Garfield County Fire - Arch Canyon - Outdoor Chicken - Fremont Indian Park

Garfield County Fire - Arch Canyon - Outdoor Chicken - Fremont Indian Park

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Wildfires. Lit, through the West this time of year altering, our lands and forests, but today on at your leisure we're, looking at what happens, after our nature and people rebound, from these devastating, blazes, hi I'm Chad booth and I'm Ryo Cebu, follow, us through this charred world as we discover surprising. Beauty and growth, we'll also climb aboard some rigs for celebration. You have to see to believe then zag Cipriano heads south to a world still, so, ancient modern, times have barely had an impact on the outdoors, with ayl, starting. Now. Wild. Fire there's. Nothing more chilling on a dry July afternoon, than the sound of flames devouring a, forest each. Year hundreds, of thousands of acres burn, across the country leaving, behind black, earth and charred, mountain sites but. While fire destroys, it also brings new life in a strange dichotomy of purpose, one. Year ago wildfire consumed, much of the Dixie National Forest, outside, Brian Head ski resort in Utah the. Pillar of smoke climbed, four miles into the sky and, now twelve, months later the, effects are still being felt both. Positive, and negative and. That's. Why it's. Really, important, for us to be out here today to, understand. Firsthand. Emotionally. What, the aftermath, of a massive, forest fires really like yeah hi, everybody welcome to at your leisure today I'm Chad booth and I'm really booth and we're out here in Garfield County and we're, just kind of taking a look at that big Brian head fire that happened last year in 2017, it's, been about a year since it happened and we're, actually just in this little area right outside penguin Lake it's called little valleys Loop, it's interesting to see how long it's going to take for, this to completely. Rehabilitate. But, it's also amazing, to see how quickly it begins. I. Seen. It when it very first started just a little plum of smoke.

That. First day it got 85, acres and. The. Second day it got I think. A hundred years or some acres, that. Night it made 18 thousand, acres we, had I think close to 2,300. Firefighters, they, buckled. A lot of water out of penguin Lake there. Was trees that actually the, futile, adult. Trees that were still like they exploded, you could hear those trees exploding. From them it got so hot so quick the moisture in him would just bust, the tree open but, the reason the fire was able to do that because pure plain simple we, have been mismanaging. Or forests we. Should have been doing some mechanical, treatments, we should have been doing thinning. We should have been doing logging, but. It's, funny how the fire burned it leaves a lot of pretty green but. There is some burning and, the new growth, is coming back good, even. Within the, fire there'll, be spots, that there's still enough. Foliage that the game can live and hide and, thank God for that because that probably saved a lot of Elks lives and there's life and girls. And chipmunk, and everything else that we have that's. Like, two. Or three inches of solid ash before you get to dirt you. Know there's one spot where we were riding not. Too far from here and we came across purple. Wildflowers that, just one or two of them had popped up in the in, the nothingness of the dirt and it was such a contrast, to see, this beautiful. Purple. Color. Appear. In all of this gray devastation. I. Will. Say one thing this year as dry as it is and the driest winter we had it's, really educated, people on being careful, but with that said we. Put more water in the paint and penguins like we have three years the, fish that penguins lake is in my lifetime I really can't remember it being better bring. Your houseboat bringing, a motorboat, bring your canoe bring your raft you. Don't have to have a motor you can bring your float, tube you know I love to fish, on a float tubing can I'm telling you Hart if you're a good fly-fishing. Fisherman. You're gonna have fun I just. Am so amazed. At how quickly, life. Springs back after, a tragic. Fire as long, as the ground didn't get scorched you. Know just a few feet from here, there's. An area where nothing is growing back it's just great earth you know it's it's really actually so remarkable, that, that. You want to go out of your way to try to tour, on open, trails through. A burn area just so you can see these different areas because in just a period of a mile we've, gone through areas where it's scorched earth policy literally. -, a place where Mother, Nature is fighting back and she's, trying to get her foothold, and stabilize, the soil yeah it's I think everybody should see it well. Man you can yeah. Well. Right now we're gonna transfer. From this. Worldly, to. Another worldly at least another county for, a road less traveled series here Zach so. For anybody keeping, score back home this is the third time I've tried to ride arch Canyon, the first time we, ran out of daylight hours, the second, time we got rained out so we don't make it this time I am going to be just, one hot mess inconsolable.

Really Arch Canyon, a scenic, ride through the massive gorges, just outside of Blanding Utah home to three famous arches, cathedral, angel, and Keystone, while, this ride has been rather elusive, to me countless, others have been able to enjoy these surroundings, for centuries now I'm sure most of you are wondering how do you get there it is in the bottom of Qom rich in comb wash so, it is the north side of the highway, so you turn it the north side of the highway and you come back in here little ways and right. When you get to the river where you can see the river going across the bottom of the wash you take a left and, that, that road will take you back up in here and I. Think this trail is about, give. Or take 10 miles longer so it is, a pretty short drive that's not really, too, treacherous to get in here there's a lot of slick, rock on each side of the, canyon you can see a lot of monolithic, structures, and if, you know where to look there's a lot of Indian roads in here that, could possibly be one of my favorite parts of recreation, down in San Juan County every, adventure seems to lead to ancient Pueblo, and ruins it's incredible, to think that as much access as we have to riding these areas that this canyon literally, used to be somebody's, front yard protip, if you're hiking around ruins, number, one don't. Carved your name in it number, two leave. Everything the, way that you found it number three don't. Be an idiot but, there's more to love on this ride than just the human history throughout the slick rock canyons, well, just look at it I mean it's. Every. Corner you turn there's something different to see and it's, just so much fun, I love, the dead trees they're, beautiful, they. Have character, they, have a lot of character, yep they're cool. When. The wetter seasons, you can cross water probably 45, to 50 times, when. It's dry like this it's, a little, different the trail, changes, it evolves. All the time because of the water runoff that they have here during. The summer arch Canyon can still be a fantastic. Ride despite, the heat there's, a really nice picnic, area that's plenty shaded, as well if the family wants to stop and rest it also provides, some on the ground view of some monoliths, and arches. Bring. Yourself a lunch get lost in the landscape around you oh don't. Forget to bring plenty of water oh so. Good I love. Not dying of dehydration I'm. Growing up I kind. Of got attached to the geography, I love, the, scenery here I love the trees I love, the. Atmosphere, and I love, the small town connections, that I have with the people here you, won't find better people anywhere, you go, the trail leading to arch canyon and truthfully. Any of the rides that I've had the chance to go on in San Juan County seem tailor-made, to building, relationships this, is where we connect and we. Can sit around and talk with each other but we laugh all we do is laugh is so much fun yeah, I love this because, it's unlike anything else they've ever been we, had some people out here that from Milwaukee. And, they'd never seen nothing like this before and. So if you're from a part of the country that doesn't, offer this kind of scenery, Beauty it's really. Something to behold your first time here clearly, there is something deeply, special, even, spiritual, about this place I mean, there's a reason the ancient Anasazi people decided. To build their homes here and why, we're attracted, to the red rock desert today. That. Reason can be hard to describe in words it, can be hard to put your finger on but. When you drive to the lookout over Arch Canyon on Texas flat you, feel it and you know. We're. Dinner guys third time is the charm right. Over there arch Canyon this was a beautiful ride had a lot of fun really want to thank four corners adventures for taking me out here if you want to go on the same ride you can go to the website or give him a call I'm sure they love the book you on a tour well, I'm Zack seprieono boy at your leisure after, the break.

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Can Taste the lemon pepper seasoning you, need to go to the website just because there's so many cool things that you guys have to, make your summer experience, and winter really but it's so great you'll be doing this year-round I will I will this is one of the best chickens, I've ever had Ryan, thank you so much thank, you get, one of these make. It his way your your kind of a pro. Mm. Fence posts, 900. Acres, 48. Bales all. Before lunch which. We caught last Saturday, we. Are in our scars, we. Wear our work ethic, we. Work until the works done. The. Km ready to ride sales event is on now visit, your local dealer for details. There's. A little place on a, Utah, man. Four hours, raised where. My heart's, at, where. The sagebrush, grows. Wild. In high, the. Stars come out. Oh. Being, raised in the basin with the Ute reservation scale starvation. That. Do same county line. Even. Ones built temporary, look how solid it still is right now hi everybody welcome back to at your leisure we. Are down. Here near, penguins life in. The aftermath of the fire you know you got to think about something real you know, the trees burned the animals burned and we think how tragic that is but, you understand the risk of losing history, like this movie set which was spared because they. Did a controlled burn to protect the area from fire and it worked I know what was that like four years ago or something subject yep yeah cool and there is plenty of history out here and the, trails are open so let's go find out a little bit more about it. You. Know we have been out here writing, these amazing, trails and little valleys and you just got to come and see them the. Fire, has gone through here but, it's still beautiful it's so fun to see all the trees that are coming up all the vegetation that's coming up we're trying to really get the word out we have a great rally in August that, we take people out on trails, it's. Amazing, and we're really trying to start promoting the, trails you can go east into the Red Rocks you can come to the west up here little valleys and these, green lush metals, it's it's amazing you just have to come and see it there. Is a TV rally this year is August 21st, through. The 25th. We. Have 17, different trails, we take people out on the rides during the rally, on. Saturday night I'm giving away a Polaris, ATV, must. Be present to win, we, have limited ours, to max of 400, people so. We make it more of a family event, we have dinners, we have breakfasts, we have a really fun time they. Can register on, the website the price to ATV rally website, and, come. And have fun I mean, these are our labs our public lands we. Need to go out and enjoy them. We. Have a historic, downtown. Mainstreet we, have numerous, events, through the summer months to bring people here you know I'd love to know that secret. To get people here because once they come they're, amazed and they come back they. Need to just take that stop, the first time and spend, some time and see what we have and, remember. That Bryce ATV, Valley it's the last weekend, in August if you want to check it out go to Bryce rally org, on. To our next story right now brought to you each week by Rocky Mountain atv/mc you, know that's the place we get the great accessories, for your ATV or off-road vehicles, I'm, Reese Steen at your leisure at Fremont. Indian, State Park in severe County where the ghosts, of a thousand. Years ago still. Haunt this dramatic. Canyon. The, handwriting, on the wall says, it all native. Cultures, have been passing through this canyon for at least nine thousand, years the. People who, left. The biggest mark here that are the earliest you tones would be those Fremont, Indians and, they lived. In Utah from about 380. To about 1300. Ad and, towards, the end of that period is when they had a very large village, here, on Fivefinger, ridge Cruz, digging, it to this hill for fill, for interstate, 70, unearth the largest, known Fremont, village in the world from.

The More than 100, living in storage rooms, archaeologists. Salvaged a treasure trove of artifacts, now on display in the park Museum along, with them a better understanding of the lifestyle, of these earliest utens, how, they lived and beamed pit houses dug, into the ground and insulated, against the summer heat and winter chill and how, they stored corn beans, and squash from, their gardens along, with foraged native plants, in secure granaries, safe, from invading critters, next. To the museum a short, paved path takes us to an art gallery hundreds. Of years old how many of the 61 panels, of hunting scenes wildlife, images and geometric, symbols, can you find in, the spring that cactus adds, a vibrant, exclamation, point down. Canyon a short walk ends at the ancient cave of a hundred hands, with 31, painted, handprints, protected, from vandals by an iron gate while, high on a cliff overlooking the, park the 10-foot long by four foot high Indian. Blanket, painted, in recent times by PI use, Fremont. State Park has two campgrounds. Including. This beautiful primitive. Forest camp of a secluded side canyon, they're. Large they're, relatively, isolated. Well-kept. And clean and respected, at a, modern, full facility, campground, with running water power, and showers, the, park is a face to hit the popular, Paiute, ATV. Trail which runs for hundreds, of miles through the Pavan toucher, and Munro mountains, each, year Fremont State Park hosts, an atlatl, competition. Of what. I'm like an extension of your arm so when you throw it you. Want to just drop your wrist and use, the stick see. Like that to use the stick. Addle. Addle is an Aztec word for spear thrower a handle. Connected to the end of a long arrow, is flung at the target, the handle increases. The force applied to the arrow many-fold with. The atlatl and the power behind it you could throw and, knot and. Actually. Pierce into, a. Woolly, mammoth hide. Where. It would bring it down this. Competition. Features a series of life-sized. Animal, targets along a trail up a narrow gully, we. Love the sport and so we encourage anybody. We know. Anybody. Can do this yeah, just takes a little practice and. You, have a good time and see beautiful scenery, besides, addle. Addle were used by early cultures worldwide to.

Hunt Big game the. Ice age times the people were using that loath to throw at, woolly. Mammoths, the Aztecs, used, them against, the conquistadors. When they came. To, South America, the. Atlatl was ultimately replaced, by the bow and arrow but survives, in modern times through, the world. Atlatl, association. Half, a dozen colleges. From Grinnell, and Iowa, to the University, of Vermont actually, feel competitive, atlatl. Teams, number. One it's just a fun activity to, do anybody. Can do it. It's. Really cool activity, because it's so unusual, Fremont. Indian State Park is a unique, blend fun, scenery. And early Utah history. The. Park is 21, miles south of Richfield along, Interstate, 70, Reece, Stein at your leisure at 3:00 Indian State Park. It's. Called City of Rocks it's one of the premier rock climbing rappelling, and bouldering places, in the entire world, the, problem is when you get here the, campgrounds, don't. Have a lot of amenities so when you're hot and when, you are dusty, and when, you are hungry you don't have a way to solve, that problem easily, race city RV can solve that problem for you come back to a nice warm shower and, a home-cooked meal in a race City RV from ray city ray, city RV serving. Utah since, 1946. Meet, the new leader in off-road utility. The completely, reinvented. It's got the most power the, largest towing capacity, the highest, ground clearance and, the best comfort, and storage. Introducing. The all-new Polaris. Ranger XP, 1000. The hardest, working smoothest riding. Ranger. Ever built. Welcome. Back to at your leisure everybody, we are off the trail and we are in anguish yeah that's a good thing of the penguin any summer, weekend. They've got an activity here I mean they got a quote show they've got the ATV, rally they've got a balloon, festival, and I got it a truck show no no no they, got a truck, show. My. Family I've, been raised with trucks and that's how our income is and we, want trucks to be known as they're fun but. They also bring in money and they support lots of families like Mike we, have a light show on Main Street and we block. Off Main Street and, have. A light show to show them that they have lights and, show them off on their horns and then, we do a little parade and then we bring them back to the yard and then all, day we just show them off let people see inside them to see what trucks are all about oh, yeah. That's, that throaty sound of a common. Like. 20, people in here Stephen quick, shift shift. Quick to, dismiss. Face for fun this. Is total 80s you need a little disco ball in here oh my. Gosh is, so cozy. And I'm claustrophobic don't, shut the door. But. Also when you're shopping this is where you put your groceries trucks, have always been my, go-to money well my dad and his grandpa, my dad only had one of me like there's or even, breaker. Breaker 1-9, big buddy I can't wait for the parade but you just keep your ears on we'll be right back after. What. Happens when you go in search of the top 10 RV destinations, in Utah well we're finding out next week as Chad and RIA go from one end of the state to the other in an epic quest to find the best camping, spots for your family then Rhys Tyne takes us to Alaska, for a look at glaciers and the final frontier, finally Zach pushes over a bunch of trees it'll, all make sense next week on a whale. Well. We're gonna have to end the day unfortunately it's just been wonderful I mean we we, actually saw the devastation. Of the fire but we also saw the beauty, of Mother Nature recovering, and it was gorgeous the trails are open true and we had to see the working man's at his best with his great truck this boy oh my gosh what fun this has been as a matter of fact they're just getting ready to take these on parade, down Main Street, it'll be like Las Vegas on wheels and I, think before they start we've got just enough time to take a look at some upcoming events and our.

Sticker Winner the. Big event coming up is the Paiute Trail Jamboree, August 8th through the 11th in Marysville this is so much fun it's a great event and you'll want to register now at Paiute jam calm, now if you've never explored, the Paiute trail this is the perfect, excuse, now, our ayl sticker winner we caught this last week in Hanksville, license. Number 7 that 3 5 y re, congratulations. I use my camp chef all the time you are gonna love your new Camp Chef stove call, us right away 801 9 4 7 8 8 8 8 to claim your prize that's right so, we got to close the show but remember, there's adventure, around every corner so just make sure you get out and creat your own adventure, at, your leisure now hurry we're gonna get in the way we're gonna get run over won't go to comment Brice rally a TV, that, is this what. The heck was that rice, rally org, I wanted that stick there. Cuz. I want to because, I want to.

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