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Free gifts + shopping Tour SecondLife I Classic / Bento avatar

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Hey. And welcome back to near we do yeah. We are finally, back oh well. You, came you, mind all the things to be happening behind, guys I got. A little accent on my hand and I got sick last week so all that put me away to continue. Working on my videos, and also math you got something stop right. Hey. There, yeah. These days have been hectic, really. Hectic I can't go mad. So. I won't being able to record a Luka but we'll, catch you with, anything this week, anyway. You, know even if we completely never give up right so. We prepared to watch more videos after. This one so, for our shopping, tour these, are the sponsors, that we are going to be sit around and. To, check their latest releases oh. And. Our new sponsor, media, and sale you, can check out their website for information about, Second, Life news pretty events. And blog post I will leave the link in the description, for you to check it out and by, the way there is going to be a special surprises sponsored, by media SL so don't. Forget to check the video until the end if you want to win a shop, in there with me. Hey. I didn't want to start the shopping tour we don't mention something, really really important, as you might have noticed we're, in a tiny pile of fantasy, fairy I know, you have heard about this before because not a made a video and some other people being polish them but there, is something that we all must be aware there. Is much more than just appreciating. The beautiful, design that we'll have done here, but this is an event to collect money to support people in real life and there is a company, who's been, making. An announcement they, are going to the make $3,000. If second, life resident managed. To obtain. $40,000. On even. I know that we are gonna make it we are really near the amount so, I just wanted to do my part showing, you a little bit more about the event because. That's. The ability of the event guys we are going to your check, of all around take pictures but we. Need to, also come, and shop to support the campaign, don't. Forget that everything announced, on the official vendor, will go directly to the campaign, creators. Has donating their work they don't take a single Linden from these cells, thank. You so much to my friend Yoli for joining me in this video to show you the other model, of wasabi hair she's also blogger and, we just wanted you to see the variations, of the colors and the designs that you have all the options here 250. Linden's it's, not that expensive and, is really, really lovely and we. Are just giving you options here, guys so there. Are many creators, really donating, their hard work here, I wish to show you all but there, are so many so. Don't forget please to come in and visit a band before the ends you, still have until Sunday, so don't forget it. You. If. You're ready basic fantasy, family and you still want to keep shopping let, me introduce you, scandalize, for families, this, is a new all free today are presenting.

It's Really. Really, delicate and, very, allen, killed, I guess full of it and the, boots have such a good. Good quality, let me tell you you start an intro, right oh by. The way remember. Is, the anniversary of, finish, so. There are a lot of free gift but, take it easy even just open, so you have a lot of days is still to come and grab. Your gear and to. Be honest there are a lot of accessories. Not many items. Free, guys actually, and. You can check the Prados on facebook, on your official page and stuff and I will show you at the end of this video of my favorite, year. Well. I came to leave belly bands closed today, may, 3. For. That but I say I will show you the brother here at the event and don't, worry because ona, always put it back at the store so if you like it if you wanna try, it and get it you, still have some couple, of hours to come and try it and even otherwise. As I, said you can go directly to own a store and, you will find it there, it's. Ariana. Now. What, sorry we. Are at Epiphany. I'm sure, you love, to go there because it's a guy event, and they, bring these two beautiful models, with, the, hairstyle. As always three different styles for each one I was wearing one of the models, are the intro of this video you saw me this very capable, very fresh, and modern style I love it, well. You already know right you can get in fat bag or you can just play, your look and try any of the models this, is the exclusive, release. I had exclusive, color for the epiphany don't forget to also try that email I will, advise you to get this hair because it's really really, girly. And lovely, hey. Check. Out the design we. Had access to. Check. The release. By little loony you already, know they work with same, motion they released, is amazing. An image yeah. They were packed a little pony. You. Can play, the catch and get anything and this fluffy, you just he's happy, playing at the end of the video it, was will you ill depending, on which one you have and don't. Forget also if you come to access, there, are two three four, girls, and guys. Haha. You cool even I, had. A great, pleasure to be vlogging for, bloom I mean this guy is amazing, check, out these colors, this. The pink color that I was wearing an intro that made me look like you know kind of like demon. Know. Why they are exposing, my poverty, and, have no linens but, hey, 75. Lame is each very, cheap are really colorful. If. You're a summer girl or you enjoy hot springs, you don't wanna miss the new release by a scandalous, fortress, chick this, beautiful, shark dress comes in a great, variety of, colors for.

You To pick your favorite you, can also wear, it as a top, like I did that intro, of this video so. Yeah, they have different options right. Also. To make the outfit perfect, we have these shoes too comes in fat so, don't forget and check it out. Well. It's been so long ago since I was at the by, now. I'm promoting gloom, I used to come here for apollyon and. Your I miss you, so. Yeah, balloon, has, released, this beautiful, set of eyes that I show you, things. To look you. Can have these coolest style I love when he ah'd is white color me, bloom. Very stylish fresh. I know them as always. Also. If you are leaving don't forget to grab some free oh my god I feel like I'm losing my voice. Also. Another friend, of us oh my. God I realize. They are having this beautiful earrings. Here, hmm, hey. They, are free also. Gabriel, is, having, these are cute, necklace I mean accessories, guys we always need it right so. Don't forget to check the why and gloom. We feel like I, could be someone, wish you would, stay, far, today. Forever. Just. You and. Can you make a man. Welcome. To limit a remember. That this event is famous because they offer gets, a select, number of, products, so, these, are, like, you, know limited edition, like, this lovely, cute, kitty. And these. Are the other models, that you can have as always the rail order a on single, versions, so hey. Come and grab your kitty before, they are gone now. We are at so late oh I. Love this hair from Wasabi's, one of my favorite, hair so far and. Yeah. I mean look all these styles to come you can also hide a braid by the way these, are always, all the colors that they offer you also have fat back so, I mean. They are very very, good at these short style, for, hair is love it o scandalize. And, it's, lovely, and elegant bodysuit. I mean, I really love to stripes I'm very big fan of it he, saw me the beginning I love it because people, use okay. So these, are the. Items, you, have it in similar, fat pack I saw we didn't come we chose this time salsa, oh I. Didn't, block, these because, didn't. Have it but, I just want to show you if you don't like cats maybe you want to try a little fox instead. And these. Are the models that emotion. Is having, here at Soria you can give it a try play the catch it's not that expensive and, they are very cute. So. We, left the hot stuff, at the end guys. Thanks. To you now we are here to punish ex, yeah. She's having his sexy, thief release. For the event it comes in three models I mean it's just a fat pack you'll get a fat back with the three models, according to your body and. With all the colors that you saw here, on the bender right comes with the mask and also the the money back so. If. You like those, funny games we're a couple maybe.

You Wanna try the LV, now, we are a king Cuban and for this one we have the sexy, police so. You can be a rather a tiff or you can be a police it's, also in fact back with all these colors and, don't forget to uniform, our news and updates. Yeah. We all love free, right. But. What about an update on. Apparel, give 50. Linden's if you yelling on the star and you can get these. Wise. I don't know how, you go in English someone. Is obsessed with the police and faith right also, this, is braiding, often it was released, with love roleplay but, I didn't, have time to blow, it so. I just want you to know you saw in Matthew at a short intro that we made he's. Going to be pocket, is a store like whole series and the previous one we love roleplay. Remember. That we never owned a rule is something and most of my sponsors, they take the produce practice, store so if you like something on these videos, don't forget to always check the stores, and. Now. Scandalize. Yes, there's been an update on the lucky letters I just wanted to let you know and also the free gift that if you didn't get it please, go and visit Oh. Paragon, yes. This is my newest sponsor, as well for dances, I already promote, this on Facebook but I felt. Like I you should know too there. Is a free, dance, it's. A dance by, Alexander Chung he's one of the. Really, amazing youtubers. And us sessions. And dances, I mean, you can check on the right, side of the screen the video that I made for Facebook, please. Run and grab this free gift because they are going to check it after the second week of May there's, going to be a new advance by, the way it's going to be pretty sick so, give you I own this store and I'm going to be showing you more later. Ok. Now little. Event, why, are we here because there's this cute, cute, cute up for free you don't need to join no group whatsoever, just click on the vendor can you get it hey, we're a good mix event also, supported. By the media as hell okay, so this is a short it being actually, there are so few if, I couldn't. Get it all because I had a blackout. So. I lost, some of the videos that I record, anyway. Yeah. There are some cutest, stuff that you can check oh now. For the classic, avatar, I've been requested, a lot to get gift for the classic avatar and of course I was, going to do it don't forget to grab these shoes, is always, necessarily, especially, to hide those feet you, really know that right don't. Forget to Risa Healey howling as well they yes oblate and you give they are this beautiful top, besides.

The Shoes, and the trails and the other remember, the dress is also for classic avatar. Okay. Now we are at be. Sassy, up. Be sassy oh I, just realize, a limb and this. Is star I wish to tell you is mostly, for classic, avatars, and I'm so happy to see very very, modern. Designs, they are not just older models a we keep updating, and. 2018. And you just gonna grab my favorite so I advise it to the same you can also worry if you have a man shall attempt at it, especially for, classic artists because it comes with the office know where our dreams, joining. The group is free, I advise, you to graph these jeans, because it comes with a special hood, and patches you'll see the quality is really good oh this, pullover is so cute I also like it I mean I'm not grabbing everything, of them on the wall I'm just, gonna pick some few items for, that these are my items, that I recommend, that we tested, we must feel that quality is really good is, also for classic avatars, so guys you, have double, options here, and. Just come and check in yourself but I will show you my favorite setting of this video as always now, we are at in smash we have here things for man, Ben Tata, they. Are all free if you join the group of the, store. You, have all these ones for Mitch avatar, they are not for classic, but, you can play, around if, you use the material, with sling on the classic Alta I try it any work so. Now someone, being asking me about shoes, - so we are here a liver is, free you can get it now, we're at Tama go. Sembei. They. Have these cute, a hard, nails for, my 3 I saw only from Maitreya so. It doesn't cost anything in certain Linens so, you, can get it and now and this is star please don't confuse the previous group that is pay is just home from of the free year we, have this lollipop, it comes with animation. You put it in your mouth, of, course. You. Can, well you, look cute with that now, we had a ping, Fu L. And, they, have this beautiful eyelashes. For loot class it. Comes with, this. Beautiful heart, so don't forget to get it because. We don't always, have for Luca Oh Alec Athena I post this on Facebook but I decided to post it on YouTube because some of you may don't know but, they are having this freedom, O'Hare I mean, it is a demo but it's. Free it, doesn't say demon you can have all the colors that you want it's a, lie. Here I think. I posted on Facebook before, and if, you didn't go to 9. They. Are having this here's, the new day, for April, and the older models are inside, the store remember that they have a big role in the free group. And. As I mentioned before we have a special, surprise thanks, to our new, sponsor, me DSL, I'm, going to pick one lucky. Winner from, the comments, on YouTube and take. You on a shopping tour with me you. Are gonna get three, items from. Sponsors, okay everything. That I showed you in this video you can pick the three items that you like the most um I'm. Gonna go with you personally, in second life buy. This stuff, together I'm not giving you the money you're not sending your nothing through the creators, we go together as, friends, and.

Then. We put a nice outfit, I you will, be on my next video as well so we can show people our, shopping. Day so. What, you need to do is to write hashtag, media. Is hell the, three items that you would like to buy, your. Username, of course so I can go and search for you in. Word, I'm. Gonna give it for a week and you have seven days to participate. And then I'm going to choose one year winner and announce the. Winner in the same comments, of this video okay, I will make a pin pause and, I. Will search for the person in work and then go. Shopping makes, a video with a personal you'll see them on the next monday. Shopping tour because we make these videos once, a month so, thank you so much to me dsl I was, hoping to make three winners one item, but I then I thought one winner and three items to put an entire outfit together was. A better idea I don't know whether you think you have any suggestion, you, think is right or you prefer three person pictures one item let me know in the comments, and again. Thanks, to me DSL, for helping us to, help you if. You are not too poor or tired, I invite you to check my modeling of office, for free give and see, you in the next video. Oh. And.

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This is a very late reply :") i've been very busy I know it's not an excuse. But all the links are on the descriptions i share s creen capture here. MMm the event is over but the dance store is having a new free dance so you might like to go there

Gracias x participar :") eh estado muy ocupada estas ultimas semanas, tengo contenido atrasado pero los resultados se postearon en el video de 6° Republic. De todos modos estaremos haciendo esto mensual así que habrán mas chances para todos de ganar en alguna ronda. Gracias igual x la visita y apoyo :3

This is a gacha, or did you get the limited edition version? so strange. Sorry my late reply. Did you try to contact the store owner? Hope you did. I made a video about animesh featuring Semotion products maybe that can help you. You only need to attach them like any clothes.

Muchas gracias :") eh estado tan ocupada que no he podido responder muchos de los comentarios pero si revise los mensajes al sorteo. Igual lo haremos mensual así que habran muchas chances para todos. Un abrazo y gracias x apoyar el canal.

:") Thank you so much for ur kind words. I always try to share any important topic from SL, not just the beauty part but the inside. It's best now that I can do it in English, I did the same in Spanish last year but i guess public was less. I'm terrible sorry im replying everyone so late. These weeks are still hectic, super hectic for me, so I post the video and have to run :") have a great week ahead and thank u for stoping by and checking my content.

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te juro que es es extraño, eh contado y hay solo 34 posts ( no comentarios de respuesta) en el video cuando lo abro desde el panel, pero ahora que has comentado me sale este comment que si le habia dado corazón antes y serian 35 comentarios. Si me pones los nombres que no salieron por favor. Varios solo comentaron y no participaron :"( esto es algo de youtube no mio porque si ves el video en speed lento no sale tu nombre. No se porque youtube hizo eso igual sólo me queda disculparme, yo tome los nombres que vi nada personal de dejar nombres fuera. Mi única intención es ayudar en algo con algun regalo no que se creen malos entendidos,me hace sentir mal pero x no hay nada ke pueda hacer más que disculparme por algo que no salio en mi pantalla :"(

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NovataSecondLife awww my friend I know how busy you are, a thumbs up is more then enough. For most people here in the US, Spanish is their 2nd language. I speak a little Italian my great grandparents speak Italian & wanted all the grandchildren & great grandchildren to learn our heritage & Spanish & Italian are very similar. So I breezed through Spanish in High School but can barely speak it lol I understand about 80% of a conversation. Keep up the wonderful videos you are a real treasure for all of us Second Lifers

:") aww gracias. siempre intento traer algo para el avatar clásico y yo visto a la mia tambien para que vean como luce. E intento que sean cositas actuales y fáciles de combinar. Sobre el concurso si ya salio ganadora pero ^^ recuerda que puedes participar en el siguiente video de edición de Shopping tour. Gracias me alegra la información te sea útil.

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@NovataSecondLife bueno, ahora si xD #Mediasl (concursando el ultimo dia que se puede jajaja aún estoy a tiempo xP y pos lo que me gustó, 1) los ojos de gloom 2) los gatitos de se emotions 3) el outift de braden mi username es swaincamps resident jajaja, esos items mas que nada porque no mostraste muchas cosas de chico xP

@NovataSecondLife Loving shopping tours :3 in love for egyptian una outfit

@NovataSecondLife I need to find more informative sites on sl events :3 Sure, all events are great, having or no gifts, creators are always innovating, It's good to be aware, but the news really comes from events with gifts XD Fingers crossed, lucky I'm looking for you haha It's really great I saw in the Naria video, I'll keep trying to see even a little, it's very beautiful this event, magic :3 -hugs- muah :*

@NovataSecondLife aw thanks so much luka

@Luis Cano HAHAHAHAHAA OMG xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I didnt really say much lol awww I will give him a kiss as reward :P thank u.

@NovataSecondLife I got the message

@NovataSecondLife no hay problema todo ok solo espero que nadie se ponga bravo por eso, yo no lo estoy !! Errar es de humanos

@NovataSecondLife aquí esta mi post no por sonar pesada disculpa pero veo más nombres aquí que no están en tu lista

@NovataSecondLife Thanks a lot for you video at first, and yes that's not easy to find something for us..


@NovataSecondLife dont lie ... everyone watches some porn :p and your single so you have to get off somehow

@NovataSecondLife noo wasnt boring. I always enjoy your videos

@NovataSecondLife ya ves lo despistada que soy hahahahahha xd etoooo es que como elegir entre tanta cosa linda

I ship Luka and Mathew 4ever

Eu curti a música qual o nome?

@NovataSecondLife i love your videos even though they are old rs the beginning music.

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