Giant Brazilian Salami and Dead Jellyfish

Giant Brazilian Salami and Dead Jellyfish

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Well. Today. As our last excursion. Here while we're here on your way we are gonna go see and. Levada. Adultery, it's. A really. Touristic. Place it can take us about five hours to get there so. We'll. See you guys when we get there well. We made it to a tweet or we're staying at these cabins, called the, wimpy cabins. But. They don't really look that windy, look at this place. That's. Not all it's, actually like two apartments, connected, there, are two cabins connected, to each other this. Is the kitchen another kitchen a bigger kitchen. Here. Yeah. This. Is where there's, a. And. Then here's another bedroom. The. Nice bed. Window. And another bathroom in here. Hello. Okay. Um I. Brought. That, what. You're gonna miss pillock. She. Thought they left me some kind idea sure but I brought that with this let's. See what this window, would do is check out our view here. Oshin. He's, got a lot of really cool signs. See. If I can translate some of them this one says. Go. To enter, with in, a, bad mood, she can't be better. Nobody. Is born a great cook but you, learn trying. There. A lot of SC. Love. Can wait. But. Hunger cannot, hey ready you pizza, yeah. Me. Too. Yeah. I want another team the second. Are. You hungry. Huh. What. What. Are you talking about. You. Can't drink wine. I. Don't. Even drink wine, you can't drink wine I. Seem, to come here to. Moschino, given every. Gonna. See a waiter. Documents. MSS. Oh. Man. You. Guys, this. Is the, best pizza I've had here in your bed. Pizzeria, Morales, highly. Recommend what you gonna do about it. You, know. You. Guys this. Is how real pizza is made. That's. By now. Seriously. Not joking, like the, best pizza I've ever had right here. Fast. Boston to see chef I'm. Just gonna park right here you know next, to the beach. No. See. Villopoto, subtittles española, it's. Really windy so, I don't, know how much you can hear of this pretty. Windy out here. But. Audio. Is not important right now. I. Wouldn't. Have probably a. Bum. On YouTube. It came out further than you thought. My. Wife said it's always like this here like the waves are always really strong so you gotta be careful here can, easily get sucked, under. Wow. Oh. Yeah. Muchas gracias. Linda. Gracias. Tommy. You're, popping, better all, right I got to get all this sand off my shoes before I get in the car. What. Happened. Did. You feel rocks, dude. STPs. We. Stayed down here on the bottom but there's, a awesome, view up here. The. Only thing about the speech is the water is always really, rough so it's not really a beach for you can really. Swim a whole lottery thing but it's, still great view. I've. Been to a lot of beaches but, this is the only beach I've been to where it's literally like what. You see. So. Washed-up jellyfish. Don't. Touch the tentacles. Probably. Be too slippery but try grab. It. There's. So many species of jellyfish how am I supposed to know. It's. Not gonna sting you instead. Yeah, wait. Did. We. Found another char cake let. Me see it me. But. This one actually is still full of water so there might still be a baby shark in there opening. The shark. Pulis. And that's probably why you know gets washed up. Well. I need to find somewhere to pee oh. Sandy. I think we found a a. Pretty. Safe place to pee. Coach. Is clear. We. Marked the bathroom, with that little stick. Grandma. And on a villa fuite went, to get her bathroom, find a bathroom and they haven't, come back yet. Don't. Know where they went I don't. Know why my, mother-in-law. Is gonna show me why they took so long to go to bathroom. Wow. There. There's, just so much I could say right now. Do. You guys really need me to comment on the. Giant salami. Let's. Move on. Snow. Just fell on my foot. The. Brazilian, dude, that's. A Brazilian, son. He's, right over here he just kept your hand take off just. Grab. All this and pull it up. See. There is. Not, really sure what it is. Some shakedown no he's not that's what. Just watch him do you, wake. Up but, there. You. Me, put it on my hand. What. Is it. We. Saw the bubbles moving from far away it looked like some. We're. Snail huntin. Now. Got, one. Well. I guess everyone's, hungry, so we're, gonna leave the beach right now go get something to eat it's.

Pretty Windy right now isn't really picked up. No. No. You need to get your back wet and getting all this. That. Wave took care of that well, Beach was fun now, let's, go eat. While. We're here the tree where all the markets are like to buy stuff and right. Here is the, Brazil. Border Brazilian, border we can't take the rental across. The border but we're gonna walk across the border so peek, in in a few moments were gonna be in. Brazil let's go get something to eat in Brazil. But. I see this. Street on this side is the Uruguayan, side and over there is Brazil just, gotta cross the street. We're. Gonna cross the street and see what the prices are like on the other side the street as. Far as food. Now. We're in Brazil. Just. Like that. Supposedly. Everything over here is a lot cheaper I guess, we'll find out to get in with my son he doesn't know me so. Yep. Looks. Like we're even here. Just, like all the Brazilian restaurants, back at home they, have a. Pretty, extensive salad, bar. Please. Tell me. Yep. Good. I'll, take that as a yes. Good. Taking. Button. All, this food and the only thing possible eat is plain, white, rice. You, ready for your ice cream. Yeah. Okay. Richard but ninguna, salsa. Good. You, Stan. This. Is a market on the Brazilian side all the handcrafted. Stuff. Matthews. Always trying to do weird stuff in his hair. Does. Matthew know that they were gonna cut a piece of his hair off. Well. They just took a little. Snippet. Show. Me I'll. Show you after. Yeah. They didn't tell Matthew that they're, gonna cut his hair off. There. Could be problems, after. Maybe. We should not, tell him. We. Need a hammock. Yep. These. Hammocks are the real thing and less, than 20 bucks yeah. We're. Getting one no math you have to stop for a bathroom break, in the shoe store I, got. Super burned today, didn't. Put any sunscreen on neither and some of us that's, not very, good. Back, over to the Uruguayan, side of the street. My. Wife likes those things they're so creepy I. Don't. Want one of those in my house you're kidding me five, hundred percent guarantee, you those things come to life at night and saw this pink monta and I I want. It so we're gonna go back and get, my money. Here. At every gas station they have hot water specifically. For near. Mopti. Ten. Pesos. Presto. Okay. Oh look, at there. I think I'll go don't risk a nasty. Header. Read the instructions, first. Mary. See. Don't, think it uh huh. Well. We wait at the intersection. Boy. In Miami, go oh yeah. This is the part where I'm supposed to like, give. Him money. Whoops. We. Finally, made it home we took a wrong turn and ended up having to drive an extra half an hour. So. Everyone's pretty much tired and. Everyone. Still has to take a shower and, then, we're gonna try to get some sleep except. All the kids slept in the car the whole way like four hours so. Yeah. I'm. Probably. Not gonna sleep tonight. But. Good night. You.

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I just now realized you followed me on Instagram. Could to give me a shout out on my Instagram Its christopher_the_ture_legend

3 words great shots great editing and great watching. Peace

Kurt Cunning it's a lot of work to do 7 minutes so lots of work here. Nice

Thank you so much I was so worried this vlog was just too long. Gonna try to shorten them up in the future

Estuvo buenísimo el viaje Kurt . ¿ y qué te parecieron los precios del lado de Brasil? La casa que alquilaron en la playa estaba muy linda

Estaban más o menos. Yo no vi mucha diferencia en los Precios la verdad.


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