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A warm welcome to a new season of "Pike five". This year our fine stores are starting the competition on waters that they themselves have chosen.. ..to then congregate and fight for the title on the same water on the day of the final. The stores are now going to show what they can do on their home turf...

..which puts the stakes up for all of the fishermen ..who wants to prove that they are worthy winners of the title "Pike five 2021". We're here now.. ..at our first spot. We had to change our plan slightly, we hadn't intended on fishing here. But there were algae blooms on our first choice. So we changed spot and we know that it works here now. It's a bit foggy and dark this morning..

..so we're going to start with dark baits. Black belly. This color is called "the smurf" and it's available in many different pike five baits. We're going to be able to fish in two different ways on this lake. Drifting over weed beds and fishing and pelagic fishing on deeper depth , around 10 to 14 meters. So in two different ways and we might try them both depending on how it goes. We're going to start to fish around weeds at four to six meters.

A lot of submergent macrophyte which the pike don't like. So we're going to aim to fish where the large-leaved plants are. One of our tactics today.. ..is that we have chosen to fish at a dam between to lakes that has power plants. We're going to focus on water currents..

..with backwater and deep spots. The reason for that is , as you can see, that there is no wind. And when you are fishing in the north of Sweden in clear water lakes.. ..it's really difficult to fish when there is no wind. So we decided to fish a body of water with current. There's a new twist to the competition, we're all at different locations at the moment. We have no idea where the others are and we won't meet until the day of the finally. Enough talking , it's time to fish.

The plan is to fish at our home water the first two days. We've checked this area.. ..and we're going to start to fish at weed beds. We're going to fish between a meter and a half down to three meter, that's where we've found the fish.

The type of fishing we normally do here, reef fishing and deeper depth fishing with surrounding deep spots.. ..the pre fishing hasn't delivered at all as what we're used to. So we've gone out to bays , in small passage ways and found weeds. The weeds in the water are still good , not all of it has rotten away so there are still some fresh weed. We've found some good spots, we've caught fish and they are at the locations. We just need them to strike and we haven't touched the places that has delivered since then. We have just focused on finding new interesting places and weed beds.

And these places has fish we just need them to start to strike. I think it's going to be a good year for us. We have planned out a good water for this year, even if it is a home water. It's been really difficult to choose.

I think we've been to six or seven different waters. We have plenty of baits to choose from and the baits that we have chosen for this year are super nice. It's a relatively large water. There's hardly any underwater vegetation, there's just rocks, sand and mud. Which makes the pike adapt early on to pelagic life.

Instead of fishing at 30 to 40 meters depth.. ..we're going to be fishing at between eight to twelve meters depth... ..that goes out towards deeper depth. -This is "Rostarn" here. -And this here is "Ridde Ruda". Our plan is to win this competition like a breeze.

Like stealing candy from kids. We're out on unknown waters really. We're fishing at a massive lake in the middle of Sweden that we haven't been fishing much .

You've got bays, weed beds and reefs. So you can fish in so many different ways. Shallow fishing is not really our thing so we're going to stay in a bay that's two and a half meters deep...

..with plenty of vegetation at the bottom. It's a bit difficult this time a year, they seem to move around a lot. So one day can be totally different to the next, the fish can disappear over night.. ..and then you have to try and find them all over again. So we just have to continue to fight and hope for the best.

I'm not wearing my usual cap but I've got this one on today instead which put's me in the "bicycle pump" (big fish) mode. I'm going to catch a really big pike. "Pike five" 2021 is presented by.. The "Pike five" stores are getting ready while we're going to run through the rules. The teams will count their three longest pike and a score of one to five will be given at the end of each fishing day, which two episodes.

We're also going to keep score on the "big three" points. They get to count the longest fish for every day and at the end of the competition they will be added up.. ..and a "Big three" point from one to five will be handed out to the teams. And the team that has the highest "Big three" points combined with the daily points will win "Pikefive".

If if happens that two of the teams have the same length combined during the competition..... . ..the highest point will go to the team with the longest pike on the top. We're going to run through the result during the course of the competition.. ..and we're looking forward to an exiting season of "Pikefive" 2021 The first cast of "Pike five" 2021. Are you ready?! What if they don't want this black color. If they don't want it we're using the wrong bait. We're not.

I had one on. It means that this color works. It was a hard and fast strike. It was a perfect stike but there's no marks on the bait.

He striked here on the leader. He missed the bait, what an idiot. We have five new hot colors for this years "Pike five". This one..

..the Motorulven, made by the lovely "wolfcreek". Blodlaken , by "Mangeboy". Smurfen, a really cool black bait with a blue shimmer.. ..made by ULM. Eastfields , Snaskarborren. And last but not least , made by "svartzonker" is Punkargojan. This is the set of baits that all of us are going to be using today.

Over there in the weeds, it doesn't feel small but it's to early to tell. It feels a bit heavier. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. Just get it in the net and afterwards we can discuss how big it is.

First fish. First cast with a Gatorjerk. It was really small. But small or big, it's still a fish. First fish, 73 cm. Gator jerk in Alex version of Blodlaken from Mangeboy. On the first cast.

"Böjda spön" are from Värmland so I'm sure they've chosen a lake around there. "Upplev" are from Östergötland , they're fishing at their home water over there. "Giganten" is a bit trickier because they don't really have a home water that delivers fish this time of year. "Jiggar" rarely fish in Stockholm where they're from so they're probably somewhere else. Half of us probably fish in our home waters and the other half fish somewhere away from home. It's nice that we're going to fish together on the last day.

Yup, it's a nice one! it wasn't nice at all , it just looked it as it was coming. -And it let go. -It was small. This is roughly the size that we've caught so far unfortunately, if we don't get a bigger one. But it's always nice to catch the first fish. It took 20 minutes. If we catch a fish every 20 minutes how many will we end up with at the end of the day?

-A lot. - Calculate quickly. Five fish an hour. -Five an hour. -No , how many minutes is it per hour? I mean, three fish per hour.

-I fooled you though. -No you didn't. -So how many do you end up with? -Three , ten hours that's 30 fish. Wolfcreek, fished slowly. I don't think it was a smaller fish as it hasn't got the normal chewed up marks... ..but it had bigger marks. It's not the first time during these days that It hasn't hooked properly.

The hooks are not dull so I'm not sure why. He's had a taste of soft baits so now he wan't more. We aim high in the beginning.. ..at a location that we really believed in. We're going to go back there. We've been to a more shallow platform to see if the pike has risen. If they're sitting on a platform there is. Clearly one pike evidently has since Carl just lost one.

It's never fun to loose a fish in a competition like this but it's more important to move on and focus on the next contact. We're positioned perfectly. -We can take one more drift closer to shore while we're drifting. -On this side as well in worst case. -Should we measure it? There's something about these McHybrids. The pike is roughly double the size of the bait.

If you look here there's a line at 70 cm. "A Bicycle pump". And that one was this big. What the hell should I call it? An ink pen. I'm rigging a Gator Gum in the color Snaskarborren.

I'm using a dartsy... ..with a 90 pounds wire. This is 15 gram and I'm also going to add a 14 gram clip weight. I'm going to fish heavier and faster over the weeds. It could be a hot tip...

..when you're fishing over weed, reaction strikes so you don't give the pike a lot of time to inspect the bait. So we're going to use our "Pikefive" clips from Darts. 7 , 10 and 14 grams. Then you just have to custom make the deeper running baits with these ones. All you have to do is to put it on like this and now I have 29 grams instead. I could feel your hand there. What a strike! - Really? Yes, it was insane. Such bad luck.

I told you that I believed in this bait. We should've had that one. I don't know how I could've missed that one. -Does it have any bite marks? - I can't see any, it's so weird. Was it you? -Maybe. -I fell for it. You really fooled me there.

No more rod pulling tricks. I'm gutted, I really thought I had a big one. It's better. You're a machine.

That was really close. Once again.. It has a really nice pace, it's really abrupt. You can reel it or jerk it. It's the first one that we can keep on our paper. 95 cm is a ok fish. We're going to hunt for bigger now.

There was a fish on the surface there. Furthest out in the cast. It's putting up a pretty good fight. Does it fight like a big one? I like the fact that it doesn't go up to the surface either.

It's better. It's an upgrade. A hot tip if you want to fish deep and use jerk. The Gator Jerk is especially really good..

..because I can add on a pear lead. This is 14 gram. You get the bait further down, every time I do I reel pause it sinks really nicely. The next one needs to be over a meter. That really hurt. A really good start for Jiggar.nu which is also shown on our scoreboard..

..where their three largest fish measures in at 263 cm. It's empty at Upplev and Böjda Spön while Sporting and Giganten each have a fish on paper. Hello to all of you sportfishermen. Today we're out with the sport fishing academy on the river Klara, fishing for pike. If you're interested in sport fishing and sport fishing tourism log in to forsahagaakademin.se if you're.. ..interested in studying sport fishing tourism or sport fishing industry. This color is growing on me, it's nice.

I was really skeptical in beginning but it's good. -Which one is it? -Punkergojan. It's a color that "svartzonker" designed. The first time I saw it I was like "what the hell is this"? But the more I see it the more it grows on me. You can use it for all your quick sinkers.

I have a lot of different kinds of steel sinker because that's what I like to use. They have a little Fastach clip. You can grab you're bait really quickly if you want it to go a bit deeper.. ..you just attach it here in the nose and with one twist it's done. It's really good to have a box for all your gear. I probably have ten different size sinkers.

We've had three quick contacts in 20 minutes. They've followed all the way to the boat but then they go off so they're not yet hungry. We took six quick ones yesterday in 30 minutes just as we were about to go home.

And they really striked killer hard. So it feels like things can start to happen towards the evening really. Yesterday was the same, they were there just following and poking the bait..

..and when they finally striked they were just attached to the back hook. We just have to keep on going but I think that it's going to be tough for a lot of the boats. I do think that there will be some nice fish but I don't think we're going to get bucket loads of them. It's a start. There were fish here.

It took the bait just by the surface. It could be a sign that they've entered the reefs because it's relatively shallow where we're fishing, well five meters. But it's not at the 10 meter drifts. We'll measure it to see and it's 78 cm. That was nice, it helps to have one on paper. We should do another drift. I had a strike and you got yours.

I had another one on just now. I suck. Now, now Karl. Focus, you have one fish on paper at least.

It's going slowly but surely for our teams and they're starting to get warmed up. How is it going for Giganten? I just had a fish on that was smaller then the one I just caught believe it or not. Here he comes again. Go on take the bait. He is really wants my McHybrid. That fish is probably around 40 cm , if I'm lucky. (A lot of moaning....)

Do you have one? That was a "Bicycle pump", a General. You have to measure it. Another one "Rostarn" and we have filled our paper. -Was it a nice strike? -No I thought it was something else at first. What a way to start off the day.

This is why you came here, to catch a pike. How big they are is just a matter of coincidences and luck. I think we're in the lead. Håkan and I are firm members of Sportfiskarna and have been members for a very long time. We think that they're doing a incredible job... ..for the sportfishermen in Sweden. They restore waters.

They create spawning environments for fish . They are our voice against authorities and other decision makers. If you're not already a member of Sportfiskarna I think that you should join today because.. ..they're doing i good cause for us to be able to have good fishing in the future. This is a nice one! -Be ready with the net. -Is it far away?

What a strike Håkan. Hello Mr meter pike! He's probably more like 95 cm really. I'm getting my hopes up now Jonas. Which bait did it take on? -Is he 90 cm? -He should be. A 91 cm pike. It's a good size pike to start off with.

I like this net, but never mind it. And now we're going to try and catch another one. I had another one on just now. Where we're fishing at now has some parts with currents. We have a line of current that runs through here.. ..and just by the side of it where there's no current thats where they're sitting... ..and what becomes the backwater. The line of current goes and then the water comes back..

..and creates a calm area for the pike to just sit without exhausting itself. That's where we want to cast, just by the line of current and by this deep area and backwater behind here. That's where we've manage to catch them, now we're just hoping to catch bigger ones as well. A thing to keep in mind. The area doesn't have to be big , 5 to 10 square meters can be enough.

It's sufficient for them to sit and wait. And the reason why they're here is because it's a good feeding ground. The bait fish will come here. Insect will gather here which will attract smaller fish which will then attract slightly bigger fish that will eat. Don't cast. Watch your bait.

It's small, actually it's pretty good. That was pretty cool. "Watch your bait". I'm on paper as well now. Blodlaken is really working for us now. It seems to be the color of the day. It feels nice to have felt a fish.

It's good to have one on paper and to have some action with the rod. Most of all to have filled the paper so you can concentrate on getting big ones. More often then not you have to go through a few small ones before you can get the big ones. It's rare that you only get the big ones. When you fish in waters that's slightly current you will get a lot of stones periodically. You constantly have to be on the lookout.

We hit a stone earlier today and luckily it only hit the skeg. That's one of the reasons to have insurance when you fish like we do. So you can get compensation when things go tits up. -It tend to happen to us. -Yes it has, to us and Giganten. I'm not sure if you know this but Svedea doesn't have double deductibles over the winter period.

From November to March like most other insurance companies. It's not like we put our boat away in November and take it out again in April. So that's a huge advantage. And five percent of your premium goes to Sportfiskarna.

There is only one way to go really. Svedea. I think it's small but it really took the bait.

I switched back to XBuster. I switched to the XBuster and after three cast it striked. It took the bait with real force as well. XBuster once again, same as yesterday. It's chubby, small and chubby. I love our camera mans enthusiasm. He think I should be happy and I am.

I switched back to an XBuster, three casts later, a really nice pike 79 cm. Slowly but surely we're getting closer to fill our paper. We have two on paper now. They're not big but it's all about getting fish and it's a great feeling when they strike.

It would be great if we could get one more here before we move on to the next spot. It would be good to have three fish.. ..but I wouldn't mind if they were a bit bigger though but a fish is a fish. The XBuster has been the one that has delivered today, same as yesterday. I'm going to catch a big one with PunkarGojan. We're using a electric motor on this boat like everyone else. And when we transport ourselves between locations and it's a bit wavy I use one of these RAM mounts. You loosen it a bit and it's got a tough claw attachment that you pull around the rig on the motor.

And then you just tighten it. Which makes it really secure in all weather conditions. It's time to get in to second gear because the lunch report is not far away... ..so a location change might not be a bad idea. Not only Sporting is moving on but it looks like Böjda spön are about to move as well.

He went through the net. -Past the net? -No, in to the net. I had a slight palpitation just now. -I unhooked it. -You unhooked it with the net.

We got two now. I'm not sure if it's over 70 cm. With a wolfcreek, there's some marks here. 72 cm, not much to brag about. No, 72 cm might not be something to brag about but if you haven't already forgotten you're fish measured in at 73 cm Karl.

If you want invent in future of fishing.. ..hunting and game management you should really apply to get in to Forshaga academy. We have a lot of contact with youths because our store is in Karlsdad which is not to far away from Forshaga Academy... ...and it doesn't take too long to drive between the two We have Robin from our store in Karlstad who was a student at the academy. We've had plenty of others who have worked for us who have been students there as well. It leads you on a path to many different occupations. It's a wide education because you learn everything from fisheries management to tourism among others.

I agree with Karl.. ..if you want to work within sportfishing or similar.. ...you should definitely apply to the Academy in Forshaga. You really need a killer fish in "Pike five". You need to have at least one big pike, otherwise you have no chance. If you have one, you can still fish badly one day and still win. But you need a better pike on paper. We do have something that's called pike five..

..which means that you can count your biggest fish of the day which later gets you points. So if our biggest fish is 47 cm we're done, we're never going to win "Pikefive". But even if we didn't fish to well today but we got one more fish with the length of 110 cm and we came last... ..we still have a chance of winning with the "pike five" point, so that big fish is really important. "Rostarn" has huge burden on his shoulders to get us the points. I feel safe because nobody gives a damn about me. It's not better but it's not a small one.

No , it got loose. God dammit, we've talked about this. It was better. It striked weird. He striked close to these rocks, probably no more then at one meters depth.

Fish? Better? It's no bicycle pump. (Big). Lower your rod. -It's not big at all. -It doesn't matter. A filled paper and then upgrades.

If it's 71 cm it's still over the bicycle pump state. The one you lost just now was definitely better. It's really small, probably no more then 70 cm. A filled paper.

This one doesn't help us at all but It seems like they're sitting pretty close to the rocks here. Giganten has now filled their paper and can now start to upgrade .. ..and try to gain on Jiggar.nu who is in the lead of the competition by far. Böjda spön and Sporting are still one fish short to fill their paper while Team Upplev are struggling to catch any pike this morning. A strike straight away and then nothing followed by then three strikes in two casts.

-They are difficult. -I can see one there. They're going for the nose, check out the echo. I bet that you have a bite mark over the head on your bait. I do.

He striked here. These beast are really on the look out. They seem kind of angry. No I think it's a small one. He striked twice in the drop, I just saw the line go the first time. It's not to small.

We've just figured out in which way we should fish today, pelagic style. This time it was a McRubber 21 that caused trouble. I had a bent line and all of the sudden I could see the line being pulled. So I reeled in quickly and missed it but then he striked again. That means that they're hungry.

I think it's at least an 80 cm fish. It's a lovely smell. It's a weird combination, like cheese doodles.... ..mixed will mens boxers with a dirty bum crack. Nice work Håkan and one step closer to a full paper Which only Giganten and Jiggar has been able to do so far. Jacob is also working the fish so let's have a look at jiggar.nu.

-This one feels good Björn. -It's better for sure. Are you with me? It's really fat. -It's not very long but it's fat. -Can you tell that it's just been feeding?!

I'm just saying, Anders interpretation of that one. -Yes, he's so talented. I feel like a scout, always ready. Could this one be over a meter? Look at this quickly. That shows how little the spot is for that fish. Last cast, and then we're going to make a really long transfer. It was a planned move and we're hoping to catch similar to what we've caught here. So we're going to switch to another water...

..and we're going to fish at deep reefs and we're hoping to catch one single big fish. Look at what we're leaving behind. Stop it! -Do you see the fish underneath there? -I see it but there are other fish You should see the fish that is sitting here now. Cast sideways carefully over there. It's really interesting what this could be? I'm not sure what to think, I've hardly used soft baits at all. The thing was at our last pre fishing..

..we used a lot of hard bait because.. ..a certain CEO at Sporting(Dansken) forgot all the stingers so we had no choice but to fish with hard baits. -We had two. -Yes but I chucked one. They are not willing. That's the third one in a row that I've missed. They are so bloody cautious. -You swear like a German. -I'll wash my mouth with soap and water It sucks because you really want three on paper and that one was probably a 70 cm fish as well. Which might not be big but it's still enough to fill the paper.

I lost one there. You can't loose it if it wasn't hooked. No I had a strike. You can't say that you lost one if it was a strike.

I'll show you a chewed up McRubber. As I said, if they'd been hungry this bait would've been down their throats but they're not. I just lost another one. Unbelievable! This should've been a sure thing.

There was a big one just outside here. I don't care if they're small, I just want to catch another so we have three on paper. I don't care if it's only 40 cm as long as it fills our paper. Not that it will matter in the end but. He's very close to the boat.

-That one was better. - It's so difficult when they're right under the boat. Sometimes I think it would be better to let go of the reel break and just let it go loose and start over. Instead of keeping them on a short line.

Let's have another go. There's definitely pike here though. for sure. What if I'd managed to put it in the net? Would that have counted as a fish on paper? Good question, I'm not sure. I definitely would've measured it though. Our plan was to start at locations where we'd be able to get three decent fish. And then move on to locations where we'd have more chance of getting big fish.

But at the same time you run the risk of not getting a single strike there. It's too much of a risk as.. ..we should've had three fish by now. -If I hadn't messed up. -Me too.

We need three fish to go anywhere. And we need three big fish at the end of it all as well. It's important what we have on paper at the end of this day. -It's not all about the lunch report. "Rostarn" was just about to say that we've made a move. It's bigger then 47 cm, or even 45 cm.

I'll put it here and then I'll continue fishing. He might swim though the net. We moved to a more inland location which was a pretty long transfer.. ..where we'd managed to get some fish when we did our pre fishing. On the first cast now this little fighter took the bait. Nice work "Rostarn".

-Fish? Are you kidding me?! What a strike on the drop! He's bigger then the last one though? -It's better. -It nice. -We've filled our paper. -It's about time! What a strike, really bizarre. -He held the line tight all the way into the reel.- They strike really hard. I think this one is a little bit longer. I think it's just over 80 cm.

86 cm. The've been feeding in the shoals to get fat. Ladies and Gentlemen , that was the last fish of episode one. It's been tough for our competitors but we've seen some nice fish. The score after this morning has given us two strong teams at the top. Will jiggar.nu hold the lead with team Upplev not far behind.

Team Sportfiskegiganten holds the third spot followd by Böjda spön. Team sporting are still missing a fish on paper... ..and it's going to be a touch ending of the first day of fishing in the next episode. We're not aloud to know the results of the others. -I hate when you do that.

Team one, 95cm, 95cm ,90cm. That's us. It's no question about it that it's jiggar. Team two has 256 cm , that's us so we're in second place. That's really great news. -We're in third place. -That's not possible.

So I think it's jiggar followed by Upplev. We're not in last place. The two in the lead must be Upplev and jiggar. Last but not least Team sporting with 144 cm.

Roughly what we expected would happen. -The biggest fish is 95 cm. -That's not good. -Tune in next week and see when we nail it. -That when we'll catch the big one. Don't forget to subscribe, like and follow tackleshopproductions on youtube , instagram and facebook so you don't miss episode two. My name is Lubbe Pitel and welcome to next weeks Pikefive 2021.

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