much president. Trump said in that meeting quote I'll take the heat now, perhaps he's responding, to some of that on Twitter. Tonight from his critics on the right President Trump tweeting this as I, made very clear today our country needs the security, of the wall on the southern border which must be part of any dhaka approval, and it's, worth ruling this sound bye we're basically told Democrats you, got to make a deal. But. You negotiate, you gonna negotiate and, maybe well agree admit we want I mean you know it's possible when I can do agree with you and it's possible, but there, should be no reason for us not to get this done they're. Wearing matching outfits the star Walt did you notice that our Fox News politics editor they were marrying Matt of matching outfits totes adorbs they weren't in sapota go though on the subject matter of this it was interesting, though I have to wonder did, all of the Democrats and, or the Republicans know that he was gonna keep those cameras in there the whole time to, watch him do, what he likes to do which is to know negotiate, be a businessman be in charge of this meeting to, the point where as Peter noted I'm Gloria Borger on CNN, today had to say I think there's a president who's pointedly behaving, not as Michael Wolff would have him portrayed in his book but as someone who's sitting around the table and taking charge well, you. And I talked about last, week that, in light, of the, allegations. And what was reported in the book and by the way what was sort of the received wisdom about, Donald Trump was, that he was not a vital part of his a noted own administration, he, needed to do something to demonstrate in real terms that he was and did and for, almost an hour today, against. The toughest audience you can have not, just the press but also Democrats. Sitting. Around at that table he showed not just command as you say but also fluency. In these issues that he was able to talk about what was going on that he had command, of these subjects now obviously. There was some parsing of the things that he said by people who like this and didn't like that but, the takeaway was pretty clear whatever, the people around that table could come up with for a deal he was gonna sign and. That, was that and it was it was pretty impressive, what's interesting because not long before he came out here I was watching another network as we all do to see what everyone's up to we're gonna do it I mean I may get a check on him and, they interpreted, this meeting completely. Differently they said it proved that he had no command of the policy that he had no idea where, Republicans, or Democrats stood, on anything and then he was completely clueless I tell. You what I took away from that when, the president basically said we, can do this in two parts we can do the daka we can do basically a one-for-one on the, these, dreamers, and then. Do comprehensive, another, thing you and I have talked about several times and this, would not please Ann Coulter this would not please some others who make, a living off. Talking. About immigration. For. This. Issue Donald, Trump may be better situated to solve this problem for America, than, anybody, else he, may be the only person, this. Has been a horrible, issue for this country since, george w bush tried, to take it out ronald reagan successfully, dealt with it in the 80s it's been a huge issue since oh seven, it's been a disaster, for more than a decade now from, maybe the only guy that can take it on and he might, have shown a little bit of that today okay so let's talk about Ann Coulter and some others who weren't really thrilled with what they saw today let's start with Congressman, Steve King no. Surprise there that he is very anti, illegal immigration, he doesn't like the idea of amnesty and he's worried that's what this is here's what he said I'll. Submit this and that. Daca amnesty. Will, cost American taxpayers, and, our economy, far, more than it will cost to build a wall and, I hope that is in the record and stays in their record and I won't have to wait very long to defend that statement, and a lot of people in the country are going to have to admit I'm right okay. He called the daca amnesty this is the tweet we got from Ann Coulter she said as he considers the utility of walls and promises. At real, Donald Trump should consider that never Trump was toothless but former, Trump will white yeah, the problem ultimately for these folks is. Donald. Trump flipped the Republican, Party he took a minority. Standing, within the GOP, into. The full, wind because it was a divided, field in 2016. But, the plurality of the Republican Party as well as the overwhelming. Majority of the country in its, entirety, supports. Things like, amnesty. For these, daca people, now we don't want to call it that though we're not talking about a full path to citizenship, maybe letting them stay here to work and do other things serve in the military I think if you took a bribe aside on the people who were brought to the United States as my it's sort of like with these el Salvadorans, that are in the United States have been here since 2001, that you talked about last night you know look there's not a lot of appetite in America, for taking people who have been here for 20 years and yanking.

Them Out and sending, them home that's that is not a popular, position. Totally. Different but whatever. You want to call it amnesty or not amnesty allowed, to stay in the United States, without without, suffering a penalty or deportation, if, if, those. Are popular, things it, will be very hard for the president's, base to make him pay the price and you know what he found out in December he, found out that working with the Republican, establishment feels. Pretty good it is like a warm jacuzzi, that he slipped in when, you, say we do we get tax cuts will everybody cheer when I get the tax cuts yes, Mitch McConnell has shown him how you can work your way to success. Steve, Bannon is off, talking, about Thomas Cromwell, and muttering, into his soup someplace um, I like that you because he really hot nice. Yeah but I do think it's bad for the skin but I really do like it that way which is nice and toasty, quickly. And. You know we're sweater the jacuzzi no no cold it is. Okay. So what, we got from the White House in the statement afterwards today was this boils down to four things daca. Right, border security ie the wall Shea migration Visa Lottery those, were the four things coming in anyway so did the ball really move at all today on any of these negotiations it, moved in the larger sense about maybe doing comprehensive, immigration reform at a certain point but, remember, there's only one thing that matters that, old government is going to shut down on the 19th, of January. Unless they do something Democrats, have vowed they, will not vote for anymore, kicking. The can unless. They get some relief, for these Dockett kids and the, Republicans, are saying well we can't do that unless we get some border security so this is going to get I think they have the what they will put in a spending deal already done but, fighting this down to the 19th is going to be some rough business will, be here because, the funding runs out at midnight and that's what we're on so, we'll be earth right before our Friday night dance party oh okay, Christopher well great to see you yes ma'am all right the tax cuts and Jobs Act became law just eight days ago cutting the corporate tax rate from 35 down to 21% now, several, major utility, companies that will benefit from the lower taxes, are passing, along the savings to the consumers, Pacific. Power Rocky, Mountain Power and Washington's, own Petco, are among, the energy suppliers that have announced a plan to cut rates for hundreds of thousands, of customers all across, the nation well, Interior Secretary Ryan's EP is backing, away from calls to drill off Florida's, coast after, meeting with the state's Governor Rick Scott in a statement released tonight Zinke, said he quote supports, the governor's position that. Florida is unique and its coasts are heavily reliant on tourism as an economic, driver there's. Speculation Scott, could mount a Senate bid against Democrat Bill Nelson in this year's midterms, lemon. The first talks in years between North and South Korea. A report, that the u.s. is planning to give Kim Jong on a bloody nose I think that's rhetorical trace. Gallagher tells us what that means for, Kim and for the talks and what, does Steve bannon's latest fall from grace meet for the Trump revolution, to the establishment, claimed victory, will debate that but first. Two big guests coming up the head of the Border Patrol Union, tells us whether Heath they we need a wall and, congresswoman. Martha mcsalley reportedly, considering, a run for jeff flakes Arizona Senate seat and she, is not the only one making news on that front. Controversial. Former arizona sheriff joe arpaio says. He is running for Senate telling, the Washington Examiner he, has quote a lot to offer known for his immigration crackdowns, Arpaio. Said in a fundraising email that he's concerned about sanctuary city policies, he, served as the sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona for 24, years you'll remember President.

Trump Pardoned him last year for defying a judge's, order that he stopped targeting, and detaining Latino drivers, on suspicion, of being in the US illegally, Arpaio. Is running to replace Senator, Jeff Flake who is retiring, well. According to the department of homeland security border, apprehension, for the calendar year 2017. Is down 40%, from. 2016, despite. The numbers President Trump says we still need a border wall. But. You know you speak. To the agents, and I spoke to all of them I spoke I lived with him they endorsed, me for president which, they've never done before the Border Patrol agents, and ice they. Both endorsed, Trump and they never did that before and I have a great relationship with, them they say sir without, the wall, security. Doesn't work we're all wasting, time, joining. Me now Republican, congresswoman, martha mcsalley and brandon judd the president of the National Border Patrol Council thank you both for being here tonight good to see you good to be with you Thank You congressman, I'll start with you you were in that meeting today, did. Was. There real progress are, you moving forward on anything well I was glad, to be invited in the meeting and I appreciate the president's leadership we've. Got to address these issues and there's. Some clear priorities, here of securing, our border. Stopping. Illegal immigration not, incentivizing. More in the future. Addressing. And getting rid of chain migration the. Visa Lottery and actually, we'll be introducing a bill tomorrow there's, four of us that have many of these priorities, that the president talked about today plus. Some additional ones we've been working on this non-stop for, about four months together and we think this is a really strong conservative. Solution, and I. Appreciate. That there seem to be slight. Agreement, of some agreement by our, Democrat. Counterparts, there that. We at least have four topics that we now need to negotiate and, this, cannot just be addressing, daca, or a clean DREAM Act that's it's a non-starter, I think, most people are willing to have a conversation on daca but, we've got to address the root causes of why we have 800,000. People here in the first place and make sure that we don't have that happen, again in the future and so these are common-sense, solutions, that, we've got to negotiate for the American people and I know you're not convinced that a wall is the answer at least not a 900-mile. Or plus well as the president is so committed to a study, from the Center for Immigration Studies says this if a, wall stopped half of those expected, to successfully. Enter illegally without going, through a port of entry at the southern border over the next 10 years it, would save taxpayers nearly, 64 billion dollars several times the walls cost, why are you not agree, with that President, and I agree Brandon, here we do need a border wall we do need physical infrastructure, and we've seen in my district that I represent where. We previously had no, barriers, and no fencing, it was a free-for-all the cartels are just driving through anywhere the, ranchers, and border residents were having to deal with it and so there's some physical infrastructure, there and it has caused, a problem for the cartels, to have to deal with so that plus, technology. Agents, and everything that we need in order to stop the cartels is important so we absolutely need a border wall and everything that goes with it in order to keep.

Our Country safe all right Brandon what would help you as somebody. Who has worked on the front lines there I know that you all are facing real. Dangers assault, I mean threats to your physical. Body and well-being, how. Tough is it to retain to hire people to join you there under the President and and several. Of the legislative, fixes are dealing with giving you more personnel, we've. Had a difficult time retaining, our employees, because if you look at the past eight years the. Good guys were being handcuffed, our agents were being handcuffed and we were taking those handcuffs, off the bad guys and we were just letting him go so anybody that crossed the border illegally we. Would take him into custody and, then we would just turn around and let him go to where they would then disappear, into the shadows of, society. And so since. We've had, a new president come in and, and because he is tough, on the, laws and wants to enforce, the laws the way they're written on the books our agents are a heck of a lot happier, and and, we're able to keep agents a little bit better but we still have an awful lot of work to do there but I think that we're gonna get it done and you've needed funding for that as well I know there's been some talk about the, mix of more Border Patrol agents versus customs, agents, what, would be most helpful do you think in actually securing the border we need both when. You when you look at customs customs they, they drive an awful lot of Revenue in this country and we cannot slow that revenue down the, board parole agents that work between the ports of entry like myself and some agents that are with me here today we, work between the ports of entry and we stop all of those things that are coming across illegally that, that people don't see and. We, both do an extremely, important job so you have to have a mixture of both alright, so we hinted, today at, the news in Arizona as well that Sheriff Arpaio is. Running, he says I'm running from, the great state of Arizona for one unwavering, reason to, support the agenda, and policies of President Donald Trump at his mission to make America, great again of course congressman there's a lot of speculation that you're gonna toss your hat in the ring as well any comment on the sheriff's entry or your potential entry well Shannon you may know that we do have an announcement coming on Friday, so I just asked you and your viewers especially in Arizona to stay tuned for that announcement well, if you don't mind I'd like to jump in we're. Hoping, borp shal agency in Arizona are hoping that congresswoman, McSally does in fact throw her hat into the ring she's, been extremely tough on border security she, wants border security and for, that we we would support her okay so if, you once you make it official, you, got one vote at least right here and I think a couple more here and then in the studio as well thank, you both for coming in and keep, us updated thank, you all, right recent wildfires in California giving, way to fatal, mudslides, forcing, people to run for their lives Anita Vogel has the story right after the break and, president Trump response to rumors of an Oprah, run, what. He has to say about his potential political, foe. You, know I did in one of her last shows she had Donald Trump as before followed this for, last week and, she, had Donald Trump but my family was very nice. More. Environmental, devastation hitting. Southern California. Following last month's catastrophic. Wildfires, at least, 13, people have, been killed as heavy rains sent walls of mud sliding, down charred hillsides, Anita, Vogel has the story. Shannon. Multiple, casualties tonight. After powerful. Storms, brought flooding, mudslides, and, sheer, panic, to communities, just north of Los Angeles the. Hardest hit area the community, of Montecito, just south of Santa Barbara and on, clay above multi-million. Dollar homes including, celebrities, like, Oprah Winfrey, the, mountains above were hard hit in December by the Thomas, fire vegetation. And brush were burned away by flames, so, there wasn't much to absorb the water and the mud came cascading, down the hillside it, sounded, like a freight train coming down the hill you know you could hear these boulders, rolling down.

Yeah. The whole house was shaking I, panicked, I mean I they. Were both asleep and. I was in my boots and I just said there's mud in the driveway there's mud in the driveway dozens, of homes were flooded with mud firefighters. Had to pull people out in the middle of the night including. A 14 year old girl who was stuck for hours others. Had to be rescued from their cars via helicopters. And at, least three homes caught fire after a gas leak and transformer. Explosion, authorities. Say only, 15, to 20 percent of, the. 21,000. People told, to evacuate followed. Orders, surprising. And disappointing. Emergency. Responders, we'd, have history, of flooding in the area but. With the fire the ash and then little. To no vegetation, the. Sediment just builds up quickly. And it, starts to clog the, the. Streams and and that adds to the problem tonight, there are still many people without power and water and who are still cut off from their homes the, 101 freeway behind. Me remains, closed, from Ventura all the way to Santa Barbara and may, be closed for days and unfortunately. Authorities. Say they expect the death toll will rise overnight. Shannon. Tough, news there I need a Vogel with a live, report for us thank you last night we took it to the start of the meetings between North and South Korea. Where officials were holding their first face-to-face talks, in roughly two years today. According to a joint statement the countries agreed that North Korea will send, athletes to the Winter Olympics in South Korea but still refuse to negotiate over, their nuclear program, that, means tensions, are still bubbling according, to a report from The Wall Street Journal, US, officials are debating whether it's possible to launch a limited. Military strike. Against, North Korea without, starting, an all-out war trace, Gallagher has been following all of this from Los Angeles good evening trace. Good. Evening Shannon breaking right now we should note South Korean president, moon jae-in says, he is willing to meet with Kim Jong moon to resolve the North Korean nuclear stand, up but he says the, success, of the summit must be realized, before the meeting takes place so another, small diplomatic. Step on the North Korean or the Korean Peninsula. Meantime, here in the United States we're still working, this Wall Street Journal report that US officials are debating. A possible, limited, military strike. Against, North Korea it's, being referred, to as the bloody nose strategy, meaning if North, Korea was, to make some provocation. Like testing, a nuclear weapon the US could bloody its nose by mounting, a surgical, strike against, a North Korea weapons, facility, without, igniting. An all-out war on the Korean Peninsula the. Washington, Examiner says, the Pentagon has little appetite, for a limited strike because the, risks, are simply too high saying. The big flaw in the bloody nose strategy, is that Kim jong-un, would, have no way of knowing, if the strike is truly, limited, he may instead believe it's, the opening, blow in an effort to topple, him from power and in, that case he, might respond, with whatever weapons, he has which, is a frightening, scenario for, South Korea considering. The North has a massive, array, of artillery pointed. Directly at Seoul, experts. Say within minutes North Korea could wipe out tens of thousands, of South Koreans, and could, potentially even, fire a nuclear, weapon, across the Demilitarized Zone, even.

With Reports, that the bloody nose strategy, is being debated inside the trump administration. It appears, Secretary, of State Rex Tillerson and defense, secretary, Jim mattis remain, focused on trying, to use a broader, diplomatic, effort. To rein in North. Korea's, nuclear program, and we should note talks between North and, South Korea are, expected. To move forward, Shannon. All right trace Gallagher force in LA thank you or, where in the world in about 90, seconds the, State Department appears to be on the brink of denying entry to the u.s. for, 100, Christian Iranian, stranded, in Vienna their, status was put in limbo at the end of the Obama administration. And activist. Maury the Trump administration might, not grant them asylum giving. Austria little choice but to send them back to Iran. Scenes. Eerily reminiscent of the dawn of the Arab Spring hitting, Tunisia tonight at least one person killed in protests, over price increases, in Tunisia, the, birthplace of the Arab Spring seven, years ago then, as now economic. Issues were what led to the upheaval, that swept, the Middle East more. Looting in socialist, Venezuela, as the government orders supermarkets, to lower prices, shortages. Of food medicine. And basic goods have become dire amid, moves by leftist strongman Nicolas Maduro to, further consolidate, power and clamp down on anti-government. Voices, and, unusually, heavy snowfall, leaving tourists, stranded, in Swiss towns near the famed Matterhorn, Mountain Swiss, emergency, workers using helicopters trying, to ferry out thousands. Of tourists to safety police. Cracking, down on the mob tonight in Germany, and Italy more than 160. People busted, 60. Million, dollars worth of assets seized suspects. Stand accused of mafia association, attempted, murder extortion. Money, laundering and illegal, weapons, possessions, among. Other charges M Prince Harry and his fiancee Megan Merkel going to a youth radio station, today they, stood outside pop, Brixton, while the crowds shouted, we, love you Megan, hmm. Well, with all the Oprah 2020 buzz following, her stirring speech Sunday night at the Golden Globes the President himself responded. Today on a possible. Race against Miss Winfrey, mr., Trump says he knows Oprah well he enjoyed being one of the guests on her final one of her two final talk shows he, says he doesn't think she's gonna run but if she does he said quote yeah I'll, beat Oprah well. President Trump's lawyer filing, a pair of lawsuits, tonight against BuzzFeed, infusion GPS over, the now-infamous Trump, dossier, reaction. From House Intelligence Committee member, congressman Chris Stewart coming up and former. White House chief strategist, Steve Bannon is out at right Bart after his public fallout with the president. Not just ahead. This, is the Fox, News Alert on the so called daca program for. So-called dreamers those hundreds of thousands of young immigrants, whose legal status right now is up in the air something. They were negotiating over at the White House today because the president has said the, program which was instituted under the Obama administration it's got to go well tonight a judge, in San Francisco, is ruling the daca program must, remain in place, while. Litigation, over President Trump's decision to rescind the program actually works its way through the courts we'll, see I would imagine an immediate appeal by the administration, but it just happened a short time ago so we will wait and let you know how the administration, responds, when they decide now, as we reported earlier tonight Democratic.

Senator Dianne Feinstein released. The full transcripts, from fusion GPS co-founder, Glenn Simpson Senate testimony was behind closed doors also. Tonight president, Trump's attorney Michael Cohen has filed a pair of lawsuits. One, against the website BuzzFeed, that's in state court the other suit, is against fusion GPS that one's in federal court now both of them are over the so called dirty dossier, with its unverified, Bali allegations. On President Trump and his, associates. Ties to Russia Cohen's, alleging the dossier which BuzzFeed, published, painted, him as having a possibly criminal relationship. With the Russian government here with instant reaction all of these late-breaking developments, is Republican. Congressman from Utah Chris Stewart he's also on the House Intelligence Committee, so he knows all about these things good to have you tonight wseas thank you okay so where do we start first of all what do you make of this ruling out of San Francisco that this, administration, has to uphold the previous decision administration's, decision to institute daca basically, by executive well yeah you know it's difficult I think I just say this these are decisions, that are best made in the Congress they're best made in the political body not in the courts I think that's appropriate, response, and hopefully that's where we end up okay, secondly, we now have these two defamation, lawsuits for Michael Cohen a lawyer for the president they've been together many, many decades many years working together he says that BuzzFeed and also going after fusion gps saying they knew this information was. False or they had to at least have some reckless, handling. Of the truth because Cohen says they put me in countries and places I've never been people, I've never met they, should have at least checked this out he's, go to court oh no doubt about I'm glad that he is so look this is a private citizen he what he doesn't thrust himself into the public realm he's a private citizen doing, his job and they accused, him not of jaywalking, they, used him essentially of treason, and I think he should defend himself and, the dossier we've been saying for a long long time in the last few weeks I've. Asked members of the, FBI tell. Me anything, in the dossier that's true. Well. You, know I don't know how to answer that question I mean that's the response I don't know how to answer that question this is a meaningful, accusation. And I think any citizen, has a right to defend himself against, something so serious as that what's your characterization would you say of the information, you've been able to get from the FBI or the DOJ, about, the dossier whether it was used to get the FISA warrant, to spy, on Carter, page or other members of the Trump administration have, they been forthcoming, not. Initially but, you eventually just compel, them to answer those questions and I can't answer that question for you specifically. But we, can speak generally and that as we know that it was a very important, piece of evidence they use to carry forward their investigation. We know that it's been disproven, and it's so important, for the people to know that once, again I asked members FBI, tell me anything in the dossier that's true I don't know how to answer that question or they'll answer very basic things that are very common knowledge and these. Are innocent people who have been accused of very serious crimes, and it's, done in such a willy-nilly manner, as if is that the politics, of it are the only thing that matter these are people's lives that we're talking about here well Glenn Simpson who is a former Wall Street Journal journalist. And a co-founder of fusion GPS he, has complained that he thinks that there. Have been leaks and mischaracterizations. Of his position and where he's been he wrote a piece on that last week Senate, Judiciary Chairman. Chuck Grassley has said we want you to come, and testify you took the Fifth Amendment when we asked you to do that now. Tonight the top Democrat on that committee released. Today, all of this the full transcript, she says this the innuendo. And misinformation, circulating. About the transcript, are part of a deeply, troubling effort to undermine the investigation, into potential, collusion, and obstruction.

Of Justice the only, way to set the record straight is to make the transcript, public, I'm Grassley says they didn't consult on that he. Would have consulted with her but she's, done it I can't imagine what she hoped to accomplish by that I really can't and frankly the accusation, is just silly I mean, look a year ago there were so many Democrats who, really expected, that this president, would be impeached, for collusion and now, after all of this time in this investigation, they're. Very very frustrated. That the evidence isn't pointing with that so then they're left to this one other option that is well the investigation. Was therefore tainted, or it's incomplete, we haven't we have interviewed dozens and, dozens and, dozens of, people thousands. Of hours our report which will be completed fairly soon will. Be hundreds of pages long but, if the evidence of collusion is not there maybe, those, people were innocent but. Instead their presumption as well the investigation, is a failure that people are trying to protect a president, it's, just it's just not true and frankly is silly for her I think to have taken this unilaterally. To have taken this action and I don't know what she hoped to accomplish by it um really quickly because we're out of time but there's a Democratic strategist. And activist out there who has said basically after reading this you have to think that the GOP was covering, for. The president and for his associates, he says members of Congress GOP members will go to jail. Okay. Well I'd be willing to bet some money on that I mean I have no evidence of that at all I don't think that he does if he does and please bring it forward to us we'd, love to see it because, it's not something we've seen up at this point that's for sure all right congressman thanks for coming in tonight and giving us an update we, know that the committee has a lot of work of head and we, look forward to the results thank you all right he apologized, for not responding sooner to explosive, quotes in a bombshell book, about the Trump administration nasty. Fannin is leaving, Breitbart, news what's, next, for the president's former chief strategist, plus. Residents, in Utah say lesser prairie dogs are over running their town we're, to tell you why and how the Supreme, Court got involved with that story. Gone. From the white house now leaving his small but vocal perch, media, perch at Breitbart news it's, unclear, where Steve Bannon goes next but can president Trump's former chief strategist, and anti-establishment, ringleader. Continue, to wield power and, one, of the so called Trump revolution, is the establishment, gaining, the upper hand who better to ask then, political. Editor guy Benson and syndicated, radio host Richard. Fowler both of them are Fox News consumers and happy, birthday to Richard and spending his final eight minutes of his birth. We. Love it happy birthday hey birthday it's good to be here okay. So let's talk about exactly, what's going on, with. Steve Annan because. He's in a lot of trouble now he's lost key donors that he thought we're gonna align with him he's outed, Breitbart, and he's, not in good graces with the president this, piece, of Washington Post's Aaron black roots what's, particularly remarkable about. Bannon's, fall is how entirely trumpian, it was from his perch in the White House vannin, apparently felt invincible enough, to spout off to wolf about how that meeting Donald, Trump jr. had with a Russian lawyer was treasonous, and about how Ivanka Trump was dumb as a brick he. Didn't realize that saying such things about Trump's family might cause a problem or two is the, biggest, mystery guy what what, I don't understand what he's doing neither do I this. Was a self-immolation. That was comprehensive and, swift it started, with Roy Moore, losing. A race that no Republican, really. Could lose except, for Roy Moore and, Trump. Went with the right guy in the primary Bannon did not and then just a few weeks later months, later out comes this book where it's not just the nasty comments about the president's, family it's.

Also, Tying. The president himself into, the Russia collusion, narrative in a way that, almost, no, one has been able to do here comes Steve Bannon with this wild speculation. About that meeting at Trump Tower before. He even got on the campaign, that is just crossing, one bright, line after the next and so out at the White House out as a close confidant on the president, now he's sloppy Steve, and Breitbart. Now catch him through the corner with, his billionaire. Backers, walking. Wow as well and apparently Richard he was in there talking about running, for president himself and you know so we'll see about that I we. Saw this tweet today from Donna Brazile who, said this and grandmother, if you're up watching I apologize for the, see language in advance. Steve Manon and I we both ended up pissing off a lot of people but I'll say this for myself at least I did it with my own book. Right. Way. To dig the knife in miss, Brazil, it's. Quite a fall from grace I think the the, wise tale says the best pride cometh before the fall and, for Steve Bannon, this was definitely a case of this and I think what you're gonna see over the next couple of days you're gonna see the White House try to posture, an act like Steve Madden wasn't a member of this White House and I think what Democrats, are gonna try to do or at, least what we're gonna try to do is remind, the American people that Steve Bannon was an integral part of this White House for the, first with for a good chunk of this first year and, now he's sloppy. Steve, and he's now out and I think you know after a couple of really. Really bad plays, by Steve Bannon he is no longer in the good graces of Donald, Trump but, it doesn't take away from the fact that he was the chief strategist and he was one of the the leading minds that got this president into the White House to begin with although what strikes me within, the Republican, political realm on this there, are a lot. Of Republicans in this town who, have loathed Steve, Benin for a very long time now. That the Trump people have, also turned against him the, Republican, Party is united, against.

Steve Bannon which is sort of this other bizarre miracle. Of the Trump era where it's just the. New cycle moves in strange and bizarre directions. So, fast, so, furious, in fact, that. It sort of makes your head spin it does and we're gonna have to leave it there because we have to save some time to celebrate Richards, birthday, because, we only have four minutes left thank, you guys stick around all right well these little guys are causing a big stir, and Utah will tell you their story they're cute they're causing trouble that's next.

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