Fusion Resort, Cam Ranh, Vietnam (FREE SPA!) // 5 STAR RESORT REVIEW with Tour & Tips

Fusion Resort, Cam Ranh, Vietnam (FREE SPA!) // 5 STAR RESORT REVIEW with Tour & Tips

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Hi everyone! As you can already hear, we are trying something a bit different with this video at the beautiful Fusion Resort in Cam Ranh, Vietnam. Cam Ranh was originally a small fishing village south of Nha Trang, but after the primary airport for the region was moved here years ago, it has become it’s own destination. From the street, the resort has a completely unassuming entrance.

The long driveway leads up to this modern reception area. Modern, but still with the lines of buildings typical in Vietnam in the 1960s Like most common areas at various Fusion Resorts, the reception is open air and understated; on the right side is reception itself, and on the left a lounge for guests to wait. The special thing about this reception though is the view over the property. Most resorts in Cam Ranh are built on hills sloping down to the beach and Fusion is no exception. If you google Fusion Cam Ranh, this is certainly the view that will come up.

Now we are at the central core of the resort. Everything in the resort leads to or from this area. Of course we have some vespas for rent also.

I’ll speed this up a bit, as we walk down the stairs that slope down to the ocean on the left side behind us is the spa straight ahead of us is the main restaurant and main swimming pool in the older part of the resort- later on in this video we’ll talk about the new part. And on both sides of us are multiple categories of villas and a children’s play area to the right. One thing that you will see on this tour is a mix of cloudy days and sunny days. That’s because we filmed this tour in December 2020. December is usually a shoulder season, weather wise, the best time to visit this area or Nha Trang or anywhere around here is really from January until September.

So now we’re going to head down those stairs ahead of us through the restaurant and to the main pool. Now we are at the main pool in the older part of the resort. On the right hand side is the main restaurant where at the time of recording a buffet breakfast was served on the weekends, along with lunch and dinner on all days.

Straight Ahead is their pool lounge and bar, which also has a beautiful pizza oven. IF YOU ARE ENJOYING THIS VIDEO, PLEASE SUPPORT US AND GIVE US A THUMBS UP AND SUBSCRIBE SO THAT YOU WON’T MISS OUR NEXT UPLOAD! Beaches in Cam Ranh are a little bit different from Nha Trang where the beaches are normally wide and flat- in Cam Ranh the waters are generally rougher and the beaches on a more dramatic incline. That being said, if you are someone who loves the sound of the ocean like me, this is THE place for you! Moving back up towards the pool we need to show off the Resort Pool’s most distinctive characteristic- an actual runway that you could walk across in the middle dividing the two areas of the pool. Not sure how functional it is, but it sure does provide a good Instagram opportunity! Now we’re going to take a tour of the villas that I stayed in, this is an oceanfront pool villa. Those do not disturb signs are one of my favorite touches in the whole hotel- I always enjoy truly original touches like that- so first we walk in the sliding locking door which is unique to I think any hotel that I’ve ever stayed in and we have a massive bedroom that is just completely surrounded by windows.

Even on a cloudy day there’s tons of light just pooling in inside the Villa. Also, the styling in done in such a way that it really brings the outdoors in. Inside all you’ll find are whites, creams, woods and cool blue tones. I will say compared to the exact same villa in fusion Resort and Phu Quoc, this room is quite a bit bigger and just a better use of space.

Here we have all the amenities at the wet bar. Great to have a Nespresso machine but I think it’s pretty thoughtful to also include a single cup pour over coffee option- along with a normal assortment of teas. I must also point out the No Durian sign which normally is the policy of all hotels in Vietnam, but I think this is the first time I’ve seen the sign inside a room.

Lastly, we have an empty mini fridge. In my opinion they should be full and chargeable or at least put a few free items inside- empty fridges don’t make a lot of sense to me personally. Every room comes with its own Bluetooth speaker which you can connect to your own devise. On the table you’ll see a QR code for room service. I thought it might be a gimmick but truly, it was super easy to order food and reply to text messages from staff asking about some details of my order- really a great system.

You can see also that the dining table also oddly doubles as a makeup table with flip up mirror. Just behind, we have the other side of the wardrobe. Plenty of room for anything you’d want to bring- if I had to be critical of one thing, it would be the massive doors. For me, they’re easy enough to open and close but I imagine for some guests they’d be quite heavy. Ok, now we move onto the bathroom- which like a lot of hotels now a days, seems to be the same size as the bedroom.

Again the room is full of natural light and the bathroom comes equipped with a double vanity and a massive floating bathtub. The design is cool and it is beautiful, but I was a but I personally was a bit reluctant to get inside as it just looks a bit fragile! The shower and toilet room are nicely tiled- with a large seat in the shower. One note about these two rooms- you can access the bathroom from either side of the villa, but in order to access the toilet or shower, you need to close off access to the bathroom, if that makes sense- as the sliding doors do double duty. One note at time of filming Fusion was using all bulk containers for their toiletries, but they were still providing single use plastic water bottles. Finally we have the nicely hidden outdoor shower. As we make our way out to my favorite part of almost any villa, I’ll point out that there is an extra AC added in addition to the central AC, so I assure you, it gets plenty cool inside this room despite all of the windows.

As we open the picture wall and step outside, there’s plenty of seating- for around 8 in total. The one thing in this villa that I must be critical of though is access to the pool. Its a vertical metal ladder with no sort of gripping material. I can imagine for some guests this would be seriously difficult.

Note that the other pool villas in the newer area which we will see at the end of the tour have nice steps for easy access in and out of the pool. Note also these vinyl roof covers give the villa a great look, but they also make some noise when it’s really windy- no worries though, a quick call to reception and they tightened it up in no time. Now we’re walking straight down to the beach from the front of my villa it’s just a beautiful grassy area at night with all of the palm trees in the wind blowing you can literally see because of the lights the Seabreeze blowing on shore. Fusion has these strange looking seating pods I guess they are covers it from the sun but also has cross ventilation, All right now we are going to take a very short walk to the main restaurant due to where my villa is situated it’s just two villas away. This is where you’ll have breakfast every morning. While I was there breakfast was à la cart and I’ll be honest there are a lot of hotels that during Covid now have switched to an all a cart option and I see nothing wrong with it other than the fact that the baked beans are actually chickpeas which made absolutely no sense to me- overall all of my breakfasts there were delicious though and also included a fruit plate.

Dinner at the restaurant was a treat though, the menu is organized by region of Vietnam so even for people who just arrived to Vietnam for the first time yesterday- they’ll see exactly where their food originates from. A really thoughtful touch. We also must talk about the room service I mentioned. This crab cake on mango salsa might be the best room service dish I’ve had to date- and clearly it doesn’t look like “room service” food. Now time for a brisk walk up to the spa.

This is the centerpiece of any Fusion resort as the Spa is included in the price fo your villa, which usually makes Fusion resorts a decent value. While I was there they’re actually doing some decoration and renovation in the lobby of the spa so I didn’t want disturb them with filming so we are just gonna go straight into the heart of the spa. Different from other fusion resorts here the layout is split into satellite buildings that come off of the main pathway and each building is used for a specific type of treatment. Then some of the buildings are specifically for massages or massage like treatments with about eight treatment rooms per building and then all the way in the back are they have a yoga pavilion which was super quiet on the day I was there but in general was a peaceful place to be. OK now we’re going to stay on the whole health and wellness kick but we are now in the new part of the resort.

When we zoomed in on the Google map in the beginning of the tour you notice that there’s a part that looked like it was unfinished in reality it is finished that’s just an old Google map image but if I had to choose, 100% I would choose a room in the older part of the resort, I’ll tell you why. Where the reception area is is basically the top of a hill half slopes down to the ocean the other half slopes down to the main highway, the problem is that the new area is sloped towards the highway and you don’t feel like you’re anywhere near the ocean- as loud as the surf is here, you can’t hear a thing. For some, that might be an advantage- for me, a deal breaker. Each area has it’s pros and cons- in the new area the villas are a bit larger overall including the outdoor space, the pools are easier to access, the massive main pool is also in the newer area along with all of the fitness facilities. Also on the right hand side the round building there is another one of the restaurants which at the time when I was there it was closed due to Covid they were just serving out of the one main restaurant. Here we have the gym relatively speaking it’s a pretty big gym I’m not sure if it has the most amount of equipment in the world but it’s definitely sizable for how many villas there are at the resort.

And finally here is the tour of the deluxe garden pool villa there’s two categories of garden pool villas this one has a slightly larger outdoor space and a slightly larger pool each set of villas in this area has a courtyard with four villas attached to it. If you’ve been to other Fusion properties you may see some similarities in these rooms- also if you’ve been to some FLC properties, FLC and Fusion were affiliated for a time- but have since gone their separate ways, but the design aesthetic remains at both brands. You can see the layout of the closets and everything like that it’s all basically the same the only difference in this category room is there is no Nespresso which is regrettable for me, but this is a lower category room. On the other side we have again a decent size bathroom with that same floating bathtub All right now as we step outside you can see what is the biggest difference first of all there’s a really large covered living room area I believe these are specific to the deluxe garden villas though and then you have a huge backyard and also a huge private pool.

Note also that this private pool has proper stairs going down into it so it’s super easy to get in and out of. I think a room category like this would even be great for a family from the area to rent for an afternoon BBQ- its a great outdoor space. Well that is all we have for you are we genuinely and sincerely do hope that you enjoyed the store if you have any feedback feel free to leave it in the comments and we hope if you didn’t joy it that you’re subscribe to support us on our goal of getting 60 of these published in 2021.

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