FRED OUTDOOR - SURVIVAL PART 3 - 24 Hour Survival Training!

FRED OUTDOOR - SURVIVAL PART 3 -  24 Hour Survival Training!

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should be there what´s over there we came from that side hello and welcome on the channel of Fred Outdoor we have been welcomed by all the mosquitoes and all other things that fly and sting around here i´m here with Martin we are going to run a 24 hour survival training combined with a scenario why a scenario make things clear for you and set priority´s 24 hour is not long but who says we are back home within 24 hours the scenario is the lost hiker (explain in dutch) we walked a trail eventualy we decided to go offtrail to a river we didn't know exactly where the river was so we started wandering we still haven't found the river... it's clear water if we don't go to far from here to do an overnighter we found water so that's covered and we can overnight here where possible make sure we have top cover against the weather for tonight exactly after wandering for a while we arrived here we decided to push the s.o.s button on the gps tracker we talked about the situation and had a moment of reflection we decided to stay here for the night we didn't expect to be multiple days from home we brought gear with us we supposed to use for a short dayhike a short dayhike abroad in the end we put everything out to see what we have with us a backpack I carry some gear in my pack and some gear on me water my waterbotlle and billycan, waterfilter and pouch and a garbage bag food I brought my emergency foodbag and it has some food, tea, protein bar some bisquits and I have this dry sausage I planned to eat during this hike the idea was to share this with Martin during the hike over here I have cordage wire saw pocket knife matches to start a fire medical I have my basic first aid kit DEET tissues and for signaling I have this gps tracker Petzl for night use and whistle for daytime in the scenario we blowed the whistle many times but no reaction so far the gps tracker we pussed the gps button and it still trying to get a signal I also brought my phone but same story... no signal and google maps still loading my wallet some cash, ID card etc.

for protection I have gloves an extra layer handkerchief scarf raincover for my pack that's what I carry ow and my jacket I can use it tonight or when getting cold Martin what do you carry? almost the same I mustn't forget something I hate that... I just did it 3 times soo I start with I use 5c's I start with cover Anorak gloves scar I also can use for water filtering rescue blanket I can use for cover when raining I carry eveything in this bottle pouch and what didn't fit I carried in my pockets in my pouch a sewing needle in my Victorinox a little magnet to make a compass with cover in this case I also mention medical again... the emergency blanket we all know where you can use it for bandage you can make this small to make bandaid combined with tape dehydration ubiprofen for when I get a headache disinfection 70% alcohol whipes and wodka also for motivation and the inner man with this you can also disinfect but also whipe your ass when you have taken a shit what is mainly the case...

so far for cover and medical then coradage... not much we where just hiking a couple of hours mostly we carry this as a gadget on our wrist I think it comes in handy right now, cordage... also brought some food, among which the life saver dry saugage... and for hydration... energy drink, electrolytes, ensures that the fluid is absorbed faster in your stomach signaling whistle and the silver side of the blanket, multifunctional a small candle and a small petzl combustion, lighter, firesteel and 2 gelcubes canteen nalgene bottle with mug and lid something to eat with al fits in here and because abroad with 30 degrees 1 liter of water is not enough I brought a Katadyn waterfilter coffee, tea especialy the coffee is important for me often in a survival situation and you are a hardcore coffee drinker like us and you didn't brought it with you...

you get a headache at some point because we are addicted to caffeine It doesn't go away, you will continue to suffer from this for days so when you go out make sure you detox the week before or make sure you bring it with you, like us right now then I've covered... everything well we aligned everything neatly and you saw what we have brought with us didn't expect to do an overnighter unplanned overnighter, this is what we could carry with us for an dayhike abroad well an quick line up personal gear assesment, why do you do that? so you can see from each other what you carry with you this way you can redistribute and borrow equipment from each other that why it's important and otherwise you carry something you didn't used because you are tired an forgot it that's why! well... well... this could be it I think so too the shelters are ready we can stay here for the next 24 hours it is hard work... we worked for 2 hours

Martin lies on his E-blanket I have a garbage bag over there with the raincover as a pillow I filled it with leaves for the next 24 hours we have to do it with this a shelter is never finished And who says we'll be out of here after 24 hours? no matter how difficult in a survival situation you have to take your rest at some point you should always assume that you need a shelter imagine it's pouring rain and we didn't take care of this then you have a challenge... next we are going to focus us on the next prio's we are going to get some water because our waterbottles are as good as empty a small brake mosquito pit... yes... a hot drink good idea my friend... yes right? end of the mosquitos... yes exactly! well sleep tight yes, well good night it is morning...

goodmorning morning we got through the night well didn't get much sleep and we took fire watch turns we kept the fire burning all night so that's a good thing we cleaned everything and we finished our 24 hour okay 24 hour survival training it's over for us we approached it in such a way that it could possibly take longer that's why we covered all things like a shelter make a fire, water, etc. who say's you it all ends or you get rescued after 24 hours It was good to do this we worked with a firewatch tonight we didn't sleep much those are just things that are part of this a bit of sleep deprivation if we hadn't had a fire watch and we had no fire with this cold I think we would have slept even less everything is well arranged the advantage is we are with two of us you don't get much sleep is part of it I realy enjoyed I hope you too Martin? yes! I hope you guys also enjoyed the video I say till next time... bye bye

2021-07-08 20:21

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