Gaelynn Lea's St Patrick's Day Zoom Concert! [Live Concert | Week #52, Pt. 2]

Gaelynn Lea's St Patrick's Day Zoom Concert!   [Live Concert | Week #52, Pt. 2]

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hi mary, as well as Helen. I'm sorry I didn't see  you there.... Nice to see you! Thanks for coming   you guys if anyone decides they want to eventually  be seen on camera raise their hand and i will   uh eventually get you situated hey paul can  i have my phone sorry to bother you thank you and then we're good! cool  this is watch the world unfold okay so so a flower you feel more just like a weed driving  through driving through where you were going back   the windshield's always dirty and you never get to  see what makes you think this will ever get better   what makes you think you deserve to know who are  you really are you so important take the lift watch the world watch the world you need advice need advice you  have no clue what you're doing   moral compositing spinning an identity   there's so many opinions and  they're all a little different   and the outlook's getting dim what makes  you ever think there what makes you think   you deserve to know who are you really are  you so important take a look around and watch watch the world unfold watch the world fun you feel more just let go there you go um hey polly i have a question i  forgot to press turn on original sound it's in   the top corner so any of you could do that it's  all the way up to the left yep just press the   turn on original sound there you go cool okay let  me know if that sounds alright i um so that is   watch the world unfold and oh and then one more  thing paul i'm gonna need your help in between   songs because i can't move um at the top see that  person with their hand up in the corner over here here's paul by the way um see right over in  the corner there's like a little yellow hand   yep um go down to see where that lady is up one  more right where her yellow hand is gretchen   yep and press more and promote to panelists  yep cool okay so gretchen is now a panelist   so you can be seen on camera so uh i'm very glad  that you guys decided to join me today um this   next tune is um probably one of my favorite  irish fiddle tunes it's called swallowtail   jig it's one of the first that i learned and so  i would play it at celtic dances we did a lot of   um kaylie's i guess is another word for it or  there was you know the traditional dances where   you have a big group of people and i would be  in the band and we would play this song like   for 20 minutes straight it felt like and so  by the end your hand would be falling off but   it is a fun one to loop and when i loop it  i picture basically like a boat on the water   um it's like a kind of a melancholy  melody so this is swallowtail jig cool here we go so so so so so foreign so so so so there you go that is swallowtail jig  it's a favorite irish tune of mine   um and super classic but you can rework it with  a looping pedal which has been a very fun part   of the musical journey if you're a musician  and you haven't tried looping i would highly   recommend it because it's just a lot of fun  so um the next tune i'm going to do is called   let it go but not let it go from frozen uh let  it go that i wrote many years ago a year before   frozen came out in fact so i don't know and  then later in frozen two they came out with   lost in the woods which is another name  of one of my songs but i also wrote before   the frozen movie came out so i don't know what  is with our like brain synergies or something   for naming songs but that is a weird thing  that's happened twice now so this is let it go then i'll do a couple more cheesy jokes if anyone has a cheesy joke that they  would like to share feel free to put it   in the chats uh always is appropriate  of course but i'm always open for new   ones maybe it's one of the ones i googled  earlier this week so who knows here we go do   foreign when the smoke clears when the dust settles   where do you go who do you know when  the damage is done and it blasts out   the sun to whom do you run to whom do you  run let yourself let it go the urge to help   yourself let it go you carry when the bitterness creeps in  how do you keep it under control   from robbing your soul let yourself let it yourself okey dokey so that is let it go thank you uh  thanks for listening um that's tune is like maybe   this second song i ever wrote it was an early one  um i see a new human has arrived and i'm wondering   if anyone wants to be on camera if you want to  be able to be shown at the top of the screen   to see all the other people raise your hand with  that little raised hand feature and i will let you   in um otherwise i'm going to do a couple  of jokes well well i see if anyone wants oh   somebody said this person is better  than the frozen version that's good   thank you that's very kind of you hey  paul there's one other person to let in   it's michael kieran up on the  top the little hand figure people maybe move the headphones that's  probably why they're making   making it mess up ooh do not end meeting scary click um cancel for that and then there you go  yeah um nope uh more yep and then make panelists   there we go cool thank you sweet michael's  in if anyone else changes their mind   i'll ask again in a few songs so here we go   a couple couple cheesy jokes for you st patrick's  day themed what do you call an irish spider patty longlegs i know they're technically not  spiders but i don't care i still liked it um   uh what do ghosts drink on saint patrick's day  booze get it um why shouldn't you iron a four-leaf   clover you might press or look okay i'm going to  leave more for the future these beautiful jokes   and i'm going to do an irish tune called boys  of blue hill but first andrew has a joke why   did the leprechaun change his shirt after lunch  because he'd been wearing the top of the morning   oh he's been okay good job thank you andrew anyone  else have jokes they can put him in the chat   i'm a big fan of that idea so i see uh gail  harry you just arrived and it's so nice to   see you guys if you decide after this song but  you want to be up on the camera just raise your   hand and i'll have paul make you a panelist  um so here we go this is boys of blue hill this is definitely irish i introduced  it as english one time at a show   in ireland which was a big mistake and  they the whole audience was like whoa   you could hear like audible growling noise  and i was like oh my gosh what did i just do   and then after the show most of them in the  audience came up to tell me all the origins   of like the origin stories of that song so it  is not english it is irish boy is a blue hill uh so so so there you go this is boy is a blue hill  traditional irish tune that i really like   playing it's kind of hard to be in a bad mood  when you're listening to that song in my opinion   it's a happy one um now i'm gonna let's see  maybe i'll do a couple of jokes because then   i'm gonna plummet us into despair so don't  want to do that with jokes right afterwards so this one why do we wear  shamrocks on st patrick's day because real rocks would be too heavy um what  do you call a leprechaun with a sore throat a   strepricon uh let's see if there's any one other  good ones i don't want to give them all away so   i'm going to save a few okay so this is someday  we'll linger in the sun it's the song i entered   into the tiny desk contest if anyone wants to be  on camera again raise your hand and i can have   paul let you in as a panelist otherwise here we go  this is someday we'll linger in the sun oop i see   a hand polly yeah it's megan at the top of there  with the yellow hand cool people like speculate   whether or not you're real by the way in the more  section paul because somebody oh somebody told me   yep that they are like i wonder if paul's  actually real cause all you ever see is his hand   there you go but you are actually real okay here  we go this is someday we'll linger in the sun so it seemed a lie and i love you and i love you it was the most scared i've ever  been you held my hand until the end and i love you and i love you don't tell me we've got time  the subtle season of life it slips away when nearly too tight to carry and i love you and i love you and i love you and i love you foreign there you go um that is someday we'll linger in  the sun um i'm gonna do another uh we're like a   little over halfway through this set i'm gonna do  a traditional irish fiddle tune now because this   is the saint patrick's day theme show although  our house i guess we have sheep in the background   we don't have any like decorations except for  christmas decorations i realized today and so we   have sheep so i think that's okay we're covered  for our decor but i'm wearing the only green   piece of clothing i own so that's another thing  i don't have enough green apparently so this tune   is called south wind it's a waltz i love irish  waltzes i think they are beautiful and i could   just play a whole set of them someday maybe  but this is one of my favorite ones south wind i'm gonna need some more jokes i think so if  anyone has any just put them in the chat because i   only have like two left i think i blew my wad too  early in the show so here we go this is southwind so you um so so there you go that is um my oh that is  my rendition of south wind so there is   a um another joke here in the chat by andrew  how did the irish folk musician evade the cops   she gave them the swift jig so thank you for that  i appreciate the jokes um if anyone else wants to   come on camera just raise your hand and i will  see your little hand pop up and i can put you in   as a panelist or paul ken i guess um otherwise  let's see what's up on the list next oh this   one so this is the sing-along song bird song  i figured since i can actually see some of you   um at least you can be singing at home and  i can sort of feel like i've been doing this   song on youtube which is fine and it's fun  to do but i can never see anyone singing at   home so hopefully you'll sing along with me i'm  going to teach you how it goes so this is a song   that is a duet so i'm going to start the  loop and then we're going to come in together   and we're gonna sing this line twice i mean  you'll have to stay muted because otherwise   uh technological disaster will ensue but at  least i'll see your mouths moving hopefully so   we're gonna come in and sing this together  twice we're gonna sing bird why do you sing fate has clipped your wings so the words are  bird why do you sing fate has clipped your   wings and you're going to actually keep singing  that same line over and over again until the   end of the song when we end together um and  then i'm going to do a bunch of other stuff   at different points of the song so do we want  to practice it at home once before we do the   the real version so let's sing  it together bird why do you sing face has clipped your wings cool okay so it's pretty easy uh so  this is birdsong and it is on the it's like   the third song i ever wrote i think i did  it on the murder of crow's album imperfecta   with alan sparhawk and he was the duet part and  then when i started touring i missed playing it   so i figured out how to make the audience into  ellen sparhawk for this song so here we go so why do you sing has flipped  your wings there why do you sing you make me feel make me feel so free  like i just came awake not afraid   to be you make me feel like a bird in the  sky fly round and round and i can't fall down   you make me feel make me feel so free  like i just came awake not afraid to be you make me feel like a bird in the sky   you make me feel make me feel so free  like i just came awake not afraid to be   you make me feel like you're burning the  sky fly running round and i can't fall down   you make me feel make me feel so free  like i just came awake got a phrase cool thank you so much for singing with me i saw  some of you singing along which is awesome so   um thank you for doing that i miss doing that  show in a live setting but soon i mean not soon   maybe eventually we'll be back to that but this  is a pretty awesome alternative so thank you um   i have a couple more tunes  for you anyone got a joke   andrew's been doing all the work on the  joke gathering let me see if i have one here   i'm gonna do one at a time so i don't waste them  all what does a leprechaun call a man wearing   green a green giant okay this is i wait uh it's  a song i wrote about disability rights and um   and how we need to make sure that people with  disabilities are included at all levels of   decision making in our society basically so um yes  and um it's on my 2018 album learning how to stay   and i'm trying to think what else i don't  know it's a it's my like one song but it's   very specifically about something specific  and it's about disability rights so here we go it's nice to see you guys  on here thanks for coming can you see me way in the back here  i've been waiting i've been waiting   in line it's been a long time can't get no  service still i'm hoping i am hoping for a sign   that one day things will change  and we can finally take our place   that history won't forget us or try  to minimize our pain and so why wait and so i wait did you know that when i get angry i  breathe my ear i can burn this place down   you may not realize all of the small ways i  am now welcome but just take a look around so everybody knows that you need a place to go   and living isn't easy if you've  been singing reach your home state i may seem angry so please forgive me but i am  still not free in this society how long must we   keep fighting for our right to be living wrongs  over two for writing we're a bit too far given so if you hear them make claims of progress   take a good bird and see who isn't there we  need a seat now at the table so please invite us there you go that is i wait thank you thanks  for listening and being here um if anyone else   wants to be visible in the screen raise your  hand i know we had a couple of new people come   on in so if you want to be showing up at the top  with everybody else um raise your hand otherwise   i am going to keep going oh this is oh  danny boy so in case you didn't know   i included in the eventbrite and also in the  zuma link to download the lyrics i'm not going   to sing this one but i figured you might want to  sing with my via win for or danny boy because it   is saint patrick's day theme party so if you feel  like singing along help yourself to the lyrics and   sing away otherwise um this  is just an instrumental one oh wait joke from mary did you hear that ireland  is the fastest growing country it's always dublin   i love cheesy jokes i don't know why i  like them so much but i do okay here we go so do so me   bye there you go um that is oh danny  boy uh mixed in with i know a   scottish song in the middle i'm sorry  about that but i needed a transition   to lower the looping pedal so um this is coming  up on the last song here this is gonna be a   scottish song that is much loved in  ireland so i just call it celtic because   if you pick a side you always get in trouble  wherever you are so this is gonna be the parting   glass this is the last song that we're gonna  end on paul's gonna grab us a beer i think right   yay we're gonna uh pint uh get a little bit of  guinness here and do a toast but let me first tell   you another bad joke this is very important um  how can you tell if a potato is not from ireland   when it's a french fry um let's see if there's  any other ones i missed um oh yeah this was my   favorite one i'm glad i didn't skip it what's  irish and stays out all night patio furniture   so cheesy but i love it so much  uh yep i think that might oh   well this one's really bad but i'm gonna do it  anyways when does a leprechaun cross the road   when it turns green so anyways uh let's do a  toast before the last tune if you have a beverage   if you don't paul you want to toast with me  do you have a glass or anything no he doesn't   want to be on camera i don't think you want to  we're not in a hurry you want to get a glass poor paul he's a very nice husband  um okay so we're gonna get a beer   for paul too and then we will cheers  does anyone have any good irish toasts   someday will guinness in the sun  that is very true andrew thank you   um andrew you should consider a career in comedy  that's my advice to you from this show so uh the   irish toast that i remember was may so we'll  do it together you don't want to be on camera so um auntie jeans up in the top can you  see her auntie jean white there you go   um so uh so may the best day of your past  be the worst day of your future cheers i'm going to play the parting glass for you  now before and then we can say hi to each other   but this is very dangerous i'm going to put  my beer all right next to my electronics maybe   actually that's a terrible idea i'll just hand  it to you actually i didn't want to electrocute   myself so i'll grab my beer later thanks for  hanging out with me uh let's do the parting glass and afterwards if you want to stick around   i will unmute you all to say hello and chat  a little bit if you want to so here we go so so so   oh and   is now i can't recall with you do oh so fell to me the parting glass  good night and joy be with you all thank you happy saint patrick's day to all of  you and thank you for coming um i'm gonna put   down my stuff and i will be right there so  thank you so much for hanging out with me so

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