FREEZING in Thailand / Phu Tab Boek Mountains Adventure / Phetchabun Motorbike Tour

FREEZING in Thailand / Phu Tab Boek Mountains Adventure / Phetchabun Motorbike Tour

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Guys, please allow me to introduce the most popular  and the most legendary 7-eleven in Thailand.. and yeah welcome back to our hungry adventures.. In today's video I'm gonna take you to the most popular tourist destination in Thailand (for Thai travelers).. it's not Phuket, not Koh Samui and not Chiang Mai..

it's called Phu Tab Boek.. and in today's video we'll be exploring this area and we'll try to find out why Thai people often call it "The Switzerland of Thailand".. and why accommodation there is so expensive.. so if you've got some time and empty space in your stomach and you're ready to spend your precious time together with me..

then join me this hungry adventure.. let's go.. to 7-eleven! So what is Phu Tab Boek? Phu Tab Boek is a mountainous area of northern Phetchabun with highest viewpoints in the province.. this area is very popular for camping because there is a beautiful mountainous road with really fantastic views.. where you can enjoy amazing sunsets, amazing sunrise..

and "Talay Mok" - a sea of fog, a sea of mist.. and here behind me there is a 7-eleven which is brown for some reason.. there are just several brown 7-eleven stores in Northern Thailand.. and this 7-eleven is the major grocery store in the area..

and lots of people doing lots of shopping here before going up there.. really a lot of shopping.. if you remember when the pandemic has started and people were buying lots of stuff in supermarkets.. if you remember this chaos..

so it's approximately the same.. so i did some shopping too - some beer, some cheese, some peanuts and water.. and now we're going up there to enjoy the fantastic views.. Perhaps I'm the only person here wearing shorts right now.. oh this Russian dude is completely crazy.. this is Phu Tab Boek..

and besides being the top tourist destination in Thailand so popular with Thai people.. it is also the major center of cabbage production.. which is why we can see a lot of cabbage on slopes of these hills.. yeah there is a lot of cabbage however there are many more homestays and guest houses, bungalows and tents.. because tourism is more profitable here.. which is why we have to pay high price to get a standard room.. to get a basic room..

you got to pay at least 1200-1500 Baht to get a classic room with hard bed and plastic pillows.. the same room you can get in the city for 500-600 Baht.. but we come and we pay this price - there is a demand.. and if you want something more comfortable - you got to pay 2-3-4 thousand Baht..

5000 Baht.. 10000 Baht and more.. there are such options.. but why Thai people come here.. well, the answer is simple.. because of views, the sea of fog and the atmosphere..

because Phu Tab Boek is one of few places in Thailand where you can experience this winter atmosphere and feel winter air.. one of not many places where you can wear winter clothes, winter hat.. and say "oh my god I'm freezing!" anyway today is a cloudy day which is why i can feel the temperature is going down..   probably in two hours i might need to wear pants and jacket..  

to be together with Thai people.. to be like Thai people here.. maybe even a hat.. I've got one..

and we got to find a room to go to bed early, to wake  up early and try to see the sunrise, try to see this sea of fog.. legendary sea of fog .. i think it's gonna be legendary... it's gonna be epic! just 21 degrees Celsius.. an ordinary Russian summer..   so i keep running around just wearing shorts.. there is a trail around this..

can we call it a mountain? around this hill.. and just dozens.. hundreds of tents, hundreds of bungalows.. and this is the most expensive area.. the most expensive accommodation.. so i believe i got to ride a bit away from here to find something more affordable..

i don't want to pay 3000 Baht for just the bed.. Hello puppy.. hello puppy.. oh.. this is what you do to get food? really? one more.. can you do one more? one more.. one more..

no, it was one and only.. one and only? cute puppy.. cute puppy.. you're blond.. you're blond same as me.. oh.. how can you do that?

he just wanted to say a couple words to the microphone.. yeah he's got something to say.. not same as me, because i always struggling to  find the right words to describe what i feel, what i see.. marvelous, amazing, stunning.. blah blah blah..

and you probably want to say - "come on Mickey, shut up! just show us the view!" this area is covered with tents.. people come and bring their own tents.. or there are tents for rent.. you can rent a tent, you can rent a blanket.. you can rent a sleeping bag.. everything..

any girlfriends for rent? no.. probably not today.. really? a thousand Baht? i can't believe it.. Hello.. Do you have rooms available?

i have.. may i see the room, please? how much for 1 night? how many person? 1 person.. over there, you can take a look.. but how much for 1 night? 800 Baht.. may i see the room, please? green colored? yeah it will be super hard.. 800 Baht..

but with toilet though.. cheap and there is hot water.. even small tv.. but the bed is extremely hard.. but not bad.. I think the bed mattress is too hard for me, I won't fall asleep thank you very much..

i might stay this place, but i think we can find something else.. maybe pay more for a bit higher level of comfort.. or for the view.. we can try! where are you going? are you traveling here? one bottle of soju cost 100 Baht..

in 7-Eleven it costs 89 baht.. so it's not that expensive - you're paying 11 baht for the delivery.. here is Moo Kata..

Thai barbecue.. fresh seafood, fresh squid, fresh shrimps.. hello.. there are so many tents here, so many bikers..

it's Friday today - a lot of people are coming here from Bangkok and from Isan.. because Isan is not that far.. Loei province is just a few kilometers away.. there is Khon Kaen not far..

Isan people and Bangkok people come here on Friday, on Saturday, on Sunday.. some popular resorts even have prices for weekdays and special prices (higher prices) for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.. the air is clear, the airs is cool..

a lot of fog coming this way.. real clouds! underground toilet.. the views are amazing everywhere so it doesn't really matter which area you're about to stay.. what area you want to choose to stay.. views are crazy..

you just need to relax and chill, feel the vibe and eat chicken.. hello, do you have rooms available today? what did you say? available rooms.. available rooms? we have.. we have houses and domes.. and how much for 1 night? dome - 1700 Baht, house - 2000 Baht..

can i take a look, please? look at the house first? yes, sure.. you speak Thai very well.. I can speak Thai just a little bit.. house costs 2000 Baht per night, is it right? yep.. are you alone? yes, alone.. we can do a discount for you..

nice.. nice.. do you have Wi-Fi here? yes we have.. oh really? yep.. so good! all right, all right, all right..

guys.. i have found a place to stay tonight..  this is it.. please be my guest! so what do we have? here is the sofa, here is the bed.. here is the water boiling machine.. television, fan.. and there is no air conditioning because the air is too cool, so you don't need air conditioning here..

and here behind me.. shower and toilet.. with water boiling machine and everything looks really new, really clean.. there is no strange smell, i don't see any stains on the walls.. the whole place looks really new..

the bed is not that soft but it's new.. it's new.. and after riding whole day i think I'll be sleeping like a baby.. crying all night.. there is another strong point why I've chosen this place - they've got wi-fi..  here is the huge door and huge window, so in the morning we can enjoy stunning sunrise over Phu Tab Boek.. of course if i can get up on time..

and it's not the end yet.. this place serves Moo Kata, and I have ordered one.. so we're gonna enjoy it together right outside of this room.. yeah!

Moo Kata.. "Moo" means "pork".. "Kata" means "a pan".. here is the pan, here is the pork.. but no chicken option! ah   my Moo Kata might not be the most beautiful in the world...

it might not be the most delicious in the world.. but it's nice reward after a hard working day.. yeah.. silence.. yeah guys, this is your Talay Mok.. the sea or mist, the sea of fog.. Talay Mok.. come on..

oh this is the main struggle in my life - opening those plastic bags.. something is fried, something is boiled.. but it's cooked! spicy... why? but so good! it might not look really good but it's so delicious.. okay guys, I'll continue struggling with my dinner.. and I'll see in the morning.. hopefully we will not miss the sunset...

sunrise! i woke up at six and looked at the window.. and i saw everything was very foggy, but there was no Talay Mok.. and i asked a local guy - where is the Talay Mok? he said one simple thing to me.. No rain - no sea of fog..

which literally means if there is no raining - there is no Talay Mok.. it might be true.. so in wintertime it's harder to witness this stunning sea of clouds covering the whole valley.. but now the sun is rising and all this fog starts moving down into the valley..

which looks pretty cool, everything is so foggy, so smokey.. but there is no Talay Mok we've seen on those beautiful pictures.. perhaps i should come here again in the rainy season.. looks beautiful though! here is my room.. the place is called Suwit farm..  and i paid just 1000 Baht for this room..

1000 Baht.. with this amazing view.. by the way these rooms.. these bungalows in the shape of barrels - they're also for rent..

the same price 1000 Baht however rooms are much smaller.. basically there is just a bed and tv on the wall.. and the toilet.. which is why I've chosen bigger option.. fresher option.. these are the tables for Moo Kata..

Moo Kata costs 400 baht which is a bit pricey.. but rooms are cheaper.. because here in the area you got to pay at least two thousand baht if you wanna stay in the similar style house.. so what else we can do today? there is a beautiful temple on another hill called Wat Pa Phu Tab Boek.. it's a completely different hill, so i think there is a nice beautiful road..

maybe not good road, but we can try to reach this temple.. and also there is a village of Hmong people.. all people living here and doing business they are Hmong people.. they are not Thais, they don't speak Thai, which is kind of interesting.. anyway let's continue our adventure! cheers Gan Bei! there are quite many coffee shops in this area.. and on the major routes the price for one cup of americano with ice (for cold americano) is about 100 Baht..  with the view..

but here on the way to the temple i found a place called "School Cafe".. and i bought a cup of americano for 55 Baht with many little friends... say hello! many little friends and a beautiful painting behind me which depicts children of Hmong people..  

wearing different traditional costumes.. playing music instruments and so on.. you can see it closer.. very good! very good! they all are so cute, so friendly, so nice..  

because this is not that touristy area, there is a village here.. and most people don't visit there, except the temple.. so they are quite excited to see a visitor and especially a foreigner..

because on my second day i still haven't seen a single foreigner here okay i got to finish this cup and we'll go to the temple.. come here.. say.. hungry adventure..

hungry adventure.. okay, this one is better.. not spicy - not tasty.. okay.. 1,2,3.. hungry adventure! not spicy - not tasty! oh.. it's allowed to ride on motorcycle up there? let's go together! but please drive slowly..

the road is dangerous.. guys, actually you can ride your motorcycle up there.. i didn't know that.. and this gentleman said - come on, jump on the back..

but I'm 95 kilograms.. and the road is very steep.. hopefully we'll be lucky this time...

thank you so much, sir! very friendly gentleman dropped me to the entrance.. i didn't expect this temple will be that huge.. wow.. let's get closer! and even though this temple is still under construction - it already looks amazing..   founders of this place invest lots of funds into it.. whole floor is made of marble.. there are many beautiful sculptures, many Buddha images..

and probably next year it will be completed and will be extremely beautiful.. this might be the reason why we should come to Phu Tab Boek again next year.. to see how stunning this temple will be in 2022..

but even now it attracts a lot of visitors.. This is Hmong village, guys.. it's not really a touristy place, but you can buy here lots of stuff, vegetables, local products, dried fruits.. originally Hmong people are coming from Southern China..

and they had to migrate at the end of 18th century because of the reforms, because of the repressions.. so they have settled in Northern Thailand, in Vietnam, in Laos.. and they tend to higher altitude which is why almost everywhere you go in Northern Thailand - you can find hill tribes.. you can find Hmong writings, Hmong signs and beautiful friendly Hmong people wearing traditional costumes.. and now i really would love to find some food..

maybe somewhere here have rice, have noodles.. rice and noodles.. and do you have any local food? can you recommend, please? I can eat everything, can eat spicy too.. this is my menu, you can try to choose.. maybe you can recommend something? maybe Pad Krapow? yes, sure..

you're probably bored of Pad Krapow already.. In every place Krapow is recommended menu.. okay, Krapow with chicken and egg, please.. thank you.. i have noticed one funny thing.. sometimes when i'm entering restaurants..

Thai style restaurants.. and ask to recommend me something.. something the most delicious.. people say "Krapow" - krapow with chicken or krapow with pork..

which is probably the most popular dish.. and it's simply impossible to not like Pad Krapow, right? if you've ever been to Thailand - you're in love with Pad Krapow.. it's one of your favorite choices.. food options.. and the air is getting cooler..

we are surrounded by hills.. last night at night the temperature was 8 degrees Celsius, if you believe Google of course.. and in the morning about 12 degrees Celsius.. but this hungry Russian eating machine didn't feel cold at all..

probably because of a thick fat huge blanket.. yeah, it was a really nice hotel room.. Russian is freezing in Thailand.. can you believe that? Hmong people are very talented farmers which is why all slopes around Phu Tab Boek are covered with farms..   and they grow not only cabbage..

there are many more types of vegetables and fruits which they sell at this major market of Phu Tab Boek.. and I'd love to get some strawberry.. hello..

would you like some strawberry? Strawberry 200 baht for 1 box? yes, 200 for 1 box I'd like to eat it today, I don't want green strawberry.. What di you say? Ah you don't need green? This one is ripe, it's already red.. this one is 200 Baht, right? yes, correct.. you also got some desserts..

yes, i have some desserts and fruits.. and this wine do you produce it here? No, it's produced it in a different place, we only sell here okay.. and what is this? ..... what what?..

..... oh i don't know.. you don't know it, right? yes, i don't.. ..... is it something sour? it's sweet and sour...

how much is avocado? Avocado 180 baht.. 180 Baht? and persimmons? persimmons 100 baht.. I also have this.. do you know this one? this isn't mango? yes, it's not a mango.. wanna try it? I'll give you to try for free.. how do you call it? ..... i don't know what is this.. we can try..

very sticky... and a bit bitter.. no idea what this is.. but it feels like you're eating a candle.. yeah it's stick to your mouth.. don't know..

first time trying.. unusual.. thank you so much.. 200 baht for this huge box.. in Bangkok you would pay much higher price.. amazing! and it smells like like grandma strawberry..

right off the garden.. straight off the garden.. from garden to the mouth.. to my mouth! sun is going down.. let's try to make it epic!

the sunset was amazing guys, don't you think so?   it was pretty lovely tour.. it's not a viewpoint.. i found just a place.. another resort.. and here a night in this house costs 2500 Baht.. here you can enjoy sunrise..

and here you can enjoy sunset for 1500 Baht.. but i believe in this dome there is no toilet, so you got to go out.. so why is Phu Tab Boek so expensive? come on man, you saw the road..

all of you have seen the roads here.. it's not easy to bring here materials for construction.. it's not easy to build something here.. which is why we're got to pay these prices.. however food is not really expensive.. people are super kind and friendly.. and it's a great place for camping and for enjoying holidays or weekends with your girlfriend..

or with someone else's girlfriend, if you got some options.. anyway i really hope you have enjoyed this exploration, this video, this episode..   and if you enjoyed - you can hit the like button, share this video with your friends and subscribe to this channel if you aren't already..

your like is one of the major ways to support this channel.. your likes really matter, guys!   yeah i got to wear my winter hat which i bought in Nepal, because my ears are freezing.. the temperature is dropping really fast.. and i'll see you next video pretty soon.. too much talking.. bye bye! hit the like button.. hit the goddamn like button.. or smash it if you really enjoyed the video..

i got to drive to the city.. too cold to sleep tonight here.. wow

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