Gentle Yoga To Terminate Stress ♥ Come With Me If You Want Some Peace

Gentle Yoga To Terminate Stress ♥ Come With Me If You Want Some Peace

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Earth. The. Element, of stability. Grounding. And strength. The. Energy of the earth helps, us ground ourselves. To. Find her sense of place within our body, Mother. Earth encourages. Us to become fully present through. Connecting, to her through our senses, to get out of our head and enhance. Our deeper connection, with our physical body our vehicle. Of life. Today's. Earth element, series class will, be focused, on the element, of Earth this. Class is going to be all about connecting. To a deeper selves, for, gentle, movement, and grounding. Postures, to help you find that stability, balance. And, peacefulness. Of the mind, as. You take each breath allow. Yourself, to surrender to the gravity, of the earth let. It connect you closer to, your body and. To everything that surrounds. You. So, with that said grab. Your mat and, let's begin. If, you enjoyed this practice, check out our digital, full-length, programs, we, have everything, from, yin yoga Pilates. Yoga, workouts, and even, full fitness programs. Specifically. Designed, to give you incredible results in your body and mind go, turbo beautiful, dot life to learn more. With. That said let's, get back to our class grab, your mass and let's begin. All right friends we're gonna begin today standing, at the top of your mat with your feet together go, ahead and open the palms of your hands to the front of your mat, closing. Your eyes in this Mountain Pose just. Taking a second, to connect, with your breath, taking. A deep inhalation through, your nose, and. A long exhalation. Feeling, the earth underneath, your toes, feeling. Yourself grounded. And. Balanced. On top of your mat, inhale. And. As you exhale let, go of all your worries all your stress and simply. Give, yourself permission to be present, right now. Let's. Take another inhale, reaching both arms up, to the sky now, moms. Together, bending, the elbows bringing the thumbs to your forehead, slightly. Arching, the back if that's comfortable for you and then. Exhale slowly begin. To dive yourself, all the, way down to the floor. See. If you can reach your hands towards the mat and then. Begin to amend one, knee at a time if, you'd like to keep both of your knees bent so, that you can reach the floor go ahead and do that just. Adjust, to, your own level, here, continue. To walk out your knees, as. You allow that connection. Between your body and the earth to, become stronger, feeling. The earth under, your feet under. Your hands, under your fingers and your, next inhalation go, ahead and look forward and, then begin to roll yourself all, the way up to standing, one more time inhale, reaching both arms up, to the sky so. Your Namaskar, a to warm, up the body as you dive yourself, back down to the floor inhale. Halfway lengthen. Exhale. Stepping. Your right foot back into your lunge, retaining. The breath as you step your left foot back into your plank, exhalation. Bring your knees down chest. And then the chin to the mat, sliding. Your way forward into your baby Cobra, lifting. Up from the upper back and then. Exhale release, your body tuck, your toes push, yourself, back into a downward, facing dog. Beautiful. Giving. Yourself permission here, to really let, loose let. Go of any tension in your shoulders and your hips, allowing. Those heels to sink down. And. Then once you're ready stepping, your right foot forward on your inhalation. Exhalation. Stepping. Your left foot forward taking. A moment to stay in this forward fold, then. On your inhalation reaching. Both arms up, to the sky. Palms. Together, and exhale, down, to your heart on your, next inhalation simply. Reach those arms up arch the, spine if you're comfortable with it bending. The elbows diving, yourself back down forward, fold inhale.

Halfway And, then. As you exhale stepping. Both feet back into your plank position, and then. From here pushing, yourself, back into that downward facing dog. Releasing. Any tension out of the upper back allowing. That sternum, to fall to the floor inhale, through your nose. Exhale. Let. It go. Giving. Yourself a moment to feel that connection between. The earth and your fingertips, your. Palms your, feet. And. Then once you're ready drop. Yourself back down into that Child's Pose and. Take a moment to allow the forehead. To touch your, mat to, feel that connection between your third eye and the, earth. Whenever. You're ready you can go ahead and slide yourself, forward and what we're gonna do here is take our puppy posture, so arms are reaching forward your chest is releasing, to the earth your. Hips are staying on top of your knees now, you can either keep your forehead, down on the floor or, to, increase the stretch look, up with, your gaze, with. Each exhalation, allow, your body to let. Go. Let, go of any worries, and truly, focus, on the. Simple act of inhalation. And. Exhalation. Beautiful. Now slowly begin, to transfer, your weight forward, onto your, elbows hips, down let's. Take our cobra, pose here, again. This is a very gentle back bend keeping. Your hips and your belly on the floor, think. About opening, and arching, through the upper back. Lifting. The heart up to the sky. Closing. Your eyes and just welcoming, that wonderful, positive, energy through your breath, with. Each inhalation. And. Exhalation. Now. Let's slowly release, go ahead and bring your chest all the way down to the floor you're, going to bend your right knee and grab your right ankle with, your right hand with, each exhalation, I'll, think about pulling that heel, closer, towards, your glute, focusing. On releasing, any tension out of your right quadricep. Making. Sure that your hips are square. With. Each exhalation. Just. Slightly increase, the pull keep. Your forehead, on your mat. Maintaining. That connection of your physical, body and the earth. Now. From here we're going to flex that foot begin. To lift your chest off, the floor as you lift that leg up if you're comfortable you can grab on to the ankle with both hands, so we're. Doing a single legged boat posture lift. The chest lift, the knee off the floor lift. As high as you can as you pull, that heel up to the sky, keep. Pulling, up keep pulling, up engaging. Your, muscles here, keeping. The belly on the ground as you. Lift your heart up to the sky. Lift. Up a little bit more. Deep, breath in and, then. Pointing. The toe. Releasing. Your, arms in front as you extend, the leg behind so. Continuing, to engage the muscle so you're lifting both arms, in front of you as high as you can that, back leg lifts, up as high as you can hold. A little bit longer release. The hands, and the foot beautiful, job slowly. From here let's lift and open ourselves up into a full, upward, facing dog now so, see if we can lift the thighs off, the floor as you point your toes extend the knees inhale. Exhale. Push yourself, back into that downward facing dog. Good. Job just take a second, here find that breath find. That connection between your hands your fingers and the mat allow. The heels, to slowly release closer, towards, the floor. Inhale. And. Exhale. Deep. Breath in slowly now, we're going to begin to release the knees to the floor, pointing.

The Back toes sitting. Back into that child's pose resting. Your forehead on, the floor. Deepening. That connection, again with your breath and then. Once you're ready sliding. Yourself forward until your hips are directly over top of your knees releasing. The chest into puppy pose now. To increase, the stretch into the tricep, area we're going to bend the elbows and, connect. The palms of your hands together in prayer position. So. You're going to feel not only a release through the upper back but, also a nice deep stretch through, the tricep muscles. Just. Holding, this posture, with each exhalation. Allowing. Yourself to go deeper. Allow. Your forehead, to stay on the mat here feel. Free to close your eyes and stay. Internally. Present. Deep. Breath in. And. Exhale. Just let it all go. Release. The arms and then. Slide yourself forward into your baby Cobra. Opening. The chest opening, the heart up to the sky one, more time. Welcoming. Lots of oxygen. Into the body hair. Staying. Grounded. And. Relaxed. With the lower body inhale, and. Exhale. Slowly. From here drop your body all the way grabbing. Your left ankle with your left hand and stay. Down with your entire body simply, focusing, on pulling. That heel towards, the glute all we're, going to do here is just try and get a nice release, through the, left quadricep. Deep, breath in exhale. Out. And. Again. Deep, breath me, and just focus on the inhalation and the exhalation. Exhale. Pull that heel a little bit closer to your glute let's. Flex the foot now you're, going to reach with that other arm and see if you can grab that ankle if not just keep it next to the side of your body then. Begin to lift up into that single, legged boat posture, lift, the knee off the floor lift. The chest off the floor flex, that top foot. Begin. To open yourself up. Let. Go of any tightness, any, tension, within your chest within, your heart, allow. Yourself, to open up to the world as, you lift up even higher. Lift. Up lift up. Great. Job are almost done one more inhale go a little bit higher if you can. Point. The toes now, stay there don't drop the leg yet just extend the knee and reach, both arms forward. Reach. Like you're trying to grab something in front of you and continue to lift that back leg off the mat. Lift. The thigh off the floor lift a little bit higher engage, those back muscles engage your glute muscle and, then. Release it down great job from, here lift up all the, way to upward, facing dog, extending. Your elbows and. Lifting your thighs off the mat if possible, and then. Push your way through. Releasing. Into your downward facing dog. Great. Job and again allowing, that sternum, to fall to the floor as you allow the heels, to. Gently, release, breath. By breath, being. Patient, with your body knowing, that you're exactly where you need to be so. If you cannot touch your heels to the floor today that's okay let's. Take another deep breath in, and then exhale. Come, through into plank position now, begin to lower in a chaturanga but I want you to pause here hovering. Above the floor, just for three seconds. Three. To. Stay. Hovered. One. And then. Drop, your body to the floor great, job we're gonna go ahead and take our full bow pose now so, you're gonna flex your feet grab both ankles, and then. From here once you're ready begin to lift as high as you, can lifting. The knees off the floor lifting, the thighs off, the floor and opening, through the chest trying. Your best to keep your knees close, together, here keeping. The flexion, in your feet if. This is not possible for you today you can always just stay grounded with your forehead and pull both heels, towards, the gluts. Adjusting. To your own level as you. Breathe and hold here for inhale. And. An. Exhale. Beautiful. From here pointing, the toes and, then. Dropping, yourself. All the way down forehead. To the mat and then from here extending. Those knees, and elbows reaching the arms forward locust, pose your salabhasana posture. You're. Reaching the arms forward instead of keeping them by your side to force ourselves to, open even further through the upper body lift.

As High as you can reach. Up and up. Even higher almost, done we're holding this a little longer than the other postures, if this. Gets too much you can always release. Inhale. And. Exhale. Drop it down beautiful. Job go ahead and bring yourself up into that upward facing dog one, more time opening, through the chest and the heart. Pressing. The palms of your hands into the earth and then push, yourself back into that downward facing dog. Great. Just take another inhale, through, your nose. Long. Exhalation. Out, as you allow yourself, to go deeper, each. Time you come into a downward facing dog notice, how much your heels are able to go further down, even. A millimeter they're, able to release, a little bit further with each time, go. Ahead and bend your knees now and then, hop forward towards, the front of your mat. Coming, back into that halfway inhale. And. Then exhale release. Yourself. Over, on to a seated position on, your mat flex, your feet inhale. Reaching tall, with your arms up to the sky, bending. The elbows and then, releasing. Yourself over into our seated head-to-toe, forward, fold. Feel. Free to grab those ankles, or wrap. Your hands over top of your feet whatever is more comfortable for you today if, touching, your toes is impossible. For you go ahead and bring your hands underneath your knees just. So you have something to hold on to as you begin to release, forward. With your chest to your thighs now. Remember, to never fold, from your lower back you, want to fold forward from your hips, so. If that means you have to slightly bend the knees at this time that's okay as well we. Want to make sure that our back is as straight as possible. Breathing. Deeply, with. Your exhalation. Surrendering. To this posture. Surrendering. To gravity. Feeling. That natural, pull of the earth, as. You allow yourself, to go deeper, and deeper into. This posture. Great. Job now what we're gonna do here is bring both of your hands over to your right foot. You're. Gonna point your left toes and, then begin to lift your body up as you bring your right leg up with you if, you, need to bend that right knee go ahead and bend it even up to 90 degrees if you have to with. Each exhalation, imagine. Like someone's pulling you up through the crown of your head as you elongate the spine. Staying. Grounded with, both of your sit bones on, the ground. Lift. And, breathe feeling, that gentle, release of the hamstring. Rolling. Up strong. Balanced. And. Grounded. Inhale. And. Exhale. Great. Job one more deep breath in. And. As. You exhale. We. Are going to bend the knee and place, the ankle, over top, of that left thigh both. The arms are going to reach up your opposite, elbow is going to reach for the knee and. Your other hand is going to come right next, to your spine, seated. Spinal twist. You. Can either stay here or if you're more advanced, you can go ahead and bind if. You're not comfortable with the bind that's, okay just stay in your spinal twist with your hand on the floor. Most. Importantly, is we want to think about twisting. From the bellybutton. Adding. Mobility, into the spine. Deep. Breath in exhale. Looking. Over that right shoulder look towards the back of your mat, continuing.

To Elongate, through the spine. So. That visualization, of someone pulling you up. Awesome. Release the bind and then bring yourself back to Center, bending. That straight leg and then placing, the right ankle over, top of the left knee all. We're going to do here is take a very easy, seated, pigeon pose. Allowing. That right knee to fall away from you as you open the chest and the heart up to the sky putting. A gentle, stretch of your glute. Allow. That right need to gently fall away from you, adding. A very small. Back, bend in, the lower back if you're comfortable. This. Will allow you to go even deeper into, that glute muscle. Right. Now release and, go, ahead and switch to the other side now you're gonna grab that left foot and then, extend, the leg if it's within your practice otherwise. Keep it bent and. Just stay here the, other leg is grounded, and straight on the mat, your. Hips are square both of your sit bones are. Connected, to the earth now. Begin to breathe and with each exhalation. Imagine. Like someone's, pulling you up to the sky through the crown of your head. Elongate. Through the spine. Feel. That deep release, in the hamstring. Don't. Worry about getting a full extension, of the knee all. I want you to focus on is just feeling, the, benefit, of this posture feeling, that gentle. Release, of the hamstring. If. You. Are fully extended and not me then. Your goal will be to begin to. Bring that leg closer, towards. Your forehead towards your chest a. Great. Job now you're gonna bend the knee and place the foot overtop. Of that straight leg arms. Up opposite. Elbow towards, the knee that's pointing, up to the sky and then. The other arm is right, next to your body, begin. To look over your left shoulder and. If it's within your practice go ahead and take, your bind by. Threading, that front, arm through, the knee and then, the other arm behind your back, this, is confusing right now don't worry about it. Just. Breathe and, feel, the benefit of the spinal twist, long. Gating, through the spine. Deep. Breath in exhale. Out. Beautiful. Come back to Center, release. Your bind if your are in a bind then. Let's release, our arms, down, bending. That straight, leg and then placing, the left ankle over top of your right knee allowing. That left knee to fall away from you as you, gently, open, the chest open the spine. Into. Our easy seated, pigeon. Pose a. Very. Nice. Gentle. Way to release, any tension out, of your glute muscle, if. You've been sitting for an extended, period of time today, this. Should feel really good on your body. Deep. Breath in exhale. Out. Great. Releasing. The leg. Now. Extending, both legs in, front of you let's. Take another inhale, both arms up, exhale, release. Yourself, back into that seated, forward fold. You. Can grab. Your knees if you have to grab your big toes or, reach. Forward, towards the heels, keeping. The feet flexed with. Your exhalation, allow, your forehead, to come closer and closer. To your knees. Inhale. And. Exhale. Just. Allow yourself to let go. Paying. Attention to the sensation. Of gravity, pulling you down towards, the floor. Feeling. That connection. Your. Body. Your. Mind. Let's. Take one more deep breath in through your nose, exhale. Lift. Your arms, release, the arms next to the side of your body scoot, forward slightly, and then. Once you ready begin to take your body down one, vertebra, at a time, all. The, way to the floor, once. Your head touches the floor, you. Are now ready to release into your shavasana our final posture ever practice.

One. Of the most wonderful, ways to allow, ourselves to connect, earth. Letting. Go and surrendering, yourself to, your mat. To. The earth underneath. Your, mat underneath, your floor. With. Each exhalation. Give. Yourself, permission to let go. No. Matter what's bothered you today. Give. Yourself, permission to, let that go through your breath that. Circumstance. That person. Whatever has. Affected, your energy. With. Each inhalation. Welcomed, beautiful. Wonderful. Energy to, fill every, cell of your body. Filling. You up with love. Positivity. And. Healing. Feeling. That energy running, through your body, is. You. Allow yourself, to let go deeper. And. Deeper into the earth. Visualize. Yourself. Gaining. Strength. Gaining. Stability. And. Balance. Through. The energy, of. The. Earth underneath, you. We, come from the earth. And one, day we will return to the earth. That. Is the cycle of our, existence. So. Take this opportunity right, now. Reconnect. With. Your. Body with your mind with, your spirit, within you. Reconnect, with the moment of stillness, of. Breath. Become. Aware of your body. Becoming. Heavier, and, heavier with, each breath. Allowing. Your weight. Let. Go into the earth. Knowing. That it is there to, support you. It. Is there to guide you. To. Protect, you. Inhale. And. Exhale, just, let it go. Now. Let's, slowly begin, to bring movement to the fingers, and the toes, once. You're ready reaching, the arms over your head, and. Then bending, the knees and rolling yourself, over to your one side and. Then. Coming up to your, seated position, on your mat with your feet crossed in front of you. Sit. Up nice and tall. Just. Take a moment for yourself find. That brat. And. Then once you're ready reaching, both arms up, to the sky bring. The palms of your hands together, and. Then slowly bring that energy down. Towards. Your forehead your third eye chakra, and. Then, bring your hands over to your heart keeping, the palms of your hands over your heart. Sending. Out gratitude to, yourself, to your body. For. Taking this opportunity to. Connect. With your inner self. Thank. You so much for. Joining us today in beautiful, Hawaii, may. You be guided, and protected by. The beautiful, power of our Mother Earth namaste. And have, a great rest of your day. Thanks. So much for watching, if you enjoy this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe to, our channel, for more yoga. Classes like, this and of, course don't forget to follow us on social media like, Instagram and, Facebook lots. Of love see, you soon.

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you have truly uplifted my life with your yoga-videos. I thank you from all my heart and being.

Thank you

Just did it and I am feeling so great now. And what a beautiful scenery, wow! Thank you so much and a big thumbs up now.

Wonderful Birthday Morning practice. Thanks!

Omg what a beautiful relaxing voice and beautiful Yoga lesson. Thank you & Namaste

Love love love

Thank you once more guys!! You do such an inspiring work out there...Greece is keeping up with you..

I love you so much, your video is really wonderful!!!!

Man, I just started crying. I live at a four street lane with thousands of cars passing by every hour. The air literally makes you sick. I miss the sun, the air, the earth and the water.

Thank you. truly amazing.

I have been following for about 3 years! Ive been reflecting on how much Ive grown with your guidance and how much you’ve grown in guiding us through a higher consciousness. I am sending both of you extra love and light as you change the world through constant practice of love

Your videos are So Great. Thank you for making them.

this was just so beautiful and peaceful. thank you

if looks could kill you,l be a ninja in hi heels that's hot

so sexy I love you you have amazing videos the more sexy the better

Nienawidzę yogi, wegan, wegetarianizmu i wszystkiego co jechowe.

love when i can leave another love love love all you do comment on your new posts!

Let's be friends

Yoga for concentration And yoga for scolyosis PLEASEEE

Another great flow for thouse with bad posture like forward head/shoulders and tight hips. Love this one, feels like an all in for people that sit most of the day.

You've gut to stop the Veganism, you are malnourished and way to thin. Your face is aging, you're getting those tiny Vegan eye wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. If you can't eat animals, then at least eat eggs, cheese, and raw milk, it will save your skin from falling apart.

Great video!! found you through suggested videos. I just started a Youtube Channel not long ago and very interested in the human evolution and spirituality topic. Keep following your passion and creating great content. Sending you good vibes and lots of love

this was lovely!!

Best sign this chick is delusional and mentally retarded, she's in the Bahamas and still needs stress relief.

This practice (and the videography) is absolutely breathtaking! I don't usually comment that often but I just wanted to say that my journey into yoga began a little over a year ago and it is entirely because of your videos. I do at least two of them each day and I have never felt better. Thank you!

This absolutely beautiful ❤️you are awesome. Thanks for sharing!

Another awesome start to a day! THANKS!

This is sooo good but soooo fast....found myself trembling after most stretches but definately helped with body tension and pain.....

Beautiful. Feel great. Thank you x

Thank you so much for all the work you two do! I hurt my lower back less than a week ago & I was scared that my sports photography was over. I run the sidelines a lot during football games as well as hopping to make quick maneuvers around things & players. I do it for youth leagues, high school, a local semi-pro team, and got to photograph a couple Colorado Mesa University games . . . . . all for free. My reputation was building up and at the request of all the fans I started making a website when I hurt myself. I need to come back from this the right way & your videos are helping me find that path. Thank you so much!


Awesome!! Thanks for your class ❤️ Namaste

I woke up this morning really needing this. "I am exactly where I am supposed to be" has been my mantra for quite some time. It's such a wonderful reminder when you speak those words. Such a wonderful practice.

Was that “baby cobra” or “sphinx pose”?

Yoga that looks and imitates from a fantastic background is so fascinating. I'm a yoga guy, and I'd love to try it one day.

This was a really great practice! It was relaxing without being too slow, and it was even a little challenging. Thank you for this!

this class ♥ by the time i put my hands on my heart i always cry

This practice went by so fast

this awoke something inside me i started bawling but ijust let it out and continued this really was where i was supposed to be today


Such og beautiful and gentle flow for us! Congratulations Juliana!

Such a beautiful and calming practice, thank you so much!

Félicitations et encore un grand merci pour votre attention, votre présence et votre lumière..

This will sound weird but you have amazing feet. Sorry bit of a foot guy and yours are super sexy. Great routine btw really enjoyed it. Just got a bit distracted

PleaseI have to know where this was filmed? Stunning location. Love this channel because I am a fitness and travel junkie ❤ Keep it up

Great vid

This practice couldn’t have been better suited for today. I am up from San Diego staying at my moms home in Portland Oregon caring for her. She is preparing to go to heaven. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to care for her without any thing in the way. This is the kind of gratitude practice is what I needed to have this morning. Thank you boho beautiful

Warm wishes from a fellow San Diego girl on this important transition in your life. Stay on the mat!

Thank you girl. I like yoga.

Thankyou so much ❤

This is my favourite boho beautiful class right now, and I'm sooo excited for water :)

namaste.thank you so so much for taking time and doing this videos. Please continue, it has such a lot benefit to share this Energy that you give ***

you gross as HELL

Loved this so helpful ❤️❤️

Thank you so much for the session. Have a beautiful day.

Sooo excited for the element series :)

That was EXACTLY what I needed. After working a full day in social work, in a particularly difficult day, THIS has helped me to feel balanced again instead of drained, hopeless, and deeply burdened with sadness. I love you guys

Did you go to a Jack Johnson concert or meet him while you were in Hawaii? He is someone you guys would really like and can relate to. Not sure if he’s vegan but he’s very Earth friendly and animal conscious and spiritual! Check him out!

I feel so calm right now, thanks to you!

Truly enjoyed this flow....thank you so much

that was a beautiful flow. thank you!

I am beyond grateful for the practices you put out for all of us. Your soul shines through and it is the best way to start my day.

Thank you so much!

Thank you for this opportunity to feel wonderful.

I was wondering, is it true that yoga makes you gain cm in height? Does someone know or experienced height grow?

Thankyou Julianna, that was wonderful, and the place ur in there is just amazing. Where is it? Hugs from England

Million subscribers, well done. Great videos. :-)


This was another beauty once again.. I was so angry and had tension headaches and once I started this workout. The anger and stress disappated and I was feeling euphoric again. Peace love and light Juliana. Really healed me.

This is perfect!!! Congratulations for 1 mio people! You are doing an amazing job for the world

You are such a blessing in my life! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

The best yoga practice to connect to your higher self and to a Mother Earth

Thank you so much. I m doing this video with you after work. I have a terrible neck pain and bad mood last days. Your video really help me.

thank u so much Julianna ♡ every time I follow your exercises, I feel like I'm a much better person~ lots of love to u ^_^


Today I was distracted throughout the whole practice and only in Shavasana I finally got to relax and let go. Totally worth it! Thank you ✨

finished the practice with tears of gratefulness. Thank you!

This class really helped my with stress, thank you so much♥️

Merci, c'est formidable

Sexy blonde in 3:30 to be f.....ed with her sexy doggy style 3:57, 4:10, 5:41

I'm waitingggg for a new videoooooo from u!!!! Omgmgmgmgm din even realize it's been a month

Love it ❤️


thank you guys!



Thank you once again ❤️

Why after every her yoga I'm shaking!!!!

Thank you for this ... absolutely what I needed today. Feeling calm and grounded ❤️

Luv your voice


Loved this flow, but at the bending knee part it absolutely hurt my knees. Any advice how to help that?

I already have said it one thousand times but have to say it once more: Thank you so, so, so much for your incredible videos. your lessons. the way you talk and the words you say. every single minute is balm for body and soul. I love you both. Thank you. Namasté.

what a gorgeous video, Juliana & Mark! It's beautiful to see how you've evolved in your practice and style, but never giving up the warmth and playfulness. a million thanks from Chile & Brazil!

That was amazing

Thank you a lot for your videos. Your practices are really wonderful!!

I really enjoyed this practice

Beautiful way with words and flow. Keep up the amazing practice.

thank you NAMASTE

great rendition and inspiring always as usual. namaste . prayers to god to bless you more. thank you.

Very calm practice .Thanks a lot

Thank you so much for these classes. I'm a cancer survivor and transplant recipient. These are the first classes I've been able to do to completion in over a year. Slowly getting stronger again. Bless you..

I do only your classes since last year. You converted me and I'm very grateful for all your amazing work

I love your yoga classes. I'm with you every morning and evening. Thank you!

This may be my favorite video of yours! Thank you for helping me start my day so beautifully ❤

#bohobeautiful that was my favourite

Thank you

This was one of my favourites!!! Been feeling overwhelmed with stress lately, my body needed the reminder

I just loved this. It was awesome. Thanks, guys!!

Almost died doing it, have no regrets whatsoever

This is what I need today. So much build up stress and frustration... I cried in the final posture. Thank you for lovely class.

My chair/desk at work give me upper back and neck pain. This practice really helps. Thank you!

Looovely practice, thank you Juliana

You are such an angel for me... Thank you..

Gread video thanks a lot!

Ok but it was nothing gentle

Thank you!!

Thank you so much for the hard work you do both! :-)

did not you join this yoga video? She says it at the end...

lv ur channel..

gracefully u done yoga,but i dnt knw frm whr i bgn

This really does help let go of stress and realise life consists of simple ground things like inhaling and exhaling. We never think about it. Thank you so much for reminding us

I love your videos. They are very helpful. Can you recommend some books and insprations to reach to your state of mind. Best,


Thank you for this grounding practice. Beautiful to connect the third eye to Earth.

Beautiful, relaxing and invigorating class!

Increíble! Yoga all about the mind. So I relax the mind listen to music that I like (21p, delta parole, gnr). Help me concentrate the most to get all out before session.


이분은 개 만지는 거만 빼면 다 좋은데

Madam kindly make the video of knee osteoarthritis.

Thank you so much ☺️

Loved this session. Definitely feel it ,yet still very calm.

This routine did wonders for my stress reduction. I really connected with earth. On the side, does anyone know where this was filmed?

Found out from instagram: Kauai, Hawaii

I love this practice!

beautiful class! Thank you for this amazing video! love from Toronto

Thank you. This yoga session had me in tears by the end, which is a first for me. Really relieved some deep seated stress. I'm more self aware. I'm subscribing

Good stuff girl

Thank you! Exactly what I needed today! I love your challenging videos but today this is exactly what I needed. And I was able to get into paschimottanasana for the first time! Your channel is so inspiring! I love your video talks and all your workout videos. By far my favorite channel!

Wow wow wow :-)

This is such a beautiful session, thank you!

Such a beautiful yoga practice - Boho Beautiful is a cut above all the other yoga videos out there - gorgeous photography, lovely soothing voice, and beautiful teacher. Truly inspiring.

Woow what a view!! Your video is soo relaxing!! Where is this filmed??

Lovely production. Great workout. It's head and shoulders above all other classes

Kudos to Mark’s expert camera skills & editing ☺️

beautiful class

Very nice video. I enjoyed new yoga poses. Thank You.

you are a sweetheart,thank you

Juliana, you are by far my favorite yoga instructor. Only one thing drives me crazy. It's trivial, I know, but we stretch FARTHER, not further. I'm a bit of a grammar geek and can't help it, lol.

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