france travel VLOG - seeing the ocean for the first time in a decade - part 1

france travel VLOG  - seeing the ocean for the first time in a decade  - part 1

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[Music] so [Music] we stand on the opposite shore hello motor i reach through mysterious ceilings my only hope [Music] i look for the things i don't know [Music] for all in this i stand alone show me where the ending goes honest honestly [Music] show me where the ending goes [Music] good morning we finally made it to france guys it's the most beautiful there's the ocean i'm so happy i'm so happy i've anticipated this so long and now we are going to check out the beach because today is really gloomy a bit of cold day so that's the perfect time to go explore so those are the coolest tents this is so comfortable this is level clamping so here you have the best view of the whole campsite because this is the pathway to the ocean [Music] we were searching for a path to the ocean but i think we finally found it i'm so excited it's been a decade a decade since i've last seen the sea and this is special to me because i always made quite the heavy decisions while sitting at a beach while gazing out onto the water and it always been the best decisions i've made in my life so this is quite heavy this is insane on the other side is frightened so we're actually thinking on maybe booking a ferry to spend one day in england [Music] so this is going to be quite interesting because there are many little parts that don't lead to the sea [Music] we finally found the stairway down to the beach [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] love [Music] or [Music] we didn't actually know what to expect from this holiday because this holiday was booked on the total whim this was a special offer from hotopia which we were eyeing for a year already but a different region so once this offer came up we booked without researching any further so this is going to be quite an adventure i am looking forward to because i'm not actually one for quite and calm beach holidays so i prefer this i'm looking forward to it even though the weather forecast is as bad as it can get but we're going to make the best out of it and we're going to take you along so i hope you do enjoy as i've said before i've made pretty meaningful decisions that i stuck with all my life when i was at the sea always i don't know it's just something about me and the sea it's oh it always feels meaningful it always feels existential so i'm going with the flow and i'm going to enjoy this to the fullest even though i was really sad to leave kira i always feel bad about it because she's already doing a lot because it's not the easiest to combine our lifestyles and to combine family and to participate in it fully and she's doing that i'm just going to trust her the way she's trusting me always it's it's hard for me because i'm an utter control freak and a terrible workaholic [Music] but let's enjoy this and let's enjoy it together [Music] my husband has never been to a seaside before and he's not convinced of the high percentage of rain that has been forecast for today whereas i can totally tell you that we should hurry from this beach now because over there it's pretty bad weather rolling in we still have some groceries shopping to do so that's that even if you just take it as gloomy look at what's hanging there and this is going to roll over us pretty quickly i think [Music] it never rings in california the sun is always shining right people are smiling making plans hiding behind [Music] baby [Music] [Music] this is probably due to the rain but the flowers are shedding their petals and it looks like they rained down [Music] [Music] quite interesting houses and i don't know if all of them are just vacation homes but many of them are and i think we stumbled across a small creative community here that's beautiful [Music] another one another one [Music] whenever we go outside my children collect flowers for bouquet for the fairies isn't this cute [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] taxidermic [Music] [Music] hello i swear [Music] um [Applause] [Music] me all right day two hi guys today we decided to visit yep which is another coastal town here on the strip in france where we are staying and we honestly don't know what to expect because we didn't have too much time to research yep because it was kind of a intuitive decision to make yesterday we originally wanted to visit le havre but yet just seemed prettier to us we're just going to explore the city and i'm going to take you along so welcome to tiap so this is incredibly wide as you can see my husband and my kids are up there i'm going to join them in a second and i don't know if i'm able to capture it but those friends right here are flying awfully close to people i don't know if you can tell but this is super steep this is so nice we finally found some shells so beautiful yeah there are so many here yeah no no no no but do you see this do you see this the sun is shining the water is beautiful it's just stunning no i'm the happiest you don't understand because the weather forecast changed drastically overnight and we didn't expect to have a full-blown summer day at the beach and this is what we've got and my hot take is it's because today is one of my very best friend's birthday so julia i love you the most i love you the most and the weather fairies obviously too isn't that great [Music] wow [Music] bye [Music] so [Music] so um [Music] it's the fire in the rain it's the smile within the pain it's the logic but insane you cannot know from where it came it's the way you cross the floor before you head on out the door it's the figure on the wall so many times i hear the call it's the silence of the room okay so this is actually quite interesting we've seen the canadian flag a lot since we entered yep and we just stumbled across the canadian war cemetery and we didn't know that canada as part of the allied forces landed here during world war ii and aided france against the nazis and a lot of soldiers perished here [Music] then i'll be at your door when i'll be coming home i plan to let you know the longing of my heart we are on route [Music] which reminds me we actually we actually planned for a whole evening to maybe maybe set over from dieppe to england because it's not that far but since we are only staying nine days here in france we decided against it but if we would have chosen to stay a bit longer we definitely would have visited brighton [Music] there it is [Music] we made it to the top [Music] okay [Music] [Music] this is the first bookshop we've came across and i'm very tempted to buy a few children's books because come september my daughter is going to learn french since she's attending first class this year i'm sad about that people are telling you oh they aged so fast they are right [Music] [Music] so it's getting windier because we are returning to the beach where we a parked and b told our children that we would get some small gift to remember and after that i think i'm going to end vlogging here for the day the house fronts everywhere so beautiful [Music] this is creepy it's beautiful but it's also creepy [Music] [Laughter] [Music] i used to think another wasted night but not anymore no no

2021-07-23 16:41

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