FY 19 Mandatory Pre-Contract Orientation

FY 19 Mandatory Pre-Contract Orientation

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Welcome. I'm mrs. panto and I am the cultural arts funding program team lead you. Are watching the 2019, mandatory, pre-contract, orientations, for the core and cultural, heritage festivals, programs, this. Orientation is mandated, by the City of Austin central, purchasing, office if you're. Awarded funding for fiscal year 2019 in either core or cultural, heritage festivals, you are required to complete this orientation and the, orientation quiz which, can be found in the section 5 attachments, tab of your zoom grants 2019, application, the. Purpose of this orientation is to ensure you aware of all of your contractual, obligations, before, signing and entering, into the FY 19 contract, as we. Go through the pre contract orientation, be, on the lookout for items, in orange text those. Items are new for fiscal year 2019 in, this. Orientation we, will cover all the contract requirements, for both core and cultural, heritage funding, recipients, as well as how to complete the pre contract materials, will. Go over your contract, how, to invoice once your contract is approved and processed. By the city's purchasing, office marketing. Resources, and we will briefly touch on the final report requirements, before. We begin I would like to introduce you to the cultural arts funding team and the contractor, will be administering, I will. Be administering, all cultural heritage festivals contracts, and all core organizational. Support contracts, the, remaining contracts, will be administered, alphabetically, based on organization, names or the names of the contractors, fiscal sponsor, I'm. Barbara, Horowitz, and I will be administering, all core contracts, whose organization names, or fiscal sponsor, names begin. With the letter A I'm. Peggy Ella thora and I will be administering, all core contracts, whose, organizational. Names or fiscal sponsor names begin, with the letters B through, E, I'm. Laura. Odegard and I will be administering, all core contracts, whose organization names, or fiscal sponsor, names begin. With the letters F through, o I'm. Anne Marie McCaskill, Davis and I will be administering, all core contracts, whose organization, names or fiscal sponsor, names begin. With the letters P through Z, please. Reach out to your contract administrator, first as they are going to be most familiar with your specific contract. If they are not available feel free to contact another member of the cultural arts funding team as, you. May have noticed award, amounts for FY 19 were down from last year this, is due to two major factors we. Had less overall hotel, occupancy tax funds to award and we. Had a large increase in the number of applicants, in both funding programs if you'd. Like to get more details regarding how awards were determined, we encourage you to attend the enter the matrix workshop please. Visit. Ww-wait. And. RSVP, if, you. Have questions about your specific award, amount please consider speaking with your contract administrator, during, open office hours from 9 a.m. to noon on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday, of each month no. Appointment, is necessary, culturally. Specific marketing, supplement, also referred to as CSM. S was, awarded to eligible core and cultural heritage festival funding, program recipients, to support marketing and audience development needs, for.

An Applicant to be eligible for the culturally specific marketing, supplement, they had to have a mission statement that included, an effort to serve culturally, specific groups, and 50%, or more of the board staff and participating, artists had to be members of the community that is served by the mission of the applicant, though. Eligible, applicants, with budgets over $100,000. Who were able to request $10,000. In CSM s funding the maximum, award was. $7,500. And was awarded to applicants who had a perfect, marketing score of 10 points. Eligible. Applicants, with budgets under $100,000. Were able to request $5,000. In C SMS funding but the maximum award of. $3,750. Was awarded to applicants, who had a perfect, marketing score of can, eligible. Applicants, who scored at least 7 out of 10 points in the marketing evaluation, criteria, were awarded, C SMS, funds in the, applicant who scored less than 7 points was not awarded C SMS, funds if you. Were awarded C SMS funds you may use the award for any of the following activities. Marketing. Services including. But not limited to, research and/or audience development tourism. Promotion, market. Strategy study, identifying. Target markets and brand identity. Media. Placement, and production, including, radio television, digital. Advertising, social media advertising print, etc, that, is independent, of those that are or will be attached, to another City of Austin cultural, funding program in any given fiscal year. Development. Or improvement, of website presence for the purpose of promoting artistic, and cultural activities, to residents, visitors and tourists. Development. Or improvement, in the use and production of social media sites as a form of promotion and advertising to, residents visitors and tourists. Development. Of collaborative marketing strategies. Production. And distribution a video, CD or DVDs, pertaining, to a project or annual programming, including. Paying for the photographer, or videographer. Salary. Support for administrative, staff contract. Labor and/or, consultants, for a scope of service pertaining to the applicants project narrative funding. May not be used for full-time, or executive. Staff salaries. Any. Existing, marketing efforts. International. National and regional marketing, and/or, audience development initiatives. As well as local initiatives, that raise overall, awareness of the city as a cultural, destination. Remember. That the CSM, is Ward has no matching, requirement, and can be used in conjunction with Corps or CH, FP funds allocated. To other marketing, expenses.

Applicants. Cannot decline their core or CH FP award and still receive the C SMS award, additionally. Fiscal, sponsors may not apply a sponsorship, fee to the CSM S award. Please. Mark your calendar with these important dates all FY. 18 final, reports for all funding, programs are due on Monday October 30th, if you, are a sponsored, project, please submit your materials to your fiscal sponsor by their internal due date, items. Can be turned in before October, 30th but this is the latest date that the final report can be submitted. FY. 19 contracts, cannot be entered into until, all FY 18 final, reports are successfully, closed out if, you. Received any cultural arts funding in FY 2018. You will not be able to enter into your FY 19 contracts, until all of your, FY 18 final, reports are successfully, closed out including, your core cultural. Heritage festivals, capacity, building and/or, community initiatives, contracts. Please, note for sponsor projects, we cannot enter into your contract, until your fiscal sponsor has had their FY 18 final, report approved and for, fiscal sponsors we cannot enter into your contract, until all of your sponsored projects, have had their FY, 18 final reports approved all FY. 19 pre contract, materials, are due on Friday November 9th if you, are a sponsored project, please submit your materials to your fiscal sponsor by their internal pre contract, due date FY. 19 contracts, cannot be entered into until. All FY 19 pre contract, materials are submitted, and approved by a contract, administrator, once. Your pre contract materials are approved your contract administrator, will post your contract acti resume grants account and. Financing, contracts, must be signed and returned by the contractor, no later than Friday December, 7th, contracts. May be signed electronically, and should be posted to the contract section of your zoom grants account please. Note for sponsored projects, your, fiscal sponsor will sign and upload, your contract, to your zoom grants account on your behalf, checks. Will go out in January, for signed contracts, as submitted, on December 7th if you, would like to have your payment before January.

We Would encourage you to submit all contract, materials far in advance with the deadlines, let's. Take a look at a sample contract processing, timeline let's. Say that your FY 18 final, report was approved some time ago and you are ready to work on your pre contract materials, you. Turn them in to your contract administrator, on the November 9th due date it. Will take approximately two weeks for your contract administrator, to review and approve your pre contract materials, assuming. Everything is in order and there are no errors your, contract, administrator, will prepare your contract and post it to your zoom grants account by November 30th keep. In mind that with the Thanksgiving holiday, it may take a few extra days for your contract administrator, to review and post your pre contract materials, once. You've been notified that your contract has been posted, you may log into your zoom grants account and download, your contract for review you. Will need to sign the signature page of the contract once. Signed you, upload it by the December 7th deadline your. Contract administrator, will review your contract one last time and will send it to the city's purchasing, office for processing it, generally takes purchasing, about two weeks to process a contract, with. The holiday season fast approaching please. Note that we will likely not get approvals on contracts, until after, the winter holiday break. Once, we receive the approval from the purchasing office we will send you instructions for requesting your first payment, it is, likely that if you wait until the November 7th deadline to submit your pre contract materials that you will not receive your first payment until sometime in January, 2019, we. Highly encourage contractors. To submit their FY 18 final reports and pre contract materials as soon as possible, rather, than waiting for due dates please. Note that the earliest possible payments, for FY 19 will be issued in mid-november although. The majority of first contract payments go out in December and January.

So. How, can you receive your FY 19 funds before January, turn. In all of your final report and pre contract materials well in advance of the deadlines, most. Delays in processing pre, contract, and final report materials occur, because of errors in the submitted paperwork take. Extra care when filling out all the forms and double check them before submitting, final. Reports and pre contract materials are reviewed, on a first-come, first-served basis. If, we have to send you materials back, to you for Corrections your updated materials, then go to the back of the queue and other materials, will be reviewed first in the order received if, you. Aren't sure how to complete the forms or if you have questions please consider, attending open office hours or contacting. Your contract administrator, with your questions prior, to submitting your materials. There. Are several contract, requirements, related, to your, fiscal year 19, cultural, contract, you, must meet the matching requirements, based on your funding program and your, award amount we. Must complete and submit all the requested. Pre contract materials, all. Contractors. Must provide a complete revised project, activity summary a revised, budget based, on your award amount an insurance. Certificate that, meets the requirements of your insurance assessment, and complete. The pre contract, orientation. Quiz. Sponsored. Projects, will also be required to provide, a signed, sponsorship. Agreement, form all, contractors. Who, were awarded fifty nine thousand or more must complete, and submit form. 1295. All. Contractors. Are required to comply with the Americans with Disabilities, Act all, contractors. Must include the cultural arts division logo, and publicity, statement, on all funded, marketing, materials, and must. Use Now Playing austin.com, to. List all funded. Events, all, contractors, must, submit a final report 30, days after the final contracted, event has concluded, round. It to the end of that month. New. For fiscal year nineteen is the pre contract orientation, quiz you, can find a link to the quiz in the attachments, section of, your, zoom grants application, the. Quiz will, cover important, information covered. In this orientation, once. You complete the quiz you, will be provided, with the correct answers, to questions that you may have missed please. Submit a copy of your answer page as proof. That, you completed. The quiz beginning. In fiscal year nineteen we, are asking all cultural, contractors, to complete the creative space survey your. Response to this annual survey, will. Indirectly, inform. City of Austin programs, and policies, in support. Of affordable. Creative, space and cultural, facilities the. Link to the survey can, be found in Section five attachments. Of your zoom grants account or by. Visiting the, website directly. At austin texas gov, slash. Creative. Space survey. From. The survey page you. Will have the choice of two surveys one, for individual, artists, and one, for arts organizations, or businesses. Select. The option that best applies, to you, after. Completing the survey upload, a copy of the survey completion page to. Your application, in zoom grants the. Survey will be required for pre contract applications, beginning, in 2020. Fiscal. Year but. We are asking all applicants, to begin taking, it in fiscal, year 19, for. More information, on how to take a screenshot, of the survey confirmation, page make. Sure to visit the links on the screen all. Cultural. Arts funding programs except, for the capacity, building and the, culturally, specific marketing. Supplement, require, the contractor, to match the funds awarded, depending. On the program in which you have received funds you may have to show a one-to-one, match or a half, match, in. Core programs for organizational, support, and, support, 1 you, will need to show in, your revised budget that, you will be able to meet the one-to-one match for. Project support 1 50%. Of that match may, be met with an allowable in-kind, support that, is well documented. Contractors. Receiving, funds in Kors organizational.

Support Must, meet the match with cash expenses, only in. The example, if you, were awarded 5000, you would be required to show in your revised budget that, you will have an additional 5,000. In matching dollars, making. Your minimum, total budget, 10,000. In, your revised budget you, may show that, you will have a total, of 75, hundred in cash expenses, which, is your $5,000. Award plus. The 2,500. Minimum, cash match and the. 2,500. Of in-kind. Expenses. You. May show, in, your revision that, you have more expenses, than you need to. Meet the matching requirement. If. You're worried that you will not be able to meet the matching requirement, you, have the option, of accepting, a smaller, award, amount. In. Cultural, heritage festivals. As well as core project, support 2 & 3, you. Will need to show in your revised budget that. You will be able to meet the half match of that. Match. 50%. May, be met with allowable, in-kind, support that. Is well documented in the, example, if, you, were awarded 5,000, you, would be required to show in your revised budget that. You will have an additional, 2,500. In matching, dollars making. Your minimum, total budget. $7,500. In. Your revised budget you, may show that you will have a total of six. Thousand two hundred and fifty, in cash, expenses. Which, is five, thousand dollar reward amount plus, the. 1250. Minimum. Cash match and, the. 1250. Of in-kind. Expenses. You. May show in, your revision that, you have more expenses than you need to meet the matching requirement, there. Are several. Documents, that you will need to come plea before we will enter into the contract, we, call this collection of documents your pre, contract, materials, they, include, the fiscal year 19, activity. Revision, form the. Fiscal year 19, revised, budget form your. Insurance certificate, insurance. Requirements, document, which, cultural. Arts division will provide to you and an. Accessibility. Assessment. New. For fiscal year 19 is the pre contract, orientation. Quiz and the. Creative space survey. The. Creative space survey, is optional, to complete for this year but, will become mandatory, for. The 2020. Fiscal. Year Vaughn. Surry projects, must complete, a sponsorship. Agreement, both. The sponsored project, and the, fiscal sponsor, will, need to complete and sign, this agreement, and upload. It to the application. Electronic. Signatures are accepted. Additionally. All, contractors. Whose, awards, are over fifty. Nine thousand dollars will, need to complete form, twelve, ninety-five which. Is a form required, by the Texas, Ethics Commission as a, cultural, contractor, you, are required to use the cultural arts division logo, and publicity. Statement. On all, marketing, materials, related, to your contracted, activities, including. Your website, please. Be sure that you are using the correct logo. And publicity, statement, you can find the new logo in, your zoom grants account in the library, tab if, you, need a high-resolution, version, of the logo please, contact your, contract administrator, all cultural, contractors, are required to, post their, contracted, events, on now, playing, Austin, comm, please. Post your events at least two weeks in advance if you. Have questions, or need assistance posting. Your events, please. Contact the, Austin creative alliance by emailing, info. At. Austin. Creative, Alliance, org. The, cultural arts division is happy, to help spread the word about your upcoming events, please send your contract, administrator, a, 1-2-3. Sentence description of your event along. With a high-resolution image. One to two weeks before your, event and we, will do our best to share it on the cultural arts division social, media platforms. Additionally. If, you would like to be the featured cultural contractor, in our monthly newsletter please. Contact your, contract, administrator, to put in your request if you are looking, for more, ideas on how to market your events please check out our get, noticed, marketing, workshops, on our website. Austin, creates calm, the. Get noticed, video series, includes, a session on PR, and marketing basics.

Social. Media and how. To get the attention of local arts, and cultural, journalists. In Austin. To. Find the pre-contract material simply log into your Zune grants account and open your approved FY, 19, core or cultural heritage festivals, application, if, you have forgotten your password you can click on the forgot password link, to reset it if, you do not recall which email you use to log in please contact your contract administrator, for assistance, once. You are logged into your account click on the title of your approved FY 19, application. Once. Your application is open click on section 5 attachments. To find the templates, and links for, the pre contract materials, this. Is also where you will upload your completed pre, contract materials, scroll. Down to the bottom of section 5 attachments, and find the pre contract materials, click, on the orange links to download the templates or to follow the links to the website that hosts, the requested, pre contract document, the. FY 19 revised activity, forum provides you with an opportunity to, change the scope and scale of your activities, based on your official FY, 19 award amount keep. In mind that if you decide to make changes to your proposed activities, the changes must be proportional. To the change from, your request amount to your award amount this. Means that if you requested, $20,000. To do 10 events but, you were only awarded $10,000. You may reduce your events proportionally. To 5 events rather than the original 10 if, you have questions, regarding your activity. Changes please contact your contract administrator, please. Note that all contractors, are required to complete the revised activity, summary even. If the project scope does not change the. Activities, list listed on this forum will be the activities, that we'll be contracted, to complete within the FY 19 fiscal, year list. Only activities. That will be open to the public and will, occur in Austin do. Not list rehearsals, recording. Studio time or any other event that the public cannot access, remember. That all contracted, activities, must occur in Austin and fall. Within the FY 19 fiscal year which runs from October 1, 2018, through. September, 30th 2019. If, you have questions, regarding events, that straddle, the fiscal year please contact your contract, administrator. When. Filling out the revised activity, form please be sure to include the name of the contractor or organization.

If The contractor, is fiscally sponsored please. Put the fiscal sponsors name in the organization. Contractor. Name line and the sponsored project, name in the sponsored project, name line you, will also need to include your control number on the, form you, can find this number on your award letter for. The contract end date please be sure to list the date of your last contracted. Activity, you, will use that date to determine your final report due date by adding 30 days to. Your final event date and then, rounding to the end of the month so in this example the final event date is on July 21 at, 30 days August. 21st and then, round to the end of the month August 30th this, is the final report due date, the revised activity, summary is what we use when reviewing your final report to ensure you accomplished, all your contract related activities, you, said you would accomplish as such, there's no need for flowery, language here, so no, world-premiere, featuring, international, caliber artists, instead, we want the nuts and bolts the, name of the event the, number of activities per, event dates, and locations please. Note that if you are Co producing, an event with another organization that, is receiving, funding only one, organization, can list that event as part of their contracted, activities, if you, use all the space provided on the form please upload, an extra document, listing additional, contracted, events that you are not able to fit on the revised activity, form once. We have entered into contract, with you please contact your contract administrator, as soon as possible, if you need to make any changes to your lists of contracted, events as you work on your revised activity, summary please, refer to the project, summary in section 4 of your approved application. The activities, that you listed in your revised activity, summary should, be similar to what you proposed in your application. For. Example if, you've, stated that you were going to produce three visual, art exhibitions, in your application, but. You revised your activities, to include two dance performances, your, contract, administrator, would not approve this change as a dance performance, is not what you included, in your proposal, you. Could however change, the proposed location, exhibition. Dates and the number of exhibitions proposed. Next. Is the revised budget form note. That each funding program has its own slightly, different, revised budget form so be sure that you're submitting the correct form for your funding program the. Purpose of the revised budget form is to tell us how you intend, to spend your core or CH FP award amount and the match here. Are some important things to remember regarding. Your revised budget the. Total, income must be the same as your total expenses meaning, your budget must balance, use. The color-coded, columns to help you allocate your income and expenses to either the city award the, SC SMS, award the, cash match or the in kind match the. Revised budget should be fairly, detailed provide. An explanation as to how you arrived at your totals, in the memo description, column for your earned and unearned income. Be. Sure that in line 9a, you're, only listing your core or CH FP award amount and not the total of your core or CH FP award and the C SMS, award the. Award amounts, are listed on your official award letter the. C SMS award should be listed in line 9b. The. N kind income, in line 11 must equal the total in-kind, expenses, in line 24, here, are some important, things to remember when completing, the expenses, section of your revised budget form, total. Expenses, line 24, must be the same as your total income line, 12 the. Core award or the CH FP award column the orange column should, match your total core or CH FP award, amount when, allocating your city funds we recommend, that you allocate funds to your. Largest expenses. In particular. We, recommend, that you allocate city funds to paying for people space, or marketing, expenses, as those line items are, expenses.

That Have the fewest restrictions, if you, have questions about eligible and ineligible expenses please, see FY 19 core or CHF P guidelines. It. Is important, that you try to allocate your city award amount to expenses, that you feel are set or, will have minimal change as you complete your contracted, activities, because we verified, during the final report process, that. Your city funding expense allocations, do not change more than 20%. Of your award amount per, line-item, as you. Progress through your contracted, activities, and you do encounter a situation that. Will cause you to have a major change in how you originally, allocated your city funds please. Document the reason for the change as you'll, need to provide an, explanation when. You submit your final report, remember. To allocate all your C SMS award to, line 21. Marketing. The blue column you. Are allowed to use both the C SMS award and some, of your core or CHF P award on your, marketing expenses, the. Purple column should meet your matching requirement, at a minimum, if you wish to include in kind expenses, in your budget be sure that the total and kind column the green column is the, same as line 11 in your income portion of your budget, remember. To provide a fairly, detailed budget, if your contract administrator, does not feel that you have provided sufficient detail, of your proposed expenses, you, will be asked to revise your budget, please. Double and triple-check your work before submission, when. Revisions. Are requested. Your updated materials, once submitted or moved to the bottom of the queue delaying approval, and processing, of your contract, note. That the cultural arts funding staff will not be able to review pre contract materials, by email prior to official submission. Consider. Attending open, office hours on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from 9:00 a.m. to noon to, have cultural arts funding staff review that your materials, in person prior, to official submission, we. Are looking for a balanced budget when reviewing pre contract materials, please. Double check your budget to ensure your, budget balances, and that all expense column totals match the corresponding, income lines use. The color coded form to help you make sure that you have the correct amounts and totals, throughout your revised budget as you, work on the revised budget be sure to reference your application, budget and section for budget, and activity, summary. Once, you have completed all, of your pre contract materials, please go back to section 5 attachments. Scroll, down to the bottom of the lists of requested, documents, and upload your completed pre, contract materials, by clicking on the upload button to, the right of the requested, pre contract, document, the next pre contract document, is your insurance certificate, the, type of insurance required. Will vary depending on your responses, to the insurance, assessment, form that, you submitted with your application, your. Contract, administrator, has uploaded your insurance requirements. To, the administrative, documents area of section, 5 attachments. In, yours in Grant's account. 99%. Of all cultural contractors, will be required to carry general, liability insurance. 50. To 75, percent of all cultural contractors. Will, be required to carry automobile, liability, insurance if. You. Plan on hosting your event at a facility managed. By the city's Parks and Recreation Department, you. Will be required to carry both general, liability insurance and, auto, liability insurance if, you're. Responsible, for selling alcohol at, your event you, will be required to carry liquor liability, insurance you're. Not required to carry liquor liability if alcohol, will be served at no cost at your event but, you are highly encouraged, to get this coverage, a few. Of you will be required to carry workers compensation. Insurance, this. Is for any contractor, who is hosting an event on city, property that is not managed by the city's Parks and Recreation Department, such. As a library branch Zolder, hillside theater or Airport. There. Are three specific endorsements. To your insurance policy, that are required, page, 2 of the insurance assessment, form lists, these three endorsements, as well, as the most common coverages, we ask for please. Share these with your insurance agent this. Will help get the ball rolling, to obtain a cost estimate for, the correct insurance coverage for your event if you plan on securing, an event insurance, policy, rather, than an annual general liability policy. You, will be required to include a letter on your letterhead stating. That you will provide your contract, administrator, with, proof of the required insurance coverage, at least 30 days before the date of your first contracted. Activity, all. Insurance, certificates. Require 3 into or Smith's a 30-day, notice of cancellation is.

The First if the, insurance company does not offer the 30-day, notice we, require a statement, to, that effect from. The carrier underwriter, not, your agent for, documentation, this. May be in the form of an email, the. Second endorsement, is a waiver of subrogation in, favor of the City of Austin city. Of Austin as an additional insured using. The correct name and address city. Of Austin, economic. Development department, cultural. Arts division. 201. East second Street Austin. Texas 7/8 701. This. Endorsement, is not required for workers compensation, insurance if. You're required to carry auto liability insurance you, have a few options to meet this requirement, instead. Of adding auto liability to your current general liability policy, you. Have the option of submitting your personal, auto policy, but, it will need to meet these, coverage, limits. $100,000. Bodily, an injury, per person. 300,000. Bodily. Injury per accident, and, 50,000. Property damage. Additionally. Your personal, auto policy, will need to have the same endorsements. The 30 day notice of cancellation the. Waiver of subrogation in, favor of the city and adding. The city on as, an interested. Party if your. Auto insurance company, does not offer one or more of these endorsements. You must submit a letter or email from, the insurance, company not the agent, stating. That they do not provide that specific, endorsement. If. You decide not to use your personal auto policy, your other option, is to rent a vehicle for your contract, related, activities. And provide, us with a copy of the rental agreement along, with proof that you purchased the additional insurance through, the rental company, if vehicle. Rental is your selection your. Pre contract, materials, require a letter on your letterhead that, states that you plan on renting, a vehicle for your contract, related activities, all insurance, and vehicle rental expenses, can be paid for with your award or used as part of your match if. You, will be hiring someone to move the equipment you will need to provide a copy of their auto policy, with the required endorsements. Please. Have your insurance agent send your coverage information to, us on an Accord form this. Insurance certificate, is an industry, standard so. Your insurance agent will be familiar with the Accord form this, form allows, the cultural funding staff to review all the relevant information in. A, consistent, single-page format, rather. Than having to look through pages upon pages of, your policy, which, will considerably, slow, down your, pre contract, materials, review. Before. Submitting your insurance certificate, please take a few minutes to review the Accord form for the following be. Sure that the insurance certificate, was issued no more than six months ago even. If your policy is still in effect, purchasing. Department will not accept the policy, if the date and upper right hand corner, is over six months old. Additionally. The named insured must match the name and address listed. In your City of Austin vendor. Registration, please. Also be sure that the Accord form lists the three required endorsements. City, of Austin as an additional insured, 30-day. Notice of cancellation and. Waiver. Of subrogation. This. Image is of the middle section of the Accord form the. First orange box shows the types of insurance that, are being provided, so. In this case both general liability and auto, liability, for hired and non autos, is being provided. The. Second box shows that the endorsements, for additional, insured and waiver of subrogation have, been included in this policy, sometimes. These endorsements are listed at the bottom of the Accord form so, if these boxes are not checked please, look to see if they are listed at the bottom of the insurance certificate. If. The endorsements, are missing from both locations you. Will need to contact your insurance company, to verify, that you have requested to have these endorsements added to your policy and that, documentation. Must be provided as an, addendum to your court form. This. Will be uploaded, to the same soon, grants section 5 attachments, location, box.

3 Shows the policy, number there, must be a policy number in this box if the, policy number box is left blank or has the word binder, the, insurance, is not in place and the search it is not valid, box. For shows the policy, effective, and expiration dates these, states must fall within the fiscal year contract, period October 1, 2018. Through. September, 30th 2019. And. Finally. Box 5 shows the policy, coverage limits please. Be sure that your policy, meets the minimum coverage limits, listed on the second, page of the, insurance assessment, form that, you submitted with your application, the. Bottom portion of the Accord form includes an area where the insurance company, can list the endorsements, and names, of any sponsored, projects, that are also being added on as an, additional insured this. Is where the 30 day notice of cancellation can. Also be listed there certificate. Holder box must list the following exactly, city. Of austin economic. Development, department cultural. Arts division, 201. East second, Street Austin. Texas, 78701. All, City. Of Austin contractors. Must be compliant, with the current, Americans, with Disabilities, Act laws, also known as a DA laws, the. Cities a DA office requires, that all contractors. Complete. And submit an accessibility, assessment. To, lien when the, assistant, a DA coordinator, with the City of Austin. He. Will review your assessment, and will determine if you are required to complete an additional ad, a quiz, please. Remember to upload your completed ad a assessment. And quiz, if you are also required, to complete one -, your zoom grants account in section 5 attachments. If. You. Have questions regarding a da compliance, please, contact Lea at the city's a da office, this. Is what the accessibility. Assessment looks like please. Be sure to fill it out completely to the best of your ability, you, can find these email, address at the bottom of the second page of the form. Sponsorship. Agreements, are required for all sponsored, projects, initiated. By the fiscal sponsor, this, form outlines how the fiscal sponsor, will receive, and distribute the, city funds to their cultural contractor, it. Also describes how the fiscal sponsors. Administrative. Fees will be paid, remember. That fiscal sponsors, may not charge more than 10% of, the total Corps, or cultural, heritage festivals, award amount in administrative. Fees fiscal. Sponsors, may not charge a fee on, the, culturally, specific marketing. Supplement, this. Form must be signed by both the fiscal sponsor, and the sponsored project, form. 1295. Is mandated, by the state Ethics Commission for all municipal, contracts, over. The administrative, authority which is fifty nine thousand, dollars. Contractors. Who received an award of fifty nine thousand, dollars or more are required to complete form 1295. If you. Have questions regarding how to complete this form please, contact the Texas Ethics, Commission. Once. You have completed the form please, upload a copy to section, five of your zoom grants account after viewing this video you, will need to complete the pre contract, orientation, quiz the. Link to the quiz is located, in Section five attachments.

Please. Upload a copy of your scoring page to section 5 attachments. Proof. That you completed, the quiz is a new requirement, of your pre contract, materials. Remember. That all pre contract materials, are available in your fiscal year 19, June grants account click. On section 5 attachments. And scroll down the page to, find templates, available for download on the left side of the page and upload, buttons on the right click. The upload button next to the pre contract, document, that you wish to upload to your application, all, pre. Contract, materials, must be uploaded to, zoom grants and section 5 attachments. Please. Email your contract, administrator. When all pre contract, materials, have been uploaded, you. Must submit your pre contract, materials, by Friday November 9. 2018. And a, reminder, for sponsored projects, please, defer, to your fiscal sponsors, pre contract, due date if this, is your first time receiving city, funding you, will need to verify that your vendor registration has. Been approved by the city's finance, office if you're, a returning contractor. It's a good idea to make sure that your organization, name and mailing, address are listed, correctly in your vendor, account this. Is particularly. Important. If you moved or if your organization, changed names in the last year if, you're, a sponsored, project, you don't need to worry about vendor, registration. As the payment will go to your fiscal sponsor. Google. City of Austin vendor, connection, and click, on the link for Austin, finance online, to, verify that your vendor registration is, approved, and up to date please. Note that your organization. Name and mailing address in your zoom grants account must, match exactly to, the information, listed in your vendor account this. Is what the new vendor connection, website looks, like current. Vendors will log in using their username, and password, if you, do not know what your user name is or your password you, may click the links below the, login to, retrieve them if you. Find that you're having trouble, with the site you can call vendor registration directly. At five, one two nine. Seven four two, zero one. Eight once. You have your registration verified. Or made any updates, to your account please, forward, your contract, administrator, the email from vendor registration, verifying. That your registration has been accepted this, email may take two or three days to arrive after you submit, the vendor registration corrections. If, you, do not receive, an email after, three days confirming. Your registration you. Will need to call the vendor registration office. To see what may be holding up your registrations. Approval. Once. Your vendor account registration, or update, has been approved, you, will need to login to your zoom grants account to make sure your organization name, and mailing address matches your vendor information. Once. You are logged in to your account click, on my account home just, under the CAD logo, on the left hand side of the screen next. Click, on account profile, then. Click on the my organisation. Tab, verify. That the organization, legal, name address, city. State and, zip code all match. The information in, your vendor registration, they. Must match, exactly. Including. Punctuation, and abbreviations. Any. Error will cause a delay in processing, your contract, and your first payment to. Initiate contract, you, must complete, and have approved all pre, contract, materials, found, in section 5 attachments. If your pre-contract, materials, are correct your contract, administrator, will upload your contract, to your zoom grants account in the contracts, tab. For. Cultural heritage festivals. Program recipients. The pre contract, materials, are all that are needed to initiate your contract, your, contract, administrator, will compile your approved pre contract, materials, to, create your contract, and will forward the completed, contract for, processing, and will upload the executed, copy of your signed contract, to the contract, tab of your application. For. Cor we, will post your contract, in the contract, tab you. Will download the contract, sign, it on page 16, and upload. It to the contract tab we. Will review it one last time and sign, it and submit, it for processing. We. Will upload the executed, contract to, your contracts, tab so, you will have it for your records, the. Core contracts, will include the contract, documents page. 16, of the contract, document, is where, you or your fiscal sponsor, will sign your. Contract administrator. Will attach your approved activity, summary and budget, forms along, with your insurance requirements. And certificate. And if, applicable your, sponsorship, agreement, or form, 12.95. Download. The contract, from the contract, tab in your zoom grants account sign.

Page 16, and just, so you know electronic. Signatures, are acceptable. Fiscal. Sponsors, must upload the signed contract for, all sponsored, projects. Upload. The signed contract to, the contracts, tab and then, type initials. Into the text box to the right of your uploaded documents. Fiscal. Sponsors, must upload the signed contract for, all sponsored, projects, once. The signed contract is, uploaded, you will scroll to the bottom of, the contract, tab page and add, your name and title, to electronically, sign the verification. That you have uploaded the, completed, signed contract. Do. Not enter your name in title until your, signed contract, has been uploaded first. Then. Click. The link add an entry to, notify your contract, administrator, that you have uploaded the signed contract, when. You click the link add an entry it, will take you to the activity, log, once. You're there click, the, grantmaker action, requested, radio, button add, a description, to indicate, that you have uploaded your contract. Click. The add activity entry, button your. Contract, has now been, submitted for final, review and once, approved will be signed by the cultural arts division manager, the. Executed, contract will be uploaded, to the contract, tab so, you will have it for your records once. You've uploaded your signed contract, your contract, administrator, will have the cultural arts division manager, sign your contract and then, will submit it to the purchasing, office for processing, it. Usually takes two weeks for the purchasing, office to review and process submitted. Contracts. Once. Cultural, arts funding staff is notified, that your contract has been approved we, will send you instructions for, requesting your first payment, using, the zoom grants invoicing, system once. We receive the signed contract from you it may, take up to eight weeks for you to receive your first payment, regardless. Of program it may, take less time but. For cash flow purposes, we advise you to budget on the conservative side and expect. It to take the full amount of time, once. We contact, you that it has been processed you, can request your first payment. For. Cultural heritage festivals. Program the, first, 75%, of your award can be requested upon, the processing, of your contracts, the. Final 25%. Of your award can, be requested upon, successful. Completion and, close out of final, report. Payments. For core projects, support to and projects support 3 can. Request the first 40%. Of your award upon. Processing. Of contracts, the. Next 50%, can be requested on or after January, 1st, and the, final 10% can be requested upon, successful, completion and. Closeout, a final, report. Payment. For core organizational. Support and project support one can. Request the first 30%. Of your award upon, processing. Of contracts the, next 30% can be requested on or after January 1st the. Third, 30%. Payment can, be requested, on or, after March, 1st and the, final 10% can. Be requested upon, successful, completion and. Closeout, a final report other. Than, the first payment, you don't need to wait for us to contact you once, your contract, has been approved we, will send you your instructions, for creating an invoice for payment to generate. Your payment, request or invoice, click, on the payments, tab and then, click the button create, a new invoice a pop-out.

Window Will open where, you can generate your own payment, invoice, to. Create your invoice number, please, use your control number and add zero one for, the first payment zero, two for. The second payment and so, on for each subsequent payments. You. Will need to enter the amount of funding that you wish to request based. On your funding program, you can request between, 30 and 75, percent of your award if, you. Request more than the appropriate, amount we, will return the invoice to you for correction, when. Filling out the invoice please, leave the text box labeled payment, instructions, completely, blank. Enter. The name of the person who should be contacted regarding, the invoice their, phone number and email address if you, need more help with generating, an invoice please. Watch the Xoom grants training video by, clicking the, how do I do this link, at the top of the invoice. Once. You have fills out the invoice don't, forget to click the submit invoice, button this, part is super important, your. Final report is, due 30 days after, you've completed your project, rounded, to the end of the month, attending. Final report workshops, are required. Workshops. Are offered monthly, between, November and July and then, are offered more frequently, between August, and October, please. Visit Austin, creates calm, to, find a full listing, of our upcoming workshops, we. Ask for quite a bit of information in, the final reports including. Audience, tendance, and demographics. Marketing. And outreach efforts proof. That the CAD logo, and publicity statements. Were used and proof, of project, related income and expenses, if you. Would like to see the final report materials, you, can find them in the final report section, of your approved application. In addition, to the final report form you, will be required, to submit a final report expense. Documentation. Form also, known as the EDF. You. Will find that the EDF is formatted, similarly. To the pre contract, revised budget, you. Will use this form to provide a detailed breakdown of your project, related expenses, you. May submit a QuickBooks or other similar software expense, report in lieu, of the EDF as long. As the report provides all the information, requested in the, EDF, please. Note that you will need to upload copies, of receipts for payment made, with cash and any in-kind, contributions. Needed to, meet your matching requirement. Fiscal. Sponsors, please, note that you will need to give your sponsored projects, access, to the final report form if you. Would like for your sponsored, projects, to be able to request their own payments, you can also give them access to the invoice payments. Section of their application, by, clicking the box below, the word financial. This. Will allow each sponsored, project, the ability to complete their final report and to. Submit invoices as, needed, to. Give them access please. Open their approved application, and check, the boxes for final, report and financial. Invoices. Under. The collaborators, heading, in section, one summary, if you. Need more assistance please. Contact, the cultural arts funding program, staff. Additionally. The cultural arts division offers monthly open, office hours on the second, and fourth Tuesday, of each month from. 9:00 a.m. until, noon, no. Appointment, is necessary and, we will gladly validate, your parking if you park in the convention center parking garage above, the cultural arts division, offices, if, you. Need access to an internet connection or, computer, you're, welcome to use the computers, at the Austin public libraries, or you, may schedule an appointment, to use computers, at the cultural arts division offices.

So. Now, that you have completed the pre-contract, orientation. Please. Login to your zoom grants account and complete, the pre-contract orientation. Quiz thanks. So much for watching.

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