Full Notion Tour | Kylie Stewart (2019 Edition)

Full Notion Tour | Kylie Stewart (2019 Edition)

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Hello. Everyone and welcome back to two key productive YouTube channel on today's feature we, have Kylie. Stewart, with us today, Kylie. Is going to be talking. Us through her notion, love also, her notion account as well and. It's going to be an. Exciting tour as well as you. Know asking her a few questions about, how. She got into notions so you. Know I'd, like to for, you to introduce yourself Kylie and also bit, more about your role and work you do day-to-day sure. Um anyway as you mentioned. And I, work at formidable, labs we, are a JavaScript, consultancy, so. We work with a lot of other teams, usually. As embedded engineers, on that team to help them fill okaying or. Refactor. Or a new initiative in their code base so, on the software engineer formidable. And, I work, on that and then I also co maintain one of our open source libraries for, presentation. Software it's actually written in react, so. They're my two primary. Roles. After middle. Fantastic. That is that's well complicated. For me cuz I'm, just in the marketing so they're very, very. Very. Smart what did you study, did you go to university and, study anything. Specific, so. I went, to college. To study forensic chemistry, initially, I actually, dropped out after about a year and a half of that a lot. Of the prerequisites, just weren't really my thing and. Then I worked at Tesla, Motors for a while I was tinkering with some, automation, in their sales force and I, learned Python and from. There I went to a three, months bootcamp in, 2016. And. Then I was hired at, formidable, right after that so kind. Of a winding, journey into, softwares, but got. There fantastic. So you must be able to see sort, of all the stuff notion do behind the scenes to begin because, some of your skills sort of over that under that yeah. I've actually I'm, recently. After I. Posted, and ocean meet up here in Denver just, about a month ago now and I. Well. I guess a little less than that almost a month ago. We, actually compared, some formula. Approaches, to databases, at that Meetup so I was. Actually schooled, by a number of other, notion. Users on some. Of the more intense ways, to manipulate a database. It's. Actually been really fun to work with those now because you can kind of just work with them the same as I write code in, my day to day. Yeah. Oh definitely, yeah and that's the thing with these meetups is like like, you can learn so much from other people that you wouldn't have known before so it's, such a diverse and lovely community so. It's really good and. Maybe. You can talk us through your sort of how. Did you discover, notion, and and and what sort of got you into it that sort of origin, story. I've. Been really thinking about this because I don't I can't, remember the one. Moment that pointed me to the notion website um I, don't know if it was on Twitter or I know, it was an internal because we I brought, a hunt notion into formidable, scope, um after, I found out more. About it I started using it I talked about it at the company and, apparently. One of our VPS, was already considering using it for a lot of internal documentation, so um I. Can't. Remember who spoke to me about it before that though uh. As. Soon as I was introduced to the software at all I moved. Pretty quickly on I was a pretty heavy user of Evernote, and. Google. Drive Dropbox for, larger, files so I was doing a lot of like building PDFs, that almost kind of imitate supports.

That I know make where. I have a calendar of maybe, just that month's activities and things below it and that was really time-consuming, to, build all the time because I was I wasn't doing it in. A, very efficient, way it was more like copying and pasting images, and, and little, word are into the calendar and. Then exporting, that into, like Dropbox, or Google Drive I've been referencing it and Evernote basically. Just a big mess of effort. To try to make my life more efficient. And. I was getting frustrating, especially trying to take notes in code, specifically. Where. I, finally plugged into notion you can very easily do, inline code you make entire block. I really, like the page structures, you can reference, them at other pages I think you'll see I do that a lot I, said. Overall like working, with notion it was kind of difficult in a ball as soon as you get familiar with the software so, you be due to scale out I think I hit my thousand, block limit in like two weeks. Quite. Easily done that yeah and and. It's gonna be it's good quite nice I think cuz I, think, like like you. Mentioned, with the meetup is like when, people actually show you inside, of a notion again you always end up picking, up one or two things so hopefully, we. Can dive into yours and gain a lot of value I'm. Looking forward to the the formerly you mentioned because that's. One thing I haven't been able to apply, yeah. I really, I have to polish mine up a little bit because. Yeah. I was. Trying to manipulate some. Some. Of the you know how at the bottom of the database you can have the total amounts and unique values I would. Love to be able to affect change there but so, sometimes trying. To give you that this morning and couldn't, quite get there hopefully, soon, yeah. Close. Yeah. This. Is minus one on you. Can see I have a number of work space available, pages as well as, specific. To me and my favorite and I'd. Say I kind of follow at the top level architecture, you can see I have home and I instead, instead. Of having I, don't, know my favorite kind of looks like a mess, right now but I've also favouritism supports I want to show you um. So. Altogether I do follow more of a top-level structure as a home is where most of the action is, ever. Since my company switched over to using, notion. As well I've been able to move most of these boards into. The. Formidable, account, and then, I've authorized, myself, as a guest I think, you'll see in some places that's, happening here too, um. So. Yeah. My work Gmail is an authorized, user some, boards within my personal. Gmail, connection.

That's, Something that I would like to streamline. Every time you can see there's. Me. Yes. Viewing. My own board on, well. So in, general. I this. Is something I learned about at our notion me up I'll go to the full screen here just so we can see it a little more expensively. So. I have, been going by date which, this is something I'm trying to programmatic. Resolve so it will assign, just based on the given date on. Setting. This to a formula is going to work in progress, but. Setting it to a formula and pulling in the date prop and then determining, if it's, a Monday Tuesday or multiple. Days, so. That hopefully I don't have to do so much manual, work. Of it and then obviously I, put all my calendar, events in um. Which. I've. Heard the argument that this is a little redundant, given I have an actual calendar, um I. Work at, formidable, with between clients, in my own personal, computer I typically, have two different computers I'm working on I kind, of use this as the one calendar. That I can refer to without, authorizing, a client to gear into my own iPod account or something like that um so. This is actually been a more streamlined way for me to look at my week and, then. The current week is filtered, down, to just see within this, week and I'll. Show you what this work in progress for it looks like but basically. That it's a finalized item um so. Do you have a few, views. For the same board and which. Is probably the thing I like to utilize the most the, databases, they're just such a handy, tool and being able to visualize, that data in so many ways great. Um. So. Idea, of this works in progress board, this, is mostly for trips or haven't finalized, I know I'm going. To do the thing around this time but I haven't picked like know, exactly where I do, on a backpacking, so knowing. That this weekend is one that I've set aside for it is important. For me planning the rest of my schedule even if I don't know where it is yet um, and. Then same for conference. Travel these are things that I'm still ironing. Out that I want, to hike after this conference I'm trying to pick the best flight times a lot and that's what so in the work in progress here and I. Really, like this work in progress view because these are trips that I've committed, to without, either. I bought the ticket or about the hotel or I still haven't figured out if, I want to fly in on Monday or Sunday those. Are things that might, be ironed, out of return so I have that week this one you to look at especially, for like October travel, and vacations. Knowing. In advance that I'm, going to be looking at back in the year is important, I think I do a lot of high-level year. Visualization. I can, show you this twenty, like. That, I haven't. Many. People use it as that that's, quite nice I, just. Introduced this work-in-progress property. So I could have this view and I'm really. Pleased with it especially since, you can kind of assess against the negative so only check on the ones that are still ambiguous and, then everything. Else kind of proceed as normal and then I love that you can hide. That column. Entirely, so, it's, not. Even visible in the calendars where it doesn't really matter either, things. That I already did on in, this month and this is super handy for like the work events that I need to duplicate I can.

Just Go in and you know select the new date from this, table view instead of the card view uh, that's. Also been a little bit easier so I. Really. And this, was something that was, also discussed that the notion meetup on I, was using just little to do tasks, before this and that. Was a lot of redundancy too so being able to create blocks. For each thing um that are within a database is a lot. Easier to do. Sorry. I, know. Now, I really, like the way that you use the the covers as well and stirred the page content now that looks really nice there it's, sort of bolds it boats out a bit like the, hiking, when. You've got there to mountain. Terrain which, i've never heard of but it's a it, looks lovely that's that's. The thing. Yeah. It's a 14,000. Foot peak and actually this would be my first time going that high on a mountain so I'm really quite, excited but, I agree this is exactly why I like the covers it doesn't, matter like I don't need to cover for PTO but um for. The actual event and as you, saw and like the future events here I had a lot of, more. Remarkable. Things with, a cover on absolutely. Something that I'm looking more forward, to I like, to give an image for those because, they do stand out so much more it, also kind of makes the work items. Fall. Into place a little bit cleaner, it's. Less prominent my dog's birthday it's a cover, but. Yeah, absolutely it's, that it's the more prominent activities, I like to put a cover on, yeah. That's pretty small. Yeah. That was that that, was actually something in there like last year changes, that notion has hold out I know. They used to default to having the page cover and then their, default changed, but I never opened, up properties, to. See that this was an options at all so. Maybe, a month. Ago how, much time to see that you can actually just do the preview by cover so I got to bring back all those. Other. Cards. Base tables. That I had here like see the. Cards and I, get, to bring the card code a second so that's. Exciting mission, I. Also. Like that it is selective, it doesn't like default, to just a gray box for the ones without it that's. Another yes I'm glad that they handle, that so, that's. How I handle my week ahead. So. So it's mainly for your tasks. And calendar, side of stuff like events. That would move events. Your planning and task management in general. Yeah. For example, on this. Past Saturday I knew I had a bunch of things I wanted to do but I didn't want to go about them and my standards to do format so, I just made like just. A bunch of chores which, actually didn't open check, things off but. I didn't I just record this about the day but that was what I needed to do I'm, doing. Here need to be able to yeah put, that on like my whole Saturday it's the one item. I might have for that day it's. Fantastic. And. In. General I do still. I import. This board into, my, base camp which is basically how, I might start, my, day um I, can kind of look at the. Things I still need to do and somebody. Mentioned the, web scraper, and creating. A reading list with that so instead, of just trying. To remember to look at that later I can just physically write it down in the backlog and, move. It through as I finish them I also, when I'm done with things move them all into an archive I'm not going to open that up because I'm sure it's just a bit of nonsense but, it's, nice to you. Just have a place where I exist that's not the like. Trash within notion um. So. I can reference other to do later or maybe if I thought I deleted something, instead of actually checking it off because I can be kind of scatterbrained I suppose.

If You don't have that check. And. Then I can move in the, backlog I have a couple pages as well I like housekeeping which is basically cleaning up a bunch of my dev folders on my computer I have so many work-in-progress. Projects. That aren't finished, so, I'm trapping. Them in that housekeeping, folder, and. Then I have a table, of my doctor's information, because. I never had, a good place to check that in before so I just linked. To the doctor when I need to schedule I need, to get my annual physical done, and I can. Just link in and know that his information stored in there instead of having to kind of crawl through my contacts, so. I like making, things super, accessible. To. The thing they're tied to which is why linking. Those pages you might not want to show, everyone my doctor's information, I don't, know. Don't. Call it please. Yeah. It is nice to be able to link to the. Person though or the thing. I. Think. I've shown you what, that like this. Breakdown looks like yeah. I really like what that's, that's, something bit like I don't think a lot of people do cuz obviously you have like a home that, obviously has all of your, main. Area. And items in but, a base camp is something. I haven't actually seen, so. I quite like alright. Why. Don't you be able to see my week while, also looking at my to do so I have an idea like everything, going on on a given day and viewing. It as like a single base camp has been helpful I think I mentioned I do bring, tables all over the place um and, that's, something I kind of want to solve with the more. Formulaic, approach for, linked. Tables, I'll show you one. Gap where that still exists just because of this recent. Peek. Ahead change um oh. And also in my base camp here people. Are telling me things I need to read or watch all the time so. These, are the things that I need, to watch or read I may be kind of on the so they haven't been updated in a while but. These. Are all just books that people. Have thrown at me and like you can't forget about this one and they're obviously apps attract it but it's been really handy to just I'm, literally, going to add it to my list here. That's. It yeah and it's. All in one place ready for you yeah. Yeah, and I can clean it up or keep it as messy as they need to I'm. Really bad about watching TV. That's recommended to me but I'll better there. To. The same tune of things. That are being. Planned I guess it's also tuned to the why I don't watch so much TV I spend a lot of time doing things around emotion. I. Like. To put the very formal, travel, plans in here and this is something that I'm thinking I can pull in from, my, on, current. Week or week ahead database, so, over time this travel plans might just be linked to a certain property, within. That database and I won't have to duplicate, the information, but. This does have. Where. I will, put like anticipated, cloth and. Like. Other details, about that trip and maybe. I know I'm gonna have to plan for 200. Hours of dogs that are charged I can kind of look at at the end of all, of this I'm going to be spending that much on just. Dog sitters. Just. For the next three trips so maybe I don't maybe, I want to save a friend can get the dog instead or something, like that. So. This travel plans database, is where a lot more fine, detail goes into each board um. Like. I said I'm hoping to link this to just one property within my, other board so I don't have to duplicate it but. From a high level this has made it really easy for me to look at my year um, I. Know one of the most difficult things about planning vacation, it's like how soon or far apart from the last trip do, you want to make it same. With holidays and friends, coming into town. From. A, high level I don't want to look at every month so, hands-on with my like week ahead board being. Able to just see like my dad visited, so I needed to keep in mind those dates or any other thing that I plan but, I didn't really have anything else huge, going on in April so I. Can, just kind of drag and drop items around and then I to what, happens in the past and. I'm going to collapse them as those months go by so. This will only get cleaner and it'll be easier for me to look ahead. This. Was also originally, designed. Just. To figure out how many hours I'm going to be rolling over for. Vacation. So. Last. Year I rolled over way too many and I almost came, to the point where I lost some in that transition, so this was all an effort to avoid doing that again, and. Actually utilize my PTO, I've.

Never, Seen I've. Never seen. Because. Normally, when, you go about planning your year. You do it very, linearly. Like a, lot of people do that like you know all the way to here but this isn't really like, refreshing. Approach, to it and it's colorful, it's, got a lot of information. About the hours used I really, I really, like it and to the point where I'm going to be having to steal a few concepts, from me I'm sorry, hi. We invited you to do it that would be considered. A success um this, has been I mean really. It's. Exciting, for me I get really excited about, different. Ways to view that. Amount of information so that would, be exciting if you either use some of these method. Series on I, like. The colors here I like being able to this is a little bit more easily, manipulated, than a database so, I can, actually I mean I could just put spring. It's coming or something you. Know I expect. The temperatures, to be around this any kind of just quick reference information for my year on it's. Also been easy this was originally in September, super. Easy to move it over and then I know I'm actually gonna need to add about 24, hours to my. Expected. Use for, that time. It. Just makes it really easy to modify. Those numbers, without all. Of the, formality, of a database. So. Yeah, I really like I'm ready don't you it's. Good awesome, uh. So. This is something that has. Been super helpful for planning just everything, in my life um this. Is a really straightforward. Goal. List I, toggle. Daph you different ways to do this where it was you to me and then you expanded, the item and that was going to have the details of how to do it and this. Has been really easy for me to look at this already happened, this. Is booked but like I know that I have you know one, more meetup that I want a book before I'll. Have considered, this goal accomplished, and this. Is just a super, clean view to look at how that's. Going and then. Like submitting, to certain, places I can, put that in here and then, it's not so, cluttered where, I'm looking at just a bunch of open to do's I'm more looking at like I'm at two or three of my goal for goal, one and. One of two for two so. This was something I was I'm pretty. Happy with the the final, the. Final layout on it because it's just so easy to look at and I, might use this for other goals in general this is good mostly for development, but, I'm. Like. Working on my 5k time I'm hoping to get through a 10k maybe this is a format, I can use for other steps. Forward, I just, like not having to look at the super cluttered - dude. Yeah, no that's it's pretty nice I use, a gallery, view in it I don't think it is that you have to obviously with the gallium of you have to click in so that's sort of it's. Not as front, and center as this this is a really nice way. Of viewing it yeah that's brilliant I also. Don't see myself as adding on you, know a fourth, and fifth large overarching, goal, before, the end of the year so it seems. For another reason not something I want to use such a database for um. And. Then I can archive this page and then make a 20 20 and just look at them as entirely, separate, instances, instead of some. Kind of overlapping, if I don't meet one of these goals I don't want to be bothered by it next year that makes. Yes. Definitely. Another. Board, that's a little bit more relevant to dev. Um, meetups. So I go to a lot of meetups to learn things to, network. And. Actually. Taking notes if those me up sometimes is really difficult, to remember to do so. I you. Can see I haven't really been to one that has.

Taken. Note that it's. March, but in general I like to throw all my notes into just a single page so this is her, talk. And I can add just, all the notes I need and referencing, them back later is a lot easier than what I was doing before which is just kind of one long winding Evernote, document, ah. And. Then I have like for 2018, which. This was kind of in my earlier stages of motion so I was still taking notes in my, code editor and, saving them and I was actually dragging and dropping those read Me's in and the markdown was filing into notion. Just fine so, that. Was a big, selling point for me is copying, and pasting right down and finding it formatted just without. Any issue. So, taking. Notes this way it's been super helpful for. Me ah. Another. Large, section, of my, notion is hikes, and planning hikes and everything. About hikes, and. This is another board that is probably, now obsolete given, the new week ahead approach um I. Am. Like working on kind of just an overview of how I'm getting rid of the these, boards and opting. In for that programmatic, link. Database, um so. I hopefully all have an overview of how this is accomplished I'm confident, I can just import all of my hike data to. A single calendar here um so we'll see how. That plays out that this has been just purely. For looking at the hike when doing and. Nothing else and. Out of curiosity just to. Touch on that obviously, but. That's something I found after I think it's almost maybe like here when, you've used it for like more than a year you find it other, pages go sort of you. Know almost like they go redundant. And then you have to sort of blend, them in to your core. Use, how. Often do you find you do like a spring, clean or, even. Just doing sort of. Redundancy. Updates, I. Kind. Of see it as an ongoing refactor. As I'm working at any given time I pull, sometimes make a note to myself that, I should use all my to do of maybe move your reading list into notion right now it's in pocket so, that's its own refactor, but refactoring, the boards specifically. I'd. Say every three months or so there's kind of a big change in my notions set up at this point uh. The. Last big one where I split up home and dev a little more specifically, was. In, February so. Pretty recently I gutted all of these pages I've. Been making pages, within pages and I decided to check them all into a top-level directory, really. Pleased with this layout but obviously, as you mentioned it's kind of an ongoing effort, to keep things, satisfying. Uh not. Even that they don't look good or they're not efficient, but your. Own wants and needs change, as an individual, and maybe you really liked the way you had the columns but now you're super into rows that's, kind of a beauty of this tool though it's, so easy to drag, and drop those. Items around that's. Probably the thing I love about I'm super, indecisive so, I think I do that refactor, all, the time some. Being able to do that with ease. Yeah. I think that's what's nice about it, there is like I always find I do every three or four months roughly and and, it's almost like seeing, a capture. Of progress, at least cuz you're like oh remember. When I had used to have it like that remember, when I used to have it like that it's sort of like you're, always refining. It and that's what's so nice about notion, so yeah. That's. A really good bit of advice there. Hi. I'm, kind of utilizing, so. I'm working on getting a domain. So I can just share. This notion nurses Denver page with everyone else I'm also toying around with what kind of permissions I want oh well like, maybe we all have a core, contributing, group of horrified, people and then everyone. Else makes requests to that group to add it so I don't have to make, it brand new very expensive workspace or anything, so. We are trying to use notions for our meetup in, general. And. Right now I made this page of icons, where. We, have like dev tools and, these, are all notion perfect so they have like enough of a buffer, the, whole goal is to make it easier for people within the group to use some of me there's. A white icon in there but you can't really tell until you go into dark mode um my. Goal was to. Be.

Able To download. All of them at once I don't, know what's happening, zoom. Is doing it something oh yeah. So I'm working on building, this website out for, other. Notions to use and. These are all like I I mean you can see I go a little crazy with my icons. I've. Got. Quite a few that I've I'll, show you a board where a lot of these came into play. Mushroom and steak I have a recipe board that's very thorough that. I would love to show you yes. Yes. So this groceries board is this. Was probably the biggest selling. Point for me into notion was, making. This easier, um, so. I have in this, page, of groceries, I at any point and looking at my week I know what I'm going to make I have. Some salmon and quinoa I'm not going to do anything fancy with it I don't. Need to link to a recipe but, here, I can basically link, to let's, say I want, to do I'm. Trying. To remember know let's search chickens, it'll. Bring something up so. Let's say this day I want to do I'm going to do chicken tortilla soup. So. I'll go in here I've made hover photos. I've. Got tags, on, it I haven't tried this one yet I has a link from where I originally pulled the information but. In general. I pulled prep time cook time a shopping. List and instruction, and this. Is the, fantastic part I can copy this over go. Back to groceries, um and. Just. Do this and this has been so. Fast, especially when I'm shopping, for multiple, things like I know I have these items maybe so, I know I need three cloves of garlic. Let's. Say that I'm also getting. The ingredients for this one I, can. Combine, those. Ingredients as I see them duplicated, um so. Garlic here I'm just going to get a full nod of garlic but. You can see that it's easier for me to see at a top level and. As. You get rid of items that you already have so. We have two limes for that one that, I know I felt line up, here somewhere. Or. I thought I did. Anyway. The goal being I can see everything side. By side and, then once I actually clean, these up I often, will just you. Know take out the measurement itself when I finally add it to my list but I know I need these two things. So they're going to go into my dry goods list. Looks, like I need a lot of lines. Put three. Lines and I. Can just put into produce but, basically from, that I'll sort through all these items i supposes we need to cook the things i want to cook this week adam, in and then like I know I'm running out half and half soon so that can go in at any time and then when I get to the grocery store this is typically already wrapped, with whatever I need for that next trip there. Have been times I've planned all, of these a little, bit further in advance to Friday Saturday Sunday and maybe I don't want to pick up those groceries yet I can, still link to that page and. Just. Check out I'm going to turn, the trim just pick a thing but I. Can, still link to that page still know that it's coming up and then, copy the, shopping list into, this, is usually, the approach I have let's. Say I know I'm going to need to go shopping on Wednesday too and, I'll. Just drop it in here so it's not forgotten. And. I can look at it just further down a week it's also out of you, so. This is the nice favorite way to manage, my, shopping list and it's. Yeah. It's so much easier especially for like items, that I'm not sure like I still have half of a jalapeno from last time I'm going to leave it at the top of the list and then whenever I'm at home I can check, the fridge and see if it's still good or maybe, I do need to take up a new jalapeno.

After All uh, miss. Dragging and dropping of my shopping list has been the easiest in the world for tracking all of those things, yeah. I really like that and that's something I do like, in todoist already. And. Obviously like being, able to just do it like organize. It in that sort of fashion, saves you time when you're in the store like. Every, sort of aspect so that's really what do you mean, it. Also acquired a bunch of coupons recently, so just putting the name of the product that I know cuz. I forget I have a coupon for a thing until. Is in the lesser than I can remember I actually got that so. Every, coupon one is colored right, yeah. Just, one and. Then, I can get rid of those one for grace but also I can look at them and say okay well I don't really need crackers, this week so I'll just take it to next week and leave, it in the dry goods section for now since it has the coupon um yeah. This has been the. Most exciting board for me the. Recipe box was the first board I made and I made it publicly, accessible. I, think. I mentioned funny photos we're a big part of my databases. This. Was one that that was the. Case, for. Me I think. I remember I, think that's, the first time I, saw. Your, sort of work online is like I think you Kate, you came up and I on my Twitter feed and it was like a really. Colorful board with like tons, of recipes are oh my god this is amazing. It's brilliant, it's like a notion. Recipes words. Yeah. This was this was this, was when I thought. Maybe talking about notion, would be cool, I figured if I got, this much enjoyment, out of doing, it the, guy also mentioned those really custom icons that might've been the most time-consuming part, was like finding. A churro, PNG. Removing. The backgrounds, and putting it into my board. That. Occasionally a, little. Bit put a little over the rocks I you. Know I saved them and then if anyone means an artichoke. PG. I have a board now where you can download it I, love. That, should. We make it accessible in, the in the description. Yes. Right. Lincoln, you know that, seems. Logical. There's. Anything, I think I, need. To this notion board itself is like. The, most meta of boards, it's my notion board of notion boards I have to publish. The notion errs board has. Like the future blogs trying to actually clean up my. Description, and you can tell I get kind of excited and just talk a lot about notion, I'm trying to make that less ram believe I'm, an. Events, and I have to actually do some other things relevant, to the notion Pro stuff, and then this is the front-facing, one they used to be on the same board that's listen well. I think I don't think this is going to be the last time you're wrong keep productive, because we can definitely, have you on it again, to dive deeper. Into the topics because I think it's. Yeah. That's it like we could have like an hour webinar this would be great. But. I think I think what I think what, people would find value in as well as their the calendar, side of stuff so maybe like. Even how you went about building it, from scratch would, be a cool feature but. Of. Course we'll talk about that separately but, that this is amazing, this is this, is a great little and, I know obviously how did the how did the the, Denver meetup go but you've only had one so far right we've. Had one so far we are in the works of figuring, out if we should do another lunch or after work time. Schedule but we have a location set for the next one and, so. It would really well it was exciting, I had. Snickers so I tried to entice motion, enthusiasts, in with those on, and. Just the ideas that went around were really interesting, I wrote.

This. Approach. To the weekly planning immediately, after, that meetup because I saw someone else's board and wanted. To kind of keep locate what I have seen and I, was talking to other people in my work about it I was like I'll just summarize a little thing and this was actually where that the, week ahead board started kind. Of cool that you can see it was, a lot different the. First time I made it on. But. Just doing more details about the approach I learned so much from some. Of the presentations, and. This was also kind of fun we got to talk about like what is your job title and how do you use it we had a founder. Of, his own startup, and he moved his entire internal. Team into, it but they're using it as like a custom, management, software they're, using it for kind, of like a daily sprint tracking. Of what, each of the members of the startup is doing they're. All in and he was really excited to talk about that so that was really, cool to hear. And. He was ready with questions, of how other people might have implemented these, these. Common, business approaches. The. CMS in particular, is something I think you see duplicated, over and over again but it's different every time he. Kids. And really acquainted, questions, that made me think a little differently about 2cms. And. Like how. No. Startup, founder is using it and these, are all like his first clients ever and he's tracking information. About the people he's meeting the names of everyone so. Anyone else in the company can click on that and, and everything he'd learned about their, client. Really. Really interesting there was a student who said that from, the notion kickoff he, watched this V. Did. You watch the video of, mr.. Nidaria bah. It's it's, the tree. No. Yeah. It's. So many treats, it's, really, interesting about because just looking at what he dedicates, an entire page to how discussing, like what. The hierarchy of pages, actually looks like how important, a pH needs to be to be a throne page we, got pretty meta with a lot of you know some discussions, I had, a really good time I'm excited about the next one yeah. This is such, a good community, and the thing is like, everyone. Say like willing. To share their own setups, and and, be able to learn so, yeah I think that's was that's, what's so fantastic. It's. Also so fluid, so people are kind of always learning, and adapting the software for different, purposes but the purposes, are shared across with masses user base I think that makes it a really cool community. Because people are showing, you that 8 different ways they accomplish, the same task and that's really awesome. I'm. Ty Lee are you part of our Facebook, group the notion, Facebook group by any chance I'm actually not on Facebook, oh there, are so many groups you wouldn't be on it then makes. Me want to use it yeah. In. Solidarity, I. Deleted. It a little, over a year ago and I only met. That. That's the only thing no, I I'm, the. Same on Instagram, I think I just don't have it I. Have, it but I have. Really. Like. It's. All or nothing but yeah. Go go hard or go home and I, really. I really appreciate. You taking the time out Carly for this I think. Your. Layout. In the general sort of thesis around it was, really well explained I think people is going to take a lot away from this so thank you for. Taking a time out I really appreciate it, absolutely. Thank you for giving me a platform, talk about notion I'm always Oh, interested in sharing ideas. Sorry. My, headphones, just died Oh, perfect. Oh. Sorry. There. We go we'll carry on from that sorry but. Will will definitely get you on again because I think your insights are fantastic, but and and also if, you want to send me the information about the Denver group just, let me know because I'll post it in the Facebook group on. Your behalf in case there's any people from Denver, hanging. Around there yeah, that would be amazing I would really appreciate that um good perfect well I'll talk to you soon and I will send you whenever, i finalize this post, about the formula that i'm trying to implement a little bit more formally.

And My database week i send, you that over then you can over. Yes. Please out you fantastic, thank you.

2019-05-11 21:32

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@trendyboymx What if the export function fails to work after a few years of accumulating 20,000 blocks/notes/whatever? What would you do then? That was the problem with Evernote when it failed to export my collection of well over 20,000 note entries. I know so many people would give it a pass by merely saying it could export data, but it hasn't worked that well for me with a few other apps I've tried in the past. For example, it took me weeks to try rescuing all my entries manually while also working full-time. In the past twenty-seven years, the only thing that survived through app changes is plain text, HTML files and open format media files (JPEG and GIF). Notion is appealing to me, but so far, I see no assurance that I won't have to deal with the same time-wasting migration B.S. in the future.

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