Glacier National Park; Ramsey's Tour of the West

Glacier National Park; Ramsey's Tour of the West

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Hey, Randy. No here coming at you from Montana. What the heck am i doing in Montana to, find out stick, around. So. Given, where I'm at this, week's Appalachian, Trail, 2019. Through hiker update, is gonna be preempted, by. This trip, so. Let's. Talk about it well. We are on the Ramsey, family great. American. Tour of the West so. We decided that we were going to take a vacation out, west and we are touring some national, parks so, this is the beginning of our tour and, we're, at Glacier National Park. And. We'll be here for a couple days then we're going to be going to Yellowstone. And Salt. Lake City. Then. We'll be going on down to after, we exit, Yellowstone, will be going through the Grand Tetons, down. The Zion National Park, and, then, we'll be leaving through Las Vegas, so, come along with us hope you enjoy the ride we. Are on the trail, just, trails of Cedars trail. Of the Cedars, and. Because. It's got all cedar trees and. Holy. Is. That what it says that's. A would North. Carolina be the. Most. Crooked, tree, around. But it is a, cottonwood. And. We are heading. Up to. Avalanche. Lake and somewhere, i've. Vilanch lake branches, off this trail of the Cedars so. This. Is supposedly seven, tenths of a mile and, it. Is all. On a boardwalk. So. Throw, your seeds, and get. This weeping, wall here. It's just pretty awesome. Alright. Hey. Jelly. Mine so. One thing about the water here is it is absolutely. Crystal clear, and. I've never seen water it. Is this clear. No. Hadn't, seen a lot of fish in it and in fact Lake McDonald. Doesn't. Have a lot of the native, species that were in it because the. Introduced, lake trout into it which. Ate or, tend, to eat the. Offspring. Of the. Bull. Trout. And. The native trout aren't are the bull trout are, fun to catch they say but not so much a lake, trout who, are. Not very not. Much of a fighting fish. Well. Low downs, they. Got them here too. Alright. So we have branched, off the, trail. Of the Cedars and, now we, are on avalanche. Creek. And. It. Is. Blue. Clear, water. Just. As clear as it could be and. Even. The rushing water white, water is clear. And. We're hiking the two miles up to the. Avalanche. Lake. Terminus. And you. Can, suppose. We will be able to see where, glacier. Yes. So. Soon we get up there trail pretty, muddy, so. If it's been wet with other at all you. Take the trail expect. It to be muddy. We. Park, since. They've got Logan Pass closed. The. Park is beyond. Capacity and, they've. Actually prevented. People from coming all the way up to the Avalanche, Creek. Trailhead. So. We. Had to come. Up to the trailhead, spent. 45, minutes going. Around and around waiting, on somebody park. And decided. To get. Back to in a moment. And. Decided, our best course of action was to have. These. Free. Bike. Shuttles, they. Load up 15 people and their bikes apparently. It's a big biking, destination, out here on this trail but, on. The road itself, and. Logan. Pass is. Closed. Due to construction. Been. Nice to have known that beforehand, of course when we plan the trip in February, no way to know that but. There's only one road. Through the park and that's the going-to-the-sun road. So. If, you they. Have got the road closed. From. Avalanche. Creek. East. So. That bottlenecks. Everybody. That's. Coming into the creek. Up. To the Avalanche, trailhead, in the, same spot.

Sorry. For the constant, interruptions, but there's a lot of folks coming up here on. The trail today anyway, so. Bottlenecks. And we. Wrote around 45, minutes around the loop ton why. Don't somebody to back out and you be better off when. It trying to win the lottery, so. The answer was, drop. Back, down to apt our. Correction. McDowell. Large. Area. And. Then. Grab a shuttle, up here, well the. Shuttles, running from Apgar which is the first, visitor. Center when you enter the park, they. Run from. Apgar, to McDowell. Lodge. Up to. Where. They've got, the trail here here to closed at, Avalanche. Creek and. Back. It's a 25-minute, trip. So. But, you can catch it Midway at. McDowell. Lodge however. Because. The park is so over. Max now due to only having one Road on, a half a road open to keep drive all the way through the park there's. Still any more people in, so. Now. Everybody's. All. Jammed, up in a parking lot that just hundreds. Of cars coming up for spots, for maybe 60. Cars so. Throw. It back down to McDowell, Lodge. Grab. The shuttle, to. Apgar, which puts us all the way back at the beginning of the park had. To get off that shuttle, they. Wouldn't let you stay on, get. Back in line for. The shuttle that was maxed out and, people stand in line from war, to. Drive the 25 minutes back up to. Avalanche. Creek Trailhead. And. Now so, we got started and. We. Got to make sure we, get down there in. Time. To. Catch the tram back to. McDowell Lodge. Last. Transit for, and. If there's 50. People in a trying. To get into a 15 passenger band. They're. Not gonna allow that, so. They will not let one person over. 15. No matter what age. More. No more than 15. People in the van. So. We went down and, got off. The van and then waited. I say. Van comes by over 18 minutes but it was only about 10 and. Got the next fan and then. The 25 minute trip, up. To. And. Then. Went to. All. The way back up to, avalanche. Got. Off him, here. We are so got on the trail of Cedars to the. Left at the fork on the boardwalk, do. You intersect, the trail here, oh, yeah. Next. Time we chatted we at the top glacier. Is just, an all inspiring, park, and here's a picture, there of kids. In front of. Way, the snow. Melts coming off the glacier, and just forming, waterfalls. Everywhere beating. In the lakes this. Lake here has about six, different. Waterfalls that, feed into it and the, water is just all, crystal clear there, were people fishing up there didn't see any type of fish or anything but it was just so gorgeous. You. Could not necessarily see, the glacier, it was back up behind these, hills but where. The glacier is is beating into that there's. Only one glacier, that I'm aware of that feeds into it directly, but, it was just a gorgeous, gorgeous Lake very well worth the hike, and we. Had a good time going, up there it's. More. It. Got its name when George and his friends were camping in the region because. They didn't have Wi-Fi or even radios at the time they, used to sit around the campfire and sing, songs, for, entertainment, in the evening. Imagine. These. Folks were singing a popular, song from the day called, over, the garden wall someone. Looked up and said that's. One garden, wall we cannot get over in the. Name stack. So, we're now hitting the going-to-the-sun. Road. The, guy that, you, hear talking in the background before we nicknamed, it buddy it's actually an app. Gypsy. Wonder, I believe is the name of the app but, it's a just, like having your own tour guide, so the going-to-the-sun road still, has lots of snow that they have plowed, through and, it's a very, narrow. Road in a lot of spots, going. Up there but it's just you, know you're going up altitude, and it gets up the Logans pass at, six thousand, nine hundred eighty six feet. So. You get to see all apart, from elevation, lots of waterfalls. Going off there some of them right there next to the road as you, go up and it's just a gorgeous, gorgeous terrain. That would get to see so, we've got the Logans pass and we took our track alright. So we are at Logan's, pass on, the. Hidden. Lake trail. They. Still got snow up here we. Navigate. The snow field. Really. Should have brought my truck and poles for listen. Anyway. It's pretty much socked in my. Local say we saw a moose but you can still see, the. Rain features, and, snow. Fields, and stuff. Not. Just understand, folks this is the end of June. So. Oh wow. Look at that Sun coming through over there hitting. That, awesome. That's. Awesome. We. Have a little panorama. Here. The. Trees here all stunted. It's. Gonna tell you this is an. Awesome place to come where the. Roads closed yesterday like, we had said we were getting ready to leave and head on south. And, now. They. Open it up, Lords. Good to us so. As. We walk through the snow field. We'll. Go on up to this is a hit Lake Trail we're gonna hopefully see. The Hidden Lake, not. That's. Cool too alright. Catch. Up with you a bit. Yeah. Thank you off the trail bud.

Okay. So there are some place in the park that there's more of a snow field than others so. We've pretty much been coming, all. The, way back. And. To. Be perfectly honest with you never expected, it did not bring trekking poles. Did. Not bring, Robert. My shoes are fine. Max. The shoes are fine. Angela. Or mistress Ramdeen those shoes are not fun. They're, just tennis. Shoes. So. As you can see. That's. A bit of a struggle but, we. Don't, know if we'll see Hidden Lake or not but we. Have enjoyed, walking across. All. Right so around. That corner I'm. Gonna call Amy in corner I'll. Show you - you want to come back around. Yeah. Usually. The Park Service. Wants. To coddle you, and. Protect. You and. Make. You sign a waiver. This. Is dangerous, look, go around that corner. I'm. A man corner but. How. Low. Flat terrain. Of. Course that's. No all in. My shoes and. What a heck of a time, not. To have Mike response right. Anyway. It. Has flattened, out a little bit, the. Rest of the family, do. Not want to make the trip since. The rumor, on the trail was that. There's no Overlook, at, Hidden. Lake. Or. Rather. There's no, can't. See anything there is no look can't see anything cause the clouds I believe. It but I'm just hard had enough to want. To get to that end, that's. Where I'm going. Absolutely. Crystal-clear water. Up. Here. Alpine. I, guess and there's. Chance. Man he. Just came down from that Ridge. Taking. The road less traveled. That's. My boy. So. There is, hidden, like don't. I give it to you black and white because. It just does so much for it but, actually. I'll. Just give it to you in white. All. Right this is a man corner. See. What happens. You. Don't like it around. This sketchy, sketchy, corner. Amen. Corner, here. We go. People. Abandoning, their women. And children up, here. Right. It's every man and woman for themselves. She's. Lying I let her lie to you, she's deceiving you. You're. Strangers, she's banking on y'all never seeing each other again. Hi. We're. The worst. The. Going, to the Sun Road is, usually, opens, the end of June, 1st of July and, so we were fortunate that it did open up, this. Weekend, and we could get up through there and see. This it's just really neat this is the weeping wall here where water, is cascading on, your car coming, past it and then there's some places in there where it gets really, sketchy. And gets really, tight, and. Of, course the clouds were in but, it was you. Still could see some breaks in the clouds and it was still well, worth our trip to go through. There and just. See the majesty. Of the creation, that's there a.

Lot, Of places through, there where we saw some snow and, there was some pretty. Deep snow places. That they had plowed through some areas, and then of course where, it got tied in there I mean you had to slow down and I saw, some rearview mirrors, that had been knocked off on the ground and. Then there's two tunnels you go through and one of them has a viewport. That you can get out and walk. Out and look out there and that's just really neat here's merely, taking, a look at that so altogether. A great, trip going to the Sun Road can't, recommend, it and uh we. All that is it that is all for Glacier Park hope you enjoyed that iron, destination. Is Yellowstone. National Park, so, we're gonna be hitting the road tomorrow, so. I appreciate, y'all hanging in here and joining. Us on our trip as always, appreciate. You and we'll see you out here.

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Thank you for sharing this. I can’t wait to see the rest of your trip!

Yep .

Beautiful! A vacation that will be remembered for a lifetime!

Wow! This is an amazingly pleasant surprise! I trekked the CDT portion of Glacier National Park. I spent a lot of time in Montana. They build mountains very high west of North Carolina! Snow sits on top all summer. Thanks for sharing this trip down my memory lane! Happy trails to you and the family!

@Ramdino Roaming the Trails You were an unexpected Trail Angel

What was even more awesome was i got to be a trail angel by giving a guy a lift who was starting SOBO on the CDT to the train station to get to the trail head. Je just happen to be staying in the front yard of the air b&b we were at. True trail magic.

Did you see Night Crawler while you were out there ?

I did not

@mark burrell

@Thrifty Endurance Oh well. Keep your eyes open. He may pop out from behind a bush riding a grizzly bear any second.

Mark Burrelll - That would have been cool! Night Crawler and SuperClassy are still in New Mexico, I think. Jandal is further along in Colorado, I think, as per last vids.

It has been years since I last visited there, but that trek up to Avalanche Lake is still one of my favorite memories. Thanks for this "revisit"!

Thanks for the video. Hope to get out there myself this summer.

My kind of vacation! Fantastic! Thanks for bringing us along

Love your videos and hiker updates. However, I find it hard to understand how a hiker would let his wife go on a western trip to parks and not tell her to get hiking shoes. Also, it would have been very easy to find out in advance what conditions were like in Glacier Park. Don't know if you flew or drove, but when we fly we mail our trekking poles to ourselves general delivery since they won't fit in our suitcases.. Just saying. A little planning goes a long way.

Actually we got lucky. The road to the sun had not opened yet and our last day there was when it opened so really did not think we would get the chance to do what we did. I agree on the hiking shoes, but uts hard to get her on the trail and she really cant do ups for long periods of time or long distances. So we enjoy what we can together.

Awesome Video!! Thanks for sharing. Are you winging it or did you go through a travel agent? Looking forward to your next video :)

Planned the air b and b but the rest we looked up ahead of time and had sorta of a plan, but no agent.

Ramdino, I HIGHLY recommend the Pink Jeep Tour to The Valley of Fire outside Las Vegas. It is a very professional company with excellent guides. A box lunch and lots of water are provided. Scenes from Star Trek were filmed here as well as other movies. It is a trip you will never forget!!

Tks for the tip. Unfortunately ,or fortunately depending on your point of view, we did not have a lot of time in Vegas and were worn out. We did Hoover dam and that was all we had time for.

Ramdinao, I hope you and the family got to see Valley of Fire. The Pink Jeep Tour out of Las Vegas was amazing and I HIGHLY recommend it. Lunch and water are provided and it is a trip you will never forget! Very professional company with excellent guides. There have been many movies made here including scenes from Star Trek.

Glacier Park is always busy this time of year.. it is a beautiful place... man we are getting rain back here in Western North Carolina.. hoping it don't rain a lot next week will be up at Highland Games helping set up


Beautiful,,we haven't anything like that in Texas. ;))

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