GOD'S OWN PEOPLE | Jagannath Yatra | Narrated By Amitabh Bachchan | A Film By Nila Madhab Panda

GOD'S OWN PEOPLE | Jagannath Yatra | Narrated By Amitabh Bachchan | A Film By Nila Madhab Panda

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Oh. Naba. Eternity. No Carla. Burrata salad or. Java. Not a mahaprabhu, Ginga, so Judas, had a per day evam. Berra. Was so combative to take over sir a tanker. Udacity, not higher on Quran a queen, no call over apologize. There. Is a humdrum, of activity, on. The borrowed vandal, devotees. Have come from distant lands, the. Witness and auspicious, beginning. The. Navajo navara ritual. Is. Not just another annual affair. Happening. After 19, years this. Ritual, that would. Reaffirm the faith of over 40. Million Korea people and, bind. Them together to a common oath and. Shared history. The. No vocal Ibarra ritual, is, a testimony. Of that. All-encompassing. Jagganath, consciousness, that. Defines the identity, of orissa. The. Origin of Jagannath worship, is. Located, in the ancient past. But. As a practice, it. Has a continuous, history of. Over, a thousand, four, hundred years. During. The passage of time. Various. Modes of worship have. Been initiated by different, people and those. Have been integrated, into. The realm of Jagannath. Temple rituals. This. In return. Has. Deeply, affected the very consciousness, of, warrior culture. The. Normal Calabar ritual. Is. A reenactment of, that sense of history that. Shared, heritage. This. Year's navajo, newborn would. Give an opportunity, for. Some intimate, reflections, on, the ways people, relate. To genomic. Elixir. Of their life, Lord. Of their, world. Source. Of, their. Spiritual, sustenance. The. Preparation, for Naga, Kali Bora is. Most visible, in the households, of the, data Patti who. Would play a crucial role in the unfolding of, this er prayer ritual. Happening, after 19, years. Me. Llamo, na. Hoona. Caliph elute Toyota. Fluid. Moisture. Returns. A problem chorus upon, Ahmad. I talk octagon. I'm a horrible into. Ypres. Butakov Katrina, geography. While. The personal, preparation, is in full swing at, the data but the houses. Preparation. For the ceremonial, beginning, happens at. The city palace of the gotcha patty king. It. Is he who is, considered, as. The primordial, servitor. Portugal, not Nabokov. Ora Madonna. To arm velocity recorder. Fabray Gajapati. Maharaja tankara oh no. Mati. Bargain. Currenty. Citta. Vertica. Nittaku. Hodge I. Do. Know right the suitable oku, see. You know her array more. Junk at the garage she, said. He Raja potty Rajguru cuckoo, particular. You, say yeah our, guru Simon Cooper oh no Cory we're. Even. Bonacic determination. Ahora single, rep until a. Mr.. Bassel I with. The apothem coup Rajguru go. Away, a, taraji. Novik. Oliveira Vianna param. Perico arm pop. The. Data parties emerge, from their houses would, chance purifying. Them. The. Partying, with family, is, emotional, is. There going to be away for. A really long time. They're. Going on. An arduous journey, spread. Over several months. Devotees. Acquaintances. Kitten kin, throng. Them on their way, wishing them goodbye and, blessings. Amarok. Tae a, patter. Ramen ramen now. The. Claim owner about the high achiever. Say. Shock Casio. G-shock. - Abrams Andy. You. Leaving. The Jagannath temple in a colander way, the. Entourage arrived, at the Jagannath Bolivar, mater. Located. Less than a kilometer away, but. This leg of the journey takes. More than three hours as, they, get mopped by devotees, who. Throng to, get a glance of this parade. The. Rest here just, for a few hours. Energy. Runs. High amongst, our is. They all brace, up for their sojourn, to. Find new bodies for their deities in. The darkness, before Twilight of the morning. The. Origin of nama Kolubara ritual is. Lost, to the darkness of a. Long history. But. Traces, of it remain in public, memory in. The form of folklore and, legends. Tapping. Into that distant, memory, we. Travel, for. Over 400, kilometers, to. The interiors, of Odisha, in super. Nepal district. Modulus. Of velocity. Solar. Cycle, rocket is our. Raghava. Quarry, Guinness / Good Charlotte area. I. Don't. Either I hope the pathology warm up tomorrow. Most, of the robots have the hill, but. Alex hetro. Even. So. One of the or either that or a rather typical Italy. Today, with, the potty. Put. A October. From. You know somewhere is there another time, father squirrel. Say. The renatinho TTY. Passover already there was secondly. They. Were a bigger jungle talaga both borrow a logo digitally. Darwin. Also confirm. A given Otago Rocky Patel equally. Said. Over the pots rock happy the ala top, recruit of Autobots all of ADL, every. Savage or not a t-shirt or a lease were so. Happy. Philippe, safe. A great. Opportunity. So so just a song rock where it's on poor as a block to oscillate from.

Pure Eizember of Tama Huata remote delicate, Allah this, over song robbery Guinea I see, the data wahoo whatever. Server guys, I was. A poor. Sort of comparison. So. It's all relative also, go to that Oh Marty Marty. Visiray very, well. The. Soda go we mark hi Ellie hello, promote, onigiri for. A purely, cetera. Dell'Amore. TT are very good BrahMos a crop of asparagus. We, got Darla dimple. Walking. Through the morning the retinue, reaches, Bali. Hai on the Puri Konark Marine Drive. The. Local media follows, them to capture each development. Giving. Live updates, to their audience. After. All it. Is a matter concerning the, lord of, their heart Jagan. After. A day's rest they prepare once again to, walk further. Their. Journey is arduous, it. Will take them through the diverse, landscape, of, Odisha. This. Journey, is, important. Because. It is also a travel, through time and space, for. An eternal, connection, with. A spiritual, consciousness. But. It must be done by, adhering. To worldly, deadlines. Cragger. Intelligently. Say, I'm a reporter for the sky II am. Baba no good either so the cogently, anchor, Shakti Ankara. Vagabonder. A three part a. So. I'm gonna go, till now to be circled up like over here, I miss, from all Peter eh send. You some orbiter bravo Bravo. But--so d ck, well -, totally, that's, a boo-boo Australian, almost. Hangers Hamilton. George. A moment ago CC probably. Particularly. Ready. Tell. It's, allah. Mohammed. Salameh, propose in a movie de monserrate a vector D'Amato. Mahabharata. Grow dim. Abode on the cheetah. Picasa time again. The. Auto Rajas, first destination. Is. Set in idyllic, surroundings by. The Prachi, River, 55. Kilometres, from Puri. It. Is an ancient hermitage called the. Only model that has. A special, role to play the. Normal Holly para ritual. This. Is, the place where. The deliberations. On the actual planning of, choosing, the DAR would, take place. The. Only matter comes. Alive only during, the, nama collabora, ritual. It. Is being spruced up to receive. The entourage. The. Villages, on the way also. Prepare with excitement, and devotion, to. Receive these special, travelers, showing. The best possible, pomp and, splendor. Stopping. At the scenic Shankara short a temple as their last resting, place, the. Group gets ready again to reach, the. Only mutter finally. The. Mutter is almost, ready now to. Receive its guests, who. Are coming here again after. 19 years. This. Place, is. Going to be the temporary abode for. The entire, group for, over a week. This. Is a place from. Where the deputies, would venture out to locate. Suitable. Name, trees and, finalize. Four. Of them for. Their gods. Tree. Worship there's, a long history, in this region, even. Today one. Can find people worshipping trees. Anointing. Them with flowers Vermillion. Frankincense. And lamps. Supersonic. Rgb2. Misaka. Misaka Tobias et cetera moutoku, they're a bigger capacity. In. Bamako, or two dicta, khatallah, even I take, a, rocket. Or a way he's, almost to the Hickory. Bouzouki. Wilson Thackeray say, that began, demonic rise. The. Tree in front of the Moloch family, gets. A stream of curious, onlookers. For. Busy the place with. Acts of devotion and veneration. The. Householders, continue, to live their life. Amongst. Such conundrum. We. Travel with them to the nearby field. Where. The magic is about the cost. Resource-efficient. Ladies are going to Jack arute Martina. He doesn't work with that al khali era. Did, I go upset Authority honey you know what what agree, you can't curl down he will kill everything, they're. Harmful and involve us and others are. You a robot you have another hundred our enemy. Is. Mahavakya, hydra little. Control me. My neck or indeed the. G17 I would, like to go to Bali did you wrap any yet. Allow. Digital. Photo below. Otaku. Democracy. Or, cynical everyone not. Susie a functionable. Hey. Now I gotta go back on the ball. Take. One. In. The meanwhile, the. Retinue, has settled well in the, early mud. Villagers. From neighboring areas flock to. Have a look at the group resting, on route their. Divine mission. This. Temporary. Shelter, gets. Busy with activities, to. Keep the above going. One. Person, who is responsible for its smooth, functioning, is the. Ola Khurana the. Traditional, administrator. Of the. Temple at touring. Chocolate. You are a protectors, sundown. Button. When I hope. Agenda, they, tear it. Away. A, new, column vodka do we take a look, at the report, mother/daughter. Beauty the. Corner I wasn't. In the corner, are you now today miss, okoma, Oh Minka, a. Manager. A bond, about delivery. I'll. Put it. Till. Okada-kun, go. Through question D you know someone to come on over because of orders oh man no time that's, hating that are gorgeous. Almost ago when, a negatory, good child you Thomas didn't know what order game that would that.

Is No no give entangled, is over Samantha. Domino. City'll I was in the move move at Cancun's about, the colony, then sick or diplom, good aim, dig reality. And even tutelary. And last wasn't named child over the house all good. So. The retinue begins another phase of the, ceremonial, journey. But. This time it. Is to a temple nearby the. Temple of Goddess Mangala, of, cockatrice. This. Visit. Is. Crucial. To commence the actual, process, of locating. The, special, named trees. Say. No clarifying, battle. Man called it there's a mangaluru biology, bonus, added experiment, Yoganathan. Girl what's, up under the rule man, column Algernon, you want they almost, imagine Assam agree Heron. Colony as, it's handsome and so beautiful. Hook, the Malvinas hammer grenade. Man. Chrome Arjuna koridai. Margins. Nano garage a snozzberry. Before, a. Garage. Sudarshana, goo mango. Cygnus loop or a monopod. Avocado, kawaii the Opera man Columbus you can do services become, Mohan additionally. Jay, my. Son. To stay away hammer. Single penny doll. Man and say. Anatomically. After. Completing marginal. The. Anoint, a shin ritual, the. Group returns, to do limit. This. Is the time they. Would be left all by, themselves. They. Would collectively, pray, and meditate, through. The night. They. Seek a divine intervention. From, mother Mandela, their. Goddess for guidance regarding. The, direction of the. Witness. Mother. Saw the. Dark tell me live on will go Tara. Status, it is. Of mothers Oh yesa. Cover, all those who, put the Mele versus una then they, are sitting in. The, Silence, of the night. Chosen. There the parties, chant. The Swat Nevada mantra, to. Create a direct. Communion, with, the goddess. They. Hope to receive a precise. Sense of, geographic. Direction, to, proceed. Yeah. Well. Everybody. A. Local. Cache for her TV civil Safari, Oh, people. Are gonna try. Some. Drove Hagin America, deliver. Some. Photos I read each honker Oh Debbi, single. Sarala. Honoka. Mikoto, kokuto. Omaha. As. He rode on an. Agile. Coach sorry Super Saturday, cackle. Pancho, Pancho. Jungle. Oh back. Roman. Coppola. Chaucer's. Thickest hair Alicia, honcho. Organism. Valerie Rockefeller, since, a column to no, vocal ever approached her saw her said a couple of also football and you should never hear such, tabe. A. System. Where a policy. Very, shocked single Bonanza. Hottie a gay, Paree tonton, sample. Not big brother Manku didn't. Hurt a Kariba sambar, paparazzi, lucky. You. Know, cocoa. Bean machine that, a safari, you had to be camera gravity, mg maria, no gravity, ng local. Bootlegger over 650 local talent of chunky sauce. Radical, versus reliable in of Scylla, tell, me honey if you bother ecology, parent yeah man. Color need, disarray Schwab prandial, Sarah him, Lloyd. Apogee money. Pancho. Jungle. Of history. Badar. Woman on copper currency, policy. All. Of the other side you pillory directly. Chateauguay. Tulasi, you. To. Color the bounds and gentle, dodgy sentimentality. They, said to go great. See. You. Later, kenapa. Reversal. Detective. Unknown, homicidal, evening. Maurice. Tourneur Banco de la. Vez. De. Tacky, Amarone. A clerk at. The. Machine and. Completed, each of Corrado's. Rebecca, Watson would, pitch a protime fitted. With each other. When. I server agent olive. I think. It's Oliver solitary, bee voiceover symmetric, away no. One right man for now. The, announcement, of the location, of the tree for Sudarshana that brings. In hordes, of curious, onlookers, from. Villages, in. An around booba nation. Everyone. Stands in acumen, to, catch a special, glimpse, for a small offering. The. Area around gets cleaned and cleared of people attached. Pavilion, is erected, next. To the tree so not one. Who died, economist, Habano. Jaga. For. Lilly who super, agrument elusive, on opium is help with you sadhana. Average panic. In COC, poorly on turn. We. Broke up the category, brave from, hot - I repeat Ahava. Promoter. Some. Authority with demands may. Get the, Coon huntin in. The order to go to group KOCO mobile, not.

Parapet Husband, molec. Jonathan. Groff water on hubble you. Can see Harbhajan. Op pujita heavy seas. You cheat. Aku NAWAPA. Cultic. Are deep who deliver gandhi. To delay to the vehicle havana a syllabus. For 1800. Cannot efficiently, boniello, congo soccer set opportunity the. Pillow patterns may be are, closed on the parson, t it, is a hello Lauren airy categorical. Tricycle, juicy. Booty. Piranha dr. tapas. Are the. Top two saucy there's horrible a gigantic, City parameter, to say parent to me go, team entrepreneurship. City paterson, member. Seattleman. 30, Maha, prom paint Europe, through Boozer and Tokyo. Simon, and Aaron Aaron DeMayo, Santi the Iman, 30 mahaprabhu. Grow. Political. Geometry. -. Ah. Knock. Resonance. Upon. Occasion, Hondo Gopal you come, across devil because. Dr.. Hey constrain. Jolly, to, be demoted of Paris of opera Volterra with, Honoka River Holloman total supply, of creation. Kaliesha. Thunder, ooh foreign. Agenda. I mean. Allah. Dollar. For so-called man achoo. Petukhov. Army, into. Profit, on his religion taquitos villainy, in. Ambassador, gently mantra. Balaji Futaba. Mantra. Whoever, thank 4,000 I'm gonna be through with Drew boots give. Up Ryuji. Without. Him. He, probably. Be, automatically. For. Diversity, Mahalo for. Everton a year. Regularly. Buono. Joggers, the. Ceremonial, far offering. With. The chance of the Patal and new singer month, comes. To an end after, over. 36, hours. There. Is excitement in the air that the tree is, going to be finally, felt. The. Deputies, brandish, ceremonial. Axes, made, of gold and silver. Symbolizing. The special, status of. This act. But. The one that will come in real use is. Made up of regular, file. As, the ritual procedure, for Sudarshana dari progresses. The. News regarding the finalization, of, the, location, for, balabhadra. Don gets. Announced. Bonds. On the world yo I, get, it. My. Colleague. I need a mic and a. Sample. Will. Be valuable. The. Tree for balabhadra deity has. Been found very. Near the Sun our temple in, jagged, Singapore district. Goddess. Sorella is. A deity in Hulya, culture, and history. The. Area starts, bustling, with activity. All. The rituals, done for so. There's an add-on would. Repeat here and hence, on for. The remaining two trees yet to. Be formally announced. Beloved. Rogova remember, eggy. Let's see hey Darrell, I read you devotion Rivaldo a. Concern. A vanity, Renault delay pedal, a semitic, hi let me give abilities. Of a, Hindu. Sikh. Open ano, monogamy, when. Abravanel. Rollins. All cordially junk on top. Or EEG Italian. Yeah. Piraeus, region moreover. Daniel. As the. Tree for balabhadra, guru requires, its. Special, spiritual, elevation, to. Bond o jogo, with. The pattern missing, a month. Sudarshan. Ataru reaches, the entrance of the, Jagannath temple in Korea. The. DA Ruffo Border Patrol after. Being found would. Also make the same journey to the temple. The. Tree for. The Subhadra, deity, has. Been declared, it. Is the Unga, Kirov village, again. In jagged sinpo district. The. Servitors, anoint. The tree with turmeric a favorite. Color, the. Entire bono jaga ritual, will, repeat here again. Make. Sure you lock the keys or. He'll a. Garage. For each. My. Final, Angola watch, out. A. Lot. Of the, other envoys. Ivanovich. Arizona, prophet, hablo. Mucho, trabajo. En. Efecto I've got about. Knowledgeable. In. To work. On IOT. Years. Macaw. Nassau. Coliseum. Rocky. Ali. Ra ra, paternal. Cinnamon Trudy. I would, teach Madiba. As. The, bono jar is underway, for Subhadra, Dario, the. Tree for jaren Otaru gets. Formally, announced, the next day. I'll. Determine Bonnie, remove. Everywhere I mean, Jonathan Galarraga not Korea - Cordy. Poder de do, de de andar, will be appointed to the keeper. Energy. I. Hid. Gonna. Put. A car Jonathan. Guru-guru. Near, Korea Gojira, Detroit. Or Chicago Polytech, Italy. More, Dahaka remote Thank You Allah a mother, like like everyone to imagine, why you couldn't ever watch it when. I got selected in. The leg or equivalently, Mottola gala is you're gonna wanna. Go de Apodaca. Orinoco upon. D ie the. Ka'bah Caden forever conquering. Upon. Your own container video. Why, do the death buddies, get such exclusive.

Right To the. Most intimate, bodily, rituals, of the gods, to. Know this we. Travel again for over a hundred, kilometres, into. The jungles of Orissa, called, Conti. Lo by, the Mahanadi River. Motor. Servo optimum brahma, guru. Puja repair pooja, guru, Poornima. Geometry, Kentucky, literary, area, very portable vanity. Continue. This. Reversal, a. Yantra. Sabor. Raja. See. Protein seeker. Cricket encourage began the background, seek. Our goal seek our own national Ashiatsu Denis Yamato. Promenade trip a hard ecology. With. The opposite angle a, monthly. Increment. See. Good. Team at Arnhem. Lolita Lolita. Satsanghis. Aha on top live and Iggy, Polly. With UG, so. Do. The sunglasses, ecology. Anybody. Be able to say but a degree what. Cory. Were somebody Lolita. Be debe de arriba, bitch who, need a joke the, Rondo kalila. Solo. Cuckoo. Need. A. Protocol. Three. More hats Alex here but, I saw a movie in there, GB. Let, me alone artworks and the. Colony. Do, I hear. Any across. Unbeiievabie he, tangata, money. On ecology. Is. Our driver, Tom. Graham Rasta in, the kid I killed. It forty. Video. With. Deputy, to. The syrup i le prabhu shraddha, das. Honorable observable, imperial hidden. Rural areas, of urban a rohila, brain more easily move. Autonomously. So. I'm an otaku. In, daily. Life. On. Omaha furniture so, made your mother hubbard's honest among for you guys to mutiny apology well I get from. One another. So Eulerian, or, Amara's, multitude. Nigga to record. Our broom or a career Nelligan, is apricot Ivy Maharaja. Samudra son governor whoever, whatever you wanna see. Gila. Gila see. Their only thing would need. Ragusa. Babe, Ruth. In Rotorua, Larry went. You wanna like la Citadelle. So no someone gonna give him. No Maharaja Andy cedar. Ooh said Oh Holly Lenny very. Miserable Susie beret see, there they will be jamming the rock Carla this. Rubbish before you are Roger Latoya top of this every yoga. Not you. Know but in the track on Chandi Jatra summary though. It's a malanga, hog-monkey. Chocolate i sorry. The, Feld Subhadra, Darwin goes. Through a chopping, and pruning, process. The. Deputies, select, the. Necessary portions. Of the tree, using. Their secret knowledge, and, make, them into rectangular. Wooden. Blocks, called. Chop, art the. Rest is. Buried, in a deep trench, dug. Nearby, so that they. May not get misused, a. Wooden. Cart is made by felling other trees, available. In the vicinity. Local. Carpenters, from the area are, utilized. By the temple, carpenter, is called, visvakarma. Were. Also part of the, Brno jogger retinue. Soon. The cha part are loaded into, the cart a. Ceremonial. Robe of silk is. Wrapped to. These special, divine pieces, of wood. Part. Of the retinue from the data button were. Traveled, back to Puri with it. The. Atmosphere, at Jagannatha taru is, Samba. The. Lady of the Moloch family, sweeps. The area clean as, she has done for over 50 years the, other. Members, of our family make. Rangoli. Patterns, called.

Cheetah, On the, ground. Their. Association. With the beloved tree would. Come to an end soon. The. Formal, announcement of Jagannatha Darwin would. Bring in over a million devotees, and, curious. Onlookers, before. It gets filled. It. Starts, a few businesses, that, would run briskly, only. For the next few days. Such. Humdrum. Spills. Over to the Mallik household. The. Retinue, begins rituals, to sanctify, the tree to. Give it the needed, spiritual. Elevation. Or. Implemented everything, for. Unpleasantly, a negative electrode Rodney, upon. Somebody gone through targeted the repellent it. Take idea we come, to, my Sasuke then, I didn't equal. Sigma that, will be a cheap job, or a new I played up to twenty. Lovely I was 27. A multifocal, PL routing the. Homogeneous. Flow controller. Can Capernaum TV new, gene insertion magnetic, model. Another. Galaxy Derka Derka give, the moon Taguchi they. Deserve. -. Indeed, no. Public only price mistake, mister. Set up our intention, in, the a managed operated, safely particularly. They, kill any yeah, I'm going to Brazil and, remember. He was you see, prophet Mohamed Nasheed. As under professor cranky. Amma for Impala Jammu adult a beauty governor. Division, d double. D Satanism. Though it a Buddha Mahavira Nana my. Bicycle. As. The moment of felling the tree comes closer, the. Atmosphere. Is mad with anticipation. People. Get on top of the Malik house to, get a better view. The, cutting process begins. Oh. Sake. Oh. Oh. Like. Other Sahadi the. Jagannath Daru takes ten, days to. Cover a distance of a, hundred and thirty kilometers, stopping. Our route to. Satiate the desire of the devotees. Finally. To. Reach us pudding. Thus. The protracted. Second, phase of the, novel olive-oil called, the hog for. The outer bono, jogger chattri, comes. To an end. The. Existing, dojis from the sanctum, sanctorum of the temple, are. Taken out replaced, near the outer wall for. Public viewing. The. Day is. Called snan, boredom on the. Full moon day just, before the, monsoon, months begin. The. Gods would have their ceremonial, some of our. Devotees. Back, the borrowed under, the, main road in front of the temple to. Catch a final view of the, gods. Those. Who. Reigned the temple, for, the last 19. Years. In. The night the. Idols are taken back but. Not into the sanctum sanctorum anymore. They. Go to an area within. The temple premises called. Unser. Of finding the. Area for the absence, ritual. This. Phase of the Nabucco labora is. Called, unter or, in. A Bonucci agua chakra, it. Is also called. Anubis, or pakka for. The absence, fortnight, which, happens every year when the gods are believed. To develop. Fever their. Recuperation. Treatment. And care, would. Be done only by the dead bodies. During. The number column or a period, this. Will be prolonged for. Over 3/4 months and the. Change of the body of the deity would. Take place. It. Is called Maha. A nasara' for. The grand absence, period. What. Happens inside is. Completely kept. Away from, public view. During. The absence period. Specially. Painted images. Of the deities are made. They. Are called an asana, party. Made. By the Chitra. Car servitor. Group of the temple. The. Paintings, are taken, ceremonially. Into. The temple to be worshipped when. The wooden deities, undergo. Transformation. The. Making of the new bodies, needs, some other things. The. Ingredients, are a secret, as, much as the process, itself. But. A part of it can be seen in the. Bar o ruamata. Located. Near the temple. The. Oil is made with many kinds, of Santa Claus and kept.

For Over a year below the earth and then. Taken. Into. The Anna shore of bindi area inside. The temple, complex. It. Is said this would represent blood, that would run in, the veins of the gods. Specially. Tired silk threads become. The artery veins and flesh. Binding. Agents, such as frankincense. And other gum are used to. Hold them together to a shape. But. The skeleton, of the deities would. Be made from the doll which. Has been carried from the Bono Chaka Chaka it. Is done by a special, group of servitors, called. The visvakarma. Ammiraju. The server Messiah. I'm. Gonna believe me mr. Barba. No. Go 300 Marla. And talk, after the. Arugula. Molten, lava lake a a pair of Al Rahma pool robbery yeah. Tell you you have to happen elemental, a humanity. Stable healthy to. Develop a sugar machine in Manipuri there, was a, super, mario very gravely. Acid, I'm gonna remember them. Soon. The actual, day for the change of body arrives, it. Is called from, the very bottom for, the transfer, of the soul mate. The. Process, of, Brahma Puri bottom is. Done in. Absolute, secrecy. Judah. Loew Moni purana. Row. On. So, do tiny Romano even, Nabokov. LOC on shorty I'm more a bad agreement oka don't consider it a bit abandoned go back here a achieve. Yaku, a may add a degree no. Vocal already a New, Jerusalem no, come to Kimba. Multi. Near mana who they. Use of toka toka is, reboot, I read hearing a, chicken. Forty, professors. Review. This. Is the most secretly. Aired part of, the, entire nomicon, Ibarra ritual. Conducted. Only by. The death bodies. Even. The lights of the area around the temple are, switched off lest. Someone, may see the process and, Acrobat. Function. In. The darkness, sole, matter is inserted, to, the new idols, and the. Old bodies, are, buried in the coyly by Kanto, area, inside. The temple complex. The, death buddies emerge, after conducting, the Brahma parivartana. Richard. They. Go to the nearby pond for. A ritual ablution. They. Tonsure, their heads, this. Ritual of transferring, marks. Kinship, with the gods when. They undergo, new, incarnation. And, thus. The. Navajo libera ritual, comes, to an end. We. Are now. Local, master key I'm an adult in Yamada di. Milano, JEA, money Tunku could. You avoid ocean, sea. Ice turnigy I'm a OCD, but one who saved us a time Davey auntie wonder. Dermatology, Monica local two extra medium or one way and. I'm more about, Lucifer. One. Have. Teleported. One. But uncle do you hear that emit, an odor paneer, - I'm, a DJ 21, 2008 a nature. Photographer. Ariana for Amber normal, as. A normal human. Mutt. Elegant. Algorithm. The process. While. Jagannath the, Lord of our hearts, underwent. Such a transformation. How, could the emotions. Subside. So quickly. It. Is not over for the devotees yet. They. Are gaining from the buriganga to. Catch a glimpse of their God where, has just undergone, a metamorphosis. It. Is the day of the ratatata the. World-famous, annual car festival in which the god comes, out from the temple to mingle, with the crowds spread. Over nine days. But, this time the. Situation is different, over. One and a half million, people, from. Every, nook and corner of the region come. To have darshan a divine. Audience, with the gods in, the new bodies, each. Testifying.

Unique Ways of kinship, with, their gods. Surrender. And, reaffirming. Their relationship. Through. Devotion. After. All. They. Are God's own people.

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Bhaut sundar katha... Jay Jagannath

Jai Jagannath

Provide English subtitles. We couldn't understand most of it.

English subtitles are available, plz check again!!!

Deepti s It's there, just turn on English Captions

Pls make it in English as many of us cannot understand odia..

Nihar Kumar Dalai thanks

Chandni Biswas Turn on English Captions

Jay jagannath


Sirji kadvi hawa kaha se dekhe? Kahi available nhi hai.

Very nice story! Jai Jagannath.

The Govt. Interference & Greedy servitors is damaging Jagannath culture.

জয় মহাপ্রভু

Jay Jagannath

Very nice movie

Wow very nice story

Jai Jagannath, since we are God's own people

Hope the subtitles are in use! Thanks :)

Most portions of the video is narrated by Amitabh bachan in English only..


Hope the subtitle caption is helping!


Jay Jagannath Mahaprabhu.

Completely Speechless...jai jagganath

Jai Jagannath

Jai Jagannatha Jai Jagannatha.

Ki sundara aaha Ki anandamaya Ei bisala sansara Dhanya mahaprabhu mahima tumbhara...

The best Jagannath temple is in Koraput odisha! 1st in class / rank, less crowded than Puri! Jai Jagannath!

Hey jaganath swami

Yeah, it's a cultural center, promoting Vaishnavism, Koraput Jagannath mandir is all inclusive, it's the tribals who pull the Rath. Meanwhile Jagannath idol itself is a derivative from forest, which belongs to the tribals, the art and craft is very unique to the region. Koraput mandir is clean, nice peaceful, serene and less crowded. It's close to the essence of Jagannath the Lord of the universe, who exists everywhere, regardless of Maha Prasad.

Anuradha Aravind You don't get Mahaprasad there...It's just prasad

Jagannath.Jay Jagannath.Jay Jagannath.Jay

|| Jaya Jagarnatha Swami Nayana Patha Gami Bhava Tume ||

Jay Jagannath Swami Bhaba Tume Jay Jagannath

Puri is more famous because of its accessibility and Shankara peetham, which was the next level discourse to Vaishnavism. When challenges to Brahmin orthodoxy came in the form of Jainism and Buddhism, Shaivite belief took strong hold, due to hardwork of Adi Shankaracharya, who established Shakti peetham' s in Shringeri, Dwarka, Badrinath and Puri,that allowed Brahminism to consolidate and flourish.

It's all conjecture, God is everywhere, Puri is more popular that's all. It's one of the ancient cities, as far as the mandir architecture is concerned, it's only few years older than Koraput mandir, which was built in 12CE. There is an inscription with NAME and DATE. Check it out please. JAI JAGANNATH!

in koraput its just prasad.. in puri its mahaprasad

Iska hindi video kaha milega...youtube me hai kya..


Excellent presentation Nila Madhab sir...This should be shown to many...☺️

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ଜୟ ଜଗନ୍ନାଥ ସ୍ୱାମୀ ନୟନ ପଥଗାମୀ ଭବ ତୁମେ

Great work by nila madhaba panda sir for your incredible work. Truly this documentary will spread our rich jagannath culture through out the world. Thank u Amitabh ji for lending your voice. Last but not the least thank u Akshay parija sir, u always tried to uplift our odia tradition.


Hindi/English me film banate kam se kam Pure Desh ki log samajh pate

jay Jagannath...

jay jagannath

Jay jagannath...Lakin hamari culture ki dusman yeh panda log hai jo bideshi hinduo ko aandar nahi jane date aur bo rote huie mandir se wapas jate hai.

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Jay Jagannath Swami

Jai Jagannath

Jay jagannath

Bhai English Subtitle dele samaste dekhi ki bujhiparibe

Turn on english captions people...

I am very proud as a people of odisha state

Jaganatha saved Odisha from super cyclone in 1999.

Jay Jaganatha. Thank you Nilamadhava Panda

Turn on caption to English

Jagannath swamy nayana pathagami bhabatume..... sundara Odisha ama janmabhumi

Thanks to all who made this video ..... Special thanks to Amitabh Sir, the legend for lending his voice .. Jay Jagannath

Jay Jagannath.


Thank you Nila Madhaba Panda Akhaya Parija Each & Every Odia.... Jay Jagannath ...

Proud Odia

Kaise dislike kar sakte ho yar....plz don't

Thank you odisha turism,nila madhababa panda ,for which we r proud being as odia,like this keep au culture memorable & higher.

ଜୟ ଜଗନ୍ନାଥ।

ase SA ase dhanyavad nilamadhaba sir

Subtitles jadi English re huanta ta ahuri bhala huanta.. AME eitaku share Kari parithantu

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Jay Jagannath.its the best culture to inspire the humanity.

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Amitabh Bachchan's voice @7.00 #justtohelpyou

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Ki sundara aha...tame prabhu...jete dekhuthae..nua laguthaa...Jagannath Swami Nayana Patha Gami..Bhava Tume Prabhu..Jai Jagannath..Jai Maa Subhadra...Jai Balabhadra...

Jay Jagannath ...

Jay Jagannath


jaya jagarnath

Thank you everyone those who were involved in making this beautiful documentary. Better if this could have been multilingual.

I love my odisha

ଜୟ ଜଗନ୍ନାଥ ସ୍ୱାମୀ ନୟନ ପଥଗାମୀ ଭବତୁ ମେ

This is so original.. love odia..love odisha

jai jagannath..bahut bahut dhanyabd sir...

DPK Live Inside turn on English subtitles

I'm not comparing at all, each city, town, village, place, idol, person comes with their/ his own energy. I'm believe in the flow of energy in matter and space, in wind and air, in water and rain, in scorching sun and shade, every place is unique and each time it's different, because of these energies only. You need to develop an intuition to understand this.

Puri was narrated in ancient Hindu texts and Lord Jagannath exists from eternity at here. The other temples dedicated to him are small centres to spread the culture but can't be comparable to the original temple. It has history, architecture, emotion and rituals associated with it which is not found anywhere else. So don't compare. Thanks

Absolutely, it's also the positive vibration of the place. We are all creatures of energy be it the Panchabhutas which is'' the'' component of our ritualistic practice, cultural beliefs are add on's to follow a particular way of life, a belief system formulated by our ancestors. Infact there is a saying for people who invariably can't make it to temples,which states The house is Vaikunta, the stomach is Kailasam, and the kids are Alwars/azhwars, they are are the patron saints in Shri Vaishnava belief!

Its not the architectures,it's the devotion and the presence of true devotees which makes a temple best. Only one single true devotee is enough to make a temple best or famous and there are many spiritual events like Bhakta Salabega,Dasia Bauri events were happend between Lord and his devotee in puri temple which made this temple famous.

I've travelled to most of the Vaishnavaite temples, I follow Lord Vishnu, Narayana, now it's my belief ; who can stop me from doing whatever I want?!

Who is stopping from anything? Go get your act together.

I am a Vaishnavaite. Lord Vishnu, Narayana is a very positive Lord, he's the embodiment of passive, positive intelligent strength, You'll find songs attributed to Vaishnava lords to be beautifully pleasant to the ears. The Lord himself whether in Tirupathi or Sri Rangam invokes pleasantness to the senses and is very energizing.

Anuradha Aravind I have to so much right to give my money to lord or temple or any one and people also have right to do no one can force to give lakh, or gold oramennts to lord

Temple is a hub of energy because of mantram chanting, it enhances the positive energy of the place, people who visit are supposed to feel energetic, pious and positive, for that good intentions matters, it's also a place to embrace spirituality, and to ensure good physical health by circumambulating doing Pradakshina outside the sanctum sanctorum or the corridors of the temple within its compound, enhanced physical well being.

God is everywhere for me, temple and sanctum sanctorum, or the Garbha Griha where the idol is placed depicts the purity, and sanctity of the place, a visual form for cultural celebration and survival. In Vishwaroopa Darshana, Lord Vishnu's cosmic form , he reiterates that he's the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent which means he exists in things we can see, things we cannot see, which is primarily the Panchabhutas and the visual representations of his various forms, for those of whom who need a medium to visually imagine a form. Lord Jagannath, Lord of the universe, is all encompassing form, who invariably states that he's the ultimate creator of this Universe, when he has taken this form for people to attribute thematic versions of shlokas, stotram's for cultural celebration. Puri is a Shakti peetham, a cultural center established by Srimad Adi Shankaracharya, who propagated and established mutts in Shringeri, Dwarka, Badrinath and Puri, to further the declining influence of Brahminism by the Buddhist and Jain influence over the region, it's a coastal city, the accessibility was always there for people to travel and later became Char dham of Vaishnava, shiva belief, Brahminical way of life, later integrated to become a successful economic opportunity in celebrating Rath Yarra of Lord Jagannath , where people flocked in lakhs to witness a religious cultural celebration.

There is no best temple rather than puri there are so many temple built in all over world BT not comparable with puri

What is the meaning of best temple, I didn't get......it may be clean ,less crowded but how is it best, Puri mandir has a history , it is not just another temple , it's a part of our culture ....

Aap Kisi Odisha ki Kisi Ko dost Bana Lo Jisko Hindi Aata Hoon Woh Tumhe Sab Samjha Denge

Turn on subtitles..cause it is the pure odia language

Thank you so much Neela Madhab panda for such a grt experience, bless you

Nice video ..a complete description of nabakalebara ..thanks a lot for making such a video and making odias proud

The conversation in Odia should have english subtitles..so that others can understand all the things..i hope the admin will mark on this point and will update ..

Really they are gods own people..we are god's own people..we all are Jagannath s own people above any religion,above any ethnicity,above any culture..we are one..we, God's own people..

thanku u

Jay jagannath...thanks for uploading

Where do we have the subtitle option or English version?

age old tradition of lord Jagannath enriches homes of every Odia people.spread humanity via Jagannath culture.

in 42:30 .the man was standing over there on a railway track, i have been watching him in train selling news papers and snacks since i was child. As i belongs to paradeep. that was paradeep to cuttack dmu.

Jay Jagannatha Swami

I don't understand the language. Is it Odia?

I'm not comparing at all, each city, town, village, place, idol, person comes with their/ his own energy. I believe in the flow of energy in matter and space, in air and wind, in water and rain, in scorching sun and shade, every place is unique and each time it's different, because of these energies . You need to develop an intuition to understand this.

Jai jaganath.

Soo glad to see this typ of video....truely this is our identity... Concept audio video and entire thing is awsm....And yes plz add subtitles fr non-odias....

I Dnt know who r the 25 no of dislike people. I could not find anything wrong in this vedio

Never really perceived my State to be so Vibrant. Maybe it's because of my ignorance, I went to find vibrance in the super-fast city life, forgetting the fact that the soul of Odisha and The Odia people and me lies in the Countryside. The combination of celluloid and Nila Madhav Panda is perfect, the Temperature of the scroll is fine, I makes me feel warm.and welcomed. Kudos to the Directior and his whole team.

swan Ray, yes it is Odia indeed and you can use the captions which are in English to better understand and enjoy the video...

MahaaPravu nkara ebhali eka bichitra lilaaku ebhali bhabare lokalochanaku aanibaara mahat kaarya re jeun byakti maane saamil achhanti mun se samastanku mo hrudayara gaviratama pradesaru asesa asesa krutagyantaa baadhuchi. Satare, ehaa eka mahat karjya. MahaaPrabhu nku madhya dhanyabaada janauchi taanka bhakta maananka upare ebhali eka karunaa karithibaaru. JAY JAGANNATH ...!!!

He Prabhu

Thanks To All Team ♥️

Jay jagatara natha jagannath mahaprabhu...

ଜୟ ଜଗନ୍ନାଥ ସ୍ୱାମୀ

A mark of Nila Madhab Panda....quality in its own way....add to that Amitabh Bachchan's Voice. And the subtitles.... It is a masterpiece...Thanks to Rajshri Soul for bringing us " ShreeJagannath" in form of a documentary.

Jagannath consciousness is widespread in Orissa and has reached on par with the ISKON movement, the Hare Radha, Hare Krishna movement, with huge temples built around the world. It is true there are Jagannath temples littered all across orrisa, and has tremendous influence over Vaishnavism.

I have already mentioned the importance of Puri, we're from Odisha, we know all that, it's only for Non oriya people, these things are some type of discovery. Thanks, Jai Jagannath!

I am also from koraput,there are so many Jagannath temples across Odisha which are also clean and beautiful.koraput jagganath temple also nice.but puri is one of the four dhams of india,like how there are so many lord Venkatewara temples but tirumala Venkateswara temple is main.yes as u told temple should be maintained neat and clean everywhere.

Nilamadhaba sir we are proud for you .


Well done Nila Madhab Panda....This is the best Odia documentary I have ever seen....Please share the links if you have created more similar kind of documentary....Thanks!

Jaganatha. Swami. Nayana patha. Gami. Vabotume. Joy jaganath

There should be English subtitles... we couldn't understand most of it

Jaya Jagannatha... The 1st Odia

Brother plz open on subtitles

Sabari Srikhetra

Jai Jagannath

Turn on English captions people in Setting

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