Getaway - Catskills East (reupped)

Getaway - Catskills East (reupped)

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Hey! We're ready to head out for our trip. We are going camping and we'll make a pitstop at H-Mart first. It's almost 1PM and we haven't had food since we started traveling Getting some basic mall chicken teriyaki. Also picking up some bubble tea for everyone. Just grabbed a bite from the food at the mall. And now we're going to resume our trip.

Gas station next though. This is our handsome cabin. His name is Carrrrrrlll. That's Yong and Diane's cabin the the right of our's.

Each cabin here is spaced out nicely so it doesn't feel intrusive even if you do see people. There's a firepit, camping chairs and a picnic table. Also, you can purchase firewood bundles for $6 each and there's also kindling to start the fire.

Welcome to my MTV cribs. Welcome to Carl. Here's our room. It's small, but cozy. Huge window with a nice view and a queen sized bed.

This is the small kitchenette. There's an induction stovetop for us to cook (on). Here's a hidden garbage can with additional supplies. A retro mini fridge. No freezer though.

Next to it are the AC and heating units. The controls are on the top. There's complimentary sugar, creamer, salt & pepper, olive oil.

but for other things like coffee, tea, hot chocolate you have to pay for it. You can see the prices here. They leave you with some entertainment here.

There's books, a bluetooth speaker, cards and dice. They also have dishes and plates available for us to use. Here's the bathroom. It's small, but has everything you need. At least we're not pooping in a hole in the ground. So that's our room. We got here a little before 4PM.

We unpacked and wiped down everything. Now we're getting ready to go for little walkies. Hey, hey, hey Tucker! Oh yesssss! Yasss Yiss Let me get down here.

Wow, what a cool little necklace. S: Do you wish you had one? C: Yes. I have bad news, we got locked out of our cabin.

It's really cold, but Yong is going to start a fire for us and keep us warm. Here is Yong foraging for firewood. He does this a lot in Connecticut. This is his natural habitat. S: You get to see everything because he's not wearing jeans.

I think it's too wet. Teehee Yong was able to get the fire going, but it was way too cold outside so we came in to hotpot. You know some of that is in our stomachs? Mostly Yong's though. That's what his poop will probably look like. We had a pretty rough first night.

Started with getting locked out for an hour. This spare key was actually missing, but it turned out it was inside the cabin. They didn't put it back. At midnight, Samantha saw a light outside our cabin It turns out the campfire reignited and we got out of bed. Samantha was putting it out and I tried to keep watch in case of bears. Then we watched it for another 10 minutes to make sure it doesn't reignite again.

Finally...the night got colder and colder. It was actually one of the coldest nights of the year. Our heat was broken and it was only blowing cool air the entire night.

Diane and Yong made congee Thanks for breakfast! We're getting ready for our first day. Hiking First whole day of activities. S: Don't walk into the rock. C: Yes. S: (Are you recording) his green dookie? You've been holding that in haven't you? We did our best right?! That's all that counts. Y: We're at the top!! No we're not. That's the outlook. (That's the top)

That's a very far hike. We made it up the stairway of DEATH Y: Not really S: That was just one part of it Tucker is tired! Me too. I'm tired too. S: You want to sit on that step like him? C: Yes We're starting lunch guys.

Yong is the firemaster. He foraged this much wood. It's like $20 worth? If we had to buy from their campfire box, it would have been $20.

It's steaming! Lunch is ready, what time is it? S: It is 3:26PM. 3:26PM for lunch. Then we'll start dinner right after. Just finished our skewers and now we're making a snack in between dinner. So excited for this. S: How goes the foraging? Y: Prosperous.

Korean dinner About to wrap up our second day. Before we sleep, we're just going to do a facial routine. It's really cold and the air is dry so we're going to be doing face masks. It looks like handsome Squidward. I AM YOUR WIFE MUAHAHAHA You asked me to marry you and I said OK. I just want to throw it on your face and hope it'll land.

THIS BURNS TOO! That was nice. It stops burning after a while. Now it feels like a baby's butt.. How many baby's butt are you feeling that you know what a baby's butt feels like? Uhhh... your's. You're my baby x3 (cringe) It's 10:30PM, but we had a pretty long day. That's the end of day 2. They look guuuud! Flip it Nothing on this side It's empty. I got scammed.

Bacon strips BAH CON STRIPS Bacon and eggs and waffles. We are heading out to the Five State Lookout right now. From this lookout, you can see parts of New Hampshire, Vermont Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut. We're going to build our own fire today. Kind of last full day here.

So now we're going to forage for firewood C: Is that a good one? S: Way too big. I'm going to demonstrate how to start a fire. You gather a lot of wood to burn but first to start off the fire, you're going to need some kindling. You can use dry leaves or or even things like after you're done pooping, you can use your toilet paper rolls so they can catch on fire. I also found a bunch of hay which should be really good at keeping it lit. Now, to use the lighters.

Wish me luck. I wasted some of the hay but I still got a bunch in the middle. Squeeze a little hand sanitizer in, it's 99% alcohol. FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! D: He did it Y: Good job Chao.

C: I don't know yet. You think this looks good, fire master? Okay, wish me luck. (again) Try to put the sanitizer in the middle like down in the middle S: Don't even worry about losing an eyebrow, I'll draw it back. Y: KABOOOM S: Did you get burned? D: Is there a hole? C: Almost. We did it!!! Good job Tucker! Piz-za. One at a time? You would be so annoyed right if I just did this He'll hyperlapse it.

Still raw? Let me cover it back up. Pretend it didn't happen. It's very difficult getting an even cook on an open flame but the flavor is there! Getting ready for movie night! Got a projector We're going to watch my vlogs. S: It's all he ever wanted. Y: Shameless!

With fresh popcorn *Minions laughing* *Theater music* S: You both have completely different sound effects. I will substitute the music. We packed all our belongings and now we're ready to go. Putting the key back unlike some idiots so the next person can have emergency access. We also have a souvenir because we forgot to use the rest of the firewood so we can take it home. And that was our mini Getaway.

We had a nice trip with our friends and look forward to doing this camping again in the future. Thanks for watching!

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