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"Pike five" 2021 is presented by.... Ladies and gentlemen, a warm welcome back to "Pike five" 2021.. ..that is well on it's way with some nice fish on paper already for team jiggar.nu and Upplev.. ..that has had a good start in episode one. Team Sportfiskegiganten also managed to fill their paper and can now start to upgrade..

..while Böjda spön and Sporting are entering episode two hunting for their third fish. The Teams energy is on a high when the battle for their first point starts on their chosen waters. We were nearly shocked when we saw the results from last week. We're in third place with three pike that isn't even aloud to be called bicycle pumps(over 70 cm). It's crazy. But at the same time we became really happy as you might notice.

So we're going to continue searching for bicycle pumps really. We're going to fish here for a little bit longer and then we're going to find some big ass pike that we know are here. We've just had the lunch report and unfortunately the numbers are shocking. The top team that we're certain is jiggar have three 90cm fish. So the chances of us to advance ...are pretty big

We're super stoked , we've made a long transportation. We're at a muddy water now so we're going to be using muddy colors... ..let's see if we can get three to take the bait. Let's roll! It's time! Welcome back... ..to episode two of "Pike five". We're in second place and it feels good. We're fishing pelagic and we're going to continue to do so for a little bit longer -Or what do you think? -We definitely will.

It was really great news that we were in second place, we didn't think we would be. We have to start fishing now so join us. What a great cast you achieved. -Well see. -Who will find something nice first. Straight away on the first cast, it's insane! -Have you got him? -Yes, I've got him. What a bloody strike! -I hope he's decent. -He feels pretty decent. He's gone deep.

No ,he got loose. He striked again or it's another one. What the hell is happening, this is insane! It's not as big as the last one. It's so small that I don't even need to use the net.

The other one was a lot better then this one. That was the craziest thing that's ever happened to me. He's not over 80 cm so he's going back in. Not overly happy about this morning but we have a few more hours to make things right. A little bit more luck and... ..some more luck. -And some new hooks. -That too.

The results from this morning weren't to bad. There wasn't anyone that was way ahead. It's reachable. I think we're just going to keep on going. We just have to get in to gear. We finished episode one in the lead.

Which is awesome but we still feel that we need to catch fish. We need a top fish for "Top three".. ..and we need a top fish because we need to strengthen our position for the second part of the day. Today will consist of reef fishing. We're going to start to fish deep , around four to eight meters on the reefs.

And maybe later will go to reefs at two meters depth depending on how things go and what we find really. But we'll see, we still have a plan C if we have to use it. Hopefully not because that would mean that it's been good here. What are you going to start using? Really nice. My bait to start off with will be Gator Gum, 22cm in the color "smurfen".

I think it's going to work really well with the cloudy weather that we have now. -I've got one now. -Better? Don't loose this one now , if you do I'll push you overboard. I think it's at least 80 cm. It's an upgrade though. It's long and slim This is the advantage of having a net from CWC It's so easy , it just comes off and doesn't get stuck at all.

-It's long and slim. -It's at least 70 cm though. We got another bicycle pump. It's was a grateful addition just now. It striked on a Buster swim. You're favorite. I'm going to put on the same bait as Rostarn is using.

So I can't moan about using a different bait as Roastarn. It's up to me now. It's up to Ridde ruda. -Should we go further out? - I don't think we need to. I missed it, I can't believe it.

That was a proper strike as well. A proper strike is just what you need right now Ridde. Nothing bad about a top 70 cm fish but ..

..I have a feeling that you need to step up your game if you wan't to remain in third place. I thought I'd rig a soft bait so. you can see how it works. This is a Pike Rig XL from Darts... ..that I really like. These shallow screws are rigged with 2/0 trebles and attached with a link of swivels You just grab a fat jig and for this occasion it's a Bullteeze in the color "Snaskarborren". Right in the face and then you just screw it on.

And I put these spikes right here like this. And I tighten this hook a bit and put it here and then I do the same at the other end, straight. Ready for action. Snaskarborren, 24cm Bull Tease.

Absolutely gorgeous. We did a pretty long transfer and ended up outside a bay. And now that we know all the facts, it's a great disappointment. The water looks like chocolate milk.

We're going to try a few cast here and then we're going to leave. It's not possible to fish here. You can see down to 30 cm and the water was really clear on other side from where we came from.. ..and you could see down to a meter. This doesn't look good, not what we had hoped for.

It wasn't like this here yesterday but the wind has blown from the north.. ..and all the dirt from bays has been pushed out in to the lake. It's not easy to keep your chin up when it's as difficult as it is for Sporting at the moment. It's nice. He's really long. Ugly and long.

Nice work Jonas! He's a meter. Håkan hates downsize baits but clearly sometimes it works. Time to measure. He's really long, I can help you Jonas. On a Pig shad Unior. It's a really nice pike.

I would say that it's 99 cm if I hold the fin here. He was in a hurry. I wonder where he was going.

What did we have ? 256 cm? So now we have 276 cm. We need another 90 cm fish. As you can see we have all kinds of things. We have a RAM table.. ..with magnets to put baits and scissors. We have the net holder back there ,we also have one for the sonar. RAM has a wide range of products that are designed for boat people but even for cars and similar things... ..but especially these products work really really well. New for this year is RAMs qick grip wireless charger.

You take your phone, put it in and connect it. No wires to the phone it just charges like this. What the hell. And you're not saying a word either. It's an asp.

A fat bloody asp. I think I'm going to go home to bed. I don't believe this. It's magnificent though.

It is . It's probably one of my biggest asp caught while spin fishing. The asp belongs to the carp family. They are pretty large as you can see and they transition to a fish diet.

You will normally come in contact with them while trolling.. ..but from time to time you get them while spinning. And it's great to catch one. I think he's just over five kilo. This i show a nice fine asp looks like. Roughly five kilos and it striked on a jig.

We're going to put this fantastic fish back in. I can hardly believe this. Sometimes things go well and sometimes they don't.

Is it not swimming. It does but I'm the one that's gutted. I can promise you this, no one else will catch a asp today for sure.

If we have a look at the score board things haven't changed.. ..but Team Upplev are getting dangerously close to jiggar.nu. Sportfiskegiganten have upgraded as well but it's still plenty of time to look for todays points under the surface. Drop anchor. Take it easy.

You can grab the net now, be a bit quicker. It's better. It's big. Second cast.

We've finally got our meter fish now. We have to cut. Always carry nippers with you. This one is big Björn. It's 105 cm. 105 cm of Northern love.

An important thing to think about when you've caught a nice lady like this .. ..is that they're stressed and they could have developed lactic acid. So don't release them straight away. Let them rest in the net until you feel that they're ready to go. So they have time to calm down. If you're fishing for big fish no matter if it's in a competition or not.. ..you have to make make sure that you give yourself time to treat them right. You can't just chuck them back in because...

..unfortunately too many die out there. So be gentle with them. 105 cm Gator Gum , time to let here go back. Another one. It's awesome! It could be an upgrade. We have 69 cm now. Nice work Rostarn! I could feel that I had something on..

..and then he just shot out. It's probably about the same size. I don't think that it is quite that long. It's a bit fatter. That's a three cm upgrade.

We've had a few more 70 cm , that's always something. A little upgrade. When you're out hunting for big ones like we are now it often happens that.. ..well you know how you can look like. I think it's important that you grab hold of the pike properly . This is not to bad but if you drop a fish..

..you can easily hurt the fish. It's better that you get a few small injuries instead of the fish. But for those occasions you have this little pouch from CWC . I've had to use the safety pins plenty of times on Richard to get him to stop talking.

You've got some gauze bandages for more serious injuries. You even have some bandages. There's some soap and wet wipes and plasters. -You should use a plaster. -No I'm going to use some tape instead.

A few layers like this to stop the bleeding so you don't get blood all over the boat. You're absolutely right Rostarn. A First aid kit is always important to have in the boat .. ..when you're out on adventures. These new pike five rods are really brilliant to cast with. We get them specially designed for "Pike Five" and they are built on Toray blanks and equipped with high class components They are really hot and has a really good wing grip, a really nice grip. The best part is that it casts really well.

It's a rod that suits me really well. -It's so small.-Do you need the net? -No. This wont be fun to measure. A hole 57 cm.

A lot of hard work for nothing.. ..but this has a future as well. 57 cm and our third fish. Scary. He will become fat in time as well. I haven't been fat my hole life either. It was a little bit smaller then the last one for sure.

Sport fishing in Sweden is growing really fast.. ... and one of our main sponsors can help you if you're thinking about making a career in this line of business. Today we're out with year three students from the Sport fishing academy fishing for pike on the Klara river. To see if there are any fish who want's to eat before smelt goes up river. If you're a driven sport fishermen and are interested in an education within sport fishing tourism..

..you can find us at forshagaakademin.se You can find information there about our high school education and about our University of Applied Sciences at the school. They like curl tails so Boni should work. We need to nail the next strike. That one looks nice.

-Do we need the net? -No. -You always say no but I don't trust you. -But it doesn't feel big. But it's coming up if it's bigger then 86 cm.

I can feel if it's a big fish or not. I'm not a rookie. I think he's heavy, he looks long. He is long,

It's a 90 cm fish. That's not a bloody small fish. -Was it on a McTail? -No on a Boni Bait. It was "Bogdans" bait that delivered... ..in the color Snaskarborren. It's not as long as yours,95 cm. So , a really nice 95 cm pike. It striked from the front, a proper strike.

You can see how it has scraped the leader here all the way so the bait was stuck in the wrong way in it's mouth. They strike full speed ahead from underneath. The bait was at roughly three and a half to four meters depth when it striked. I was down deeper and reeled in really quickly followed by a reel pause and then..

The nice thing about Bony baits is.. ..the rubber. It's nice and soft but he's made a unusual thing here at the back. He's made a paddle and a curl tail that's combined. It's really unique as far as I know, it's very innovative.

And clearly it works on these beasts. So I'm going to give this one another go, I just have to change the hook. We had to cut the hook that sat the deepest. You just have to use the nippers to cut the hooks. That's the most gentle way and it's goes quickly and smoothly. I have to change the leader as well. In my opinion, when you have had a attrition like this...

..is that it's too much. So this needs to be replaced. Let's see how long he is. I would say that he's 86 cm. He was barely hooked. It's not the pike that's bleeding, it's me.

78 cm. Where do you think the others are Jakob? I don't think that Upplev went to Vänern. I think that Sporting are at Vänern.

But I don't think that Böjda spön are there. Vänern is their home water though. Yes but I don't think they like it that much. Do you reckon we're going to see the Blekinge boys in the blekinge Archipelagoes? It would be the most logical place. Rostarn is the one who always catches a beast.

Out home water is Mälaren and we are not there. Well to be honest is not our home water really. My family is from Norrland so that's why I fish there. My home waters are close to prague so. So we go carp fishing.

Or go fishing for goldfish in a pond somewhere close to some Golf course. It's a bit far to go though. How did we go from guessing where the others are to annoying me? I'm not giving you grief, I can't help that you get offended for your country's sake. Goldfish, carp fishing?! Well that is kind of Czech fish.

You even have it for Christmas, carp. That's our national dish, breaded carp , it's yummy. It's actually not great. It's a bit like lye fish, you stay away from it. I can add fermented fish to that list as well. I can totally agree with you on that one.

Rotten shark is included in that category as well. -Is that Island? -It is. Do you know have they do it? They bury it in the sand ,piss on it and leave it.

And then they dig it up. But they do something similar on Gotland.. ..but with birds instead. That's even worse. We should do that with the cormorant. -We should make it our national dish. -I bet that they stone the birds on Gotland as well.

While we're on the subject about cormorant. There's not a single sport fisherman that likes them. But what Sportfiskarna does is that they help us to regulate the population of cormorant It's also a bird that isn't a natural habitat in our eco system. Sportfiskarna are really helpful in helping us to maintain a better and sustainable fishing. So if you're not a member of Sportfiskarna, do so now. Wise words from our culinary connoisseurs jiggar.nu who's holding on to their lead against Upplev with 10 cm.

Böjda spön has taken the third place from Giganten and Team Sporting have filled their paper. It's now time for the teams to start to deliver if they want a shot at the "top point" of the day. We've got an hour and a half to go.. ..and if we've dropped down a spot.. ..we should be really really happy. It's so difficult to tell. It's been a slow day which you could tell by the lunch report.. ..except for one team which I think is jiggar... ..that's caught three nice ones so I think they've upgraded a bit, a meter fish. The team in second ,which I believe is Upplev have probably got a meter fish as well. So it stands between those two.

As it stands at the moment. We , Sporting and Böjda spön.. ..are fighting about who's going to take the last spot or third place. I hope it's going to be us. It would feel so good to catch a 90 cm fish. Or three. It feels like a 10 kilo pike will take the bait any moment now.

-It could happen. -Of course it can. -As long as we're using the gear. When I was young, which is a really long time ago.. ..my dream was to attend a fishing school. My father was a sailor and sailed all the seven seas and I've always..

..been crazy about fishing and handball so I wanted to go to a fishing or handball high school which wasn't available then. Unfortunately it didn't happen. But today it exist and had I been young once more I would've attended Forshaga Academy. The Forshaga Academy is perfect for sport fishermen.. ...there are so many young people that want's to work within sport fishing There are so many different educations and they are all really good. At Sporting I've had...

..in the last 25 years probably around 200 trainees from the Forsahaga Academy. I think I've hired seven or eight full timers and I've probably had 20 summer workers from there the academy It you're interested in fishing.. ..if it's to be a guide or to work in a store or anything to do with sport fishing. If that's the case you should definitely apply to the Forshaga Academy. I highly recommend it. One of my former employees is a teacher there as well now.

So I recommend the Forshaga academy. Apply now. -Where there's small fish there will be big fish. -True , you needed that one. -Maybe it can gain us a few centimeters. -I don't think so. Yes , it will replace our smallest one.

Well at least it will replace our smallest one and you got a fish so you're in the game. Nice work Stephan! You're plan to do inside the weeds worked. It might even be a hole 57 cm. What a bear.

Today it's small fish rally. But a pike is a pike. 61 cm , time to put her back. It not exactly a fish that makes you go wow .

But a 61 cm pike is so small , it shouldn't really be here. It should be against the law to be that small. Jonas and I are standing here fishing with some really nice rods. My rod is a 220 gram Prorex XR. And it's called sledgehammer.

Fast rod action and it casts like a dream. I would say with most of the soft baits. And even if you're using reel jerks. Whatever you're using it will go far. Really great rods.

It comes with a musky grip. And you should hold a musky grip the way i'm holding it now. In front of the grip and it's important If you hold it like this like on a normal one it's going to hurt eventually, so you're meant to hold it in front. Which is great when you get a counter strike because it gives you that support from behind. 8,8 feet and up to 220 gram.

Exactly ,so check it out. And I'm standing here with a downsize gear. This rod can take between 50 to a 100 gram. It's 8.2 feet long And Daiwa has named it Lazy.

It's perfect for you then. I've got a McRubber on with some weights and stuff. It weighs just over 100 gram but it still casts just as well.

-What a strike!- What a bloody strike! -The net! -I'm coming, I just have to anchor. I don't think it's an upgrade. -He's not decent though? -Yes he definitely is.

He's the biggest one today. It's the longest, I think it's an upgrade. It was magical., what a strike. He's really beefy. Is it an upgrade? He's more then 93 cm.

He's 97 cm. With only 15 minutes to go. I considered McRubber but when I got that one I had to continue.

He really pounced on the bait. So awesome. It's borderline. Every centimeter counts. Well I'm not sure they like me. They didn't plan to strike but then they saw that it was me and felt sorry for me.

Not quite the fish we were hoping for but. What's going on when they strike on yours just by the edge of the boat. They just seem to follow all the way. This one has delivered some now. Don't be so humble Martin, say that it's all in the wrist. Our plan is working out ok.

Maybe not overly happy about the size. He's going down. 83 cm. A double upgrade for the Värmland boys.

Maybe this is the turning point, but time is running out and the lunch report isn't far off. I can't imagine that this is just a summer hang out. I think they're here when they're here.

That must be the most stupid thing that I've said in a long time. So you mean when they're not here , they're not here. I always say to my wife, think first and talk later. I didn't apply that in this case. You're not practicing what you preach in other words.

That was horrible. But it's good that they're not here when they're not here. We've had one strike. But it was "the strike" so it's a good thing.

But it's hard to concentrate at times. Since it's so busy at the moment.. ..if 95 cm is enough? I think and I'm convinced that it's enough for top three. We just need three fish up. It's not a guarantee safe top five is a guarantee safe. I think it's enough for top two. I'm really happy with the result.

I think we're going to win with what we've got. I hope you're right. Our five longest gives us 465 cm.

-That's not too bad. -I think it's a good result for a competition. This is unbelievable, we've been all over the place the hole day. And just now at the end..

..we stoped at a spot that we'd fished at and really believed in. The only thing we've got is a few small ones. We didn't bother today but then we decided to return for one last go and this Madame came up. It's fantastic. Was it hooked well? It did but it got loose in the net.

I'm going to give you a hand now because we can't mess around. We need to have time to measure it. What a bloody beast! Two beasts in one. The beast of a pike that Rostarn just caught...

..is really sensitive.. ..and shall definitely go back. When you're performing a catch and release you should always take great care of the fish. A pike sling from CWC.. ..that we're going to be using when we weigh them and a really great unhooking mat that's nice and soft. Don't forget to soak it all.

We're going to weigh this madame now. 111 cm pure beast. You really know pike fishing Rostarn. What a bloody beast!

It weighs 10,8 kg. -What a beast. -It's a proper beast. It's so awesome. Really super awesome. Finally.

It's always you Rostarn , a fine madame right at the end. Just a few seconds before the report, and a 10 kilos got to see the inside of the boat. A huge congrats to Sportfiskegiganten The first fishing day has come to a close and it's time to deliver the first points in "Pike five" 2021. Let's see if we're going to fall backwards or. -Do you reckon we have the biggest pike? -Yes I do.

Let's have a look, to see who we're going to congratulate. -I think we're gong to congratulate jiggar. -No , I think it will be Upplev. Team jiggar.nu held on tight to first place on this first day of fishing... ..and takes home the five pointer for their 295 cm. Upplev wasn't far behind with their three pike with a combined 291 cm.. ..and are rewarded with four points. Team Sportfiskegiganten increased their score from 218cm to an amazing 260 cm .with their 111 cm pike, which puts them back in to third place ahead of Böjda Spön and Sporting. If we take a look at the "Big three" point , Giganten is in the lead.. ..but that could all change when the teams three longest fish from all of the days will be put together. ..before the "big three" point is handed out at the end of the competition. I told you.

They beat us by 4 cm. We're still in second place. That's good.

Giganten in third. -111 cm with Buster swim. -Nice work. Giganten has 111 cm. What an awesome fish.

9 cm from giganten. Giganten as always. And then we've got Böjda with 86 cm and 83 cm so 251 cm .So we beat them by 9 cm. Giganten are going to be dangerous as they always are. They've got themselves a really nice fish there.

And at an absolute last place , 50 cm less that everyone else, is Team Sporting. They're the worst of the day. A big congrats to the ones who's caught nice fish. It's great for giganten. 111 cm and it might even weigh over 10 kg . Jiggar has done well as well.

So they're pretty even. Only 4 cm between first and second place. What's good about this for us is that it can't get any worse. Congratulations jiggar for the win today. We're going to beat you tomorrow. We've got new plans for tomorrow. New starting spot tomorrow.

New water. Don't miss it. I'm really happy now.

We're off to eat some food now. Take care! Don't miss our next exiting episode when day two begins. Please subscribe to our youtube channel and Tackleshop productions on Instagram and Facebook. My name is Lubbe Pytel and see you next week.

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