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you are not gonna believe, what I just found here on the top   this might be a small city  but there's so much life here what's up you guys and welcome back to the  channel my name is Kristian Hansen and today I am here in the beautiful skiing area of  Val-d'Isère in France it is eight o'clock in the morning now it's four degrees outside so  it's rather cold but that's because we're in   1800 meters altitude as you can see the mountains  here behind me so i stayed the night here at   Victoria Lodge, It was really really nice and i'm  super excited today because today i will be going   to the highest paved mountain roads in all of  the French Alps at 2770 meters of altitude so   it's going to be another beautiful day here... so let's get to it! let's go, guys! all righty guys we are now driving out of   Val-d'Isère and i'm heading that way towards even  higher mountains and a place called, Col de l'Iseran it's 2.270 meters high and it is the highest  mountain paved road here in the french alps. so i think it's going to be cold it's gonna  be beautiful and over above all it's gonna   be absolutely amazing and i don't understand  there's so many runners so many people trekking   and they are running in shorts and t-shirts and  it's four degrees outside maybe it's just because   i'm more or less half indonesian now and i'm used  to the heat but damn i think it's it's very chilly I do expect that this is gonna be a day  with riding on a lot of perfectly curved   mountain roads because the place that I'm  heading now they're called the Col de l'Iseran  is actually a place where they have had  the tour de france i think it's like   10 or 15 times, the first time they  visited that place with Tour De France, it was in 1938 and the last time they visited the  place for Tour De France was in 2019 so high up already and they're so... long down...

look at this! and there's just, whoah! And there's just nothing holding you back, Jesus... Wow, I really hope you can see on the camera  how steep this is, I'm gonna try and...   drive so close to the edge as i can for you  to see oh another beautiful day in france so my gopro cameras are having a little bit  of problems i think is because of because   it's so cold and you also have to remember  when you're using gopros and you're driving   in cold temperatures that the batteries  are gonna die faster because of the cold so many riders here   i must have met 50 motorcycles already on  my way up here wow these roads are amazing   it is crazy to think about if I drove off right  here I would 100 die! all right almost there guys that was not nice so after a big bump i  always check my bags, yeah still there and you've got to be really  careful here big rocks on the road wow and there's just ski lifts all  over here so those hiking trails   and a lot of trails we can see here it's where  people normally go on their skis, isn't that so cool?! actually up here i was gonna tell you, you cannot  drive here on your motorcycle or even with cars   when it is winter because then all this you can  see here it's just completely covered in snow   i am curious how the drone is gonna work  in this kind of weather when it's this cold   i think it should be okay i just have to be  aware that the battery is gonna die faster   and guys we are officially here I expect to  see a lot of motorcycles here, holy Jesus! Wow! imagine this this is so cool and we're here  guys i'm gonna get out the camera   i definitely gonna get out the drone  and we're gonna make some video here all right guys I made it here to the Col de l'Iseran, at the highest paved mountain   road here in the french alps and there are so many  motorcycles here really nice touring bikes there's   harleys yamahas ktms ducatis there's everything  and everybody is waiting in line here to   get a picture in front of the big sign that  says that you have made it here to the 2.270   meters in altitude which is right here behind  me so of course i'm gonna get a picture as well   i just quickly did an instagram live and that will  already be up now by the time you're watching this   but i'm just gonna enjoy the moment here get  the drone in the air get some really cool   pictures and then i have to continue the route  for today so um yeah gonna do that now and yeah   it's just amazing here it's  very cold but just fantastic and guys you are not gonna believe what i just  found here on the top let me just show you   someone put a youtube sticker okay maybe it's  myself but i still think it looks hell cool   so guys if you get to this place let me know if  my sticker is still there that would be super cool   all right guys it is time to hit the road again it  was really nice to get to this place you know just   um as i was about to leave here three italians  pulled up on a big ducati a big ktm and they just   drove straight from the road straight in front of  the sign even though people were standing there   and just move people over i don't kind of like  that i think it's fair enough that you have to   wait in line so from now on until i get to  the beaches of france i will only be going   down some places i will be ascending again of  course but this is the highest peak that i've   reached and it's time to keep it going i have  39 minutes until my next stop and from there on   i should have another hour or so until i get  to the city Valloire, but let's continue   down the road and see what other beautiful  places this area has in store for us... Let's go! all right guys so i'm taking a small stop here on  my way to i just checked on the map it's called   Valloire velluva, i cannot pronounce it but it's  about one and a half hour away from here but it's   still on the mountain roads and there's so many  things i want to shoot so many things i want to   stop and just enjoy so it just takes a long time  on this beautiful "Routes Des Grand Alpes", so and now   i've stopped at a little restaurant here i'm gonna  just get a burger some fries coke something quick   and just enjoy that i have the view up to this  amazing mountain right in front of me and as i'm   gonna show you here on the screen, i'm parked right  outside the chair so i can sit and look on the   bike while i eat it's perfect and then i'm gonna  hit the road...

Let's go! All right guys, back on the road... just driving through the small city here next  to the restaurant and let's see what it says here   on the signs, we are leaving Lanlebourg that's  where i ate and we are heading towards Modane so the city that i've just passed now here  is called Modane i'm still on the d1006   and my next point will be to start driving  south, i'm still heading west on the d1006 and as soon as i can go on the next   southern uh route then i will come past the  velour that i talked about earlier today another fantastic road just to drive fast  on, long road big turns, no cars amazing! and it looks like i have a red porsche behind  me that also wants to drive fast so let's do a   bit of racing and see how long before he falls behind oh 50 kilometers and that's it wow that   porsche is driving fast i'm at 140 here guys and  i can see he's right behind me still he wants to   overtake I can see it but he can't do it here it's  too risky and he knows it... All right! I'm at 200! and that's it for me, Yeeha! wow that was nice that was fast enough for me   i did lose him though, ah they  are racing together i see it now   two Porsches and a BMW... should i try and  follow? why not... wow they're driving fast   oh come on come on if i can't keep up i  have to so what do we got we got a porsche 911 carrera and a BMW M... wanna say M3 or m5 maybe M4 and in  front we have the Porsche it's probably just a 718... Oh, you know what would piss them off? if  I overtook them in here in the city it would   be so easy for me to do that oh you know what i  think i'm gonna do it here at the light why not... just drove all the way up  front i need to turn anyway so...

ah they want to turn as well  nah i'm gonna follow them oh did you hear that?! Wow! So, I followed that red Porsche for the  last 30 minutes just driving as fast as I could   as fast as he could through  these small mountain roads... I bet the bmw and the other porsche is going to  be right behind in a second there's the bmw and the porsche should be here in a minute wow  i've just been pushing the ducati and on the   acceleration i could actually beat the porsche but  not in the in the corners he could just corner so   fast um and he drove a little bit more crazy i  would say than i did so guys i thought since i'm   on these perfect small roads where actually i'm  seeing a lot of people racing let me just see if i   can find someone to race a bit with and then i'll  show you how it looks, oh there's another Porche...   it seems like in general that people  are just driving quite fast on this road and that is the amazing thing that's why i  think this ducati is so fun to ride on roads   like this because the acceleration and the power  is just so good so it's so easy for me to overtake   even on a small part like this for example just  whoop swoop in there easy, wow good view still   see if we can't get past that little Nissan and there's my window Oh! Let's get some speed on this, alright! wow people are racing here guys it's  amazing all these places it says like   50 zones and 70 zones but people are  blasting past that not just myself another beautiful, valley Bienvenue Valloire, what is it  now maybe two o'clock i feel like i can do a   bit more driving today, yeah still the d902 and  we're gonna keep going for at least I would say   I'm gonna try and see if I can drive another  50 kilometers, there is the sign Valloire so guys I just had a small change of heart because  this city actually looks so cozy this Valloire   and there is a hotel right down here that  is actually pretty cheap it's only 70   euros, considering the area and if i keep driving, I have to drive minimum one hour more and one and a   half hour more and the cheapest hotel i could  find in that area was 115 euros so if i find a   place to stay here now then i can save some money  i can explore this beautiful little city a bit   and get a bit of rest because i'm actually quite  tired so let's cross our fingers that they have   more rooms left because I just tried to  book now but it didn't work so maybe it   was the last room they had it set on agoda but  let's see if i get lucky, fingers crossed guys so guys this is one of the  things i love about touring i got lucky! I got the room for 65 euros and then  another nine euros for the breakfast tomorrow   and it has the parking garage where i can park  my bike and he said we only have one room left   but since you're only one person you're only  going to be paying for one so i've gotten a room   for three people i even have a small balcony  here outside let's go and check the room so i have two beds here plenty of room for my  clothing all my stuff a little hallway here and   then i have a spare bedroom in case i'm gonna get  guests which i'm not um i got a bathroom out here   which looks brand new fantastic all whitey  alrighty and I've got a spare bathroom Lucky! and by coincidence today is actually  a highline skyline festival here in the city   where people are walking on strings  from one mountain to the other so   there's a lot of things happening up there  so let's go and check it out! Good decision!   so this might be a small city but there's so much  life here there's so many people on the street   there's so many shops open people  eating at cafes restaurants   and yeah i talked to the  receptionist and he actually   told me that in this city right now during the  summer time there is about a thousand people   during the entire summer living here but during  the winter season there is almost 20 000 people   living in this little city because right in  front of me i can actually see the ski slopes   and just in like any other of these small cities  that i come by during the Routes Des Grandes Alpes there   is a lot of good looking motorcycles BMWs  and MV Agustas, Ducatis and speaking of Touring bikes! so when what i told you earlier about the the  skyline festival i can't remember the real name   of it actually right now i'm looking at that  line it's going from that mountain over here   to the other side and i can just barely see a  person walking on the line right now it looks   crazy i'm gonna try and see if i can film it  i highly doubt you will ever be able to see   this because the sun is coming right towards  the lens but it's basically right up there   right up here somewhere i barely can see i'm just  being myself so this little city has pretty much   everything as far as i can tell i even passed a  small cinema and they have a big playground here   with events going on it's probably because  of the skyline Highline festival   but there's a lot of life in this city and a  quite fun thing is that in when i'm in jakarta   if I'm vlogging like this then there's  not a lot of people caring because i see a lot of   other people do that quite a lot but when you're  in a city like this you don't see any other people   walking with a camera talking like this so getting  quite a lot of funny looks and funny comments but   you know you have to do what you gotta  do you gotta do what you gotta do all right guys i think that's gonna be  it for today i hope you enjoyed today's   episode stay tuned because tomorrow I will  be driving here from Valloire towards Col des Guérins   which is another beautiful  area on the route of the Grandes Alpes  so for tonight i'm just gonna head back to  the hotel i'm gonna find something to eat   and then relax for the rest of the evening  but again thank you so much for all your   support guys i truly appreciate it i will see  you in the next episode and until next time Bye guys! i unfortunately didn't get it on  camera but one of the goats were   trapped on the wrong side of the fence

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