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FS1005 BoundaryBass

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Captioning of fishing Saskatchewan has been provided by Great, Western Brewing Company, please, enjoy responsibly. Fishing. Saskatchewan is brought to you by. The. Fishin hole norsask. Farm. Equipment. Alumacraft. Boats. And. Evinrude. Seventy. Years of making the industry, standard, in aluminum, boats, and Alumacraft we are committed, to building the dreams of our customers, whether it's a hardcore fisherman, or joining your family, for a great day on the water from shallow water John boats to 20-foot, deep feet suited, for big waves Illuma, crafts exclusive, to x-b hall with double plated aluminum from bow to stern offers. The quietest, and softest, ride available. And Alumacraft it's, all about families, fishing, forever. Hey. Folks welcome to another episode of fishing Saskatchewan it's. Just about the end of the open water season and for, our last trip of the year we. Kind of picked a spot that's one of these all-time, favorite places to go here in Saskatchewan we're at Boundary. Reservoir and Steve. And I have had quite, a few trips down here we've had a lot of fun Neil you. Had your first trip down here with Steve as well oh yeah definitely uh now Steve and I fished actually, was one of my first tournaments, too was a little bass tournament, they have down here at Boundary and Steve. Brought, me down here and I was able to catch my first bass with him took a while he, was crushing me probably 20 to 1 finally, I got one about this big and you know he was, just as happy for me to catch a little one as yeah, as he was to catching any of those big ones yeah, boundary down here see it's a special place in the province and it, really has always been you. Know one of our favorites and want to Steve's favorites it's kind of one of the reasons that that. We chose this too to, wrap things up late, the season we've never fished here for bass but. We, got some intel at the walleye bites going really good hopefully, we're gonna get into some of that we're gonna get into some bass as well it, looks like it's gonna be a nice day it is cold that's I mean we're middle October here so it's been it's, been cold but. Hopefully. Today is gonna sun shining and yeah. Hopefully will will do okay let's, get the tarp off the boat here and get, in the water sounds good all right. Yeah. On again oh geez. Oh well might be a good what's yeah. Yeah. He's taking, mine hollow straight down yeah. Didn't. Like that. That's. A nice fish it's good boy. Nice, water. So warm here they had so much energy and. You have this curtain here boy they use it too yeah. Nice. That's, about a little two, and a half three pounder, yeah. Nice. Little, just. Hook the raid on that bottom hook there yep, you. Picked it right off the bottom. Yeah. On the fall or right off the bottom. Nice. Little. Nice. Little walk there, any. Fish. Yeah. Mac. There. You go yeah. New, spot want your foot on the net here new. Yeah. This spot it's a. It's. Got a little first. You can come down walk down from shore and it's a real popular, spot for the locals around here and that's, exactly what they're here for why, there's, little wallet just, perfect. You know pant size or whatever but it's a real popular fishing spot yeah lots of people walk down here you. Know what like, the hot water obviously is bringing the fish right yes huge, huge factor. Yeah, not, so much in the summer when the water is warm great. Right old Lake yeah spring, fall even winter this whole area is gonna stay open winter people come down here in calculus or in two feet of snow.

So. What time of year we got here we got October, met. In middle October. It's just yeah yeah, it's a week, after Thanksgiving yeah. So get in towards the end of the season for us yep. Yeah. For sure. But. We've, gotta keep going well, and yeah. The. Weather too, is is weird, like we've had, through. September October we've had 30, degree days right. And. We're. Right in the middle of a little bit of a cold snap time. To start scraping windshields, and whatnot but yeah this week supposed, to hit, 20s. Again yeah, so. Whether, it's all over the place right now yeah. That's suntan weather yeah. And today she's. Cool she's cool. Little. It's little. To. The we little one just. A, wee one just a wee laddie. Yeah. Perfect. Rating, the current these hanging out. Pretty. Much great without hot water flows, out. This. Home pitch I own know, what it is all this guy retied, gonna grab the nut. Like. A pretty decent hit yeah, it was not bad actually here I'll switch sides here. I have, enough I've seen some real, good fish come out of this spot. Yeah. That's a little guy boy. Little, Walter again. They're. Just loving this warm water over here yeah oh look at that - look at everything perfect, this, is uh honey doctors, been yeah. Producing. Good. This morning yeah. We. Got a good tip from a friend in the area that said the wall I were. Really. Biting in this spot. We. Came here yesterday to try it out we got, quite. A few and a bunch of bass from extent to which is, kind. Of what we'd like to get. But. Unreal. Sweeties. Got a rock bass, know. What I got something small. Yep. Why. You're. Just loving that Johnny garter easy release. These, Johnny darters. New. Within the last couple of years from Johnson, they have a little rattling on - yeah so, that's a little. Added vibration. Will attract yeah yeah it, seems to be working really well it's. Nice and waited for. Forecasting. Into this current, tube mine - you want to catch and retrieve - you can also know it's open yeah yeah, on, the top yeah. Go, on, yeah. Smitty. How's. It feel, feels. Like a little Oh like hell awaits, hope. And he just dropped the hook Hayes. That. Was something down there chasing your own you. Feel it a little. Bump, here in there nice. Hmm. Well. I. Kind. Of look like it on the sonar the way they're stacked. Up you, have to Dodd grow up yeah. Nicer. Wall. Like this, one yeah, it's both the same as we've been getting. I, think. I got. All. Right here they right beside the boat it was pretty close huh. That's, pretty good. Wow. I. Tell. You this hair jig. It. Really wouldn't have been my. First choice, in. Here for walleye or for bass, but. For whatever reason it is the hot hook and there's you. Can argue with it though. Man. Dynamite. There. We go yep that's. The bass that's a good one that's a good bass yep. You. Need the net yep. Oh. Thanks. Mitty please, work buddy oh we work for that one oh did we ever. Today's ice anglers need to be efficient, an HD, offers a huge selection, of premium ice tackle, designed to meet virtually every, application, whether you fish blue gills, crappie. Perch. Stocked. Trout. Whitefish. Walleyes. Pyke, for. Lake trout HT, has what it takes to make you consistently. Successful. Nothing, beats ice fishing, nothing. If, you are fishing this late in the season there's a couple important things to remember it's. Gonna be a gorgeous day today but, temperatures. This time of year we're in mid-october are. Getting down to minus, 5-10. Sometimes, overnight very. Very important, that you when. You come off the water, you're, gonna drain your. Leg. Make. Sure you drain the, live wells the pumps everything, like that anywhere. The water is gonna be able to sit we're. Gonna make sure and do that because. When it gets down to that temperature overnight, - five - ten that, water will freeze and it can damage your motor it can damage your pumps your tubing, inside your boat the. Other important thing to remember is here, in Saskatchewan we, are trying to fend off invasive, species, zebra mussels other things like that every. Single time you come out of the water drain. Your leg clean, your live wells get, that all drained out keep those pieces out of Saskatchewan, this time of year doubly, important so that that freezing, water doesn't, do any damage to your equipment. Fish. On yeah it's all. Right. Sean. Lotta constant. A lot of casting it's a good workout oh I. Got him. With. Just. A tiny little mass I thought I missed them Oh think, it was tiny, yeah fish. On fish on Oh. Yep. Not. Only one dog, again yeah on again Oh. Again. Yeah. Just. Try to bully me out of this walk. This. Is not gonna work. Nice. Whales. Wall I've been active here eh they're. All over that's North End. What's. A decent one -, it's. Nice Wally yeah. Oh. I. Might be one of the chunkier ones or the weekend. Nice. Fat one. Okay. Did.

This Guy back in. Off. He goes, that's. Another law and I mean we. Tried. A few different spots here. Everything. In the north end of the lake, the, discharge, is a couple. Miles that way but the the water in the north end just because the way their water flows in here is, a lot warmer so we're, finding active walleye, pretty. Much all over the north end especially at the discharge but. I mean really they're following out water around and they're, more quite, a bit more active in, this area where the water is warmer. Than the rest of the lake. There, we go yep. Oh a little bass a little bass nice. Nice. Work Smitty. There, we go a little, more, like a four ah. The. Junior model but. Still. Yep. Smoked. It on the first crank nice. Nice. Little guy you know a nice thing to see we've seen a lot of, fingerlings. And leave and chase your hook come up and top it a little bit yeah, the, population, in here like it's really really, healthy population. Of bass. And you're getting tons. And tons of your classes, when we're out here fishing oh nice. Little guy I'm gonna get him back yeah. Go. Get bigger yeah. Then. Come talk to me. There, we go. Boy, Smitty you. Got there, another. Little bass got. Oh yeah, he's. A. Little bit bigger than the last one, yeah. Little bit it looks like he's feeding look at that little belly on him yeah. Go. Uh, coat. Nice, little guy. Okay. Bigger. There. He goes, okay. Still. Need to get bigger. Yeah, oh boy. Neil a little, bass. Pickup. For it here oh. Look. At that little guy. Finally. The. Others you're starting to hit they starting to get a little aggressive, yeah look at that little guy, man. Like. Day's, warming up yeah I know yeah. Compared. To the size of the bait yeah. Hungry, little guy well even with these spinner baits we're getting ones, like this you can just see them swimming up you know hacking, at it stop the blades it's, a good sign though it means that we have a healthy fishery here's yeah, long as we take care of it I think. With the warming up today - like this is gonna be our probably, our warmest day that we're gonna see yeah, we're warming up like this that might be a good sign as far as turning these vows on yeah. Can't. Believe you hit this thing. Such.

Aggressive Little fish yeah. Gotta. Find us some bigan and I was right by Shorey yeah right by shore right. Up on it. There. We go yep that's. The bass that's a good one that's a good bass yep. I'll. Grab the net here. You. Need the net yep. Oh. Thanks. Minnie please, work buddy oh we work for that one oh did we ever Wow, then. They pulled them right out of that nice little weed bed there yeah we even got some weeds here. In. This mulch beauty. On the hook, hey. That's. Not bad that's not a tall fat fish, oh just. Feeding up heavy, right. On smokey. That's a good one well we just. We're. Gonna a new spot and. Found. Some weeds, we're. Working, a little bit of structure here give me that new, we're. Gonna bit of structure and, pass. It in and he hammered. That two, cranks and POW right in a pile of weeds, this. Time of year to like it there's. Not a lot of weeds left so. Anytime you get fine weeds and we got a little bit of deep water this way, find. The weeds and find the deep water close by it's, a good at a good recipe for these guys. That's. A nice one that's best when we've hit all day yeah definitely, do, it. Thanks. For joining us on another episode of fishing Saskatchewan we actually had a lot of fun down here boundary, down late. Fall fishing. The reservoir here, got. Some good bass we're good walleye yeah definitely, a her whole plan here coming was, to kind, of honor Steve and one of his favorite things to do was fish for bass here at, Boundary reservoir and you know we we, put the time in my arm sorry, we we, did our best to try and get some basil in camera and it. Was a tough fight for the bass but, we did end up kicking some blue fish yeah we did yeah we got we got some decent bass and we, got a good tip on on, a hot walleye bite so we spent some time doing that I was fantastic, it kind of I don't walleye definitely. It was it, was amazing yeah, I was, it was really great to wrap up our open, water season here and it kind of honor Steve we had a blast doing, that all year here we. Got a couple more out but so it's coming for you this winter yeah but, for right now we've got nothing left to do but to pull, the tarp on winterize, the boat and get the ice augers ready to go you got it until, next time we'll see you on the water.

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great vid will be heading down their this summer definetly

Great video. Do you know if there is a place to rent a boat on boundary dam?

Jason Wong We hope so too! Good luck!

Fishing Saskatchewan Thanks. I appreciate the response. I will be back in Regina for the July long weekend. We are going to be fishing Rowan’s Ravine and Boundary. Hopefully we will have the success that you guys did.

Jason Wong Sorry Jason, to the best if our knowledge, there are no boats available to rent for use on Boundary Reservoir.

Any good shore spots you know of for the bass? Is the one you showed by the discharge any good?

Danny Molnar Good luck! They’re alot of fun.

Fishing Saskatchewan thanks for the help! Gives a good spot to start the search. Long way from Saskatoon to go completely blind. One of the 3 last species in Saskatchewan I need.

Danny Molnar We got into a few bass at the spillway during our prefish for the show. I think if you can find some structure/weed beds along the shore line you should have some luck. We dont know of any, as we usually fish from the boat. Sorry I cant be much more help.

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