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About. To go pick bleep me up from. The airport here, would go let's go boys. She. She just landed yeah. My. Hair looks awful because we drove the convertible, huh well. Look at Laney with my Alfred, oh yes, two names his name is Alfred I know you remind you Jack so you not one with Kermit Billy. You're. The worst no, you're the worst Billy it's not even my name. Whoa. Guys. So. Apparently this one have you ever seen a Marvel, movie, what. Is life I'm so happy I got to be the first Marvel Merson. Yeah. Hey. Guys what. Is up. The. Classic, act normal. Thing and then you're like I am, a normal, average human. Today we're gonna garden the gods and a bunch of other places but our first stop is guarding the gods so. Lego. You're. Gonna do anything Megan are you is gonna watch. Where. The visitor center 800, ladies. Getting cute footage. Save. Me. You. Train your shadow clone jutsu. I. Need. Help. That's. My favorite dog right there. The. One time we can actually read the sign this is what's happening. Wow. What. A garden of the God. Multiple. Of them almost, five oh. That. Was awful please don't ever do that again. There. Definitely am I gonna because if we doubt thanks I love, to get lost in. Oh. I'm. Paying you. Reaching. The end and you're not doing anything, excuse, me ma'am what is your accent, it's. Awful. Wow, because, I suck this boy so I think I'm gonna make this my desktop, background. Wow. What, a hot mom, model. M'lady, tips. Fedora. Wouldn't. Get lost in the forest just to get away from her, give me away. Oh. So. Aesthetic. If. You ever want to come to garden of God this, is a great incline, prep. You. Look clucks. Hey. You. Got a baby, no we're coming let's go. Sonic. This oh, my. God why are you running, please. Stop. You. Think this is acceptable behavior I think. This. Would be ASMR. Breathing. I. Didn't. Go far enough so. I'm gonna redo it. Let's. The go. For. Sit. Probably. Not there's a lot of people. So. Bright then disgusting, huh. Come here often, yeah, no. Wow. Perfect, old, I'm the Halloweeny see they're ready, oh my. Crush you. That. Was good that was great, look at me I'm a mate, Lainey, you should come over here there's a nice lady Wow. Well, the lighting is nice right, it's cuz it's the shade. Why. Doesn't, it it, doesn't look as white oh, my. God. That's. Nasty, I need to go outside more this, is where we're going down. There. What. One. Two. Three. Sure. Sure. It. Totally. Worked, uh-huh. I. Am. I the most annoying commentator. Wow. What, a queen rock, climbing, - hurricane, come here often. Look. At me I'm going into a crevice. I'm. In a crowd you see her all the way through yes. I'm, coming, I'm coming behind you ah meh, get away take, the child, oh all. We did we did the Train why, are you so tall. I'm. A skyscraper. That's how. I. Can't go through here. Are. You okay. Suddenly. This is a commercial, for coq10 but it's like but. Only baby the Konkan oh. We. Just got so dark. Oh. My. God it's just so white when you do that it's like heaven now. We. Can't. See my face but it was bad. Who. Are. You okay there. Okay. That. Was a question oh we. Can go down there are, you do it again. Wow. Good, job now you try to stick your head in there last time. Um. I you know what can I say I'm like the best hiker um. Everyone. Else's baby. I. Started. Following. Top-down. And. The bus is going the other way. Why. Are they. Right. There that. Way. Hundred. Four days vacation. Is. Fine. I. Don't. Know if I got your feet oh. I. Smell I like oh my god I love it oh. Wow. Honestly. It's. So pretty, right. Now. We're at the Glen Eyrie castle peak of his driving past so we could drive through so. We're not going into the actual castle area but it's, still really cute. She's. Had to come hard but. Honestly I think this is gonna lead to my demise. Turkeys, I saw a dead turkey outsider ugly they. Meet. You Wow Audrina's. Here. Shall. We go swimming, let's go swing me you. Wanna, probably. Say, catch us I'm gonna get rid of you on the bridge. Whew. It's. Still dark what's, what. Yeah. You can see our outline, say. Hello, Oh. What. Are you a velociraptor. I. Don't. Believe in snakes. What. It. Is really cool hey. Ethan from Asia aspirin. And she didn't know it was in the dark until I told her it ha ha ha oh. That. Looks good. Oh. My. God my. Eyeball. I. Started. Going a little too fast because the people were kind of gonna kill me so, guy. Fieri is that you. Me. That. Would be everything. I. Can't. Tell if it's too dark or not. Me. And Laney just had our first battle and she won and I don't know how I mean we're basically just fun. But. It was so fun we want to film it we don't know how we're. Right here. Predicament. My pop socket is stuck Oh No. Oh my god oh my god hold on why am I so bad at this wait oh I think I destroyed it oh okay.

Oh Him oh I. Would. You. Have more that gave us a stage - oh my God we're going in lady we're going. So. We, made it to stage four oh my god we did really good though, oh it is so good oh my god did I just make us go again. How. Many Rob's a week aside literally. A row yeah my arms, are so sore. Yes. I would love to. I. Want. To be the one to put it in the corner okay, I want to commit to this. It's. Been. So. We, just thought that lady's, favorite, burrito place there's, so guys um. And, yeah we got a large lemonade as well Oh. Present. Represent. Shots. Of salsa, this is only sells as she likes. It's. So beautiful, I mean I should have done it when the burrito is still full but like sometimes you just get too hungry my. Hands. I guess. It's okay hello. Ah. Lookyou, I'm looking cooking all of these Aukerman. That's. Sexy. This works in the way sexy. Everything. Thank You papi I'm spider-man. I'm, not feeling, so well. It's. Always tourist attraction. Lady, Bird just, specifically, this, portion, of. Romania. Wants to use. What. Is it I don't know step. Up for a quick sake of. Yeah. Whoa. Too, hard. Oh. My. God, wow so, it's candlelight. This. Is like what teenage, boys, thought. Was like crazy, it's so funny. Probably actually like 30s. Probably. On Oh mine, on yeah. Wow. Your. Technique, is great. Literally. Look at that that's, terminated, some chance number six story. So. See. We have one with Malini, and I may have uh lovely Megan then we have one perfect one yeah. It. Looks so cute you get with him and I'm happy the garden, how. Many. 187. Ticket, this is the best day ever, and. Then there's skee-ball. So. Marshall is he going to sleep this, late turns. Over it taps me on the shoulder, tell, the people what you just said. But. You just ignore, it. Why. Are we ignoring our, noses people. Why. Don't you give the nose the attention, he needs like Ilan. What. Time is it like. 4 o'clock good morning we're. Doing the incline, we. Got this. Literally. As we can't see anything cool I'm gonna go down by some. Hiker, scared. Lanie already. The. Tub. Right. Together. So. We mess it up we've been chilling here for a couple, minutes but. We wanted to see the sunrise and you can't see anything it's, too, foggy. Um, a. Stressful. Experience a. Feat, killing, experience we're, gonna woman eat food. Are. You. Oh. Beautiful. Something. It looks so pretty. I. Want. To successfully, pass it. The. End.

2018-07-13 22:19

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Its Megan and the Long Haired One. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

indeed ❤️ XD

That poor straw

i love your vlogs! always so entertaing :3

aw omg thank you so much!! XD

First x FINALLY :)

I made macoroni as I watched this lol

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