Ghost Dimension investigate the Horror Crypt Blackpool

Ghost Dimension investigate the Horror Crypt Blackpool

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Theme. Park attractions, are a place of pleasure for many and attract. Visitors from around the globe for. The thrill and adrenalin of their, rides. But. Tonight we find ourselves investigating. The darker, side of listen today. We. Enter this world knowing. Only life yes. Death. Using. Some of the most up-to-date, scientific. Equipment, we. Endeavour to gather evidence, that, there is life. After, death. These. Are all investigations. As the mysterious world, of the paranormal. Whatever. You have seen. Whatever. You have felt. Whatever. You believe. There. Is more to this world. There. Is the. Ghost dimension. Tonight. We have traveled to Blackpool to. An attraction situated. On the grounds, of Blackpool Pleasure Beach which. Locals, believe is one of the most haunted locations in the, world. Hello. And welcome the location, that we've been asked to investigate tonight, has. Been purpose-built. To scare the living daylights out, of you. This. Is the horror crypt in Blackpool, and this is, ghost dimension. The. Crypt has made up some very frightening. Horror movie characters, such, as Michael Myers Freddy, Krueger Dracula. And many, more and if that isn't enough to set your nerves on edge it, would also appear that it has a ghost or two as part, of the cast. When. The current owner took on the site he would spend many nights here, working, alone and often. Felt like someone, else was here with him after. A while he had to turn on the music and sound effects just, to help him feel a little less, nervous. We. Have a display based on film The Exorcist and led like a video screen, showing like real-life ex isms and my audio recordings, of things. Like Annalise Michelle the German girl it was apparently, possessed. It's. One day has I went up there this kind of recording this girl screamin, and shouts and was playing and, then suddenly caught out and. Then came back on again and, cut up again. So. I went in to have a look as. I approached, it the actual TV monitor itself kind of spikes, and obviously. Jump back a lot of it as. I went to invest against unplug it the, we had a crucifix, on the wall that actually just fell off and hit the fly so. That was the point when I was like now I'm not putting that video back on and, I can nook and stay off for the time being we've. Got replaced here since just because yeah it kind of give the whole place a bit of a too. Much of a bad aura really. We. Have a strict rule here which is like there's no live axis that's one thing that sets us apart we. Don't have people chasing in masks and stuff the other animatronics. And, light waxworks and things like that. But we've had a few people who've come out they've, got in initially, apprehensive saying, no there's definitely lot and all I have actors no one's good jump out at me no one's going to touch me I said no no no we're not that kind of thing you know so. They go in everything's, like fine, and then next thing you know they come out and. Why'd you have a good time and they're like no I know you like to be a you. Said no one will touch me and there's a guy come, up and touch the back of my head or someone, yeah, so. I moved healthier that, the side corner and screwed my daughter all over.

Chatter. Cameras no sure there's no other guests I hiding. Inside to scare people and, we've not found anyone so I don't. Know is it people getting overexcited is, it is there, something to it I'm, not sure but they did look pretty scared, when they come out that's one of the things I sure the. Place, is filled with mannequins, which, for anyone who has a vivid imagination is. Going to play havoc with your senses. There. Have been reports, of an intense feeling, of being watched which. Given who surrounds, you is, hardly, surprising. When. I was creating the Texas, Chainsaw Massacre, set, and it was the early hours at the barn in a which case the the. Fire door opened, up on its own in, the middle, of the night obviously. I got a bit spooky spooked. About it what's, around the place and had to go and check everything so that was a bit a bit. Tense, the. Customer's, always believed, when he looked on the cameras outside when you see the friends walking through that they see orbs around, the place or we, generally believe that's just dust. There. Is always kind of like a. Presence. If you all you can always kind of feel like there is someone, just. Around the corner obviously. We're kind of like that for the business it. Kind of saves us money on a special, effects and stuff but. Yeah. It's. Not nice when you buy yourself. It's. Not nice when you buy yourself so. There. Appears to be something else lurking inside the horror crypt other, than just the waxwork models, but, what would Davonte believe could, be the cause of the activity, here. So. One thing that needs to be noted about this attraction is that it's located right next to the pleasure beach now. Of. Course the pleasure beach has many, rollercoasters, running through it a lot, of the screams are coming off people from the rides could be misheard as screams. Or you know whispers. Come with free hair it's, still a good enough distance to misconstrue the actual sound also. You've got the roller cost in themselves when. They're doing the big IFS and dropping out they make a literally, a whoosh effect, effect. As I even had before with the downstairs could. Be misconstrued as a howl or a moan or something along those lines, it, could be something paranormal. More inclined to believe the, fact that the pleasure beach is literally a stone's throw away. PMSing, is build and I believe, will go off however. The reasons being for, them actually going off is more due to the fact that there are electrical. There. Are logical pieces of our throughout the whole of the building also, there are many sensors, which are designed to trigger, something. Off now. With that being said EMF, also. Has been known to mess, up people's minds so, whether, another actually seeing something that's paranormal, or they're just seeing something that you know electricity. Is actually just playing effect it is a known fact I don't. Know you. Know only only time can tell the, stories from people who had not reliable, they actually are whether it actually makes sense is the, only way to understand. So. Tonight we face our fears in a place that is designed, to scare people on, a daily, basis, but, this is nighttime and, we're all alone apart from an all-star. Cast of, horror characters, and, possibly, a ghost or two let's. Hope we make the final point. Tonight. We are in the seaside town of Buckland famous.

Of Fortune-telling and amusements, but. Will our look run out as we investigate one of the town's most haunted, locations, the, horror crypt. So. We are on the soft floor the horror. Cribs yes it's a it's spooky well, with the staff stood a cast as you can see. Inside. This, room we've put. A. Rem-pod down there now, let's corridor which, we'll show you this open here, we've. Got a. Proximity. Sensor on yes you have, indeed geometers. Do that yeah. And, that's right, next to the. The, Exorcist. No. There's been reports in here about citizen can you imagine if the cross moved across one, I. Think. That would make me. Is. That. Okay. Okay. So sure I also, have. A. Single. Bulb here. And. Short. Showing. Us the thousand months. We've. Got those because we. Want to try some experiments in the minute yeah obviously even by the sea you know at the. Latest. Point towards, the ocean or will they point to some house it's that's what the supposed to know it just been on since we don't know but we're gonna find out. Test new equipment, out I mean, we we tend to use a lot of the same equipment so, we want to test it mix it up for you guys at, home there. We also have a REM pod on, the floor yes, sir, were Freddy here. In. Bremen. We're getting lost left right center, REM. Pod which, stuns in, with. Freddy, chase. All. The different in green screen, it does look different in, green screen the. Freedom that. Door. Really. Saw switched off that it's also stuff yet, that opens, asking. Freaky. So. The horror. Okay. Just, beat it, started. Yet. The. Hora Crypt hello mama. Hora. Crips in what pool. Quite. A maze. Of corridors and. Creepy. Characters. And. Equipment. House. Ram. Just over here which, was going off. Minutes. Ago. Scope, just. What's. Going on. What's. The different reports, of, voices. And. Cute. You, can see it all night yes, you can. Anybody. Here. Anybody. That. Worked. In this building at any point or worked on The Pleasure Beach. You, know what it felt like that I felt like somebody was touching my hair I felt, like somebody was pulling it like this fuck. Yeah yeah, like, somebody's pulling it. That's. Weird. Is anybody here with us now can you come forward can communicate, with us tell. Us who you are, sounds. Like a like, a child like. You. Wouldn't you what you weren't touching gay I see, because I heard something. Again. Again sure, again. Bex, could feel and sense something, touching, her hair and, when I asked for the spirits have come forward and communicate we, call the following, screeching, sound, is. Anybody here with us now can you come forward can communicate, with us tell. Us who you are, sounds. Like a like. A child like. Communicate. With us tell. Us who you wanna communicate. With, us tell. Us who you are, have. We just made first contact with, whoever or whatever was, haunting the horror quit and if, so what, more are we about to encounter. Is. There anybody that wants, to communicate. Gee, Harry Joe was a voice that wasn't mom's voice yes, yeah yes. Can. You tell us who you are you come forward and communicate what's. One, of the devices we've got around here. Can. You let me know if, you hear. So. Go, shred I always use, this room on. The. Stairs. Can. You do that again for me please. There's. Anybody here can you come towards my, hand. Towards. The device I have. So, they go straight up it, does not pick up electrical. Magnetic. Radio. Than. The other frequencies, it's designed. To. Pick up anomalous. Energy so, it won't pick up mine it won't pick up any other the. Usual, bits and pieces. But. It will hopefully. Detect, something that. Does anybody here, that's male let's shut and communicate, with us can. You give us a sign there's lots of things. What. Was that. Did. You hear that yeah. By. That name ex-assistant. In. History. Can. You open one of the gates, make, it move. Sure. That that. Wasn't known for you. After. Hearing a noise coming from The Exorcist scene we, approached the attraction, and then his uncle's, the following sound which, we believed was, a disembodied, moan.

She. Doesn't. Know. Neither. Neither. Could. This be connected to the disturbance, Kurt had mentioned, earlier one. Day as I went up there this kind of recording this girl screamin, and shouting was playing and then. Suddenly cut out and then, came back on again and cut up again if. It was connected, what more with this spirit being able to achieve. I'm. Gonna do the singing, bell and. Now the singing, Bowl changes. The atmosphere. The. Vibration. Of this changes. It. There, for helping spirit communicate. With us better. That's, before we even go this. Do, it again, yeah. Again. How's. My future. Can. You come to me. That's, cool inside. Hoping. This gameis can win let's, do the experiment, inside here. Let. Me take this camera with, me. She's, gonna put this. Pointing, swords at all yeah I'm. Just gonna do this. I'll, be, ready yeah, I miss we are I'm only doing it to see. Is, any spirits, here that wants to communicate who made the whistle a moment ago can. You come. And. Dissertation. Service or smooth Julius. And. Give us a sign set the meters. We brought with us off. Communicate. With us. Clowns. Please. Thank. You this. One around here somewhere. Can. You do that again I missed, it. Could. You please. Okay. That wasn't me close. Enough thank you, you, step away from it please. Walk. Past that I'm gonna go and I didn't saw function. Of that time. Can. You do that again please all, set. There. You go definitely. Not closely enough for that time thank you. Can. You step away from it now please. Thank. You who are you. He. Seemed to have the gist of how that works now. Can. You saw. Me again please. It. Was clear Paul was not alone and something, was interacting, with the rempods and, when he asked the entity, tool and the device again he, actually, caught the following, response on audio, which appears to say yes. Sir. Can. You saw. Me again please. Can. You set, that off for me again please. Can. You set, that off for me again please. Amazingly. Following, the entity's response of yes sir, it actually, appears to follow through with its decision, and Paul's, request, to, set off the rem-pod alarm, for. Your female. And. You set it off again please for me. Haha. Look at that, thank. You ever so much. Awesome. Thank, you now step away from it again please. Thank. You that's. Amazing. Can. You come to what thank you. That's, really good can you step towards, this device that I've got in my hand thank you. Excellent. Don't, be afraid of it step away from the. One on the floor, and. Come a little bit closer to me thank you. There. You go see, it's not harming you, it's. Just gonna let me know that here if you can come closer. Our. Investigation. Of the horror crypt was so far not disappointing. And, it was apparent, there, we are all in direct, contact, with whoever or, whatever was, haunting here become. We entice them to make even further contact, and reveal, their, true identity. Got. An idea backs, you. Staying here yeah, thank, you next door and we asked you I said. To. Come towards, us and do, some it's one of us. Okay, I've seen him Oh. Okay. So Sean's gone next. Off and. We're. Going to both. Got locked. Right. No I thought that was you know I thought I was you no no I'm just speaking. To this camera to reiterate, what we're doing. Tapped. Out Taj so it was you going in the cell no. Yep. Yep. No. It wasn't that, can. You tell forgetting yourself is you. I. Didn't. Hear anything this side. Can. You do it in my myself, can, you tap in myself. Oh. Round here what, is it trapped. After by. The dolls. By. These two dolls tough doubts at the top. Oh keeps. Responding. Really, well we've, had some close. Proximity, only, goes radar unless another. One beep you know what's gonna go. Around. The corner. Just. Rinse that one. This. One that keeps beeping. Keep. An eye on it for a second. To. Somebody in this area as well. The. Coal is going crazy now. Because. That I'm not learning there. We go, thank. You. The. Hell was that. Nice. Area just blaze up, so.

Now I've got the goose bumps. That's. Going absolutely, bonkers. Thank. You so much it's. Gone, really weird here. Really. Weird. Just. Everything. Stood, up on end. You. Go back in there. I'm. Gonna stand near the top and, I'm. Gonna stand there the dolls and that's happened safety move now. Did. You ever. That. Was always so that was a clear whistle beside me. Once. Again one of the entities lurking, around us has made contact, vocally, um whistled. The. Dolls. And that's happened safety move now. Did. You ever it. Appears as we delve even deeper into, the horror crypt the activity, is ever increasing in, strength. But. Never ran out there to, learn the science anything, that starts to follow us yeah, maybe. I'll capture it yeah, is. There anybody here. Anybody. Want to talk to us. Anybody. Saw. Without, had to harm you we're. Here to communicate to. You. Paranormal. Investigators, they just want to seek out the truth. Come. Round here and set this one off now. You, know what's get out and don't y'all gonna walk, away from here, that. Won't go off. The. Sidewalk. Thank. You. You're. Going, crazy, now, away. Cheapest. Thank. You you do an absolutely. Brilliant job, thank you so much. I'm, going to throw a name out there. And. It's one that I, know is, associated. With. The. Pleasure beach oh. If. You might venture this far over. But is this cloggy. Foggy. You, actually. Moving. Around the pleasure beach. Coming. Here. That's. Some response. I see. Bowl then that looks like the baby's, about your hands dinner after. This thing game boy. Let. Me just take these okay. I'm, just going to try. Yeah. I'm gonna see if. Spirit. That we're communicating with. Maybe. Can, come forward and, punch. Us where, it is. Because, any spirits, here anybody, wanting, to communicate wheels. I'm. Gonna ask. You to maybe put, these to the direction you want me to go cross. Them wanna meet, are. You here can you come forward and make these, move. Make, them move. Okay. I would. Say that was crossed I think. That is yeah. That, is crust. Are, we here where you are you attach to other these items, cross cross, some again if you're attached one of these items. Try that whistle. Whistle. I had that one. Look. That's, definitely, definitely. Crust yeah. Okay. It's. Okay Dolson, here. Maybe. It's. That don't walk there because the hair sure, the hair moved a lot right. Up, there that that. Restores. It this is this up, brown, haired one yeah, it's it comes not sure. Tap tap tap where if yeah that's, what I've been here but it's been cool next to this dog. Let's. Say that compass you were picking over to you. Lincoln. Knows on the roof isn't he. Do. That I heard, that my mother mind. The. Investigation, of the horror crypt was not disappointing. We, appeared to be in constant contact with the entities, haunting, here but, who are we in contact, with and, would we finally, uncover, the truth behind the, activity, here. As. We attempt to communicate even further, with, the spirits, in the attraction, we, reposition, ourselves into, new areas and summon, the entities, to our investigation. Walk. Away I'm roller. Maniacal. Night. Get. Affected by that, true, leave it. Yeah. Randomly. So we're just going to move it and, see, if we can. Anymore. Stain. On. Like, not. I. Think it's. Okay. To pump. So. We've got to rent pots. We. Were just doing it around. The corner Wow. Okay. That's. Somebody. Here with us right now. Aspects. Us the spirit to identify, that they had just joined us we caught the following, audio which, at the time we, believed to be female however. The spirit identifies. Its name as cloggy. Somebody. Here with us right now. Somebody, here with us right now. Inside. Of blop or pleasure beach is arrived, known as the ghost train which, is believed to be famously, haunted by, the ghost of a former ride, operator, known, as cloggy, whose, spirit, has been reported, to wander, the ride and park. Have. We sparkplug, ease interest while we investigated. The horror Crypt and if so perhaps, he was the one causing, all of the activity, here. Yeah. Crazy, demonic. Go. Let. Me know you're in there. But. Even doing this we're gonna step in tribute. Okay, welp I'm just. There's, somebody here. I can see I could manage through there. The. Calendar Fadi won't tear me through you do. Well. Let me know you're here do something. This, is the. Scene. Of The Exorcist. I'm, Father Brown. The. Roman Catholic Church I. Command. You to. Leave that girl, a. Nominee. Padre, EPSA. Lee it's. Spirit, Asante, oh. Man. We, give me a side that you here. Come, here. Sometimes. He. Rightly, you sure. You. Have somebody sing no. You. Seriously, that's. Right we have standing there was noises, coming from there behind. You. Jarrett. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Isn't. It that's. Why I came down eggs. Sister. Wore. Bizarre. Me. Down there. Is there anybody here with us can you. Come and speak to myself and backs if that was you that was affecting, a meatus just. Earlier come. And. Do something more for, us, we're paranormal.

Investigators. And. We're here to see how the truth. You. See if you really do oh. My. God, did you hear that, I was. Freaking, I was in. Here. Whoa. God. Okay, just. Literally, sir, don't. Remand, right. There, what. The hell is going, on, we're. So I. Heard. Like. A. Whistle. Yeah yeah. Can. You hear that yeah. Somebody's. Here. It's, not a question that's a statement I know somebody's, here I think. You're playing with me. And. It's really good what are you doing. That's. The first time it's spoken. Observe. What. You know it was creepy, got, the word. And. Then she's just staring, straight up, yeah. Observe. What. Am. I being watched. That's. Not what you say. I'm. Being observed. So, what you're trying to say. Still. So. That's. Not good. Boxers. And. Folk. Isn't. Too. Good at all. Can. You identify here. You are what connection, if you got are you from. The. Pleasure beach from. The ghost train. We. Made it there crossed over. Let's. Just come to me. Could. It be clumpy there. Can. You do that again it gives a sign an indication, that we, are correct. Can, you set the meter off again if you can't. Synthetic, scream, it. Was weird I was down there. Mr., self behind you. Turret. No. It's on this bass they are in the vast bars, isn't it yes thank you somebody's shaking these bars yeah. They, don't make, the, noise. Can. You smoke these again, well. Could because in the noise. Spirit. Residual. Energy, yes. Doggy. Doggy. Who. Knows should we go around yeah. Elvis. Just clicking. Them as we were walking away. Laughs. Laughs. Who's, laughing. Looks. Like she is. Who's. Laughing. Talk, to me. Tell. Me who's laughing. Is. It you oh. Jesus. Christ. Okay. Just pushed, closed, on me and I'm. Almost falling, into the wall. What. The hell was that. Eat. Geez. Just. Push. Back on baby that's heavy. Doesn't. A little. Bit a swing to it it stops there how. That just. Got. Pushed into. Metal. Yes it's metal. That's. Metal Oh. Some. Something, has got it in for me up here. And. I think's. Now it's, her. 15. I, don't. Know talking. About 15. And. ESA weapons. Such. As lost. You. Can assess anymore REM pods off cloggy oh, oh. My, god the same was not round there there, isn't one man there's that one by the stairs. Definitely. I think I. Think. Right every. Time we've come away from there ask the. Question, really. Was a year that, goes up that's who is coming, him I think he's just part. Of these feedback. Talky, can you make it go off in three, two. One. They know what to do I. Think. That serious infestation. Here, yeah thank you right over from the ghost ring he's, just visiting you put their people because don't forget this. Part. Of his yeah I think you're right and I think it's quite fun for it to. Come over and see people's we have to do attraction, it is it, is thank. You now we know who you are you do something.

For Us that's. Gonna maybe. Scare, us a little bit maybe, show. Yourself, on camera if we put the camera down there, show. Yourself to us the. Spiritual, light. Thank. You. The. Horror crypt has more residing, here than just it's walks were Tumi's and we. Believe that there are multiple, spirits, haunting, here and, tonight we. Made contact with one of the most infamous, ghosts. Haunting. Attractions, at the pleasure beach, clogging. You.

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