fs19 Peter Vill Farm map tour farming simulator 19 #fs19 giants software

fs19 Peter Vill Farm map tour farming simulator 19 #fs19 giants software

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Hello. And welcome, to farming, simulator 19. Map, tour and, today, we, are looking at, Peter, Villa farm. By. MJ. Modding. Quite. A nice-looking. Map so far, nice, ice fields, now this is set in Scotland. You. See the overall, we're, in the middle now and. Consists. Of you've got all your, animals. Built in and you've your farm buildings, or they are all static, you can't move, any of those they. Are what they are. We've. Only got a couple of style points which is peter voss sub factory you've. Got a sawmill and, you're bound spinner. Area animal dealer and then. You've got another farm, over there. Then. There's also another, farm down here with your horses, and. We've got the shop place, just down there then you've got the beach area and then. We've got BGA, another. Farm over here and then you move reigned to. Where, we were the other saddle, points maybe, J, costs. Eighty. Three thousand, nine hundred and fifty two so not, too, much money would buy that looking. At the land on the other stuff some of it is pretty, expensive, but. It is Scotland, it's gonna be a lot of money anyway like that one there 1.1, million just, over and. Then we've got 550. 4828. Now there are a couple of forest areas you got that one two hundred and forty three thousand, then, you've got the other forest, area, over this side. Five. Hundred and seven thousand. So. Yeah there's a lot going on. Forty-nine. Fields. And. Go. On to your prices, you, start off with, the. Same old thing where there's quite a few commodities, this is our new farmer, and you. Got your wheat barley and everything, else you haven't got anything else basically. You. Know the costs, for. Everything are quite, low wheat, and barley. There, are, low we are on normal. Settings, I think yep we're on normal, so costs, are quite. Low on this one now. You, can see boil gas isn't there when, I bought biogas, it didn't appear so. That must be a glitch of some description. They've. Got two places for cotton, the spinner II and Peterbilt, factory, which the price there looks to be rose, in anyway at the moment, decent. After price and. Same. With the world and the, eggs well. You've got to sour points and then you got a milk sour point wood chips and then. You, can sell your silage, grass hay, and straw at, the barn but you should be able to sell that at the biogas so that's a bit unclear, why. That is it now after, check to see if it's we're getting paid on that or not. Now. You do start off with not our huge amount of equipment you start off with seven hundred and twenty slots, and you've. Got a fen my see various. About that that is all your list there you don't start off with any pallets of anything. So. You go over to it's. Actually got its own, custom. Transport. Missions and you see there we've got a horse to transport, transport, items from horse to BGA - and.

Then. I was just not transport, horse, it's from. Horse and. Then that was a PT bull market, transport eyes on Peter bull market, - cows or hotel it's. Makes it a little bit more interesting. I've been different missions I haven't, seen any field, missions I did fast-forward time a bit and no, field missions haven't, come up yet which. Was a bit strange, so. Starting. Off on the fields you own as well you do actually own this, little section in the middle and it's. Nice that the fact you can own this out a bit which. Has got all the bits. In between like the road so, you should be able to do, modernization. On that and you can buy that for zero, pangs. Which. Is always nice. So. That it's basically the, overall the map not loads of sale points but you can always add them with, your place of ores so, let's go and have a look around to, see what is, what. So. Got a hot-air, balloon on this one it's. Nine o'clock just. Gone twenty past nine and lighting. On this is, pretty pretty, good, well. Impressed with it now. We come into the main farm area, which. We've got the sign on the gate the, Peter Hill Farm. So. We've got the cattle, on the left-hand, side first of all. Slurry. For. UK's. Now, here I think. This is your grass or. It, could even be in there, or is that yeah yeah. That. Could be a grass not. Grass straw. Because. Here you've got like three it. Shows ones there one. Is this middle bit and the other one is all this large bit so. They're obviously your water or, feet while they're be feed troughs those. Ones and then, the ones over I. Thought. That was troughs no it's not it's stalls. So. Yeah that's that's, for buying your animals so that was that sorted, and, then you got these three here which you're gonna be your straw that it's, got to be your straw that one and then. You water, yeah. It's got three different trough, be your water and. Your. Food. And. You come back to the back and. Looking. Out over, the landscape looks, pretty. Amazing. You've. Got lots of nice sized sheds nylock, have said all these sheds everything, on the farm is static, so you can't move any of it. Come. Right into our solo. And. What, is that there than that. Is. A feed trough for. Something. What. Is it there. This. Is a first look at the moment on I haven't, been through everything, so. I'm bit unclear why that has hit her really a, zoom. In on the map and, see where we are see it doesn't even show nothing on, the map there. Strange. But. There is three, of them. Chickens. So. Course yeah chickens in the farm chicken feed. Water. And. Buying. The chickens then we got your solo, and. Fulfilling. Their pitch at the same point which is pretty good the, ones what are over the top there that's ideal, for doing. Quick TMR. As soon as you've got a load of your. Commodities, to make TMR, in your solo pretty. Shirt art you can make it and drop it off at the same time, so. We've got some more sheds in me a bit of equipment let's, go in and have a look at the equipment, we start off with. C. Start. Off with a small Marcy, and then the seven one six fend, at the seven seven one nine Marcy. Then, TX, 32 pickup, you. Start off with the trailer, and then we got a head a play-doh. Levator. Cedar. Win. Rower baler. Front. Weight but. We haven't got got a front loader, and. That's. All you get in. But. You see the detailing around it is pretty amazing, you, know you know ad term when you got to some of these well that's not to me great, but it is everything. Else is pretty good. Some. Of the stuff is gonna be crap so there's your milk sell, point, pickup. Point put. Your milk tanker there and that'll fill up so. We're working away and we've got two more sheds, then you have got lighting on this. And. She's always handy if we working at night, camp. Room we've got another shed open, we've, got roller shutter doors and this, one is, our workshop and. We've, got another couple of sheds. So. Lots, of storage. It's, nice for the windows because, it some of these sheds are so dark when they haven't got windows so. You got lighting on that as well it did say that was lighting all. Rain in the farm I. Can't. See it as there's a light switch there. Yep. And that'll work. So. What have we got there then that's, the slurry point for, the, that. Picks in or. More, cattle. It's. No II. It's. For the sheep pasture, so. Why is there a. Story. There. Mmm. Some, of this is quite unclear. Anyway. Let's get on going. Round and when I will look way in the back so yeah this has got to be well, the sheep pasture is right in the back so yeah. It is a smaller, stores so this is the sheep pasture. Now. That is the water trough and, that, is the food trough. And. That's the field which comes with it. This. Is all the area you land you, own all, the land at the moment. So. I did notice there was no bunker, solo in this, part of the farm but we do have quite a few different, parts of the farm so, we work our way back rain to this way. You. See it is quite extensive quite, a big yard for turning stuff around.

Now. That we might have water. And. Fertilizer, there you never know now, I think they're just for show. Then. We've got another couple of large sheds, so. There is plenty of storage, plenty. You're. Not gonna need to any, storage. Where our young had any choice. So. That is pretty much around, the, farm we've got last shed there don't. Think there's anything in that no it's, the, the. Combine. And. We've got a few stalls in the back there. Lighting. In those as well. So. Yeah all in all looking around pretty nice little farmyard, and you come over this is your house for sleeping. But. We're not tired. Then. You want to pay a bit basketball, you, can do so we, got a ball ready to go. Look. A lot. Right, so I think we, will head north. You'll. Head, our way. Over. To the. Barn and the spinner II over the right-hand, side, top. Right-hand side of the map you. See the landscaping. Is lovely. Another. Awesome, map. So. We've got the signpost going on as well Peter, veal market, Peter ville factory. Vehicle. Store main farm. Lovely. View. There. I'm on the wrong side of the road and. They're mine. So, yeah I think the red area is to note him where the traffic is. It. Must be and then the the. Yellow was the smaller lanes. Like. The single track lane. So. This is the Peter. No. The barn wasn't at the barn and the spinner II on, the animal. Dealer. So. He got our drop off there for, the spinner II for. Your wool Linea your, cotton I think yeah they did he thought and, then. We've got our animal. Market. Which. Is there you, see what large K, pasture, five large. Sheet, pastures, full large pig enclosures. Three large chicken, and two. Horse paddocks and one, large cave so that we have got extensive. Animals, set up if. You like that brilliant, if you don't it probably in no year that you can't get rid of it. But. There's plenty of us to choose from anyway now there's the barn sell point just there. And, these, look all new building this is well haven't seen those, before.

So. We head on down. Because. We would probably go down that Lane and head. Back down to the other farm. I think it was this way I was like yes. A decent. On that house it pretty amazing. Proper. Job. Now. The fields. The, hedges, haven't, got colleges collegians, on so you can drive through, them just like. That but obviously not, the, fences. So. We were coming down to these other farm bit which you can see there it's. Just in the middle to the right. And. Here. We've just got fuel, but. It, looks like we have extensive. Storage. So. Yeah you're not gonna. Need want, for storage are you really. You. Know yeah it's got 720. Slots per wow if you got this much storage at this farm all the other ones have got the same as well so. There is plenty of storage going, on. More. Basketball. Feeling. Lucky. Yes. Lighting. Going, on as well so. We've. Got a couple of small bunkers I desire or yeah, I suppose use, them for bunkers holders, and. It did show a fuel point so that must be the fuel point just there. Because. That's the only place. All. That, might be it there. No. That's gas. No. It is that other one. It's. Annoying because sometimes, it doesn't show up on the map properly like it's showing it sort of over here behind the back and it's. Not gonna be is it no causes, not. So. A lot of times they somewhere. Near it so that must be it. Come. Out and we've got a little. Pond area. That. Water does look pretty amazing I fee. Yep. Loads of storage. Loads. Of. Cool. Right. So, moving on there's a we've had our way down to the shop. So. Which way am I going here yeah we're going that way which. Is the wrong way. That. Way we can come down to there you've got the forest area on the. Left-hand side there. Which. We won't pass the entrance further, down that might, be another entrance. Down this way, although. We, have got no, collision, we can just drive in there can we I forgot about that. And, we come down the hill to, the shop area. And. I. Want to buy a tanker. At. Least one of those and then we can check on the water as. Well, as we are going. Around. So. That's the shop area nice-size campaign, their area. Workshop. The, Bayou trigger. And, then we had down to, the next farm I don't think there's water down there is a no. But. We could head back up, what. That's good I into this next bit of farm. And here, we got a horse, farm. And, I bet none, of the doors opened. Yeah. They don't. It. Does annoy me when they put such a huge, building, it, might be slop Kane I'm not sure, but. We've got some nice stables. And now. I've gone round the wrong way. Let's. Go background carry. On rain. There's. A fence there. So, it shows your horses, eye over, here though so. That might be your boy point for, the horses I think just, over there. Yeah. There's your water. There's, your horses by your point and, then. Your. Food. I. Check. On the it's. Not too deep all it, is then that bit there there's. Not too deep on the other bit by the looks of it if he's following in the camera no it is in that corner and yeah.

We Can't take water out. Of there. Alright. So you change vehicle. And. I got some. Silage. Because. I want to see if we can sell it at biogas. So. We follow the road on rained now, and go. Up but there is quite a bit of contour, on. This, map so we go up the hill. And. Over. To a boil gas so, I'll see you up by gas you, in it. Oh. Here. We are at biogas. We. Drop the. Water. There in it so. There is our slurry we've. Got two nice big, bunker. Sawbones, I. Think. We do actually oh no did. I buy it I don't think I did buy it. Yeah. I did buy it so. Let's just want, to make sure it works. So. I've got 21 thousand. Litres. Of solid. Edge and hopefully, we can just drop this on the floor I bet, you miss a load and one in it, it. Is it's a bloody load in one. Yeah. Because that's just gonna drop it on the floor. Alright. So change your plan you, need to. Dump. It in with a bucket. Well. I suppose you could use an auger. So, let's drop light into there. We, do two loads. Yep, try and get it in the bin. So. This one. See. The scales haven't. Worked of they. Are. Not dropping it on. His. Normally it go out to 50,000. And then stop. And. See I put this little bit in. So. I've got 3,400. 3349. Yeah. And that's going in but it's not showing up on. There. All. Right unless just try and sell it. So. Yeah. And we aren't making money we, got eight -, no, we didn't, so. BTA. Is not making, money because we, just got the money for. It we didn't make any extra money so. Don't, use BGA, I don't, think it's working. Let. Me know if you have the same but, I think you will have. Right, so let's head our way up to the, next farm. All. Right so run to the other bit of the farm this is for the pigs I think this one was not. PC, yep, I think it pigs seemed, to find out where we, drop. Them off which is that gate there yeah. And it is pigs. It's. A nice shirt, there's your food. Straw. And. Your water's probably, around the back is that I Walter, but no that's slurry there. Yeah, and there's a water trough. So. Another little farm, which we still got nice. Storage. Sheds on this bit as well. Loads. Of storage on this farm. But. I can't find any free, water. Look. At the view across there. Beautiful. Lovely. So we've got our other forest. Area. After. Name. Is going to be a bit, annoyed I just took out all these bins. So. There's the forest. Just. On the left-hand side there that's a decent massive. Area that one. Loving. The Train on this pretty, awesome.

Highly. Detailed map. Right. So where's our body point so y'all just stained. The. Bottom of the hill. Oh it's. Not that others, a there's. The entrance I'm gonna say that can't, be the entrance there surely. Peter. Ville timber. And. So. On Peter Ville factory, and timber. So, that is the fat tree there and, then. Where are our tip, points. Yeah. So this is the factory, this, side. Yeah. There's your tip point, right. In the back there. I should. Just drop this trailer. Peterbilt. Imber. Both. Signs said Peter Mel timber. So. We've got our wood drop-off. Area, just. There. And. Then. The wood chips is running the other side over there. Yes. Here. And, I think that is it form a map tool there. Obviously, are a few other areas like we haven't been down to that lake and what have you but we, won't go into everything, you've, got to see a bit of it for yourself and see something new. Right. Now where if you've enjoyed this map tour then please smash that like button for, me and if. You want to see more content then, hit. The subscribe and you will see more content, thanks. For watching until the next time, goodbye. You.

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