Fox Report Saturday 12/30/17 7PM | December 30, 2017 Breaking News

Fox Report Saturday 12/30/17 7PM | December 30, 2017 Breaking News

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Drain in below-freezing weather, a nimble. Police officer had to get down flat on her stomach to reach in and pull, the cat out to safety police are searching for the owner that's. A great story thanks to the police officer, the cat's good everybody's, good we like that yeah absolutely. Thanks. For joining, us tonight we're back tomorrow at 12 4:00 and 6:00 Eastern it. Will see that Molly lined up next with the but support. New. Details, on what may have prompted the, FBI, to investigate the Trump campaign a bombshell, report. The. New York Times citing. Unnamed officials. Reporting, that Australia, raised a red flag over, the May 2016. Conversation. One, of its diplomats, had with. A trump foreign policy advisor George papadopolis Papadopoulos. Allegedly, confided, to him that. Russia had thousands, of hacked emails, that would hurt Hillary Clinton, this, was months before WikiLeaks, published that, Papadopoulos. Is a cooperating, witness in. The Muller investigation. And has pleaded, guilty to, lying to the FBI, Steve. Harrigan is reporting, from West Palm Beach where the president, is spending his holiday weekend, Steve. What else are we learning from this report. Molly. This New York Times articles cites at least four unnamed, sources, both u.s., and foreign, officials. That, it says say that, George papadopolis, the one-time unpaid. Foreign. Policy adviser to the Trump campaign, may have been the source for, all of the FBI investigation. Into the 2016. Presidential. Election. They claim that Papadopoulos, in a, London wine bar told, an Australian, diplomat, that the Russians had hacked Hillary, Clinton's emails and that they had dirt on Hillary Clinton president. Trump may have been responding, to this article a short, time ago went on Twitter he posted, the following phony. And non-existent. Sources, are being used more often than, ever many. Stories, and reports pure, fiction the, president, was defending, his own use of Twitter against. What he calls the fake news media Molly, all. Right what else is coming up on the White House agenda. A couple. Of key meetings coming up in the week ahead first, on Wednesday, congressional. Leaders both Democrats, and Republicans will. Meet with the budget director in hopes of finding a deal to, avert a government showdown, and next, weekend at Camp David Mitch, McConnell, and Paul Ryan will both mediate with the president to try and set a legislative, agenda for the new year Molly back to you, thank. You Steve president. Trump showing support for a wave of anti-government, protests. That have broken out in Iran. The. Demonstrations, appear to be the country's largest since. The disputed presidential election, in 2009, President Trump tweeting quote many. Reports, of peaceful protests, by Iranian citizens fed up with the regime's corruption, and its squandering, of the nation's wealth to fund terrorism abroad, iranian, government should, respect their peoples rights including.

Right To express themselves the world is, watching, hashtag, Iran protests. The, president also tweeted several excerpts, from his September, UN speech where, he specifically, addressed, Iran for. More on all this we go to kitty Logan, in London. So. These anti-government. Protests, have continued, for a third day today. Pro-government. Supporters were, out in force too but, there were also, counter-demonstration. Anti-government. Protests. Have sprung up in several Iranian, towns and cities in recent days in kamon, province, today demonstrators. Chanted, down with the dictator they. Threw stones during, clashes with riot police, there, was also an anti-government, gathering, outside Tehran. University, protesters. There were later outnumbered, by pro-government counter. Demonstrators, there. Were 4,000, government supporters, out on the streets in Tehran alone and many, more took part in other rallies around the country they, carried flags and banners backing, Iran's supreme leader. These, were annual, pre-planned. Rallies, originally, meant to mark the end of the 2009. Anti-government. Protests. In a sign of solidarity for, the current leadership but they coincide, with this, latest wave of anti-government. Protests. Like this one in kermanshah, on Friday this, all began as small, demonstrations. Against, the rising, prices of basic food items but. They quickly turned, political, and violent. At times video. On social media shows protesters, again, clashing, with police at, least 50. People have been arrested although, Iran state TV says most were later released and in. A tweet president Trump has called on the Iranian government to respect, the rights of its people to, protest this. Seems to be a lot of anger about the country's economy servicing. And protesters. Also seem undeterred, by the police crackdown, we'll, have to wait and see tomorrow if this protests continue Mali Guinea, Logan in London Thank You President Trump also speaking, out on robert muller telling the new york times he, believes the special counsel is quote going to be fair in his investigation into, Russia and the Trump campaign Ellison. Barber has the latest for more Ellison. Hi, Molly that's right president Trump told the New York Times in part he believes special counsel Robert Muller will treat him fairly but, he also said it'll be better for the country once the Special Counsel investigation is, in, his words worked, out, he also said he believes the quote real stories, have to do with Democrats, who worked with Russians, during, the campaign, the latest report from the New York Times suggests, the Russian investigation, did not begin with the now notorious dossier. Which was reportedly. Funded in part by the DNC instead. The report says the Russia investigation. Began because of information, Australia. Gave the u.s. in regards, to former, Trump campaign adviser George, papadopolis, but the dossier is what many Republicans have, focused on. It's. Been reported, at. This dossier. Was. All dressed up by the FBI taken. To the FISA Court and presented, as a legitimate, intelligence, document. That. It became the basis for granting, a warrant to spy on Americans I think that's exactly what happened, and if it did it is as wrong as it can be and people, who did that need.

To Be held accountable, Fox. News obtained, a letter from House Intelligence Chairman, Devin Nunez it's addressed to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Nunez, is requesting, more documents, related, to the dossier the, Intel chair says the Department of Justice and the FBI, have failed to turn over documents and, witnesses, despite, August subpoenas, Nunez, ends the letter by saying quote at this, point it seems the DOJ and FBI need. To be investigating. Themselves for. Weeks now Republicans, have criticized, top officials, at the FBI and DOJ last. Month Florida congressman Matt gates took, to the House floor and said special counsel robert, muller needs, to lose his job when asked about the latest new york times report dates said this. The. Papadopoulos, story line also, seems to show that there was no desire, by President, Trump or the senior officials in his campaign, to engage in any sort of collusion. Or information-sharing. Collusion. Did happen where you have the DNC, paying, for the dossier and then that money finding its way into the hands of Russians telling lies about our president. Democrats. Say Republican, attacks on the FBI and DOJ are, part of an effort to discredit, the special counsels investigation and, anything, that investigation. Might, turn up Molly, Nelson, barber in Washington, thank you the State Department, releasing. Nearly 3,000. Emails from Hillary Clinton, aide Huma Abedin, the FBI discovered, them on her estranged, husband's, laptop, toward, the end of the 2016. Campaign, Garrett, ne has more on this story from Washington the. State Department has released about 2800. Of Huma Abedin emails and of those so, far we know of at least five that contained classified, information these. Emails cover about a four year span of Hillary Clinton's time as Secretary of State and the bulk of them are about the logistics, of Clinton's schedule, and travel plans along, with notes for her meetings with world leaders but even. A lot of those rather mundane emails. Are heavily, redacted as, for the five emails the State Department later deemed to be classified, four. Of those are almost entirely, redacted but, the other includes, talking, points for a phone call with Saudi Arabia's, foreign minister in November, of 2010 which, was largely to warn him about WikiLeaks, his plans to publish sensitive. Communications, between the US government and our allies, the, guidance suggested, Clinton say quote I deeply, regret, the likely upcoming WikiLeaks, disclosure, and I, seek, your help in preventing WikiLeaks, from undermining, our mutual, national, interest, this. New batch of emails are from Houma, it's private, email accounts not her emails with and they, were discovered, by the FBI on a laptop that she shared with her husband, Anthony Weiner while he was being investigated for, sexting, with a minor Judicial. Watch filed a lawsuit for the emails to be released in this morning the group's president said they are again calling on the Justice Department, to take action I think, four and a half million, people were classified, security with security clearances that allow them access to classified information such, as this they, all know what the rules are and I guarantee most of them are upset, that. Hillary Clinton and Yuma Avenue got away with these outrageous. Violations, of the law this, summer former FBI director James Comey testified, on Capitol Hill that investigators, chose not to recommend, any charges against Abaddon because they believed she didn't know that what she was doing was, against the law molly, garret. Ain't any in our nation's capitol thank you and, right. Now. Rigid. Temperatures, blanketing, parts of the country creating dangerous conditions. For those on the roads ahead, of this holiday we, have your New Year's Eve forecast straight, ahead plus. Terrorism, fears have police taking precautions, for first night celebrations. Tomorrow we go live to Times, Square where, officials say revelers, have, nothing to fear the, concerns still remain.

There's. Going to be one of the most well, policed best, protected events and one of the safest venues in the entire world you know when there's a mass of people somewhere people. Can't just come and decide to like throw, something I know you know a presence, isn't too overwhelming, but, we feel protected, you know we got our kids with us and we're running on I mean, personally, I don't foresee anything negative, or anything impacting. Us here. Fox. News Channel, is bringing you an all-american. New Year's celebration from, New York City and around the country catch the biggest live performances. And join the conversation using, hashtag Fox News 2018. Kick back and watch the ball drop with your host Kennedy, and Jesse Watters live, from the heart of Times Square our, must-see, coverage begins New Year's Eve at 8:00 p.m. Eastern, right here on Fox, News Channel. Frigid. Cold will make for dangerous conditions for anyone, planning to be outdoors, to ring in the New Year tomorrow, night in central, and eastern parts of the US that winter weather already, causing, problems in parts of the country a blizzard, in Montana, forcing, drivers to abandon their cars after, sliding off the roadway and snow also being blamed for causing this 20, car pileup, in Michigan. Meteorologist. Adam Klotz joining us now to tell us just what we can expect as we welcome, 2018. Adam hey there Molly one of the biggest stories is the temperatures, that are spreading across the country incredibly. Cold an arctic blast with current temps this is the northern plain so you're talking about areas like North, Dakota where, temperatures, are getting down into the negative 15 the negative 20 range this is actual air temperature, if you add in the wind that does make it feel even colder outside and take a look at some of these numbers dropping, down to the negative 30 range in some cases getting up closer in International, Falls always one of the coldest spots close. To negative 40, degrees at, this point all of this cold air is gonna be settling, in and we're gonna be seeing it more widespread across, the east here in the next, 24. To 36 hours currently, we are tracking a little bit of snow moving across portions, of the Mid Atlantic stretching, up to New England this isn't the biggest concern though it is going to be those temperatures that's the biggest story moving forward this is an hour-by-hour windchill, forecast. It's taking you from 10 p.m. tonight all the way through into your New Year's Day here. It is in motion you see some of that very cold air beginning to settle in becoming, more widespread now. Taking you to very early on Year's Day so you're through midnight at 2:00 a.m. temperatures. By-and-large down. Into the negatives negative two degrees in New York City but stretching you off towards the west 15, below, in Indianapolis. Look at Des Moines 33. Degrees below, 22. Degrees below in Chicago, very. Cold air especially in the heart of the country but making its way all the way to the coast as well obviously, going, to be huge, crowds here in New York City in Times, Square so, when that ball drops a million, folks maybe a good idea to be in the middle of that avoid, some of the wind but temperatures will be right around 10 or 11 degrees. That'll, be right at the, second coldest. New. Year's Eve Ball Drop we've ever seen wind chill there at negative, 2 degrees. Unfortunately. If you were thinking it's going to warm up once you get through the New Year's holiday that, isn't going to be the case forecasted. Highs on the day on New Year's Day you're, looking at only their into the teens again this isn't the wind chill these are actual numbers it, stays cold on Tuesday, it stays, cold on Wednesday, and unfortunately. This is the last graphic I'll leave you with but, we have this arctic, air that's, just plummeting, down into North America I'm running, you now into, January 3rd but eventually here I'm gonna run you all the way to January 9th, and you just continue to see this very active pattern Molly it, is going to be cold a cold start here to the new year, absolutely. It looks brutal, out there everybody needs to bundle up um, thank you for the warning, all right well from smaller communities, to bigger cities across the nation authorities, are making security.

Preparations, For, the crowds that are going to gather tomorrow evening for New Year's celebrations. As, you. Can see this is not our first rodeo we're a well-oiled. Machine and we have incredible, leadership in. Our public safety officials to, make sure that we're doing all we can to. Keep our city safe there will be additional deployment. Collaboration. Is everything that, is. The word from San Francisco, officials, after an alleged Christmas, Day terror, attack planned on that city was thwarted with the arrest of this, man earlier, this month in New York security. Is very tight as more. Than a million people are expected to brave the cold and descend upon Times, Square, to, watch the ball drop and ring in 2018, that is where we find the NYPD. Says there is no specific credible, threat to Times Square or to New York City they say it's going to be safe and frankly this event is gonna be more secure, than it's ever been they've deployed more. Baker vapor, wake, dog than. They ever have these dogs work in tandem to sniff out bombs and, here and on, people there will be multiple, and more heavy weapons, teams in Times Square than ever before there will be sand. Trucks more, than 60, positioned around Times, Square to form a protective perimeter against. Possible vehicular. Attacks, a thousand. Security, cameras aviation. Teams radiation. Detection and by the way every, single person who comes out here will be checked at least twice now, this isn't just here in New York City Las, Vegas obviously, just, a couple of months after the worst us u.s.. Mass shooting in US history has, added, snipers, to their observation, teams for the first time and there are double, the number of National Guard's troops on the ground right now on the Las Vegas Strip than, in previous years not. Only is it just security, though you just heard Adam with the weather 10, degrees is the forecast here that means a windchill below zero. And people out here are going to be standing in that for hours, the NYPD has. Released a hypothermia, bulletin, for their police officers in which they remind police officers, the symptoms, of hypothermia. Things, like fumbling, hands and memory loss exhaust. Exhaustion. Severe. Shivering, you know hypothermia. Can set in as soon as your temperature. Drops to below 95. Degrees we. Spoke to organizers here. In Times Square about. Whether or not they're concerned, this weather is going to affect attendance. When. It's warmer people, come out earlier in the day to get their good spot my, guess is that this year people will come out a little bit later in the day closer to 4, or 5 or 6 p.m. they'll, still have to wait a while so they'll have to really bundle up and of course will warm your spirits with some great entertainment. Warm. Your spirits, yep no heat, lamps, no bathrooms, and you are stuck where you are standing in secure, pens for, hours on end but hey once the lifetime opportunity for many people out here Bali, all, right I know this takes a ton of work to make it all happen are. They ready for tomorrow night. Yeah. Well if you take a look behind me you can already see just some of the stages as well as obviously thousands, of tourists are already out here just, enjoying it on the ball truck happened, they tested, it out today you, remember the last thing they would want is that ball not to actually drop tomorrow in front of a billion people on TV they, tested, that out so everything appears to be ready, from, what we can see they've even tested the confetti and also, remember. There's gonna be some 25 million pieces of confetti that'll fall on people so the spirits are high the equipment, seems to be working we're ready to bring on 2018, and by, the way Molly, I have to tell you it's, so festive out here we even saw a marriage, proposal earlier, if you could take a look at this video this, is Rudy, proposing. To Jennifer, they're both from the Bronx, that's happened here in Times Square a beautiful, way to bring in the new year we can confirm that jenny was very festive and and really into into, what's gonna happen here just a few hours from now tomorrow. Molly I love, it she will always remember that congratulations, to Rudy and Jennifer and thank you Brian for braving the cold and bringing us that report we, really appreciate it all. Right well Fox News Channel is your, New Year's Eve headquarter, starting tomorrow night through the early hours of 2018. We will bring in the New Year with you kicking, it off at 8:00 p.m. Eastern FMC's.

Edie Henry alongside fnc, contributor, Lisa booth and actor, Dean Cain they're, gonna kick off the festivities we're. Calling this countdown. To 2018, and then, at 10:00 p.m. Eastern the party ramps up with the all-american. New year that is co-hosted, by Fox News and Fox Business personalities. Kennedy. And Jesse, Watters live. From Times Square right, here in New York City. Well. Will a challenger. To Vladimir. Putin be stopped from running in the Russian election, the country's highest court now, weighing in what's. The subject releasing, new numbers on immigration the trends, they show and what, it could mean for those who want to overhaul. That system. What. Is the undocumented, population and, how we fix that problem and then, reach over to those who are coming in legally and say. How, do you maximize. The benefit, to your new home country. Raja's. Highest court upholding, the decision to bar an opposition. Leader from, running against, President Vladimir Putin in marches election, Alexei. Navalny, has been banned from, running due to a fraud conviction, his supporters, believe was politically, motivated he, is now calling for a boycott of the election, Putin, has an 80% approval, rating. Back home and is, expected, to easily win a fourth term in office. President. Trump has argued that the US needs to overhaul. Its immigration, system now, new data from the Census Bureau appears, to support that national, correspondent William, la jeunesse has, the details from Los Angeles. For. Decades now u.s. immigration, rules have been based on an outdated, system, a system the president wants to overhaul, next year a new report prepared, by the conservative-leaning, Center, for Immigration Studies, based. On census, data promises. To help shape that debate everybody, wants to come to the United States and quite frankly of the United States can be choosy about who it admits the report shows in 2016. An estimated, 1.8, million legal, and illegal immigrants, settled, in the US the, most ever in a single year and 53, percent higher, than just five, years ago so the, real debate, now is what. Should, legal. Immigration, look, like and I'll. Make you a prediction in about five or six weeks we're, gonna have to deal with that as you, start to face the daca, expiration. Reasons, cited by the report, for the jump in President, Obama's last, year more, guest workers, and foreign students, virtually, no interior, or worksite, enforcement, a surge, in Central, American women and children and for the first time spouses. Of visa holders, were allowed to work encouraging. Those still overseas, to, join new immigrants, already here family immigration has a huge multiplier effect, seventy, percent of all immigrants, courted the White House in the last decade, have entered through, family based visas, and we're, seeing the effects of it today this graph shows where. Immigrants, are coming from comparing. 2005. To 2015. Mexican. Immigration is cut in half from, four - under 200,000.

Central, Americans, up by 100,000. Asian. Immigration almost. Doubled and twice, as many immigrants, from Africa and the Middle East from, Europe that immigration, was flat what you really need to do is understand. What. Is the undocumented, population and, how we fix that problem and then. Reach over to those who are coming in Legally and say. How, do you maximize. The benefit, to your new home country, the United States the drop in Mexican, immigration was dramatic. However it also means the u.s. is deporting, fewer Mexicans, Wednesday, the Mexican interior ministry said president. Trump removed 26. Percent fewer, Mexicans, than Obama, in 2016, the. Report doesn't take a political, position but, with the economy growing and the birth rate slowing, Congress, may be more, concerned, about who emigrates, the US and, how many in, Los Angeles Wayne la jeunesse Fox, News a, solemn. Tribute for, Americans, killed in mass shootings how one man is making sure no, victim, is forgotten, plus. The Trump agenda, facing an uphill battle in, 2018, can the president work both, sides of, the aisle to get things done we, break it all down as, the Fox report, rolls along this Saturday. We. Have more legislative. Victories. Than. Any other president not, including, this but this is the capper because this is again the. Biggest tax cut biggest. Reform, of. All time. As. President, Trump closes, out his first year in office he, will be forced, to increasingly, rely on Congress, including Democrats to get things done but. Will that be, possible, in an election year especially, considering, the problems, Republicans, had on health care and tax reform, let's, bring in Sarah Westwood, White House correspondent for the Washington Examiner, thank, you for being here to close out 2017, as we head into 2018. We appreciate, it well, thanks for having me so, kicking things off as we look ahead especially even to the first month of January there's some big challenges of course they want to get the government funded move. Forward and it seems that immigration is being blended into that Democrats, have said they won't be willing to sign the spending bill unless they see some. Sort of deal regarding the dreamers, meanwhile. The president has said no deal, on daca, unless he gets what he wants on immigration the wall and into chain migration. Ending. The visa lottery program so, the big question is who will Bend. That's. The, billion dollar question there's really no way to know the answer, for that you know a few weeks out January 19th, is the deadline for the government to shut down unless funding, is extended, beyond that and Democrats, haven't, really laid out what their set of asks, will be when it comes to immigration. President. Trump has been really clear about what Republicans, want like you mentioned, they want to build the wall they want to enter the diversity, visa lottery program, they, want to, introduce, a more merit-based system, to the legal immigration side of the equation, as well as put, more of these enforcement, mechanisms, in place for the illegal, immigration side of the equation Democrats. Have not been as clear and coherent about what they want when it comes to daca except, to legislate. The protections, that already exists under the Obama program, that'll be going away in March so until we know what Democrats, actually want it'll.

Be Hard to see whether this, is something that could easily be tacked onto the spending bill if Republicans, were to bend or if this is something that needs to be legislated, separately, it'll, be interesting and a lot of people have criticized, daca, the dreamers as being a bargaining chip the, president is party ending the year on a pretty high note passing tax reform but, the. Leader. Mitch McConnell. Senate. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell expects. A more part bipartisan. Year ahead and he's, talked about this very slim margin, Republicans, have in the Senate in particular will. The GOP be, forced, to reach across the aisle more, going into the new year simply because they don't have much of a choice, right. It'll be a something. That comes out of necessity the GOP, margin in the Senate is about to get even slimmer, when Doug Jones is seated, in place of Luther strange in January meeting, Republicans. Will have 51, Democrats, will have 49 and there, are really a lot of limits to what Republicans, can do on a straight party-line vote they've already used, the, tool called reconciliation to, pass tax reform they attempted, to use it to pass health care reform that fell apart but, for, most pieces of legislation they will need to get to 60, votes meaning they'll have to have at least nine Democrats, come on board assuming, they keep their entire, caucus, together on any, given issue that's a really tall order and in an election year it's difficult to see how they'll get there to, pass any major pieces of legislation given. How much difficulty they faced in 2017. When arguably. Their goodwill was at its high watermark and you brought exactly, what I was thinking the midterms are they're gonna creep up quicker than we even expect and, that's gonna loom over everything in Washington, is this, gonna be, where, will the compromise, be will, they make it on infrastructure. For instance or will in essence, the Democrats, have sort of an extra incentive to, push back given, that people are gonna be heading to the polls, exactly. Democrats, are going to be very hard pressed to do, anything. That could give Trump a policy. Even resembling, a legislative, win they don't want Republicans to have anything else to run on it's probably, why you saw, them fight. So hard against the tax reform bill even though it contained elements of things that, Democratic, leaders have themselves, pushed for in the past because, they knew this would be something that could potentially cause economic growth something, that Republicans could take back to their districts, and say look I put more money in your pockets, I made, your paychecks, a little bigger so you should vote for me again Democrats, wanted to prevent that and so they're not going to want to negotiate on any, kind of policy that could help Republicans, even one, like infrastructure, where Democrats, have expressed interest in doing a deal in the past I was just gonna say don't, they run the risk of being too obstructionist. That the American people want to see some things get done and if, you just, dig your feet in the whole time you won't have anything to brag about either. Exactly. Maybe on tax reform that was something a little easier for Democrats to do because they've always been opposed to tax cuts for the the highest income bracket so, it was consistent, with past messaging, but if they take, a stand against something that would a sensibly, be a democratic, policy, like a debt, driven spending. Bill on infrastructure. Projects, that could backfire because, it would be easy for Republicans, to pull quotes from, top Democrats, in the past advocating. For that kind of policy and say they're, only opposed now because they want to obstruct the Republican, agenda because they want to obstruct, the president and it would be difficult or at least more.

Difficult, For him for Democrats to make that argument credibly, than it was for something like tax reform, all right shifting, gears mar-a-lago. It's. Warm it's sunny there's golf the president, seems a bit more comfortable there we. Just gave this wide-ranging, rather long interview. To of all publications the New York Times which he's been very critical of as you know in the past so, if the president's able to run a little more wild have more freedom, his staff didn't necessarily have, a whole lot of input on this interview didn't know about it ahead of time is. It a bad thing or a good thing to, see the president, sort of away from his handlers, and his staff speaking, a little more freely it's, certainly and do, an interview for an entire half-hour and no one be able to intervene, to provide him with a list of talking points brush, him up on his facts before he sits down for that interview on the other hand it is good for any president to have time to blow off some steam to, interact with friends and family in a setting that's not so formal and not so controlled that's important, for a president. Democratic or republican, and, so from that perspective it's good for President Trump to have that time so he returns to Washington refreshed, but certainly his aides I think will learn to maybe watch the lunchtime. Hour a little more carefully, you, know what mar-a-lago is a club so, as far and when we compare it to vacations. That other former presidents have, taken for instance george w bush going to the ranch Barack. Obama going to Hawaii for instance or Martha's Vineyard mar-a-lago, is a club there are other people there a former, White House official told The Washington Post, quote, at mar-a-lago anyone. Who can get within eyesight changes. The game. There are members there are hundreds of visitors a day many of these folks that are there the, President may very well have known for decades so, is that good or bad his ability to mingle, with. Potentially. People. That have really just known him for a long time there's. Good and bad in, that right the good in it is that he has a chance to see his friends, in a setting in which he's comfortable, and he. Might not have the opportunity to, see those people or touch base with them until the end of his presidency, because back in Washington, his schedule is very tightly controlled by general Kelley on the, other hand though anyone. Could just purchase a membership to mar-a-lago and, go there and know, that they might have an easier, time accessing. The president so that, raises questions about ethics abuses, or potentially, lobbyists, or people who have a political, axe to grind trying, to get access to the president, through a back channel through mar-a-lago that. Could, present, a problem so it is again a double-edged, sword that President Trump is so easily accessible, by, mar-a-lago club members. It is fascinating we will see if he gives any other, impromptu, interviews. To reporters down there in the future Sarah. Thank you so much for joining us tonight and Happy New Year Happy. New Year Thanks, all. Right well a new report shows 81. Journalists. Were killed on, the job worldwide. This year the. International. Federation of journalists is set to release its annual kill, report, detailing, all of these incidents, the, 81 deaths would, be the fewest in a decade if ifj. Officials say there is still too much violence, directed, at the press however Mexico. Had, the highest number of journalist, deaths but. There were also several fatalities, and conflict, zones in Afghanistan, Iraq are, in Turkey.

Unfortunately. 2017. Was a year here in our country of deadly. Violence in, the form of mass shootings, one. Illinois, man has made it his mission to make sure that each of the victims is remembered, and each. Family, left behind has. A reminder, that someone cares Matt. Fin introduces. Us to the man behind crosses, for losses. The. Gut-wrenching scene of a man a terror, attack, unfortunately. All too familiar, these, days. What's. Also become familiar to many are these. Symbols of light and empathy, that seemed to appear at the dark crime scenes no matter where nationwide. Crosses. With a red heart picture. And the name of each innocent, person murdered. The. Classes, aren't mass-produced. Each, one is made by hands here. In Gregg's an ass's am assuming garage, in suburban, Chicago. So. They get to. Know that somebody loves them and somebody cares. Greg. Says he's handcrafted, nearly, 21,000. Crosses, when, he finds out about a shooting or attack he gets to work searching. Online and through yearbooks, for, victims names and picture even if you have to put a large hard I need a heart on it. Greg. Is no stranger, to the heartache, of leaving a loved one his father-in-law. Who he says was his best friend was, robbed, and murdered just. A few blocks away from his house I'm, nocturnal I try to cry but I mean I found him in a pool of blood and. You. Know I I just relate, to victims because, of that for that reason. Gregg. Says his father-in-law, taught him to be a carpenter and ultimately, provided, him with a trade, to make a living I feel that every time I do this I'm remembering. After. Gregg's father-in-law was killed he felt compelled, to make his very first cross for an innocent six-year-old, boy a family. Friend, killed in a gang shooting. About. It since, then Gregg's taken crosses, to Columbine, Orlando. Vegas, Sutherland, Springs and many more places initially. Traveling on his own dime I went, to Orlando and, I didn't have any money to get back. Since. Then generous, people have donated new, tools and even a truck to, support his mission of never, forgetting a single victim he. Spilled nearly 30 notebooks, with the name of each individual, and their family contact. So, he can call to remind him they're not alone I'm, really. Real. Good at calling people on an anniversary, in. Aurora Illinois Matt, fin Fox, News. And. We are getting some of the first images, from a devastating fire, that tore through an apartment building and took the line up properly function, and months. After wildfires, ravaged. California's, wine country businesses. Are finally, getting back on their feet. Most. People are very surprised. They're expecting, to see, charred. Areas burned areas, and. There. They're few and far between. Why. There are now concerns, that perceptions. About the extent, of the damage could lead to job losses and, also, ahead how. Some time on the high seas is helping some of our brave warriors, back, from overseas, battlefields. Cope, with PTSD, we, will be right back. Firefighters. In England battling flames in a high-rise, apartment building. Take a look at this this fire broke out on the ninth floor of a 12 story building in Manchester, the Manchester. Fire Department, says they, were able to get that fire under control quickly, and one person, was taken to the hospital for, smoke inhalation. Back. Here at home we are getting a look inside, the New York City apartment building. Where 12 people died in a fire two nights ago the, video shows that badly, charred interior. Of the 26, unit building in the Bronx, investigators. Are now looking into, why a stairwell. Door did not close new york city requires. Self. Closing doors, in every building with more than three units those doors swing. Shut on their own to keep fires, from spreading firefighters. Say the flames started. When, a three-year-old was playing with a stove burner, the. Fires in California's, wine country that destroyed, nearly, nine thousand. Structures in homes in Napa, and Sonoma County's, in October continues. To impact that region's tourism industry only. 22. Of the area's, 700.

Wineries, Were damaged, or destroyed but, following weeks of media coverage the worry now is that people whose livelihoods are, tied to the wine industry could. Lose their jobs because of the perception. That the, entire region was devastated, senior. Correspondent Adam, Housley has more. It's. Strange but. We know we're going to rebuild and, we, know it's going to be a nice building again so. We have faith winemaker. Pierre beer ben says he has hope as he looks over the spot where Signorelli, winery once stood the October, wildfires, destroyed this, winery enraged, through wine country killing 42, people and burning, down nearly, 9,000. Structures, it's important, for people to come back because. We depend on tourism and the valley is still beautiful and it's still a good time to. Visit we, do need to put people back to work we do need to make sure that our wineries, our restaurants. Our tourist, industry, you, know this beautiful, land is supported. By the people who really care so much about it one of the top five most visited, areas in the country that two weeks of fires came, at the region's, during, harvest season and while, 22, wineries, were either damaged, or destroyed there. Are more than 600 others, in Napa and Sonoma that are open for business, albeit, with more room than anyone, wants most, people are very surprised. They're expecting. To see charred. Areas burns areas and. There. They're few and far between. There, is destruction here, in Santa, Rosa thousands, of homes gone family's. Lives changed, forever but. Much of it in residential, areas affecting, people who are more dependent, now than ever on a steady income, most, likely tied to the tourist dollar there's, been an immense. Amount of support from family and friends and just the community in general the, best way that anyone. Interested, in supporting Napa, Valley right, now would be to come visit well the Thomas fire in Southern California also, this fall is now the state's largest ever the, wine country fires are the most destructive in, history, with, estimated, damages, into. The billions, while. Signorelli, winery hopes to reopen here in two years they need to be creative, to keep all their employees working they're now taking wine, tasting, directly to people's homes and of course other, wineries doing what they can as well to reconnect with customers, because bookings, in Napa and Sonoma are, down 50, percent from last year, in Napa.

Valley California Adam, Housley Fox News they've. Bought for all of us overseas. Now, by spending some time on the high seas they're, addressing some of the psychological, scars that they brought back from the battle field correspondent. Phil Keating has, more on how one combat, marine is helping others cope with PTSD. For. These combat, veterans, from Fallujah, Iraq and, Afghanistan. This. Sound. Sure. Beats the sound of bullets. This is a good therapy, for anybody, combat, veteran he's suffering, through PTSD and, just, to be together with people that have been through the same thing you've been through and they. Know what you've been through and you don't have to talk about it that's, the whole point of operation would, fit the brainchild of former Marine, Ozzie Martinez. Getting. Fellow combat, vets who have seen and heard the worst of war and still, deal with its impact, out, on the high seas to focus on fishing and camaraderie, I, was separated from my wife I. Had just had a six-month-old, son born at the time but. I was doing a lot of drinking I had hit rock bottom so starting, this I now have a purpose once again in life I'm, surrounding, myself with, like-minded. Individuals, combat. Veterans, that understand, me literally. Operation webbot has now become almost my form of therapy. Martinez. Says his day of deep-sea, fishing, is surging. In popularity and. Demand, as more, combat vets hear about it and more, patriotic owners, donate, their vessels one. Important, thing they want all Americans, to know is that PTSD, is, not, something, to be afraid of and shouldn't, be stigmatized. The, thing about Marines is you. Know when one, is there, two, are there through there you, know it doesn't matter we we all just kind of gravitate, towards, each other, for. These combat, vets it's all about a positive, attitude. Tomorrow's. A new day, and. Days like this. Our, great, ones off. The Palm Beach County coastline, Phil Keating Fox News a, police. Officer, shot in an ambush attack how it unfolded, plus, a hoax phone call being blamed for a tragic, shooting death, at the hands of police details. Straight, ahead. The. Incident is a nightmare for everyone involved including the, family and. Our Police Department, due. To the actions of a prankster we, have an innocent victim.

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