Ghana vs. Poland | Group E | 2017 JCA World Cup Germany | PES 2017

Ghana vs. Poland | Group E | 2017 JCA World Cup Germany | PES 2017

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The. Second match of group II Ghana, versus Poland, hi, I'm Jay CA and you're watching the 2017. JCA work up Germany, this is JCL TV a veto. Wall for real thumb, up subscribe comment. And share. The, past match we have a draw between Argentina. And Spain this, is the chance to Ghana and Poland, to get three points today and we, closer to qualifying. For the next round. Ghana. Could use, a four, three two one with, strong, counter-attacks. And physical. Strength the African, teams have given, surprises. In past, cups so, we hope that today, will be the same. Oland. Is a fantastic. Addition to, this World Cup I will love to see Levin, dusky shine, tonight if, they play well Poland's, only concern should be to be badly positioned, after. A failed attack. Time. Has come to the second match of Group E so, I leave you in the company of Peter, jury and Shin, Bet Lee. Welcome. To day one of the greatest global, festival, of football there is. The, atmosphere, the sense of expectation, fevered. Frenetic, this is v1 fixture. They all wanted, to see and everyday, has only found, the flames, of expectation. Donna. To their national anthem. Join us. The player to follow from Ghana is true. Here's, the player to follow from Poland, levanto. Ski. And winner of the way. So, Jim tell me this who are you looking, for in particular here, I would. Go for robert levin dosti as, good a centre-forward with, his back to goal as i've seen he can turn and roll defenders, for fun I want facing, his target, he is all the finishing, skills that you could require yeah. The easiest, way to make a difference is to score so no argument, there. Ain't. Long and direct it's. Made sure that that won't get through, pulls. Out on the left now. And, intervention, was very necessary. Tries, to get it forward quickly. Battles. To win it back. Kamil, click. Whose long. One. Intercepted, really alerts the danger. Gudrun, tell the left what, can they make of it. Tries. A through, ball. Great. Build-up it all deserved a better ending, I. Can't. Be happy missing that after but put clean through that's, about as good a chance as you can get. Well. I should set them on their way and get into a nice rhythm the early signs are very encouraging, now. More, than happy to take the muscular, approach. No that's not the ball he wants it. We'll be a throw-in. Glasha coughs key. Oops it up field. Done. Very, well to intervene. Gaana, still. To register a shot on target. Cuts. It out. With, defending, he knew he had to stop it right there. And. It's leavened offski, gets. It back. Now, it's leavened offski. Looks. To slip it through. It's. Nice to locate someone up front, it's. A long ball but, it's not hit its target. Lucas, piss check glasha, coughs key. But, to. Who's. Gonna make this VAS. Spoon. Forward. Looks, like a good fall through. Just. Off target. I couldn't. Have hit that honey better on the other time it would have sneaked in. And it's leavened offski, leavened. Of ski driving. Forward, a man on a mission, ding. Sworn in. Wonderful. Quick feet. Ford. It goes. Antonella to add to football's endless, list of could have should, have well. The idea was crafty, but the weight of the pass was just a little light. It's, really well to intervene and dispel. The growing danger, I. Do. He's, made certain that won't get through. 11th. Of ski. I do, tries. To get it forward quickly and. The, through ball is intercepted. The, first half is done reflections. On the first half well the manager surely got a look for one or two creative, changes now they need some service upfront. So. They head in no further forward, the score here still, nil, nil. And. We're off again. Ghana. Can be very glad that halftime, came when it did poor, possession, and very, little firepower means they need a serious, pickup in this second half no, guts no glory. I do. Slot. Levin. Dog ski that. Is a terrific run now, the pass. Gaana saved. By a gutsy, tackle, he had to get it right well, if ever a tackle, had to be made that was about the perfect example, they were completely. Caught out by the break and they got themselves into, last, resort territory, water, Savior. And. It's piss chip good.

Interception. A. Blow. Of direct. Towards. The auerbach and still, no goals. Pumps. It upfield. It's. Got a long way out of the way. Now it's Levin dusky. Mops. Idiom gently. They're thrown. A change, here, waiting. To come on. Slop. Few, chances, to talk of gym defenses, it seems on top here yeah, that gets a score line in keeping, with what we've seen up to this point combined, the temps of gold and higher numbers, and we could do with something to spark this contest, in the life. Slut. I, do. Eleven, dogs key. Masha's, it through now. Here's the frugal. Which checks on the touchline change. Counselor. Who's. Gonna make this there's, and. That's a foul free-kicks, been given. Stupid offending to ensure they got no further. Glasha, Kurbsky, with, the ball through. Away, from immediate, danger. Now, the pus. Slut. Garner. May be thinking about substitutions. Now they still have two available. Jarred. Desperately. Wants to get on the end of this. He. Acknowledges, that he should have come up with something better that yeah. And the vision to get him through was all good but the execution of the past wasn't quite right but, importantly. He's holding his line until the very last moment and, that will pay off. But. A corner here. Big, chance I'm. Still who's going to get that. Walk, back, out it comes, slept. Make the challenge and he has given away a free kick. To, build quick. And, it's Shawn. Looks, to slip it through but. Do he's. Onside. Probably, bets now. That does look a foul after he's given a free kick. As we're talking to I think yes, it is. That's. Out of reach. Kamil, click. Decent. Ball. And. That should be the keepers. That's, a throat. Now it's leavened offski, shoots. That. Keep has got ever so well I can, only add that he's, got reflexes, that are in perfect working order Peter that was very good to watch. Levin. Dodge ski. Good challenge, he just stood firm. It's, leavened offski looks, to thread it through. Rusedski. Those. Come loose and the chase is on. I. Used. To get it forward quickly, battles. To win it back. Into, stoppage, time. Krasinski. Takes. A look up. There. Is the final whistle, but, I tilt I thought the worst start at all it's, an opening day draw you. Look back on the game mention I don't think they'll be too upset, about that one point is okay and steering, clear of an opening loss keeps the mood in the dressing room upbeat and confident, that better results, away. It. Was a regular, match Poland. Dominated. Almost, the entire match but, did not know what to do with the ball, it. Gave good passes, but faileth. In the last quarter of the pitch levin. Dosti was, in good shape but most, of the time he was alone without, company. In the rival, area, gonna. Look at itself, behind, and waited, for the counter-attack, also, it seemeth, to sacrifice. The victory, to, prioritize. The draw, rather than, risk, and get a defeat. Both. Teams, will have it very difficult, with Spain and Argentina with. This result. Hopefully. Poland. Will take better advantage of. Levin, dusky in the next match. That's. It friends. This is 2017. Chase here work up Germany, I'm Jesse, a and you're watching JC, a TV a video, war for real please, thumb, up subscribe comment. And share see. You soon.

2017-12-12 02:37

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Wow, Ghana and Poland waste a great opportunity to get 1st place in group! Great work as always, JCA and see you at Czech Rep. against Cameroon!

#SubscribersSay Here to check out another match of JCA World Cup Germany, my like is yours as always. No dislikes in the video, only JCA to achieve that ;) In the first half, we could see huge defensive lines and a game based in the markation, while the defenders won the duel against advanced midfielders and strikers, whom doesn't had much creativity to break it, poor use of ball possession creating so many mistakes in the passes, generating the goal occasion-less game and a deserved 0-0 score. Ghana had a more defensive position, giving more the ball possession to the Polish team, who, consequently, had the 'territorial' advantage on their hands, however, they didn't took advantage from it. The same scenario happened in the second half as nothing changed too much, they need to improve on the attack section of the team, specially in terms of creativity, efficience and the last line of pass if they want better results in this tournament.

Genial colega saludos y likee :)

Wow I do have a feeling that both Poland and Ghana will learn from this and put up huge fights against the others, but the big one is next as it will be the beginning of the run for the title holders Czech Republic!

Este grupo destaca por el nivel tan parejo mostrado en los dos partidos sin duda la pelea por las 2 plazas a octavos no serán tan fáciles como Argentina y España esperaban Un saludo JCA Sigue así ;)

Achei um jogo fraco tecnicamente falando, bem monótono, pra quem disputava a liderança do Grupo da morte, não vi, Polônia foi melhor, mas sem objetividade e Gana jogando no erro adversário, muito pouco o que mostraram e terão sérias dificuldades contra os gigantes Argentina e Espanha que ao contrário, protagonizaram o melhor jogo da Copa até agora.


Go Poland!

You're welcome, friend! Thanks, you too.

Thank you, my friend! Have a nice week.

Hahaa! Thanks, friend! I have some dislikes here and there. From the same people that want to be here and mark their dislike, helping me to get interactions.

¡Muchas gracias, amigo!

¡Muchas gracias, Hernan!

Tried playing PES 2017 on the PC to set up a WC Qualification like you did and it messed things up. Apparently my computer does not meet the specs to run the game and it started messing up my monitor. I uninstalled, ran virus scans and rebooted. Everything seems to be working fine now as I can view your video (I could only get audio while having the issues.) I decided to buy the game on PS3 instead. Do you know if the custom leagues, team edit and image upload are available in the PS3 version too? What I was doing is editing some of the league 2 teams and making more countries for my World cup qualifying, then saving an image of the country's' flag and uploading it to the game.

Sorry to hear that. PC is the most powerful and modding platforms but if you can manage it.

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