Full Time RV New Mexico! | Carlsbad Caverns | White Sands National Monument | Changing Lanes!

Full Time RV New Mexico! | Carlsbad Caverns | White Sands National Monument | Changing Lanes!

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This. Is freaking scary I'm afraid I'm gonna type I'm afraid I'm gonna go ahead first. Baby, I'm afraid I'm gonna go, are. You gonna go, I. Don't. Know this is kind of scary alright, so here we go. This. Video we're gonna take you to two, different places that we visited in, New Mexico, mm-hmm, Oh while we were kind of trying to stay south and warm. When, it was still kind of cold we, went, to both Carlsbad, and Las Cruces, while, in New Mexico, and we're just gonna do a combo, video, on both of those locations today because. We have to be honest, New. Mexico, wasn't our favorite state no. I don't know maybe if we were in the northern part of it might have been different but the desert Southwest there's. Just like a sounds, yeah desert, so I apologize. To, anybody that's from there or that loves it there because again we. Didn't really, see a whole lot while in New Mexico, so I'm sure that there are some beautiful places and some great things about it yeah so let's just start with Carlsbad, because that was the first location, we, stayed at Carlsbad, KOA mm-hmm, it was a nice Park for, where it was located it, was located and surrounded by noting. That. Cacti. Yes, dry. Desert. Nothingness. And it was about 20, minutes to get actually get into Carlsbad, from the KOA that. Means 20. Minutes to get to any kind of shops or grocery, store or a restaurant or, anything. So the location one, the greatest and the sites are really large I kind of picked it because it was between the caverns, and Rozz. Aliens, Roswell. We. Had a nice large pull through site the KOA had a little on-site, kitchen, slash restaurant, where they would cook from a limited menu and even deliver it to your site it was kind of cool that was convenient staff was super nice yes the weather however wasn't super nice while we were there very. Windy very we eat like 50 60 mile an hour sustained. Winds, yes, and even, temperatures in the 30s so. You combine, the high winds with the cold, temperatures we. Were rural, happy campers. Time. One. Positive thing that happened while we were in Carlsbad, we got to camp next to our, friends. Ron and Cindy Lou and they, also ride, motorcycles. They ever go faretta Roswell. New Mexico see, aliens we haven't been on the bike in gosh. Yeah. It's been a while too way too long yeah got, some special guests, with us today some of our friends say. Hi got, Ron and Cindy Lou and they also own, a momentum, these food like usual well yeah and we've held these two up for too long so. We're. Gonna get going. Come on say my heart. Beata faster. I just, wanna dance and dance and. We. Made a pit stop first, in Artesia. New Mexico, because we were hungry and we didn't want to go for a ride on an empty stomach mm-hmm, and stopped at a little Mexican restaurant, called La Fonda but. Fonda but Fonda it's not the name of bullying, dynomite brother's, girlfriend okay okay, are you.

What. Are you doing here I'm waiting for Kip we, filled our bellies I, think everybody liked. It and then, we set, off to go for this fabulous ride, that we thought we were gonna go on. The. Right pretty much be summarized, as. Just. A straight line cactus, cactus cactus now it's not even really sure the cacti others say it was just flat dirt, open. No. Yeah, so we wrote for maybe half an hour than ya realized, that this scenery was not going to change I was feeling it the whole time I was like this really kind of sucks I was gonna stick, it out because everybody wanted to ride but then Ron pulled over and he was like I think that's kind of just gonna be like this for the next hour so do you guys want to just turn around and go back to the campground, and get a drink or something, yeah. Let's do that yeah campfire and drink whiskey. That's. One thing to with full time RV life you'll find people that you click with and you. Won't get to see them like your neighbors every day but, as you get a network, of people you'll start meeting up and hitting different, places you end up with a wider, network of friends. So. One thing that I wanted, to do mainly. So. I could report back to my dad it was a big UFO, buff. We. Had to go to Roswell, it's, 39 degrees, let's. Drop it or anything else stupid. Headed, to Roswell. It's. One of those things you always see, it would be in kind of a sci-fi above, so, what's, here, is like. Past. Dirt. Really. Crunchy, dead, grass which. Daisy. Moisture. In my basal camp. You. Have arrived at your destination. Cowboy. Cafe. We. Filled our bellies and went, into Roswell and well tiny, little downtown that's decked, out with alien, stuff everywhere. 32°. Stupid. Freezing. Cold up there. Hi. Buddy. Hi. Buddy. It. Was super. Cheesy, just, like I expected but we had to go yeah, I mean I was fine with going and I wasn't all into. It like you were you. Were excited I was sort of along for the ride the. UFO, museum is exactly like you said it's, cheesy but they have a timeline. And history, of events and they have some artifacts. And pictures. And stuff. Fake aliens, and fake spaceships, and gaily, spooky. Stuff you know but, we can say we've been there done, that don't, need to go back yeah I don't know I did get a t-shirt or something I. Got. Was left. Besides. The, fantastic. Visit to Roswell, rocks, favorite, thing was Carlsbad, Caverns, yes our favorite thing I've, ever been spending time with friends yeah definitely.

Worth Of stuff I think it was about a few hours five, minutes to an hour to get there as, we were getting closer the, landscape. Started to get a little bit more interesting, a little, bit more hills, and, less. Flat, which, was nice for us to see because all we've been seeing this whole time we've been in Carlsbad, was, flat hmm. They've got a nice big parking. Area out there so you don't have to worry about it even if you're in your RV yeah we. Put our RV in there if the, spots were available but, there is plenty of parking big. Visitor, center where they talk about the caverns. All that. You. Take an elevator down or can you hike down - I can so you can hike down I believe it is a quarter, of a mile hike down but it's not, an easy hike down from what they told us or you can take the elevator down tweeted, yes, seven, hundred floors, I believe we. Have to stay on the trail, do not touch the walls or the formations. What, else in our skiing wind damage, luckily, this is, a real school life from. Misses, so. We took the elevator down yes. If you have a national parks pass you get in for free and, it is a lot of walking yeah these caves are huge. But it's all good paths with, rails the paths are clearly marked and, along the way there, are little, panels, that explain, what you're looking at because it's. Just a big massive room. After room of stuff that you're not really sure what it is in, the end it's, a bunch of caged stuff stalagmites, like tight little things but, it's really cool you. Guys it's yes if I grew up going to caves in Ohio and you're, kind of tucked, and ducked and cramped this is wide open down, there we, tried to get as much footage as we could of course because it's very dark down there you, can't really see how impressive, all of this is by the images. That we took. Once. We came out of the caverns, we, got in the truck and there, is a sign as we're leaving that says nine. Mile scenic loop one way yeah, and we thought we like scenic we like scenic little. Adventure why not we're, going on this scenic, loop road it's one way nine and a half miles we have no idea where it goes well we've got four-wheel drive if we get in trouble yep it just says no buses trailers or motorhomes so we're good yeah do it.

Truck. Is filthy sorry. Yeah. Don't do this unless you have a good four-wheel drive truck well we didn't really need the four-wheel drive but don't do it a low clearance like Prius, first, of all nine, miles or like Oh miles, that won't take that long, well it's nine miles of this yes. This. Dirt. Road. And this, and it was about an hour this is the reenactments, just not the real thing. And. It was scenic, sort of it was basically. Nothing. More impressive than what we saw coming into the caverns on the gloop it's a waste of time I think so three new to our channel please, hit the like button please subscribe if you like this video it does help us out so that wrapped up Carlsbad. New Mexico and, we, packed, up and moved on, to Las Cruces, which was about 200, miles west of where we were again, trying to stay south right was about four hour trip, for us and the first part of it was still a lot of the same flat nothing but then about, halfway through it we started, climbing, up and we've got interested, in climbing, well and we got into like the Lincoln National Forest and we finally got some trees yeah, we got trees and we got snow, yeah we didn't get snowed on but there was a lot of snow on the mountains and stuff if we went through Cloudcroft. And. And. Then, what was really cool was when we got over, and past plowed croft way, out in the distance, I think it was you you snow, well oh it looked like a giant, field of snow yeah but it wasn't it was white sands yeah once we realized it was white sands we were like. So. That God is kind of excited, for the next location, it was a step up from Carlsbad, for sure right so we stayed at Hacienda RV. Resort, in Las Cruces, we're, gonna take a walk through the campground to show you guys Hacienda. RV Resort our. Sights ginormous. Yeah its enormous however, that highways. Right there so. It's kind of noisy and they had an enormous hot tub no pool really, nice people a, little, dog walk area and, full, hookups yeah it was nice. We. Were very close to old. Mesilla village in las cruces which is an old historical, area, that, we had read about and been told about that, we have to go check it out and leave right on this street here. That. Do not enter Oh wrong. Way sorry, oh, sorry sorry, hurry gotta turn in here this, told, me to turn right here though yeah bastard. Our, friend back in Florida, stay stay she lived, in New Mexico, and she said you gotta go eat, at la, posta, food, was just yeah I think but the history about behind. It was super cool that, whole building, was, a stop along the old, Butterfield. Stagecoach, trail. It. Was really interesting, inside, kind, of cool and what. I found really odd yet, very fascinating, it was they had this giant birdcage, with, macaws. Yeah. And. Then we had some, fish tanks with some piranhas, in it which, was very yeah. The. Whole thing was just kind of a lot to look at and, interesting. And. We. Saved exploring. Old mesilla village, for a later day yeah but we did go back a second, time and, several. Days later because, we just had bad bad, luck with weather, and from. What we were told by the locals March, is a terrible time to go to New Mexico we. Didn't know that but we're telling you guys because, zombies would indeed there - all right that's when it's the, windiest, and windy. In the desert is not fun but then we finally got a nice day so after work we decided, to go check out old Messina village and we. Ate at a really, cute little place called peppers, which. Was inside, the, double eagle restaurant, that, place was, fun, the, double eagle restaurant, the surrounding restaurant is a little more upscale. We'll find her diamond he says he says surrounding, restaurant because, peppers, was, this, little enclosed. Courtyard, in the center of, the. Restaurant the surrounding. Rooms around that, courtyard was, fine dining, hmm, but, a lot of them were empty and we went and walked through them because we don't know why they were empty because. It was 445, yeah. That's true we, eat. Early something well we kept switching time zone and then it was just crazy and hungry so we said screw it we don't care you still eat on East Coast time I think. So. Peppers is a little bit more casual, than, the, double eagle which was perfect, for us but the food was pretty good we got fried guacamole, which was real good, sounds, delicious right now still. Overpriced, for the menu but the margaritas, were delicious a lot, of history there apparently there, are a lot of ghosts in this building there, was even room. With a pretty. Cool picture of Daisy. Then, after eating we walked, around checked.

Out The village, it was quite and it was cute but it's small and there's really not a whole lot going on down there, there's a beautiful, Catholic, Church down, there a, gazebo, and, a couple of bars and shops a lot of what we see versus, what other people might perceive might, be based on the time of year and what's going on that's, true too and the, history from that area is pretty cool as well because it was in that village where Billy, the Kid was, put on trial again in the now souvenir, shop was the old courthouse at where Billy the Kid at his trial. We. Think these are. Cool. Yeah, little shady little shaded picnic area, so. I don't know if you could make out the mountains over, here I put until they're over here. There. We're gonna go there next yeah, this, is a cool little rest stop it's got the came, here for the roadrunner but it's a cute little place to have. A picnic and overlooking las. Cruces. Yeah. And then, the roadrunner, yeah over here let's go check that out check it out. Big. In person. That's. So cool. Like, Rico, much, more impressive up close when we drove by it it didn't really look that, impressive but when you get up close to it it's pretty cool you. Can actually see keyboards. Yeah, old phones, shoes. Are like a camera. Shoes. Yeah. There's. Like a toilet brush for there's the toilet brush oh my, god, for. Like his people oh my god, where. Is it people oh. My. Goodness. We're. Gonna go hike up there. We've. Gone like a hundred yards or we're out of breath. Why. Don't I have files to, get to the actual Dripping Springs and where, the resort, used to be in the tuberculosis. Sanatorium. My. Illness that seems kind, of like an unattainable, goal so we're just gonna go for as far as I can go and see, how I do Tara runs out of juice I'll tell her how nice it was down there I run out of juice you're not gonna. For. The, ecological reasons, you're, not allowed to have dogs past, certain part of the trail to preserve like a wildlife. And stuff like that and of course people are breaking those rules and they're bringing the dogs on the path and it's the angry, yeah. Makes me angry. This. Is some ruins obviously. Cuz it's ruined well I mean it's ruined it's from the early 1900's, like 100 years old it was a resort, camp kind of thing. If. We just came across this wildlife. Now. There's like six tops yeah that's where. Has he gotten some altercation, somebody, else. Been, we finally got to do what, we came to Las Cruces, to do yeah, which is white sands yeah, that was our main purpose, for that stop along this route White, Sands. National Monument which.

To Me it was more like a national, park yeah, it's so massive. Approximately. About an hour and 15 minutes away from the, campground, so we went into the visitor center which we usually try to do at any, national, Parker place that we go get, your map and just to figure out the lay of the land and at this particular one you'll want to get a sled or a skid or a disk yeah I just led, but I don't, know there's. A path you drive back there's. A fee to get in that you can pay inside, but, if you have a National Park pass. You. Getting excited. Over you go see white, sands and slide down, then. We got wax for the sleds we could whack some up go. Down also all the girl had to say was that it makes him go faster and, he was like I am I, look here how much that wax is give. Me a chunk up that's right we're, just gonna go all. The way to the end is it's where the sand is the widest and where the students, are the steepest and I guess that's the best sledding, so let's go just go let's go find out yeah, these are the sliding instructions, Oh, pick. A steep one it makes sense eight miles back don't pick a flat dude coz wax your sled every couple of times apply, it on the bottom of the sled. Don't. Apply it between. The slide in your no, will help and don't, forget to brush the sand off before reapplying. Make, a trail then, keep going down the same trail for extra, speed I'm mixed up yeah you, keep your legs straight out lead back. Taras. Already kind of headed off of that way and. I think I'm gonna go that way meet, her up. There, no. She's like the sleds with her that, was nice of her yeah, definitely, lean back when you feed out you. Ready yeah we'll do three. And. I did the Mosul wax that one. So. The key here is get. A really, steep sand. Hill because. We, saw some other people on some mediocre ones having to like push their way down and then, look like fun but as you just witnessed that's. Pretty fun that was finally. Landing. I want to do it on my feet no, yeah, no yeah no veto. My. Veto your veto. No. No. My beer no. Please. Don't seriously, here get it with us - I can do it's not that bad Chad you're gonna hurt yourself but everybody. I am so against this and he's not listening to me he. Already has two, titanium. Ankles, I think. You're done with all your daredevil. Business. That's. Fine, it really, looked like a whole lot of daredevil. I'm. Glad, that you're okay, that was a lot of fun the only part that wasn't fun is actually climbing, that's. True piece I know L there under stairs got a truck your way up the sandwiches. You've ever climbed the sand dunes not, and I'm talking now now it's hard to tell from this footage I think but the, sand dune that we slid down was like that yeah, and there was a lot, of fun. You. Get this chaser, lean back. The, landing, every time. I feel. Like that scene. Vacation. Where. Clark. W Griswald. Can't. Find civilization. Taxi. Taxi, I'm dead. Taxi. It. Was a really good time that just was so different than anything I've ever seen, mmm, it was beautiful. That was a very memorable experience and, I really, loved it yeah highlight, no highlight of Las Cruces, I think that was the highlight of New Mexico, for me yeah, that's tough the caverns were pretty cold but I. Guess if I had to pick just one to go to I, would probably do this and the white sands yeah definitely. That, wraps up our New, Mexico, adventures, and we're super excited that, we, were able to pack, up and head, to Arizona Arizona. Here, we come, smash, that like button, stay, tuned for outtakes you're, the cop even the atmosphere. Bart. Sound. Like one snuck out sir. My. Name is dry, put. A strip club right, can't, touch it different, garlic. Sorry. Hey, Siri what time is sunset. What. Time is sunset.

Look. How pretty this is though oh yeah. Yeah. Go Capri. This is right here, but. Rose. It's. Not. It's. True spring the best friend husband there is.

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Indeed they do!

Great video as usual! The best part was when you asked “Siri...what time is sunset?” It paused the video, and told me.

We bailed off I 40 to Roswell and ur right, there ain't shit there except large ranches and no cell. Trains at 1st then nada. I spent about 4k on the trailer and tow to make sure all was ok as I knew it you broke down there u were f'd.Amazingly Roswell seems to have every box store you can think of plus a military academy. Maybe to track aliens?!

It's always aliens!

I just discovered your channel and am really enjoying your videos, it would be helpful if you could mention if places are accessable.

Welcome to our channel! Thanks for following our adventures!

Don't you just love people who think rules don't apply to them. They are just so special, they and their dogs. (GRRRR!)

Sad to hear you criticize our state. New Mexico has it’s own beauty. Hope you can visit the northern part of our state next time.

Welcome to our channel!

Changing Lanes - honestly nobody likes southeast New Mexico. Even the conquistadors avoided that part of the State. The cave is the highlight. The Pecos river provides some contrast but mostly is just used as a source of irrigation. And you’re right, Roswell is cheesy. You really have to be into kitch or UFOs to appreciate. Only reason I ever stop there is it’s on the way home from Texas. The Lincoln and Mescalero is a nice little gem of mountains. Birthplace of Smokey Bear and long used by West Texans as an escape from summer heat, not to mention home of the richest quarter horse race in America. White Sands is almost surreal and one of my favorite places to do photography. The Rio Grande valley from the southern border all the way to Colorado is rich in history. People forget that Santa Fe is the oldest capital in the US. The Spanish were exploring and settling the valley long before Jamestown. To me northern New Mexico is allot like southern Colorado but with southwestern flavor and culture. Geographically Santa Fe is higher in elevation than Denver. One of the coolest things about New Mexico is all the Forest Service, Park Service, and State campgrounds that are affordable or free that are most often available without reservations. Though it seems to me you prefer the more developed commercial campgrounds. It also seems you prefer the opulent Victorian architecture to the functional charm of adobe architecture. New Mexico isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for me it’s the near perfect blend of mountains and desert. Not as cold and snowy as Colorado, but not as hot and dry as Arizona.

I live in NM, I was brought here kicking and screaming. But I love it here now, it grew on me. I don’t live in the southern part, but I like to visit there. The winds and temps are nothing to where I grew up, so they don’t bother me. All a matter of perspective, lol.

We certainly didn't mean it as a dig to the entire state. As we travel all of North America (and maybe someday other countries), we are going to sometimes visit parts of states, locations, etc. that are not necessarily our "thing". Please don't take it personally. Heck.. We're from Florida and are really not fond of many parts of our own state. The thing is, we will always be ourselves and be honest about places, products, etc. We share our experiences as we perceive them and realize that everyone will have different opinions. Even though southern New Mexico wasn't our favorite place, we still had some good times and tried to share both the good and the bad. And, we definitely want to check out the northern part!

As a retired and tiered and probably retarted truck driver and who traveled thur NM twice or even three times a week, let me tell you, March isn't the only month of strong winds. If your headed West, of course the winds are coming out of east, heading East, winds coming from the West. Any month can be and probably be bad. And snow storms. Dec of 18, came back thru NM after major blizzard. I10 west boud back up over twenty miles. Traffic was stopped while the state was trying to figure out how to open the road. East bound not much better but was open. Heading to Apache Junction the end of Sept for the winter. We live in Northern Minnesota and after last winter, we said no more, taking fifth wheel and saying good bye!!!

Indeed! Follow the good weather!

We need a “LOVE IT!” button.

Come up north to Farmington, NM. https://youtu.be/86NL_7ywXWg. This is a big State.

That looks like an awesome place!

Do you own a low clearance device for your rig? I've seen this GiraffeG4 product in my Trailer Life magazine and wondered about the ultility. I saw the RV park entrance and I was like NOoo...whew they made it. I know it's not for interstate use but have you questioned other entrances when you come in on your approach slowly?

Hopefully not like OJ's gloves...

@Changing Lanes

We've seen those and thought about it.. But most are well marked and if not, we just go under very slowly and sometimes I'll open the door, and drive with one foot standing on the running board, watching the top of the rig very carefully.

New Mexico has never really been on our must or want to do list. White sands and the caverns looked good, but too much of nothing in between. Arizona, now your gonna be in one of our favorite states. Thanks

Even though this part of the country wasn't your favorite it was so much fun to watch! We truly love your honesty and that you guys are real! That's why we love watching! Go Buckeyes!

Northern NM is amazing ...all along the Enchanted Circle in the southern Rockies. Next time you head west check out Taos and Angel Fire ❤️

Definitely will!

Thanks for sharing another adventure and travel tips.

I'm gonna be laughing about the "pompe pompe pompe pompe" comment all the way through to the end while viewing the video. I'm just telling you that up front (and I'll come back and edit my comment after). BTW, you're in my old hometown (Carlsbad, NM) where I was born and raised. You are unfortunately visiting at a time when the oil boom is in full force and there are FOUR TIMES as many people on the streets in Carlsbad than the town was built for. That's also why EVERYTHING is mad expensive there compared to what it should be. (Hotel rooms that use to cost $39 a night are now upwards of $250 and groceries are just as bad. A bell pepper at WalMart there cost $0.97 compared to the $0.58 I can get it for here in Dallas.) But I still love the desert climate; especially when it's raining. There's just something about the smell of the rain in Carlsbad or any desert climate. Okay, back to laughing about the "pompe pompe pompe pompe" and watching the rest of the video. BTW, a better motorcycle ride for you would be up in the hills near Ruidoso, NM. Not sure where you would park the 5'er but I'm sure there are places. Those hills make for a beautiful ride though, imo. Glad you saw Roswell; gotta love their alien stuff. HAHAHA. OH MAN!!!! You two took the elevator down? It's not difficult at all. Wheelchair accessible even. ROFL! Back in the OLD DAYS it was more difficult, sure, but now? When did this guy go last that told you it was difficult? (Okay, rant over. HAHAHAHA) It's a beautiful walk down into the caverns though. Also, I don't know if you knew this (I didn't for years) but your tickets for the Caverns are good for two consecutive days. I found that out when I mentioned to somebody that I didn't have time to take my photos of one of the separate exhibits underground and she told me "come back tomorrow, your tickets are good for TWO days." I was dumbfounded. But I STILL can't believe you didn't walk down and take the elevator up from the lunch area. I'm so embarrassed for you. LOL!! (kidding) Re. the roadrunner west of Las Cruces. OMG! A toilet plunger for his poophole. I'm.... Never mind. I am no longer admitting I am from New Mexico. Nope! I'm from... nvm. ROFLMAO! I almost had ta' vote down the video cause of that wuss move (taking the elevator down in the Caverns) but I decided to cut ya a break since you got BAD info. LOL! Plus, I always enjoy watching you guy's video uploads and this one was no different.

Whit Sands was AWESOME .... (I had a nightmare after doing the sledding though .... SOME IDIOTS planted a double row of Cactuses at the bottom) .... "OUCH" !!!!!! The caverns were SUPER COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Loved the, "Hold my beer," and, "butt probes" Made me LOL

If you were in NM in March, you probably have already been to Arizona haven't you? Right now is not the time to be in Arizona..... we're dreading it here! GOD Bless You Both

Yes... Arizona was right after this.

Excellent vid! We have soooo many New Mexico stories! Dodging snow storm from Tucumcari to Artesia with 2’ of snow and missing the drivers windshield wiper to the Turquoise Trail riding to Madrid. The Wild Hogs film site...... So many outstanding stories. Please note our arrogance driving/ riding the mountain side being flat landers from Michigan!!!! Could embellish for hours, I’ll spare u guys!!!! Our tales to continue this winter being our 1st actual semi retirement journey. News cast at 11:pm!! :) 1

Great job on the video. Still waiting for a delivery date on my RV toyhauler.

Northern new Mexico is beautiful

We'll definitely check that out next time we have the opportunity!

Try being stationed in the Air Force at Cannon AFB Clovis NM for 13 months. I Hated it. Finally got out of there to go to Germany. You need to go to Santa Fe, NM. It is beautiful there.

We'll have to give that a shot next time through!

I'm always blown away by the editing, the choices of music, the timing....its amazing. I'm subscribed to more channels than I even remember, and yours is top shelf material. Love how you say what you think, and if someone doesn't like it...to bad. 100% honesty The Best YouTube has to offer. All the best.

@Changing Lanes Your very welcome. Keep up the GREAT jobs.


How long did it take Tara to get all of the sand out of her hair? LoL

Love the video. You guys are a lot of fun. Years ago, my husband and I, on our GoldWing left PA for Carlsbad. That is how far we made it on a 2-week vacation before we had to head back to PA. Carlsbad was not out intended destination, it is just how far we made it before we had to head back home. Our GD 397TH should roll off the assembly line on September 30. Can't wait to hit the road.

Woohoooo! Almost to the 1 month countdown!

Good to see y'all were hanging out with Ron and Cindy Lou! Met them at the meet up in Austin.

Good peeps!

What a great relationship you kids have. I really enjoy your videos

Cool video. What I do like is that you guys tell what you like and don’t like.


Welcome to New Mexico, my home state! You missed some great views and hospitality!

I'm sure we did! We'll have to check out those parts next time through the area!

Thanks for the info. I think we will pass that up. Like the drinking idea better

I absolutely love your videos. Safe travels and thank you so much for sharing your adventures with everyone. I look forward to your next videoed adventure.

Did you guys leave White Sands already? We live in our RV in FamCamp on Holloman AFB just 7 miles from the sands. Hope you made it up to Cloudcroft, it's great weather up there when it's hot down here. What else did you do in Alamogordo? BTW, you need to check out Lowe's Marketplace on 10th Street. The only grocery store I know with a classy bar in it that serves a lot of the great craft beers made here in NM.

@Changing Lanes just let us know the next time you're coming through NM and we can show you all the hidden gems around here!

I think Cloudcroft is where we drove through from the east.. Looked like a very cool area, but we didn't make it back up that way. Grocery store with craft beer? Count us in!

Love your sense of humor!

Great video and very informative. Looks like yall had fun.

Lesson Learned: March is always very Windy in the West...period

And now we see why some of the outtakes were outtakes. White Sands Looks cool, but at 32 deg and 60 MPH winds I don't think I'll visit in March. Nice video guys, keep 'em coming.

Pretty myopic view and a broad brush to paint an entire state. Was in Roswell yesterday and it was 111 degrees. Pretty miserable but I don’t disparage the entire state. We have watched some of your videos and liked them. Found then refreshing after watching some of the other full timers who e-beg or product place throughout the video. This one lacked.

Oh you totally messed up! You should take the natural entrance in, and then take the elevator out! That's the only way to do Carlsbad Caverns! One of the coolest parts is walking down from the surface.

We've done the exact same thing twice in the past 5 years. Stayed at the Carlsbad KOA and then driven to the caverns. My kids like the pool at that RV Park. But there is nothing in Carlsbad but the caverns. I grew up in NM and the Southern part of NM is pretty lame. lol.. Hit the mountains next time.

Another great video guys. I've thought of traveling to New Mexico in my fifth wheel but it's such a looooooooong way lol. You showed some interesting things to go and do although like you said, Roswell is a touristy farce. Keep em comn'!

do research on New mexico specially southern new mexico you will find tons of history. you might be surprised. The southwest just isn't for some people, for those who do its a great place to live.

Nice. That was fun. Glad Tara didn't go fump, fump, fump!

Don’t really enjoy videos with continual complaining. Didn’t watch the last part of the video. Not impressed.

I myself being from Florida would tell anyone not from here stay away August - September, horrible heat and humidity, Is that being too negative too? Every state has its pros and cons.

Take your shades off when on camera, make eye contact.

Go to Ruidoso! You should of researched your destination better.

Been there, done that. No west in the spring! Nope! Just don't do it!

Next time try Santa Fe, Taos, Red River, Rio Grand Gorge Bridge, Capulin Volcano National Monument, and Angle Fire. Northern NM is perfect for motorcycles. It’s a gorgeous area.

If you head a little west of Roswell you will enter into some mountains where there are various little cities/towns like Ruidoso or Cloucroft which are incredible mountain towns that are so very nice. Even Capitan and Alto New Mexico are great little places.

We were just there!!! So amazing!

New Mexico has alot of desert, What where you guys expecting , green forest! You must of also expecting to see real Aliens in Roswell. My wife, son and parents also experience the same vacation in New Mexico and we loved it.

At the opening of Carlsbad Caverns, there's a guano (bat poop) pile the size of a football field. My little boys thought that was the best thing ever. LOL

Oh man! Don't know how we missed that!

North New Mexico is in our future for sure.

Agreed... Everyone has different taste or we'd all live in the same place.. :)

Living in the desert takes some getting used to - it grows on you. I laughed when you said you'd like to have moisture in your nostrils again - LOL! I was just thinking that on my run this morning.

I live in las cruces lol. You should have went to mesilla idk if you did or not.

I literally live like 5 mins from that camp ground. Way way better places to eat in Cruces then la posta.

Awesome guys! Great vid... we’re heading there in about a month. Can you give us any must sees? Or tips for our trip?

Could only make it half way through this video...she is ne-ga-tive. I feel sorry for this poor guy...road trips with her must be mentally exhausting.

Well just in case your wondering what time sunset is here in Indianapolis it’s at 8:20. Chad asked Siri in your video and my iPad answered him

Looked like a HOOT .

It was!!!

Alot of complaining. Just enjoy the ride.

We were in those locations specifically for the caverns and white sands... Loved those attractions and we had a great time. As we travel all of North America (and maybe someday other countries), we are going to sometimes visit parts of states, locations, etc. that are not necessarily our "thing". Please don't take it personally. Heck.. We're from Florida and are really not fond of many parts of our own state. The thing is, we will always be ourselves and be honest about places, products, etc. We share our experiences as we perceive them and realize that everyone will have different opinions. Even though southern New Mexico wasn't our favorite place, we still had some good times and tried to share both the good and the bad.

Definitely! Need to check those areas out next time for sure!

Yea.. we drove through that area between Carlsbad and Las Cruces. Beautiful area.

Too bad you didn't see any blooming cacti. We spent March in Arizona and after the wet winter it had lots of blooming cacti. We visited White Sands last November and it was perfect weather. Carlsbad Caverns are good in any weather :)

Where are you in AZ? I’m in the southeast Phoenix Valley. Since you are staying south I assume Tucson, Yuma, etc? Check out Mt Lemon, or the Kitt Peak Observatory, or the Titan Missile Museum. All fun in my opinion!

We visit NM 3 or 4 times a year and it's great. The thing about desert scrub is that it takes a while to appreciate it's beauty. You can't do that driving through. As others have said, Northern NM is great. Truly. But Southern NM will grow on you if you spend some SLOW time there. Roswell is doing itself no favors promoting it's lousy "Alien attractions." It's a shame but it seems you knew it was going to be bad before you went. Don't sell NM so short. Go when the weather is better and spend some time. You'll learn to love it.

Well.. and apparently March isn't the best month. We'll get back there for sure!

We're hearing the norther part of New Mexico is the place to go... But we really liked white sands and Carlsbad caverns also.

If you wanted mountains you could have gone to the Silver City area of NM

Omg... you both rock! Bloopers are the best. Chad uncensored....

New Mexico is awesome, you should have done more research and less complaining. Made most of the video unenjoyable.

By the look

I am so disappointed in you fellow motorcycle/RVers. I was raised in Carlsbad. Yes it is the desert southwest. No it isn't Ohio. etc. But common guys the sarcasm dripping off of your words. I was looking forward to what I heard from many of your other reports. You lost me. will not waste my time on further sarcasm. I get it you didn't like New Mexico.

Ya. Like the rest LOL. It’s hot and dry down there. When coming thru again let me know. We can meet up in the pines. Where I am now. Jemez. (Check our my pix) It does get cold in the winter in all of NM. Roswell was full of flys when I was there last

It was a very negative video. You missed a lot of great places to visit. You needed to have done better research.

We did visit a couple of great places in this video and had a blast at both. As we travel all of North America (and maybe someday other countries), we are going to sometimes visit parts of states, locations, etc. that are not necessarily our "thing". Please don't take it personally. Heck.. We're from Florida and are really not fond of many parts of our own state. The thing is, we will always be ourselves and be honest about places, products, etc. We share our experiences as we perceive them and realize that everyone will have different opinions. Even though southern New Mexico wasn't our favorite place, we still had some good times and tried to share both the good and the bad.

Heard from a lot of people that it gets very windy in New Mexico.... I am an Architect that has been inspired by your Channel and we just ordered our new Teardrop Trailer! We also started a new You-Tube Channel titled "Solaris Architects" and was wondering if you can check it out and maybe mention us.

Have you guys been to Arizona yet? If not, be sure to check out Sedona among many other awesome places.

LOVED Sedona!

Changing Lanes - Oh! I thought it was more recent!

This was in March, and we went through AZ after. We did see the Titan missile museum and it was soooo cool!

We did enjoy AZ once we got up to the Sedona area and grand canyon!

Springtime in the west is perfect....actually winter through spring is perfect here in Phoenix, Az.

Exactly, especially in the winter

Actually, Cincinnati is the "Chili" Capital of the World whereas Hatch, New Mexico is the "Chile" Capital of the World.

Too consumer based. Thumbs down when you approached dog. You all provided info which is helpful, and ignorant. Thank you

I don’t like south part of New Mexico. I love the northern part.

I got half way through and couldn't listen anymore - just because you didn't like something doesn't mean you should be telling others not to go - everyone has their own tastes. And if you didn't do your research before you went (locations, weather, events), that is your own fault.

We never said "don't go there". We said some locals told us that March isn't the best month and don't go in March. For our route, March was just the only time that made sense. Our planning was fine since our reason for visiting the area was to see White Sands and Carlsbad Caverns. We saw them and loved them! We had a blast. But, you have to watch the video to see that. We are not being "negative". We are expressing out opinion. As we travel all of North America (and maybe someday other countries), we are going to sometimes visit parts of states, locations, etc. that are not necessarily our "thing". Please don't take it personally. Heck.. We're from Florida and are really not fond of many parts of our own state. In fact, we HATE Florida in July and August. Absolutely miserable place in the heat of summer. The thing is, we will always be ourselves and be honest about places, products, etc. We share our experiences as we perceive them and realize that everyone will have different opinions. We respect and value other's opinions without judgement and hope you can do the same.

We didn't want mountains. We wanted to see the locations we highlighted in this video. If you watch, you'll see that we had a blast. Don't take it personally that the surrounding area wasn't our cup of tea... As we travel all of North America (and maybe someday other countries), we are going to sometimes visit parts of states, locations, etc. that are not necessarily our "thing". Heck.. We're from Florida and are really not fond of many parts of our own state. The thing is, we will always be ourselves and be honest about places, products, etc. We share our experiences as we perceive them and realize that everyone will have different opinions. We respect and value other's opinions without judgement and hope you can do the same.

We were in the area to see the attractions we showcased (and absolutely loved) in this video. We're not prefect in hitting every location at the right time of year and sometimes where we go and what time is dictated by adjacent destinations. Please don't take it personally. As we travel all of North America (and maybe someday other countries), we are going to sometimes visit parts of states, locations, etc. that are not necessarily our "thing". Heck.. We're from Florida and are really not fond of many parts of our own state. The thing is, we will always be ourselves and be honest about places, products, etc. We share our experiences as WE perceive them and realize that everyone will have different opinions. We respect and value other's opinions without judgement and hope you can do the same. Even though southern New Mexico wasn't our favorite place, we still had some good times and tried to share both the good and the bad.

Not sure what sarcasm you read into.. We were straight forward that the desert just wasn't our thing. The attractions we visited there we really liked a lot and there was no sarcasm there at all. We had a blast sliding on and exploring white sands. As we travel all of North America (and maybe someday other countries), we are going to sometimes visit parts of states, locations, etc. that are not necessarily our "thing". Please don't take it personally. Heck.. We're from Florida and are really not fond of many parts of our own state. The thing is, we will always be ourselves and be honest about places, products, etc. We share our experiences as we perceive them and realize that everyone will have different opinions. We respect and value other's opinions without judgement and hope you can do the same.

Yea.. we've heard the Northern part of the state is nice!

Thanks, Tim! We will check it out!

Perhaps you skipped the part where we really had a blast in White Sands and the Caverns? As we travel all of North America (and maybe someday other countries), we are going to sometimes visit parts of states, locations, etc. that are not necessarily our "thing". Please don't take it personally. Heck.. We're from Florida and are really not fond of many parts of our own state. In fact, we HATE Florida in July and August. Absolutely miserable place in the heat of summer. The thing is, we will always be ourselves and be honest about places, products, etc. We share our experiences as we perceive them and realize that everyone will have different opinions. We respect and value other's opinions without judgement and hope you can do the same.

Legend has it, that UFO Captain was tired of the "scenery" and was looking for a gas station and spot to turn around....

They we’re in the desert part of NM. They should’ve gone North. I don’t care going South or east toward Carlsbad. It’s ugly

You guys are too cute. Love when you’re holding hands and enjoying each other’s company.. thanks for sharing

That seems to be the general consensus..

So, yeah, I endured your video because... You make all things fun! It might have been a bit less interesting than you had hoped for, but the soundtrack, and the goofy encounters (roadrunner), it was hilarious! Attitude is everything, I always say. I kept saying to myself: What else? What else? Nice tip to avoid 9.5-mile loop. Is it acceptable to comment more than once per video? And now is... White Sands... Waxed sled vs. feet? Daredevil! Good job! Looked like fun!

What mattybr1 said, with a motorcycle, and the right time of year, Taos & Santa Fe can be very nice - even beautiful. Do you snow ski? Hot air balloon rides? Gotta time New Mexico just right. A KOA, really? Yeah, looked remote, desolate, not shady. Yikes! I would never live there, but desert life is what I already do - Mojave Desert north of Los Angeles. Retirement will be more colorful! :)

You've got to see the Great Sand Dunes National Park outside Alamosa Colorado. They are huge and glorious. Sharon Shetler (friend of Ron & CindyLou)

Hi, Sharon. Pinned it to our "to do" map!

we have been to Albuquerque and santa fe, loved them both, you need to go to the balloon fiesta it is the best

Most definitely need to see the balloon festival!

We did have a great time at white sands and the caverns!

Ya'll complained to much. Spend more time in the southwest and learn to appreciate the open spaces. New Mexico is a beautiful state if you learn to appreciate God's work.

Seeing Daisy in that painting was like seeing Jack Nicholson in the old black-and-white photo at the end of "The Shining". I'd keep an eye on her.

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy....

Although people who break the law or regulations/policies should be dealt with, I am not understanding of how dogs can adversely affect the plant species.

Great Video!

:( Native NM here. Southern NM is not our crown jewel, however Northern NM, is. We have lots to offer. The Balloon and Rio Grande festival in the fall is mind blowing. Tent Rocks, ABQ old town, Santa Fe, Taos, Red River, Angle Fire.

Yes! We will definitely make it to the norther part of the state next time! But, we did have a blast at White Sands and the Caverns! :)

Not sure.. It may have more to do with the things the dogs might have on them.

@Changing Lanes lol, that scene is amazing. The music crescendo leading up to Jack saying: "How do you like it?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgMdz2fe0CY You ever come back to the trailer to find that Daisy has done her bidness on the floor, and she looks at you as if to say: "How do you like it?" Just don't ever buy her a typewriter!

Can't keep up with your videos...watching you break down and set up in Maine and then all of the sudden you're in NM. Tara you mentioned an "illness" yet here you are about to sled down a dune. Can you please elaborate? Me too, I am recovering from an illness but my disabilities are much more apparent, (sledding down a dune would be fearfully uncontrolled for me) even though I could fully break down a campsite and set it up on my own.

I have Lyme disease, autoimmune Thyroid Disease, chronic EBV and a handful other other lesser known tick born illnesses. We try to take advantage of my better days, but they don't happen too often. In a two weeks time, we get out to explore a couple of times if we are lucky. Most days, I am in bed several times to rest and have 5-10 days a month where I am unable to get out of bed at all. We try to show only the fun stuff we do in our videos, because no one wants to see what most of my days are like

As others have already pointed out, do not give up on New Mexico! Albuquerque and north is spectacular! Don’t miss the Valle Vidal, federal land. It’s gorgeous!!

We'll definitely be back to check out the rest of the state!

LaFonda, hehee

Amen to that. You can also get a look at Sierra Grande which is the largest free standing mountain in the western hemisphere. It would be cool to meet you guys and give you a little tour as I live near the volcano

*brings 1,000,000 feet of bubble wrap* Don't mind me, just going to make sure this video and comment section is nice and protected for all these sensitive people commenting. Don't want them to hurt themselves* I really appreciate you being honest about not liking the SW and still finding things you liked while saying you will visit the Northern part some day. I appreciate your honest but tactful replies to comments and your silliness and transparency is something's I love. I don't want rainbows and cartwheels in every town and city or state and not sure why others would. NM is a huge place and isn't like you walked into these homes of those who complained about your complaining and kicked their dog and hate their cooking. Dear lord...it is a state. Now just don't be negative about Alaska....

LOL! Besides.. cartwheels are dangerous in the SW! You could roll an ankle in the sand!

@Changing Lanes good attitude!!!

Great video guys. Thank you.

A park ranger explained the difference between a National Park and a National Monument. The National Monument is created by Presidential Order. The National Park requires Congressional Approval, “Act of Congress”

if you guys are coming to socal by chance, lets hang out and i'll buy you a beer! i think you guys would really like a little down in socal called Idyllwild.

Your vlogs are great. Very well filmed and edited. Appreciate the honesty in your opinions. Could save travellers from a lot of wasted time.

if you guys are coming to socal by chance, lets hang out and i'll buy you a beer! i think you guys would really like a little town in socal called Idyllwild.

@Changing Lanes I think we saw your rig at Timberlane in Feb 2017. Nice area. We spent 30 yrs visiting AMI. Winter in Arcadia now. Looking to return to Manatee County. Miss the water.

Welcome to our channel, Bill! Thanks for following our adventures!

You two are so fun to watch! I love all your video's! We are about to retire and get an RV, still deciding if we want a toyhauler (I feel I would loose so much living space). But after watching you guys, it looks like you spend a majority of time outside, witch I'm thinking we will also do. Thank you for the tips, showing different interesting places, and your sense of humor! You are so fun to watch! If you ever come to Idaho I can give you some tips on places to go! Can't wait to start this new chapter of our lives traveling! Keep those videos coming! Happy Trails!

Might have been Feb 2018? We've not seen the water since Jan!

When you were in Cloudcroft if you would have turned toward Ruidoso you would have driven some of the most beautiful country there is in my opinion.

You to are a lot of fun I love your videos keep it up you show me places I don't know if I'll get to see

Living room space is usually lacking on most toy haulers. We'd have lots of options in the RV world if we didn't need our office and want to keep it a separate area... Welcome to our channel, Jaimie!

Thanks for the tip! We'll have to check that out next time we're in the area!

Wind, Sand, and beautiful paint jobs DO NOT MESH.....

So sorry my new friends, I would be scared to leave the USA and go to Mexico with all of the bad news I see today. Only tried a cruise on NCL the last 2 years leaving the USA. Love NCL for the cruise out of the USA. However, please be safe in your travels, especially outside the USA!

Really you didn’t take the walk down into the caves and elevate at the end. Great way to see it all. Also get to see the bat cave that housed massive bat Colony.

When we go to Mexico, it will be with a pre-planned professional caravan for sure.

We thought about it, but Tara has a tough time with stairs... even just down: https://youtu.be/Wnn8mONYx5g

Love Changing Lanes!

Roswell (my hometown) is best on the 4th of july during the ufo fest you would love it then.

Bet that is awesome!

I justified

Not sure what that means, but thanks for watching, Keith! Hope you check out the rest of our channel!

I love watchibg your videos and adventures! We were driving from AZ to IL & we actually did a U-turn in my Charger pulling a 5x8 U-Haul to go there, we absolutely loved the White Sands Monument. We didn't know about the Sled Disks, but I did make Sand Angels. The dunes are steep and I too had just a wee bit if trouble getting up there. Lol Another thing we did in NM was Old Rt 66 going through Tucumcari (we camped there when I was little) and we stopped to see "The Thing" roadside attraction.

They have a great State Park system and prices. Going there in May 2020 and back in October for balloon fiesta.

Thanks for the insights on cool places to visit in New Mexico (even if there aren't many☺). The caverns were real cool. If you ever get back to the great state of Kentucky, you might check out Mammoth Cave. The Corvette Museum and factory are only about 40 miles away down I-65.

Come to Idaho, there’s sand dunes, mountains, trees, desert, craters of the moon, natural hot tubes, many places to boondock or campsites, four wheeling many old mining Townes. West Yellowstone and old faithful are near.

More Idaho in upcoming videos.. Beautiful state!

Cool vid. I’ve never understood though the garb that some people don when riding a bike. I have some friends that are married middle school teachers. When they ride, they almost morph into a split personality. Patches, upper and lower rockers on the jackets and vests, leather tie straps. It’s like wearing costumes, trying to emulate an outlaw MC. Very weird.

Leather is the best protector against road rash.

What an apparent neat lady. The problem is they all seem that way for the first six months. Then the bipolar comes out. Sad but so true. But your wife seems so great and atypical.

Please define overpriced, >50?

Please put in for a Patron account.

Especially enjoyed seeing Carlsbad Caverns again. Went the first time when I was around 11. We went the night before to the entrance of the BIG cave opening where there is the back and forth walk going down into the cave. Everyone that was there (tourists) gathered at the very top of the walkway and just waited. My dad had checked into this beforehand and found out that at dust/sunset, millions and millions of tiny bats come out of the caves. Well, sure enough, we only had to wait about 20 minutes and we started to hear this far off wooshing sound. It got louder and louder and louder, until it literally sounded like a freight train coming up out of the cave. It was absolutely spectacularly amazing. They came up out of the cave like a whirling tornado. Spiraling up, up, up until they were several thousand feet above the opening. Then they just all took off in all different directions.There were so many of the bats that they literally blocked out the sky overhead. The Park Ranger who was there told us that the bats stay out all night and all of them come back in the same way they left. They have this internal clock that tells them when to leave and when to return. Pretty cool huh. Also, was surprised to see you went down an elevator. We went down the winding back and forth trail that went down into the BIG cave opening. There was about 20 people in our group, and lights were turned on in the caves only as we entered into each area, and turned off behind us. I remember when we were far enough down into the caves so that any light coming in from the opening was no longer visible, all of the lights were turned out so we could see what TOTAL darkness was. OH my gosh. You literally could not see your hand in front of you. The lights were turned back on after about 20 seconds. That was long enough. At the end of the tour, we were in a large cafeteria like area where they sold box lunches (literally, a cardboard box with wrapped sandwiches and a cold drink) then when you had finished your box lunch you took the elevator back to the surface. Things have changed, and rightly so I guess. It was around 1958 when I went. But it was still pretty cool. So cool that it has left an everlasting impression on me all of these years.

We are all a bit crazy.. the trick is to just be *your* own crazy and find the one crazy that fits your crazy..

I forget what we might have been talking about? If it was the RV Park, then that sounds about right... Sometimes KOAs are priced a bit high in our opinion. For that park, it was about $50 a night.

We will be starting one up in 2020 as soon as we have our ducks in a row!

My Ginger wanted to have a conversation with your Daisy

It was the first time she ever noticed Daisy and I've watched several episode with Daisy

you guys are awesome

Wonderful video! I just did a music video of my experience there! Let me know what yall think!

Didnt know that!

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