Fox Report Sunday 01/21/18 7PM | January 21, 2018 Breaking News

Fox Report Sunday 01/21/18 7PM | January 21, 2018 Breaking News

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Divides. Deepening, on Capitol, Hill Democrats, and Republicans, digging in their heels and, doubling, down on their attacks in day, two of this government, shutdown but, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promising. A vote on a spending deal by, 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time as a small group of bipartisan, senators work to hammer out something, both parties can agree on Iraq, Leventhal you're watching the fucking truth. Despite. Some signs of progress the political blame game is ramping, up Republicans, and Democrats both, refusing. To accept fall. Senate. Democrats only need to withdraw their filibuster and allow bipartisan. Majority, to move America, forward. If. They really care about the big issues increased, defense funding. Disaster, relief daca and border security and other important, matters that, we've. Been negotiating. And. That. I would like to bring to the floor. Then. They will stop their filibuster and, the shutdown, and let the negotiators, get, back to work the congressional, leaders tell me to negotiate with President, Trump. President, Trump tells, me to, figure it out with the congressional, leaders. This. Political. Catch-22. Never. Seen before. Has. Driven our government, to dysfunction. We've. Got Fox team coverage from our nation's capitol Garrett Kenney at the White House with reaction from the Trump administration but. Let's kick things off with Mike Emanuel on Capitol Hill Mike what's the latest on this bipartisan, push to get a deal Rick. We've got about two dozen moderate, senators both Republican, and Democrat, meeting feeling like they need to get a deal to reopen the government as soon as possible, senator Linney Lindsey, Graham of South Carolina is, one of those senators he, told us they need to try to get this done tonight he said trying to do it tomorrow will be much tougher Graham. Was one of the Republicans, who voted with Democrats, against, the government funding package late, Friday night others. In that bipartisan. Group sound, hopeful. When. Was the last time you. Saw twenty two senators. Meeting. Day, after, day and the. Number of senators, keeps. Growing. With each meeting, that we have and, each, one, of them is committed. To getting to a solution, and that, to me is very encouraging. Both sides have got to make some compromises, and you. Know as a somebody, senator, from Virginia where we have a huge number of federal employees we need to get this resolved, to. Members of the Senate Republican leadership John Cornyn of Texas says. His bet is on the government will be shut down tomorrow Roy, Blount of Missouri says if they're voting at 1:00 a.m. that is not a very good sign once, says 10:00 p.m. would be a little better perhaps, a sign of progress Rick so what are top house leaders saying Mike. Well House Republican, leaders say they are willing to accept a deal that the Senate is going to vote on late night tonight take a listen to this. We're. Hopeful, that in. The Senate I know they're having some, meetings I hope that they would be able to move that and if they take a week off the continuing, resolution, will take that and keep government working and make sure come Monday morning everything, is up and running the. House Democratic leader called on President Trump, to help cut a deal. Every. One of our solutions, on the path to. An agreement which we could make in an. Hour, we. Want the president to come to the table and, under. Negotiation. Do. This in a very short period of time to. Open, up government a lot. Of folks here expressing, the concern that this if this is not figured, out quickly positions. Could harden and this, could be a very long government.

Shutdown Rick Mike, Emanuel on Capitol Hill Mike thank you the White House putting, pressure on Congress to, end this shutdown and the president, suggesting the Senate employ a nuclear, option to break the impasse something. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has, said he's opposed to doing mr.. Trump tweeting, great, to see how hard Republicans, are fighting for our military and safety, at the border the Dems just want illegal immigrants to pour into our nation unchecked if stalemate. Continues, Republicans, should go to 51%, nuclear. Option and vote, on real long-term, budget, no CRS, that's what the president tweeted our garret any joining us now from the White House Garrett this is not the first time that the president has urged the Senate to use Dan nuclear option, no. Rick it's not an it likely won't be his last either you gotta remember this, president, is someone who is used to getting things done so one of the biggest challenges, for him during his first year in office has, been having, to rely on extremely. Divided, Senate in order to move his agenda forward now in the short run or the short term the nuclear option would help with that it would allow the Senate to pass a bills with a simple majority of 51 votes rather, than 60, in this, morning on Fox and Friends deputy, press secretary Raj, Shah said that given the current climate in the Senate it is difficult to get anything, done. It's. Definitely been our position that the. Senate has been dysfunctional. In many ways because of the filibuster it blocks, nominees, it blocks all. Kinds of meaningful legislation there are hundreds of great pieces of legislation that, the house has passed that, gets, stalled in the Senate. As. You mentioned those Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has flatly. Rejected, that idea on multiple, occasions, and that, is because Republicans. Know all too well how, enacting the nuclear option could have set a precedent, that could come back to bite them down the road if they, are in the minority and Democrats, retake, the majority, Rick Garrett, a number of lawmakers on Capitol Hill are now suggesting, that they can't rely on the White House and these negotiations, to reopen the government and. Address immigration so, how was the White House responding, to that yeah. We're hearing this from a number of lawmakers in both parties, today and it's largely this, criticism is largely focused at members of the president's, staff Senate. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer he continues, to accuse the president of being an unreliable. Negotiating. Partner and he claims that he and the president reached. A deal on Friday to address daca and avoid a government shutdown but. That the president later, backed out of that deal after, meeting with his staff this, afternoon press, secretary Sarah Sanders pushed back on that saying in a statement Senator, Schumer's memory is hazy because, his account of Friday's meeting is false and the president's, position is clear we, will not negotiate on the status of unlawful, immigrants, while Senator Schumer and the Democrats hold the government for millions, of Americans, and our troops hostage, Republican. Senator Lindsey Graham has also claimed that the president, initially supported a bipartisan. Deal that Graham negotiated, with Democratic, senator dick durbin, but the president then did a 180, on it after his staff intervened. Today, Graham praised the president's chief of staff John Kelly but said the president's other advisors, are getting, in the way of Congress, reaching a deal. All. I can say about the White House their. Staff has. Been unreliable. To work with on this issue I think the president's, in a good spot in. Terms of understanding big, what. Deal will work you just got a commit, to it so the. Senate is gonna, do somebody's, got a lead, the, White House staff has been pretty, unreliable, the, house is locked down, the. White House claims the deal that grant presented failed to address several. Of the presidents must have issues, in regards, to immigration specifically. Securing. The border and fixing, our immigration system as a whole in tonight, they are firing back saying in a statement as long, as Senator Graham chooses, to support legislation that, sides with people in this country illegally, and unlawfully. Instead, of our own American citizens, we, are going nowhere, he has been an outlier, for years Rick.

Gerrity. Knee at the White House Garrett thank you of course the longer this government, is shut down the worse it will get for many Americans and, it's also led to the closure of many national, parks and monuments. Including, one very famous beacon, of hope the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor shut, down Leah. Gabriel, has the details from our. Well. Rick you know Lady Liberty of is of course one of the main attractions that, people come from all over the country and all over the world really to see in New, York and a lot of people buy their tickets well, in advance, but this weekend the closest, that they could get to Lady Liberty is if they took a tour on a privately, operated ferry. Now tomorrow the Statue and Ellis, Island will reopen Governor, Cuomo announced the state will pay National, Park Service employees about. 65,000. Dollars a day to do it take a listen I know. That. The Statue of Liberty, is a federal. Federally. Controlled. Memorial. But. It's a major income. Generator, for, New York State we want to keep tourism, flowing, we want people coming and we don't want any disruption. He. Says it's important, for New York's economy, but for tourists who came here the weekend it was a huge disappointment listen. Certainly. There's plenty of blame to go around but, I had. A few choice words for, Senator Schumer normally. I'd be mad but, I believe the shutdown is for a good reason I mean, this stuff needs to be taken care of and. Tomorrow, visitors, will be able to go out to see the Statue starting, bright and early the first ferry departs at 8:30, in the morning Rick well that's great for New Yorkers but what about all those other national, parks Leah yeah, you know that's a good question you know about a third, of the National Park, sites in the United States were completely closed today, that's according to the National Parks Conservation Association. Many. Places that could be locked like the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia have. Been closed but, a number of parks and museums have, stayed open or at least semi open and Yellowstone. National Park people, could still use the land but, visitor centers, public bathrooms, and other government-run, facilities, were closed, listen. This. Is our public land and we should be able to use it anytime we wanted to and. Unfortunately. You. Know the park employees I don't know if they're going to get paid or not but. It. Is what it is and Congress. Better get their act together, in. Washington. DC the Smithsonian. Museums, and the National Zoo are staying open at least through Monday open, air parks and monuments including, the war memorials, have also remain accessible the, government trying to avoid a replay, of what happened back in 2013, if you remember that's when veterans were being turned away from their own memorials. Now, for those planning trips to national, sites they should definitely check ahead of time because, it's still up in the air what will and won't be open tomorrow and Rick, going forward, if the government stays shutdown Leah.

Gabriel, In New York Leah thank you for, more on all of this let's bring in Suraj Hashmi, commentary, writer for. The Washington Examiner Suraj, we've, seen this movie before and, the longer it plays out the worse it gets for a lot of folks in your opinion who are the biggest losers as it's, going down and shut down yeah right, now everyone loses I mean there aren't any winners and there's a lot of confusion that's happening in Washington, you, could probably put. Most of the blame on President Trump and Chuck Schumer sensibly, because, they can't come to an agreement on a deal but, also you have to look at the Democrats they're trying to stop, they're trying to basically. Jam. Non spending, measures through chip which is an authorization, bill and daca. Which is another non. Spending, measure into. A spending, bill so a continuing, resolution is simply a spending, bill if, they can get that through then, they can at least talk about chip and reauthorizing. It as well as daca and finding, a permanent solution for that these two sides have never been close since President. Trump took office so what would, lead us to believe that they could actually work, something, out well. I mean of course President Trump has talked about the nuclear option bringing, from the 60-vote threshold to, the fifty one-vote threshold, I can't, see it happening what, I can't see is Democrats, further digging up the trenches like in World, War one on the Western Front and basically, not giving up an inch to. What Republicans, are trying to get accomplished, we've been hearing a lot about Democrats. Winning back seats in the midterms but if this drags on I don't see how this helps them write. This this actually hurts Democratic, momentum, in terms of the blue wave that. We saw in 2017. In Alabama, and for and, New. Jersey and then you know these are things that could. Hurt Democrats chances, especially, in red states you're looking at Claire. McCaskill, who's in Missouri she's very vulnerable. You have Arizona, which is a toss-up state right now these are these are seats. That would determine. Whether Democrats. Control the Senate in, the in, 2018. Now I'm sorry 2019, Wow can't believe are we talking about 2019. But this is something that Democrats. Really need to factor, into their their, decision, whether they're gonna vote on this CR, for, the record Suraj you're the first to talk about 2019, that I've heard. The. Democrats. Obviously you, mentioned the daca demand. And the, president, wants immigration, reform and, they're obviously, very far apart on this but meanwhile Mitch, McConnell, the Senate majority leader has been called this a manufactured. Crisis, and he also said this earlier let's listen. Who. Pays the price for that. Health. Care for needy children. Training. And resources, for our men and women in uniform. Care. For our veterans who. Came home and. Survivor. Benefits for families of heroes, who. Did not the. Veterans the, real one percenters still have to go to work and don't collect paychecks and, their families, have to deal with not getting paid for as long as this goes on well. There's, one thing about this government, shutdown I mean it's a partial shutdown and the main silver lining that you could take away from this is that, agencies. Are forced, to recognize who's essential, and not essential, to making. The government function, and in, times of crisis like this you, identify. Who's essential, and when you, identify people who are non-essential you, have to ask yourselves, do. You really need these employees, all the time and that's one of the ways that I, think the Trump administration can, spin this and say this is how we shrink the size of government all. Right well I guess we shall see the. Patriots are gonna win the Super Bowl 50, - well we see that -, that. The. Other game that's going on. Sir. Watch me thanks very much for your time tonight thank you very she ate it coming up later on the Fox report we speak to one member of the House Republican, leadership about what it'll take to get the government back up and running and what. Might be the path to compromise that's. Coming up at the bottom of the hour. Right. Now a power. To the polls rally taking, place in Las Vegas part of the women's, March movement, could, it help get more women registered to vote this year, plus. There, appears to be no one in sight to the government shutdown after, a leader of the Senate Republican leadership, says he's not optimistic so, what will it take to, get a spending bill passed and where can both. Sides find, compromise. Women. Taking to the streets this weekend, with anti, president, Trump themed marches, coast-to-coast, hundreds. Of thousands, turning out in New York Los, Angeles Seattle.

Chicago, And, many more cities yesterday, and big crowds today in Las Vegas kicking. Off a nationwide voter, registration. Campaign, called power to the polls will. Carr has this story. Thousands. Of women have showed up here to Sam Boyd Stadium in, Las Vegas to, speak out on a number of issues but the one that we've heard over and over again is get out to vote this rally is named power to the polls and the reason that Nevada, was chosen is because it's, a swing stage and they're hoping to flip, seats in the upcoming midterm elections. Now we've heard from a number of speakers so far including, the president, a Planned Parenthood take a listen, so why women, listen. Up we've. Got to do better we've, got to do better. It, is not up to women of color to save this country from itself, that's, on all of us women, in the stands tell us they showed up to spotlight, a number of issues that have been in the headlines over the past year take a listen to several, the women we spoke with a little earlier if. Women want to be decision-makers. If women. Want their, opinions. Known it's. Going to be up to the women nobody is going to give it to us we power. Doesn't give up anything without a fight it's, very important, that we make our voices heard as women, because. We're important, we're over half this population. So we should be heard we're so proud of the women that came out in Alabama and we, won the seat, there and we're hoping more women will come out to the polls the goal moving forward after this rally is to register 1, million, people to vote before the midterm elections, they're planning marches and rallies similar to this in both Florida and Michigan. Moving. Forward back. To you we'll car in Las, Vegas vice. President Mike Pence is now in the Holy Land his trip coming after President Trump's controversial, decision, to declare, Jerusalem, the capital of Israel so what. Will be the vice president's, message during his visit to the Jewish state and how will it be received as. They continue to follow the developments on Capitol Hill a live look there as, the government shutdown is poised to enter its third, day both. Sides, seem further apart than ever so can they find compromise. You. Want to solve this problem we. Were having great meetings, prior but unfortunately, the government got shut down and as soon as Democrats. Are willing to open it back up we'll go right back to our meeting. The. Vice-president, arriving, in Israel earlier, today his trip coming just over a month after President, Trump declared Jerusalem. The capital of the Holy Land ordering the state department to move the US Embassy to that historic, city vice. President pence landing in Tel Aviv where, the US Embassy is currently located so, what's, on the agenda for his visit David Lee Miller with, more from our Jerusalem, bureau Rick. Vice, president Mike Pence has arrived here in Jerusalem it is, the last leg of his trip to the region that, has included, stops in Egypt. And Jordan, earlier. Today he met in a mine with Jordan's King Abdullah the, king a US ally, has criticized, the president's, declaration recognizing. Jerusalem, as Israel's, capital the. Vice president, told the king the u.s. is committed to restarting, the peace process and defended. The administration's, position on Jerusalem. We, take no position on, boundaries, and final status those are subject to negotiation. And and, as, I've made clear to you and the president, made clear the world the, United States of America remains a committed, if the parties agree to a two-state solution later. At a base near the Syrian Jordan border mr., pence spoke to members of the US military he.

Discussed The budget deadlock that shut down the government and accused. What he called a minority. In the Senate of, playing politics, with, military, pay we're. Gonna demand that they reopened the government in, fact we're not gonna reopen negotiations on. Illegal immigration, until. They reopen the government and, give, you our soldiers. And your, families, the benefits, and wages you've earned. Tomorrow. The vice president, will speak before the Knesset, Israel's, parliament he. Will also meet with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Palestinian. Officials. Have, refused, to meet with mr. pence citing. The administration's. Position on, Jerusalem. Rick. David. Lee Miller reporting, from our Mideast Bureau the. Taliban, taking responsibility, for a deadly hotel, attack in Afghanistan, video. From the scene shows people using bed sheets to, escape the Kabul, Hotel with. A deadly, siege taking, place inside the, terror lasting, more than half a we're. Now hearing dozens, of people were, killed witnesses. Say the attackers were, targeting, foreigners, there, are no reports that any Americans, were, harmed. The. Senate back in session today hoping to hammer out a spending, deal but so far no agreement, and the longer the shutdown lasts, the worse it could be for, our military power. Our servicemen and women stand, to lose out while lawmakers still, get paid. If. You're not going to get a paycheck you, know the people, are worried. They're stressed out right now what's going on in Washington and some folks don't understand, if they will or won't get paid does it affect military pensions, it does not. I'm. Relevant all and this is the Fox report it's the bottom of the hour if you're just joining us Senate Majority Whip Bob, Cornyn, of Texas predicting. The government will be shut down Monday, while, fellow Republican, Bob rob, portman of Ohio remaining. Optimistic without. Funding thousands, of federal workers will, remain on furlough, and service. Men and women will soon go without pay, Vice, President Mike, Pence speaking, with military members near the Syrian, border this, weekend, reiterating. The administration's, commitment to reopening. The government. I'm. Sure you're all aware of what's going on in Washington DC. Despite. Bipartisan. Support for a budget resolution a minority. In the Senate has decided to play politics, with military, pay, which. You deserve better you and, your families shouldn't have to worry for one minute, about whether you're going to get paid as. You serve in the uniform, of the United States, so. Know this your. President, your, vice president and, the, American people are not going to put up with it Karoline, Shively has more now on how the shutdown is already, disrupting, some military, questions, about the military, in a shutdown one, will it still function, to protect the nation yes will, they get paid to do it maybe, first. Let's talk about security, defense. Secretary Jim mattis sent, out a memo that says quote ships, and submarines, will remain at sea our aircraft will continue, to fly and our warfighters will continue to pursue terrorists, throughout the Middle East Africa and South Asia while, training for reservists, must be curtailed active. Forces will stay at their posts adapting. Their training to achieve the least negative, impact on our readiness to fight beginning. Paid part of this whole situation is a little trickier active. Duty military members are essential, personnel so, they have to show up for work even, without pay during. The last shutdown in 2013, Congress. Passed a stopgap measure so, servicemembers didn't miss a paycheck, Senator. Claire McCaskill a, Missouri Democrat tried. To do something similar early, Saturday we, don't want one moment to pass, with. There being any uncertainty. Of any soldier, anywhere, in the world that. They will be paid for the, valiant work they. Do on behalf. Of our national security Senate. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell shut. That motion down but, both sides say they want to make sure the military, and their families don't, go without pay but. USAA, and other organizations. Have offered interest-free, loans, to military members in case that does happen some.

Commissaries, And other based services, will be shutting down if this goes on this week, practically. Speaking the military gets paid around the 1st and the 15th of every month so, Congress has about a week and a half to figure something out, so there's no legal guarantee, that troops will get the back pay but, it's very likely Rick. Caroline, Shively from Washington, let's get reaction, now from House GOP leadership, Republican Congressman, Doug Collins of Georgia joining. Us tonight congressman, thanks for being here that about here thank you for your service sir a lieutenant. Colonel in the Air Force a war veteran does it crush you knowing how unfair this could be very soon two service members who have to work and fight without pay potentially, while their family scrape by well. I think it was really just disheartening to me is why doesn't Claire McCaskill, go back to the Senate floor and tell her murderer tell, her minority leader to withhold, the. Vote, so that we can get this thing passed and we can fund it I mean I think this is an interesting game. We're playing here in which the Senate Democrats have chosen illegal, immigrants. Who we want to see fix who the president, said that we want to see solve, the daca problem, solved they have prioritized, them over the men and women, of the service and not just our military but all of our other agencies, that do valuable, work from research to finding. Cures for diseases to everything, else that we need this is a problem, all the way around and yes it's disheartening yes it's frustrating but it can be solved right now I encourage my Democratic, friends and the member and Republicans, in the Senate go, vote do your job get this done yeah just to be clear if, those paychecks don't come in the families still have to pay the bills they still have to go grocery shopping they still have to you, know get. Their families where they need to go while. Their husbands, or wives are off potentially. Fighting overseas. Somewhere and they're not collecting. Checks as long as this goes on well, I think just as was as previously reported we've got about another week and a half before the next round of checks are supposed to go out I think this is going to be solved before then we're going to make sure that that happens but we're going to continue to remind the American people of exactly why we're in the position we're in into someone who serves in the who, actually from my previous unit, saw the email go out today, telling. The folks they're gonna have to come in decide what can get done it, might one of my previous bases this is a concern, that we have all along but it just should focus very, tightly on the issues that we're dealing with yeah we presented, a bill that neither that no democrat has a problem with we have six years of funding for Sto this is the Children's, Health Insurance Program in fact probably some daca folks getting insurance under this program but yet most, Democrats, ninety-five percent of them voted no on this so, I think you should listen we need to take the rhetoric I agree out of this but let's focus on exactly what could happen and also, why it's not happening. Congressman, some have pointed out that lawmakers still. Get paid while this is going on as members, of the military may not. It. Is that's the Constitution, I like myself I know many others have said I'm not going to be paid until, we get this solved we've signed that letter and send it into the Administrative. Services office and I think this is just highlights, the the, frustrations, that many of us feel here let's, get to the very issue that we got to deal with that is this government needs funding it needs to get back on track we need to pass we need to also get a deal, in which we can pass a full appropriations, bill to the end of September and have an understanding. Of what the next two years for our military spending is going to look like this, is something that I'm afraid is getting lost here we've got to get to the fact where our military can plan ahead for the terror risk, that it face all across this world we've got to get to that budget deal this is something that's also been held hostage to, an immigration issue that is not even right yet it doesn't even get to be ripe until March in.

The Middle of March and we've also had a judge say that we can't go. Forward right now if, daca, recipient. Wants to apply they can go apply, right now to stay these, are the issues that we've got to get focused on in right now there's a minority. In the Senate and something, main in the house well who would rather play politics, with groups. That they would, rather play for a favor with instead, of dealing with it well issue in, the meantime, defense. Secretary Jim mattis says that military, maintenance, will grind to a halt and that other operations, could, very well suffer, while this goes on so again you guys are know or hoping to work this out where, and how can you find common, ground and compromise with Democrats, well. I think you know if you look at it from a perspective of compromise, the chip, program the bill that we passed, by the way back in September, this is not new we had passed this bill and we had asked for some basically, the pay-fors that, most. Would have thought would have been common, sense you know making lottery, winners you know be and. Most, Mainers pay a little bit more but, they chose to say let's have a clean bill well we've put a 6 year clean chip, reauthorization on. There fully funding, this that wasn't enough we put in there to take away through. Suspend, the Cadillac, tax to to do the medical device tax these are all things Democrats, have asked for these, are the kind of things that really make you wonder what their priorities are so for those who are wanting to vote no right now who want to keep this government close and make very sure this is what they're wanting to do is keep the government closed to inflict pain, on those, people, in our country, who are serving our country who are working these agencies, who do good work then, they need to go back home and explain that to the American people why they're choosing an issue such as daca which has already been promised, to be worked on and solved that most Republicans and Democrats want to see solved why, are they continuing to hold it hostage I think the American people are gonna see through this they're already seeing through well Nancy Pelosi spoke earlier about the Democratic, demands and she says that they're not political, I'm gonna play that sound and they get your reaction to it. Opioids. Veterans. Chip. Pensions. Disaster. Assistance, the. List goes on but it is all, bipartisan. We didn't come up with an idea of some, progressive. Agenda of the future that we were saying to them you should pay for this if you want our vote we're saying you. Agree with this we. Need this money, we, cannot let these are emergencies. That have to be addressed. You're. Reacting to that sir she. Voted no so. I'm not sure where our priorities are she votes no I mean she can say whatever she wants she could spin it however she wants to spin it this is also a. Minority. Leader just the other day who said that the chip program was doggy Doo explained, to me why she would be so derogative. To those folks who have who, depend on she why would she call it that except, she's playing politics, with it she can claim whatever she wants to claim and if she can go to sleep and put her head on the pillow and feel good about that good for her and I can't we need to open this government in the short time we have left congressman, quick, prediction, for me when is this going to be over my hope is this tonight, I would love to see the Senate come to come to an agreement see this out there one o'clock I think in the morning is when they can bring the. Next round up which we've said if they if they just put a February 8th date, on it send it back to us that will pass if that's all they're going to shorten it by a week fine but this needs to end tonight the people need to go back to work tomorrow we need to get back to doing the business that we're called here to do and that's my hope if it doesn't there's one group. To blame Chuck Schumer this is his shutdown well congressman, Collins, we will be watching and if there is an agreement obviously you'll you'll hear about it right here so thanks very much for your time tonight sir thanks so much good to be with you you too it's been one year since Donald Trump took the oath of office how's.

He Been doing our, panel, has their scorecards, ready plus. A preview, of a new Fox News series, detailing all the things that led up to the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton more, on that. It's. Really, a result of our, inexperience. In, Washington she didn't tell the truth I like. Everyone else would like to know the answer who started to free pain it's not at my legs, Bill Clinton lived a double life I did, not have. Sexual. Relations. With that woman scandalous. A groundbreaking, seven part series premieres. Sunday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern right here on the Fox News Channel. This, weekend marks one year since Donald, Trump was sworn in as president of the United States so, how have he and his administration done. Since last January when he took the oath of office, joining. Me now Brad Blakeman a former deputy assistant to President George W Bush and Doug, shown a former adviser to President, Bill Clinton also a Fox News contributor, good evening to you both, good evening who better to judge and grade. The, president so Brad let's start with you let's give them a grade A through F and tell us why he's. Got an A a strong a and here's why we have a a guy who's new to politics who took the toughest job in the world being president he hit the ground running, we have a new Supreme Court justice we, have growth in our economy of, over 3% we have full employment at, 4%. We have a new embassy, being established in Jerusalem. Which is something that is long overdue, we, have pipelines, that are being built we have Americans, being put back to work over, close to two million Americans. Are now added. To the rolls we, have so much possibility. Yet, ahead of us but the president this year hit, the ground running 73 judges, confirmed. A record in the federal court system okay, president has a lot to be proud of Doug, I'm guessing that you're gonna give him a slightly different grade I do and, look I'm a Democrat, but I try to be non, partisan about this the. Undeniable. Fact is, that the economy has been very good it's also the case that the, president has, certainly asserted. American, power around, the world the. Problem from my point of view is I seek bipartisanship. I think, we're, looking now at the government, shutdown where, I'm, sad. That we haven't been able to get, an agreement we weren't able to get an agreement on health, care and, the president, unfortunately, has been a little bit more divisive. And polarizing, in both his rhetoric and his tweets than I think is in America's. Interest, remember. Rick this is the United, States of America, not the United States of red America I didn't I didn't hear your gray Doug well my great is about Abey Abey all right you know that's pretty good. You. Mentioned the government shutdown Brad how does that affect the, president, and the Republican Party's agenda moving forward well, I think the Democrats, have Mis played their hand, I think, this is going to be a terrible reflection, on Democrats.

Because They're putting illegal. Aliens, above, the interests of America and I have to caution Democrats, you got to love the American people, more than you hate Donald Trump, yes resistance, and this and this visceral hate for the present, is clouding, your judgment there's. No reason, why we shouldn't have a continuing, resolution. That's, clean it's, something that Democrats screamed. All over the place was necessary, when, they were in power yet when we have a Republican, they load up the, continuing resolution, with issues, and and, and pork, that the American people don't want and quite frankly we don't need what about that Doug well, look, I think two-thirds. Of Republicans. 80%. Of Democrats, agree. That we need to do a daca, fix we had a bipartisan. Solution in, the, Senate that would have been easily adopted. And I'm saddened that that hasn't been achieved that being said again I've always been for clean CRS. But the real problem to me on both, sides is that we're only talking about four weeks and we'll be back at this.look we, need real leadership and. That means we need to fund our government past. Priorities. And get, to things like immigration. And, infrastructure. On a true, bipartisan, basis, not, on a narrow partisan, base Doug, there was a lot of talk about Democrats, retaking. A lot of seats this year in the midterms and I, wonder, if you would agree and, Brad you can weigh in first whether, you think this shutdown actually, does hurt the Democrats and maybe means. Leads to less advances. Come November. Look, history, is on Democrat side we know that, since the Civil War the. The party and power that controls the White House loses about 30 to our seats and two senate seats look, they. Want, it all they're not going to get it all and by the way if they don't get reached a vote, by two one o'clock tomorrow morning I think, with the president we should go nuclear on the Democrats, there's nothing in the Constitution, that says we, need 60 votes to move a bill through, the Senate that. Self-created. Through the Senate's own rules we should cancel that the majority rules and and, if Democrats really want to overplay, their hand I think we're heading that direction all, right well I want, you both to stick around because. There's. A new documenting, documentary. Series premiering, tonight here on the Fox News Channel right out to this program it's called scandalous, and it dives deep in one of the biggest political dramas of the, 1990s, a remarkable, series of events that led to the impeachment of Bill Clinton we want to show you a look at part of tonight's opening episode and then get you guys to weigh on at the state views again right after the Fox report. The. Mainstream, news organizations.

Were Digging. Into Bill. Clinton's record and, his past and, the. Clinton camp was, very much. On the defensive not, Ekta that matter is closed they did not want. Embarrassing. Stories, that, would get, in the way of their march to, the White House. Doug. You know former President Clinton very well I worked for him for six, years so bad. Memories that, that this show maybe bring up for you for very good memories I mean I think it's, a statistical. Fact that the Democrats, picked, up seats in the 1998. Midterm. Elections. Because, people, vote based on issues and record rather, than the. Substance, of this documentary. We passed welfare. Reform, tax. Reform, we. Got. You. Know balanced, budget, reduced the, debt I mean I great. Economic, times the president had a 65, percent approval. And, while. It was certainly divisive, it didn't, hurt the, Democrats, our president it Ducklin, it had to be a tough time it was, heavy it, wasn't easy but it was productive. In terms of the politics, at the very least if not the substance Brad your your reflections, on this but. You know this, is a stain, on the on the, office, of the President, and on Bill Clinton history is not going to be kind as we'll, see by this program. To the fact that the Clintons. Put us through years. Of, torture. And in, in putting, our country through this kind of, investigation. When he knew exactly what. He had done he knew was going to come out eventually, and he, could have spared us that, so, he. Has that as a legacy and it's a shame looking. Back and and I, agree, with Doug that he had great successes. President, but all, the successes, weighed by the, the criminality. Of the, Clintons over the years is is what they're going to be known for they're more like a criminal crime family than a political dynasty. Well. We look forward to watching this program, less than ten minutes from now in the meantime Brad Blake Ben Doug Sean thanks very much for being with thank you I appreciate you well. It's back another, blast of snow making its way through the states where, it's hitting and how, bad it's going to get coming up next, maybe the model. Will, be better. Can. I call you then. She. Said you around, man. You. They never. Gonna. Change. A. Fox. Weather alert as a major winter storm is tearing across the country's midsection, and heading, east blizzard. Warnings issued today across the Midwest, and millions more people are, in, the path of this. Monster, meteorologist.

Adam Klotz has the details Adam it is winter, so I guess we should expect storms right it is winter but I know a lot of folks out there across the country it's gorgeous, out today Rick for many, many people spots, where it normally doesn't run up into the 60s this time of year 62 degrees in Kansas City these are still current temperatures 41, degrees in Chicago 50. Degrees currently in New York City so a lot of warm air is piled up how could we be talking about a winter storm well, there is a true cold front stretching, right across the middle of the country it's where that warm air and cold air meets that you begin to see some of this activity here, it is right now mostly today moving through Colorado, but now stretching, more and more into the plains states this, is an area we're paying very close attention to, over the next couple of hours as a result. We've got watches, we've got warnings, perhaps, a blizzard stretching through Omaha farther up to the north Sioux Falls and then into portions of Wisconsin this. Is an area as we head through the overnight hours where you're going to see the absolute, heaviest, snow at. At times maybe even whiteout conditions, with a good amount of wind as well here's your forecasted. Snowfall, you start to see some of these areas getting in a very deep blue or a gray and you're talking about as much as 18, to 24, inches of snow all happening here overnight and, it's a narrow area but. If you get within one of these bands where the snow can kind of train a little bit those, are gonna be spots where you're talking about this snow piling up a lot in the next couple of days if you're out in front of it there's a couple of systems we're watching one. That's gonna jump out in front of it it's going to bring thunderstorms, across the country but not so much snow so if you do live farther off towards the east of what we're looking at right now this is gonna be the next system running up on the East Coast and there's your timestamp in the corner really, getting laid on Tuesday, now some colder air is on the backside of it but as warm as it's been here in the eastern half of the country that, is going to be continuing. At least for the next couple of days so, these winter storm watches and warnings this is what we're paying attention to tonight Rick and, then as this heads a little farther off towards the east maybe, just more thunderstorms, so it does stay warm for a little while and Adam the government shutdown could actually affect how you get, your weather information. Well, it's. Really interesting because that is a government agency but this map you're seeing right behind me these are winter storm watches and warnings the National Weather Service puts this out all, of those employees are considered essential because they're protecting, life and they're protecting property so we still do have all this information right now well that's good yes and that looks good yes it does why, did the people in Omaha but, all. Right Adam thanks a lot thank you right back.

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