Galway, Ireland - busy streets and musical pubs

Galway, Ireland - busy streets and musical pubs

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There is a special. Kind of magic found, in Galway, that makes it one of the most interesting, places in Ireland to visit fun to walk through great, food lots, of Irish music friendly. People and a long history later. In the program we'll have lots more Irish music in the pubs after, we take you on our in-depth, look at Galway, the, main pedestrian lanes, and all around the town the. Most unique, and exciting part of town is the main street, lined with restaurants, and pubs and shops and we'll spend a lot of time in the program taking you there plus we'll show you around taking. A little bus ride through the streets and, bring you to some historic, sights such as the main cathedral, and yes. There is even a beach on the outskirts of Galway back, in the centre of town we begin our visit at Eyre square which leads us directly into, that pedestrian. Main street you'll, see that it's worth the clothes then detail, looked because it's so much fun to be here and this. Street is not just for tourists, in fact it seemed like half the people here are locals, either workers. Local, residents. Or students. From the University, which. Gives the place an authentic, feeling, that we can all enjoy. This. Flame changes. Name several times in, typical, European. Style going, from north to south William. Street shop, Street churchyard. Street it's the High Street and key. Street at the lower M with most of the sidewalk, restaurants, we're starting, at the top end where it's wider and with more retail, there's, also a modern, shopping mall just off this main Lane actually. Two malls joined, together the air' square center and Corbett. Court they've got over a hundred stores. And of course so a lot of places to eat quite, convenient, but really. The same as shopping, malls that you find all over the world so, we're gonna focus more on the pedestrian Lane it's. Only about 600, metres from one end to the other but it seems much longer than that and for, your experience you'll be walking up and, down at least once round trip maybe 2. Times round trip you could keep going for much of the afternoon and, into the evening which. Can make this road seem much longer, there's, so much to see and do along here that one, pass does, not do it justice, you'll. Notice that quite a few of the shops are for, locals, as well as tourists, and they, even have not, just one bookstore but to book stores facing. Each other that's becoming, quite, a rarity in today's high, streets, but, this is a university. Town so, there's a lot of reading and it's got a great, literary tradition. Typical. Of the Irish. You'll. Find music, many evenings in the Kings head one of the oldest, and most popular pubs, in Galway it's. Located, in a building that is 800, years old goes, back to the medieval period steeped, in history on, the sign out front they proudly say they've been in business since.

1649. And under. The same ownership for the past 25, years called. King's Head they say because the executioner. Of King, Charles the first owned part, of the property full, pub serviced meals, stout, and a whiskey bar facilities. Extending. Up three floors and they even have comedy sometimes, Galway. Woollen market features, Aaron, Allen it, where sweaters. Socks. Hats, gloves, blankets. Some. Of it hand knitted others from the loom in, business. For three generations. Nearby. Is free, knees bar which has been family owned since 1938. A traditional. Irish pub they say it's a little less busy during the week so if the other pubs are packed come on in here but on weekends, it's jumping, - with a mix of locals, and visitors, by. The way you should realize that my commentary. And this movie and all my movies is unbiased. I'm, not paid, by anybody, to say anything it's my own honest. Opinion, or just straightforward description. Usually, based on personal, experience, and lots of research, sunny, Malloy's Irish, whisky bar looks small on the outside but, indoor, they've got seven, different bars with a lot of room for you making progress in our walking journey, down the Main Street we've done the areas called William, shop, churchyard, and High Street and now we have arrived at a boundary, at cross street which marks the beginning of what's, called the Latin Quarter, we'll continue south, but first to look along Crush Street upper also. A very attractive place, looking. East it's called cross street lower it's, another neighborhood worth exploring. Nice sidewalk, shops restaurants, pizzerias. Here's, a view of that same intersection. If you were in a car driving, through it looking, back up along, the, street that we've just been walking down loaded. With people we. Are in the homestretch of this pedestrian lane, you. Can see, on the map how we've gone below, cross street and we've entered into the Latin Quarter it's. Only a hundred meters long not, much it would seem but it is just packed with restaurants side, by side Irish. Food of course so long with some ethnic, varieties, and more, pubs some. Of them offering live music you'll, even find a hotel, and a youth hostel on this block, we. Are in the middle of the liveliest part, of Galway it. Figures, that on key street you'll find the, keys pub, which, for, nearly four hundred years has been catering, to both gaol regions and visitors, Galway. Jhin's get that people, of Galway. Although. We're focusing, on the main lane the side streets are also quite interesting, you'll find more shops there's some hotels out there cultural, attractions. Like the Galway, City Museum. And the druid Theatre with the neighbourhood called West End that's fun to explore you, don't want to just walk through this block and not stop this is a perfect, spot to sit, down especially at an outdoor table, and have, a drink watch the people go by key. Street kitchen, is a place I can recommend from, personal, experience, I was able to snag a table, outside and. Enjoy the passing parade have. A drink and then after a short wait, my delicious, meal arrived, I had some chicken, curry TripAdvisor. Ranks, this place number, eight out of the 500 restaurants. In Galway most, of this video was photographed, in the late afternoon about, five o'clock which, is really a nice time to be out here walking around this is the month of May the weather was perfect, if you come earlier, in the day they'll be much fewer people making, it less interesting, and if you come later at night it can get even more crowded so, I like this 5 p.m. till, 7 p.m. timeslot.

One. Of gold' ways most, popular, and famous restaurants. Is right here at the bottom of key street McDonough's. Not. Mcdonald's, there's none of that on key, street but McDonough's, has, got, fish and chips that people line up for out the door especially. Later at night but for now the lines, not bad it's all very well organized inside, prices. Posted clearly you. Wait your turn and, you'll be fed, pretty quickly four, generations, of the family have been running this restaurant, established. In 1902. And. You serve up a variety of seafood not just fish and chips but you can get moistures, salmon. And crabs. You. Can get take away or just self-service. And sit at one of their tables, or sit at the restaurant for full service. Including. A couple of price tables, outdoors. On the street so. Many choices to pick from in the Latin Quarter and they're, all good catering. To visitors as, well as locals so they have to keep up the quality that, covers the street now we're going to take you down to the waterfront. This. End of town is called the Corrib, there's. A small, plaza here with benches, it's, a fun place to hang out get a drink from the tea shop down, at this neighborhood you've got the famous Spanish, arch. So. Called because Spanish merchants, lived here in the 16th, century and practically, controlled, the city because. Of its excellent location, on the west coast of Ireland with, a natural Harbor or galway enjoyed for centuries trade, with Spain, the. Arch, was built in, 1584. But it's an extension of, Norman. Wall, built, much earlier in the 12th century the. A longer. Wall running, around it to enclose, the fortified. Settlement, this, is what's left of it the. City thrived, on international. Trade and by the middle ages that was the principal, Irish. Port for trade with not only Spain, but France those. Merchants, lived behind the wall to protect themselves from the Irish in front. We have the river, corrib and it flows out into Galway. Bay this. Area is a very popular, public. Park you, can see how attractive, it is with the waterfront, promenade and. Grassy, areas sit. Down have a picnic, take a stroll, you've. Got a lot of swans there's, fishing boats and we're in a very historic. Part of town and, we're, actually in the area, that's called the Claddagh it's, a very old part of the city there. Was a population. Of people who lived and worked here over, a thousand, years ago it was the earliest settlement.

Known In Galway now. It's a very popular, place for relaxation, and. Recreation, showing. How wise planning, by the city. Government can. Create a wonderful gathering, spot with, some healthy, foods available. Okay. Now we're gonna take you on another, walk through, that lower part of the Latin Quarter along. Key Street, strolling. Along recapping. What we've just been looking at by. The way this was photographed, with iPhone. 10 in 4k. High-definition, on. A smooth. Gimbal, to give you a walking. I view of the experience. These. Kind of pedestrian lanes. And incredible. Value to, a place and you're, finding them more, and more throughout, Europe narrow. Streets that formerly, had cars running through them or, crowded, congested. Smelly, and noisy, have. Been turned into these pedestrian. Oases. At, first a lot of businesses, objected. Thinking, oh people can't drive to my shop but then they realized that business. Would be much better with. This sort of a peaceful atmosphere. Now. We've jumped back to the upper part of the pedestrian, lane where it's a little wider a little, bit more retail, you don't have the sidewalk restaurants, up here we've. Finished with that lower amazing. Magical, area of the Latin Quarter hope you enjoyed that view, and there, are also site streets along this neighborhood that are quite fun to take a walk on of course. There is a lot, more to go away than, what, we can show you in this brief movie such. As a vegetarian, restaurant which was closed at the moment it, will be nice to come back later if we had time. Now. We're taking you on a little drive through, the west part of Galway Town, neighborhood. Called Claddagh that, was an early settlement area now it's just another commercial, zone probably. Outside your, normal pedestrian. Footprint, area but we, have our minibus with our guides so we have a chance to drive around and see some peripheral, neighbourhoods when. You hear cloudy you might think of the famous Irish wedding ring which was developed. Here in, this neighbourhood first back in 1700. The ring features, two hands, clasping, a heart and surmounted, by a crown. Symbolizing. The qualities, of love friendship. And loyalty. Heading. Over to Galway, Cathedral. Coming, up in just a moment crossing, over the river corrib, it's quite, a large river there's, a canal running next to it and typical. Of the Irish it's nicely landscaped then, it's looking very green this too is a public, park area the, river water is quite, clean and used, for a variety of water sports including kayaking. They, do some. Fishing out here in the Corrib especially. For salmon this brings us to the galway, cathedral, with, its renaissance. Style dome, towering, 44. Meters high above the city skyline. Its. Full name is the Cathedral. Of Our Lady assumed, into heaven and, Saint Nicholas but commonly, known as galway cathedral. Roman catholic. Cathedral and one of the largest and, most impressive. Buildings in the city its style, looks like it's a very old building but construction, only began in 1958.

On The site of the old city prison and was. Completed in 1965. With, opening. Ceremonies, that included, numerous bishops, and Cardinal. Richards, of, Boston. It's. The last great, stone cathedral, to be built in Europe this, large imposing, building was constructed from, limestone with, an eclectic architecture. Including. The Renaissance pillars, and round arches and a, Romanesque, mosaic. Behind, the main altar Mass. Is conducted. Daily as we. Continue, driving through. The Claddagh with our mini, bus tour you'll notice this area is a little bit less touristic than, the center which. Means you'll probably find, some better prices, on accommodations. On restaurants, and not, far from here you can get to the beach, Galway has a beautiful. Beach promenade, called, salt Hill it goes for nearly 5 kilometers, we. Are here on a sunny, warm day in early May and there's some people out swimming actually, and frolicking, on the sand the. Promenade, is a very, popular, spot of course for a waterfront, stroll, even if you're not going to the beach it's a beautiful sight walking since, it's along the shore there's no cross traffic it's really quite peaceful, here on a summer. Weekend, however it, gets real crowded here's. The National Aquarium of Ireland notice. That next to it there are some beautiful modern, apartments. That have been developed, they are low-rise, high-density. Very efficient, very nice and with. A view of the waterfront, there. Are some casinos. Out here and other kinds of recreation. Water, parks, and a. Memorial, to Irish who emigrated, after the Great Famine this, brings us around once again to the mouth of the river corrib and the long walk and that beautiful, riverfront, park area the, locals are out enjoying some. Of the first warm, spring, weather they've. Had. As usual, a rather cold, and wet, and gray winter but. Now the sun, is shining, brightly we've, come full circle on, our little bus ride out to Salt Hill and now back into downtown crossing. Over the river corrib and there's, the bottom of that main pedestrian, Lane we've been walking on driving. Up merchants, Road another one of the main downtown streets. That leads us to the Galway Harbor, it's, mostly marina, now a few, fishing, boats at one, time historically, this, was a very busy, harbour trading, centre now. There's a harbour hotel and some. Boats from the University, marine biology, department, we've. Cut, back through downtown again, and reached the final destination of, this little bus ride which. Is Eyre square, the. Main public, park in downtown, Galway. Officially. Known as John F Kennedy Memorial. Park. Because, America's, young president, gave a speech here, in the, summer of 1963. The. Large bronze, sculpture, commemorates, the Galway Hooker's, that's, the name for a, small, sailing, boat that was used for fishing in the old days in Galway the, hooker. There's. A large paved, pedestrian. Plaza on one, side with the benches. That. Was created, as part of a controversial. And, massively, over-budget. Redevelopment. Of the square that totally. Shut down the square for two years, in the early 2000. Costing, over 20, million euro to develop, and there, are 14, very, large colorful, flags, that, represent the tribes of Galway there. Were fourteen, merchant, families who dominated, the political. And social life of the city of Galway between. The 13th. And late 19th, centuries, the, square. Has been a public space ever since the Middle Ages when part, of it was used as a marketplace, it. Was officially, presented to. The city in 1710. You. Might even run into some wildlife here. There. Was a love, song duet. Going on between a couple of seagulls, in the park. Remember. We have some actual, Irish, music coming, up at the end of the movie. If, you're arriving, in Galway by train the. Square, is your, first impression because the train station, is just a block away and, you'd, walk through the square to get into town there. Are convenient, train connections, to Dublin usually.

Six Trains go every day and a. Major bus station, is also located. Across, the street from the train station very, convenient, to downtown and Eyre square it's. Probably, better if you're taking public transit, from Dublin to come over to go away by bus because. It's, quicker and easier. Especially. If you're landing at Dublin Airport if you're flying in and you want to head straight to Galway there. Is a direct, express, bus service from, the airport in Dublin, over to Galway if you. Wanted to come by train oh you'd have to get from the double and Airport into downtown Dublin, find, the train station, get on your train it was gonna take you a lot longer by train one. Of the nice old established. Hotels, is the 4-star, hotel, myrick right on the square we. Stayed at the gaol mod which was a lovely modern, hotel, about, a 5-minute, walk beyond, Eyre square it, was formerly the Radisson, and it. Was quite a comfortable, place to stay that, was arranged, for us by our tour, company, who set up the entire eight-day. Tour of, Ireland called. My, Ireland, tour with. An itinerary, that also included. Visits to Dingle, and Killarney, Kinsale, and Dublin, and you can find movies about that in our collection. One of the many joys of, walking along this Main Street, is the music, that you're going to run into the, buskers, especially. If you're here in late afternoon and, early evening. At. The beginning, of the movie you were promised, there would be lots of Irish, music at the end of the film and we've now arrived, at the end of the film and we're taking you back into the pub's of Galway and onto, the streets for some great, lively music at the. Same time we'll be dropping in some visuals. About, other parts, of our galway, visit that took us out to the countryside nearby, out, to connemara if you'd like to hear a lot more of this music we have a separate. Film that is all music, all the time the, musical, pubs of Galway and some, pretty wild Street, jazz we, upload, a new movie every, week so, please, subscribe to, our channel then you'll be notified and if, you enjoyed the movie how about a thumbs, up then we always welcome comments, down below it, really helps us spread the word thank, you the. Rest of our program has music, and visuals. It. Sounded, so, tattoo. But. The Angela. Spells, of. The lippies well, right. Now, I'm in, the foggy. We. Have got a lot more Irish, pub music from Galway and, a longer music, video in preparation, now and we, have other movies about connemara, Cliffs. Of Moher Dingle. Dublin. All, parts. Of Ireland look. For them in our collection, and since. You got this far how about a thumbs, up and a comment thank you.

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