Fox News @ Night (HD)/4/5/19 Fox News Friday, April 5, 2019

Fox News @ Night (HD)/4/5/19 Fox News Friday, April 5, 2019

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I'm shannon bream in washington, this is the Fox News Alert the, country is full. That's what President Trump is declaring, as he tours the southern border tonight the, president also praising Mexico, for getting tougher, with apprehensions, on its southern, border stick, around for highlights from the president's trip former. Vice President Joe Biden makes, his first public, appearance since being accused by multiple, women of inappropriate, physical contact, and, he's cracking jokes about the incidents, Plus. Congresswoman, Alexandria Castillo Cortes, lurches, even further to, the left backing. A new anti-capitalist. Media outlets, are the 2020 Democratic, presidential hopefuls, also on board well. Let's start tonight with President Trump the southern border correspond a trace Gallagher has the very latest trace. Good. Evening Shannon the Calexico, border crossing is 80 miles east of San Diego an area of open desert today, President, Trump toured a two-mile stretch of a 30 foot border fence that has been rebuilt, the, president, is using the fence to illustrate, his promise, that the wall is under way watch it looks great it's better and much more effective, than the previous wall and we. Actually can do it faster, and it's it's. Less expensive if you can believe it so it's better faster. And less expensive when. The president declared a national emergency at the border it opened access to 3 billion of the 5.6. Billion he requested, to build the wall this, week mr. Trump threatened, to close the entire border, if Mexico, and, Congress, failed to slow the flow of migrants now. The president, has backed off that threat, telling, officials, at a roundtable, discussion that. Mexico, is coming, through I'm totally, willing to close the border but, Mexico, of the last four days has done more than they've ever done there apprehending. People. Now by the thousands. And bringing it back to their countries, today the president was surrounded, by authorities, and supporters. He even tweeted a 16, second, video showing crowds, in Calexico cheering. And waving American flags, the. Trip did come with a bit of confusion, when, word began spreading that the president, would withdraw the nomination of longtime, border official, Ron Vitello, to, lead immigration, and customs enforcement. At first, DHS. Officials thought it was a must, until. The president, confirmed it. But. We're going in a tougher direction. Vitello. Graciously, responded, by thanking, the president for his dedication, to securing, the border there, was not nearly as much deference from some Democratic, 2020, presidential, contenders, who, compared the administration's. Stance on immigration with. The Third Reich Watch calling. Human beings an infestation. Is, something that we might have expected to hear in Nazi Germany it's clear what he's trying to do the president has tried to do is to dehumanize, - otherwise. These. Immigrants, finally, the President had a message for migrants, saying we, can't take you anymore I'm sorry, but. Our country is full. Shannon. All right trace Gallagher, out west in LA thank you all right you heard it 2020, contender Beto O'Rourke, impairing president, Trump's immigration rhetoric. To that of Nazi, Germany joining. Me now to debate former Washington Post mag editor Kathy aru and former, acting ice director of Fox News contributor Tom Holman welcome to you both. Thank. You okay, so, 2020. Contender another one who, Leon Castro, also says that he agrees with better O'Rourke and what he said this. Is what he added to that. It's. Very clear that we have a president, who was bound and determined to, do. Dehumanize. People to create a fear and paranoia about, them in order, to look to boost his own political fortunes. Tom. That is what, he said was one of the strategies the Nazis employed. Unlucky. When they compared you know the, administration, to Nazis, and he. Said he just do his homework I mean he wants to be President he needs to study what. Barbara does and why Isis, in fact ice, has an entire division that's. Dedicated, to the investigation, the apprehension, and removal, of war criminals we, removed.

Many Nazi. War criminal, the past few years and we removed, hundreds, of people. Who are wanted in their home country for atrocious. Crimes. Human, rights violators we. Do a lot of that work so you ought to study what ice does before he says, things that are so insulting. To, men and women who put their lives on the line for this country every, day and, the, last thing they need to be called Nazis and, racists. And anti-immigrant. It's just insulting, to the men and women who stand up to this country on a daily basis, yeah and Cathy it seems that most of those comments were directed primarily at the President himself the. Zionist Organization, of America tweeted this saying they, condemn this type of hateful and ignorant rhetoric, in the strongest, possible terms mr.. O'roarke, should immediately apologized. For his willful, trivialization. Of the Holocaust ever ok. For, anyone to evoke that symbolism Cathy. Well. The. Words are so harsh but we have twenty contenders, who are gonna say the worst things possible to sound the most anti Trump so, I think comparing Trump to Nazi. Germany to, that time it's, definitely probably the worst thing you could say about Trump, so these guys got themselves, on the map now we have 18 others that are gonna probably try to outdo that but. They're comparing, the words of this president to the words of a leader in the past that, was a scary, and evoked, hatred, so, I think that's what they were trying to say and it was very outlandish and. Got attention and right now it's all about 2020, sadly, yeah and people are definitely, trying to grab headlines and they seem like they're all trying to trying to outdo each other is often the case in primaries on the left and the right but. Something else getting attention our own Lawrence Jones who has been down reporting, at the border and, he has taken some heat because of the way that he was dressed and what he was wearing. Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez the congresswoman, tweeted a picture of him with this vest on retweeted, something and said does, live from, the border mean Party City Fox, is really out here doing the most on a budget to make the border look more dangerous than, it is Tom, he says the Border Patrol agents with him said you're, my responsibility you're, wearing the best. That's. That's that's a regulation, that's a rule more mature has the same rule ice does and we have ride-alongs, look. Our job is dangerous that's why there's 200 names on the national, law. Enforcement memorial in washington DC. Borlase's, have died defending the border ice agents have died that's why we're vesting guns so, the regulation, is if we have a right longer or medium with us they're required yes, what, I would say is a costume Cortese you know I think, the borders a lot Dammers dangerous, in the halls of Congress every, time I go up to the Capitol Hill where she sits and works she's, surrounded by hundreds, of Capitol police metal.

Detectors, To protect her and I, haven't seen any criminal cartels, operating, within the halls of the Capitol Hill but, she's protected, so you know it's again is shameful, that a politician, would would, do something like this you know it's a dangerous job and she if she don't understand, that then, shame on her I know she's only been the congressman, for three congressmen for three months but you know do you homework this is a dangerous job these men and women put their lives on the line and people die doing, this job yeah, I mean Kathy that's factual do, you think that the dispute over whether there's actual danger at the border of not or not is simply, partisan, or why the divided, over defining. Exactly what's going on down there. Well. It's definitely gotten partisan, everyone wants a chunk of that Hispanic, vote and right now they're the the fastest-growing, voting. Bloc in our country, and they're, young it's a young group so once, you get them young they're probably gonna stay Democrat or Republican and. You, don't exactly know what they're gonna do who they're gonna vote for so they're trying definitely, to establish, themselves as very. Pro Latino, Pro Hispanic, so the border has a lot to do with that but, Acacio Cortes making fun of Lawrence. Jones. He's. A friend he's a good guy and I think they told him to wear the vest this is what he said he was told to wear that vest but. We've. Crossed the border I've crossed that border I have friends who have worked, on the border as. Agents. And it, could be dangerous and places but other places you don't need the vest so I'm not sure where he was standing but. No. Picking fights on Twitter it's definitely not the way to go if you're a politician. It's. A little tacky it seems, it seems the 2019, way things are going though although all, sides agree that there is much to be done when it comes to the border we're. Looking at you Congress all right Kathy Tom thank you both very much. Thank. You all, right president Trump's new lawyer William con Savoy is urging the IRS tonight to reject, Democratic, demands for, his tax returns until, the Justice Department, issues legal guidance can't, avoid citing, a legal opinion once, authored by now just, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, says, taxpayer privacy, is fundamental. To our current system presidents. Trump we're also saying Chairman. Neal's request, is not about, examining IRS policy, it is about, scoring political points against.

President Trump, well. In what's being called a shock to so-called global, elites, one of president Trump's top economic, advisors, is now the president. Of the World Bank, David, Malpass worked with the Trump campaign in 2016, and tonight's. He's officially in charge of the global finance institution, which he's criticized, in the past for being too big. Former. Vice President Joe Biden making, his first public appearance today since several women have come forward alleging. Uncomfortable, encounters, and he actually cracked a few jokes about the complaints, which didn't set well with, at least one of his accusers of course wanted David's punt was there with the vice president today hey David hey Shannon good evening to you will listen this was his first appearance and he didn't waste any time at, all when, it came to addressing this in front of a large Union crowd here, in Washington. Now he's been speaking to unions for years so he was really on friendly. Turret. When he came outside in front of news cameras, that's when the tough questions, came I. Just. Want you to know I had. Permission to hug Lonnie. Former. Vice President Joe Biden poking. Fun at the recent criticism, over his inappropriate, touching, Biden. Addressed the International, Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, on, Friday and while he praised the Union he also brought the conversation back to the latest headlines featuring. His name by, the way he gave me permission to touch upon. Eight. Women have come forward in the last week accusing. The former VP of unwanted, touching following. His remarks on stage he, became more measured after the event I'm not sorry for any, of my intentions, I'm, not sorry for anything that, I I've, never been. Disrespectful. Intentionally. To. A man or woman the first woman to kick off the recent accusations, responded. Forcefully, on Twitter lucy flores tweeting quote to make light of something as serious as consent, degrades, the conversation. Women everywhere, are courageously. Trying to have earlier. In the day President Trump was asked about Biden's, tough week he's going, through a situation let's, see what happens, I just don't see him as a threat. Those. Comments came after the president, spent the last few days taunting, Biden on social, media and in, speeches what's, your reaction to president Trump taunting. You on Twitter what. Do you have to say to him wellthank surprised me he doesn't, have time to do his job. When. Asked about a 2020, run for the White House the former vice president, gave this cagey, response, I'm, told by. The. Lawyers but I've, got to be careful what I say so. That I don't start. A clock, ticking. And change, my status but. It. Is, I am very close to, making the decision to stand, before you all relatively, soon. The. Former vice president, certainly sounds like he'll be a candidate, it may just be a matter of when one, thing we can tell you for sure he said that if he does announce, he wants to be the, last, person to announce and presumably when he's talking about attorneys he's talking about campaign, attorneys, hmm. The last to announce there's a huge potential, field out there I know more people announcing, constantly, all right well he certainly sounds like he's just about there all right David nice job thank you all. Right is jockeying, for kingmaker, Al Sharpton's, endorsement, and veering hard left on issues, the right strategy, for 2020. Democrats the one they believe, will win them back the White House our, power panel breaks it down next. Major. Developments, tonight coming out of the so called al Sharpton primary, where Democrats, hoping to score the 2020 nomination, are staking, out their positions, on issues like reparations. For slavery of, course Donna Leland Villard has the very latest there. Are all kinds of topics today oh yeah they covered the whole gambit, everybody, paid homage to Reverend al that was for sure yeah. That's part of the deal of showing up on a day of strong job numbers and continuing. A bull run of the markets Democratic. Candidates courting members of Al Sharpton's, National, Action Network seem, to agree. Universally. That. America, is in bad shape. There. Is something, fundamentally wrong, in, this nation, justice, means. Recognizing. Domestic. Terrorism. Including. White, nationalist. Extremism, the old Jim Crow is now a new, Jim Crow president, Trump is tearing. The moral, fabric of this, country apart. And. They have big ideas on how to fix it with your, tax money in fact, it appeared no government program was. Too ambitious or too expensive for, consideration. We. Are going to create a Medicare, for All single-payer, program. Health, care is a human right not a privilege I have proposed, what. Will be the first in the history of our country. Federal. Investment. In closing. Teacher pays if you are elected, president and, such a bill was passed would.

You Signed the bill for reparations, yes, I would, all. Right well warned briefly, mentioned. Taking. The wealthiest Americans, and taxing them to, pay for her plan to provide child. Care for, free Sharpton. Drew a full dozen, 2020. Hopefuls for his convention who, universally, praised the Reverend trash the president, and lamented the gaps in black, wealth and home ownership essentially, saying the stats President Trump has pointed to don't matter some. Of those stats the unemployment rate for African Americans has dropped from seven point nine percent to six point seven and the average weekly income is up thirty-seven. Dollars if, that. Is all that happened at Sharpton's, convention, it would have to change the political conversation, but. The 2020 hopefuls weren't the only speakers. Alexandria. Ocasio, Cortez took the stage and as, my grandmother, would say don't. Listen to what she said, but. How she said it I'm. Proud. To be a bartender. Ain't. Nothing wrong with that. There's. Nothing wrong with working, retail folding. Clothes for other people to buy. There. Is nothing wrong with, preparing. The food that, your neighbors, will eat and. Twitter, went crazy with, some accusing, Cortez of using, a fake accent, that was both racist and patronizing, her, defenders, accusing, the accusers, of making it up and Cortez. Responding, quote it, is so hurtful to see how every aspect, of my life is weaponized. Against. Me whoever. You want the victim to be take your pick politics. Is ugly business isn't it yeah, welcome to Washington, all right thanks Leland all, right former Vice President Joe Biden did, not take the progressive, litmus test at the National Action Network and after, making jokes about his touchiness, he made clear he hopes to distance, himself from talk of socialism. The. Definition. Of, progressive, now seems to be changing it, is are you a socialist, well that's. A real progressive if you look at all the polling data. And look at the actual results the. Party, has not moved. Took. Away whatever how you crowd to want to characterize them whatever calculation, you just made the. Fact of the matter is the, vast majority of, the members of the Democratic, Party are still, basically, liberal. The. Moderate Democrat, alright let's talk about it was a nice power panel Fox News contributor Doug shown us, political editor of The Daily Mail David martes CO and attorney, Sylvester, Smith welcome to all of you thank. You okay so here's the last part of what he said is that the vast majority of Democrats are still liberal, moderate. Democrats, he doesn't think most of the folks out there who would be voting or classify themselves as Democrats are, down with all the super left stuff so David that.

Seems To be though unless he gets in that seems to be where most of the field is well. Of course this is what happens during a primary is you know the candidates in either party run toward the fringes and then they have to scramble back toward the center during a general election whoever gets nominated but, all this talk about slavery, reparations it's. It's a little bit like the green New Deal it's completely, safe for, the people on the fringes of the Democratic Party to endorse it now because it is never going to happen you, know we don't hold. People responsible for, the sins of their great great great great grandparents, and so. That's not gonna happen neither is the green New Deal and neither is a single-payer, health plan so these folks can run to the left but Joe is right Joe Biden is right about this most, Democrats don't want the far left flavor of what their party's primary, is offering, and that's, why Joe Biden is probably gonna wait until the end to get in and he's gonna be seen as the centrist, voice of reason in the Democratic, primaries well and to that point Doug this was what, Pat Buchanan who once ran himself for more than once for president said this he. Says as of today the, unannounced frontrunner Joe Biden who is taking fire from many quarters appears to be the last man standing between. Sanders, socialism. And the Democratic, nomination Doug. Well. It is clear Shannon, that, the activist. Base. Of the Democratic, Party the, donors, those, who work, in campaigns, and frankly. Those, who speak the loudest are on, the far left many, being socialists, it's also true, that there, is a sort, of silent majority, in the, middle of moderate, liberals, but, they're not the ones speaking, out I think Joe, Biden who in a poll this week was 20, points or more ahead of President, Trump would be an ideal, nominee. But I think it's gonna be very tough to nominate, him given the attacks, he's, already taken, and what is sure to come and I think what's even worse is he knows that's gonna, happen which is why I think he's, delayed his announcement, as long as he has, I mean Sylvester what do you make of this because we heard a lot as, Doug brought up or, as, David did talk about reparations.

But Also we've heard about abolishing ice the electoral college getting, rid of the Senate, legislative. Filibuster, or packing SCOTUS the green New Deal open borders the, list goes on and on I mean are all, those candidates running to the left gonna split, the vote and there may be somebody like Biden does come in and take, the middle of the party with him well. It seems to me if someone who's been watching this that these ultra. Liberal candidates, are getting most of their ideas, 90, miles south of Florida and Cuba and Castro's, Cuba and so, those ideas, just are not gonna play in mainstream America, in 2019. Americans. Are people who believe in working, hard for a hearth a hard state day's pay earning. What you get and. Making. This country the best that they can be and so attacking America, saying, that America, isn't great, saying that America has never been great those, are not arguments or ideas that are going to attract voters I don't believe Joe Biden, is the last man standing between. Americans, in in, socialism, I believe, the last man and woman standing against America America, between American socialism are, moderate. Voters out here in the middle of our country, the ones that made president Trump their president to begin with and so those are the people that I'm counting on to make sure that. Common. Sense rules the day well, in Dunc I mean you look at the numbers we see them new polls all the time that, show the younger generation, really doesn't have a negative impression of a lot of these ideas, the. Polling changes a bit when you ask people how you're going to pay for these things but, there are a lot of younger voters who say I wouldn't be uncomfortable, living in a socialist environment, or country I mean that's, definitely part of the conversation, with people who potentially are gonna go to the polls next fall. Absolutely. Chanin when you ask whether they prefer. Socialism. Or. Capitalism. I think a majority of Millennials. Prefer. Capital. I'm sorry socialism, and when you ask them how they want to pay they, want somebody. Else to with, the rich to, pay they, believe in redistribution. They don't believe in the kind of inclusive, economic. Growth the, Democratic, Party historically.

Has Been committed. To alright. David so how do Republicans run against that well. I think for now they sit back and wait for the Democrats to beat the living heck out of each other you know I asked President, Trump as he left the White House this morning about Joe Biden he, said Oh Joe's not a threat to me he's only a threat to himself and at this point all of these other Democrats, are really only threats to themselves even, Biden look at daily mail calm we got an exclusive advance, of Jill Biden's, memoir, coming out next month and she said when she met Joe Biden she was a little weirded out by the way he touched her this stuff is not gonna get better it's gonna get worse and we're, gonna find more and more things and when young voters learn for instance that, Kamala Harris's, great-great. Grandparents, and her grandparents. Were slave, owners in fact were some of the biggest slave owners in Jamaica, they're gonna look, at them a little bit different when they start looking at how much the green New Deal by cost they're gonna look at things a little bit different even young voters understand, this like I like to say the way to teach your kids about taxes, is to ask them to give up 30%, of their ice cream and the way you teach them about socialism, is to ask them to give the entire plate to their brother or sister well, and Sylvester all of us the first paycheck we ever got we learned the realities, of the fact that the government doesn't run for free I mean tax money is involved but for, a lot of young people they do seem to see the the role, of US government differently. Than maybe my generation of one before, oh that's. Absolutely, true and this new generation these Millennials, they. Are in, the game to get something for nothing and so that's something that conservative. Elected, officials and conservative conservative, politicians, need to be really mindful of how do we message to these people but can we go back to Al, Sharpton, ruling today for just one moment as. A, young man my grandfather always told me son be wary of men who wear perms how. Is it in America, in 2019, al Sharpton, is the barometer of what equality candidate. Is made out of and. He talks about this, country not being great I remember how Sharpton, is a guy, was a preacher without a church and now, he's this man that is a kingmaker, in that great, country in this the greatest country in the world where al sharpton go from nothing. To having a TV show and being, the person that Democratic, candidates are rushing to well it was a great time is it to be a black man in America when. White politicians. Are apologizing. For being white politicians, and so, I'm, excited about the direction this country is in and I think that as conservatives, we just have to continue to do a president, Trump dare to get here to begin with and that's how the plan and a story and a mess you know al Sharpton, is proving America is the land of 10 and 11 champs okay we gotta leave it there, it's. Great to see all of you Doug David and Sylvester thank you for coming in tonight so much thank you art Chicago's new mayor says it is time for the state's attorney to explain exactly why, 16 felony, charges against Jesse Smollett simply disappeared. City. Of Chicago, says it plans to sue Empire, actor jussie Smollett who's. Refusing, to reimburse the costs of the investigation, to what authorities, are calling a faked hate crime tonight, his attorneys are speaking out correspondent, Mike Tobin has more from Chicago, hey Mike. Smell. That legal team is defiant. Facing the prospect of a lawsuit from the city of Chicago. A letter, from attorney Mark Geragos, says, if the city continues, with the lawsuit they will demand depositions. From Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and, police superintendent Eddie Johnson, the, Geragos letter also says your unprecedented. Attempt to file a civil lawsuit against mr. Smollett for repayment of investigation, costs, is, unconstitutional.

The, City billed Smollett more than, $130,000, for the overtime investigators, racked up checking out his claim that he had been attacked small, that was notified that if he did not pay by Thursday the city would file suit and the actor could be subject to three times the original amount bill, McCaffrey, with the Department of Law said only that the city is drafting a suit and will know when it's done meantime. Police chiefs from Chicago, suburbs are demanding that Cook County State's Attorney Kim Fox stepped down she, oversees the office that dropped charges against, small at police, say the smaller case is just one of those Fox refused to prosecute they, get particularly, upset about cases in which officers, were injured when. Officers. Are coming into my office who. Have a broken kneecap. One. Of them almost had their finger bit off and, we. Can't get felony charges. Our. Officers, are not punching bags of all people mayor rahm emanuel, showed up in kim fox's, corner he says she should not step down because she was elected however he says she, should answer some questions, Genet, back to you Mike Tobin in Chicago thank you. Dramatic. Video tonight from the middle east where our chief correspondent, Jonathan hunt is monitoring, the shaky, ceasefire in, Hamas ruled Gaza Jonathan. Shannon. We traveled to the border today expecting. As many others did that with Israel, and the Hamas leadership in Gaza, actively. Negotiating a. Ceasefire agreement it, might, be a quiet day it, did not turn out that way what, started, out as a relatively. Calm day here, on the Israeli, Gaza border, suddenly. Burst into violence. A group of Palestinian, protesters, as you, look directly at the fence between Israel and Gaza their attempted. To approach that fence what they do is set, tires, on fire that dark, smoke you see there comes, from one of those tires that Alex obscures. The view, for, the Israeli Defense Forces who are sitting on this, side of the, fence and the protesters. Then, use, that opportunity to try, to approach, the fence in this instance, a group of them actually, tried, to breach, the fence the israeli army's rules of engagement, dictate that at that point they, are able to fire, live. Rounds at. Those protesters. That is exactly, what happened, today, burst, after bursts, of live fire from, the snipers, who are arrayed along, this the Israeli, side of the fence it is a sign, of just, how great the tensions, are here, that what starts, out as a relatively. Calm day can, suddenly, turn into, such. Violence, in all seventy Palestinians. Were injured. The majority. Of them by the sniper fire, we so clearly, heard to. Remain. In critical condition, tonight, Shannon, Jonathan. Thank you very much. Americans. Say social, media is mostly bad, that, tops tonight's real news roundup, a new survey, put out by NBC News in the Wall Street Journal reveals. 57%. Of Americans think social media does more to divide, us than, to connect us 55. Percent believe it spreads more lies than, news, 61%. Say it spreads unfair attacks and rumors about, public figures and 82. Percent believe, it's a waste of time well. Harvard University investigating, fencing coach Peter brand about another possible pay-to-play. Incident, brands, sold his home to a potential, students, parents are almost twice what it was reportedly, worth, the, student was admitted to Harvard shortly, after and joined, the fencing team, British. Prince Harry saying the video game fortnight should be banned, Harry's a longtime critic of the game saying it is created, to a dict, fortnight. Tops the charts is one of the most popular, games worldwide with, more than 250.

Million. Registered, players to. Major Bill's passing final, approval in Maryland one could make Maryland the first state to ban polystyrene. Foam containers, and, cups. In an effort to curb reliance on single-use. Plastics, the, other would raise the smoking age to 21 both, bills now, on governor Larry Hogan's desk no word yet if he intends to sign either of them into, law, well. There's Hulu Netflix Amazon. Well, now congresswoman, Alexandria, Ocasio, Cortez is getting, behind a new anti, capitalist, streaming, service we'll tell you about it next. Democratic. Socialist congresswoman. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is putting her political, brand behind a soon to launch anti-capitalist. Streaming, service the, New York Democrats sharing a video on, Twitter put together by means, TV. Papal. ISM is a fun and efficient, way to consolidate all the world's resources into. The control of a tiny group of massively rich individuals, at, the expense of everyone else it. Rules and, it's totally not feudalism, all. Right let's bring in Fox News contributor done show and he's back for more and senior fellow at the Cato Institute Johan. Norberg thank, you both for being with us sure. You okay so you see a little bit of the video there from this group the. Congresswoman tweeted, that out and added this how, on earth could young people whose wages are flat costs. Of living skyrocketing. Experiencing. Increased social instability via, bigotry addiction and violence expected. To live shorter lifespans than previous gens dare, question the larger, economic forces in their lives, Yohann. Well. I think this should be a brief, moment of, bipartisan. Understanding. Because, finally. Democrats understand, how Republicans, have felt for the last two years opening, up their Twitter feed and being, terrified. About, what the president is going to write next I think that many Democrats think the same thing when they watch, this Twitter feed and what, Alexandra, is writing, because now. She's, supporting, a group where several. Of the participants. Call themselves, not just socialists. But even communists, and they want to abolish capitalism. And private, property, entirely. And. To. Me it seems like these. Are a couple of people who do not want to win the, next election, because. This is a fringe movement but, they've they. Have a lot of power among, the young and the energized. Part. Of the Democratic Party right now well, and Doug, you know that there's at least one in, the 20/20 field Democrats Andrew who is out there talking about this idea of universal. Basic, income something, they did a couple of years study on in Finland they've wrapped it up what they did find they said according to courts, its quoting mat breunig who's a contributor, at a progressive. Think tank demos, on. What happened in Finland he says they found the ubi had no effect on employment. But did increase self-reported. Happiness health, and wealth well-being, which I think, most of us would not be surprised by those findings, right. I mean look, I believe, that. Capitalism. Is the most. Efficient. Form, of wealth creation man. Has ever known, I think to, be sure we, can address issues some. Of which Alexandria. Ocasio, Cortes spoke, of like income. Inequality. And job creation but, the way to do it is not redistribution. The. Way to do it is through giving, people the, means to get ahead through the society, through, hard work taking. Responsibility. And achieving. That, is the American, Way, we're, not Finland. Were not Sweden, and by, the way those countries, have had their own problems, do especially, Sweden. So I really think that yo.hannes, not only right we're gonna lose the, next election but we could lose elections. For time. To. Come if we do not as a party, reject. Socialism. Redistribution. And a theory, of blaming others for, our own situation. Johan, do so many people who are now citing, socialism, as a, good option do you think that they're misinformed, do. You think that there are different forms of socialism. I mean do. You give them some credit I think. They're misinformed especially, when it comes to Scandinavian. Countries it's, so interesting how Sweden. And other Scandinavian, countries are often mentioned as the examples, of. Socialism. I am, a Swede originally. And I, just, made the documentary Sweden, lessons, for America where I say, that look if Acacio Cortez and Bernie, Sanders want America to be more like, Sweden, well then they would have to reform. Social Security, introduce, school vouchers, abolish. Taxes, on things, like inheritance. And property, because, Sweden, has liberalized dramatically. In the last few years because, we, tried socialism.

We Tried socialism, in the 1970s. And the 1980s and. That was, the moment when Sweden began to lag behind we, didn't create any new jobs, in the private sectors, wages, did not increase for the, or anything like that so even the social-democratic Prime, Minister finance. Minister, at the time said that these policies were absurd. And they were perverse, democratic. Socialism did not work so we had to try something, else alright well I know that that many, major, policies, underpinning, the country there did change it's a very interesting documentary, you know if you were wondering and you have questions it's worth checking out, dug in Johan thank you very much both of you have a great thank you thank, you all right Palestinian, activists posting mock eviction, notices on the doors of Jewish, students. And. Over at Yale University they're, accused of discriminating, against, Christians, we'll take that case tonight court here the jury and need, proof that exercise is dangerous, check this out a car, plows, into this. Guy in the middle of his work out we'll show you what happened, next. Emory. University, is investigating, fake eviction, notices, posted on the doors of Jewish, students by, pro-palestinian. Activists. The, Flyers say their rooms. Are scheduled, for demolition in, three days claiming. Palestinians, have had their homes destroyed numerous. Jewish students say their stunts and offended. Are. You upset to see such. Hateful language anti-semitic. Language. That. Was written you, know on a statement on my door that seemed to been approved. By Murray's. Administration. It's a violation of our privacy and, security. Georgia. University telling, local news the mock Flyers quote did not comply, with the posting guidelines and the Flyers were removed, school also says in reviewing, this incident we found no evidence that, individual. Students, or a particular, group were, targeted. Time now for Night Court on the docket tonight is Yale, Law School discriminating.

Against Christians. Well the prestigious Law School announcing it will no longer offer summer, financial, support, to students who work at organizations, that discriminate, on the basis, of quote sexual. Orientation, and gender identity and, expression in. This case they mean groups like religious charities and law firms and calling, for a possible federal probe GOP senator Josh Holly says depriving. A student of resources, available to everybody else because of her religion, isn't just wrong for schools receiving federal funds, it's illegal all, right let's ask about it with tonight's legal eagles they're family law and defense attorney Sharon like oh and the president and general counsel for the National Center for life and liberty David, Gibbs welcome to you both Thank. You Janet okay exhibit, a this is a law school email. That went around from. The head of the Dean Heather gherkin apparently, she said Yale Law School does, not and should not support discrimination. Against its own students, financially, or otherwise, obviously. The law school cannot prohibit a student from working, for an employer who discriminates, but, that, is not a reason why Yale Law School should bear any obligation, to fund that work David, well. First of all Yale, is a violation, of their own policy, they have a non-discrimination. Policy, that says they won't discriminate, based on religion and that's exactly, what, they're doing they're also in violation of federal law to receive all the government money that Yale receives as an institution, they again cannot discriminate based, on religion and then, additionally, president Trump and the administration, are saying if free speech of students, including where they want to work what they want to do how they want to invest their lives is being, violated by these institutions, that they shouldn't be receiving, federal funds it's shocking. That Yale would kowtow, to a special, interest group and deny, the religious, rights of its students well and Sharon senator, Ted Cruz is also very interested in this he chairs the Subcommittee, on the Constitution in, the Senate Judiciary Committee and he's written a letter to Yale saying we're, launching an investigation he, says this in the letter federal, civil rights law prohibits, discrimination, based on religious, faith as a recipient, of federal funds is David argued Yale is obligated, to comply with these protections, he, says he wants them to turn over everything they have as part of this decision-making, process about which. Students they'll help underwrite their, summer costs depending on where they go work. Stop. This, crazy train before, it leaves the station this. Is crazy. Making what. These students are basically saying. Is, because, Yale, has decided not to fund. Students. Who choose to work for organizations. That do discriminate. That, Yale is discriminating. Against. Them because, they won't sanction their right to discriminate, it's. It's it's crazy, I mean. Yale. Is a private, institution it. Is not bound by the federal, anti-discrimination laws. If. They, receive, federal funding, if they have tax-exempt. Status yes. They could lose the tax-exempt, status or the federal funding if they are, deemed to be in violation, of, the, discrimination. Laws but, they're not, they're. Simply, refusing. To fund. Students. Who do work, for organizations that. Practice. Discrimination, all right I need a closing argument from both of you 20 seconds to wrap it up and convince our jury at home David we'll start with you well, certainly, discrimination. Against religion, is a violation of the law Yale should lose their tax-exempt, status they, should be punished for treating, the religious people like second-class citizens, if this was discrimination, based on race there'd be an outcry religion. Is now being treated like a second-class, right, Sharon. No. Yale, is not discriminating. Against, people based, on their religion they. Have not denied admission, to anybody, based on religion, and as a private, school they, could deny somebody based, on religion, if that was their choosing that, would that would be just, fine, they've, decided, they're not gonna fund the students. Who work for organizations that, do discriminate, well. So there. You have it all right well you have major cases, folks at home you are the jury there, is now going to be congressional investigation, so we'll see how that turns out in the meantime thank you both Shannon, thank you thank. You or midnight hero next. Quite. A shock for Samuel, Kiowas during. His early morning treadmill work now checking how to car came crashing, through the building the, Culver City California resident, was pinned between the treadmill. And the wall but says he got away with just minor injuries the, driver says her, brakes failed a.

Children's. Writer is embarking on a project, to benefit students in Paradise, California, where eight of, the town's nine schools were completely, destroyed in those wildfires, Lee, Ward law has gathered, and distributed, more than 5,000. Books valued at more than 62, thousand. Dollars one. School she visited is now operating, out of a vacant hardware, store she survived, a wildfire herself as a kid so she's really been reaching out and like so many unheralded. Volunteers. Just like her in the wake of disaster, she is helping her community recover, for, that she is our midnight, hero most, watched most trusted most grateful, you spent the evening with us good, night from Washington, have a great weekend, i'm shannon bream.

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