God Will Smite Your Debt, Part 2

God Will Smite Your Debt, Part 2

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(MUSIC) Hello everyone, I'm Jerry Savelle. Thank you for joining me again today it's a joy and an honor to be able to bring the word to you each and every week. And I appreciate so very much those of you that watch and communicate with us and specially my partners. Thank you partners

for believing in us thank you for assisting us thank you for helping us take this message of faith around the world. God has used you to help me fulfill the vision that God has given me, and I appreciate it greatly and I pray for you and I believe this is your year to experience supernatural increase beyond anything you've ever experienced before. We're here in downtown Fort Worth again at the believers convention I've been standing in front of the convention center this is our fortieth year I've been privileged to speak in the Kenneth Copeland believers convention every year for forty years and it's been awesome. And this year is no different I'm preaching a message entitled God will smite your debt this is part two we covered part one last week if you didn't have an opportunity to watch it you can go on our website and download it and watch it but this is part two, this is the most important part and I would encourage you to watch and listen very closely. At the end something's going to take place

that you don't want to miss. So watch now and I'll be back in a few moments with some closing remarks. I walked in my garage one time and I said Lord I just want you to know that none of this means anything to me other than the fact that you bless me with it. I don't have to have this and if you tell me right now where you want me to sow this and I had a brand new Harley Davidson heritage softail classic and I had a brand new Harley Davidson ultra classic a touring bike. And both of them had less than five hundred miles on them.

I said you tell me where you want me to sow them and they'll be out here before dark. any I sowed one into a man that came to my Bible school and he spent twenty I believe twenty one or twenty seven years in prison. And got out and him his wife came to my Bible school and the Lord said give the heritage softail classic to him. So I had all the student body come out in the parking lot had somebody bring it bike up and I said that this belongs to you, God told me to give it to you. Now this guy about six foot four weighs about two hundred fifty pounds tattoos for one end of his body to the other I mean he's a bad looking man but he's saved, and filled with the Holy Ghost but he still looks bad.

I wouldn't want to mess with him okay and I gave this bike to him and he cried like a baby and then when he finally gained his composure said Brother Jerry it's the first Harley I've ever owned that I didn't stay you'll He got on that bike, him and his wife, and she said I need to stop at the grocery store and they stop at the grocery store and he's sitting on that bike still crying. It is a beautiful bike and he's sitting on that bike crying. And a guy walked up to him and he said Sir, that is the most beautiful motorcycle I believe I've ever seen. He said come here, I want to tell you how I got it now, you didn't give this guy any lip. You did what

he said okay He said, come here. I want to tell you how I got it. So the guy walked up there you know and he said no come here I want to tell you how I got he said God just gave me this motorcycle, you understand me? God just gave me this motorcycle. You know God? He said well I thought I did. The first twenty minutes on that motorcycle he won his first convert to the Lord. Praise God. Amen. He and his wife rolled all over the country on that bike winning people to Christ. Praise God.

Amen. You can't out give God God wants us to be a blessing that's not all about motorcycles I'm just using that as an illustration. It's not about cars and houses and everything, it's about being a blessing That's why God wants us out of debt is so we can be a blessing. How many of you'd like to be a greater blessing Well, say Lord I'm a candidate to be a greater blessing.

Now once again Deuteronomy 28:48 says that under the curse You're in want of all things but under the blessing there will be- you will be plenteous in goods. Or once again as the message translation says God will lavish you with good things. Now, what's the word lavish mean? to be stole a bone you with profusion and extravagance unsparing. You know, Caroline and I just celebrated 54 years of marriage and I I tell people that Caroline is very conservative, I tend to be extravagant but together we are conservatively extravagant. Lavish to bestow upon you with profusion and extravagance unsparing Psalm 15:14 says the Lord shall increase you more and more you and your children.

I love what the passion translation says blessings upon blessings will be heaped upon you and upon your children. Blessings upon blessings will be heaped upon you and upon your children and then Psalm 68:19 says blessed be the Lord who daily loads us with benefits look to your neighbor and say I'm supposed to be loaded say heavy with prosperity. Amen we're supposed to be loaded. Now tonight I've been instructed as I said to to share this with you but to do what I did in that meeting under the unction of the Holy Spirit way back there a long time ago in that west coast believers convention and I've been instructed to assist you in establishing what I learned from Brother Copeland spiritual father and my spiritual grandfather Oral Roberts and that is to establish a point of contact to release our faith.

For God to smite our debt and to smite our lack. The Bible says in Isaiah 45:11 concerning the work of my hands command me I remember Brother Roberts called me one time and said I wanna to go to Kenya with you on your next trip. I said, Brother Roberts I wish I'd known earlier right now my schedule is so full that I won't have any time to spend any time with you while I'm there I said I will be there for a couple weeks and I'm leaving in just a few days and I'm dedicating new churches, laying hands on ministers, and and separating them into the ministry and I'm training pastors and in the evening I got opener crusades and and during the day I've got other assignments I'm taking care of and I just won't have any time to be with you.

And he said would you pray at least ask the Lord if it be alright if I went with you? I said who am I to tell Oral Roberts no? I said, Brother Roberts if you want to go, com on And so we flew first of all to JFK and then we caught a flight the over in to Nairobi Kenya. And they're my directors were waiting for us and they I had chartered an airplane to fly from Nairobi to Kakuma, Kenya and that's where all of its what going to begin. So we got to Kakuma and they took us to the hotel there and us using- I'm stretching the word hotel but it where we were staying and the so I told Brother Roberts I got him in his room I said now Brother Roberts I'm I'm have a meeting tonight and I started the morning with pastor seminar and then after that I've got a pastor's luncheon then after that I'm going to dedicate a new church with Bill and then after that We're going to break ground for another church then I'm going back to the hotel, rest a bit and then we have an open air meeting tonight and that's my schedule for the next two weeks. And I said I want to assign somebody to stay here and take care of you. When I'm done I'll come and have lunch with you or I'll have dinner with you afterwards but I just want you know I'll I'll do my best to spend as much time with you as I can. He said fine.

I say will you be okay? He said fine. And he said now anything you want me to do just command me to do it I said Brother Roberts that is not going to happen. I said I don't mine you commanded me to do anything but I have a serious problem with Jerry Savelle commanding Oral Roberts to do anything. He said whose trip is This I said mine. He said

did you invite me to come or did I invite myself? I said you invited yourself. He said then I'm your guest and I'm here to serve and whatever you want me to do just command me to do it. I said well Brother Roberts I much appreciate that but it's not likely to happen okay but I appreciate that. I couldn't imagine myself going and stand in front Oral, I command you. My momma taught me to respect my elders and so I said that's not likely to happen.

Well I got over there in those meetings and found out that all of my pastors got saved and heard the call of God in Oral Roberts crusade in Nairobi in 1969 and all my pastors were a by product you might say of his ministry and when I found that out I got over to the hotel and I knocked on his door he came to the door I said Brother Roberts I feel a command coming, He said what do you want me to do I said I command you to come and in part in my pastors and told him they all heard the call of God in your meeting in 1969. He said let me get my hat and I'll certainly go with you. Now, on the way over there he told me he said, now Jerry I'm not as young as you are now he was seventy years old and he was younger than I am now I'll be seventy four this year but he just turned seventy and he said I I can't preach as long as I used to. He said in those tent revivals I'd preach two hours before I start praying for the sick and he said I can't preach that long anymore and he said I can't lay hands on many of them unless you get me a stool to sit on help me get my hands on I said whatever you need, sir. So I put him in the back room in the pastors didn't even know he was there.

And so I walked out and said, I've got a great surprise for you today Dr Oral Roberts traveled with me to Kenya and he's here today to impart into your lives. And course the place went wild and Brother Roberts came out and I turned the service over to him Hour and a half later I walked up on the platform and I said I command you to stop. He said okay what do you want me to do? I said lay hands on them I said I gotta go I gotta go dedicated church we built and it stop, I command you to stop. And lay hands on them. He did everything I asked him to do. All the years I knew him, and I served on his board for many years all the years I knew him he had a servant's heart.

Which a lot of people never saw that side of Oral Roberts. But he was a servant. That's the reason he was great. You serve to become great. Amen. And so I'm saying that when I read that scripture concerning the work of my hands command you me who tells God what to do? I'm not in the habit of it. He tells me what to do. Amen.

But he said concerning the work of my hands command you me so, part of the blessing of Abraham is that I will smite your enemy and our greatest enemy as I said is debt and lack. So I'm asking the Lord tonight yes yeah to smite your debt. To smite your lack I'm gonna ask you to do something just like I did it that night in Anaheim years ago before I do that let me let me read this this that I got off the internet this afternoon when I realize the Lord wants me to do this and this is an old report it's probably even greater now. Three hundred million people in America are in debt to the tune of thirteen point two trillion dollars.

The average debt for a person in America that is under thirty five is sixty seven thousand dollars that does include their home their mortgage. From thirty five to forty, a hundred and thirty three thousand dollars. From forty five to fifty, four hundred and thirty five plus thousands.

Three hundred million people in America I wonder how many of those are Christians the debt is thirteen point two trillion dollars it sounds like to me that is a great enemy and then you add a pandemic. And all these people are being laid off the people without jobs the people that don't know where to turn and people that are depending upon a stimulus check from the government. It is probably not offering a lot of help where their debt is concerned.

People that are being evicted out of their homes even apartments. Debt is a major enemy today. Now I want you to do something take out a sheet of paper take on a sheet of paper and I want you to write on that sheet of paper as best as you can the amount of debt that you have right now include your mortgage include your cars include the credit cards include all of it.

You may not know the exact figure but you probably know approximate. I want you to write it down. The Bible says write the vision make it plain. We're getting a vision

for being out of debt tonight. The vision for God smiting our enemy. Now after you've done that take that sheet of paper and put it in your left hand you can fold it up if you want to just put in your left hand. Now, Oral Roberts taught all those years under the big tent and he taught till the day he died. About the importance of the importance of establishing a point of contact and he said and I learned this from him that a point of contact is the moment that you release your faith. it sets the time the little woman said if I but touch his clothes I shall be made whole that was her point of contact touching his clothes it set the time for her to release her faith and to receive her miracle.

We're establishing this as a point of contact tonight. It sets the time for you to release your faith and it sets the time for your break through. Praise God. Now, you got it in your left hand and I want you to take your right hand and hold it up high above you. I know the Bible talks about how the we lay hands on the sick so that means apparently the anointing of God is in our hands we're being his representatives when we lay hands on the sick. Amen. So tonight you're going to be his representative and remember what smite is to come down with force great force a great blow and I want you to say this with me and I want you to say it loud.

Are you ready? In the name of Jesus I am the seed of Abraham I have a covenant with almighty God God said when my enemy comes against me he will smite him. My enemy my greatest enemy is debt and lack. And it ought not be so I'm supposed to be plenteous in goods I'm supposed to be increasing more and more me and my children.

Debt is my enemy lack is my enemy and I ask my God since I am a friend of God, I'm in covenant with God to smite my debt in the name of Jesus become the hand of God in the service tonight it's my point of contact force. Right now, in Jesus name. Smite it. Hallelujah. Smite it again. Smite it agian. Now say debt, lack consider yourself smitten. I'm free from you. Jesus The Bible says in Luke chapter eight that there were certain women who ministered unto Jesus in whom he had delivered from evil spirits ministered unto him of their substance. I want you to take that sheet of paper and you put it in your Bible in Deuteronomy chapter 28 and take it out every once in awhile and just say August this six 2020 my debt was smitten in the name of Jesus, Amen. And then lift your hands and praise him every time you do

it. so let's start right now let's give the Lord our best shout Hallelujah. What are you shouting about? And then answer them by saying my debt has been smitten. Then give the Lord another shout. Hallelujah. We are here for you become the winner that God wants you to be Jerry Savelle ministries has faith building encouraging post resources, videos that are just a swipe, click or download away. Don't let a day go by without building your faith.

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Embracing these principles on a consistent basis you'll soon experience supernatural increase as never before. Were you blessed today? I believe you were and I believe that God is about to do something in your life that is going to call you to love him even more. Praise God. And to serve him with all your heart God is going to smite your debt thank God. That we have a God that loves us so much that he wants us to increase in every area of our lives. I believe that as you watch today you joined with me with your faith and you're believing God that something marvelous is going to take place in your life over the next few days, few weeks, a few months, but I believe before the end this year you're going to be writing to me and say and God did smite my debt. Praise God. Before we leave the air, let me remind you of our special resources increase God's way three CD's that teach you how that you can position yourself to receive increase from God then right along with it my newest book principles of supernatural and grace.

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