From FRANCE to CHINA by TANDEM Bicycle | 624 days, 23350 km, 10500 € | Interview [+ ENG/RU SUB]

From FRANCE to CHINA by TANDEM Bicycle | 624 days, 23350 km, 10500 € | Interview [+ ENG/RU SUB]

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Hello guys, welcome to neet for travel channel. In this video we will have an interview, with amazing, people. They are french cyclists, david and matilda. They were cycling. All the way from france to china. 378. Days. And they enter, china, in march, 2020. During the coronavirus. Outbreak. Their story, is amazing, they're cycling, by tandem. And now they're gonna tell us, all their stories, so, it's gonna be exciting. So hello david hello matilda. Tell about yourself, please. Hello everybody. My name is david, i'm french, i'm, 30 years old. I was born in the middle of, france. The city name is clamoferon. I studied mechanical, engineering. But the last job i did, was i was, managing, a. Organic, supermarket. That make. More sense to me. Yeah and i'm happy. Hello, i'm, matilde. I'm 30 years old. I used to. Travel a lot during my study, i went to canada, netherlands. Cameroon. And then i came back to france, to find a work. And i, used to work in organic, development. Before i started, my tr my trip. So we get married. On the summer 2018. And uh the, 14th. Of october, 2018. We just went on a big bicycle, trip uh, for, that, that is basically, our honeymoon, trip on this stun ben bike. Right there. Your story is amazing. And. Is it your first trip by bicycle. And, how did you come up with the idea, to travel, all the way by bicycle. First, long distance, trip. But not the first, bicycle, trip because when we, we were in france, during our holidays, summer early days. We, like to travel for two, weeks in france. Of traveling, it was really nice to discover, the countryside. And we like also the. Sportive, effort. So we, decided, yes if we want to make a long, trip, maybe bicycle, should be. Something we will appreciate, a lot before leaving we were part of an associative. Workshop, who helps people to, repair their own bike by their own hands. And, so we think that. Biking. Can really change the world, and have very positive, effects, yeah i totally agree with you, and why did you decide, to choose tandem, bike. It's, very different, from riding, just, your own bicycle. This fan them, as a. Very big family, story, because, it was my parents, tandem. When they got married they, also. Did a honeymoon, trip on this tandem, in cosica. And they traveled, a lot with friends always in france. But then, they became older and older and they got a new tandem. So, we were just thinking. What this tandem, will become, and we were afraid he will stay in the garage, for so many years. And as we said because we like also repair, old bicycle. We. We say okay this is a good opportunity. For us because it's really. A good quality, frame, yeah from the late 50s, i think we are not sure but. Quite heavy but, good quality, still yeah. So we started, our early days as we said before, with this standard bite and we like it so we just decided, to continue. For a longer distance journey. Also yes this is important, because. Uh, when you are on the thunder the person in the back me for example. You really have to trust the person in front because you cannot control, anything. So. As i i trust him it's okay. Trust me and. Also what is nice it's because he's a bit more supportive, than me and also more, adventurer. As i'm in the back. I just have to follow and because i trust him it works so, it's a nice way to travel for us it works very well, but maybe not for everybody, yeah it depends you have to try. That's great that it works for you i think, it will work for many people as well. And, how did you plan, your trip, do you have a flexible. Plan, or do you stick on one plant that you have planned before. So the the ground, uh. Rule, of our, trip is quite easy. Um. We don't take any plane. We. Travel on a low budget, about, 500, euro, per month. And. We don't have any deadline. Like. We don't have to go back, here or there or at home, at this date no we just, go without any endpoint, for the moment. So um. We had for the beginning a very simple idea simple isd, is just to visit, friends, who live abroad. And we have a friend who is living in finland but because we just left france, at autumn. If you directly, go to finland, uh this means you would be in winter, there and i think it's not really an enjoy, enjoyable, place. So we decided, first we will go south we, would like to have a warm winter. So that's why we went to morocco. And so just with this simple idea i want to visit a friend you can say this who is living here in finland, or, elsewhere.

If You just say it and just buy a plane ticket that would take you a week a day it's easy but when you're, you just um. Do it on your bicycle. Then it's bring you into a real adventure because it, takes months, to go there. So for us it's it's just this uh this idea of this travel is, having simple id's. But following, our rules, make a big adventure. Yeah so we traveled, for 10 months, in europe and morocco. And then on the way. When we just. When we arrived in finland. We have, other friends who told us hey guys. We are, moving to bangkok, living for one year there maybe you can come to visit us, so. On the bicycle, we, were just thinking, is it possible, or not should we do this or not and then when we arrived in helsinki. We we thought okay let's do it, so then. Started the trip from europe, to asia, yeah, because, helsinki. And finland, is quite a key point. Because when you're in helsinki, it's very close to the russian border about, 400, kilometers. So that's why. We were so close to this, uh access to asia, because then in russia it's, quite well known you can take the the big transparent, train and then you arrive basically, in asia. So. Russia is really the bridge between europe and asia. So uh, yeah we just took the decision, we worked hard and got the visa, and we, were good to go to, to asia. So we. First cycled to, st petersburg. Then went to. Velikin, of gorod then took train to moscow. Moscow, and, then took another big train to irkutsk. There we enjoyed, the. Magnificent. Really beautiful, biker lake and it's surrounding. And then from baikal lake we just took another train who bring, brought us to the. Russian and chinese border that is actually very close also to the mongolian, border but we went directly to china. And from, from there we, cycle. In inner mongolia. And then took a big train, that, uh, to reach chengdu, more in the south because it was quite. Cold because we were there in october. 2019. So then, uh, we reached chengdu, took a bus to dali. Another city in yunnan, and then we crossed all yunnan. Lao and basically, all the way to bangkok, to. Reach our, goal who was to visit these friends who were living there. And that was a very nice reward. Yeah and then. We didn't know yet how we will come back to europe. So. But we were really interested, by central, asia, so we decided, to took another, way to, go back to south law. Yes, south. North vietnam, and enter china again, to be able to, to arrive to kazakhstan. And central asia but this is. For later. Yeah you're all, so interested. And i'm sure you had many interesting, stories, on the way, or maybe, funny, stories, i don't know, could you share, some of them. So we have after. All one and a half year of travel of course we have many many funny stories, interesting, stories. Uh to share, uh, we selected, some of them so, for me the first very nice story is uh. We are both musicians. Matilde play, uh flute. And as you can see a flute is easy to, carry it's quite small, not heavy. So that could fit in our. Trailer. But, me as i play drums, uh i. I was not able to carry all the drum set i mean, i was reasonable, i just said no don't take the drums david. And also, um, just imagine, a duo between the flute and the drum set i think it's quite limited. So uh, i just went on the, on the road with only my, drumsticks. That i never used basically. But when we were still in france, um we arrived, to, um. Fijak. And there we met a nice warm shower couple. And. I told this story to the guy that i was looking for an instrument i didn't want to play guitar i don't know i don't really like the feeling of this instrument. I was thinking maybe i just i just told him maybe accordion, would be nice, and you just say yeah maybe interesting but on the next morning, you say uh david i have a present, uh, for you, and just he gave me, this accordion. This one this, really old, fashioned, vintage, accordion. And actually this accordion, has a very nice story because this guy, found this accordion, into a trash bin. Uh in germany. And, he found it and when he found it it just, um, traveled with it, all the way to mali, in africa, so this, this instrument, already went to africa. And then it was this guy said i am so proud i'm so happy to give it to you and please. Bring it, as far as possible. So, these instruments. Made all the way from france. To, uh here china. With us so, this instrument, actually, saw, three different continents. And uh. And yeah so that's why that was for me a really nice opportunity. To start learning a new instrument. And to, carry more weight with the big. Smile. Yeah so we have. Another, interesting, story.

One Day we were in thailand. And, in the morning, we left, our temple, because we used to sleep in temples. And. We we just cycled one kilometer, i think, and we saw a tree. In the electricity. Line. Like just, yeah a small. Piece of trees, so we just ah what is this, we just took a picture. And, um. Four wheels. Car, desktop, also, when they saw us and it was white people, so, we say ah okay let's talk together. And. We we just discussed few minutes. And. And the guy told us ah, you are cycling from france like this it's amazing. You should stop in my foundation. In mali. Just. One kilometer. Further. And i will i will. Come back in few, in maybe two hours and we will have, something, to talk about you can discuss, about your. Explain us your journey, because it's amazing, so we just. Say okay let's let's see you later, and we, arrived. In this, beautiful, foundation. It's like nice, um. Nice building, in the countryside. And. A, nice. Hotel, because it was. A campus. To teach, a, student from the countryside, how to become, how to work in the hotel, in the bar in the restaurant. And so we just. Relaxed, in this beautiful, place. Have a coffee, water, whatever. And then we, the family came back and we discussed, with them so they, they. They came from switzerland. And they built this foundation, few years ago and. They are really working on it and passionate, with this program. And. Uh yeah at, when we were discussing, during the the lunch. Um. We figured out that they can help us, because, we had a problem with our, back wheel the hub in our back wheel from now we couldn't climb any, any roads, anymore, because we we couldn't. Uh. Put pressure, on the, on the back wheel yeah the gear hub was uh, somehow broken, yeah but it could it could turn, so from now we we change our road to our only. Flat, uh, plane, flight yeah flat, flat area. To arrive in bangkok. And so in thailand we met these guys. And, it was impossible, for us to find this, spare part, in. In. Thailand, in southeast, asia so we were thinking maybe we should buy from. Europe. And those guys just told us that their parents, will come to bangkok, to visit them for christmas, so, two weeks later. And for sure they will be happy to help us, so, we were just. So, i don't know. Very happy to. To see that we will find uh. We will find, a solution, for our problem. And so then we, we start to to talk with the. The shimano, center in switzerland. And they were willing to help us to send the parts to a, shop in switzerland, and the parents came to collect the parts, put in the suitcase. Fly to bangkok. And they gave us a. Appointment, in their hotel, and so just before christmas, we arrived in this hotel, very nice hotel in bangkok. And they were there, with in the suitcase. Our parts. That we were looking for, one month. And, yeah it was really. Amazing, story because they. They helped us a lot. And. And yeah just because at the beginning, we stopped, because of this tree in the electricity. Line to take take a picture, and then. We we got, a new spare part so good advice, uh when you see something strange, just stop take a photo. You don't know what happened yeah you don't know what happened. What a coincidence. And i remember, you arrived in china. In march. When everybody, was scared, of going to china and it seemed to be like crazy. To go there. How did people react, on your, decision, to go to china, and um, how do how did you feel about that, so basically, as we told you we came from china because we had a double entry visa. So we entered, once, in uh, it was in october, 2019. So then we went to bangkok, et cetera, then, have christmas there with our friend new year also, very good time, and then it was time to go out of thailand and to go back.

So We had there is two choices, or you go to india, myanmar. India pakistan, all this way or you can also go back to china. And uh, across central, asia and because we had this double entry visa, valid, until, 27, of february. 2020. We choose this option. So we were, really happy to cross back lao. Then. The south of, lao is really amazing, very. Wild. And then we arrive in vietnam. And then, china, so. When when we just. Left bangkok, here there were some rumors, about this virus, and then we were coming closer, and closer to china, and people. We could see the news people were. More and more afraid, and. Warning, us all the time. But basically, we are no other options. And because we don't want to fly. Uh, we just keep, we just stick to the plan and uh that was actually a great, choice, many people in vietnam just said yeah no don't go to china, it's very dangerous, our family was also afraid, for us because they were watching the news. But the thing for us we were lucky because we had a, chinese. Friend. Uh we actually we met her in morocco, one years before one year, in. 2018. Yeah. At the beginning of the trip yeah at the beginning of the trip we met her in morocco. She was also traveling by bicycle there. And so. We had a direct contact, inside the country. And she just told us no it's no problem just come. It's no big deal the situation, is under control. So. We were afraid. But because we had this information. We just. Rely on her and we just. Entered the country and that was quite funny. Because at the border station basically, all vietnamese, people were not allowed to go to china it was forbidden, for vietnamese. It so but because we are french. There were no reason and we had a valid visa there were no reason we could not go, so we, arrived at the border station and it was completely, empty. We are the only one, the officers, they were so surprised what are you doing here we want to go to china, what no no don't go to china so they try just to, to, to push us, out of the of the office. But we just say we want to go to china, and uh after some negotiation. It was okay we could leave vietnam. And then we entered china, without any problems, at all and when we arrived, we feel that we felt that we we made the good choice. But it's true that before, that, during the two weeks we spent in vietnam, it was a lot of stress, because everybody, was afraid for us. And then, we were not. Confident, anymore, and we feel okay maybe we have to change the plan some, i remember, once time one time we we just stopped in the cafe. And we tried to, to. Get information. All the information, okay if we changed.

The Trip and we go to india, pakistan. Myanmar, india. But, what visa. Do we need to. To apply. Should i renew my passport, because my passport. Experience, sued expired soon, so it was a lot of stress and then. Because we figure out it what it will not be, uh, easier, we just say okay no, just. Keep the plan and we will see and we did it and, i think we. We, feel that we made a good choice. I see that now you are doing good, in china, but, how was your trip in china in the very beginning, when you just arrived in the country. Yeah we were still a bit afraid because we because we heard so many things before that we didn't know, where we will arrive. But, it was not so complicated. Um, of course, some villages. Were were still closed, so. Once we took a smaller, words, and just the people, at the beginning of the village say no you cannot take this world because the village, is close for foreigners. So then we decided, to just keep the main road, which was not so. With not a lot of traffic so it was okay, and we had no problem. Maybe just, funny, stories. For example, once time we stop, in the noodles, restaurant. To have a little, soup, and, the people inside told us yeah, you, you eat in this table, and you you eat in this table. Okay we were alone in the restaurant, and we said okay you know we are a couple. And they said no no no but it's our. We. That this is the rules we have to follow the governmental. Rules, so but this happens, only once. So then. Um. The day after date become, more, relaxed. Uh we spent also. Uh two weeks in our, friend family. So. Yeah it was it was quite relaxed, but then, yeah at the end of march. Basically, the chinese government. Decided, to close the border because they figured out that, more and more cases. Were coming from abroad so those, uh. Where um. Like foreigners, coming back to china, or entering china again, we are bringing past the virus, also. Uh, the chinese, who were coming back from europe or united states were also. Bringing back the virus. So they decided, to close the borders, and there at that point, the situation. Start, to be uncomfortable. Because. Uh, the the information, spread, spread it was like a foreigners. Are bringing back the virus. So, uh with our white face, uh, we. Started, to struggle, a little bit yeah when we crossed, we crossed the villages, in citroen. People were afraid, when we stopped in the shop to buy just some food, once even i i, the ladies. Didn't let me enter in the shop because you say no no no go away go away, um. And then each time we just stop on the. In the city, to eat we have a lot of people who came like local authorities, police, to just ask many questions where do you come from. What do you do where do you go, and, trust me when did you enter china oh the most question, rich airport, and it was really difficult, for for us to explain, because, um. Communication. Issue. So it was, each time it, takes, it took a very long time, and, but they found the solution. And. For one week in sichuan, we were followed by a car, with. People from local governments. Just, to. To secure, us. Yeah, also to watch, uh for us all the time yeah that we were not going to people's, house so when we we buy we bought some food uh for example they were just in front. Behind and they said yeah no problem, they we we know them it's okay it's okay so each time, then we didn't have any trouble anymore, even, the. Sometimes, we slept we sleep in the in the forest. And the car just stopped, be. On the road, just close to the, the camping spot, and they just, spent the the night there so it was really, we didn't really understand, but, they do what they want they did what they want, just to ride and pass the village, just being a movement, was not some, no problem like people do not stop us but.

As Soon as you stop somewhere, for more than 10 minutes. Then the problem starts, like we were stopping in the village. Start to eat our meal. And then you can see around people are staring at us and then, mobile, phone out starting to call someone then you can, feel you can smell or that doesn't smell good, and uh. Many times we just rush to our bicycle, try to leave but then the police arrive, and then we were stuck for two or three hours, uh discussing, with them always the same stupid, questions. Uh where are you from etc etc. So we were we were happy when we arrived in xi'an. To uh, to make a stop a break in our, travel to be secured. And, and even when we arrived in chiang again again like, they went crazy about where are you coming from, where did your, why did you arrive here and they just, they wanted to send us two weeks in quarantine, that makes no sense, but they didn't know how to react, so, again we had to bargain. And uh. We we, eventually, find a solution, but, yeah that was. March and april, in china, traveling it was quite tough, yeah but regarding, the global situation. We think it was quite, okay because our, family and friends and friends they were just locked in their house, yeah so. Yeah it was a bit difficult, but we did it and it was, feasible, so. And was awesome nice experience. Interesting. Interesting, experience, i would not say nice but interesting. Yeah that was really interesting. And, tell us what do you do in china, where do you live there, so now we live in the weldon, farm, jungle county, myanian, city, sichuan, province, in china. And so we arrived there one week ago. And. Yeah we plan to be volunteer. On this farm and in this village. And our. So. Our job will be to. To make some, research, and. Exchange. About knowledge on agriculture. In europe and here. To help to develop, this, very nice place. And yeah why we arrive here, because, when we arrived in xi'an basically. The situation. Got. Because when we arrived in china we had only one month visa, but then because there were so much uh, visa issues the chinese government, decided to give for free and automatically. 60, more days for every foreigner, so we could stay three months and we at that time were thinking okay. Maybe the, virus, would be gone and, we have time to reach, kazakhstan. But then the situation, basically got worse as, we explained, before, so, when we arrive in xi'an it's like the end point or you go west to kazakhstan. Or you go east to, shanghai, or beijing. Or you go back south, where where we were coming from so, when we arrived in chiang, we had to to figure out, what what would we do because we were not confident, that the situation, could improve and that we we could cross the border, because when we were up in that city. The border. Were still closed and they were no good sign that we that we reopened, so, we just took the opportunity. To. To have a break in our journey. And that's why we decided, to find, a job an activity, to stay, uh. More in china. So we explored, a little bit the the world of uh, english teaching in china but uh, the this this world is really strange, weird and a little bit disgusting. So, we are quite happy that we found that farm. And. Yeah i think we will have a, good time there, after two years of teaching in vietnam, i was really interested, about, your opinion, about teaching, in china. So i'm happy that you found the farm. Are you going to stay there longer in china, or, you, have a plan to, come back home, or you're going to explore, other countries, what are your plans for the future. Yeah we plan to stay here. Three months maybe six maybe nine and we hope, that next spring, we can continue, the journey. To central, asia, so we hope the border will be open and also that our country has a, good situation. That we can travel because maybe, we we don't know what, will be after, the, virus, crisis. So, yeah we will continue, the road where, when we. Will be able to do it yeah the goal is to go back, home or, at least europe, buy bicycle, but now it's, just not possible. Because of border issues, and because of, of course we don't want to take any plane. Crazy people. I hope you will be able to continue, your trip after the borders, are open. And i'm sure that many, people would like to follow, such a crazy, plan to travel and by bike around the world, or at least going to asia. As experienced. Travelers, experienced. Cyclists. Which, tips would you like to give to beginner, travelers, who are just planning, such a trip.

The First one, yeah, yeah go for it material. Don't have any deadlines, yes, because, then, you can really, explore, all your travel. And. Be free to, yeah, to get, any opportunity. To follow the opportunities. Yeah to be free to experience, all of what happened during the the trip because you can never plan. What will happen. And also yeah, also, at that point because we make quite, few people who. Experience, that like have a six-month, sleep and go like very far away from home have all this experience. And then you arrive at the end of your journey and you know that in two or three days you have to go back at your office, and, in your previous life, and many of uh these people say, it was quite tough experience. Especially, if you fly back by a plane like you spent six months of your life, to do a route, then one day you are back at your start point so that's quite, tough. Yeah oppressing. And um. It's also, because, if you travel without any, deadlines. Maybe you're more willing to catch. Any good opportunities. That just, pass in front of you. So, that's for us is maybe more comfortable, if you want to take time you can take time enough to rush, you can really enjoy your travel, for me. Don't sit too big. And do what you, like, and what you are confident, with. Because, for example, if, i, i knew, it before, that i will, travel, for three or four years. And i will go to asia by bicycle. Maybe i will never. Have. I will never start my trip because it will i would be afraid of this. So for me it was easier to just think okay, go to finland, to visit my friend, one year to here in europe we will see. And then it's only because, we like the travel. And we got. We catch these opportunities. That we decided, yes we can continue, and go further. But, at the beginning, we didn't know, and it's also. Because of this that we. We. Were able to able to start it because we were not afraid of it, yeah. And maybe last, advice. Uh, this is maybe related, to our, one of our rules that have a small budget. Uh, yeah, it's just sometimes, you see people, who are going on the trip with very, fancy, expensive. Very fancy, and expensive, you don't like the word fancy and expensive, that's why, so, very expensive. And uh, fancy. Okay, you know i told you those words. Stuff and materials, and bicycle, and everything. But i think i i, find it more interesting, if you just, go with simple things i mean the bicycle, is a simple thing you can, you can have a big trip with a very simple bicycle for example our trailer we bout it second hand for, 30 euro, and. This trailer already, did a tour of france and now after one and a half year she's all still there it's just, common steel you can weld it very easily. The bike is a, second hand bike frame. Uh. It's very strong you can weld it also. Um. I think, it's not really important to have the best material. Ever, it's really important, that you have some skills, you learn like how to repair by, what you can fix alone, what is the problem like to.

Not Be so dependent. On. On on very expensive. And complicated. Stuff. Uh because for example the, the issues we we've got with the gear hub in, is is quite tough, it was really complicated, to find a solution yeah, it was also very nice to talk to all these people and uh. At least get this solution, but. Uh, the most simple, is your, material, and. Then it's, then easier, to repair, it right. So that's why i would, say. Just take what is around you, don't. Put so much money on it and, you will learn on the journey, and. Yeah. Just keep it simple. Thanks for your advice, i really agree with you it's important, just to start, and then, you will learn on the way it's true. And, one more question. Could you recommend. Any books or films, for travelers. No because i don't know how to read. And i don't like films. Okay stop. No no that's fine okay let's let's tell them, and. Yeah i remember, before the trip. We met a very nice woman, silvisola. She. She wrote a book about, traveling, and, she started, the trip, from the same city as us in angolan, in france. And also with the tandem. So, we read, her book, and then david. Found her contact, so we could, met, met her during. An event on traveling, by by bicycle. And it was. Really. It really inspired, us and also. It makes, that we feel okay. Second book uh it's also french writers, but maybe, more. Renown. The name is alexandro, pusa. And. Silva teson. So they they are very good writers. And so alexander, pusa made a book called, africa, trek, and david, also like the, books of mike on. This great explorer. That make crazy things like just. Across. All, amazon. Amazon, river. Amazon, river from the beginning, to the sea so it's also, someone will inspire, us, yeah. Merci, beaucoup for your inspiring. Recommendations. I will add them in the description, to this video. So everybody, can, read them and find them. And thank you for your video, that was really nice, talking to you guys, hope you will, enjoy, staying in china, and going travel, around, the world maybe by your tandem. Hope to see you somewhere. Bye bye. Have a good day, goodbye. Bye bye. You can find the instagram, of david and matinder, in the description. So that you can follow them if you like. Also, consider, subscribing. To our channel we will have more interviews, with so, amazing, and interesting, people. From around the world. Bye bye. Previously, in the video we gave you some tips but they were more theoretical. Related, to our lifestyle. What we found nice while traveling. How we enjoy. Our, way of. Traveling. So now i will give you a tip that's very practical, and can help you a lot, traveling, by bicycle, or, even in your normal life. This tip is, stop using toilet paper. You use, water. And soap. While. First because toilet paper is useless, and second because it's dirty, right, because when you use a toilet paper what are you doing basically you just spread your.

All On your ass, and when you have a very hairy ass like mine for example. Then you get a sheet spread all over your, hairs. And, uh that's very. Um. Dirty, i think. Uh and also when you're traveling by bicycle. Is just then this, the the your underwear, is compressed, between your ass and your saddle, and because you're moving it's make this movement, right, so then your dirty ass, is just, spreading, the sheet. On your underwear. And if you are a regular biker, you know it your underwear, smells, so bad, yeah don't lie i know it you know it too, so. A good solution, to solve this problem, is just stop using toilet paper, also make no sense when you're traveling by bicycle, what's the point to carry toilet paper, we had some friends, were traveling by bicycle, and they were buying like. Special. Uh. Toilet paper rolls, pack, like six or eight, because it was, cheaper to buy eight. Than uh. Basically you cannot. Buy a single one, so the the or or you go to restaurants. And just, uh, take some spare, on the toilet, if they have. But uh that's also useless. So uh that's a very. Inexpensive. Uh thing so you just find a. Bottle of water so me i found this one in in lao, it's very sad but you can find, plastic bottles, everywhere, in the nature, and because there is not only, one bottle. Then you can find also a spare cap so in second cup. This second cap you have to make some holes on it so you use, a, needle, or. Like a thin and pointing things of me for to make this one i use my dick. And, then you just have to replace, and here you go you have a nice. Water sprinkler, right. So the method, is very easy you you go to the forest. Do your thing. And then, with the water, you just sprinkle, gently the water to your ass and at the same time with your left hand just scrub it, because to make it clean and remove, all the solid, uh parts of your sheet right, so you will scrub it with the the water. Then. You, you will have, on your hand on your left hand but that's normal this, can be scary, like oh my god i have a on my end but that's normal that's no problem, so you just, clean your hand with the water like remove, all the, the. Solid parts. Then you you take some soap so we have a little. Box. Where we keep all the, solid. Rest of our soap because when it's so small like this it's not very convenient, to wash your body with. So then, use the soap make some foam with your hands like foam it form it and then, clean your ass, and that's a wonderful, feeling because most of the people they don't know their eyes never touch it because like oh it's dirty yes if you spread your, with the toilet paper your ass is dirty, but then, using, soap you can clean it it's a wonderful, feeling you will discover, your body, like, most of the people one of, uh in on the body, one part is missing they don't know their ass, so then let this cover your ass like wash it properly, do a little massage, oh it's very. Uh it's very nice so then. After that you, just have to rinse. With the still the butter, and then also it rinse your hand, then you can dry your hand you can dry your ass just with the, the hand or, use a little. Towel like this or a little tissue. And then, just smell. Oh but. Your hands, smells. Soap, and soap smells, good, so you are very clean. So that's a wonderful, method, using almost nothing, to be clean.

And. Have a better travel, better feeling right. So you can also use this uh, bottle, uh, to have a shower we also use it, uh, like a regular shower, i would say we use, half a bottle to just water, and wet yourself then. Soap yourself. And, then rinse it's about two bottles. Like this so that's very convenient. So. That's very easy. Stop using toilet paper, use water and soap, your social life would be better. You will feel better because a clean, ass in a clean body, in a clean mind you know this is greek. Guy who told that, and. Also you would be successful. Uh you will save, some money. Uh. And uh, you can also, share the tip with, all the people you know and also apply this tip in your normal life. So. Enjoy, and don't forget, not to let paper. Water. And soap.

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