Fox News @ Night 02/07/18 11PM | February 07, 2018 Breaking News

Fox News @ Night 02/07/18 11PM | February 07, 2018 Breaking News

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A Broadway, star now she's doing two a day two. Shows a day she, does special report, and then, she does the Fox News at night at, 11 p.m. I mean you got vaudeville, Broadway, take your pick Shannon you do it all I can't believe it I can't dance, but I do a mean puppet show maybe. Wait. A second passion and you dance and Friday nights and you're a great dancer you can do dance you just took that sing now that's all I have my own style we'll leave it at that how about that, have. A great show thank you so much all right here's what we have coming up tonight I. Guarantee. That there, is no political, influence in any investigation. Conducted. By the Justice, Department for the FBI President, Obama in 2016. Now newly, released text messages between a pair of FBI agents, are raising new questions about, the former president's, statement, Catherine, Herridge separates fact from fiction and Ben Shapiro is here to weigh in Plus is Minority, Leader Nancy Pelosi, holding, all the cards in the house I had no intention, of the owning bag mr. speaker, trying to put the brakes on the Senate deal to keep the government funded unless. She, gets a deal on daca Chad Parfum joins us with late-breaking details from, Capitol, and then, president, Trump's marching, orders will he get a military parade Peter, Doocy has that story. Hello, and welcome to fox news at night i'm shannon bream in washington, another. Day of breaking news here in DC from, FBI texts that now involve, president, obama to, a senate memo that appears, to confirm what Republicans, on the House Intelligence a. And even, more first. In another trove of FBI text released today new, concerns about what a couple of rogue agents, may have been up to and questions. About the involvement of President, Obama in the time leading up to the 2016, election, second, midnight. Tomorrow that, is when the federal government stops, being funded, again, and could very possibly shut. Down for the second time in three weeks third, we're, looking ahead to 2020, which is certainly what a handful of potential, Democratic presidential, hopefuls, are doing as well a prominent. New name in the mix tonight we've. Got Fox team coverage, our senior Capitol Hill producer Chad program is standing by to keep us up to the minute on the newest shutdown, showdown, and Henry, reports on Joe Biden's visit to Washington, today is he laying the groundwork for 2020, and will former attorney General Eric Holder join, him too but first we're, learning more tonight about just, how involved then President, Obama may, have been as the FBI's Russia probe expanded, in the months leading up to the 2016, presidential, election here's. Chief intelligence correspondent. Catherine Herridge. Those. Tax totally. Candid unvarnished. Have. Just. Raised an awful lot of questions Republican. Senator Ron Johnson Government, Oversight Committee released an interim report including. The FBI text, messages, that draw new connections, to President, Obama in September.

2016, Two months after the FBI closed, the Clinton email case and two, months into the bureau's Russia probe then, FBI agent, Peter struck text FBI lawyer lisa page using, bureau's shorthand, talking. Points for director Comey page, replies, yes. Because, POTUS, wants to know everything, we are doing it's. Not clear whether Strunk and Paige are referring to either investigation. Or something else in an interview on Fox News Sunday at the height of the FBI's, criminal email case, President, Obama insisted, he was not in the loop I do not talk. To the Attorney General about. Pending investigations. I do not talk to FBI directors, about. Pending investigations. They, we. Have a strict, line. And, always have maintained, it in then FBI director, Comey's July 2016. Recommendation. Against, criminal charges the early draft said emails between Clinton and President Obama, had probably been compromised. By hackers a week before Comey publicly, closed the case Strunk, and others including his boss bill priest F head of FBI counterintelligence, watered. Down the language struck. Rights hope, so just, left bill pre-snap he, changed president, to another senior government official. The reference was then removed altogether after the election, both page and Strunk texted, about being depressed in, mid-november Paige, writes I bottled. The president's men figure, I needed to brush up on Watergate the, next day Paige follows up God, being here makes me angry, lots of highfalutin national, security, talk meanwhile. We have our task ahead of us Senate, investigators, question whether there's a connection to this August text whether to discuss an insurance, policy while. Struck and page are no longer assigned a special counsel Robert Muller's probe the White House press secretary said. Their reservations, remain, this, further, shows, that there is a reason. For all of us to have great cause, for concern in this process, in, her April 2016. FBI, interview, Clinton aide Huma Abedin, was, shown an email exchange between President, Obama who used a pseudonym and Secretary. Clinton Abba Dean said it had to be classified, and then asked for her own copy, Shannon. All right Catherine Herridge thank you very much, there, is speculation plenty. Of it about what the September, 2nd, 2016 text may have been referencing, when, mentioning President, Obama's interest now The Wall Street Journal, is reporting this, today quote the, Associates, of mr. struck and Miss Paige said that exchange, referred, to the president's, wanting information on Russia election, meddling which, the FBI was heavily involved with in over, that period, we're gonna talk more about that and the rest of those texts coming up meanwhile, former Vice President Joe Biden's cross-country.

Tour On his book included. This week a stop right here in Washington, and the keynote address of the Democratic retreats on Capitol, Hill chief, national course when event memory joins us with a look at how the former veep as well as others. From the Obama administration, and now fueling 2020, presidential, speculation. Great decision, and interesting, that as we learn more shocking, details about, what the obama-biden, administration was, doing on the way out the door in terms of surveillance of people tied to the incoming administration the. Former vice president, today charged that it's President Trump who in his words is doing, great damage to the country, Biden, rallying, House Democrats, promising, he would spend as much, as he could this summer and fall helping, them try, and take back the house and maybe even the Senate from Republicans, in those 2018, midterms, at least one lawmaker urged him to look further ahead yelling, out run Joe run even. Though remember Biden, could be a gaffe machine, from time to time in his political career he said no no no to talk about the White House even though he sounded, like someone who was sharpening, his attack lines for a potential, 2020, matchups, likening. The president to what he called a neighborhood, bully in charging, he's doing great damage to the country. He's. In the process of shredding. Some. Of our core, values you know. Things. That institutions. That I never. Thought we'd ever be talking about that are in jeopardy, I mean. There's an all-out attack on, the guys wearing, the striped shirts the. Press and, the courts, it. Is a. Technique. That's been used repeatedly. Throughout, history by. Those who want, to, clear. The field so they're in a position to be able to abuse power you, can see Biden believes the whole point is to run hard to the left you see this crowded, field of potential Democratic candidates. Like Bernie Sanders camallo. Harris there's also been buzz about representative, Joe Kennedy, though his, chapstick, issue during the official response to the State of Union might, a dampen that while former Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder today, told, reporters he'll decide on a bid by the end of the year but again Holder. Was under fire throughout his tenure during. The Obama administration, and at a time when decisions made. At the Obama Justice Department and FBI are very much under the microscope that is, gonna would make him someone. Very controversial let's say in a general election Shannon, but maybe the very reason why he fires up people on the left yeah they're gonna really want to back him on all these things, he, went bearing an interesting, different mix. I'm very close to the phone president as well. All, right so maybe, they join the ticket together nothing, good do you do all right Biden's address interrupting, the house Minority, Leader today during her record-breaking. Speech. You. Guys. Okay. With more on that and all the other happenings on Capitol Hill today we now are joined by Fox News senior, Capitol Hill producer all right Chad, okay something happened in the Senate but the house is very much in play now do they, avoid a shutdown this, time tomorrow night yeah, this is going to be cutting it close tomorrow night Shannon the government would close at 11:59, 59. Tomorrow night the Senate has this bill and there seems to be a lot more support, in the Senate to move this bill which would fund the government through March 23rd, and lift the spending, caps for both defense, and non-defense, domestic. Spending that's a big deal to get both Democrats, and Republicans, on board there is no docket, in this package, this will get through the Senate probably, sometime tomorrow and then it goes to the House of Representatives, where the fate is a little less clear the problem, even though there are those, non-defense. Spending increases. In the bill is no, daka this, is an issue that is you. Know near and dear to liberals in the House of Representatives and the problem is is that liberals, in the house are going to have to make up the difference from. Republicans, who aren't going to vote for the bill keep, in mind that conservatives, like the house freedom caucus who, are going to oppose this piece of legislation they, say wait a minute it lifts all those spending. Caps on the things that we don't like so we're not going to vote for it usually, Democrats, would have to fill in the void and that's why people don't know what this vote mixture, is going to look like in the House of Representatives since, there is no daca fix to court Democrats.

All. Right so Chad, Nancy Pelosi today setting a record speaking, on the House floor about daca but technically. There aren't really filibusters. On the house side right that's just a Senate thing that's right there's no such thing as a filibuster, but there is something called a magic minute, in the House of Representatives it's, a special prerogative that's, afforded, to the Speaker of the House and other leaders, where they can basically speak, for as long as they like and the, Minority, Leader Nancy Pelosi took advantage of that eight, hours, and seven minutes she did it wearing these shoes still Leto heals the entire time and in fact she bested, the record set by champ Clark former, Speaker of the House from Missouri in 1909, he spoke for 5 hours and 15, minutes we don't think he was wearing stilettos, though but, there was some criticism of, Pelosi from, some members of her caucus, saying wait a minute this was just about her were afraid you're going to lead us into another government, shutdown meantime. Other people were saying you know wait a minute you know she is 78, years old at next month and this was solidifying, her position, among, Democrats. Chad. Always on it we'll see, if we see you tomorrow night from that seat I think we're gonna be here pretty, late I think the Senate probably in the late afternoon and the house probably close to midnight if not slipping, a little bit past that midnight deadline tomorrow night the House of. Representative. Today, thank you very much as always anytime. All right president Trump is a big fan of parades and of our military, and after watching Frances, Bastille Day event, last year with French president and Manuel McCrone he, says he wants one here in Washington, but a lot of folks not fans of that they want to rain on president's, parade Peter. Doocy joins us now with more on this good evening Peter good evening Shannon, this afternoon, defense. Secretary James Madison, once said a couple, years ago be polite be professional, but have a plan to, kill everybody a meet confirmed. That the Pentagon is making a different kind of plan at the President's, request for. A parade, I think. We're all aware in this country of, the president's, affection. And respect for, the military, we've. Been putting, together some, options, we'll send them up to the White House for. Decision, and. It wouldn't be a first the Pentagon pulled off a big parade in DC less than 30 years ago to celebrate victory in the Gulf War in 1991. Maybe, that's the best sneak peek at what the president is trying to organize now then, there, were fighter jets flying over tanks rolling past the monuments, and President, George HW Bush. Watching. From a grand stand, before that some of the largest scale military parades, in the u.s. came during, the Cold War, like in 1953. When World War two hero Dwight Eisenhower. Was sworn in as president or in 1961. When, John F Kennedy celebrated. His inauguration. But it was the parade in pair that peaked president, Trump's interest, he visited, on Bastille Day and later said that he liked that France was able to show off their military in, just, two hours today. Senator, Lindsey Graham tweeted. His support, he wrote my hope is this parade will not focus on military hardware but, on military. Service sacrifice, and, saying thank you to those who protect, our nation, but some, local leaders in DC not. On board with any of it. DC delegate to Congress Eleanor, Holmes Norton writes, this quote, a military, parade in DC, would shut down the nation's capital, and waste, taxpayer. Dollars, just, to feed Trump's, ego and, military. Analysts, aren't sure how, a parade would make America look to its enemies. We. Train and we fight and, we bear, the burdens, all around the world these other guys they do a lot more parading, than they do fighting, one. Big, thing that is still uncertain, though Shannon how much a parade like this could, cost hmm. Don't think it'll be cheap Peter. Doocy thanks for digging into that story for us Thanks. All, right an update on the story we brought you last November, Mike Hughes remember this guy he's a self-declared, flat, earther, he's, been trying to launch himself into the sky on a homemade rocket to prove that astronauts, have been lying about the shape of our planet, last, year the Bureau of Land Management forbid.

Him From launching his rocket on public property and then it broke down now Saturday he tried again and, we're told his rocket would not ignite he's not going to give up though so we will keep you updated on that story two, years ago this month candidate, Donald Trump said the judge presiding over a lawsuit against, Trump university would be biased, against him because, that judge was Mexican American and Trump was strong, on the border so, how's this for an erotic twist this Friday that very same Judge US, District Court Judge Gonzalo, Curiel, will, hear a case in San Diego affecting, the Trump administration's, ability to waive environmental, laws in the construction, of a border wall alarm. Police were called to a farm in Scotland over the weekend after reports, that a tiger, was on the loose once. Police arrived an hour-long standoff, ensued, with, what they thought was a wild, beast it turns out was. It just a big stuffed animal officials. Say they had a good laugh and said quote we, appreciate, that it was a false call made, with genuine good intent, well. He is making history Lukas Warren will be the first baby with Down syndrome to win the Gerber, baby photo, contest, out of a hundred and forty thousand, photos Lucas's, winning smile stole Gerber's hearts the CEO saying every year we choose the baby who best exemplifies Gerber's. Long-standing, heritage, of recognizing, that every baby is a girl bur baby and this year Lukas is the perfect fit the, Warren family will receive about fifty thousand dollars and his mother is hoping it would help increase. Acceptance. Of special-needs kids and you're gonna see a whole lot more of Lucas for months to come Oliver, Gerber's social, media platforms, still, to come more. On our top story about those newly revealed text, messages, between Peter, struck and Lisa page and how they're raising new questions over, what role then President, Obama may have played in the Russia FBI, probe, Ben, Shapiro is, here live and weighs in next, plus she, won more than a half billion, dollars. By hitting the Powerball jackpot but. She may risk her fortune in pursuit of her privacy. Now trace, Gallagher has that story and another. Obama administration. Official hints at a 20/20, run what, is next in his chapter, of government service will debates. More. Now on our top story newly released text, messages, between FBI, officials, Peter struck and Lisa Paige we're, raising new questions over, what role then President, Obama may have played in the months leading up to the 2016, election, Paige, tected, texted, struck in September, of 2016, saying, quote POTUS, wants to know everything, we're doing now that was around the time the FBI was about to end its investigation, into Hillary Clinton, and expand, its Russia probe so we don't really know what that's referring to Ben Shapiro is editor in chief of daily wire comm and the host of the Ben Shapiro show, great. To have you with us Ben what's your reaction to the new texts, I mean, it all depends on what the context, is so it seemed like the original context, people thought it had to do the clinton investigation, now it seems like the opposite has to do with general russian interference in the election but until we have the context, it's it's hard to know whether this is something important or not what we do know is that struck in Paige were motivated, against the president they didn't like the president how that manifested, in their behavior is, something unclear it's pretty clear by the way that the FBI and the DOJ were working hand in glove with top members of the Obama administration, with regards to the Hillary Clinton investigation, a lot earlier than this when it came to Loretta. Lynch for example working with James Comey it's hard to believe that the President of the United States would go on national television say, he didn't know anything about Hillary's private server at the same time that he was emailing her, at her private email, address, and obviously that was a serious problem I think for him and for the FBI and for the DOJ but as far as these specific, texts they may turn out to be nothing we just don't know yet all, right I want to play a little bit of what he told our Chris Wallace this is back in April, of 2016, as, a lot of these things were ramping, up here's what he said about getting, involved or not getting involved with investigations.

I, Do. Not talk. To the Attorney General about. Pending investigations. I do not talk to FBI directors, about, pending. Investigations. They, we. Have a strict, line. And. Always have maintained, it for presidents, just a button is up I guarantee it you I, guarantee, that there is no political, influence in any. Investigation. Conducted. By the Justice, Department for the FBI not, just in this case but in any case so. Ben do you take him at his word there. Yeah I mean and I didn't take him at his word you, know when he said it and I didn't take him at his word before these texts came out because there were other texts from page instruct talking specifically, about going, easy on Hillary, Clinton because she might be elected president to the United States so, this, this latest round of texts again seems, to me almost irrelevant I think it's the earlier texts that make more of a difference with regard to the Hillary investigation, meanwhile. We're getting new information today that relates. To the FISA applications. And warrants with regard to the, steel dossier, looking. Into quarter page we've gotten a lot more information now from this memo that came from senators Grassley and Graham outlining, not. Only what we'd heard in the house memo but it seems to add detail, to that and some texture to that as well what. Do you make of those. Revelations, that I mean they don't seem new but they seem like they seem to bolster the. Later memo that came out from the house Intel committee they. Do add some depth of accusation. And allegation, to the actual Lunas memo well what they essentially allege, is that there are Hillary Clinton advocates, friends, who are in Libya who are funneling information to, the State Department after Hillary Department, after Hillary left obviously but there were still people she'd worked with and the, State Department was then funneling that information, to Christopher, Steele who's then packaging, that information, and handing, it over to the FBI if, that's the case it looks like the State Department, was being used as a go-between for bad information pushed, forward by Hillary Clinton allies including perhaps Sidney, Blumenthal if Trey, Gowdy's implication, means anything, if, that's the case then one of two things could be true either there could be some sort of corruption inside the FBI the, FBI knew that this was bad info they didn't check it and they were so out to get the Trump campaign, they decided to open a FISA warrant on Carter page out of suspicion, and basically, just gin something up the other possibility, is that they were actually suspicious, of Trump they're actually suspicious, of Carter page and they, decided, to to cut, a few corners and use information they didn't know was completely, good in getting, the Carter page application, if that's the case if that's if that's what happened the latter thing then we actually have a broader problem with FISA applications. And FISA courts not just with, regard to this specific application. All right meanwhile and we're all hoping we get those spice applications, at some point because it would clear up a lot I mean while you I don't think it would be a good idea for the president to sit down with Special Counsel Muller as he is now moving, forward with his investigation you said this he, said no lawyer including, Jill Pesci, my cousin Vinnie with the full-on clown, velvet, suit which is one of my favorite visuals ever would, allow President Trump to get into a room with Robert Muller it would be the height of stupidity to, do this but he is chomping at the bit to do it you know that well.

I Mean if the lawyers have to take him down to the basement of the White House and physically change them up to prevent them from talking to Muller I would recommend that beyond the table so long as they don't violate his consent in any way because that would be illegal but it, would be such a mistake just as a lawyer it would be such a mistake to put somebody like President Trump who likes to blow v-eight who likes to exaggerate who, likes to say that everything is the biggest the strongest the best that you just the most incredible put, that in front of a trained lawyer like Robert, Muller a trained investigator like, Robert Muller who's going to sit there trying to pick apart statements, but Bill Clinton was a very good lawyer in a very smart guy when it came to manipulating language and he got caught in a perjury trap by a special investigator, it's, not hard to see how President, Trump gets caught in some sort of perjury trap or obstruction trap by the FBI Ben. Shapiro thank you very much by the way I'm gonna have to check out my cousin Minnie again this weekend just some of the best courtroom scenes ever in history you've been Thanks absolutely, thanks so much all right coming up a New Hampshire woman is fighting to keep her identity secret, after winning a. 560, million dollar Powerball, jackpot, but could, her fight for privacy, end up costing her, everything. In just, days before the opening of the Olympic Games in South Korea vice, president, Mike Pence meets with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a in Japan wolf leaders vowing, to keep up the pressure on North Korea much. More after the break. A New. Hampshire woman, who won a half a billion dollar, Powerball, jackpot, is fighting to remain anonymous but, legally, she, might have made a really big mistake and that could be now a challenge. For her trace Gallagher has, more, trace. Yikes then may be good advice for the rest of us for when we win the Powerball. Yeah. Yikes indeed Shannon the woman who won the five hundred sixty million dollar Powerball, Lotto was a longtime resident of Merrimack, New Hampshire she's well known in the community very, involved and she wants to remain anonymous because, of safety concerns and, so, that she can walk down the street without being harassed or solicited, but here's the problem when, the woman found out she won the lotto her first instinct, was to protect her half, billion dollar piece of paper so she, went to the lotto website, and followed the rules by putting her name and address on the back of the ticket she, then put the ticket in a safe and called a lawyer the, lawyer told, her if she wanted to preserve, her privacy, she, would need to set up a trust and have the trust signed, the ticket but when the attorney asked, the New Hampshire State lotto if the woman could use whiteout, to cover her name and address the. Lotto said no because that would invalidate, the, ticket the executive, director of the state lottery says he understands, that winning the lottery is a life-changing. Event and he, respects, the winners desire to remain anonymous but. New Hampshire, has a right, to know law and since, her name and information, is already, on the ticket, there's very little the lottery can do to maintain her anonymity the, woman who says she made a huge mistake has, now filed a lawsuit asking.

A Judge to withhold, her name but, a New York attorney who calls himself the lottery lawyer says, that she is facing very long, odds in court watch. But. I think that more likely they're gonna say you know when you buy a ticket you're. Waiving your right to privacy you understand it you know they still don't they don't disclose her her address they don't disclose her social security number or financial information it's, really basically her name. Just. Her name but apparently in Merrimack New Hampshire, everybody, knows your name the, court date by the way is set for February 21st. Win, or lose she still wins the. Money either, a lump sum payment of three hundred fifty eight million or, she can spread, the payments over 30 years like eight million bucks, it goes up from there by a new identity right, I mean. An island disappear I don't know all, right tres thank you very much really interesting case we'll stay on it all. Right openly gay Olympic, figure skater Adam Griffin wants no part in the traditional, meet and greet between the official US delegation led, by Vice President Mike Pence and US athletes just before, the opening ceremonies, in a, telephone interview with, USA Today newspaper Ripon, said you. Mean Mike Pence the same Mike Pence that funded gay conversion therapy I'm, not buying it the, fact-checking, sites nope says the Pence is never publicly, advocated gay conversion therapy but, once, supported the use of federal funding to treat people quote seeking, to change their sexual behavior The. Olympian didn't, completely close the door though saying he'd consider, meeting with the vice president after, he's finished competing. Well. The vice president has been busy touring Tokyo and touting Trump administration sanctions. On North Korea but next, up on his trip through South Asia he participates, in an act of diplomacy leading. The US delegation to, the Pyeongchang. Olympic, Games correspondent. Benjamin Hall has details. 280. North Koreans, arrived in Pyeongchang today, ahead, of the Winter Olympics, a symbol. Of the strong diplomatic push, by the two countries. But, in nearby Japan, vice-president, pence kept the focus firmly, on the threat posed by the rogue regime I'm announcing today that the United States of America, will soon unveil, the toughest, and most, aggressive round, of economic sanctions on North, Korea ever, and, we.

Will Continue to isolate North, Korea until. It abandons, its nuclear and, ballistic missile. Program vice president pence said the purpose of his trip to Asia was, to ensure that the north didn't hijack the games and he promised, an increase in US military aid on Wednesday. North Korea announced that the sister of Kim jong-un kim, yo-jong, would be part of the Olympic delegation, the, 28 year olds will be the first immediate, Kim family member to cross the border since the Korean War skeptics. Say the north are using the Olympics to buy time advance, their missile technology, and drive a wedge between South, Korea and the u.s. we're not playing into their hands because we, know what, they're up to and we're going right back to our training exercises, after these after. The Olympics are over and putting, maximum, pressure on North Korea South, Korea though seemed intent, on using the games to ease tensions, and have already hosted, a celebratory banquet for, 229. Members of the North Korean cheerleading, squad vice president pence now heads to South Korea, where he will lead the US delegation of, the opening ceremonies, on Friday as for. Speculation, that he might meet North Korean officials pence said only that he hadn't made a request that, he would see what happens, Shannen, all, right Benjamin Hall thank you very much, a newly. Declassified criminal. Referral, by senators Grassley and Graham appears to back up the controversial, FISA memo from Republican, Devin Nunez we're gonna break it all down for you all the details next and later Eric. Holder for President. Obama's. Attorney General hinting at a possible 2020. Run from the White House our, political panel is ready to debate that. New. Information tonight on government, surveillance tied to the so-called dirty, dossier, a newly. Declassified criminal. Referral, sent by Republican, senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham appears. To mirror the controversial, FISA memo, written by Republicans. On the House Intelligence. First. île the author of the controversial, and unverified, Trump dossier, to, the FBI for further investigation. The senators say they reviewed conflicting, statements from, Steele, there. Are inconsistencies. One. Or two things either, he lied in, London, or he lied to the FBI or, the. Point, was that if, that did happen then. This is something the. Face. Of judges, should know before they issued, a. Warrant. To. Track American. Citizens, all. Right let's talk about it with our own expert, constitutional. Attorney Ed pozzuoli joins, us now live ed great to have you with us, good, evening Shannon, how are you I'm very good but listen I've learned some, things there. Are some additional material in this memo this is back from January so this was written well before the house Intel, committee came up with their own memo, that they put together that.

Has Now been released publicly it. Does talk about the fact that the dossier was the bulk of the FISA applications. That they went to this, judge and said we need to get it most of it was the dossier a significant. Portion is another language a, section. Of language that they use so, it sounds like according. To these senators the allegations, made by the house that this dossier that was unverified, by the FBI. Was. The, majority of what they went to the court with and said this is why we need to be able to track harder page so. The Grassley, Graham letter gives us three things that we now know one. It supports, the house memo, that was released last week by. Representative, Nunez two, that. It it clearly, the application. Itself relies, heavily on, the. Dossier, which we know is false, unn collaborated. All kinds of issues with that and three, they particularly relied, on the credibility of the, author of the dossier, mr.. Steele without, disclosing, that mr. Steele and the dossier were, bought paid for by the Hillary campaign and that, presents real problems so we can conclude that the. FISA Court was likely. Substantially. Misled, by. By, the FBI, and that is a really, big problem putting, in context, the power and. The authority that, the FISA Court has, to, surveil, foreign. Agents. And governments, when they're dealing with with, espionage. Or treason, we don't have any of that here Shannon yeah, and there's so much we don't know and these applications, sometimes are very voluminous. It would be helpful and it would be difficult there probably be plenty of redactions but i think a lot of folks out there have questions and it would be helpful to see the applications, there were multiple applications. So we'll have to see in the meantime something, else in this Grassley Graham memo gets to the fact that we were told that Steele, was passionate, about Trump. Not becoming, president, here's something else we found the, FBI, noted, in one of these applications that it had suspended, its relationship, with mr. Steele on October 2016, because, of Steele's quote unauthorized, disclosure, of information to the press the. FBI, relayed, that Steele had been bothered, by the FBI's, notification. To Congress in October 2016. About, the reopening of the Clinton investigation, so apparently, what the FBI said is listen we cut this guy off because he was so mad that the Hillary Clinton email investigation, was reopened when all those thousands of emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop. Were discovered, that he decided to break all of our agreements, and go to the press I mean this guy clearly seems to have very specific motivation. Not. Only motivations, but the fact that the FBI heavily. Relied on his, credibility, not, just the dossier, Steele's. Credibility. In the initial application and then subsequent. Applications. Extensions, of the, surveillance, on on Carter page what's, more important, is that the offer that the FBI came to the FISA Court as officers. Of the court Shannon, it wasn't, an adversary, it's a non adversarial situation. There's no defense counsel, there they come as officers, of the court it's all ex parte, it gives the court tremendous, power but the court has to rely on what the FBI brings, them and when the court can't do that the whole system breaks down and the power with the great power comes great, responsibility I, would say this I saw a Washington, Post the, movie, this weekend and the 1970s. Washington, Post would be all over this Shannon but today for some reason they're not yeah it's interesting and, something, else they're not talking about is the fact that it, says, in October, of 2016 there was another memo, that Steele, put together and he says it came through foreign sources that came through a Clinton associate. That came through the State Department, was then fed to steel Kimberly. Joselow The Wall Street Journal had several, tweets about what we learned in this Grassley gram memo she said this it provides, evidence, that steel was getting, information from, the Clinton team itself via, the State Department, so now not, only do we have a dossier based on an unnamed, on unnamed, shady Russians but on Sidney Blumenthal how, much of this was engineered by the Clinton campaign from the start and maybe, it wasn't but those are questions that need to be answered, but. It goes back in at you trouble every any every American, the abuse of power, that occurs here when you're having an a political. Operative, feeding. Information, which is then used to put together a dossier which, is then relied upon by, a presented. By the FBI to a FISA Court as if it were fact and and, none of that has disclosed, to the court and then the awesome, power of the federal government is used to surveil America, an American citizen, it's just flat-out wrong and and very unamerican, and against, the violates our constitution, in many ways well, I look forward to seeing the Democrats memo if it's ultimately released because there are still, things to be filled in and it would be very helpful I think for Americans to see all of it so, hopefully we will Eadie thank you very much Thank.

You Shannon our former attorney General Eric Holder was one of the most controversial. Figures during, his time in the Obama administration now. He's been asked about a possible, run for presidents, we'll bring you his answer right after this break. I'll, see I'm, focused on NDRC, at this point but I think I'll make a decision by the end of the year about whether. Or not there's another. Chapter in my government service President. Wilson. Mmm. That's, former attorney General Eric Holder he, is not ruling out a 2020, run for the White House just, one of the many familiar faces within, the Democratic, Party considering, a presidential, bid so let's talk about it with our panel Fox News contributor jammu green and radio, show host Larry O'Connor, great SIBO hi good to be here. Jammu do you like this idea or not oh. My. God Shannon isn't it too early to be talking about 22. Eric. Holder clearly, has the public service chops to you know be a contender, in the 20/20, lineup and his, you know basically, bromance. With President, Obama could give him a leg up if there's even a perceived. Level, of support. I think, his biggest, advantage. Would be the work that he's doing actually, to reverse the the cheating, that Republicans, have gotten away with through Jerry man Dean and his focusing, on redistricting that's, gonna play well with, rank-and-file, democrats but. As, it relates to 2020, they're, probably gonna be more democrats, on that stage than at any other time in my lifetime I, hope. That it is at least 50% woman, women so go, Eric but let's get some more women, up there along, with Kamala, Kirsten. Gillibrand and. And others who are thinking about it as well I'm pretty sure they're all gonna be in the mix as well but I want to play a little bit of something that he said also, about who he thinks, is qualified, to be President and I'll get your reaction Larry every day, would. You make a better president I think any one of my kids would make a better president and, then, done than Donald Trump Larry. I've. Never met his kids so, I'm gonna reserve judgment there. Let, me get this straight because, the Democrats, couldn't get Oprah they got a guy who was a spittin image of Oprah's boyfriend, have you noticed he looks just like Stedman. Until. You mention it. But I have, to say - I mean I think that he's still in contempt of Congress I don't know your approaches, go away yeah, listen I, don't know what it means to run Shannon I've been watching your incredible show tonight and all of the things that we're learning about the Department of Justice, that happened in the eight years of the holder Loretta Lynch era are, infuriating. To so many Americans I would love for that to be front and center and the number one issue in the 2020 election Jim you would like to think that it's gonna be all about gerrymandering and by the way al fix gerrymandering, versus, make America great again I think one, wins over the other in terms of what speaks to the American people yeah, it's. Gonna make a big difference listen I would love to run on the abuse, of power and the, complete. Problems, that we've seen from the Department of Justice and have that be front and center in 2014. The. Thing that he said that was most interesting, in his interview is that these attacks on the FBI and the long-term implications. They can have on the FBI's ability, to actually hold criminals accountable, with juries who are not going to be trusting the FBI so you know there's an argument on that side that is really, core to how, our, agencies.

Are Going to be able to function under so much attack that were so there should be no criticism. Of the Justice Department the FBI if there's gross negligence, you know there was a time when Democrats, actually wanted, oversight, of our administration. And of the. Good. You can agree on that now let's go to our next topic and see if you agree on this because we're talking about some positive signs after some. Really tough polling for the Republicans, and for the White House we're now seeing this. 18 point advantage Democrats. Had in the generic, congressional, ballot that's, huge in December now it's down to just five points also. President, Trump's approval ratings are up 10 points in one month now. Larry. I'll start with you does the GOP, risk over playing what they're seeing there I mean the midterms are long ways away yeah or the, Democrats who are downplaying all of this are, they missing a potential, red, flag for them November. Is a lifetime, away and anything, can happen and listen it's a miracle that it's this close right now for Republicans considering, historic trends for, the ad the. Incumbents, party after, two years after a presidential, election that said I think there are two lessons here the first for the Republicans, they, you know got over all of the the media narrative that Trump is the next, thing closest, to Hitler and he's gonna be gone in a couple of months that was the first six months of his presidency they actually put that all aside they got some stuff done toward the end and look it actually helps the country and it helps the party but secondly more importantly I think it's the lesson the Democrats should learn you know if jammu if you had won the DNC, chair a race. That you were you, ran for I think the messaging, would have been a lot clearer about the Democrats telling the American people what. They were gonna do for them what we've heard from Democrats, for the entire year is Trump. Russia collusion. Hillary should have been there that may help the bruised ego of Hillary Clinton but it doesn't tell the average American voter what the Democrats, stand for and I still don't know what the Democrats stand for other than hating really, quickly and I want to give jammu a chance to respond.

To This we heard from a couple of congressmen former, and current today Democrats talking about where we're going from here Congressman. Tony core Dania said this he, says he's really good at height but the bottom line is that as the truth shakes out people are going to see that the president makes a lot of promises but keeps, very few of them come November, people are going to realize that he hasn't really been working very hard for, the average American, family now jammu you know people right now are getting bigger paychecks, and some of them millions of them are getting bonuses, as well is. That all going to be out of their minds by November and they'll be focused on other things look. There's no question Shannon. That Democrats, have to hone our economic, messaging, especially, as it relates to the middle class and, we've got some work to do on that but guess what not, only do we have history on our side we have enthusiasm on, that side a few, days ago in deep-red, Missouri, in a state, Rep race that Democrats, hadn't even like put up a candidate, in the past election we, took that seat and we. Have Democrats. Who are out hustling. The, incumbent. Congressman. That, they're running against, in these districts, as, it relates to fundraising, where, something. Like 80 Democrats. Income. You're challenging, incumbents, have, raised over. 250,000. Dollars actually by the end of 2017. These, these are unheard-of, numbers. Especially as, it relates to the new first-time candidates, I am concerned, on this point though well there's a lot of Democrats, in these prime. Working, to you know get the nomination or you can't beat each other up we, can't, like spend all of our money we have to keep our eyes on the prize and so hopefully they figured that out we got to leave out our chickens, before they, hatch it's always good advice on both sides of the owl great, to have both of you Jammu and Larry thank you for joining us come. Down to DC we'll do it live we'll. Do it live. All. Right a couple of decades ago compact. Discs, wowed us all by playing recording, studio quality music, with futuristic, lasers, but now forget, that the digital age has caught up to the CDs details. On that just ahead.

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