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Future of Tourism

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Let me explain my profile. I'm Ayako Nakai  associate professor of Toyo University. In 2012,   I got the master of arts TESOL at Institute  of Education, UCL, University College London.   I started to teach at Faculty of International  Tourism Management, Toyo University in April 2018.  

I teach Hospitality English, Basic Writing,  Applied Reading and Tourism Project.   I got Ph.D. degree in 2019 at Institute  of Education, Waseda University. Before the lecture can I explain how to see  the script? Please click the following button   to see the script today. I will  talk about the future of tourism   five-star hotel strategies of  attracting customers during pandemic. Since early 2020 new coronavirus has  affected all over the world more than 27,486,   960 cases have been confirmed globally  and the death toll as writing has exceeded   894,983 according to World  Health Organization 2020. Let me talk about visitors’ arrivals to  Japan JNTO 2020 in June 2019 the number of   foreign tourists 2, 880,041 June 2020 the number  foreign tourists only 2,565 minus 99.9 percent.  

It means the number of foreign tourists  who visited japan drastically dropped down. Today’s theme is strategies of five-star hotels  for attracting customers. What kind of strategies   do luxurious five-star hotels adopt to attract  customers during the pandemic? Luxurious hotels   cannot offer extreme discount  of the accommodation fee   to keep the brand image. Various  interesting strategies have been   implemented by the hotels instead of  joining the price war like business hotels. What is five-star hotel? Every year Forbes Travel  Guide announced award winners rating stars.   Forbes Travel Guide has the only independent  global rating system for luxurious hotels,   restaurants and spas. For example, you can see  the picture. The peninsula Tokyo has five stars.

Today I will talk about the following  five-star hotels The Peninsula Tokyo,   Shangri-La Tokyo,Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, The  Palace Hotel Tokyo and The Ritz Carlton Tokyo. The Peninsula Tokyo is located next to Hibiya  Station and Ginza station. You can see fantastic   view of Imperial Palace from the window and  also you can enjoy gorgeous afternoon tea   in the lobby if you are lucky, you might be  able to see wedding ceremony in the lobby. Shangri-La Tokyo is located adjacent to Tokyo  station. You can see different trains from your   room. It is such an interesting view, I have  to say, you can also enjoy night view of Tokyo   if you are hungry, you can visit a gorgeous  restaurant, Piacere, the signature of dish   of Shangri-La Tokyo is egg benedict. you must  try it. Mandarin Oriental Tokyo which belongs to  

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group was opened in 2005.  Mandarin Oriental Tokyo features superb view of   the city occupies floors between 30 and 36 of the  Nihonbasi Mitsui Tower. It is within 11 minutes’   walk from Tokyo station. The hotel has been  refurbished within modern and stylish since 2019. Palace hotel Tokyo which opened in 2012 is located  in front of Imperial Palace. Some of the rooms   have beautiful balconies overlooking Wadakura  Park. It is managed by Palace Hotel co. ltd.  

a Japanese company. The U.S. previous president  Donald Trump stayed in the hotel in 2019. In 2020, for the first time Ritz Carlton Tokyo  was awarded five stars by Forbes travel Guide.   The hotel opened in 2007 and occupies the top nine  floors of the 53 story Tokyo Midtown building in   Roppongi a city known for its sleepless night  life. A 100 year old tea house is preserved   in Japanese-style restaurant, Keyaki  where guests can enjoy private dinner. Staycation is relatively new term for  alternative to long distance travel that   first emerged in the United States in 2008  at that time the country was experiencing an   economic downturn and the gas prices were  incredibly high. Staycation became a trendy  

word in Tokyo during the summer of 2020 due to  the pandemic of COVID-19. Ritz Carlton Tokyo, The   Peninsula Tokyo and The Mandarin Oriental Tokyo  adopted the staycation plan to attract guests. Five-star hotels use different strategies. One  of the strategies is to emphasize cleanness   and safety in order to relieve hotel guests’  anxiety towards coronavirus. Palace Hotel Tokyo   received the international certification related  to hygiene. GBAC STAR Facility Accreditation for  

the first time in Japanese hotels in August 2020.  GBAC means Global Bio-risk Advisory Council. The hotel employees need to disinfect  tables, sheets and doors every 30 minutes   they need to check guests’  temperatures and disinfect   guests’ hands. They need to limit the  number of guests in the swimming pool. Mandarin Oriental Tokyo started “We Care” program  of implementing strict protocols to protect the   health of the guests. The standards of hygiene  is verified by Lloyd's Register, internationally  

known independent assessor. The hotel also follows  the instruction of local authorities advises on   safety. The hotel group is the first luxurious  hotel to adopt contactless payment and booking   using Wechat pay and Alipay to prevent the  infection of coronavirus. Contactless payment   would be one of the advantages to increase the  demand of Chinese tourists after the pandemic.  

Another strategy is using signature story.  According to Aaker, 2018, “the content is   king in the digital age and stories are the key  to the content. The social media audience isn't   passive. It is in control. It involves itself in  messaging only when it is intrigued by the content  

thus the content drives success in this new era  and content in turn, is all about stories.” In   other words luxurious hotels tend to use their  signature stories to attract more customers. Let   me explain the example of The Peninsula Tokyo. The  vintage Rolls Royce made in 1934 is the signature   of The Peninsula Tokyo. The vintage Rolls Royce  is quite traditional and beautiful and normally   only couples who have the wedding ceremony in  the hotel can ride. However to the campaign “We  

Meet Again” the hotel guest has opportunities to  cruise by the vintage Rolls Royce, Phantom second. Japanese popular TV show infotainment  Hirunandesu introduced the original   experience, the vintage Rolls  Royce ride on 24 August 2020   so actually the signature story and vintage  Rolls Royce attracted possible customers. Let me explain another example  of signatures stories for guests   who cannot travel. Shangri-La Tokyo collected  recipes from four different Shangri-La hotels,   Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris, Tokyo and  London. The Shangri-La Afternoon Tea which  

includes the four different Shangri-La hotel’s  sweets and the savories for a limited of time.   Actually I tasted the Shangri-La  afternoon Tea. It was awesome. According to Kotler, 2017 “when the  content reaches a key influencer in   the intended audience group, that  content is more likely to go viral.”   Influencers such as Yuki Kaneshiro, Ayapom,  Yusho-ri, mentioned the Shangri-Lal afternoon tea   and the story included five different  Shangri-La hotels’ sweets and foods. In fact,  

the signature story of Shangri-La  hotel attracted more customers. According to Aaker,2004, the classic way to  differentiate your brand in matured category is to   add service. For “Meet Us in Tokyo” package,  lining up service for a ramen restaurant in ramen   street along Tokyo station and the complimentary  breakfast for two and complementary third night   are offered valid between 14 September 2020 and  20th March 2021. Lining up service for a ramen   restaurant is actually quite a special  service and it will attract more guests.

Let me explain another example of the  special service. The peninsula Tokyo   offers welcome cocktails and welcome amenities  of Mango puddings and the chocolates.   The peninsula Tokyo offers a pick up or drop-off  service in Haneda airport or Tokyo station for   a limited of time during the pandemic. Let me  explain the other example of Palace Hotel Tokyo.   Palace Hotel Tokyo 2020 suggests unique summer  stay plans to encourage families to stay there   preparing for kids room for a limited of time  from 3rd August and 31st August 2020. The  

hotel collaborates with the private company to  provide excellent distinctive services such as   helping children of the hotel guests to learn  programming and the history of Imperial Palace   and enjoy hiking wearing a casual kimonos. This  service will attract guests who have children. Some five-star hotels improved the brand  loyalty program. Let me explain the example   of Ritz Carton Tokyo. Ritz Carlton Tokyo  belongs to the Marriott Hotels Group.   It has Marriott Bonvoy Program if you are  the member of the Marriott Bonvoy Program,   you can get the 20 discounted  accommodation-fee and free breakfast. Most of the five-star hotel developed new products  to attract the guests. Let me explain the example   of Ritz Carlton Tokyo. Ritz Carlton Tokyo  produced a bocktail, bottled cocktail and Azure  

45 Michelin one-star French restaurant offers  the whole course take away. It costs 30,000 yen. Let me explain another example. The palace hotel  Tokyo offers take away food. Please look at the   photograph. This is the lunch box and it is  offered by the Japanese style restaurant,   Wadakura. It costs 12,000 yen. I ordered it and I  enjoyed eating it at the room of The Palace Hotel   Tokyo. It was so delicious and beautiful. Some  five-star hotels offer exclusive experiences   to attract guests. Let me explain the example of  Mandarin Oriental Tokyo. Mandarin Oriental Tokyo  

offers a wine tasting class sake tasting  class and pasta cooking class for stay guests.   Actually I joined the sake tasting class   and the hotel employee recommended some  suitable dishes for different sakes. Let me explain another example  of The Peninsula Tokyo.   The Peninsula Tokyo offer the dim sum  cooking class and the cocktail mixing class   if you book the Peninsula Tokyo by the official  website you can enjoy the one of the classes.  

In summary, what kind of strategies do luxurious  five-star hotels adopt to attract customers during   the pandemic? 1. Emphasizing cleanness  and safety 2. Using signature story. 3.   Offering special services for improving  brand loyalty program, 5. Developing the   new products. 6. Offering exclusive experiences.  The next section, I will give you some questions. Can I give you some questions to make sure whether  you understand today's lecture? question 1,   What is the name of the most famous  institution which announce award   winners rating stars every  year? a. Forbes Travel Guide, b.   JTB, c. Booking.com I will give you five  seconds to choose your answer, 5 4 3 2 1.

The answer is Forbes Travel  Guide. Go on to the next question. Question 2, what is the signature item of The  Peninsula Tokyo? a. BMW b. Mercedes-Benz, c. The   vintage Rolls Royce. I will give you five  seconds to choose your answer, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

The answer is the vintage Rolls Royce. Question 3, what was the special service  of The Palace Hotel Tokyo in August 2020?   a. nanny service b shoe polishing service c. free   dinner, I will give you five seconds  to choose your answer, 5 4 3 2 1. The answer is a nanny service.  Go on to the next question. This is the last question. Question 4, which  hotel developed the new product, Bocktail?   A. Shangri-La Tokyo, b. The Ritz Carton  Tokyo, c. Mandarin Oriental Tokyo,  

I will give you five seconds to choose your  answer. 5 4 3 2 1. The answer is b. Ritz   Carlton Tokyo. The Ritz Carlton Tokyo developed  the new bottled cocktail, it is called Bocktail. Luxurious hotels in Tokyo whose main guests  were inbound tourists were struggling to attract   Japanese guests during the pandemic.  However five-star hotels maintained   high-level service, added exclusive guest  experiments, developed new original hotel   products and utilized the signature stories in  an effort to cope adopting these strategies to   increase the satisfaction of guests could better  secure the future of luxurious hotels in Japan   and the world amid the ongoing global  pandemic. Thank you for listening. I would like to recommend two books. the  first book is Aaker's brand portfolio   strategies if you are interested in brand,  you must read it. Another book is Kotler’s  

Marketing 4.0. He describes the trend moving  from traditional to digital in a marketing field

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