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Ladies and gentlemen, a warm welcome back to "Pike five" 2021. Our Teams are facing a new day with new opportunities on their chosen waters. The points ahead of day two looks like this. Jiggar.nu took the 5 pointer ahead of team Upplev that had to settle with 4 points.

Team Sportfiskegiganten stole the 3 pointer ahead of Böjda Spön who got 2 points and Sporting got 1 point. Day two can commence after some obligatory duties. (Singing happy birthday).... Happy Birthday Sweetheart. We're going out fishing now so daddy can win "Pike five".

Bye bye! "Pike Five" 2021 is presented by... Welcome to episode three, day two for us. Today we're going to fish.. ..about the same as yesterday but at a new water. We're going to focus on areas with currents and backwaters. The pike like to congregate there to eat.

Let's fish. First cast. We've travelled far today. We're far out on the lake..

..and we've found a reef area here.. ..at around three to four meters that we're going to be fishing at today. After yesterdays great disappointment theres only.. ..one way for us to go and that's to go big or go home. So our aim is to catch a beast today. We're leaving the weeds for the time being even though we know that there's fish there.. ..because they don't want to strike. So we're going to be concentrating on reef fishing now. We're sitting here.. ..scanning the area to see if the bait fish is still here. So we can hunt for the pike that's around this area.

So far it doesn't look good but.. ..we're going to find them as we always do. Here they come. Here's the first shoal. Where there's a shoal of bait there's pike. Because they need food of course. We finished the last episode really well.

That's for sure. The first 10 kg pike in the history of "Pike five". We just have to catch another one. This guy is so hot. I think it's your turn today Ridde.

I'm not hot at all and I haven't been for the last four years. And the worst bit is that I'm getting worse. But the last episode.. ..was amazing. Rostarn as always with only 10 minutes to go.

And get that monster of a pike. Did you have a strike just now? It's a bit special... ..when it's a bit deeper and when they come in high speed from the bottom and just strike like there's no tomorrow. Today we need..

..100 cm or more and.. ..a hole lot of luck. Jiggar and Upplev set the standard yesterday. We don't now where they're at but they've got good fishing and that's what we need as well. We know that they are here, that's the thing. Martin, promise me one thing..

..not two meters from the boat.. ..give them four meters at least. can you help me with my hoodie. -Did you have a follower? -I had the bait like this. That's what I'm saying, let's fish by the boat instead. We've found a new location.. ..because there's a lack of wind as you can see. So the spot that we're focusing on now.. ..we have a line of current that comes out. Where the water flow is greater...

..that in turn creates large backwaters on both sides of the current. That's where we're convinced that the fish congregate. Both the baitfish and the pike that comes there to eat. So we're going to focus on fishing at these backwaters and the deeper grooves...

..that's connected to the current and towards the shore as well. We think that they will strike. A top tip when you're fishing ..don't be afraid to add some lead. A lot of the time I try to .. ..position the bait almost at the edge of the current. Let it glide along and work the bait outwards. Just by the edge of the current is where they tend to strike.

It feels small. It doesn't matter if it's 73 cm.. ..it's a fish on the paper. It feels heavier now. It's small. It's small, if I can lift it. I have to say though that it feels so good to get a fish up on the boat.

This is a place that we've believed in, in theory. Because of the lack of wind we've had to find alternatives to the places that we know better. So we needed water with currents and this place looked good on the map. So we came here to pre fish just to map out the depth really.

So it feels great that we got fish, a confirmation that maybe we're on the right track to finding something. -Of course we are. - I hope so. What the hell do we do now? How?? I was about to soak it for the pike and it just.. It's 6,4 meters deep here. I'm not swimming. I can't even get down that deep.

For real?! I think we have to prey. I think that we have decals in the car. We have to find some bloody solution. Nice work Björn! The summer pike. We found a measuring decal in the boat.. ..because we don't have a measuring board. -Measure it because I think that we have decals in the boat.

In the car you mean. Do I look surprised?! It's approved. A small one. It does say bicycle pump on the decal.

For real Björn, for real! This is so typical you as well. -It's not. -It is! -No it's typical of you. -You have no self awareness. -Are you kidding me?! Hold on to that one now. I have a personal greeting to Jonas Milton. I asked him to send us two decals..

..he sent us four. Thank you Jonas. A nightmare scenario that could've costed jiggar.nu a lot of fishing time.. ..if it hadn't been for Milton and team Upplev. The first fish of the day has been caught.. ..and it's going to be interesting to see if the shift in weather will be an advantage or dissadvantage for the team. Things are happening on Team Sporting as well. It's small. A small one counts for a lot today. A small reef pike, it didn't react a lot so at first I thought it was weed.

But it shouldn't be any weed out here so I got a bit confused. We're out on the middle of the lake after all with 70 cm depth out on the sides. He's going back to his beloved reef and let's hope for a bigger one. And a little clip from darts.

Perfect reef combo. It's a "Carolina Grynning." That's the next years color. It's small so no need. It's a fighter but that's cool It's a fighter hunt.

That might mean that they're hungry so we have to keep going. We got another small reef pike . A skinny one , he's probably smaller then the fat one. But it doesn't matter , we'll take all of them today. Not ideal but it's more then we got yesterday so they all count.

I like to throw them in head first so they get a push in to the cold water, and they're off straight away. It's a tip that I got from a guy who does that. Like a rocket. Thanks for the tip Tobbe. Black , blue and transparent. It's a perfect color for this overcast and rainy weather. Let's see if we can catch an old Lady.

We got one here! The first of the day. Is it here?- Yes but it's not big. He's really spinning.

-We have to add him anyway. -Yes he's not big but it's the first of the day at least. -Did the strike feel small as well? -No it was a proper strike. Look how tangled up he is.

This is when you see the importance of a long leader. We're using a Darts fluorocarbon leader. It's 60 cm long. A lot of the customers in our store buy leaders that are too small.

When they start doing head spins and it goes inside. Had he done one more spin the line could've gone inside the mouth and the leader could've broke. ..or everything could've broke. This type of fishing is not for everyone.

What's happening? Is he on? I'm not sure what this is. Is it super tiny maybe? No, now it's happening. It's swimming at 180 km upwards. He's really small. He might be slightly bigger then yours. He's better then we thought. Or? I think it's a 80 cm fish.

I'm not use to that the net moves so freely in the water. He wanted that one. He striked on the drop again. He's bigger then yours. I agree with you Jonas, this net is really great...

..with the big net mesh. Let's catch a bigger one now Jonas. He's a fighter, go ahead and grow bigger. Upplev are starting to gain speed.. ..and are not far behind Team Sporting who's in the lead this morning. The fight to fill the paper is well on it's way for the teams. You can cast all over to the other side of the lake with the Layy Jerk..

It feels like a hot bait when you're... ..fishing over large areas in search for fish. You can cast it fast and freely. It's a grateful bait. Even I can use it. You just have to reel and look happy.

Maybe that's why it's called Lazy Jerk. You can show them the Lazy Jerk and all our cool colors. Come closer.

The color I'm starting with today is a Punkargojan. I'm keeping it because the color of the water is pretty muddy. It has a yellow fluorescent belly with a bit of UV color. Really cool color. It's painted by Svartzonker.

It's his color for "Pike five". Smurfen.. ..created by ULM Snaskargösen Really gorgeous with a great natural color with a lot of glitter. Painted by Eastfield.

We've got Blodlaken, painted by Mangeboy. Also really cool. It's got a fluorescent belly as well. You can see it really well in the water, especially in muddy water. Last but not least. Motorulven, painted by Wolfcreek.

It's the color that's delivered the best fishing for us. During the pre fishing and the competition itself. Really great baits, you won't be disappointed. The wind has changed from northeast to southeast. It's become a lot milder but if we should complain about something it's that the wind has died down.

You can't have it all. It's more pleasant today then it was to fish yesterday. And the fact that we can drive around to many different locations. There's a reef out there.. ..that we could fish at if we don't get anything here. But this is a huge area. The clothing that we're wearing are from vision.

It's a super nice gear that keeps you... ..dry in all weathers. It has the same material as you would find in waders. And you're standing in water with those ones without getting wet.

So when it's a little rainy like this.. ..you just wash them off with the pressure hose when you get home. That's the best part. Still dry underneath but maybe I shouldn't recommend anyone to use the pressure hose. If we could just figure out what the pike are up to today? We need to do something...

..to give us new hope. -Should we try in there? -We might as well. We're just about to make a bigger transfer. We're going to change location. We really believed in this spot but.. ..something isn't quite right today. We've fished both shallow and deep First fish of the day.

It's not a beast but.. ..it was very welcoming because we've been at it for a few ours now. He striked at around eight to ten meters depth. What a nice fish. If it's down to it's pelagic living or. It's got what is called a leapards belly. It's barely hooked so we only have one shot.

It was hooked on all three. It looked like it was just stuck on the outer hook. -Continue to be on fire. -Well I have to be something after losing the measuring board. It's the same gator that was hot yesterday, it's hot today as well.

It's rigged with a 14 gram pear lead. It's got a really nice gold sparkle that sparkles a lot. Two on paper, the first hour has gone. It's nice to have one more with all the messing This one was a little but better but they need to get a little bit bigger if we want to be in the game. But it's always nice to get a confirmation. Two fish in one hour, that's ok. If we can keep that going we should have a few at the end of the day.

We have to go through a few small ones before we get the big ones. That's often the case. I didn't do a proper counter strike. Out teams continue to fight despite the fact that the pike are not quite interested. And in between the strikes it's always nice to listen to general shit chat.. ..between sport fishermen that in one way or another leaves a mark on us fishermen. It's nice with some hot coffee in shitty weather like this.

But it doesn't matter because they're active today. It can be shitty weather as far as I'm concerned. I can dry off when I get home. I'm going to catch a beast now. I'm going to do a Pierre Monjarret...

Not like Rostarn who does a.. Last cast boom, that's Rostarn. He's the king when it comes to that. He's done it so many times in both "Perch five" and "Pike five". "Is it big? No it's not.." 10,8 kg. He's a bloody hero.

He's my idol. Rostarn is a 150 year old man hiding in a 40 year old body. He's so old-fashioned that it's scary. He is the synonym for a reactionary. That's Rostarn , but we still love him. You ready? Nice work man! We got it! It's fat as well but it's not a meter fish.

It came up behind the bait and just went.. It has really swalowed the bait. It's not a beast but it's a better fish.

We really needed it. It's nice to get a fish like this after yesterdays fiasco. It striked it at the back, Håkan Fransson style with the blue tip in it's mouth. It's really long. 102 cm, a nice fish.

It feels like we've found a good spot here now. We're just drifting over a really big plateau. With a lot of stones and it goes up and down This one striked five meters under the boat. And we changed the bait to a McHybrid. 10 gram sinker at the nose.

It makes it go like this. Awesome fishing team Sporting who has filled their paper and then some. And are now in the lead this morning because of it. You've seem to have found the recipe for the day and your water. It's been tougher today but we've caught some fish at least.

-We need one more. -It's better then yesterday but at lest we can fill the paper. I get so pissed off and angry! I nailed the counter strike perfectly. You clearly didn't. It doesn't matter Jonas, just keep on going. It's funny, even with all these hooks they don't get caught. Small? No, he's not too small.

It's an upgrade. What a bloody strike. He's probably no a beast but.. ..he's our third fish. It's 70 cm. This is a really awesome thing BFT hookout.

It's got teeth in both upper and lower grip. It gets a good grip on the hooks. Most of the other pliers doesn't have that.

Really good pliers. Can you please just lure every pike you now that are really large, especially the ones over 10 kg over to us. If you see a really fat Madame out there.. ..bring her over because we want to say hi. We're going to be really nice to her. We'll se if Miltons message will reach the recipient..

..but at the moment team Sporting has managed to get catch the biggest pike.. ..with the combined weight of 272 cm. A bit ahead of team Upplev in second place followed by jiggar.nu. Böjda spön are fighting with just one fish on paper... ...and team sportfiskegiganten still haven't managed to catch their first fish of the day. Hi I'm Krister from the sport fishing academy. Today we're out on vänern fishing for pike... ..which is one of the things we do here on this education. The sport fishing Academy is a school with a three year high school education or a two year higher vocational training.

It's a perfect education if you like sport fishing but also if you'd like to work within sport fishing tourism.. ..or sport fishing biology. So welcome to us if you like to fish and would like to work with what you dream of. You've attended the Forshaga academy Rostarn. Did you like it? Yes, it was great.

I always say that's one of the best two years of my life. Did you become any wiser? I think so. It's the type of eduction that becomes what you make of it. And part of the educaton is practical work... ..where you have all the opportunities... ..to choose something that you think.. ..that you're going to enjoy. Then you have a great chance of getting in that way.

Is it a good education to choose? If you're interested in sport fishing I definitely think you should. What's you're favorite food. You can choose three dishes. I'm not a hater of food so it's hard to choose. But you got three dishes which gives you a bit to choose from. What makes your mouth water? -Pan fried burger? -That is nice.

Panfried pork loin with onion gravy. That can't be your first choice... ..of top three dishes. I think burgers are so bloody nice. That's what I'm saying ,it's hard to choose. -Are you hungry? -Yes. -Meatballs are nice as well. -For sure.

With cream gravy. Pork steak as well, with a lot of butter. It's time to change hooks on this bait . I can feel that they're not as sharp.. ...and it's always better to change a hook one time too many then not. There's nothing more annoying then to.. .. loose a big fish because you haven't make sure that the hooks are ok. And for that I'm using a BFT suspension plier that's really great to work with.

It has to go fast and easy when you change hook. It's got a good grip at the nose which makes it easy to change hooks. The reefs well it's a pretty large area but we could focus on the areas on the outside. Down there? It goes around all the way in to the bay.

Because I got some in between the shore.. ..and the inside. I've only got some on the outside outside the buoy. My head is spinning right now.

My head is spinning a lot because we don't have much time left to go. And to stand here with just one fish, not that it matters but we want to perform better then this. A lot of it is about choosing the right spot.

At the moment there is no wind at all. The hole lake is dead calm. We might be able to get more wind on the other side So we're going to change latitude to see if we can get a little breeze. That's a good thing when you're fishing at your home water, you have different spots to choose from. We have one more hour to go before the report. We have made a 35 minute transfer because as you can see it's getting windy.

And that's what's needed for this place. We're going to spend the rest of the day here most likely. Move between the reef tops and deliver the big ladies.

That's the plan. And we know what happens to yours and my plans. They're there to be changed. That's right. Depending on what's going to happen today.

Fish deep. We could always fish shallow and leeward as well. No ,but fish deep and try to locate them.

We need at least one big lady here today... ..that can help us with "top three".. ..and to make sure that we're in the game. And that's what we're going to get here. I got one there! It was so fast. I didn't feel a hook or anything..look.

That wasn't there before. Along the hole side. Oh well, six hours. I can stand here and do the same cast for six hours, it doesn't matter. It will be back.

It's not overly long but it raises us a bit. Maybe it won't raise us, maybe by one centimeter. Here we have it. A nice pike. Not sure if it's going to raise us or not. It's a bit fitter though.

No, what did we have? -84cm and 86 cm. -He's 85 cm. It raised us a hole one centimeter. But it was the small one that sat at the edge here. We still have faith.

The McHybrid is good. It's not a bad thing with the pear lead at the nose, it stands with the nose downwards ,it rattles like mad. We're out on the open lake, fishing and enjoying ourselves out here in the shitty weather. The last spot held a lot of fish and we're hoping that this spot will do the same. It resembles the previous one.

For the lakes to be able to offer good fishing and to hold big population of fish.. ..it's important to have water management. That's the work that Sportfiskarna are doing. Constantly and always behind the scenes. The only thing you have to do to support and help them, is to become a member.

So I would like to urge all my friends, the ones that are watching the show, our supporters, customers, the lot. If you're fishing, join Sportfiskarna now. The greater the number, the stronger our voice will be heard. And strongest team on the scoreboard is Sporting who has upgraded a centimeter as well. Team upplev are also in need of an upgrade and they're doing a.. I 'm using a spinning reel at the moment.

What a strike. He was going for it. -That must've been a big fish.-As per usual. -Was it a proper strike?-Did you not hear the rod crack.

What was it he wanted? McTail? No , this one. -He just grabbed the hole lot. -BullTeez. If you're like Jonas and I .. ..and have nice boats you want some accessories to put.. ..the sonar.. ..mobiles and other gear that you've brought along. And must of all that it's secure. RAM Mounts have a lot of great products .

For example, right here I've attached my IPilot link remote. I like to have it here so I can stand here and play around with it instead of around my neck. But it's what you prefer. It's properly attached, no problem The sonar is also attached to what's called a..

..D ball, the biggest ball with a short arm. It super steady so the sonar wont move around when you're travelling on rough water. And we've got a Go pro camera thats attached down here, which is also secured to an arm. And we've got six rod holder mounts. And I have RAMs rod holders to go with them. There are lots of products, just go in to RAM Mounts and have a look. They have a nice website where you can check out their hot products.

-RAM Mount, right Jonas?! -It's really awesome. Should we make a move? This was a nice place. We found some bait fish. We found a few smaller ones but it wasn't really hot. We're going to search for..

..more places that holds fish. We want bait fish and pike. -We always want pike. We want pike and we need to fins bait fish to catch pike. We have to get a moment where there will be more pike.

It has been slow fishing for several of the teams and a transfer can be a good idea in those situations. And it's in those transfers that things can go wrong. Ridde ruda tells us. Those of you who've been watching "Perch five" and "Pike five" knows how clumsy we can be at Sportfiskegiganten. We hit rocks and set out on dangerous missions. Our boat is insured with Svedea.

That always has great offers. For example they don't have double deductibles during the winter season. Which a lot of the other insurance companies have.

And most of all.. ..they support Sportfiskarna. They give the participants of "Pike Five" 2021 five percent off on their premium. Lubbe is here with his drone. We've had a few tips about this area but we haven't been fishing here ourselves. It looked good on the Pro card and from the tips that we got..

..there was supposed to be a lot of vegetation at the bottom but.. ..there is not one single plant here. Just sand and a little tiny bit off greens at the bottom. So I think that all the vegetation has disappeared from here. This was a gamble and we like them but.. ..maybe this was too much of a gamble. We've driven a really long distance with the car.. ..and have positioned ourselves in a completely different location because of it. We don't really have another.. Well there are plenty of places but there's a lot of shallow areas.

And that's not really our cup of tea. But we just have to fish around these islands out here. And hope that there's three nice quality pikes there. It feels a little bit hopeless because we haven't had any action here but.. ..we're fishing in a lake that doesn't deliver plenty of fish. We know what can happen, which we saw yesterday.

This was not what we had in mind. We had imagined a bay full of weeds like we had yesterday. A mega bay where we could just stay at and work it. There is nothing here. And no fish either for that matter. It could've been that it's been really windy and that it's blown everything away.

But we would've seen masses of it just floating around in there. It's not far to go now before the lunch report. Just a few minutes remain to catch the important centimeters. Böjda Spön has just made a transfer, what's the situation like at your water Karl? Look at the water. It wasn't any better at my side. Look at the water.

I can see it. It's filled with vegetation. I'm not sure but it probably has something to do with the temperature when it's still so hight. I think it's because of the amount of phytoplankton. A lack of zooplankton that eats phytoplankton.

And that the water is too warm. That's when it's shallow and muddy. I think it's just on the surface. Let's hope so.

This might not be big but it's the third one at least. That got my pulse going. One minute to go.. ..and we've got a third one at least. And I nailed this one.

It wasn't the one I was after at this spot but.. It's still the same type of strike. It's perfect for when it's cloudy like this.

The last fish with only one minute to go Let's look at the report. The first half of the fishing day is over.. ..and finally a filled paper for team jiggar.nu who are now in third place with their 228 cm.. ..after Team Upplevs 233 cm that holds on to their second place. But they couldn't touch the episodes best, team Sporting. In the next episode will see if they can manage to upgrade, if it's necessary to hold on to first place.

Böjda spön are entering next week episode with one fish on paper.. While Sportfiskegiganten has to search for their first fish. The results from the lunch report may change the teams decisions and strategies ahead of the afternoon.. ..but they won't know which result belongs to what team. -We're in the lead. -Sporting are in the lead. But none of them will guess that we're in the lead. They all think that we got none, but it's Giganten who's got none.

And Böjda Spön has caught one with a viper. Upplev 2nd and jiggar 3rd. -We're in the game.-We're in the lead so of course we are. It's not enough though. It looks like it's pretty tough fishing today.

I think we should fast forward past episode three.. ..and move on to episode four instead. Let's see. Team one , 102 cm. McHybrid and then 86 cm and 85 cm. I think Böjda is in the lead. It could be.

With 273 cm ,that's nice work. That's a 102. Team two.. ..has 233 cm That's us. Ones again, it's unbelievable.

We're in 2nd place with our crappy fish. Team four has 77cm. We have 40 cm less then team one. Team three.. ..we're in third place. I'm surprised that we're in third place because I think that we had a pretty bad result really.

Team five Zero. I know exactly how you feel.. ..I haven't had a strike in the last two episodes. All of them with a McHybrid? Yes ,from team one. Log in and watch episode four. That's when we're going to upgrade like.. I'm telling you In the next episode we're going to change things a around.

100% and I promise you that we will.. We're going to change things around and.. ..we're going to make it happen in the next episode. See you then. Don't miss next weeks encounters.. .when day two comes to a close and important points are handed out. Please subscribe to out youtube channel and follow tackle shop productions on Instagram and Facebook.

My name is Lubbe Pytel and you've been watching "Pike five" 2021.

2021-05-08 12:05

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